Paradise Show Girls



14310 Valley Boulevard, City of Industry, CA 91746


34.0383889, -117.9798649




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Paradise Show Girls

  1. Durant
  2. Gordo
  3. Merlin
  4. Oriole

    Agree with previous poster. This place is a pighole. Dancers are FAT and smell bad. Go down the street to either the SRhino, Synn or DVCOI for a decent stripclub experience. This place ought to close down its so bad.

  5. Hector

    I heard alot of trannies work here. is that true??

  6. Germaine
  7. Verge

    A shithole, run by ignorant asians, full of fat ugly cunts.

  8. jonas
  9. Nicolas
  10. Big Al
  11. Ybar
  12. Thom

    Been here twice, which was twice too many. As others have written this place is BAD. Fat girls who probably carry diseases.

  13. Guermmillo
  14. jonesy
  15. Herbie
  16. Verne
  17. Pete
  18. Hedgewing
  19. Franklyn

    This place is filthy. Don’t come here. You don’t want to get cheated out of your money or catch an STD. Not worth it.

  20. Rotty
  21. Henry
  22. Xavier
  23. Chinn
  24. Lordes

    Wow This place really is a dump. Fat ass bitches who will rob you as soon as you give them any attention at all. Steer clear of this shithole!

  25. Hippos r them
  26. Moe
  27. Izzy
  28. Irving
  29. Burt

    what a shithole.

  30. Douggie

    This place is a sewer pit.

  31. Greg
  32. Jake

    This dump is a fucking joke.

  33. scott sucks ass
  34. larry1

    Went here for the first time ever on Xmas Eve. To be fair, the bouncer did warn us that there was only 1 girl working and 2 “Contractors” had just shown up but that the club had no control over making them dance. So he let us in free and explained further that we had to buy a drink which was 5 bucks for 8 oz of coke or water. We spent half an hour in the joint and saw one dance. With the seven in our group, there were a total of 13 people in the house. So instead of dancing, the 2 Contractors were working the other 6 to see who they could get into the VIP room. And since they don’t serve alcohol, this place will never see me again. I have been to strip clubs Nationwide as well as Internationally and this one was the worst as far as experience. I will end with saying the 2 Contractors were HOT!

  35. Leonard
  36. Larry

    Wow what a low rating. This place must suck.

  37. Jose

    Looking for 350lb ugly old dancers? Then this is your place.

  38. Argon
  39. Inginious

    Super low rating. This place must suck.

  40. Chris
  41. Frankie
  42. Bonaduce
  43. nathan
  44. Josef
  45. Deezy

    Easily the worst club in all of COI.

  46. PrettyGirl

    I just want to say that me and my boyfriend are always going to this club and we both love it. There are so many beautiful girls working there. Keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to let my friends know where to go on the weekends if they want to spend some money.

  47. Cugat
  48. Goldie
  49. New Guy

    Place sucks.

  50. Kenny
  51. This Dump Sucks Ass
  52. Jeremy
  53. Shaggy
  54. ThisDumpSucks
  55. Jet
  56. Lonnie
  57. Harrison69

    I like it! This place has some of the hottest chicks in city of industry, cause I’ve been to a lot of strip joints in the city and umm NO! They girls aren’t cute ewww.. But this place is awesome. Highly recommend this joint!

  58. a dump
  59. eddyL

    This is the worst stripper club ever.. The girls are definitely ugly. Also, this place only has 3 or 4 fat ass right there. Trust me, don’t waste your money.

  60. Scizzy
  61. Marcus
  62. Giuseppe
  63. Jacob
  64. Joker1
  65. Areil
  66. Harold_J

    Friend of mine got herpes from a nasty bitch here. You’ve been warned.

  67. Bennie
  68. Josh
  69. penny boy

    exellent overall

  70. Nolan
  71. Heriberto S.

    Good lookin girls, but it stops there. You will get hounded all night by the waitresses to buy drinks for the dancers $8.50, with an expected 1.50 tip. Dancers on stage are uninspired, do yourself a favor, go elsewhere.

  72. Hippie Ron
  73. Philio
  74. Leroy
  75. Georgy
  76. Diablo

    Place sucks.

  77. Harry B

    Incredibly horrible on all levels.

  78. Ygor
  79. icheebz

    I love this spot. I drive 45 minutes for the women. All my buddies end up recommending it to their buddies. $40 lap dances are worth it. You have to go to know what i mean. The songs could be longer, but you get 3 three min songs per lap dance. It’s a full nude dance. So make sure to pull them clothes off as soon as you sit down. Respect the ladies! Ask them what is appropriate during the dance. Ladies average an overall rating of 9+. Don’t be fooled by the size & setting of the club. Happy Lap Dances.

  80. Junio
  81. Thor
  82. Ungerer
  83. Noomie
  84. victor

    Fire that fag daytime manager

  85. Bubba
  86. Greg P.

    Best place to get ur money’s worth ! There is a variety of females there with big breast or small breast ur choice. I will be coming back for sure !!

  87. club master

    this club is my favorite. the VIPs are too much but the girls are hot and nice. I get my moneys worth every time I go. I give it a nine out of ten because the VIPs are $300 for 20 mins thats bull

  88. Daniel R.

    I came here with a group of friends for my first time at a strip club ever two nights ago and it was a terrible experience (01/01/16). My friend sent me a text message with a code to the club that got us in for free so we were happy because it would have been a $20 cover just to get in. The security guard handed us a raffle ticket that basically got us one free non alcoholic drink. So far so good. The stage was located on the middle of the place with two rows of tables surrounding it. It was extremely dark and the only light came from the hue of the red stage lights. As we found and sat with our group, I looked up at the stage a saw a heavy set girl dancing with really no rhythm at all. It was kind of awkward to be honest but I figured hey, they’re not all going to be 9s and 10s so I’ll wait for the rest of the girls.After her set finished, another heavy set girl followed with less of a body. This one at least moved to the beat of her two songs, but again it was painful to watch. As I scoped the room out, I start to realize that a good majority of the girls were heavy and only maybe 3 or 4 of the 15+ were attractive. There was one Latina girl named Victoria that was probably the best looking one of the group. Another girl had an amazing body but a really bad attitude. When she went up to dance she looked extremely bored and when she finished, she sat down in the front row and pulled out her phone to text while guys were trying to pay for a dance from her! What kind of sh*t is that?! Definitely wouldn’t recommend this place if it’s you’re first experience and you’re looking for a strip club like how you imagined it might be. Girls were striking out left a right with clients and we all left pretty disappointed.-location: shady-cleanliness: 7-girls: 4I’d give half a star if I could.

  89. kenneth
  90. XhXeXy

    January 11, 2011 Paradise Showgirls. (Strip Club) I see signs for this place every week. (60 Freeway after the 605) Great looking girl on a billboard. I was driving back today from USC and i said to myself, what the hell. I’ll check-it-out. It’s in a crappy part of City of Industry, but does this city have a good part anyways. NO You can drive down Valley Blvd and spot about 10 Strip Clubs. But i checked it out first. iPhone App. “Strip Clubs” i think it has every strip club in the United States. Door fee $10, plus you have to buy a water-down drink. $5.00 Drink for stripper $8.50, it’s half the size of yours with about 100cc. Stripper Bullshit List. (All guys should know this already, if you don’t your an idiot) 1) You never get a real name from the stripper. 2) Your Cute. OK Ha Ha. If i was 500lbs and had one eye i would still be cute to a stripper. 3) I’ll show you the time of your life.(OK Sure, I’ve heard that from before) 4) If you get a VIP dance you can do anything. 5) I like you. “LMAO,” 6) Will you be my boyfriend. I’m sure there is more, but this is all i can think of right now. I was there for about 30 minutes I talked to 2 girls, got the finger from 4 girls, that i waved away before they could sit down. I did have a lap dance, all nude, it was pretty good,” i have to say” from some great looking Spanish girl, named Crystal, OK right, most likely it’s really Consuelo. They do have some good looking girls. ( i could be a-little wrong, the lights were so low, the only thing you could really see was the bad fake candle lights on the tables. I may come back someday, and i may win the lottery.

  91. jocko

    whatta dump.

  92. orongs
  93. Igor
  94. Patrol

    Watch out for the fag day manager. He tries to get guys into the john to suck their dicks. You’ve been warned!!!!

  95. Jeff
  96. shithole
  97. Lenny

    This place is an embarrassment.

  98. Hopper

    This place smells like ass.

  99. Jesus

    The dancers here are ugly and fat.

  100. Bruno

    Place is full of obese beasts. Avoid at all costs.

  101. edgar
  102. Freddie
  103. Drifter

    Wow! I thought $40 for a lapdance was absurd, but I took a chance and I was all smiles. I live over an hour away and happened to be in the vicinity and popped in because I didn’t want to deal with traffic. I was impressed and I intend to go back soon. If you talk to the ladies the right way they will sooooo take care you!

  104. Eric
  105. Peyet
  106. Jackie
  107. Appollo

    I hear this place got busted and is going to shut down. Finally.

  108. george
  109. Leslie
  110. Hannible
  111. stan
  112. winston12

    I love the blue balls feeling when I depart from this place. Although I hate that Im asked to buy a drink every other minute by a different waiter. Furthermore, not only does every waiter ask you once another one has failed to persuade you, but each waiter there seems to suffer from short term memory loss and come and ask me again shortly if I need a drink. So annoying that I must give 3 stars. The blue balls are 5 stars but their waiting is such an annoyance that I cant enjoy my erection with my pals properly. P.s. if you do buy a drink, make sure you get the proper change because the waiters then automatically assume that you tipped them and pocket the money.

  113. Leeper
  114. Joel P.
  115. Marmon
  116. Billy H
  117. Antonio
  118. Batman
  119. Jerrod
  120. Jacque
  121. Albert K

    Watch out for the tall asian guy there. He’s a fag and will hit on you.

  122. Henry_R
  123. Socks
  124. Drew
  125. ryan123

    This is a very nasty place be careful! The girls have STDs. My home boy caught something when we went one night. He got a wet hand job her spit had Gonorea in it . I was like damm ! Talking about bad luck home boy 1star only.

  126. Alfonso
  127. jeffry

    this place is a dump.

  128. yanard12

    “Twos and threes baby. I’m telling you, twos and threes are some open-minded ladies.” Piece of advice: Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Now, “Go make that money, money, money. Your money, money, money. Cause I know how it is, go handle your biz. And get that money, money, money.”1. $20 entrance fee per person – included: 1 non-alcoholic beverage 2. Smelled like you walked into someone’s @$$h0le 3. Girl average: 54. Not completely nude as only 1 or 2 take everything off 5. Majority of the girls have tattoos 6. Chubby girls are nicer7. Cuter girls have attitude My first time at a strip club and I got to feel some T&A by one of the chubby girls. Overall experience was not memorable as I thought I would be leaving with pink ovaries. I suppose it’s more visually stimulating. They should have a disclaimer that reads: not fully nude, flashing of some t*tty and P is not included. Girls not required to show you anything, but you still need to tip. Attitude will apply. ***Make sure to bring some Febreze.

  129. Bert

    I hear that this place is finally shutting down.

  130. this dump sucks dick
  131. Dapper Dan
  132. This Place Sucks Ass
  133. Logan

    This is the biggest shithole excuse for a club in the area.

  134. Dudley
  135. Jon

    Place is a pig shithole.

  136. Harvey

    Diseases from fat girls? NO THANKS.

  137. Johnny
  138. Lars
  139. eros

    biggest shithole dump in all of the COI.

  140. Pedro
  141. Jeba
  142. Hermie
  143. jorge
  144. Lemmie
  145. Joffrey
  146. harryharry

    this review is long overdue…Paradise Showgirls…what can i say about you?my very first experience at a strip club and im glad it was with you because 90% of the females who gets fully nekkid are HOT! the other 10% usually works when the sun is still outDo’s-wear sweats or thin layered material-bring plenty of singles-tip the fully nekkid strippers-if you have the $ VIP Room TRUST ME-lap dances usually mean full on contactDont’s-wear jeans

  147. issac
  148. Mistercap12

    I went with a couple of friends on a Wednesday night and I was disappointed. I must of gone on a big torta night. Most of the girls were over weight. One of them sat on my lap and my leg went numb after a few minutes.

  149. Hank
  150. Hubert

    This place is the worst.

  151. Nathan B
  152. jeremiah
  153. what a shithole
  154. vatoloco

    awesome, love this place.friendly girls, go ther all the time. met some lovely ladies there

  155. Soby
  156. Freddy

    Against the advice of my friends I tried this place out. I like my dancers on the thick side, but the bitched here are just plain out FAT. If your a fattie chaser you’ll love it here. Otherwise head to any of the other awesome clubs in the area.

  157. Morris
  158. Harold
  159. Hugh
  160. Alberto
  161. Henry_P
  162. Rocky
  163. herman
  164. Manny
  165. Lamont

    This place smells like ASS.

  166. Siam
  167. Peter
  168. shy

    security was rude

  169. Perry
  170. maxxy1

    Worst Strip Club ever!!!!!!! Do not dance with JEZEL or Jessel or whatever her fucking name is. She is a rip off, I swear I’m gonna go back there and get my money back or shut that place down! I hope she reads this por que esa mujer necesita un golpe pero duro! Si la veo…

  171. Indio
  172. Bernie
  173. Jerome

    This place sucks.

  174. Stephan
  175. Jasper
  176. Albano
  177. Oscar
  178. frank
  179. Joseph
  180. Charlie


  181. A Dump!
  182. Rocko
  183. Jonathan

    Biggest shithole in all of the COI by far

  184. Robbie
  185. Kendrick
  186. Hugo
  187. Geoffrey

    Place sucks.

  188. Josepho

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