Silver Dollar Club



2620 West 10th Place, Eugene, OR 97402


44.048878, -123.135067




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silver Dollar Club

  1. na

    go there if you wanna waste time

  2. Tory

    Oh my god this club is so cool. I came in on Friday night and there were 25 girls working. I got a sweet Lap dance, it was totally hands on. Go if your in town!!!

  3. Daphne D.

    The girls are pretty average, but good pole work, and customer service.Yay! It’s the best Eugene has to offer.

  4. Ryan

    This club is fucking great. All the girls are 9’s or 10’s

  5. yanard12

    I came in here after a trying day of business. To be honest, the whole staff, and dancers made my day better. There were a pretty hot dancer, kind of hot dancer, and the rest were so-so.This was my first time in Eugene, but I will probably stop in again the next time I’m in town.

  6. Dan Search
  7. Tony

    I love this club. It always has atleast 14 girls on schedule nightly, and always over 20 on weekends. Most of the girls look like playmates. Lap Dances are great. Get a grind session from Lexi’s…..super hot.

  8. Kimberley K.

    The girls are so fun and friendly. We love them! We live in Washington and love our twice yearly visits. The drinks are priced right, the girls are friendly, and my husband has a great time. Now mind you, we go off hours and get to speak with the ladies….last Wednesday was great. And we will see you girls next spring!! Thanks to Mikie, London, Sapphire, Raider, and especially Wednesday (from my husband–go Cyclones).

  9. sis
  10. Danton S.

    I was so distracted and high strung fleeing Portland, that after checking into a hotel in Eugene I really needed to relax. I couldn’t find the Hawthorne in Portland, but found the Silver Dollar in Eugene. I loved it!I went into this place with 100 bucks in my pocket after exiting a cab and sat down with a bud light. The girls were fine. i got a dance from 5 of them and even got two dances from some of the extremely sexy girls.I hope that I can get further with a few of them if I ever revisit them there, if you know what I’m sayin.

  11. jacob
  12. your dad
  13. Tough guy

    The girls are super hot. This is a bad thing because they dont’t really work for the tips, they expext it. Springfield clubs may not have the hottest chicks but they really know how to earn their tips!

  14. Gerald
  15. Boom

    Greatest Club in the Eugene area!!! Must see Frankie if she’s still there. Great dancers, drinks, music and atmosphere…a Must visit!

  16. fuckery12

    WAY overpriced in every way. The women are mercenaries, pros who basically have all the personality of a stickshift. I understand it’s all about the money, but for the ones I’ve talked to, they were sizing you up simply to see if they could make any money off of the patrons. No conversation no personality. I think it may have to do with the fact they have SO many strippers in the place, they need to get the conveyor belt going.Now the joints in Springfield are much seedier and so are the women, but at least they’ll chat you up in a civilized manner, even if they’re jacked up on whatever it may be. Sweet Illusions use to be the place to be, the girls were straight up the friendliest strippers you could find, and not too bad looking for the money. The one that was great for being older was Lilly. Not pretty at all but damn the finest body by far, tall, over six feet, all legs, and nice wiggle in her walk. Don’t know if she’s there any more but check out the place…

  17. timmykilla

    1st Timer:SHOUT-OUT TO EMMY AND SUNDAY NIGHT’S BAR TENDER!You guys were bomb as f@ck and made my first experience a really cool one. all the girls and bartender worked CRAZY HARD all night so PLEASE make sure you tip for them awesomely if you stop by! Drinks came out super fast and we’re always delicious. Check em out if you’re in town! Serious props to this place!

  18. John Creason


  19. Richard J.

    Me and a few friends have been going on Monday nights. The club is really busy w 1$ beer night early on Monday night. As w any club, the reason to go is the talent. APPLE is a WORLD CLASS entertainer!!! I have been all over the U.S. and there is always a woman at the dollar who will take your breath away. The bar staff does a good job and the food is actually really good. There are almost never any problems w customers and it’s always upbeat and fun!

  20. Klide

    Hot girls, ok place, cheap cover, a little dead mid-weak

  21. Rod

    Went on a Sunday…good time. Had a lap dance from Heidi…every man’s dream. Quiet, but oh so much fun.

  22. Jando S.

    Ride em cowboy! Its the Silver Dollar where the Springfield ghetto culminate to partake in one of the city’s finest attractions — the good ol Silver Dollar. As much as I like to tease this place, it has gone through some interesting changes such as the implementation of a bath tub and duck ticket free cover honoring.Service is decent here, but the drinks like many other places is where they make the bulk of their money. The girls don’t seem very college-like but rather slightly older girls who are trying to make money with their semi-fake body parts and baby oil soaked silky skin. I find this place to be a fun hangout for a group of college kids from the U of O, but a downright depressing place for the lonely, single, and very creepy men who sip their beers quietly while gazing at the dancers.

  23. weird oh

    love the place,

  24. dimebag

    now this is a strip club one of the best i have been to the girl off the wall food is great dances are nice too i don’t think you can get any better then this in Oregon a must see

  25. Curtis

    Best strip club in Eugene. Nice variety of girls, and there are usually a lot of them. Heidi is my favorite. Killer smile, and a sweetheart. Great dances too.

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