Safari Show Club



3000 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202


45.4968768, -122.6343044




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Safari Show Club

  1. Boutros G.

    I’ve been here a couple times, both on Saturday nights. There are plenty of patrons to keep things fun and busy, but unlike some other places, they have plenty of room here to accommodate everyone. There were at least three stages going at any one time – one on the patio – and I’d guess maybe 8 girls. The below reviewer is spot-on about the cookie-cutter ‘IBTC’ makeup of the dancers, but luckily that’s what I prefer. The bartender and staff were totally friendly, even pouring me back half a beer when I found they’d taken one off my table. The dj even played some KMFDM and Covenant for me. \m/ And it’s local. I’ll definitely be back.

  2. Lauren G.

    The Safari is like a giant rec room.But you know, with nakey ladies instead of foosball.

  3. Hollyanna M.

    I’ve been to The Safari a number of times and I’m not certain why we keep going back. Mostly proximity, I think. Every time we go, it’s an adventure. First time: sitting at the rack with my boyfriend and his buddy when a dancer reaches for the waistband of my t-shirt and (before I can stop her) yanks it up to my shoulders. My BF’s buddy decided that was his favorite part of the night because he got to see illegal boobies. Second time: Another dancer is leaning into me and loses her balance. She’s terribly apologetic and so am I because how are you supposed to catch a girl if you’re not allowed to touch her? Third time: A dancer asks for a shot of tequila to get her through the dance. “Not the cheap stuff, ” she says. Fourth time: A wrestling match breaks out between a gaggle of dancers. I’m not talking about a wrestling-in-jello for fun kind of match, but an actual, Jerry Springer-like fight wherein girls are yanking hair and costumes from each other. I wasn’t sure whether to tip them or get out of the way. First it was two girls, then four. They knocked me off the barstool and then the bouncer managed to finally pluck them apart. But hey, I got a free refill on my drink. Bonus: They have an outdoor patio where you can drink and smoke!

  4. adamrod

    Safari is a really decent club. It’s definitely a step above the average in Portland. The girls are definitely on the skinny side, but they are quite nice and not super pushy. The servers are really a step above the average and the food is definitely so. I wouldn’t eat at most clubs in PDX, but the steaks here are worth trying.

  5. Clare S.

    Strip Club Crawl Part 2 was a pretty good success at the Safari. We got there a little early so the crowd was a little sparse, but it filled up later on in the evening. I really liked the fact that they had table service. i only had to go up to the bar a couple times in the evening, otherwise, we had a quick and friendly server that took care of us for the evening. I found the drinks to be pretty strong. I got one double in the evening and it was a vodka cran punch in the face.Obviously strip clubs are about the strippers, so here goes. I was surprised about how many of the girls I thought were pretty fantastic. They have multiple poles and a “catwalk” where the girls can dance which gives you different options which I liked. Most all of the girls were super friendly and seemed pretty excited to have a large group with lots of girls in visiting for the evening. We ended up spending a lot of time at the rack because a lot of the girls were good. They could work the pole, and they knew it. Many of the girls were definitely pretty and not in your normal stripper way. They looked like normal pretty girls that learned how fun pole dancing was because they actually looked like they were having fun doing it rather then most strip clubs where the dancers do their thing and get out of there. One of the girls, Holly even hung out with a few of us chatting about the club. It’s good to know to know that they were well taken care of there.They unfortunately loose one star for the lone lame stripper that spent her whole song talking to the two guys at the rack. I understand that private dances are where you get the majority of your money in an evening, but when you have a group of 15 peple watching you, don’t spend the entire thing talking. Dance a little because I feel bad parting with my dollars (and I parted with A LOT of them in this evening) to have someone talk to me. Overall a great evening. Will most likely be back.

  6. harryharry

    Safari is one of those special little slices of heaven nestled in Portland’s nether regions. The staff is talented, articulate and well groomed. Like McDonald’s, you always get change. I left Safari a changed man. You will too. Make it rain! Make it hail! We did,James E AllardDrunkathalon 2013

  7. Kitty P.

    Kinda creepy, really.Why is it that it seems like customers aren’t really, like, WELCOME at strip clubs? Or am I just super creepy? See I don’t want a creepy complex from somewhere as COMPLETELY creepy as the Safari Show Club. I don’t think I’m creepy. Gawd.Here’s a visual for you. There is only one guy sitting at the meat rail. A, shall we say, carefree, creative, substantially overweight gal with Lee Press On Hair and cottage cheese thighs worse than my own reaches her airbrushed talons into the guy’s empty rocks glass and helps herself to some of his mini-ice cubes…..You know what. I’m not even going to finish this part. Let your mind land where it does here and that’s exactly how it panned out. Ewe. Ewe. Ewe…..A lot of melted ice ended up on the floor so the next dancer’s set consisted entirely of her lethargically pushing a dishtowel around on the floor with as much grace as my elementary school janitor. But for a creepy finale, the guy has this inaudible diaglogue with his server which I assumed to be:Creepy Guy: “Can I get another (“free”) drink here. The creepy stripper put her airbrushed talons in it.”Waitress: “No. Your drink was gone sir.”Creepy Guy: “No it wasn’t. Look. There’s more there.” (Gestures to quarter inch of melted ice with ever-so-slight-whiskey coloration).Waitress: “Here.” (Waitress throws a straw in the glass of melting ice and sashays off. Creepy Guy finishes ice drippings.)Yeah. That about sums it up. A safari of creepy drippings. Ewe.

  8. ryan123

    This place is cool, the time we were here, it was pretty empty. They have a outdoor patio for folks to hang out. The dancers were pretty cute but they seem part of the IBTC ( Itty bitty Txxx comittee) if that’s what you like, great! If not? Enjoy the show! Would I pay a cover charge? never! (I would never pay cover to get in any strip club)The bartender is pretty cool (and hot!).

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