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85 reviews for “Cricket Lounge

  1. I Am 3rd

    If I ever owned this place, it would be called The Cricket Lounge. That is what it is, The Cricket. Whatever they call it now, it will be closed before long.

  2. Arthur

    When I walked up to this place, the front door was open, and they had some kind of makeshift curtain across the entrance. My mind immediately made the assessment that they are a bunch of idiot, amateurs running this place. They are gonna try to shake everybody down to get into the club, only to be preyed upon by some used up, hit, stanky ghetto queens. No Thanks…

  3. Arthur

    So, I came into this place one time and they had the creepiest strippers. This one girl had a piecing in her lower jaw. It was a big dark red ruby stone. It looked like a syphilis scab. Like really? Like duh? Like why are you here?

  4. Lime Green Jello

    I don’t think that the Cricket will ever reopen. This place, along with its name, has already sunk into oblivion. There were so many lives that passed through this establishment… here but now they’re gone… It’s closing time, once again. May the lord be with you…

  5. Paul

    This strip club reopens under new ownership and stays open 8 months in a row – +145.
    This strip club reopens under new ownership and stays open 18 months in a row – +600
    This strip club reopens under new ownership and stays open 24 months in a row – +2500
    This strip club reopens under new ownership and stays open 36 months in a row – +10,000

  6. Death Wish

    Sorry you nasty, fat, ugly, skunk but you know… I love the atmosphere here.

  7. Cat Scratch Fever

    I love the cricket! Gia and Nikki are the bomb 😉

  8. Psalm 110:1

    The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool at your feet…

  9. Proverbs 22:10

    It doesn’t look the the Cricket will ever reopen under competent management, if any. It was nice while it lasted. And, it lasted a long, long time. The building that was built across the street looks good. It is nice that they weren’t forced to include a special green space, park for the homeless, after all. At least, it doesn’t look like it.

  10. Whotacism Wobert

    I miss the Quick-It. Such lovely dirty girls. I miss the Quick-It then Quitters. Quitters heh heh… Quitters heh heh… They call it Quitters heh heh… Asperger’s strikes again.

  11. larry1

    What kind of person hangs out at the Cricket…this guy. After a box of wine and some wet these chicks know how to get down and will do anything for tips. Spray tan and 1994 Honda CRXs arent free yaknow..

  12. u know

    I Love The Cricket Joey And Lola are The Bomb

  13. Rich
  14. Ed

    Great club-the girls are usually really attractive with a couple of knockouts. Staff is kind of pushy though-my friend had 5 drinks in 2 hours and wanted a break from drinking and they told him either order or leave-so we left!

  15. Frank

    Small Club with alot to offer.

  16. lovin the cricket

    all the girls are hot and friendly! I love the cricket! even the bartenders and waitresses are great looking!

  17. Andy

    Cheap cover ($5), reasonable drinks ($5), pretty gals. But

    from the bar staff to the girls, the vibe is that it’s

    almost an inconvenience for them that you’re there.

    Girls are pretty, but simply not interested in lap dances;

    when not on stage, they’re more interested in smoking and

    gossiping among themselves and the bar staff. Don’t give a

    damn about the customers.

  18. matt
  19. Josue

    Stopped in on a Thurs on way to Canada. Had a great time, cheap cover, nice girls. Went to clubs in Niagara but decided to come back to Cricket on the way home on Saturday. Preferred the girls here to all the hustling and overpricing in Canada. It was busier on Saturday but still very enjoyable. Private dances are $25 for 1 song but are more private than other clubs i have been to. I will be back.

  20. burglocal

    I really expected more out of this place. When I walked in there was a sign please pay cover at bar then within being there for 5 mins being begged to get a private dance. Not my kind of place.

  21. Chris

    BEst strip club in Pittsburgh!

  22. John

    HOt Girls cheep drinks!!!

  23. GG2W

    Pryce, when are you working next? I visited the Cricket website and you are smoking hot! I will be by when you dance.

  24. badd

    Fine…That’s top of the line. Cricket got some of the best dancers around.

  25. Not too Shabby

    Tops in the ‘Burgh. This place is better than Blush and the cover charge is way less for better dancers.

  26. Timmy

    Some of the nastiest dancers I have ever seen.

  27. jake

    girls are ok place is decent looking bartenders are the worst very rude and not too kind it would be a nice place to go to if they had different bartenders great dj

  28. a new regular
  29. Randy

    Get inside this club!!!

  30. xxx
  31. The #1 Cricket Regular

    The club has hot girls from all around, WV’s best clubs, Erotica, Blush, Cheerleaders and many more. Of course our Cricket originals are still there such as: Bella, Bently, Kendra, the crack head Brianna, and the adult video and magazine xxx star Ricki Raxxx. Come see the best girls around The Cricket Originals and their newly hired staff. Thanks The #1 Cricket Regular.

  32. Just know that

    I love the cricket

  33. danny


  34. dave
  35. Nate

    They got some some sweet ass bartenders here. The service is good. The dancers are usually pretty hot and everybody there is friendly. Never had had a problem. I’d recommend the cricket. It’s a good place to have some quality fun with out having to break the bank. Chics seem to like the place too.

  36. Michael

    Nice, the waitress doesnt let you go long with an empty cup, the atmosphere is relaxed and the prices are fair. The dancers are varied, something for everyone and they are very friendly as long as you are gentlemanly. My friend getting married soon loved it so it was worth it.

  37. Adam

    What in the hell happened.I went away for about 6 months and the Cricket has gone to the shits.I was very dissappointed when I went in there.All of my favorite dancers are gone, and the new ones just talk to you for 2 minutes and then they are on to the next guy they think has money.Very dissappointing.

  38. desire

    to all you people that come on this site and talk shit about the dancers and gina have no lives! Most everything you say you have no fucking clue what your talking about and the girls that got fired that are talking shit you really need to get a life

  39. Smitty

    Went to check out the Cricket Saturday night. By far, it was the worst strip club I have ever been to. The dancers looked like washed up crack whores. The bartender sucked at making drinks and was standing in the corner of the bar completely ignoring customers who were anxiously waiting for drinks. I will never waste my time or money going back to this shit hole!

  40. Jonathan

    Overall, the best and nicest dancers at the club are Raschelle and Sascha

  41. pryce

    lots of hott grlz!! great club to work at, always buzzy and have plenty of hot grlz to entertain.

  42. Samson
  43. Jeff

    This is the spot!

  44. ghghygxd
  45. jason
  46. Jaime
  47. jim

    Carmen, is not only gorgeous but has the brains to go along with the looks. She is very entertaining.

  48. XhXeXy

    Been a customer for many years. Its a local hangout, and like most Pittsburgh places, you’ll see the same folks every week. The dancers are usually Pitt or local university students putting themselves through school. Hard working women! It’s my personal fave stripper bar!

  49. Cheerleaders is #1

    Bye Bye Cricket —- Hello Cheerleaders!!

  50. Regular

    The new dancers and new all-nude format are great. The VIP area and private dances are also great. I’ll continue as a satisfied, regular customer.

  51. SexyCouple69

    We LOVE Nova. Haven’t seen a girl like that in a long time. Bad Ass personality. Perfect naturally gigantic cans. The most amazing juicy ass, and a bitty waist. The girl has the body of a pin up. yummy. We thought they stopped making girls like that, but thank god we were wrong. Thanks for making our night something to remember. Surely we will be back for a few more rounds.

  52. Woody

    This joint has seen better days. It is dead empty, most of the time. At peak hours, on a weekend night, you might only find 15 or so customers in here. You would be lucky to see 5, 6, or maybe 7 dancers here on a good night. A good portion of the dancers that they have are older gals, who make their money off of their regular customers. If there is a bright side, the beers are cheap. But, they demand a $10 cover charge for a handful of strippers that are average at best. Customers that are looking for an exciting strip club, with plenty of dancers to choose from should avoid this place.

  53. sid
  54. Jamie

    This club is a dive! Not one of the dancers there are worth a penny! They need to be closed ASAP as a Violation of Strip Clubs Everywhere!!!

  55. deb

    you should write a letter and address it to the owner. give it to the bartender to give to the owner. maybe they’ll re-train the bartender on P>R>

  56. crickets man
  57. Maximino Leon

    The Cricket has a great crew of dancers, and they get totally nude. Come out and see ’em

    -cambio y fuera

  58. out of towner

    I think the overall experience was nice….the one bartender needs to smile a little more, she is cute but would be alot nicer if she smiled a little bit. I have patronized many other big named clubs in new york , miami, just to mention a few places…and my point is there were way tooo many girls that appraoched me for a actually got annoying..i was perfectly too content…at one point i did get a dance and upon having a conversation with one of the girl i wasnt surprised when i was told how high the turnover rate there is….and how little they make.

    a little constructive critisism if you may….( coming from a buisness development executive) the management needs to look at the whole picture and not just, you dont earn customerloyalty with high turnover and unhappy employees !!!!

  59. Strip Club Dude

    Haven’t been here in a while… nice surface improvements.. especially the private lap dance area… 3 really sexy dancers out of 6… 3 Ok ones… When did they start allowing full nudity? Every girl on stage was 100% naked… made it a much better place to be… hope it continues… oh yeah I agree the bartebder has a real stinky attitude… maybe cuase she has a cucumber stuck up her ass.. !

  60. rock n' roll

    this is the top strip club in oakland!

  61. Pat

    Verry nice club. New and clean. Hot girls!!!

  62. Dear Timmy

    You ain’t been around Boyeeeee!

  63. cricket regular

    I love thecricket! Dancers are awesome and hott! last months go-go girl bently is a cool hott chick! check the cricket out.

  64. Jshim

    Great place, went this weekend. girls are friendly and dont hustle you. all american girls, no foreign chicks who cant speak english.

  65. Tom
  66. B. Booger

    I like the smell of my own dick and nobody seems to mind. I love this place!

  67. TJ

    Other than needing a new DJ who actually does his job ASAP the club is a nice place with a friendly atmosphere and generally cute girls.

  68. hemingway

    good atmosphere friendly staff and dancers. plan your bachelor or bithrday parties here.

  69. bob

    This club is NOT the place!!!

  70. OV

    I stopped in the club a couple of weeks ago. There was a good crowd, but the girls didn’t seem interested in making any money. Half of them were sitting at the bar having a discussion. No one was milling around the customers. Very unfriendly imo. I left after 3 dancers performed and I won’t waste my time going back.


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  72. joe
  73. fritter17

    Awesome place. Nice shapely ladies. Will be a patron of again.

  74. me


  75. paris

    i love the cricket!!

  76. Speedy

    I see lots of “spam” about the clubs here but heres an honest review….

    Girls were very nice. Usually on a slow night they just sit ar ound and gab, but they were chatting up customers and they all got on stage and showed off VERY well, except for one that kept her panties covering what we came to see!

    No complaints about drinks since they are now included with

    the cover. The bartender was friendly and kept my diet Pepsi filled when I asked. They have some snacks available too, and for a dollar you get a BIG bag, not that tiny one your mom packed in your lunch box as a kid. The bouncer/stagehand was slightly pushy. he didnt like me wandering the place and tried to get me to stay at the stage, but he did it nicely. I know hes trying to keep as many paying customers to tip the girls.

    I was solicited by one girl for a private dance multiple times but she was a get in your face type which normally would be OK but she had REALLY bad smoker breath!

    The girl I chose was friendly and I did a private without the sneak preview on stage. She was awesome and I enjoyed my $20 worth easily. BTW- this is one of the few places where the couches are comfortable and you don’t fall out the bottom!

    Verdict: money well spent

  77. Customer

    This place is going down hill.

  78. SamuraiJack

    What’s not to like about Cricket?

    You pay your cover charge (which I’m fine with if management leaves me the hell alone, read on)

    The new-yorker “whaddya ya want schmuckbag” attitude of a certain bartender that’s been posted about a lot here recently. Is this REALLY the face and attitude you want portrayed to the customers as their first contact when they first walk into the bar? /great/ first impression there, NOT!

    You buy a drink for a dancer and then get harassed by management because she’s been sitting with you for more than 2 songs. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually let the dancer enjoy the entire drink with the person that bought it for her? I know this is a strip club and all, but there are things called manners and common courtesy that Cricket management is completely oblivious to.

    You’ve bought multiple drinks for other people. You’re sitting at the stage, tipping the girls when the waitress insists you must buy an overpriced drink for yourself or get out. Apparently the cover charge and drinks bought for others aren’t making the bar enough money. That or they’d really like their patrons involved in DUIs after leaving. Great policy Cricket!

    Cricket’s “Duo Shows” are the most forced and contrived acts of lesbianism between two straight women man has ever witnessed. In order to have a Duo Show. #1 First make sure the girls are at least slightly into other girls. #2 make sure those two girls like each other. Two girls awkwardly fondling each other on stage does not make for an entertaining show. This seems like a no-brainer, but then again we are dealing with Cricket management.

    The same insipid and uninspired music again and again. Hire a DJ with a feel for music and for what would work individually for each girl instead of just throwing the same random 5 songs on that you play. Mix it up with the lighting near the stage while you’re at it too. Make it darker at times, bring out some black lights. Have some of the girls do themed sets. Again, just common sense and a little originality to break the monotony.

    With the attitude I’ve gotten from the non-dancer employees at Cricket it’s gonna be a cold day in hell before I set foot in there again.

    I hope the place goes under again, and once again opens under new management. This incarnation of Cricket is nothing but crock of shit.

    Cricket gets a 0.1 rating from me. The only thing saving them from a goose egg are the select few dancers (I can count on one hand) who attempt to make the experience in this hell-hole a pleasant one.

  79. slim jim

    first visit – bartendress got what I ordered, took my money and I never saw her again. Dancers were average, but wouldn’t engage in conversation

  80. samantha

    the dancers are very friendly me me & my hubby. hes only thirty but the girls make him feel young. the girls make me HOT…..kiss

  81. Phil

    The Cricket is a gentleman’s paradise… I am a man in my late 40’s. Sometimes, I ask myself, “Why do I prefer the Cricket over hustle clubs like Club Erotica & Blush?” The real reason is that I get more fulfillment from the Cricket. Unlike some other exotic dance clubs, the Cricket is interactive. At the Cricket, when a dancer approaches you, most times, she is not going to try to hustle a dance from you, take your cash, then walk away. At the Cricket, the dancers are free to chat. They get to know you, and you get to know them. After all, it is not necessarily the actual private dance that lingers on your mind after you have left the club, it is the overall experience, and how you felt about yourself when you left. At the Cricket, I have always felt welcomed, and well-liked by everybody there, and that is what is most important. i don’t mind spending a little cash on an enjoyable evening at the Cricket. It helps take my mind off of life’s little problems, and I feel good about it the next day… What the hell, sometimes I feel like God’s gift to womwn when I leave there.

  82. Former Regular

    A ripoff

  83. The Cricket

    And you know I love you too

  84. henry

    ive been going to this club for 30 years now, and the new owners have really made the place elegant looking. the ladies room is georgous, the mens room is newly remodeled and it never smells like piss. the staff is nice, all pretty girls that make you feel at home when you walk in. i am always gravitated back to this club. i rate this club tops.

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