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4797 Library Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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22 reviews for “Tennyson Lodge

  1. Bill

    Just disappointed. Asked 3 dancers for a private and all disappeared

  2. hockeyply98

    i cant believe this place got a rating more than a 2, simply its a bar that sometimes dancers attempt to dance, and you cant relax when the a/c doesnt work right…i got 2 drinks and each time the price was different…i would drive the extra half hr just to enjoy myself


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  4. fuckery12

    OH…MY…WORD.So here’s the story, of how I tried to do something good, and I ended up having to dodge a nightstick wielded by a stripper calling herself Officer Nasty.This place is famous for having a night called Bare-aoke, which I may have spelled incorrectly, but I’m alright with that. Seems clever enough, and we had friends in from out of town so we went over Halloween weekend. It’s basically just a bar that happens to have naked ladies wandering around. So we sat at a table, and stared at what could best be described as a disorganized burlesque show? But, we managed. The beers were relatively inexpensive, and the service was pretty good considering the increasingly surreal crowd. The singing seemed almost like an after thought with the mic tucked into a far corner of the stage. Fun Fact: While singing, you can see into the private dance room, which may be the saddest thing I’ve seen in…forever.At the end of the night as we were wrapping up, I began walking to the front when there she was…Officer Nasty. And not just her, but the nightstick that was maybe, how do I say this delicately, a bit icky? We locked eyes…she had the dark, dead eyes of a shark…and I watched in slow motion as she raised her night stick to playfully smack me on the leg.I’m not a fan of strangers or germs, so this situation had a lot of negatives happening. If that sticky night stick touched my pants I would probably still be having nightmares about it. So my brain took over my body, and with ninja/Matrix like skill, I dodged attempted strike after attempted strike.So honestly, we had a ton of fun ultimately, and it was quite a bonding experience for our group, and usually when we bring it up in conversation, everybody we talk to insists that we should all go again. We’ll see.

  5. Henry

    Best place for kareoke, but they need more girls.

  6. Jim

    It is a good value. Cover charge of $5 is not bad. Beers are $4. The private dances for $20 are reasonable. Usually at least 4-6 dancers. Some are very nice. A very friendly place.

  7. Guru

    What kind of homo goes to strip club to see a dj? You and your friends might want to try a fag bar.

  8. adamrod

    WOW, I can’t believe nobody has written a review of this place since 2012! Come on Pittsburgh! Baraoke is an art form! Went last weekend with a couple of friends. It was my first time. Not for the faint of heart, I will say. Have some drinks before you go, or you may not work up the nerve to walk into the joint. Only on Wednesdays and Fridays does the Tennyson Lodge offer Baraoke= Karaoke= you sing while strippers move to your songs. $5 cover, smoky as hell, iffy crowds, not so great “dancers”. BUT, a ton of fun if you are into karaoke, and have a thick skin.

  9. Stewy

    One or 2 hot chicks (Summer, Asia, etc..) and the rest are old nasty whores with knee braces. And the DJ and his nasty fat wife are annoying as hell. He thinks he is so cool and he is such a douche! Sorry peopel coem to see naked chicks not you and your fat groupies.

  10. Cranky_Old_Man

    The Tennyson is a dive bar that just happens to have “strippers”. And while the girls are sweet, the club, in all honesty, just doesn’t get the best lookers. Add that to the fact that the owners/management are rude, tightwads and you have a recipe for disaster. The ONLY thing that saves the club at all is the atmosphere that a large group of regulars bring to the club. But you can get atmosphere at almost any normal bar. Avoid this place like the plague.

  11. Jed

    If Jade is there, it is always worth going.

  12. Not ur money

    The owner the bar Bartender has a very poor attitude you will stand there for 20 minutes waiting for a drink what she’s flirting with The guys at sit at the bar If you get a make bartender there’s only two of them You want to get your full shot in your cup will not be completely full if you get a Captain and Coke jack and Coke just sang so drinks are very poor if you want a pretzel out of a microwave that is freezer burned got an order the only food they have for four dollars six dollars on mixed drinks that you don’t even get a full glass on there’s a five dollar cover charge The doorman is very nice all the girls are extremely nice and friendly but don’t get too friendly with him because if you talk to one you will be van from coming to the club if you talk to them all you will be banned from coming to them on the club Do not go there frequently because you will be banned from going to the club It doesn’t matter if you spend $700-$1000 a night you will be banned from the club just saying because I did nothing wrong and I am banned from the club because I talk to the girls and make sure every girl walked out with money when I was ther it doesn’t matter if you spend $700-$1000 a night you will be banned from the club just saying because I did nothing wrong and I am banned from the club

  13. Skeeter

    Nice relaxing place to go enjoy top notch girls!

  14. Dice

    Asia is worth the trip there!

  15. The Fifith Horseman

    “Stewy (12/11) said: One or 2 hot chicks (Summer, Asia, etc..) and the rest are old nasty whores with knee braces. And the DJ and his nasty fat wife are annoying as hell. He thinks he is so cool and he is such a douche! Sorry peopel coem to see naked chicks not you and your fat groupies.”

    Sounds like it comes from one of the dancers who isn’t good enough to compete with everyone else or the dj! Every time I have been there, especially recently, the girls have been hot. My friends and I go to the club on the nights the dj is there because he is there.And spelling counts…never believe a review by someone who can’t spell people or come.

  16. /
  17. Santashelper

    There hasn’t been a review in a long time so I figured I’d do so. The club isn’t bad. Some of the girls night be better off going to beemers because they are old or fat and would fit in there but most of the girls are hot and can dance decently for a small as the stages are. There’s about 12 girls on schedule but how many acually show are on the girls. Overall I like the place

  18. Jerry

    The girls are a mixed bag. No Playboy Playmates here, but they’re all pleasing to the eyes. Some of them are great dancers, and some just shuffle. Most are social, and a few are social as long as you buy the shots-and a couple are just rude. There are also a few girls that get so drunk, that they need a padded cell. But overall, there is plenty of enjoyable female entertainment. Drink prices and cover are very reasonable for a strip club. The private dances are a great value too. But get your dance EARLY. There is always a chaotic back up after 1am. In accordance with the last post, the owners can be penny pinchers-especially about running the air conditioner. The place feels like being in a greenhouse some nights, and the smoke cloud that builds up in there doesn’t help. They also need to know when to shot off certain dancers, and customers, from the booze. Drunken ass clowns are no fun for anyone to be around. If they weren’t so penny wise, and pound foolish, this could be a top notch club. It’s still not bad though. I give it a 7. Give the place a shot if you’re in the South Hills.

  19. Stewlove

    Hey, The Fifth Horseman, I seen your woman and I wouldn’t take that pig out in public on a leash!

  20. Paul

    My wife and I started coming to this club a few months ago and quickly became regulars. The girls are extremely hot, although that’s true of most clubs. What makes this club special is the atmosphere. It’s very couples friendly. The girls talk to you about more than just ‘do you want a private dance?’. If you are a friendly person, you will make friends here, and that’s with everyone, the DJ, owner, bartender, etc. The only downside is that some nights it seems the AC isn’t working very well. Overall a great club.

  21. The Fifth Horseman

    Hey, Guru, I think you just ran your fag flag up someone’s flagpole! We go to the club when he is there because of the atmosphere on the nights he is there. See, some of us who go out take our ladies with us (which I know, by your comment, is a foreign concept to you) and on those nights it’s more like going to a club, not a gentlemen’s club.See, not for the dj, but for the atmosphere…get it now?

  22. Homer

    For anybody who hasn’t been here in a long time, the Tennyson is worth check out. The girls they have now are out of this world. Check out Lani, Brianna, Star, Katie, Kim, and Pinky.

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