Red Raven gentlemens club



250 East Lincoln Highway, Fairless Hills, PA 19030


40.1866493, -74.8495493




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Red Raven gentlemens club

  1. customer
  2. Mafia Trump Inc Finally Fuckedup the Country

    Incompetent Trump kept busy enriching him and his sons and daughters while ignoring the problems facing common people! He fucking didn’t care people were dying. Kept denying there was a pandemic! All he cares is his fucking re-election! What a fucking moron!

  3. Captain Smith

    Iceberg Right Ahead. Sinking Faster Than Titanic.

  4. Ted

    They really need ro fix the roof that has been dripping into the club whewre you walk for two years. The floor is messed up because of it. I sit and watch the girls fall because of the flooring from it getting wet. Even on a dry day you will get wet when you walk under it. FIX IT ! With the money this club makes it should put into the appearance cause appearance IS everything! And get a bartender that is at least nice to look at.

  5. jus stoppin in
  6. george


  7. John

    Whoreville, lots of girls on the schedule, strippers are average but extras are plentiful… prices, mileage will vary with customer

  8. new guy

    the girls are great at this club

  9. Reg J

    This club is pretty damn cool. Girls are pretty and are not stuck up except for one or two. I enjoy myself everytime I visit. Better then what people think. Building does need work but its still better then most clubs plus no cover

  10. shrekumar

    this club is an awful establishment. the only thing fairly decent is the food. the dancers that are left all have black teeth or no teeth and about 6 children and the owner is a drug addict. business cant be properly run by an addict. the place smells like mold and the bartenders are rude except two val and jolie who dances occasional.plz save your money and keep your health this place is gross

  11. Customer

    Well lets start off by saying this club is not as top notch but its full of humbled and fun great people especially the dancers , most of all the night dancers are great to do dances with and can really give a good time even if its not enough customers , those females have great personalities . I would recommend this club to go to and hang out . Theres even girls in there that know how to play pool like pros , these girl are talented !!!!!

  12. Your daddy

    Pizzas small blow jobs are cheap maureen meets you in the parking after her shift for a $50 blowy

  13. Shama Lama Ding Dong

    This place would make a good hole in the ground

  14. Dumpy


  15. Horny Devil

    I could care less about what the club looks like. I come in to see the hot girls.

  16. Tim

    Freaking great place!!

  17. The Hunter

    Yeah, it’s a bit of a dive. However, if you come here in the evening (after 9), there are some rather hot girls and fun to be had. Drinks are inexpensive and the mileage is good. Surely, it smells bad, you don’t want to eat the food, and the bathroom is scary. WTF you think this is, the Rittenhouse? It’s a Lower Bucks County Strip Club! Get over yourself! You know where to go if you want something frau frau and spend 3X as much.

  18. FBI

    I had a nice time at this club and received a fantastic lap dance…I will be coming back soon!!!

  19. Fuckface

    Beautiful girls great dances not many girls Sexy and Shekira are always there but give great dances. The bartender Cheyanne makes the best mixed drinks

  20. Ex-dancer

    I agree with you Ted (review 6/07), absolultely! FIX THIS PLACE UP, with the amount of money you get from the couch dances, there is NO reason this place should be this bad. Appearances IS everything! The floor is getting worse. Smells like mold. Ceiling tiles literally falling down by dressing room door. Floor is buckling because water drips onto the floor and has been for years. So just put a carpet over it, that’ll do it. REALLY NOW, and I can tell you why you have lost a lot of your clients it is because of the appearance and many do not like Ivy. Unless she likes you, she can be down right rude. She shows her favortism by allowing certain girls to get away with many things that the owner would have a fit over. She even shows favortism with customers, some who have since stop going in there and some who don’t go on her shift. I am glad to be out of there. The moldie place is falling on everyones heads…HEADS UP!

  21. Kev

    Club itself does need a lot of work but the women there are great.I’ll definitely be back.

  22. Redneck hillbilly

    Miesa will do anything for a buck ready to swallow ready to fuck from outta town traveling low class hooker want a good dick suck ask for her

  23. Scarlet Pimpernil

    Make the hole really deep

  24. DirtyDancer

    Its FUN

  25. India

    Love this chick

  26. Jazz

    This hoe is worth a visit. Everything is available from this little spinner, if you catch my drift!

  27. for real

    yep yep yep

  28. Whores

    The whore rooms are cooking since RR reopened! Check out Molly, Marianna, Julia, Diamond, Briana, Moriah and Buck’s most famous little spinner, Jazz, for happy endings!

  29. weekendwarrior

    Recently stopped in. Great experience!! From the beautiful dancers to the super sexy Maureen behind the bar. two thumbs way up!!

  30. Scott L.

    Bit of a dump. The roof leaks hysterically when it rains or snows. The 25 dollar dances are overoriced but a couple of the dancers can give you an awesome time. You just have to hit the right time. Just keep yourvexpectations low and you moght be suprised

  31. Rich M.

    Some of the ugliest women on the planet work here.

  32. james1412

    Not the most hygienist of places. The ladies restroom is shared with the dancers dressing room. (Which makes it kinda awkward for the female clientele…)

  33. 4 fun

    drinks are priced good the foods good.

  34. Customer

    Well let’s start off by saying this club is not as top notch but it’s full of humbled and fun great people especially the dancers , most of all the night dancers are great to do dances with and can really give a good time even if it’s not enough customers , those females have great personalities . I would recommend this club to go to and hang out . There’s even girls in there that know how to play pool like pros , these girl are talented !!!!

  35. Jimbo

    Great little place.

  36. JPR

    Came in on wednesday and had a good time.Girls were definitely hotties and all around outgoing.

  37. Strip Man

    It’s the greatest club I’ve been to!

  38. Lovely latina

    Years of working like a slave and competing with prostitutes bartenders r great if u dont fuck james u be fired

  39. tony
  40. Failure

    Hire a manager

  41. MR G MAN

    This place is not the same that it use to be. Its turned into a last resort for dancers. This place needs a major overhaul.

  42. Molly is the highlight

    Diamond is a pig that ruts with anyone in the camera less rooms, she sweats all over you. Truly a pig. She can barely breathe after fucking and sucking, she needs a diet plan. Her halfbreed kid won’t have a mother at graduation of grade school at this rate. COPD or locked up for sucking cock for rent. Now it won’t know daddy or mommy. Maybe that’s a plus, unfortunately genetically it’s still screwed.

  43. Marc

    Had a great time. Awesome girls.

  44. Omar

    Dive sleazy bar that has survived for decades. A lot of regulars paired up with strippers. Good value, no cover, decent drink prices in a not tip heavy environment. Overrun with Brazilians and rude, drunk strippers. Strippers are average quality. A lot of lousy, noisy Brazilian music. Warning: Be careful of stepping or sitting on used condoms.

  45. billtheguy12

    Only gonna comment for the weekday. Came in on a Tuesday and some of the girls were ok. The burger was decent although the bartender told me the cook had no tomatoes and the fries were not that good.The music selection (which was played off a juke box) made me wanna hang myself!! I don’t mind a different variety of music but damn it man…there’s never a live Dj and you can’t play your own music. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!! If your spending money on a dancer though, she might play what you wanna hearThey also have a vending machine with chips, cigs and candy. One old box model 27in TV facing the back of the bar. One pool table and one pinball machine.

  46. Fanty

    Check out the Fabulous Fantasia! Value pricing for top shelf services!

  47. regular

    drink prices were recently raised guess BUD needs pocket money, certainly not putting the funds to improve the bar

  48. Mr Me

    I’ll be going back here next time in town to see Barb,for sure. Great club! Wish we had one this good back home!

  49. not happy

    disappointing … no atmosphere. not very talented/good looking dancers

  50. RN

    Not sure where all the negative reviews are about but visited for the first time on 7/5 and pleasantly surprised. Nice location out the way. Didn’t get too smokey and the bartenders were attentive. Two pole set up with the dancer taking turns at each one. A few dancers came aroumd and we chatted a bit….private dancers were offered but they weren’t too pushy about it. Various body and etnnic types.

  51. mark

    onor two good looking girls. the rest of them are digusting

  52. an
  53. Thank Trumpf- Making America Lose

  54. Swoop!
  55. Regular

    Only thing good was the bartender and her service

  56. ron

    been there a couple times for lunch, most of the girls r worth stoppin in for jesse is hot n the bartender was great think her name is melony

  57. Low key

    I like it for its low-key environment

  58. Bill

    Good times

  59. sitonmyface

    bartender her name i can’t recall right now but she has a set of hooters that are sweet, but her ass is what i want on my face anytime an for a long time

  60. Hooker

    Molly is for sale now on the internet

  61. Patron

    No they won’t only Fantasia will wank your meat under the bar for around 10. She was tanned from CR for that crap won’t last long here that no asser. Is going to bring the whole house down

  62. Bob

    Very Nice Girls, some lookers

  63. Birder

    Whorehouse, dancers will give you a HJ under the bar. Private LD rooms for BJ and FS.

  64. AARP

    Retirement home for dancers. Bartenders complain about not being waitresses while serving beer and playing to cell phones


    To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, DUMP. (it’s not down the street)

  66. Creampie Donors Wanted

    I am the guy with wife who likes to visit clubs and take home some sexy guys. Just for her use!

    We will be visiting area clubs looking for dirty guys! Don’t hesitate to hit on her. You can even take her back rooms and have your way. She likes to be creampied. Last time we were here, she had fun with some gals when guys were filling her. While I wasn’t far behind, making creampies with a few gals! hehe

  67. Jacob

    This place is an old, filthy disgusting whorehouse! The customers all look like losers and the strippers are not much better!

  68. Dennis K

    This place is absolutely disgusting.

  69. sit on my face

    the night time bartender is very nice and has set of hooters that I want to stick my face in the middle of them

  70. J R.

    Generic Food Review Before I begin my review, I would like to say I was surprised to see the Red Raven labeled as a “pub” because I never viewed it as such. So I looked up the definition:Pub (noun) – also known as “Public House, Saloon, Pot house, Gin Mill or Tap house.” Definition – Tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms, often provides light meals.After reading this, I stand corrected.Red Raven Pub is a cement building located off of Lincoln Highway, also known as Business RT-1, across the street from a trucking company and nestled in front of a trailer park. At the front is a takeout area where you can get six-packs of the finest libations and order food from their menu. To take in the full experience I recommend entering through the back door, where you will be taken by the aroma of cigarette smoke and cheap perfume. The room has a rectangular bar and is dimly lit with two stages in the middle of the bar. I am initially tempted by the vending machine which is fully stocked with bags of snacks and cigarettes, but that is not what I am here to partake in — I am here to indulge in their menu. The menu, which is posted on the wall and also on little signs set up around the bar, contains a limited amount of items. It is your usual pub favorites; burgers, cheesesteaks, wings and shrimp. I personally believe that any good pub is defined by their burgers, so I chose the Black Angus Burger ($6.50) and a order of fries ($2.50). The bartender at no time asked me how I liked my burger cooked; this was disappointing to me because I enjoy my burgers medium.It was promptly brought out to me by the older gentlemen working the grill. The burger and fries were served to me in a red plastic basket with wax paper in the bottom. The presentation was very basic with the burger closed with no lettuce, tomato or onions. A small dill pickle accompanied the sandwich and was met with a very large helping of fries. The burger was pretty much your run-of-the-mill frozen burger which was well-done, but still was juicy. The fries were a nice surprise; though they were not seasoned, they were crisp and warm. For drink I went with a Miller Lite bottle and was disappointed in the time it took to get another from the bartender.Final Verdict: 3 stars out of 5Pros: If you are looking for a burger made at a picnic with a nice helping of golden crispy fries, this place is for you.Cons: Lighting could be better — I could barely see my food. Also the bartender could have done a better job keeping the drinks coming. (For audio of this review visit live Sunday afternoon or download the podcast Episode #46)

  71. The Skip*ster

    You know I used to frequent this place & reason I left was because of the really bad smell. And, the manager of the girls without mentioning names- has an evil attitude. (I used to be friends with her until she grew an attitude larger than Texas). I used to go in there & dance with several of my favorite dancers. Next to the smell, are the fat girls she hires. One to many. And yet she forces the hot dancers to leave. 3 of which were my favorite dancers & they are no longer there. Good for them tho (they can do better than this place anyway). She had the nerve to tell a good friend of mine to get matching shoes & that she should learn more moves. I hope one day they get rid of her & fix up that place.

    I hope you are doing well Val, last time I saw you, you were moving, I hear you’re still working there, hope things are good.

  72. RedLight

    After a few weeks of caution, anything is available again in the couch dance room. Jazz and others will take on all customers with enthusiasm.

  73. Haywood Jablomey

    I like this place, no cover, decent booze prices and relaxed atmosphere. It is not some “Scores” type place that some may expect. It’s the strip club version of the dive bar. Dancers are mixed in terms of how attractive you may find them.

  74. Joker

    Awesome stop for a laugh

  75. Monger


  76. Slappy
  77. Window shopping

    Best thing about this club is meeting girls to fuck outside the club or inside. The bartenders know that these girls are advertising pussy for sale. Just look online or the girls pages and links. That must be why the girls cut them in on dances. Normal dance price and extra prices. Nobody comes here for the club, the roof is leaking and it still smells like mold. Just look at the bathroom. The barstools and bolted down and seats torn. This is a brothel pretending to be a club for dancing. Only fat non whites and old dudes go here

  78. k.
  79. ST

    I went to this place a few Sundays ago when it was raining most of the day. Girls are real friendly and yes, the bartender is on the heavier side, but I like thick girls so her look doesn’t bother me. The thing that DOES bother me is the girls wanting $2 when they come around. No way they should be doing that for a place like that. The drink are reasonable, though. Even have happy hour $2 drinks on Sundays. I’ll probably go back again.

  80. Richy

    I know there are a lot of bad reviews, yes the place is run down, but the talent is not old zillions. There are beautiful blonds, latinas, WOC and zillions. I like the place and have had many great experiences.

  81. Big John

    Go see Measa for great blow jobs she swallows it all

  82. Whoring

    This is currently the only whore house still running in Bucks Co. Due to pandemic restrictions there is no seating at the bar. There are small tables and booths, employees including strippers must wear masks. Temperature check is performed after you are seated. Anything goes in the whore rooms as usual!

  83. MIKE
  84. jazzcloudsthemind
  85. Rerere

    complete dump! The only thing coming good from this place are the Brazilian woman . if you want to see lack luster niggers that are past their prime dancing than aubry would be the one to come see. Horrible BJ my freakin god complete waste of money

  86. patron

    Went here and I actually like it there was some nice girls talented and also wasn’t pushy about dances. A FEW new faces but in all I had a great time. I gotten a dance no extras was offered. Jeez you guys make up the most about a regular place to hang. I just think some tried and got told no that’s why I believe ppl are so mad.

  87. Jack

    This place sucks!

    Dingy dark and lousy talent! Its same zillions day in and out!

  88. Diamond

    Diamond will take care of you

  89. B
  90. dmoney
  91. Taveller

    This place is not more than an hour from Philly and may be about an hour and a half from New York city. However if you visit this place you wouldn’t believe that this kinda place still exists in US of A! I have seen better places in God forgotten south!

    This place is dark, filthy and smoky! Any of those ADA rules apply here? lol

    Dancer’s are nothing to write home about! When I visited, there were more Brazilians than local talent! Portuguese songs were being played repeatedly. Though some of them are tolerable, repeated play of these songs were getting to my nerve!

    I wasn’t in mood for the dances based on the talent! I don’t think I would recommend this place for anyone!

  92. JoeAlbanese

    Place stuck in 17th century or what? Dingy dirty bathroom!

  93. Craig

    Stopped in on Saturday had a great time.Girls are sweet and outgoing.

  94. Diamond

    You want a handful of titties and a good time, come see Diamond. The hostess with the mostess! Still Raven’s house whore!

  95. Henry

    I’ve been visiting for years so i feel I’m qualified to review. Smallish bar, dancers tend to hang with their regulars. Bartenders are hit or miss. Mostly white and Brazilian dancers, a few AA girls work here with other ethnicities thrown in . This is a club for extras, if you are into that then this club will get you the mileage you seek. Your experiences will vary.

  96. Horace

    Hoes, hoes and more hoes! Zillions, WOC, burned out white trash druggies on stage. Don’t waste your time or money.

  97. nura

    Selina and Barbara – these are golden touches…

  98. Here for more

    Quality girls stay here for the long haul.

  99. Rat Bastard

    This place has’nt changed since Gilligan got shipwrecked

  100. R.M.

    Ladies in this club are HOT!!!!

  101. oh yeah

    this club has become alot better the girls are getting hotter everytime i walk in

  102. Joe
  103. Lina

    Was in town on business and stopped here right before the quarantine on a lark. I hooked up with a beutiful Latina named Lina. She showed me super fantastic amazing incredible great time. She has a body that will stop a war and knows how to ise it for sure. I have been chomping at the bit waiting for things to go back to normal so I can go spend some more time with her.

  104. J

    This club is pretty damn cool. Girls are pretty and are not stuck up except for one or two. I enjoy myself everytime I visit. Better then what people think. Building does need work but its still better then most clubs plus no cover.

  105. Clubman

    Stop in during the day the other day, got a great blowjob from dance call

    Dana. Slip her an extra 20 and she will do almost anything

  106. CreampieDonor

    Shill poster this is just a big giveaway!- ” There are beautiful blonds, latinas, WOC and zillions. ”

    So where are those beautiful blonds, latinas, wocs???

  107. patron
  108. Reviewer

    Seems to be getting better

  109. Vic

    I stop in this dump to shower my favorite girl with my kids.

    to the last comment, jesse looks good under the lights. shes

    a monster ho.

  110. anon

    i got a hand job



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