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440 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Morrisville, PA 19067


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sugar and Spice

  1. customer

    stopped in for the first time tues……….wow what a dump!

  2. Vlad

    Have been there twice. Much better than reviews and other comments. Give it a chance, I know i am going back.

  3. The Critic

    why do all the comment keep getting deleted in the other section? little amy has not worked here in 2 years so the last comment was a cover up from the real person who is doing it. roxanne will do it all in the back

  4. Flybynite

    Don’t bother leaving anything in the comments section. Even if it’s positive unless it’s totally innocuous it gets erased.

  5. jim

    Its okay loved the girls

  6. Frank

    What is that funky smell? It’s as musty as an old ladies closet, and the old ladies are the dancers!

  7. dissapointed

    wow this place is a dump and the bartenders are almost as bad as the dancers.

  8. JJ

    wOw….what a garbage dump this place is

  9. happy martin

    Stopped by late last night,guess closed sundays,hit four clubs yesterday happy,diappointed they were closed here but will return on a saturday night some favs haven’t seen much will be happy to see our crowd,haven’t been in for while whole crews workin down hhere for next few months we need a partyyyyyyy

  10. gargoyle

    The club is a good place to relax, no one pushes you or is continually asking you if you want more to drink. You ask for the drink, and as for the girls, more often than not you initiate the request for a lap dance.

    There is good conversation most of the time. The employees are all friendly and helpfull.

  11. Marty

    guess bianca & the other early lunch whores won’t be able to do business with camersa in! Lets face it the only reason they get as many dances as they do is for xtras as no one is going to go in for that many dances for nothing when you can see it at the bar. Oh well!

  12. Long Time goer

    Everyone should boycot dances due to cameras, then maybe they will remove them

  13. harry

    Prices aren’t bad girls are pretty friendly will hang out and have a drink with you girls are on inside only for tips no private dance rooms one room with 4 couches n a chair my fav barmaid was working so made the trip evn nicer

  14. Walt

    You call these dancers here! ugly drug addict hoes at night time. I was offered a fuck in the couch dance room for a $100!!!! THIS PLACE IS SCAREY

  15. Jersey Guy

    I’ve stopped in a lot more lately. The kitchen is open lunchtime (although that’s not evident)and the food is good and a great value.

    The dancers are lovely, nice, and friendly. They’re really why I keep returning to Sugar & Spice.

    Other reviewer is right — this club does deserve a better rating.

  16. darrel

    Pretty good as far as dancers go some ok some not like any club.a little loud at night and extremely smokey usually stay for few drinks have a danCe bartenders nice drink prices are ok

  17. gogopro

    yeah it sucks there cant be a forum for this club I just gotta wonder 2 things first why SCL is a buch of wussies and allow someone who isnt management or moderator to delete comments . after all this is america isnt it. Secondly who is the dancer i mean its not like the place keeps any good ones around, the good ones come in and see how ghetto the place can be and leave aafter not making 35 bucks a night. There used to be a few hotties at this club and it was alot of fun but its crazy how the skanks come up and try to hit you for a couple bucks and arent at all appealing. Give props to some of the bartenders and afew dancers there though that can be really cool. place needs a consulant. Oh yeah I work cheap I charge a lapdance per hour

  18. Ned

    The club is a dive. Bathroom is f’n disgusting. Girls are

    fun and attractive, not 10’s but who cares, they are more

    outgoing. Private dances, I’ve had with two of the dancers

    – Skylar and also an older blond with nice natural boobs.

    Both good dances and worth the cost. Beer is affordable and

    smoking is allowed. Mostly white dancers and customers.

    Dancers play their own music on a juke box.

  19. Horace

    Stopped in at night, nicely surprised by the variety of new girls, especially nice looking white talent. Well worth checking out again if you haven’t been here in a while.

  20. Anderson

    This place has so much potential being in a good location. However, I would currently compare it to a bag of trash. The easiest way to improve this club is to install private lap dance rooms. The community couch dance rooms are for places like Arkansas and other Bible Belt states. Put in private dance closets and increase mileage, and this place will improve. Until then, there are plenty of other options close by.

  21. Know's the truth

    Don’t listen to the safety crap. It’s about a dancer who makes a fortune every Mon and Tues on her knees and doesn’t want to be exposed and lose her lucrative deal.

  22. tray

    I like it on friday nights,real busy though girls can’t always sit with you long,but lots of girls working almost every hour new girls come on a shift.pretty good food here drink prices are ok

  23. Kit

    What happened to this place!

  24. Slap

    Nice time tonight>

    Lucy is Great

  25. terry

    Always liked the place barmaids are friendly as well as dancers. Closed sundays which stinks for me

  26. Visitor Jim

    Stopped in on a weekday around 1:00. They only had two Older dancers. They dance a few songs and go sit with I guess their regular customers. I had to wait for my drink because the bar maid was playing on her phone The entire time. Service was slow. They have a No Smoking sign but the few people in there were smoking anyway. At least if they had good looking dancers I might have stayed awhile, but that was not the case so I was there about 1 hour and left. I don’t think I will return.

  27. makie

    Bad for your health!!!! Club needs to be shut down before it falls down….

  28. kidz

    looking better since the beautiful strawberry is there now…

  29. batnballsack

    Gettin way too ghetto in here at night and the good girls are gonna go away. For awhile I couldnt understand why some of them stay but I guess some need the money and others are wrapped up in the game. I was in there the other weeknight after a long time away I thought one Roxie or whatever was the hottest till she came and sat with me she smelled like she shit her pants. The next one up was a big girl with a crazy look in her eye that ooked like she was doing aerobics or something swinging her arms like a windmill. I endured it for a minute then I had to bounce.

  30. Pissed Off

    Too bad no one can post a comment about Sugar because Angela the BJ queen erases everything and posts those phony, ignorantly written warnings. She’s doing fine but hurting business for all the other girls.

  31. Jones

    Lots of new dancers, wide variety, something for everyone. Low drink prices, neighborhood bar vibe.

  32. david

    had a blast last night will be back next week cute girls were working although

    open till 2am sometimes would be cooli f open sundays

  33. tr

    yah i hear that,if it were my daughter and she was in this business and had problems with a customer wed be concerned also, especially if her safety could be an issue, or her childrens, meaning my grandchildren,id want it resolved thru the authorities also,yeah so dont judge.Overall I like this club its friendly and drink prices are ok

  34. tj
  35. Lou

    Dirty, below average dancers, last time for me

  36. Goggles
  37. Had fun

    With the snow coming in, some nice grls still showed up.

  38. annoyed dancer

    dude- i work here and im tred of people deleting the comments both good and bad! leave the shit up there unless it is unappropriate. ps we know whos doing it! 😉

  39. Devon

    Bucks’ Best MILF, Devon, is back bartending! Come check out her huge knockers!

  40. amys guy

    I can delete whatever I want just as people write what they want in the comment section you don’t even know what your talking about obviously seeeeeee!!!!!!!

  41. JORK (Joe)

    We came and left totally foul

  42. larry

    Im reviewing here, and I like most men dont wanna see or hear girls constantly bashing other girls, make your money,mind your business, and go home.The girls getting bashed hardly ever even work here anymore maybe twice or 3 times a month if that that I see. Its for reviewing club on here not everybody wants hear gogo drama.move on already.and hey Im looking to come in for a birthday party and do a hot seat if clubs even do that anymore and see amy for my extra fun if shes even there.I need a happy Birthday to me.

  43. george

    Who cares…Grow up people,my buddies& I will be having a bachelor party september,woo hoo!! girls & Beer Hopefully we can get up here again then from toms river

  44. Ex-Dancer

    I used to work here. When you are a fresh face, you can make decent at least 300 or so. Only people that come in here are low-income or guys that dont want to go through the hassel or pay the price of a hooker. After they all realize you aren’t a slut, your money is down the drain. I was one of the 4-5 good looking girls but it don’t matter. If you don’t do hand jobs, blow jobs, get fingered, let them eat you out or worse let them f*ck you (yea one dirt bag actually got caught having sex back there haha desperate pig!) you wont make more than 30 a SHIFT. The managers and staff and bartenders were cool as shit also some of the girls. Glad they let me go…was a joke in that place. They will literally hire anyone. Swear some girls are 50+ yrs old. At times I had to think of something sad so I wouldnt laugh at the girl on the other stage behind me. Ive seen it all here. Come in for a good laugh!

  45. Megdamlat

    Club has changed recently very few dancers of color so better be fan of country and rock. lol

  46. ex

    im sure u can find roxanne at risque bristol having sex with customers just like she did here

  47. days n nights

    any time i come here lots girls doing extras all the girls arent angels thats for sure,wheres the blonde with big tits,has tatto on chest?and roxanne??now thats extraa funnn!!

  48. Levittowner
  49. Dave

    The place could be cleaned up alittle but i love the Dancers. I’ve been there a few times and i didn’t see 1 Dancer with fake tits. The girls sit next to u to talk to you without ask for a LD. I’m going back soon and i love that i can just sit without being asked for a LD all the time.

  50. ok

    comments are deleted who cares! grow up and amy works here off and on morons.theres more than one amy fool.and to the whackjob freak

  51. Killer

    Chick by chick it is one of the best around.

  52. Stiffy

    Too many old dancers

  53. Still frustrated

    There are some good things to be said about Sugar and some of the girls who work there. Some of the barmaids are cool too; if you can’t have a laugh with Jodi then you just don’t have a sense of humor. But no one can share info because one paranoid dancer and her sugar daddy erase every comment.every comment. SCL, why do you allow this?

  54. friend


  55. cane

    Well I’m happy to hear that new jukebox thrashin out great tunes and enjoyed myself with my alltime beautys last weekend donna is longgone oh well

  56. Tom

    If you are not expecting much this place is a chill place to go. The women are nice to talk to but they aren’t the hottest girls in the world. I like going there because it is never that busy and the drinks aren’t jacked up!

  57. Steve

    Stay away! stay away! Stay away! Nothing but a bunch of cracked up whores.

  58. AO

    Had a really great afernoon last two weeks i came by. Closed it

    here lowkey quiet and fun

  59. crimson

    Every time I end up back here I have a great time.girls I danced with were pretty cool,prices for drinks were decent.Had a cheese steak pretty good.if you don’t wanna be hit up every 30 seconds for tips this is the place to chill out after a long day at the office.the girls do stay on the inside for tips but you give each girl a few bucks and still have money$ left over for lap dances.

  60. jay
  61. Guest

    Been coming in here for awhile now and like it. Better quality of girls than at other places locally.

  62. deebomb

    went there last week a few new girls plus some of the old favorites. one good new thing was Mannys girl was cooking and she made some banging fried chicken and fried plantains. couple of weeks ago they made empinadas kool cuz its out of the ordinary fare. Really good food spicy stuff always goes good with beer.

  63. andy

    it was ok but too loud at night

  64. hillary clinton

    I love whores!

  65. Sugar

    What is to say ? It is a dive. Disgusting. Dirty as hell wherever you look. Wear gloves before entering bathroom. Lunatic bartender that must be related to owner/manager. Crappy dancers too. Rock bottom.

  66. visitor

    strange place

  67. arlin

    Wow must been bad time here for somebody.I like being so close to nj not a long drive over I live in plainsboro area.had good time for jams birthday and had a blast wth 2 pretty doesn’t have tons food but some sandwiches n fries n wings

  68. Visitor

    The staff killed this place

  69. Aron

    Like location close to nj it’s bit outdated inside bathrooms yea blah but girls friendly and hit or miss

  70. OldTimer

    Cameras aren’t the problem. They can help protect the girls if being monitored. The problem is when they are being recorded. This is what causes problems for girls, customers, and owners.

  71. X
  72. jimbob

    Been here twice, coming back next week for bachelor celebration,like the place.

  73. conch
  74. barry

    Glad we came in last night for my buddys birthday.had a good time and it was great seein my girl! Will be back in a few weeks for more fun

  75. PT

    This place isn’t open on sundays I thought pa clubs were all open sundays.gotta come back see fac barmaid ivy

  76. Jerry

    Club is outdated and could use some cleaning. I could not believe my eyes at some of the girls they hired here not attractive at all. One older one with a gap in tooth offered me a bj after I ate my lunch. It was scarey

  77. Roger

    tHIS PLACE IS DOWN RIGHT DISGUSTING!!! Dirty drugged out nast looking toothless scum! Stopped in had never been here and never coming back. Drug deallers,pimps and fucking nasty skanks here giving blow jobs!!

  78. ken

    needs a remodeling

  79. appie

    I beleive a customer was causing a lot of problems at the club and out of the club for a dancer and her safety was in jeopardy, no joke.I am a former employee,barback.Dont judge when you dont knw the whole story, that could be your family memebrs safety at risk or your was very serious situation and i guess still is.

  80. JOEY

    Your right the bald guy at night tries to get something off the girls they always complain about the things he says to them. Why is he here?

  81. funky boy

    love the sweetie sat night. well be back every week lovey.good times saturday

    nights, and i have written plenty comments not deleted check your glasses

    reviewer. this place is good i like the girls here n barmaids.all shapes n

    sizes,foods ok too,mostly offer up fries,sandwiches,wings.seems to me lots

    good things have been said on sugars comment page.if there were nasty ones

    taken off,who cares us guys dont come on here to read drama we want knw if

    food,drink women are good period!ya want drama,read “STAR” magazine,we

    could give 2 shits about the drama.

  82. Underrated

    Von Teese is great. A little dingy but still fine. Drinks

    service and food was good. Had Buffalo fingers and fries.

  83. Spank

    Severely underrated

  84. Cptn Slap

    Been on the up and up for a while.

  85. conductorchrist

    Love this place.

  86. Mike

    Is this the place dancers go to retire

  87. ed
  88. tigger
  89. jimmy

    always stop on saturdays way home.nice place to chill after workin long day.Girls

    are all different here.sometimes not great other days or nights are pretty.hit or

    miss.i like the place though girls are nice will sit talk to you have a drink.

  90. Jeri

    no one is harsh fuck face just look at it you jerk off

  91. olly

    this place is smokey as heck, never again on a friday night

  92. lenny

    they be closed on sunday want them bangin fried plantains,so ima come back on a saturday thanks.

  93. Abraham

    Larger club with 2 stages and couch dances (cameras). Cheap drinks, fifty cent discount noon to 2pm. Laid back vibe, friendly dancers, no tipping outside bar. Mix of older and younger strippers during the day. Younger girls at night, nice mix of races, hottest black girls in the area.

  94. trixy

    dirty club

  95. James

    First and last time I go here

  96. bastich

    The manager is a complete joke. He bald, drunk, trying to get some from every dancer, undermines his bouncers and probably cant get it up.

    This place use to be fun 5 years ago but is not any longer.

  97. kitch

    Hope miss thing is gonna be here I like her a wholllleee lot and I like this bar I been chillin for years my favorite girl left year ago now I’m infatuated with a certain dancer

  98. Not so bad
  99. vincent

    Real good time today I like this place easy to get to from pa n nj right near bridge.had a good time and great dances

  100. Nice

    Loved my dance with Skyler.

  101. Tim

    This place is bad

  102. cliff

    stopped by for the first time….never again

  103. Wagner
  104. Critic

    This club would get a better rating if a fat slug named Thomas didn’t erase every comment about his precious Angela. She’s actually one of the best things about Sugar, when she’s on her knees, which is most of the time.

  105. aj

    All clubs hav good n bad dancers shifts I visit here been good. Always enjoy my visit except closed sundays place is okA

  106. Monroe

    The club re-opened with restrictions, reduced capacity, no bar service, distancing, masks and temperature checks. They have cleaned and sanitized the whole club space. The kitchen is running and a purchase is required. One dollar hot dogs are available. The line up is very variable, it is a good plan to check FB page or call ahead to review the daily talent line up. Couch dances are available, no extras.

  107. Zentradi

    Severely underrated club. This should have 6-7 rating.

    Unfortunately the slide portion of the rating isn’t working

    but that is where I would place it. The dance from Pixie was

    a 9.

  108. Sat

    what a joke

  109. Princess

    I’ll take this place over a lot of other clubs.

  110. ronnie m

    laid back and I like that,no constant hit ups around the outside of the bar.although sometimes its nice having dancers come around the outside for tips,the way they stay on the inside doesnt allow your $$$$$ to be sucked up in 10 min either.would come again.

  111. teak
  112. Great Quality

    Friday Night they were all great. Billie who I never saw

    before was fantastic! Unfortunately I got there during

    her last set.

    The rest were all great looking. I like big natural

    breasts, and while there were not DD’s, they were hot and


  113. Charles

    Very grumpy bartenders and long long waits for drinks. Substandard dancers for the most part. The mens room is very dirty.

  114. crazy johnnie

    yea new night manger and jukebox and i will be back few weeks again had good

    time today

  115. Sugar Fan

    This place would get a beter rating but a paranoid stripper and her fat ugly sugar daddy erase all the comments left by customers. This can only hurt Sugar’s business. I don’t know why SCN allows it but they do.

  116. Reviewer

    Very crowded, with the same girls all the time.

  117. State

    Lunchtime Whores mon.-tues. Dana does it for free. Dont’ trust those lips.

  118. old softy

    I like the way they run this old style its always a pleasure to see some favorites and stop in for a scotch,grab a dance or two and see some friends.yes this place is closed sundays

  119. Cap

    Not many people here tonight but the girls were great.

    Raven and Lucy were hot. Raven 1/2 Korean is a real hottie

    and real nice.

  120. John Jr.

    In this modern era of self driven cars and private rocket launching, can’t believe such lousy places exists! The bathroom is from 17 th century! Club is shabby!!

  121. Penguin

    sexy women!!!

  122. PoppaPump

    Good Couch Dances

    Foods fine.

    Nice Talent

  123. paulie

    Sorry some people are so harsh I like it here and will keep coming here I have my opinion is just opinion that’s what this is for everyones opinions good and bad. Sorry see nightime donna go.goodbye blondie she’s retired

  124. CH

    love it

  125. G

    Place has been around for years.dancers are still onside the bar for tips.some of the area clubs they come around the outside also.not here.

  126. YO!
  127. sucks

    this place is dirty,dingy,skanky,plus dirty glasses

  128. BB

    very good time friday afternoon Im liking this place again

  129. .


  130. roamer

    Otis is gone no longer manages and things are better here from what can see pretty good and new jukebox

  131. brandon

    sat night was ok

  132. fanny

    Outfits for sale on electrique

  133. Sam

    Old time go-go, larger club with 2 stages, been active for 30 plus years. Variety of music, no rap. No tipping outside bar although strippers are friendly. Mostly older strippers daytime, younger at night. Days usually slow. Good couch dances ($20), cameras, no extras. Cheap drink prices, fifty cent discount noon-2pm.

  134. nights

    Always a sat night seeing lovely ladies and enjoy a cold brew drink prices are ok

  135. Jimbo

    this place need a make over

  136. Justme

    Definitely loving the variety of girls on night shift and I’m seeing some night girls are now dancing during the day. Night time manager is very friendly stays to his self but very pleasant. New girl Cherri is a sweetheart and I love seeing Josephine, Temptress, Cashmere, Tina and Ella on stage. Me and my buddies have done private dances with all of them before and they are actually clean girls who smell good and can move their bodies very well. They make you just want to throw you their money and no extras no stealing nothing. Very friendly and full of energy type girls. Definitely coming back

  137. Homey

    You can snort o line off a cunt in here at night while the management watches.

  138. jr

    good pizza,wings, and porkroll sat afternoons good most every time wish they had bachelor parties those were the good old days when they had features come in…

  139. Marlon Rando

    I’ve been there a few times recently, and I always have a good time. Seems like the club has recruited a lot of new dancers fairly recently, some of whom are real stunners (particularly Harley and Karma). CD’s are in a rundown room with cameras, but there is significant leeway in what you can get away with back there. Atmosphere is in desperate need of renovation, but it’s a fun place to have a beer and see some girls.

  140. joe

    pretty good be back again

  141. josie

    Bad place

  142. Smacky

    A really nice club if you go knowing what to expect. No, you will not get the full model dancer types in Philly. However, you also will not spend $300 in an hour and wonder where it went. You will spend a lot less here and the attention is much better. This is a very nice friendly corner type bar. The girls are pretty as well.

  143. JOhnny ha ho

    WHEReS HONEY BEEN?? Best girl the place had even if there are cameras no its nice to still see the sckank bags early still getting away with it. HONEY WAS THE BEST !!!!!!!!11

  144. IN
  145. Popped in

    Stopped in and it was slow. Good on a Tuesday because

    there were lots of nice girls needing attention. Raven was

    really hot in her corset. Von Tease was really hot too.

    Overall, the worst was a 7.5.

  146. Norm
  147. Couchman

    Tay Tay is nice in the back as is Lexi who is older but VERY


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