Tattletales Gentleman’s Club



338 Buck Boulevard, White Haven, PA 18661


41.0624461, -75.7741782




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tattletales Gentleman’s Club

  1. Arron

    i’ll be back again soon

  2. Ritzzy

    I’ll be back because the women are gorgeous

  3. Ayb
  4. re customer

    Look out everyone, Dakota’s soon to be ex is going to be, and has already started, writing trash about her on this site and every other strip club’s comments and rating…..


    How does this place have so many reviews? Every girl was either fat, or black. What the hell do you guys mean good looking women? The was nothing but a bunch of routy black guys there bumping into everyone, I was going to hang one of them to teach them how to act in public. I bought one lapdance from this ugly chick and when i had my wallet out SHE REACHED INTO IT AND GRABBED OVER $100 and just stuffed it in her band. Fucking bitch i almost killed her i said fuck you and stoopped the dance. Never going back

  6. The best

    The best place in PA.

  7. Greggor

    This club is amazing. The girls are hot and very friendly. This is the place to be in NEPA. I will be back several times.

  8. Always

    Greedy, hustlers. What ever happened to a quality dance for $20 tip? I would spend a lot more time and money at this place if they could control the green eyed monster in these girls. Even the ones why say they aren’t ruin the dance by trying to negotiate extra $$$ LOL

  9. Mason

    Club is not always busy but the women are busy keeping you happy

  10. Jay-Son

    Quite possibly the biggest waste of a saturday night ever. STRONGLY recommend to avoid….unless your women is cool with you coming home with a rash.

  11. Party Dude
  12. D

    Just got back from the Dome, the bachelor had a great time…Taylor, you are the best, keep on smilin’ and gimme a call.

  13. STEVE

    best spot in pa.

  14. regular

    Dakota is my answer to this club

  15. Jammer

    Best club EVER

  16. Bart

    This place is awesome!

  17. HANK

    No place i would rather be 10++++

  18. re re customer

    Does Dakota even read these boards?She says she does NOT,so therefore your a liar, or is it really DAKOTA that is the liar about everything that spews from her mouth?Either way the club is the best around.

  19. re Ron

    They lose the “good girls” because of the prostitution that goes on here. Good girls, no matter how pretty and sexy, can’t make money by doing what their job is supposed to be, dancing and entertaining.

  20. Krylon
  21. SETH

    great time,beautiful women

  22. Raz

    Wow they say its the best in n.e. PA Sorry for you guys up there.many women who were all tore up…(kids) Not to impressed with the quality of women. some were also missing some teeth. and the lap dances were in a tiny booth with very little room for the girls to work. plus you had to pay for the jukebox song. Not to impressed with this one!

  23. Jerry

    Place is off the hook

  24. Patrons

    will be back again soon

  25. Long Distance Traveler

    Lyric is the best. I travel over an hour to get to this club. I have been there 3 times and each time I have been very satisfied. It is an amazing club. It is well worth the trip and the money. Besides Lyric, most of the other girls are also great. It is more expensive then some clubs, but with most of the dancers, you get your moneys worth.

  26. Randall

    contrary to popular belief, most customers do not like being “solicited” by a dancer. some of us just want a show and some company, not to break the law. sorry guys. clean up your club and I’ll be back. last thing I need is to end up in the papers.

  27. Rocket

    Best club anywhere!!

    Love this place

  28. xkittenx

    Not a couple friendly club..I can’t stress this enough.

    I went out with my boyfriend and 2 of our friends for his first time. He felt like he was going to get robbed and raped. These girls were so pushy it ruined the entire night. Actually following one of my friends to the ATM to grab his money I think is a bit much. The girls are far from friendly.

  29. JED

    Best spot in pa.





  32. long time customer

    this was my favorite club for many years, some of the new dancers are very pushy to get you in the vip rooms cost is 20 per song plus a dollar for the music also many of the dancers ask for a hundred dollar tip per vip dance and lets not forget the 15 dollar cover charge can get expensive for a night out

  33. 69

    Love the dancers and the VIP’s are super!

  34. Ron

    beautiful chicks

  35. Jason

    WOW!! What a place!

  36. cous

    Coming back because this place rox

  37. meanman

    Love it here

  38. Mike C.

    had a pretty good time…need more girls.

  39. Sean

    Best time ever

  40. Luke

    awesome baby,awesome!!

  41. Great Club

    Listen….this club is and always has beeen great. Jealous dancers, fired employees and drama queens are obviously the catalyst for the poor comments….get a life people! I’ve never seen a better selection of girls and great music at any other club in the area.

  42. Jetti

    This club is a 10+ in my book

  43. Carter

    Had the time of my life last night. Great place!

  44. Kitty

    There with my husband and had a great time

  45. Butch

    Best in the tri-state of PA!

  46. Iron Mike

    Love this club, great strippers and great times.

  47. 67

    best in philly!

  48. Hardcore

    The most beautiful woman in Pa. works here.

    Great job Pleasure Dome

  49. Razor

    nothin finer than the dome

  50. visiting again

    Dakota made my night. Spent alot of money but well worth the time,overall nice spot

  51. big d

    one word nasty!!!!

  52. Johnny

    This is a jack shack. Treat ’em good boys. Last night I was smokin’ a fatty and getting my bean waxed by a hot dancer.

  53. Jay

    The club is a 10

  54. A Friend

    Great place>Dakota is a beautiful woman but NO HEART

  55. Jay/Bachelor Party

    I had the BEST time at the Dome on Friday for my buddies bachelor party…..so good, we came back on again on Saturday. Awesome place, great time!!



  57. Ronnie

    Great variety of nice girls who gave some hot vips. Except for a few chubbies who shouldn’t be dancing anywhere and kept bugging for lap dances, I had a great time!

  58. Frankie

    All the skanks work here, never coming back

  59. ght
  60. Re:Eric

    the reason this club is rated so high is because the dj goes on here everyday and rates it all 10’s. i know this from one of the dancers that works there. this club is nothing but a whorehouse. coke whores almost tackle you at the door trying to shove their hand down your pants to drag you into the vip before you even get the chance to open a beer. most of the girls are overweight, untalented, and nothing but 3rd rate prostitutes. if all u want is some disease infested tramp to suck you off or fuck you in the vip, then this club is for you..if looking for a good night out drinking and watching hot girls dance on stage, then i recommend you go somewhere else

  61. LJ

    girls are very HOT

  62. ?????

    Great place to spend a saturday night.

    love this place

  63. Ken

    Best club in Pa.

  64. oz


  65. Gary

    great club

  66. Jeff

    Awesome club,love the girls

  67. Tim

    Babes here are off the hook

  68. Dive

    this place is a shithole dive. nothing but a shitty whorehouse..get some real dancers and send your prostitutes back out on the streets where they belong

  69. Smoke

    Dancers are beautiful and friendly

  70. PETE


  71. tech

    theres some honest girls that make a honest buck the right way without whoring them selves out. those are the girls i like. they have self respect

  72. dale

    this club is filled with std infected whores!

  73. Earl

    Love it at the Dome

  74. new customer

    I was at the club for the first time last nite. It was ok, but nothing great. There were a few very hot dancers who gave good lap dances, but wanted mega buck tips for vips. And there were a bunch of real chubbies who shouldn’t even been dancing. And some girls were just plain boring, expected a tip for a lap dance that lasted 2 seconds. Not a fun place from what I saw.

  75. Teacher

    One word — whorehouse.

  76. Zack

    There was only two good looking girls and the worst DJ I ever heard in my life

  77. Zeke

    dancers are the best

  78. kingant001

    kicks ass

  79. Sweet

    Overall best club around #1

  80. club man

    best club around

  81. StripClubFan

    On a weekday night the girls outnumbered the customers. Most

    of the girls were good looking. They all put on a decent show.

    Only one dancer was overweight & out of shape. The private

    dances (at least the one I had) are topless – not all nude. I

    will return next time I’m in the area.

  82. Craig

    Nothing but the best to say about this club.

    Women too choose of all types.

    Sexy hot girls!

  83. jj

    NOT the place it use to be..needs a major overhaul..girls and staff

  84. chuck

    this club sucks and needs a make over big time

  85. ALEX


  86. no name

    i think your club is dirty and the dancers look like you got them from the fat farm

  87. jo

    the best….

  88. Should Be

    club 10 because they have at least one 10 here not like that club 10 in wilkes barre

  89. CJ
  90. Steth

    keeps me wanting more

  91. Jorge

    Only thing bad here is you can not understand the DJ

  92. never

    2 words..whore house

  93. ned

    fat nasty pigs! place is a zero.

  94. krazywhitenigga

    The dome rulez man, girls are hot, atmosphere is great, but there are some rip offs VERONICA do not go in the back with her. thank you nicole and phoenix, i won’t forget you while i’m in iraq fighting so you can dance!

  95. Jeth

    Awesome women,love this place

  96. Benjamin

    This club is my favorite. I love looking at the beautiful women.

  97. Arnold

    The girls keep you wanting more,they are HOT

  98. Dman

    Was in the Dome last Wed for several hours visiting. Eric the bouncer was drunk as usual trying to manhandle all the girls. Sammy the manager was sleeping at the bar or yelling at people. The DJ played some of the most depressing music ever….wanted to slit my wrists. The girls were all frowning and just sitting around complaining that they weren’t making money. Except for the one chick caught in the back shining a customers knob with her pie hole. Its the only time I saw Sammy break away from the TV the whole time I was there…except to sleep of course. BTW what happened to all the good looking chicks. I agree with the guys comments that Stashia and Charlie are about it for this place. Let the other dogs go please! Way too much drama for me. I’ll be spending next year in another club.

  99. Tyrone

    The sisters were hot! Lots of goodlookin funky babes who gave good vipz for the right tip. But also some nasty bitches who just wanted you to pay, but not play. To them, get your act together if you want to play in the big league

  100. Ed

    the best time!

  101. john B
  102. peachy

    ugly people

  103. George

    Best place in pa.

  104. RJ

    women make this place the best

  105. TRTR
  106. customer from last night

    Dakota go work somewhere else,you are to classy and beautiful for this place. had a good time because of her!

    Great woman!

  107. ???

    God Bless America,Dakota did it for me!

  108. Jasdo

    Great music,lights are excellent and the women are gorgeous

  109. Josh

    Great time! sexy girls

  110. GREGG

    nice place,women are friendly and beautiful

  111. Love the dome

    This place is GREAT!!

  112. Bachelor Ed

    Very happy my friends took me here for my bachelor party! Great choice guys!

  113. memories

    hey remember Ashley? that girl could suck a dong

  114. shaun

    awesome club

  115. ok

    ok club

  116. Ronald

    Girls are nice and the place is great!

  117. Jewel
  118. new guy

    Your new girls are beautiful…such ans assortment of great looks and talent. And they are soooooooo friendly! Silky is such a hot new babe. We had a great time. Dancers like her make you outclass the other stale clubs!

  119. DD

    Club is Hot and so are the women

  120. Gene

    The place is simply the best in PA.

  121. Mek

    Love the DOME

  122. Larry

    All around best club

  123. krazywhiteboy

    Excellent club. Everyone loves the Dome. The private room treatment rivals anyplace anywhere. Thanks Fantasy, Nicole, and Taylor. Our boy was given a great send off to Iraq this week. The dome came thru, as always !

  124. Vorg
  125. wanker

    I went here this last weekend and these girls are pretty shameless. No class. The one girl I kept getting dances from told me how she escorts and handed me her number. Wow like I really want to go out with u aids infested ass now. Maybe if u didn’t prostitute urself to everyone. Not only that there were girls that were so wasted, drunk high, I don’t even know, that they couldn’t walk straight, let alone give a dance. And no u can’t get a dance from me if I just watched u get fingerbanged by some dude, slut. If u let that guy do it how many others did it to u and how far have u gone with other dudes. Eww totally disgusting, the management needs to do something about this classless place.

  126. not happy


  127. Bobby

    Sat nite was great. A group of us were in from 8 to 11 and had a blast. So many hot dancers to choose from! My only suggestion, is that many heavier dancers were on early, and the hottest ones came in about 9:00. Can you get some hotties in earlier too? But overall, the Dome is the best club i’ve been to in a long time!

  128. DRAKE

    wow what a crazy club,off the hook,totally awesome

  129. Nathan

    The girls are sext and there are alot of them

  130. dick


  131. bobbie

    This club is going to hell. They need to clean the dome up big time

  132. LMAO

    this club is disgusting!!!! anyone who thinks its the best must seriously be desperate for some pussy!!! the girls are nasty as f*ck and there fat slutty pigs…ewww!!!!!!

  133. Eddde

    What a great place

  134. Will

    Best time of my life

  135. Frank

    No Place Better,Love it here

  136. re Jorge

    I used to dance here and have tried other local clubs and Stefan, the DJ here at the Dome, is by far the best DJ in the area. He is French and that may be why you have difficulty understanding him, but all in all, he is the BEST!!

  137. Jake

    Sexy,Sexy girls

  138. krazyblacknigger

    The dome is awesome man, what a time, Nicole you are the best, very friendly dancers and you get value for your money except for a few of them. Veronica has to go, but I saw her hook a few suckers Friday night, I’m sure they dumped a hundred bucks in the back since she either tells everyone she will rape them or make them cum. What a liar.

  139. pegleg

    I went here this last weekend and these girls are pretty shameless. No class. The one girl I kept getting dances from told me how she escorts and handed me her number. Wow like I really want to go out with u aids infested ass now. Maybe if u didn’t prostitute urself to everyone. Not only that there were girls that were so wasted, drunk high, I don’t even know, that they couldn’t walk straight, let alone give a dance. And no u can’t get a dance from me if I just watched u get fingerbanged by some dude, slut. If u let that guy do it how many others did it to u and how far have u gone with other dudes. Eww totally disgusting, the management needs to do something about this classless place.

  140. V

    Sexy Dakota works here,enough said!

  141. tommy lee

    SUCKED just like the hos working

  142. T dog

    i won’t go anywhere else cause i love the dome

  143. big boy

    nice club friendly staff.does n e 1 kno when is ava working again . shes hot

  144. N.Y FINEST


  145. Patron

    Club rocks!!!

  146. new customers

    A group of us came to the Dome for the first time last night and it was the best! We’ve tried some of the other clubs in the area, but you have the best variety of dancers, all very hot & friendly. We’ll be back!

  147. get the old girls back

    i fully agree with you private guy , man this club is turing into a dump quickly last year or a year ago they had better dances ones who welcomed you and let you have a minute to breath. granit some did annoy you and want you to go in the back but the ones who made you feel like you belong there made up for it. i agree with the whole get the old girls back you might think your doing good or doing bad because of the economy but you will do better if you being them back. you think you would know how to run a bussiness your old girls at lest got you dances. you have all these new girls who sit on there ass and do nothing but drink and gossip i thought you were running a club also to make money? i htink you would have the girls there who get you some dances not the ones who dont.you have all these alcoholic girls and drugs arnt you going to do anything about that? i agree with you guy its a piss hole. fix the club or get rid of it stop being so worried about your selves and do what your supposed to do when you run a bussiness worry about your customers for once! arnt you running a bussiness to make money and make us happy well i doubt your not making any money and i know for shure your not making us happy. prices for soda 3.00? i can go by a case for about that. everyones yelling at everyone girls are talking rediculously about each other ever sence you have all the new girls i remeber about 2 years ago 1 year ago or so the club wasnt bad but now im sorry to say fix it or get rid of it! i know i will not be coming back and im shrue alot of other people wont be coming there again. when i hear you got the regular girls back when i know girls arnt bitching about each other and when the tips are back down i think i will but your rediculous good luck w.your bussiness it wont last long

  148. Sarah

    Took my boyfriend for a fun night, Turned out not to be that great, Scanky girls. go elsewhere

  149. Rex

    Hot Women!!

  150. halflife

    Was in the Dome this weekend. Couldnt believe how poorly the place was being run. Completely disorganized and chaos. Girls were just sitting around. Lots of customers yet only one of three stages was going. I was there for a little over an hour and I must have heard the same song three times.

  151. Dome fan

    Great club… been going there for years… girls are amazing… especially Fantasy and Lucky

  152. EL

    Great place to hang out at

  153. Damon

    Hot girls! sexy dancers! love it!

  154. Old timer

    What happened to Dakota? The most beutiful woman there? Where is she? Where do i find her?

  155. John C.

    fair…some hot girls

  156. Agree

    I agree this club is going down hill and fast.

  157. Paul

    hot chicks

  158. dancer

    you guys are all nuts mckenzie is definatly the hottest girl at the dome

  159. Franko

    This club is the best hands down! I go to a club to see whores and here you get plenty of that! If I wanted integrity, and morals I would stay home with my wife. How can anyone complain about some chick grabing their cock??? By the way…WHERE THE HELL HAS FANTASY BEEN??? I MISS SEEING HER DRUNK ASS!!! SHE’S THE BEST!!!

  160. Kent

    Awesome club>sexy hot women abound

  161. Dog


  162. Zoomer

    This is a 10+ for any thing you can think of

  163. Monty

    What a great time! Girls are fantastic

  164. first timer

    Had a super time there last weekend. Met a dancer named Madison who was so hot and friendly. And there were so many other cute dancers….unbelievable!

  165. Sea

    Best club this side of the globe

  166. Bill McKeys
  167. Ryan

    Luve this place

  168. danny

    Great time>great place!

  169. NIK
  170. BD
  171. kevin

    If airborne AIDS was possible this would be the place to contract it!

    Dancers were either crackwhores 89lbs soaking wet or in the 150+ club.

  172. Lenny

    best club in PA.

  173. BOB

    great club

  174. Harry

    Love the DOME

  175. the bachelor

    One of the best nights of my life! Special thanks to “Bella”, call me anytime. I was told going to this place would change the way I think about clubs. It did. As often as possible, it does a man good to get ridden hard and put away wet. God Bless the pleasure dome.

  176. Gregory

    Nothing “Pleasurable” about this place!

  177. PAYTON


  178. Kyle

    I’ll come back because the women are so hot

  179. friend

    Yes serenity is beautiful and love her smile when she shows it.Love the dome!

  180. re best club

    what are you a retard. best club in PA. wow you really need to get out. I can name 5 right around them that are better. let alone in philly or pittsburgh.

    what a jerk off

  181. Leon

    The girls for the most part are really great.Been there 2 times and will be going back soon.The only problem was telling everyone there was a raffel to be held for a 1/2 hr in the Champagne room . I paid for my tickets and the raffel was cancled. I did get my money back but I was disapointed they cancled it. The owner was running around like chicken with his head cut off. He looked like he was nuts. but overall it is a great place. But watch out for sammy and the bouncer/manager/door man. their watching you


  182. Jarad Renninger

    went again the next with with a few friends they told me to get a vip dance. there so so so sweet but too fucking short that is what pissed me off. other then that the women are so nice. This has been the best strip club i have ever been too u guys need to check this place out!

  183. customers from a time ago

    Our reason to come back. Dakota charms us once again. The star comes home.

  184. Denny

    love it at the dome

  185. Randy
  186. MR.P


  187. re: pegleg

    The ladies here provide… a sexual fantasy! Of course, with limitations… Dude (or Dudette or whomever you are) get a life! Its sickening to read some of the self-righteous comments some these Nerds make (sheeeesh)! Shameless, no class… you say? I mean, (honestly) who goes to a strip club and wonders if the dancers are classy or shameless? You’re tippin’ ($’s) & trippin’, while you watch her parade her cooch in your face! Not only that, you got a few lappers from one. I wonder how much class do YOU have? Nevermind, don’t answer that (lol)… I bet that you’re probably the same person that looks at pornos & thinks, “Wow! She would make a GREAT babysitter, minus the cock in her mouth (lol)!” I mean, nobody rents a porno for that… You know what I mean? Bottom line: Don’t go to a strip club, if you don’t expect to see the unexpected hardcore action (from a few select dancers)… Granted, drunk strippers aren’t cool; but, “Who REALLY gives a fuck?!” Alcohol is served & supplied for the customers & the girls. And, not only that, it’s (suppose to be) a live party w/naked chicks. What do you expect? For future reference: Stay at home, rent a porno or two and… spank! If that bothers YOU, soooo much (don’t piss on everybody else’s fire)… Rent a porno, it’s safe and disease-free too (lol), you Moron! OH, my bad! You have a pegleg = limp dick… No wonder you’re… nevermind. Good luck wit dat!

  188. happy guys

    Anyone who was to the Dome Sat. night knows it is the BEST around! There had to be about 30 dancers there, from mature, classy ladies to young, hot dancers. Such a great vaiety…something for everyone! It is so far beyond what any other club has to offer. Filled with happy guys and sexy dancers….so much fun! The truth from a customer!

  189. ALLEN

    Best club on the coast

  190. Jared

    I’m from out of the area and just visited the Dome. I found the best quality and variety when it comes to their dancers! The Dome is miles above other clubs…there’s something for everyone! The atmosphere is great and the dancers are so nice and friendly! I’ll be back!

  191. Ted

    The ladies are the hottest around! A great variety of gorgeous dancers…something for everyone. Never dull….always a blast! Will be back soon.

  192. Gino

    The Dome is the hottest club in the area by far. All class and no trash! Just good looking ladies who are looking for fun. No rejects or money grubbers. Something for everyone, and they love to play. The Dome rocks!

  193. i agree


  194. spanky

    I just love those country sluts…

  195. John T.

    Hottest spot i have ever been in

  196. MARK

    girls are fantastic

  197. visitor

    Sexy,Hot,Beautiful women!

  198. Keneth

    The girls at the dome are the hottest women anywhere

  199. Dave

    Been there recently and love it

  200. Gman


  201. striker

    best all around everything and i mean everything

  202. Pleasure

    and thats what it is at the DOME

  203. Sucks

    Club sucks, rip off!

  204. Re: Fantasy

    Fantasy is the hottest mature dancer around, and you’re lucky to have her. She know’s how to relate to guys, and is so sexy and confident! She doesn’t try to delete comments that customers make that she doesn’t agree with, like some insecure, mature dancers. She is the best…like the DOME!

  205. very satisfied customers

    A group of us were at the Dome Monday night and Lyric, Pandora & Janine were DYNAMITE! What amazing dancers!! Who are these “authorities” that keep posting phony rumors about air borne aids? Are they old dancers who are jealous of your club’s success? Your club is so far above them all!

  206. Disappointed

    Very few nice dancers, most just try to drag you in the back wanting a big tip up front and if you say no they actually yell and call you a cheap bastard. Not a very friendly atmosphere at all as far as 90% of the dancers go. Get some better girls or close the doors


    We all will be back again. LOVE THE PLACE!

  208. T.K.


  209. satisfied customer

    The Dome is the BEST around! Such a variety of hot, friendly women. Young, mature, cute, and gorgeous! Some great VIP’s with ladies who like to have fun. This is the place to go for a great time!

  210. Boner

    Why do you think this club is rated so high. Its because the girls meet you at the door with the price of the day. This much for a jerk, this much for a blow and this much “to sit on it.” Hell over the last several months I’ve been jerked by damn near every chick in the joint, had blows from half and even did the deed with five of them. Dude, all you have to do is look at the curtains in the VIP area to see the stains where girls have wiped their hands, faces and whatever else off. I learned one thing fast, if a girl is in the Dome she’s willing to do it for a price. And the price is cheaper than most dates I’ve had to pay for. I would like to see some new talent in their though as the current stable of girls are beginning to look like they’ve been rode hard and put up wet.


    Had a great time here

  212. billy

    Uggh! Ugly dancers and fat chicks not my type of place

  213. Jason B.

    Best Club, Best Girls, Best atmosphere…They will even pick you up! What club does that..Only the Pleasure Dome.


  214. Your regular

    Hey Dakota thanks again for the torture! It is so hard to refuse doing a dance with such a beautiful classy woman but the no touching is alot of torture. But i am coming back for more on Saturday cause i love everything you stand for.

    Even all the rules you give before the actual torture begins. Love ya!!

  215. Hell No


  216. Wally

    Had the time of my life

  217. Sam I am

    what a surprise,Stefan the DJ goes on everyday and rates the club all 10’s instead of an honest rating by the customers. It’s like everything else in this place; smoke and mirrors. Just a cover for the owners escort service. As the the comments about the club and the local chief of police. Police need love too. And if you saw what an ugly overweight person he is, you would understand why he has to buy his “love”, or get it as a payoff. I honestly used to have fun at this place but you have to be really careful in here now. Everyone has an attitude management, bouncer/janitors, girls. Horribly mismanaged. Its a real shame. This could be the premier club in the area. I guess it is if all you want is a quick blow or something more and don’t mind paying for it. Even the girls will tell you its nothing more than a whorehouse. So if she’s in there guys, she has a price. Go for it!

  218. Bub

    super time

  219. Frank S.

    I cornholed a dancer in the restroom at her request—it was her period. She was a tight fit. My cock has some weird bumps on it today—I should have wrapped it up.

  220. one word


  221. Justin


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    Cialis delivered fedex

  223. Oats

    I love the aggresiveness of the girls!

  224. padre

    Place is really going down hill fast! Owners, managers, bouncers more concerned with bedding the dancers than doing their jobs! So much drama in this place its unreal. Make no mistake its not a gentlemens club, its a whorehouse. If you’re looking for something more, you will get it at the Dome. Fights are daily. Drugs are everywhere. Saw the local chief of police in their recently chasing the girls. Funny! So no threat by the law in this place!

  225. Rich

    love it>>love it>>>love it

  226. star

    i love the dome

  227. Ben

    Hot women abound

  228. the back

    excellent experience if you know which dancers work the back the best. takes some time to develop a plan but once you know who is the best, the back is where you’ll live. awesome friendly girls. we will be back.

  229. pleaser

    pleasure is what i got here>>my love is here at the dome

  230. Keith

    Best club in PA.

  231. john bleue

    Best vip!!

  232. MJ
  233. customer

    Lap Dance Heaven

  234. Scott
  235. Tyler

    Love it at the Dome

  236. freddy


  237. DON

    Girls >>sexy and HOT

  238. CARL

    Women are sexy and HOT

  239. Tom

    Great atmosphere and mind-blowing intense VIP treatment. I’m still trying to come back to earth from the experience. Theres no place like the Pleasure Dome. Forget the rest, you have arrived !

  240. regular customer

    The Dome has Dakota>SEXY + Beautiful!! 10+

  241. Me

    Awesome club!

  242. really

    gone to hell

  243. Sam

    This place is the best!

  244. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  245. Vince

    The best club around! So many hot dancers to choose from! Young or mature, and so many flavors…mmmmmmm….real friendly and love to party.

  246. Ricky

    The club is going down hill. The girls aren’t very hot, and they ask for huge tips before vips. Some new girls are needed before I’m going to return.

  247. David U.

    Classy yet fun!

  248. Et

    love the dome and the women in it

  249. Clark

    a 10 for this club

  250. Jimmy

    Definitely the hottest club in the area with the best variety of sharp dancers! No competition for miles!

  251. stanley

    Not 2 busy last night, but loved what I saw…girls r a lot of fun.

  252. Porky's


  253. E.Train

    Girls are real HOT HOT HOT!!!

  254. Ray

    Best visit last weekend. That was because Ashton showed me a great time. She was hot with her lapdances on the floor, and gave me the best VIP ever! But plz get rid of the glitter! That’s a no-no! But her boobs are sooooooo great!

    When is she there again? Cause I’ll be there too!

  255. patron671
  256. partier

    best in pa.

  257. joseph
  258. stan the man

    this club is better than any i have ever been in>10+++

  259. KARL

    Best club in PA.

  260. yuck

    this club is gross-old fat nasty crosseyed leatherfaced handob pigs.shut it down.

  261. Johnathan

    Great club,sexy girls,beautiful women

    I’ll be back!

  262. J.J.

    Mix of all races,sizes,shapes,great p[lace to be.

  263. Biddy

    can’t say enough good things about this club>>awesome >>>

  264. John from Cincinnati

    I worked at this place for a little while.. all the girls blow coke and smoke weed in the dressing room like its their job. You got pregnant bitches and fat asses working there plus every girl is sucking cock for ten bucks. This place has a bunch of ugly ass females who look like fucking transvestites. The only good people there are the bartenders and waitresses.

  265. New York visitor

    The best selection of dancers I’ve seen in a long time! Over 30 hot ladies, all so friendly and ready to party. My first time, but not my last! Thanks for a great time!

  266. Steven

    This club just keeps going down hill the weekender add should read home to 30 girls and 1 pretty one

  267. Smitty

    I love this place!!

  268. Eugene

    the lap dances are worth more than a buck

  269. STSS
  270. Nonya

    This place is starting to not be worth the time. Poorly run. Girls have bad attitudes. Not a place to relax and have fun.

  271. Joe

    Best Lap Dances in PA!

  272. meat head


  273. whats going on here?

    whats going on . i used to be a faithfull customer recently not so much i would rather go up gold dust better atmosphee guys go up there! whats going on to the dome!?! wheres johnny? whose running this joint? hes to busy with his girl friend i guess he is to busy with the new one hes got. must be nice , this club has turned into a hell hole the girls are constantly drama, money hungry asking for 100’s 80 $$$ tipsthis year it sucked so many girls are complaing about other girls to customers most are in the dressing room getting drunk or sitting at the bar. last year was great i miss the old girls the ones who were nice and had a piece of mind. like bianca,holly,mckenzi,brandi you dont even see at all anymore, leeann,crystal,sweetz,italia,janine,sosha,lana,apple,the real girls i know some are still there but they should keep all of them there ,get your girls back! those girls got personality and actually talk to the customer and make us feel at home. get your real girls back keep them ever sence you got new girls its been nothing but drama less buss and your going down hill, you got more druggies up there now, girls who are nothing but a waste of time seriously someone find jonhnney tell him to get his shit and girls togeather get the hold team back slice and dice the new girls welll someone needs to help this clubs or well its time to close the doors

  274. sax
  275. John

    This dancer gave my dome some pleasure the last time I was here. It cost me $500 bux though. I didn’t see any Vice here in case you are wondering. I know ’em all because I am LEO myself.

  276. petey

    no other club has what the dome has,just a nice place

  277. Aaron

    The girls are the best around

  278. Vecto
  279. David

    No place like it anywhere,great place

  280. xman

    saturdays at the dome are smashin

  281. Lucas

    Love the ladies, esp that Frenchie! So hot and such great vips! She is a doll!

  282. William

    Girls are beautiful

  283. shut down

    was there not to long ago club sucks girls are half asleep they can care less about the customers i was a dedicated customer with my buddy we have been going there for years about one two years ago the club was doing great they got rid of half there girls for what reason i dont know but they messed it up all these new girls are lazy sit on there asses bitchy and annoying to pushy. you should have kept the club how it was. at lest the old girls wornt drug bags. do your self a favor clean house. i vote get some of ur old girls back from a few years ago. who agrees? at lest it was normal then you can at lest somewhat come in with people and sit.

  284. dissappointed

    These girls ae old and ugly and crossed eye drug addicts. The staff is rude and money hungry.

  285. Miles Long

    at the risk of sounding mean, this place needs to seriously institute a weight limit on it’s dancers. Was there on a sat. night and close to half the dancers were pushin 200+ lbs. I can see that at the all you can eat buffet. The dancers should mingle more instead of parking themselves in one spot all night, it hurts the club image.

  286. Tony

    girls are beautiful

  287. race fan

    Last weekend was great!Girl in the red racer outfit named Dakota is the Hottest girl around! Gotta see her!

  288. Rick

    what a great time

  289. Ron J.

    Don’t get a VIP with the girl named Veronica. She’ll reach in your wallet and steal your money.

  290. Player

    This place is awesome

  291. RG

    love this place

  292. Booskie
  293. hopper

    I don’t do drugs..so I will not go hand my money out here 2 a herion addict where she will go get drugs. That makes sense. I will donate money 2 the poor unfortunate strippers in the buis. who are deformed or disfigured-(jeaneen).

  294. Red

    Gorgeous women

  295. GOOD OLE BOY ?


  296. Simon

    I say this club is a number one! 10++++

  297. Clem

    Dull, dull, dull. Since Johnnie hasn’t been there, all the girls do is sit in the dressing room or at the bar and sleep. Few lap dances and no vips. It’s like being in a morgue. How is this club staying open with these dancers tuning away guys? The mamagement better get them moving cause other area clubs are passing out the Dome.

  298. jim
  299. jessie
  300. wanting more

    I’m in love with the strippers in this club.

    Way to go Johnny.

  301. Charles

    The fat girls have seemed to dissapear from this place making it a better club

  302. dipset

    fucking expensive place very pushy bitches that dont deliver. watch out 4 the fattest 1 shes a real fucking winner…of a pig judgeing contest. crystal is the shit. this place is ok but 2 expensive all the chicks want tips and fuck that bitch.

  303. Zemo

    Too many overweights dancing. Where are the sharp babes that the Dome used to have? There’s 1 goodlooking dancer for every 5 chubbies. Not as stimulating as it used to be. Please look for some new hot hunnies!

  304. Curly

    Why does the music have to be so loud? I wanted to have a conversation with one of the gals but that was almost impossible. She was alright looking but if she would have been at least a 6 or 7 I would have stayed. Will be back when the misic is not so loud.

  305. greg

    Club suxs

  306. shorty

    Wow what a club!! The women are HOT!!

  307. female


  308. Dean

    The women here are everything you want>>OH YEA!!

  309. BIG FAN


  310. Brian

    Best club in pa.

  311. Beer guy

    DJ “Frankie ” plays the wost music. Sounds like he has a dick in his throat. One of the dancers said he sleeps with all the dancers in the club and that his nickname was “dirty dick” how does the management let him work here. He apperently tells strippers he will get them fired if they dont suck his dick. I told the girl they should go to the police.

  312. wasted time

    it was such a waste of time and money. i ended up leaving after 30 mins. i couldn’t stand all the dick grabbing that those girls do. def. not a club to chill and relax to have a good time

  313. eric

    clearly the best club

  314. Oh YEA!!!

    Yummy,Yummy Yummy!

    Dakota I love YOU!

  315. skanks

    Nasty!!!who wants to walk into a place and have a smut grab their package to try and get you in the back?

  316. Len

    Thursday night was jumpin! So many hot dancers who loved to party! Had a bunch of vips and played til 2:00. This is the wildest club I’ve been to in NE PA. The best ever!!!

  317. 1st timer

    WOW!>>HOT WOMEN everywhere

  318. Shane

    This place is the Best!

  319. Mike

    Great time! A few of the prettiest girls ever.

  320. regular guy
  321. Jordan

    I have worked n left b/cuz I thought it was going 2 get raided 4 drugs n prostitution n 4 men being able 2 take advantage of senior citizen dancers. Place is dirty..n there is someone from here obsessed w/me..HELP!!

  322. dome lover

    Best place in Pa.

    Best everything to offer.

  323. Fitzwell
  324. J.B.

    Nothing Beats The Dome

  325. T.W.

    Simply the best place in the U.S.A.

  326. Benny

    love it here

  327. JohnDoe

    No good club.Never felt so violated.I’d rather give my $ 2 charity then allow these women 2 have it. Staff treated me like a piece of meat.

  328. Loyal customer

    Still the best club in NE PA for overall variety of girls and an overall fun time… especially Fantasey… great VIP’s and I highly recommend her

  329. Well

    So so,,not worth a long drive. Not that great

  330. tj


  331. b0b
  332. Boomer

    Good club to visit regularly.

  333. Occasional

    Best Club I’ve found in PA.

  334. Samuel

    a very good club

  335. JP

    Club is awesome

  336. dan

    very nice club to go to.

  337. Michael

    There are a few gorgeous dancers here and the place is nice

  338. DJ SeeMore

    Dj can work stage lites computer but can’t DJ to save his

    life.Worst BYOB DJ ever heard.

  339. no fun

    Nothing clean about this place or the dancers.

  340. fine

    This is one fine club!

  341. Eddie

    Love the dome

  342. Bill

    Club Sucks

  343. BV

    best place in PA

  344. Hilarious Mr. DJ

    Its so funny that the club DJ keeps coming on a customer site trying to pump up the numbers for the club. NOTE TO PLEASURE DOME: Do a better job managing this place and you won’t have to fake your ratings. As for the broke ass customers……you let them in the door dumb ass!

  345. Fred

    Love the girls and the atmosphere!

  346. Perfect 10

    Great club!! The girls are sooooo HOT!!

  347. Matt

    Best club on the Planet

  348. traveler415

    Stopped by the club while on business in Scranton. Overall I was impressed, some of the girls are just business, but there are a few who are very friendly and entertaining. I would recommend.

  349. EDWARD

    V.I.P.’s are the best in the world

  350. Bird

    Best club in Pa.

  351. I'll be back

    The weekender girl Dakota is all that>she is Gorgeous

  352. Stan

    awesome man awesome

  353. ElGY

    great time!!!

  354. Lisa

    Went with my husband and had a great time,lots of womnen to choose from

  355. Clint

    Stopped in Fri nite and the place was bare. The dancers were hustling the few customers really hard. Few dancers were giving nice lap dances, and most just asked for VIP’s w/ $100 tips, and if you didn’t go, they got angry. The place lost has lost its friendly girls & relaxing atmosphere. No smiles and cuddles, just hard, nasty business. With so many clubs nearby, it was better to go elsewhere & have some fun.

  356. Not fans

    We will never come back here again.

  357. Reggie

    For a Friday night it was really weak. Very slow. The dancers were boring and didn’t spend much time on the floor. After being on stage, most disappeared and went into the dressing room. Those who worked the floor only approached you if you would do a quick vip. Where are the hot friendly ladies who used to make the Dome such a hot friendly place?

  358. Jon


  359. Chet

    Best club in PA.

  360. crazy L

    i’ll keep coming back for more,love it here

  361. Boldy

    Love the bold women at the dome!!!!!!!

  362. 3 shirts

    Faith is amazing love her…

  363. re dissapointed

    The cross eyed girl named janine does not work there anymore, Not all girls are on drugs and whores. Don’t get me wrong,there are whores there but Not all. I like the place and will continue to patronize the Pleasure Dome but with only the beautiful women and the ones that are NOT whores. Malibu is gone now also,so that takes care of another drugged up whore. Had a great time on Saturday with my friends and the women i chose to be with. Its simple,come and pickmyour woman and what you want. If you want a whore thenget one,if you want a dancer then you can get one. The club is great!!

  364. chris

    why come to this place the dancers will grab your cock to get you to do a vip and then they will do extras for any price… not my type of place.

  365. Sammy

    The best club in N.E PA! The hottest dancers who love to party! And such a great variety of ladies…something for everyone… with so much class! The best VIP’s in the area…over 30 dancers who have so much to offer! I’ll def be back….don’t change a thing!!!

  366. Kieth

    Loved it

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