Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club



2740 South Front Street #3, Philadelphia, PA 19148


39.9126978, -75.1512909




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Located just minutes from the Philadelphia sports stadiums, Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club brings you the area’s most beautiful women dancing on 5 stages, set to the hottest music our DJ can throw at you.
As soon as you arrive you’ll feel the energy of the Cheerleaders experience. Find your spot at our full-service bar, surrounding 4 of our feature stages, or pick a table near our main stage. If you’re joining us as a group, or for a special occasion, call ahead (215-467-1980) and reserve a private booth and party package. Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club offers a variety of services and packages for any occasion.
Open 7 days a week, Noon til 2am, Cheerleaders offers on-premises free parking and a full menu with daily drink and food specials. A smoker friendly Gentlemen’s Club, Cheerleaders also features a premium selection of cigars. Come enjoy our 12 HD Plasma screens offering non-stop Philly and national sports action and unwind in one of our VIP Rooms accompanied by the most beautiful women in the area.


Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





418 reviews for “Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Tad Steel Tad Steel


  2. Luciano

    The average cost of the VIP in southern Jersey is $125 for 15 minutes; $225 for 30 minutes. The stripper gets $75 for the 15 minute room; and $100 for the 30 minute room. I may tip the stripper $100 for BBBJ or $200 for sex. Therefore, my total out of pocket cost is between $225 for BBBJ and $325 for sex. I usually opt for the 15 minute room because the stripper has maximum return, instead of the club. The stripper walks away with $175 for BBBJ, and $275 for sex for 15 minutes. I can realistically afford this rate without buyers remorse. This allows me to continue to play in the stripper lodge at least once a week. Is this too much or too little. Most of them seem to jump at my tip. Am I paying too much, too little or just right.

    My philosophy is not to pay the stripper more than $300. I can get a beautiful escort in NJ for one hour for $300. Even with the $300, the escort will probably pay her handler $100 or pay for the room in the three star hotel.

    I would like the opinion of the group regarding average payments for BBBJ and Sex, including the cost of the VIP room.

  3. Jody
  4. Tia

    She won! Great job Tia!

  5. Artie
  6. Ross

    Third best place in Philly, which isn’t saying much. Wouldn’t even be in the top 10 in NYC

  7. Oliver
  8. Afternooner

    Best in Philly, hands down. Most attractive, fun dancers in the city during the afternoon. Also, most liberal, amazing LD’s for the money.

  9. Feisal
  10. Dave

    Not what it once was but not bad either. Too many unattractive, lousy personality, puchy dancers, but stiil enough good ones too.

  11. Antonio
  12. the girls rock

    the girls at cheerleaders rock as usual. If you can’t hve a good time here, then you are a just a loser. Treat the girls right and they were treat you better

  13. harry potter

    the only person that would give this club a bad rating would be the other clubs.

  14. Amy
  15. Erik
  16. crazy ho

    crazy ho closed now i cum here. Your girls are hot no need for me to go back to dick’s place if the ever open.

  17. Nat
  18. Xavier
  19. Sid
  20. RX7

    nice place, i was actually surprised, one of the nicest ones around these days

  21. Mihir
  22. Carlo
  23. RJ

    Daytime is the right time yo get your knob hobbed, anything goes dyring the day.

  24. Sabu

    Lame place anymore. Don’t even bother going in the summer. It’s halfway decent after a Flyers game, greater number of attractive dancers and with the bigger crowd you don’t get hit up for tip every 30 seconds. Any other time, don’t even bother.

  25. KJuicy
  26. Chad
  27. n
  28. Cliff
  29. Frank

    this is one of the best strip clubs in Philadelphia the dancers are top notch.

  30. Ronaldo
  31. David

    Very classy

  32. Rob

    There are a handful of attractive, fun girls, but the unattractive, pushy dancers with piss poor attitudes spoil the overall atmosphere.

  33. average joe

    These girls don’t look anything like the cheerleaders from my high school or my fantasies.

  34. Don
  35. Andre
  36. Tony

    Was here a couple times before they went topless and wasn’t impressed. Now it’s completely turned around and is fantastic. Had a great time with a few hot women until I got so drunk I had to leave. Staff is helpful and will call you a cab or uber if needed.

  37. Longtime Patron

    I have been coming to cheerleaders for over 7 years, and I have enjoyed many of the improvements, (well not the funny money, everyone hates that, hit an atm first) and have to say that this is by far my favorate establishment to spend my money. Be kind to the girls and you will have quite an excellent experience!

  38. z
  39. Munky
  40. Shawn
  41. Alavarez
  42. player

    lot of shady stuff in bubble lounge…..OH YEAH!

  43. Got it wrong

    Cheerleaders had 500 ratings on here in a short period of time during which the numerical rating dropped dramatically, but there were only a few actual written comments and they were largely positive. Sounds more like the competition was afraid of the truth getting out about a really a good club like CL.

  44. Amare
  45. Bill

    Ugly, pushy girls overwhelm the good ones

  46. yanny
  47. Sean

    Reviews talking about other clubs are written by employees of other clubs. I’ve been going to clubs of over 20 years. This club is the best within the city in virtually every category.

    I do go more to a couple other jesey clubs myself at this time but I won’t name them as I’m not trying to promote anything like most of these fake commenters are. This is easily the best club in philly for laps, variety of dancers, food even. Traditionally tops in girl quality too and that is where they have ruled for about 10 years now.

    Except for maybe Oasis, go nowhere else in the city.

  48. barry
  49. Rien
  50. marky

    happening place these girls are hot

  51. karl
  52. M
  53. Bee

    Good club

  54. john

    great club- if topless would be better

  55. Paul
  56. Hubert
  57. Ali
  58. Quinn
  59. Chris
  60. Tony
  61. Damaso
  62. COLLIN
  63. J
  64. Shannon
  65. Zeus

    Shame they cleaned house. Last spring was the best. Most of the girls hear where freakin whores and loved to get f’d after work. Now all the chics are alot younger. Give them credit for getting rid of the skanks though.

  66. HOT!
  67. Steve

    Not enough quality girls to make up for the pushy psychos that work here.

  68. CC
  69. Tyler
  70. Johnny
  71. Tim
  72. Mustafa

    Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too many dancers for the size of the crowd, and the quality is low end too…so you get lots of annoying dancers with shit attitudes because they aren’t making any money.

  73. P
  74. Fred
  75. c
  76. Butch
  77. Terrence
  78. Fishy

    HMMM, there’s months between reviews and now there is a glowing review everyday…there’s something rotten on South Front St.

  79. Ken
  80. NewCustomer

    Walked in and felt welcomed, unlike a lot of places Ive been! Girls are smoking hot and food was awesome

  81. zzzzz

    need more girls

  82. Tia fan

    This is a very good club always had a good time. Whatever you want they have it. This would be a great club if they had Tia workin the crowd.

  83. Carlton
  84. SoCo
  85. Cory
  86. New Jersey

    Jersey’s better

  87. Telly
  88. H
  89. Ian
  90. Frank
  91. Trevor
  92. wingbowl man

    cant wait for fri wingbowl my annual trip with the boys to cl

  93. Tom
  94. Beez
  95. Dan
  96. mother in law
  97. Rick
  98. ?
  99. Chase
  100. Victor
  101. l
  102. Rocco
  103. Todd
  104. josh

    Had a lot of fun here. My buddies and I thought this place rocked

  105. cust

    thanks.tia tia tia. Thats all i need to know.

  106. Diego
  107. HOTTIES
  108. Woe is Me!

    I’m so chicken shit and just thinking about fights a copule years ago makes me pee my pants and regurgitate my nightmares here on this board

  109. Red S
  110. Phila Guy

    As with any club, the quality of girls fluctuates. But I think they are much more selective in their hiring now than a year or two ago. Still one of the best clubs in Philly

  111. The Man
  112. Marc
  113. james
  114. Randall
  115. Robert
  116. Bart
  117. DAYTON
  118. Joe
  119. little t
  120. Bad
  121. Nick

    Had a lot of fun their

  122. Ziggy
  123. Ron
  124. Cleve
  125. Mike

    Very casual, friendly atmosphere

  126. Visitor

    I must say, what’s all the hype about this place. The girls are not that good looking a couple of 7’s maybe no-one really hot like NY/NJ clubs. I just don’t understand. This place has the ambiance of a someones’ funeral.. on saturday night..come on this place really sucked BAD.. One of the worst places I have been to.

  127. Wow

    Management really decided to have employees flood the board with positive reviews to get their rating up.

  128. Jose
  129. Macky
  130. Kenny

    Best club in Philly. Can’t give it a 10 but damn close.

  131. Lars
  132. Clint
  133. Jordan
  134. Phil
  135. Zach
  136. Re Pittsburghers

    According to the 2000 census ranked Pittsburgh #22 in the US for population. Over a million residence including suburbs. We are not too concerned about generating business. The demographics are ideal. If you or your friends cannot afford a cover designed to keep low lifes out then it’s working for what it’s designed for. If we are too expensive for you we prefer you stay home. We are not concerned about business.

  137. Jayson
  138. AAAAA

    This place rocks! I drive down form new york to visit this club.

  139. Big Tone

    I am from Staten Island NY wish we had place like this in my area Best i been to in very long time the girls are all HOT best lap dance i ever got its almost like semi private and on a couch Girls dont hound you dollars like in some clubs I felt more like i was in a bar with girls walking around Doormen , bartenders are good girls are great and Marybeth the shot girl is AWESOME I will return

  140. Salomon
  141. Jerome
  142. DanThe Man

    had a blast Friday day around 4Pm. met some great chicks, sensual dances and one hell of a conversation.Awesome place, and tell the girl with those crazy looking eyes, and that incredible smile Holla back

  143. lap dance doc
  144. jay
  145. unsatisfied
  146. Richard Less

    A cover AND a two drink minimum, Rip Off.

    Less money for the girls, then a downward cycle begins.

  147. money me

    Yo this is the place. wish i had more $$$$. next month I will beback.

  148. Luis
  149. TC
  150. U
  151. manny
  152. Morton
  153. Me
  154. re: ft lauderdale

    i now live in fl too. i miss cheerleaders very much. the clubs are good down here but not as fun as home. please take care of my girls.

  155. XOXOXO

    Good luck Tia

  156. couchman

    Great club!

  157. Zack

    Lots of babies mommas and PWT

  158. Darren


  159. Blaine
  160. All Good Things

    Nothing but great things to say about this place. I had a nice time just chillin and having some laps here.

  161. Woody
  162. Brad
  163. Tod
  164. slamer

    Good time

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  166. Big Al
  167. Willy
  168. w
  169. Melvin
  170. Jason
  171. Kevin
  172. CM

    this place is a mickey mouse club!!

  173. Dirk

    Of course they should trash the wands soon, if not immediately. You have more chance of getting shot at a city fast food joint or a post office. Might as well install metal detectors at Wal Mart too. Fuck that.

    And of course it’s not their “fault”.

    Unbeleivable the kind of whining unthinking cry-babies we have here. Appreciate the REAL risks of going out at night, SMOKE, drugs, or a drunk killing you on the road.

  174. AJ
  175. RUSS
  176. Farrel
  177. Harry
  178. Will
  179. elson
  180. TBone

    Manual release capital of Philly

  181. Marcus
  182. Bocephus
  183. Jesse
  184. Mark

    The talent isn’t what it used to be 7-8 years ago. Today they’re nowhere near as hott nor as fun, but that was then and this is now. The club has a laid back atmosphere and I think girls in bikinis/skimpy outfits are way more sexier than girls walking around topless or acting snotty in their gowns. Don’t get me wrong, this club has some smokin’ chicks and overall you still won’t do better in Philly than Cheerleaders!

  185. lt
  186. Kris
  187. Nelson
  188. Matthew
  189. Claudio
  190. michael
  191. Marco
  192. reg

    great time sat afternoon. Meka my new love.

  193. Hot
  194. Major Nelson

    I’m ready to make my wish now. Call me.

  195. Del
  196. al
  197. TEE
  198. MikeG

    I agree with Rich and that comment was great!! Get in, get out like a commando raid. Some pretty girls and dances can be great depending on the dancer. Better than most clubs in the city !! Try not to tip the pushy dancers so they will not work here and make this place even better.

  199. Darryl
  200. DANCERS
  201. Roberto
  202. Justin
  203. andy
  204. jim

    trashy girls and low life customers.

  205. lj
  206. Vito
  207. party

    alwasy an excellent time, when is the annual anniversary party? april? may?

  208. Yep

    Great club – in between Delilah’s and the two Burlington County clubs for naughtiness

  209. Hannah
  210. COLTON


  211. Mac

    It WASN’T the first gun incident though. There was a fight inside that led to a shootout in the parking lot a few years ago and one of the hoes made a call that led to somebody being gunned down just last year.

  212. 'los

    They’ll probably rock the wands for a month or so, then forget about it. They already have the hey it wasn’t our fault attitude.

  213. greg

    cheri is a class act.

  214. GC

    Job well done at this place

  215. d
  216. mel

    diamond was great..rocked my world in vip!

  217. Mario
  218. Caleb
  219. Wayne
  220. Ryan

    If you like ugly, smelly dancers that don’t speak English and bouncers slappin’ your nuts with a wand, this is the place for you.

  221. Dancer 1

    Does anyone know if they will be installing metal detectors since that shooting happened? Also anyone knwo what was up with that?

  222. Edgar
  223. y
  224. Patron

    Congratulations Tia, job well done!

  225. elrod

    fun place

  226. agree

    with the earlier post. This club is better than Delilah and Burlington. The good thing is they have the better looking girls and they somehow got the best delilah girls. Must say something for management.

  227. Aaron
  228. Doc
  229. Travis Rivera

    Cheerleaders Rocks! Northeast Division Club of the Year!

  230. hun

    Best place in town

  231. GREAT
  232. Serge
  233. k
  234. Brian
  235. customer

    Had a good time last night can’t wait to come back

  236. Jared
  237. Trey

    The bar keeps getting fixed up and the dancers keep getting worse…you can’t polish a turd.

  238. Dean


  240. Frank

    I was at this club tonight I walked into girl name Layla is a stuck up Spanish girl that only talks to people that have lots of money I ask to do a show with her tonight she told me she has other people to hang with.

  241. Andrew
  242. I'am the best.

    This club is going downhill. Too much nose-junk.

  243. Damane
  244. thick
  245. Matt
  246. Oscar
  247. BTW

    Best of bread. Nobody does like this place. Rock on girls

  248. Juan
  249. mika
  250. Satisfied

    Was in Thurs. night, got a dance with a tall blonde named Vicky. Incredible!

  251. s
  252. Doug
  253. HELLO
  254. Chuck
  255. Luke
  256. ox

    Welcome back Tia. Now we can give this club a 10 🙂

  257. Jake
  258. Brice
  259. Keith
  260. Jeff
  261. q
  262. Raja
  263. man of the house

    My hats off to this club. nice place. seems to be well managed. good job here kudos to this place

  264. JMC

    Some very exceptional dancers and a nice atmosphere.

  265. Randy
  266. Mecenas
  267. RICHARD


  268. LG
  269. Danny
  270. JOEY


  271. Stan
  272. Dane
  273. Horacio
  274. Billy
  275. Albert
  276. Jeremy
  277. Gil
  278. Rich

    If you think the dancers that BS on this board are annoying, you should try dealing with them at the club. Pretty good mileage with certain dancers though. Get in, get yer dance and get out. If you spend any time sitting at the bar you’ll wanna hang yourself.

  279. re fishy

    i have to agree this guy must have never been here, or its an ex dancer or a club that is intimidated by this club. this club is by far the best in the city

  280. Howie
  281. Sam
  282. Kyle
  283. Ghetto

    Not much happening. Rather go To CR.

  284. Sammy
  285. Chaun
  286. Carlos
  287. Micky
  288. Brendan
  289. Ray
  290. Ace
  291. Jamie
  292. ROCKS
  293. Howard
  294. r
  295. anon.

    dont know what the hype is about the other clubs in phila. this is the best club by far all around

  296. Julian
  297. o
  298. Stephen
  299. Reggie
  300. Stew
  301. Steph
  302. Julio
  303. Alan
  304. Anthony
  305. Ritch
  306. Not bad, not bad at all

    I enjoy this place. While not topless, it’s not a bad place to stop by after a game. Lap dances are very good. Haven’t visited the champagne room (nor will I), but mileage isn’t bad for the regular couch dance. Service is always friendly. Sometimes the girls are a bit pushy, but the tip parade could be worse. One absolute positive? The sheer amount of televisions and sports programming.

  307. gill
  308. Adrian
  309. Dale
  310. alex
  311. Troy
  312. Gogoholic

    Girls are hotter here all around than last year, and way less fat chicks- it was annoying to have to tip the type of girl you wouldn’t give a second look to if you passed her on the street. Lots of credit to whoever decided to “clean house.” The only thing left is to get rid of the loose-talking typical-south-philly-type. I don’t want a dance from a girl who could just as easily live a block away and sell me a cheesesteak. Additions that are more exotic to Philly would help this club.

  313. Bo Peep

    The club recently redid their stages and lighting system, and it looks very polished. However, the girls are very average looking, a seemingly neverending parade of chubby, tall and plain. The club needs to stop booking porn stars, which kills off the clientele (cover charge is too high). For dancers, money potential is poor here. Customers are extremely disengaged and disinterested, more than any other club I’ve seen. Extras are the norm.

  314. Ronnie
  315. GUY
  316. Hayden
  317. um
  318. Pat
  319. harrold
  320. Sal

    All city clubs are dying. BUT CL is dying less. It’s the best in the city. Oasis and Risque are right behind it, and the rest in the city are plainly horrible or a rip off for one reason or another.

  321. bro
  322. Lamar
  323. LAD

    Tia is a great dancer, a real pole snake with a super personality IMEO

  324. Mephisto
  325. Rock
  326. Enrico

    7 out of ten of the girls there were great looking.

    The $6 cover was a rip because they rape you on the alcohol inside.

    The club is nice inside, pretty upscale but still casual.

    I have been to most of the strip clubs in the city and alot around the country last year when I was at school.

    The club overall was a let down, We came on a friday night to party and left after an hour.

    I would say save your money for any of the other TOPLESS and NUDE bars in the city.


  327. Raphael
  328. Dianna
  329. T

    I have always had fun at this club. Its safe enough to take a girl with ya, hang out with da boys, go on your own to get an erotic dance, or even grab a bite to eat. If I were to open my own strip club, I’d model it after this one even though other clubs have more mileage and sexier dancers. Patrons always are having fun, and its always hoppin.

  330. DRIFTER

    had a nice time at this club i was surprised how nice it was and the girls there were good lookin

  331. Davy

    fun place, variety of girls

  332. Toby
  333. len
  334. Slut
  335. style

    Great club. I wish this club was in Ft. lauderdale.

  336. SR
  337. Donnie
  338. Ralfh
  339. Mack
  340. Louie


  341. Bruno

    Not a review. Just want to point out that Cheerleaders has just been granted an Adult Cabaret license.

    Meaning the tops are coming off.

    Me likey!

  342. Jack
  343. Scott

    giovanni was a great dancer and spend good quality time with me

  344. Laser
  345. dancerfan
  346. Guapo
  347. freak
  348. MLM
  349. Corey
  350. Bullet Tooth
  351. Freddy
  352. PaulN
  353. money

    Can’t wait til saturday. Girls here I come. Friday is payday for me and saturday will be payday for you!

  354. Gene
  355. A
  356. Dominique Tomassi

    Jan 28th is the Grand Opening of Cheerleaders Pittsburgh, So far!! They had training on the 5th! My favorite girl Dominique Tomassi will be bartending, I have sooo missed her since she was fired from Stefano’s Restaurant at the Mills. She was caught giving a blow job in the bathroom by the owners wife, who found out from Dominique’s baby’s dad that she was solic. patrons at the bar while on shift….. Which means Cheerleaders will be true to its history, an undercover brothel. Unfortunatly they hired another bartender as well from Miss Kitty that is prego’s…but I guess they will figure that out in a few months. Dominique Tomassi at Cheerleaders!!! I also know that they have hired girls that worked at Score’s NY and even have asked for Tax returns from those girls to prove it!!!!! Scores girls are HOTT!!!

  357. Bryan
  358. Seth
  359. Larry
  360. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  361. Marty
  362. fish

    my guess is the last post has never been to this club. This is the club to beat in phily.

  363. quagmire

    the girls are hot and the atmosphere makes it even better… not like the usual sleazy clubs in philly

  364. Gal
  365. Ass Kisser
  366. Pete

    Its rare for me to leave here without needing to change my drawers the minute I come home!

  367. Rocky
  368. viber
  369. JD
  370. joeshmoe

    best club in philly

  371. ed
  372. Adam
  373. Hey
  374. Dennis
  375. Nate
  376. Luther
  377. emilio
  378. g
  379. e
  380. billy bob

    Best place in town to watch a game.

  381. jimmy

    alot of friendly girls work at this club. i have a good time everytime i go there.

  382. HAL
  383. Fan

    It was starting to get fun. Now it is just lame.

  384. Dat Dude
  385. har4560

    the new funny money policy…way way over priced ……no longer such a fun spot. will not return

  386. hooked on cl

    just cant say enough about this place

  387. blue
  388. Evan
  389. About Pittsburgh

    Bare Elegance (Later Club Royale) is the club that resided in the Bldg. that “Cheerleaders Pittsburgh” is taking over. When Bare Elegance first opened its doors, back in the 1990’s, it was the #1 club in Pittsburgh, and it was always very busy. Bare Elegance gradually went downhill as it came under investigation for illegal activity. In a city with very few upscale/decent strip clubs, Cheerleaders should do very well as long as they operate on the up-and-up. Their biggest competition will come from Club Erotica, located just outside of Pittsburgh. Blush, in Downtown Pittsburgh, ain’t much, unless they expand. Also, Cheerleaders should not hire dancers with a lot of tattoos. Too many vulgar tattoos on a dancer, cheapens a popular, upscale club. As trashy as it is, Blush is careful about dancers with nasty tats. However they do not care much about having dancers with nasty tits. So, it’s a trade-off when you go there.

    Thank Me for my input.

  390. Jorge
  391. Eric
  392. Bar Tab

    Went to the club last night and had a great time. Met a blond girl with a nice tan very hot. I think her name is Alison. I would say she’s a 10.

  393. ITaLiRiCaN
  394. Fun

    I go 5 or 6 times a year. The place has never let me down.

    sorry I missed the party last night, I dont like crowds. If you are young and broke don’t waste your time. Every girl knows the under thirty crowd has know clue how to treat a dancer. If you like to hang out with young and atrative girls, this is the place.

  395. Britt
  396. see me


  397. jerseydevil

    It is the best club in the area

  398. Disgusting
  399. vince

    Awesome place

  400. Patrick
  401. Lenny
  402. terry

    I have to agree, this club is awful! I think that paint drying could be sexier. The customers that I seen are also losers like the dancers. The dancers just need a dollar or two to get their next crack fix so should we help them kill themselves? Remember people, they are dancers, they are already dead inside!!!!!

  403. glenn
  404. teag
  405. Kelly
  406. f
  407. v
  408. Ben
  409. Lou
  410. Darcy
  411. Gary
  412. SB

    You can get hounded, but there are also lots of girls who give dances that are way above average and who are fun to just hang with. Good food, the best staff, great overall atmoshere that works for the money guys or the crowd after games. Some “weeding” of girls would be nice.

  413. Agrred

    The hype is from a small group of diehards that spend half their lives in this dive.

  414. Pedro
  415. Bob
  416. paladin_lv

    Setup – Bikini Bar with four stages placed inside one large rectangular bar. One satellite stage with surrounding seating. One wall with open booths that seat 6 to 8 folks. One VIP dance area, One Champagne Court. Prices – Tuesday $2.50 cover with drink specials and VIP dances two for $25 (regular two for $40). Atmosphere – Working to Upper Middle Class (no ties). Dancers – Mostly White, a few Blacks and Hispanics, no Asians (must be corrected). Mostly pretty in all shapes and sizes. My experience – AWESOME. I fell in love with Lila, a sweet, tight, leggy, brunette. I had a VIP set with her that left me without words. After I recovered, I was then ridden hard and put away wet, literally, by Pam, a petite, big-bottomed, fireball. Others that left an impression include: Schuyler, Madison, and Liliana. If you want a great VIP dance in Philly, Cheerleaders is by far the spot over Delilah’s and Club Risque to name a few. Enjoy.

  417. Danys
  418. Hardy

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