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8am – 8pm


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0 reviews for “Daydreams

  1. john
  2. abe
  3. Greg

    girls with bad attitudes

  4. Past it's Prime

    The club has gone down hill in past few years. It’s time to sell out to somebody run it right, and not into the ground!!!

  5. dan
  6. ted
  7. craig
  8. What a Shit hole!!!

    This shit hole still open???

  9. Stu
  10. goodguy
  11. mina

    mina park ac ya hoo com view profile for info.We do out calls. In calls at our location pacific ave.a.c. 20 girls to choose from. Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  12. teeg
  13. ivy
  14. Davey

    had a bad time

  15. carl

    I love this place. I dont know how anybody can trash it. The atmosphere isnt that great but the girls are. There is one girl brooke that is really hot. Then there is Jersey. She is smokin. All the girls in there are very friendly. I would definitely recommend for a good time.

  16. mark
  17. allen
  18. Tommy

    If you have less than 2 hours don’t bother stopping. Limited # of girls work early too, so don’t bother before 9 or 10. It takes about an hour just too see what girls are working since they hide out in back. They do have a lot of girls on fri/sat, but during the week there is very limited qty/quality. This used to be a decent place to stop after work, but now they don’t open till late so that kills it too.

  19. not surprised

    Step up your game, you need to go back to the way you used to be.

  20. MW
  21. Get Real

    What a DUMP.

  22. outatowner

    Smokey, noisy, pricey, crowded, Better action elsewhere.

  23. Old Vet

    Dying. Unfriendly. Bad Laps. Deserves 2 die. It was never the best but was once an interesting change of pace.

  24. Frank

    this club is a rip off like the other clubs.

  25. alan
  26. Dave L.

    Who doesn’t like a good strip club[1]?Daydreams inhabits a renovated warehouse in a sketchy area, so arrive early if you want to use their lot. Leave your cameras (cameraphones, too!) outside, as you can’t bring them in. Cover’s $15 to $25, depending on the night; women only pay $5 if they’re with a guy.This venue has enough table and stage seating to handle a large crowd. A mist machine and colorful stage lighting add to the strip club ambiance. Forget why you’re there, or bored? Play pool or watch sports on one of their many wall-mounted screens. There’s also a gift shop with sex-related paraphernalia like adult toys and DVDs (and I’m sure they have a copy of “Nailin’ Paylin” in stock). A DJ spins pop music, and as MC, he highlighted a customer who won/bought a “dream seat”, where he was handcuffed to a pole on-stage, lightly abused, then danced on.Since Daydreams is a BYOB[2], the dancers can – and do – fully undress, leaving little to the imagination. Quite a few exhibited acrobatic pole dancing routines, and I recall a cute, particularly athletic girl blanketed in tattoos. Dancers accept bills of any denomination, and not just with their hands. A few even flirted with the ladies in our party (amusing to watch). Anyway, it takes effort to dance on stage with nothing on but your birthday suit and 8-inch heels, and I was suitably impressed.Daydreams is a relaxing, casual spot if you’re into strip clubs, or just curious.[1] Honestly, they’re not for everyone. After dinner one evening, a few girls decided we were going to one.[2] Need liquid courage? My friend hauled in a COOLER of alcohol, which was totally kosher. You have to buy cups, but that’s it.

  27. KAS

    25 Dollar cover hit hard but not as hard I hit the BYOB Drinks in the end I came out way ahead, not having to spend on drinkls.

  28. Ben

    Ladies Swing Party 2/29!! Lifestyle couples looking for cock!! Come one cum all!!

  29. otis

    save your money, go elsewhere

  30. Ringleader

    Awesome time. Hot women, great lap dances, friendly dancers. Couples friendly as well. I think the women had a better time than the guys. Unreal girl on girl show. Jersey, Paris, and Kylie Wild ROCK ! ! !

  31. Batman

    I had a blast, the best strip club i have been to. Will Be back.

  32. lapfan

    Dancer quality has gone way down. For some reason most of the girls are either really tall amazon girls, or just plain fat with a lot of cellulite. Even on a friday night, you really need to look hard for a good girl to get a lapdance from. I still like the fact that they are nude couch dances, I just wish they would make the girls go to the gym.

  33. arlen
  34. jason
  35. me

    this place used to have some of the hottest dancers in the city….now other than a select few they are downright fugly

  36. Bababooey

    Good times, hot women, great LD’s..what else does anyone need

  37. lobo
  38. David K.

    Only club I have ever tossed out of for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Girl probably had a bad night and dissed me for it. Never went back.

  39. JR
  40. Eric

    Wow! I don’t think I ever saw this place as packed for a Tuesday night! Great girls and Great lap dances

  41. Beans

    Place is dead anymore and no wonder. Mostly just a lot of fat broads during the week. Expensive on Saturday and so-so on Friday. Atmosphere: Town dump. Best looks/personality: Jersey

  42. Scott

    Girls are hot as fuck, DJ play good variety of music and kept the place hype, management, bouncers, and front door girls were very accommodating

  43. santos

    this place is dead

  44. Frank

    this club is a dive the girls like to be in the locker room they don”t care weather they make money or not. this place has gone downhill big time the dancers in this club are trashy crack heads This club is another club like show n tel Strip club this club sucks ass.

  45. Jerry

    All the girls are really beautiful and so personable! Free beer is always good too!!

  46. oats
  47. Rose
  48. 1st Timer

    Majority of the girls were hott. The dark haired girl where you come & pay at needs to learn a little more customer service skills. Please honey, you are a cashier at a gentleman’s club, they can replace you anytime so it pays to be a little nicer especially when dealing with the public.

  49. Rich

    a few of the girls are pretty

  50. Heywood

    Inside a big warehouse, this place has a wide variety of girls where everyone should be able to find something you like. Many girls are excellent on the stage, and many girls give phenominal couch dances. On weekday nights the atmosphere is very laid back and you can sit and enjoy the company of your friends and the dancers too. However on Friday and Saturday night its packed wall to wall with guys and bachelor parties in a mardi gras like zoo (but there will be 40-50 girls there). Dont come here for the interior design as some clubs boast about what it looks like inside… you should be looking at the girls, not the walls! $15 cover and $20 dances ($30 on Sat) you get a great value here, and most of the girls are very friendly and personable.

  51. Frank

    empty place, word must be out,no one goes there

  52. Edward

    This club is down to earth and has some awesome dancers but idk the place is kinda dead. Was worried at first. Met this girl kanina? kalina? idfk. rhymes with hyena, starts with a k… shes a short redhead i got some dances with. kinda socially awkward at first but funny as hell and def one of the most talented there. made the night awesome for my wife and i.

  53. Alfie

    Bartenders and door girls are very personable. Floor managers are not, I’ve never had bother to talk to me and I’ve been going for years. They should go to Atlanta to see how it is done. Dancers vary, but usually have some hot girls late. Early in the evening the quality isn’t always so good.

  54. ned
  55. Horatio

    I have gone to Daydreams since day one. In the beginning the girls were very hot and spent time practicing some really spectacular pole work. They also regularly hired very pretty local eighteen and nineteen year olds, some college students, with “the cutest coochies.” Sweet, I remember a few really talented, soft skinned, sweeties. Obesity has no place in all nude clubs. It is now an epidemic at Daydreams. The girls hardly move on stage. There are no stars! When the place opened it was open from noon until 2:00am. Now it is 7pm until 2:00am, but it doesn’t really get hopping until 11pm. It seems like the same management runs the club, so all I can think is that they have become, fat, content, and lazy themselves. The club suffers.

  56. Rob


  57. james
  58. larry1

    I took my boyfriend to Daydreams as a surprise for his bday, just us two. It was nice and also fun. Everyone there is extremely nice and the dancers are very friendly. When my boyfriend and I went we decided to play a game of pool which was only 4 quarters. That’s something very enjoyable. We went on a Saturday, so there were people in every spot of the club but it’s so much space in there that it didn’t even seem like many people. I don’t know if this is everyday but the day we went, they had free pretzels at the bar if you ask the lady for one. If you want a nude lap dance or just a chat, I’d recommend asking for Tiny.

  59. Wes
  60. TheRealDeal

    Here to clear up a review made on here by a blondeGirl SUMMER.

    saying BRITNEY; a respected sweet girl who has been with DD for

    yrs. S stated that B did Heroin&Had HepC. She wrote it bcuz

    Brit caught her shootin H mny X’s (not the only girl for that

    matter) & has fucked men for &,drugs,carparts.& put her fam in

    danger. she deserves it. Summer: Kasey Paradissis on fb.. she

    deserves every bit of karma.PS (BRETT IS AN AMAZiNG BOSS) ur

    all sore losers

  61. Bunny
  62. al
  63. rod


  64. Brian
  65. Peter K.

    Went on a Saturday night…….Im an older guy who has gone to lots of strip clubs. THIS PLACE IS THE SKEEZIEST I”VE EVER BEEN IN…….Heavily tattooed ladies, most of them very out of shape, running up to me, showing me their tits and demanding a dollar bill……….I did one nude lap dance with the only decent looking girl there…….but would not go back……..skeezy, STD city.

  66. MrDollarBill

    I have traveled the country and been to the best strip clubs in the US. This is an all-nude club and it is awesome, they have a huge variety of types of women, the couch dances are the best in Philly – you may have to leave right after you have one. Bella has the tiny-est a$$ I have ever seen and she is hottttttttttttttttt. Go when it’s NOT primetime Friday and Saturday late and you will have fun. Take some cash and have some fun.

  67. Casey

    It was hot…the ladies loved me and I loved them. DJ sucked but I think that’s because the crowd is of an uneven mixture. I was the only female in there not stripping and definitely got my money’s worth of attention from the ladies.

  68. hh

    lots of fun at daydreams def worth spending the money

  69. Jon

    Had an awesome time at Daydreams. Took my wife there and got a private room with the stripper. She loved dancing for my wife!! Awesome Awesome time!! Cant Wait to go back!!!

  70. Eddie
  71. Rush Limpballs

    Overbearing management presence. Hassling customers, watching and controlling every detail. They took the fun out of the place. Fellas, if you like lap dances, it pays to SHOP around and TRAVEL a but. You wouldn’t believe if I told you what you can get (for less than this and same or better girls).

    For staring at nekkid girls and just sitting there, if u haven’t seen enuf nekkid girlz yet, then come here. But it’s become lame and I’ve discovered some goodies. Explore!

  72. teag
  73. missy
  74. Sirena
  75. Bosh
  76. GP

    I always have a great time when I come here! I think the BYOB is the best part. Bring a 12pk, drink, relax, watch the girls. They have a great variety. If your looking for skinny, blonde hair, big boobed barbies this isnt your place. These women are real and very great at their job. A few straggelers got in, but whatever. I go with my husband and we have a blast! The girls have more fun with me than him, i think? Good prices on dances and cover. Go, trust me you will have fun!

  77. Insider

    Been here a few times since it was taken over by new owners in the last year or so. I enjoyed it. First strip club hybrid blue collar gentleman’s club. The dancers are mostly pretty, some hot

  78. Tom

    heard rumors this place may only be open fri and sat since it is mostly empty the rest of the week

  79. ???????????????

    Is this place still open???

  80. Guenter

    Bartenders are good, dancers vary from great to poor. Mangement never makes an effort to encourage a regular cliental. Not a very comfortable place to spend time even with the recent makeover.

  81. godford
  82. Anonymous

    Daydreams rocks! Section 8 rules!

  83. mo
  84. lappy

    This place is the best nude place in the area, and if you find the right girl, you can get a hot lap dance.

  85. Penn

    Not worth going back to. The place was hugely empty.

  86. eddy
  87. MIKA
  88. Sweats

    The talent has gone down while the weight level has gone up.

    Ladies it is the summer this is the time to have your body in great shape get fat during the winter. It seems the club has been losing its top notch dancers and not replacing them with comparable talent.

  89. spectre
  90. LJ
  91. Billy

    Swingers party 2/29. Rehot MILFS looking for cock!!

  92. Tim

    don’t like this one anymore

  93. Re: dont get it

    The dancers are nasty

  94. pete
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  96. ann
  97. cups
  98. Gone Ghette

    This place has gone way to ghetto for me. If they stop letting the ghetto drug dealerin the place they be better off.

  99. lewis
  100. dave
  101. Beat


  102. XhXeXy

    The Low DownI arrived at Daydreams, Philadelphia’s only 18 to enter, all nude gentlemen’s club, around 10:30pm on a Wednesday evening. While this was later than my usual 9:00pm start time for club reviews, I had visited Daydreams a couple of times previously and knew that the party usually got started later on in the evening.Location & Facilities – 3 StarsDaydreams is located only minutes from I-95. While the location, an old warehouse converted into a gentlemen’s club, isn’t exactly the most attractive destination, the value you receive (more on this below) is definitely worthwhile. The parking lot features plenty of on-site parking. Being Philly’s only all-nude club, if you’re looking to see “everything” Daydreams has to offer, you won’t be disappointed! The interior offers a relaxed atmosphere with chairs around the stage, a dozen or so flat screen TV’s and a pool table.Staff – 5 Stars I was greeted by Elly, the door attendant, who was more than happy to inform me about how the pricing worked with the entry fee and drink tickets. I was given a tour of the club by the manager, Brett, who went out of his way to explain all that the club had to offer for its walk-in customers as well as for larger groups such as bachelor parties.Food & Drink – 2 Stars For a $15.00 entry fee from Sunday to Thursday, you receive six drink tickets that can be exchanged for beer (Budweiser, Bud Light, Yuengling and Shock Top) along with bottled water, sodas and Red Bull. The club is also BYOB everyday which helps if you would like to enjoy your own beverages. Daydreams has a vending machine with snacks but doesn’t serve food, which is certainly a negative after you’ve been pounding back each one of your six free beers and need a bite to eat before you head back out on the road.Dancers – 4 Stars The wide variety of dancers offers a little bit of something for everyone, although since it’s an all-nude club the rules regarding physical contact with the dancers are very heavily enforced (in other words, keep your hands to your sides and enjoy the ride!). The website also mentions a live girl-on-girl sex show on Saturday evenings. After receiving my guided tour and having two of my six free beers, I went back and enjoyed a couple of dances with the sexy and sensual Melissa.Value – 5 Stars Besides the six drink tickets you receive at the door for $15.00, a huge bargain if you’re a big beer drinker, the club also offers $20 couch dances and champagne court dances are available at $75 for 15 minutes, $150 for 30 minutes and $250 for an hour, some of the lowest I’ve encountered in the Philadelphia gentlemen’s club scene. The club also offers a private VIP room: a virtual mini-gentlemen’s club of your very own with DJ, pole, television, chairs and couches that is ideal for large groups or bachelor parties.Website & Social Media – 5 Stars Daydreams can be found online at, where you’ll find links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. Click here for a YouTube promo video of the club:… In Brief…While not the most attractive location or destination, if you’re looking for an all-nude dancer experience and want to get the most bang for your buck, Daydreams is definitely the club for you!

  103. R

    Paris is awesome

  104. customer


  105. pj
  106. RR

    Once a loyal customer. Place use to be good until this piece of shit manager took over. Hiring shitty crackhead looking girls. Guy thinks hes a real tough guy the way he talks to the girls. Hope your mom dies of cancer for the way you treat them girls. GET A NEW MANAGER!!!!!

  107. KIDZ
  108. What Happen ??

    Take your money else where, and get more for it.

  109. k
  110. Myers

    Beautiful place. I have driven 4 hrs in the past just to go there

  111. elk
  112. John Voshell
  113. tj
  114. Moving On

    It’s time to move on.

  115. Tyler

    Girls hang out in back with each other instead of out on the floor. Don’t bother going there until well after 9:00

  116. Josh

    Hot, hot, hot!!!

  117. Joe

    This club is rockin

  118. Legal Beagle

    I gave up on this place. It was never the best but an interesting change in the late 90’s. Everything negative back then got worse as some other clubs picked up on privacy, mileage and value.

  119. AJ

    unfriendly to regular customers

  120. ett
  121. juan
  122. bob
  123. steve
  124. tap
  125. Mr. Doodles

    NO No NO Dont GO!

  126. Zeke

    bad lap dances

  127. Grace

    My girl and I were looking for a place to go and since most of the clubs blow and won’t let women in without men, we ended up at daydreams. First time there and it was pretty fun. All the girls were very nice, except one bitch (white girl with fake tan and fake boobs, dark curly hair, i think her name was nikki), but she didn’t get any of our money. Brooklyn and Britney give great couch dances.

  128. JioB

    I’ve got to say, this place was very fun. 2 new girls on each pole every other song, eventually turning into 3 dancers. The rotation lasted about two hours so there was plenty of variety. Also, there were girls all scattered through the place. They were everywhere to see. Lap dances were a little too expensive for 4 minutes($30)therefor scaring away my boys. But….. the sex show was amazing to watch so that’s what picked up the little bit of slack that needed picked up. Overall, it was a great time and I would recommend it to everyone. Just bring some extra cash.

  129. Joe

    Girls and bartenders are hot and friendly The place is huge Drinks specials are good Weekends are busy and lots of girls

  130. Chris

    I love daydreams, and I will be going alot more in the future. The girls are smokin’, free weekday beer, and no pressure!

  131. teague
  132. jim
  133. Jeff

    The club is good, and the dancers are plenty on Sat nights Friday nights there are only about half of what a Saturday is. Main attraction is a girl on girl, with the 2 best looking girls in my opinion, the one who calls herself Jersey is problably the best looking but watch out guys, everynight she is having someone tossed out of the club for no real reason, we’ve seen someone talk to her, and the next second he’s out the door, for saying some thing she didn’t like. Also seen them take a guy out of the dance room because he touched her stomach. My guess is that she knows she’s the best and doesn’t take any crap.

    Anyway, other than that its a great place for a batchlor party.

  134. GUS

    This club is great…Don’t listen to the negative comments. Britany, Jersey, Satin and Taylor are some of the hottest dancers in Philadelphia. The owners do run a tight ship, so if your looking for antics, go to a whorehouse…This is an upscale gentlemens club!

  135. What Happen

    Sad this place use to be a great place to go what happen to it?????

  136. out-of-towner

    i was there on 8/18/06 and had a fun time. love how the place is set up. lap dances are done in a separate room away from curious eyes

  137. phil
  138. Justine

    Love going to Daydreams it is the only female strip club I go to with my husband I’m even having his birthday there. All the people at the club are great people from the dancers to security to barmaids it is a great club to go have fun.

  139. Earl

    not worth the expensive cover

  140. Beat place!!!!!!

    Not far from closing I think.

  141. billtheguy12

    I kind of feel weird reviewing this place, but whatever man. I somehow ended up here with a group of friends last night. I’ve been to few establishments throughout my years and this one goes a little higher up than the others. It was pretty dead on a Thursday night, but we still had a good time.There’s a cover charge, $10 for woman and I think it was $20 for the guys. They’ll give you a bunch of drink tickets to use or you can bring your own. I don’t drink, so this wasn’t a huge deal for me either way. It’s a strip club. You’ll see all different kinds of girls, all shapes and sizes. Some of them looking high as kite, some of them not. Some of them full of personality, some of them dead to the world and inside. I’m someone who can appreciate people no matter what (usually), so I don’t freak out about anyone being “ratchet.” Not quite sure why some people are being such dicks. Anyway, the girls are friendly, of course. It’s their job. They won’t take your shit though, as they shouldn’t. The bouncers are friendly. I saw a lot of cleaning happening the whole time and in between sets, which is always good. Men are absolutely not allowed to touch the girls. I will tell you, be prepared if you’re a female going here. I’ll keep it at that. The girls will show you A LOT of attention. I could see that being overwhelming for some ladies.That’s it. End awkward review session. I swear I’m normal.

  142. sam

    girls and staff seem to have an US vs THEM mentality in regards to customers.

  143. ryan123

    This place is awesome. First time I came here I got a nude lap dance from this really thick Filipino girl named Kimora. Lap dances are $20.00 and the girls are all fully nude and most of them are pretty hot to very hot. Second time I got 2 nude couch dances each from Kat and Luna who are the 2 hottest girls there. They’re so cool and chill too and will sit there and talk with you. The only downside is the cigarette smoke

  144. nate
  145. jose

    much better places than this, girls are ok, staff unfriendly

  146. Bert
  147. otter

    Special place… free beer and nudity. Nothing special on the l/d … more an atmosphere place with that abandoned warehouse decadence

  148. RUSTY


  149. Mike Elnitski

    Boy oh boy! those whores know how to shake it! Veronica will slob your knob for an extra fiver!

  150. Gone South

    Time to put the for sale sign up, Why they can still get something for the dump.

  151. kensingtonafar
  152. jfan

    I visited this club during thanks giving.It was the first time I had been to a strip club(the place I come from doesn’t have a strip club(s) at all 🙁 )I had great lap dance by a tall sexy female called Je* (PII protected ;)) I’m not from philly but would like to visit that place sometime. I wish I meet her sometime.

    Note: 9.2 rating to this club only because of Je*

  153. We Love it !!!

    The best strip club I’ve ever been too !!!!!I’ve traveled to many strip clubs through the years by myself and with my friends. I gotta say and my friends agree too, Daydreams is place we visit the most. Thank you Daydreams for the good times and our great memories you rock!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!



  155. Nowhere Vill

    This place has gone down the tubes in the last few years!!!!

  156. noname

    There arte a lot of pretty girls that work there

  157. gerry
  158. Scott

    Find some other place, guys

  159. Gone Ghetto

    This place has gone way to ghetto for me, and they have to keep the drug dealer out to.

  160. Matt D

    Wow, the girls here are so hot and smart. really a rare mix

  161. Ox

    Fridays are good, stay away during the week

  162. ernie
  163. Johnnyboy123

    The only thing that kinda sucks about this place is its in a really shady place and it’s a little creepy if you’re looking for it late at night. Once you get to the parking lot, though, you know you found the place. You get tickets for six beers when you pay cover and its a big open space inside. Or you can bring your own booze. Fun atmosphere and $20 couch dances – winner in my book. Oh, by the way, if you’re a girl you have to ask the lady at the door to let you in the back if you need to use the restroom.

  164. ven
  165. igor34

    Went on a Tuesday night as you guessed it was fairly empty but the girls were still pretty hot and nice to usDances were around 20Paid 15 to get in get six beers with the cover its also BYOBLots of parking Large placePool tablesDef going back

  166. doesn't matter

    Best dancer there was hayden on stage and couch dance. Cool as

    hell didn’t even try hard to get tipped. Then she quit….she needs to

    come back!!

  167. lenny
  168. Carl Ornedo

    Best in Philly

  169. Vikarius

    It was one of the best club I’ve ever seen…

  170. No Where Vill.

    This Place is the pitts anymore!!!!!

  171. DUMP

    A shit hole is a shit hole!!!!

  172. bebe
  173. JT


  174. Ricky

    This has to have the trashiest girls than any other club I’ve been to. I guess it’s no surprise there are hardly any customers there.

  175. Z

    There’s this one girl Jordan. OMG!!! She saved me from giving this place a bad rating. One girl walked away with my money and didn’t show me ne thing. Just took it. Maybe she wasn’t a stripper. lol

  176. mike jones
  177. lyle
  178. Stacey

    Jersey is the best! She gave me my first lap dance and it will definiitly not be my last by her!

  179. Been there done that!!

    Boys the party is over, and the FAT LADY is DEAD!!!!

  180. jack

    most places are better

  181. Bill The Hobbyist

    I came across a young lady on twitter as misskatehate who dances under the name of Brooklyn at DayDreams in Philly. On a recent trip to NJ from VA I decided to check this cutie out.

    When done with her set, I booked a half hour private show. It was fantastic, so I book another hour. Brooklyn has a sweet personality and not only melts you, but relaxes you in such ways that are amazing. She dances great, cuddles with you as you talk and gives the best lap dance ever. Plus she is very pretty, has a great body and a cute ass to die for. I have never enjoyed a private show as much as I did with her. A week later as I headed home, I stopped in again and booked another hour and a half private show. Brooklyn is worth every penny and I had a smile during my 6 hour ride home to prove it.

    Thank you Brooklyn for a great time and since you have spoiled me, I want no one else dancing for me except you sweetie.

  182. Ring leader

    What a great time Saturday night. Realy crowded though. Lots of bachelor parties. Amazing women. Majority were really hot. Unreal 2 girl show. Jersey, WOW! ! Great dances, Paris, WOW again ! One female customer, there alone, totaly nude on stage! Unreal. Can’t wait to go back after bachelor season is over. The wives loved it too.

  183. ivan
  184. priorregular

    As a dancer there told ME: save your money

  185. MedicMan

    I love this place! It;s almost alwyas a great time. Jersey is the best.

  186. lw

    i love going to this club… the girls r hot and friendly and i love the lap dances

  187. pennsy
  188. jimmy
  189. bastard

    im not the kind that can normally go into a club and talk to a few different quality girls and open up and have a great time. here i did all of this the money i spent was well spent and the lap dances i recieved were more than amazing… i will def be going back here

  190. jay
  191. best in philly

    great girls, atmosphere, sound

    oh , and great tits!

  192. MDI

    ladies are hot and mgmt and bouncer are funny as hell. we had a great time on wed!

  193. bnbn
  194. Doc

    Great club… Great atmosphere… The women are beautiful and management is very courteous. Overall, very professional and classy. Looks like a dive from the outside, but inside lends itself to a different perspective.

  195. Larry

    ok club, best to come after 9 pm

  196. Johhny c

    I got a couch dance and the whole time she wouldnt leave me alone about a tip.

  197. lt
  198. bo
  199. Strip Clubber

    Dont know how this place stays in business with all the big girls . Im taking my money else where .

  200. ash
  201. ian
  202. tiki
  203. Bean

    Management sucks here and it shows in the girls .

  204. williamr

    Cool place, good vibes. Drinks are good and they keep them coming. The security and bouncers are on point, too! Just becomes irritating when you’re trying to converse with friends or enjoy drinks by the bar and some of the women become relentless and in your face for more money!

  205. Liang Chung

    This place is one of the better all nude clubs in Philly. They give free beer monday-thursday and they have an endless number of dancers on each night. They do girl on girl “sex shows” on the weekend. This alone is worth the cover charge. They’re the real deal, nothing fake about these shows. They go “down town” on each other and its real contact. The club has plenty of hot girls, but they also have some that are not “gentleman’s club” material. Madison gets my vote for the hottest dancer at the club. She’s got a flawless body, great costumes, and is the only stripper I know who isn’t dumb as a board. Envy is another top pick. Otherwise, the girls aren’t pushy, but do make themselves available. The DJ could use some imagination, and the place could use a make over. It’s a little run down and the furniture is outdated. A classier atmosphere would draw better looking girls to the club and a better clientele. All in all though the good does outweigh the bad and I give this club two thumbs up.

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