Beehive Showbar



Route 22, Delmont, PA 15626


40.399629, -79.583753




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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27 reviews for “Beehive Showbar

  1. As The World Turns

    It was like, if you startle Booger, he’ll run away from you. If he got back at you, somehow, he had some serious help, and guidance from some little whore who wanted to take his money. I hate little skunks…

  2. h
  3. Kareem

    Upon entry I wanted to throw up. On stage was some 7 foot tall, 300 lb nasty black girl with fungus growing off her cooter. There are no drinks, you can’t even bring anything in. The ‘DJ’ is a jukebox. plus the dancers ask you for a dollar so they can play their 3 songs. All but one dancer was fat that night. One of them smelled particularly nasty, like she hadn’t scrubbed her ass in ages. It was also pretty expensive to get in. I capped off the night with a lap dance from an old lady (the only one there under 200 lbs) and went home disgusted. GROSS!!!

  4. Sam

    A club where the girls have to pay to play thier music? This gets costly. AVg girls, with one standout girl.

  5. monkey

    Abby grossed me out!! will never go back

  6. Frank P.

    I went to the Hive a week ago and oh my god….porsah is a hot little blonde who i would have to say gives the best lap dances in the entire club….if you go…see her she treats you like a king and she is so nice, and oh so very sexy to boot, I spent at least $400 on her she was worth every penny. PORSHA I WILL COME BACK TO SEE YOU!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!

  7. Scott

    Pretty girls

  8. Hobo Joe

    4 girls, not even the slightest bit attractive. Girls had to use tip money to pay for songs on jukebox. Do not go!!!

  9. Customer

    I like this club, so what that you can’t drink, you have outside privileges. Most of the girls are sweethearts and they show you a real good time.

  10. kary

    the only dancer i didn’t like was this new one amoni or armani, or something… she is a skanky whore and she stole half my money when i went to tip her.

    i am however very fond of peaches, lola, taylor, savannah, jess, bobbi, and a few others i may have missed.

    the environment is clean and fun.

  11. horny toad

    well this place is ok. 15 bucks to get in. no drinks. must bring your own. but it must be in a glass or cup. they have no dj. only a juke box. and they girls have to pay for it. so they are always asking the costumers for the money. the lap dances are stupid 20 bucks and no touching the dancers. they private room is 50 bucks for 5 minutes. 200 bucks for a half hour. again no touching. they say you can only touch yourself. well i can do that at home for free. i spend 200 bucks and didn’t even get 1 touch. the private dances need to be better. but over all not a bad club.

  12. another satisfied customer

    i was in the beehive first time about a week ago… wasnt sure what to expect with all the negative comments about this place, but went no the less…. they put on a good stage show and i got several lap dances from the ladies working there…. not a bad one in the house… i will be back…AND BLAZE I WILL BE BACK BEFORE YOU QUIT IN JULY YOU WERE FANTASTIC………..

  13. GaryHaggler

    The dancers smell like poo

  14. john

    Hey i was at the club a few weeks ago man prosha was awsome, she gives great lap dances

  15. skip

    This place sucks….I actually think the building is about to fall down…seriously folks!

  16. Ron

    this club has the best girls, and i always have a great time.

  17. BillDanko

    I loved it I went in October, All of the girls there are beautiful, there is many different type of girls there. I loved all of them Savanah, Porche, Skyy, Angel, and many others!!!! These girls know how to treat you and none of them are snobby, they are all sweethearts

  18. CK1

    Its been a while since i was there. Always liked this club ever since i met a girl named Ivy there once a long time ago and she blew me in the fantasy room. She didnt charge anything, maybe she just really wanted to do it.

  19. bab

    Music is a joke, it stops after each song…they can’t buy a cd and a typerecorder

  20. AJ

    Has hot girls! Abby, sky and luna rock! Haha! Hell yeah!


  21. 1st timer

    The girls were so immature, I felt like I was home on a Friday night with my

    daughter and her high school friends. Two professional ladies in the group.

    If you want to watch romper room go to the beehive.

  22. AsianAndy


    You have to the strippers dollars so they can play songs on the juke box. They have a dancer that looks like Shaquille O neal. That one smelled like onions. I will never return. HORRIBLE!

  23. HamburgerHelper

    This place sucks. I still smell like one of the dancers pussies from her nasty lap dance that my friends bought as a joke for me

  24. Jake

    I love these girls

  25. Shack

    this place is a hole in the wall type of dump.

  26. patrick
  27. Macdaddy

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