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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Visions

  1. ATL girl

    pure nasty

  2. SAM

    great club bouncers are friendly girls are hot

  3. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  4. The Bad 1

    This place sucks needs thicker girl all the girl look like the are on crack

  5. ryan123

    If seeing is believing than this place is a blink away from chaos. Visions is the best word to describe this place!!! You can’t believe what your eyes will see here! I couldn’t believe it. I spend many of nights over here! Many nights! Yes, this is a sleazy gentleman club (cough cough strip club), but there was more than that, here. First off, there is plenty of free parking in the back, but it’s very close quarters. Do watch out, when it’s busy as you surly might bump cars. There is bouncers outside checking IDS, and if u carting something: drugs, guns, etc. etc. If you’re not stupid to bring such things you’ll be ok. Bouncers tend to be really mean, and willing to start fights with bar flys over anything. Watch out for a lot of drunk rants about racisms as most of the bouncers are black, and most of the bar flys are southern whites. Enter price is $8 before 9 pm, after 9 is like $11 if I remember. Once u enter, u see a number of good pool tables: $1 per game. There a lot of men who just come here to play at one of the three tables: sometimes you can get a dancer to play with your balls and stick. (your pool balls and pool stick). There is two stages: the first one is the biggest and has two poles in each side for girls to dance. Sometimes they cross dance with each other in the middle of the stage. This is also where u can get a ‘roll call dance’ for somebody’s birthday. The smaller stage is probably the size of a medium size table. There are plenty of seats and small tables surrounding it, for your drinks. Near the small stage us the bar, it’s normally feel with the drunks. The bartender and waiterness are very friendly. The waiterness is somewhat a mature probably ex stripper. She always asking for tips and doesn’t care about showing off her BIG ‘goods.’ She somewhat scares me. They come around the whole club, getting drinks. Drinks are $4 to $5 per beer. $3 for sodas. (free on holidays). There is a slot machine in the end of the bar. The bar also has several televisions locked on sport channels. It’s somewhat funny how much men watch those tvs more than the girls. The girls are somewhat friendly, but don’t take it as they like u, it’s all pretty business. They want your MONEY. Some of them are drug-addicts, watch out for drug dealers that hover this place. There is a number of use up older strippers with no future than this. There is a few chucky dancers n preggo girls trying to make end due. Watch out, one of them is a mess up as hell. Majority of the girls are white, there is few blacks n latinas. The DJs plays pretty much the top 40’s, and the girls get to chose their songs. Suprising there are a lot of non lezzies girls that come here and gets pull into the stage or show. If u or ur girlfriend don’t want their boobies exposed to the public of horny Southern men. Then don’t come here. The club only does topless as that is state law with liquor. It’s ok to smoke indoors here. Watch out as u will smell like liquor and smoke by the end of the night, even if u don’t drink or smoke. If you get too friendly with the dancers, u will get a BLACK eye by their big ass bouncers. VIP rooms are not private, it’s nearly out in the open. $22 for a lap top dance, it’s last as long as the song. The dancers always changes: they have fake stage names: mostly cars. Lexus is a example of over used stage names.After u feel sleazy and dirty, u can clean yourself in the bathrooms. It nears the end of the pool table near smaller stage. The bathroom looks just as horrible as how u feel about being here wasting money. There is a ATM so u can sink your own financial into this pothole of a place. At less until 2 or 3 pm. Overall: not that great to spent too much time here. Places like this are sleazy as hell. It’s better just to toss your bills in the trash, as this is what it felt like.The view is like a car wreck, u don’t want to see anybody get serious hurt, but u can’t help looking.

  6. Fuqer

    This place was the place to be back when my buddy Wes was the DJ, even then the women would only talk to you if they were told too do so or if you were waving cash in their face. At least fake an interest in me if you want to get to my cash. Atmosphere is average for a strip club. I wish I knew what happend to the dancers that were there just 5 years ago. They were worth going to see. Not the pierced, tattoed, crack hoes they have now.



  8. jl
  9. spenz08

    all the strippers except a few like mariah,jade,and ashley dont even dress up least dress sexy.damn!. thier was this one beautiful girl that worked their now.. she had class and carried her self well best lap dance ever.her name was karma were u at girl!:-)other than that i just quit going its goin under.

  10. outoftowner

    bunch of whores

  11. Tom
  12. lilpixie
  13. homey

    I felt very comfortable in this club. The dancers were very friendly, but not pushy. Private dances are the best.

  14. TMahoney

    in 2000 this bar was cool WHAT Happend? It sucks now and a bottle of beer is $5 fucking bucks and that is the 1:30 in the afternoon price I am afraid to go after 5 pm as the price might be the price of 2 six packs… I had 2 George Killians beers for 10 bucks left went to wal mart bought the same beer for $5.97 a six pack… Go to dreamgirls its much better club…

  15. flirtatious


  16. Jerry

    Was in on a Saturday night after another club had closed, was the only place that was still open (except the club next door to it), and I would have to say was very impressed by the quality of the dancers and the atmosphere in general. I would have to say definatly the classiest dancers I have seen in the Huntsville area. Also I must add that the music was very well mixed up, with something for everybody. I would definatly recomend this club to anybody I talk to especially looking for a late night party spot.

  17. S.C.
  18. BamaCowboy

    I have been going to this place pretty much since they opened the doors and I have to admit they have lost their crown as the top club in town for various reasons. The building is 10+ years old and it does not seem that the plumbing or ventilation has been upgraded in that time. I doubt they have done anything except emergency work. I would not want to be in there very late on a Friday or Saturday night when it is packed because even with a moderate crowd it was getting a little smoke filled.

    They had a pretty good variety of girls not sure how many were working either shift but all were above average attractive and none tried hustling me for drinks, dances or tips. The music was pretty good, but the dj could barely be understood from pretty much anywhere in the club. Beer is not cheap, not the highest I have seen in town, but up there. I was drinking regular bud in a can so would not be shocked if imports or specialties are over $5.

    If you want a cheap bar or looking to get laid not the place for most. If you want good looking girls in a friendly atmosphere then this is still one of the best clubs in the area.

  19. Larry

    Sweet girls

  20. prvtdancer

    this place is great if you like a bunch of coke head dancers who have no standards for what they will do for money, if you want a good time with class go to dream girls!!!but if you looking for a slut go here!!!

  21. billybigballs

    overall, club ok. just dont get a dance from girl named taylor (think her real name)one of the worst..not even any risage in the pants for me!!!!

  22. Guest

    This place was slightly better last evening, but not much better

  23. Sappho

    My husband’s and my favorite place to go to hang out and watch beautiful ladies!

  24. jammin scott



  25. travis jonnson

    srevice so poor try get one beer take 30 min or more time

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