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125 reviews for “FoxyLady

  1. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    We get into the vip room and she immediately takes her clothes off. I ask if it’s okay if I get into just my boxers and she smiles and says ,”sure”. She gets on top of me when the music starts and I’m already hard. I can feel the slit of her pussy rubbing up and down my hard cock through my boxers; her pussy is wet and i can feel it through my boxers. I put one of her tits in my mouth and do circles with my tongue and spread her ass with both of my hands. As she’s on top of me I slowly start making my way with my fingers to her butthole, get nervous and just go back. Damn. She replies ,”go ahead and touch it, just use my pussy juice as lube if you go in”. I put my hand on her pussy and oh my god she is dripping wet, one wipe and all of my fingers are gooey from her pussy. I rub her asshole with my now wet fingers but Before I can put it in her ass she get off me giggling and puts her ass in my face. Damn. Her shaved, perfect butthole just inches from my face. “Do you like my ass?” She asks and of course I reply with a yes. I spread that fat little ass of hers and give it a sniff.. heaven, my cock has never been this hard at this point. I ask her if I can taste it and she replies ,”please do”. My tongue meets that perfect, tight butthole and she moans while I lick the pussy juice that i rubbed on her asshole. I do circles around it and do my best to stick my tongue deep inside of her. Damn that ass tasted so good, i could spend hours just eating her ass out. As I eat that ass she reaches around and plays with my hard dick through my boxers which eventually comes out of that little hole you use when you pee. She rubs the tip of my penis and seems like she’s just playing with my precum. She keeps talking dirty and it’s pushing me over the edge with things like ,”yeah baby eat that ass” And “stick that tongue deep inside me”. Just as I’m getting into it she gets off me and gets on top of me facing me again and tells me to put my fingers in her ass. I lube up my finger with her girl drool and slowly slide my finger in. Holy shit. Tight all around my middle finger, squishy and so warm. I go in and out of her and she seems to be into it as she moaned and her back began to get sweaty. she grabs my hand, pulls the fingers out of my ass and starts licking the finger that was inside her asshole. “I love how my ass tastes”. She puts my hand back to her bottom, I finger that ass with two fingers some more and at this point. she’s trembling and moaning. “I want your cum in my ass” she tells me moaning. Idk, she seemed like a normal everyday girl and I wasn’t thinking very clearly so I agreed and gave her my cock with no condom. She sucks my hard dick for a quick second but already feel like I’m going to burst. She climbs on top of my and slowly lets herself down on my hard throbbing cock. It’s in, wow. Tight, warm and squishy all around my dick. “Cum in my ass” she says and she behind riding me with her butthole. Embarrassingly after 10 seconds I admit that I’m already close to cumming and she just smiled and went faster. I never came so hard or so much and it all we inside her tight little asshole. “Good boy” she says as she gets up off me and reaches into her purse to get tissue. She squats over the tissue on the floor and pushes the cum out her ass onto it. Damn. “Did you enjoy it” she asks and of course I reply yes. “You’re going to tip me right? I don’t do this for anyone” and nervously give her all the money in my wallet (which ended up being like 120$ 😑). I’ve gone back to that club a few times since but has not seen her. I’ll never forget it

  2. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    At this point my dick had been solid rock hard for the entire stage show and i could feel loads of precum on my boxers; i felt like she was coming for me and I got butterflies. Of course she walks out of the hall I’m assuming leads to the changing room, immediately makes eye contact with me and walks over. Honestly this is the only shit that makes me kind of nervous. She begins talking to me in her cute and soft voice about how I’m doing, doesn’t really give me the typical run around but seemingly wants to actually know me and what I’m about. We exchange stories: she’s working as a stripper obviously for the money with school and whatnot but claims she also just likes to feel sexy. Damn. She eventually asks if I would like a dance and she seems surprised when I ask if we could just do the vip. We walk over to the bouncer, I pay the 250$ and she holds my hand as we walk to the vip room. As we walk over I grab her ass and tell her how much I like her ass. She replies ,”I’m good at teasing men with my ass”.

  3. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    Anyway, I go to the strip club one night (by myself in typical fashion, since this is a little embarrassing of a taboo for me), I pay the entrance fee and get that way overpriced mug of watered down coke. I came on a good night. There are girls of all height/ethnicities, there’s a good mix of straight sluts and ones that appear as if they are just trying to make money for school or whatever have you. Now when I go to the strip club I tend to watch for a bit, throwing small tips and scoping out the ones (that over time) I’ve learned will give me extras. Some strippers will take their clothes off immediately (typically they won’t give extras if they never take their bottoms off on stage), if they are playful and talk to you while they’re dancing on stage, sometimes what they’re wearing can give them away. Anyway the dj starts to play “novacane” by frank ocean (love this song) and “suki” is called to the stage. She’s beautiful, no more than 24 years old, slender with that nice skinny waist but perfectly plump and jiggly ass, appears to be a mix of some kind of Asian and either black or hispanic, a nice thigh tattoo, nice long black curled hair and some petite b cups that are both pierced all encased by a tiny black Victoria’s Secret g string/bra and some sexy black fishnet stockings. The way her body moved, her smile on stage, they way she looked at all the customers that flocked to the chairs to watch her get naked; mesmerizing. Lost her panties and bra immediately.. She tended to dance in front of me for most of her two song set on stage, maybe because i kept mindlessly throwing dollar bills, I’d like to think it’s because she liked whatever she saw but it was most likely because the rest of the customers were older looking house dads and I’m a bit closer to her age. Seeing her on her back spreading her legs to i could see that perfect shaved pussy and asshole just feet from my face, seeing her on her knees spreading her bare ass in my face; i knew she was the one I’d put all my money on. when she finished she whispered thanks for the tip, turned around and bent her base ass into my face to pick up the dollar bills and swayed it towards my face and walked off stage.

  4. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    I’ve had an addiction to strippers for quite some time now, to spare you the details I have gotten into the habit of going to try and touch them in spots most normal girls won’t let you; their asshole. There just seems something a bit taboo or forbidden but oh so sexually satisfying for me when I play with a woman’s tight shaved asshole. Honestly, it almost became a bit of a game over time to see if they would let me just rub their butthole, let me sniff it, even just let me have them bend over in my face so I can admire it and occasionally i would get lucky. I guess you could say I have an asshole worshiping fetish type of thing going on with me.

  5. Ham Sandwich

    Lexi is on Only Fans. She has a free account and a paid account. On the paid account she has cocks coming in and out of her asshole. I think she might be married with kids and her husband is in her pornos. She could probably handle your inch worm.

  6. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    I would love to give Lexi a good pounding in her tight ass with my big 10 inch, does anyone know her rates and does she do OTC? Does she have the back door skills to handle my big beef stick? when I whip it out, most girls freak out cuz i am 10inches long and 6 inches thick so not many girls wanna fuck with something huge like that or they wanna try and charge me xtra to fuck.

  7. Festus

    Hey does anyone know if Lexi is still here? AKA Lexi the Anal Princess on Only Fans? Brunette MILF with a tight body and bolt-ons?

  8. LeafRoller

    Some will come just for the weed then send the gal packing.

  9. Herpe the Love Bug

    Hey Big Al thanks for the warning. Back in the day (90’s) the quality here was top notch. Now it’s like tattoos are ruining all the broads here. It became a whore house- not sure if it is now? No one wants a dumb broad with tattoos who smells like cigarettes or weed.

  10. Missionary Man

    Can you get your dick sucked here?

  11. tom
  12. bob
  13. charles
  14. jd
  15. Big Al

    Went there Saturday night. What a dump. The quality of the dancers was poor, either too skinny, fake boobs or fat. My friend had gone there 10 years ago and said it was great. I can’t recommend this club under any circumstances.

  16. Anonymous Travler

    They try both hard and are barely trying. I went the other evening and the girls were ok, but I could walk into the mall and find better choices. I look at it this way, if I’m going to a club I want to at least be acknowledged. The bartender, maybe Asian or Spanish girl, could careless about me. So between the mediocre dancers and terrible service remind me to just stay in my hotel next time.

  17. elmer
  18. el_duro45

    This place used to be a 9/9.5 — How the mighty have fallen. Every year the talent level seems to go down, with an increasing disparity between the hotties and the hotties-not.

  19. james1412

    Went on a Friday. Great atmosphere, pretty girls..

  20. paul woods
  21. jack n.

    i can’t believe there hasn’t been a review on this place yet. i guess there isn’t enough dudes willing to admit that they go to these places. well, i have no shame.the strippers are generlly pretty good looking here. they don’t take their bottoms off here unless you go in the afternoon or pay extra to go into the vip area er something like that. haven’t gone to strip clubs lately but the lap dances are 20$ and they always have some 2 for 1 dance/t-shirt offer of some sort. the foxy boxing is slightly entertaining. usually have some big name porn star performing every once in a while. bring your dollar bills, the majority of the strippers will rub their titties in your face. as with most places like this, most of the strippers will hound you for a lap me crazy, but my favorite part about this place is their wings. it could just be all the semen i ingested from eating their food, but they have best tasting wings. haven’t seen the same wings since though. the wings may be gone, but they’ll always be in my heart. beers are overly expensive, but that’s the norm at these places. i think they have some sort of deal on beers in the afternoon or one of the admission from 11:30-6:00 on weedays.they say mo vaughn used to frequent this place. i’ve never seen him, but i’ve seen former wwe wrestler albert here. that dude was huge. i’ve also urinated next to former porn star babby vitale. i thought it would be a little weird to talk to the guy while he was taking a leak, so i let him be.because of the wings and this is probably the best one around this area, i’ll give it 5 stars.

  22. steve

    some really beautiful girls here

  23. Matt

    Always fun here

  24. rob

    Definitely the classiest club in RI. Other clubs have more contact etc. but are generally skeezier.

  25. robby
  26. richie

    taylor very special a ten

  27. Franklyn

    Best Strip Club Hands Down. Used to go to the Golden Banana on RT1 Saugus. That place started to go down and the talent fell way off.I was introduced to the foxy and have been going ever since, will switch it up and try other places but most are so bad that I leave and end the night here to makeup for the bad night at other strip clubs.LOTS of strippers and lots of cocktail waitresses. The Music is always bumping and Once going in there talked to one of the bouncers as he says they can get up to like 40+ girls a night. NO LIE! its insane in there. Def go and try it at least once. Doubt you will be disappointed!

  28. JR
  29. rating system:

    10: Body like professional athlete with a movie star face, has Fortune 500 money, very charming and treats you like a lady and is very picky about the women he chooses to spend time with.(1 in a 100,000 and very rare)

    9: Nice looking man with great career. Treats you like a lady. Very selective with who he spends time with.

    8:Average looking man with great career. Treats you like a lady. Very selective with who he spends time with.

    7:Average looking man with decent job. Pretty selective on who he spends time with.

    6:Average man. Samples dances with average girls.

    5:Average man. May get dances but looking for more action.

    4:Obnoxious man. Won’t get dances. Tries to solicit girls for extras.

    3:Obnoxious fat, horse face man with bad breath.Walks around the club with beer, bugs girls for extras.

    2:Ignorant, fat, horse face man with bad breath. Doesn’t spend money, tries to cop feels, only talks about extras and talks out of his ass.

    1:Any man that is drunk and nasty and settles for any hole, hand, or mouth that comes his way.

  30. harryharry

    It’s a strip club. With that being said, it’s a damn good strip club. I go there with my wife because it’s a fantastic fun time. $10 at the door, with no minimum drink limit which is good for people who don’t drink much. The rooms are very dark but just light enough to see the main stage and mostly smoking hot girls working it. If you’re going to sit at the main stage, I suggest off to the left because you can also very clearly see the VIP table dance stage as well, so there’s always someone worth watching.The music is loud, but not loud enough to drown out conversations which is a good thing because you shouldn’t have to shout to put in a drink order. All food and drink is cash only, and even though they have a full menu, at the main stage and the seating around it there is not enough room on the tables for more than one plate.The staff is very friendly and after spending a few hours there on Friday night, we only saw one plastic girl so it’s a great place in my book.

  31. Sam
  32. mike

    The club is classy and has some of the most beautiful women in r.i dancing here.

  33. Mike M

    By far the best club in RI

  34. BarMan

    I went the other evening and the girls were HOT!! The bartender could care less about giving good service. So someone should replace her. But the many hot girls at this club made up for the deficiencies at the bar.

  35. Chad

    Good place to see some of New England’s premeire girls. Real classy place and no fooling around allowed. Be sure to check out the boxing downstairs on weekends, well worth it 🙂

  36. sammy
  37. Redhead Vamp

    Yes, my boyfriend and myself go to strip clubs every once in a while. It’s fun and we trust each other. We always heard about the “World Famous” Foxy Lady, so we decided to drop by here a few weeks ago. The first thing we did was order drinks. The prices were surprisingly very good, considering it’s a club. We didn’t get food here, however so I can’t comment on that. We did not go to the all nude Gold Room, so my comment is based solely on the main room. It’s a very clean, classy atmosphere and the dancers were very attractive and this club tends to stay away from hiring dancers that are too out of shape, so that’s cool. There are two bars and there appeared to be three stages: one main and two side. When we went there were not any dancers on the side stages, though. Like I said, the atmosphere was probably the nicest I have seen at any strip club I have been to so far, tied with the Cadillac Lounge. The dancers are nice eye candy, but not very friendly. Maybe it was just an off night, I suppose. Or maybe it’s that this club has always had the rep for being the “classiest” gentleman’s club in New England so they think they are better?? I don’t know. There was one dancer, however, named Eva, a fellow Irish lass, who was great and had neat tattoos. Other than that, though, the girls seemed extremely stuck up and maybe they felt that because I was there with my boyfriend they would offend me if they talked to him a bit. Well, obviusly not if I took him there to begin with! Ah well, perhaps it was an off night, but other than the seemingly unfriendly dancers (for the most part), the club was beautiful and the staff helpful.

  38. curtis17

    Nothing special by any means couldn’t be more generic and the bouncers are A class A-holes. Your better of with the internet lol

  39. Chaz

    I like the Legs and eggs time , sneak in and out nobody knows.

  40. that guy
  41. John

    I had such a great time the ladies are fun and the prices are right I was reading some of the ratings and I don’t know why people are talking shit about the dancers not everyone’s my cup of tea but all and all their all sexy in their own way I will be back !

  42. dtm

    Not like the heyday. Many times this place has very little activity. The energy is gone.

  43. Talent
  44. John

    Just below par

  45. Michelle L.

    Ah, the Foxy Lady. I recall growing up and listening to all kinds of advertisments for it on various local rock stations and wondering to my naive little self, “what is this place? Why is it so popular?” Well, I was told what it was in my teen years and immediately vowed I would go after I turned 21, just to at least see what the hype is all about.Yes, it is a gentleman’s club (strip club), and a very good one at that. I have been to most of the others in the area and did find I always have at least a decent time whenever I go to these sort of uh, establishments, but this is one of the better ones, in my opinion. The only negative thing I have to say about this club is that the cover charge is a bit high, though I am almost 100% sure it is free to get in before 6PM. I want to say the cover was in the $15-$20 range, and after the initial shock of the charge I said “oh well no big deal” to myself and strolled in. The setup is nice, you walk in and there is a full bar next to the main stage, a smaller bar set in the back, and chairs and tables around the main room to sit at, and of course chairs at the stage to tip the lovely ladies. There is also another, slightly smaller stage on the main level. Set in the back are the private dance areas, and although I was never a huge fan of the private dances being in an “open booth” where I feel like men are gawking at me getting a dance from a fellow attractive female, it is a very minuscule drawback for this place because staff are always attentive and I am sure they are extra attentive to their female patrons. Also, there is a champagne room on the main level next to the smaller stage. The lighting is more less what you would expect from a strip club, black lighting at the stages where the dancers are, decent lighting, definitely not as dark as Club Fantasies but not as bright as The Cadillac Lounge. This is not a pro or a con just something I wanted to point out for some odd reason.The room downstairs is all nude, and I believe you have to pay an extra $5-$10 bucks to get down there, but the night I went I did not have to pay because one of my male friends that went with me had a free pass that he saved up and gave it to me. I should point out that down there the lighting is a bit brighter. There is also a shower where I presume the dancers get in to do what I have heard labeled their “shower show(?)”, however, it was not in use the night I went. The dancers here, by the way, are very attractive. Most of them have slender albeit curvy figures with natural breasts, though you get a few that look like they had work done. They seem like they are having fun as well, which is always a plus. The drinks are about the price one would expect from a strip club, and they have a good menu, if you plan on eating a steak here, which I did not. They are not pushy either, and actually sit and chat with you a bit before they pop the question. No, not to marry you, but to ask if you would like a private dance. Overall, an excellent time. Though expensive to get in after 6PM, the place is clean, the dancers are classy, attractive, and professional, the drinks are not outrageously priced, and the staff is great and helpful. Only other minor drawback is there is only one bathroom stall for the ladies, but again, not a huge drawback at all. I give it a solid 4 stars.

  46. Jon

    Overall this club has made some vast improvements and remodeling. They did a really good job. The private dance booths have smaller couches however, so if you are a big person it might not be as comfortable. I only come here to see my sweet addiction, the beautiful and petite Jetta (Trixie). She gets my heart racing a mile a minute every time. Will be coming here for the xmas party with a sizable group like we did last year.

  47. RRRR

    Management of the club sucks

  48. dolphin bob

    The club does not care for their customers at all. They just care about making


  49. XhXeXy

    This place is set-up nicely. Not too dark, where you’d get ninja attacked from the back by some ugly dancer. Most of the girls are rocking hot and the rest are like: “why…why would you even work here…you ain’t gonna make it”. The cost of beer is average and not too expensive. I do not eat at any “Gentlemen’s Club”, Chris Rock’s rule! Well, the bad thing is that the bouncer, a few of them, especially this one short guy, like 5 foot or shorter, acts like he is tough shit! It is a strip club dude…just do your job and stop acting like you’re a hot shot, just sweep the f**king place up and move the smelly customers out or the creepers out…Bouncers walk around bumping into customers and acting like they own the place…I do not think so dude…we pay for you to kick out the drunks, creepers, and low-ballers. I on one hand…spends at least $400…most of them goes to liquor! So keep in mind…some bouncers act like they are tough…with lack of education, this is the spot where you would work esse…

  50. rocco
  51. servo
  52. Bobby

    Wow! what a good time!

  53. Len
  54. Guy

    The club is alright, most of the girls are friendly but the drinks are kind of pricey. There is a russian woman with shoulder length blond hair that gets aggresive for money in the booth, besides that its worth the trip.

  55. maxxy1

    Although reviewing a strip club is awkward, I must say Foxy isn’t too shabby. I was dragged here by my “bros” and ayyyy, I survived.I wasn’t sure what to expect out of a strip club (first timer here!) buut it was not as weird as I was expecting it to be.The girls were funny…they could probably tell I was not sure what the hell to do lol…They picked on me a little, good healthy dose of embarrassing boobies in the face. But it was all in good fun. They were pretty ladies too!The bar is obviously over priced and I made the mistake of not bringing enough cash and having to use the ATM ( AHH $5 atm fee) but If your looking for a place for a Bachelor Party or something this place is clean, good music and fun.

  56. minkz

    Good time for all , can’t wait for next time

  57. J.T.

    I am a frequent visitor to this club and would recommend it to any one. The club atmosphere is excellent with a friendly staff and great service. The girls are all beautiful, friendly, outgoing and definitely worth checking out.

  58. Double D's

    I’ve always liked this place. Consistenly a good time. Not always a 10, but always at least a 7. One time, years ago, got stinking drunk on a manager’s tab while underage (maybe I’m biased then, but fuck it).

  59. Joe

    Shower shows are now being done on the main floor of the club. No charge, just tips…..usually girl on girl and I have seen a couple of these shows that were HOT ! DJ s are good and at times great. Went to watch the Patriots on tv there the day they played the Jets and after the game was surprised to see some of the Patriot players coming in. There;s a lady there in the lap dance area who could answer almost every question I asked herthe other sat night when we were there….she reminded me of the madam on the tv show about the bunny ranch or the girls grandma. She’s cool though. The girls seem to get better looking every week. And the sat night we were there I think they had 60 girls on the floor. Had a good time,,,good food and cheap drinks !

  60. Go Navy

    Military pays no cover – just ask the doorman. CJ rocks the back massage. Check her out on skates, “Helen Wheels”!? The LD was $50 x 2 full nude with nice contact. Will return, no doubt.

  61. Dawg
  62. angelo
  63. ted
  64. chicki

    Would be great if they could put a sign on your table that says “TAB” so that you don’t keep getting asked every 3 minutes if you need a drink! Strobe lights can get to be a little too much. Would be great if they posted dancer schedules for each week. Overall, seems like a decent place.

    Jessie and Sky…Hotter than Hell!

  65. Dik
  66. louie

    Time of my life!

  67. chops

    I think Foxy rocks. Have gone to Caddilac/ Fantasies/ Desire too, but keep coming back to Foxy too despie some reviews. Girls here are great, often very sexy, and dances are fun. My clothes stay on but grinds have been as good as anywhere else.

  68. Homaster
  69. Brian

    The bartenders don’t know how to make drinks, the girls are obese, the lap-dance attendant has a bad attitude.

  70. tony
  71. blink

    If I had the money , it would be every day thing for me.

  72. mass dude

    great variety of dancers her. don’t like the ‘improvements’ but enough exotic pretty dancers to keep me coming back.

  73. Jakcy

    Place has gone to hell recently

  74. felixnada

    Absolutely loved my first experience here. I went with my friend for my birthday (no cover) last night. The girls were gorgeous and very sweet. Except one girl who apparently wasn’t comfortable being on other girls. I had a margarita which was perfectly made. I ended the night with a private dance. Overall it was a great night and I will definitely be back!

  75. ganghamstyle
  76. W&T

    Melissa is great, she will get your heart pumping.

  77. gold fish

    got here from houston and visited this place. outside says world famous foxy absolute shit hole. i would never go back.

  78. ryan123

    I’m surprised more people haven’t reviewed this place. This place was paaaaaaaacked on the Saturday I went. However, it wasn’t a bad experience.I went here with about 20 guys, and they let all of us in for free. That was a nice perk.Despite the crowd, the Foxy Lady does a great job accommodating big groups. The women were attractive and not that pushy when they asked if anyone wanted a dance.There are several shot girls that walk around, and they are awesome. They’re about a thousand times better than shot girls you see at a regular bar. The only problem with the FL is they don’t have ATMs. They’ll give you ‘Foxy Dollars’, only redeemable for either expect that, or come prepared. They will change big bills for you though. Also, the charge 10% on any ‘foxy money’. Though strip clubs aren’t usually my thing, I’d go back again if a big group was heading to the Providence area and this was one of the stops.

  79. Johan

    Its dam good, have my dream time there with 2 girls private..nice

  80. me

    pull the plug – this place is done used to be the best now really sucks

  81. Mr. T

    Girls are hot as hell, but usually the ones you don’t want to see in the shower are doing the shower shows.

  82. jack
  83. Hunter
  84. adamrod

    This was my very first strip club and I can honestly say I had a blast.Ladies were free and the club was packed! Alcohol was strong – a little overpriced but nothing that’s going to break the bank. The first few dancers were kinda whack I didn’t even bother pulling out any cash. It wasn’t until midnight the dancers started to show out. Nowhere close to being a lesbian I had the time of my life tipping and having ass and breast thrown in my face and watching amazing tricks.Definitely need to take another mini road trip to Foxy Lady.Sidenote: why do all strip clubs have bomb ass wings?

  85. former RIsanda

    The Foxy Lady has changed for the better over the last 20 years or so IMO. The cover charge was $10, and the small drinks started out around $2. The LDs are priced oddly at $25/song for a topless dance and $50/2 songs with usually (not always) full-nudity. A full-on LD grind with full two-way contact is usually almost guaranteed though no matter what. They also have a “special” where I think the 2 song nude dances are cut short at 2 mins. each, but you get a free, XL, white “Foxy Lady” T-shirt as well. The LD room fills up quick though then, and the best, most secluded LD areas are way in the back of the L-shaped LD area upstairs…there are no birddogs watching back there & it’s darker. They announce this “special” with an old-time swing song & a parade of dancers coming down off of the stage…pretty much every dancer participates that’s not busy. There is an all-nude bar/stage area in the basement of the club…as well as another (supposively more secluded, sometimes pricer?) LD area along with the ultra-pricey “Skybox” area, which is $300 (per half-hour?). The upstairs Champange Room is around $190/half-hour, and looked like a ripoff to me IMO. They have valet parking available here, but there is usually plenty of free parking around nearby. The girls here were mostly pretty, with a few skanks mostly offering “upper back massages” (either private or at your table). They have a TON of waitresses here…so many that it’s hard to believe that they all do well per night. This is one of the most upscale strip clubs in RI for sure. The Foxy Lady is located just North of Douglas Avenue (Route 7) near the intersection of Route 146 & I-95. The stage dancing in the main room was topless at two different stages, but I never quite figured out where the “shower stage” was here. They need much more seating during busy times IMO. All ethnicites are represented on the dance staff here…including many Asians!

  86. Yoda
  87. Nick

    Awesome time last night with the guys! Beautiful dancers and staff. Would highly recommend this place.

  88. eddie
  89. tman
  90. Don Juan

    A RI staple! Like going to Aunt Carriies for Clam Cakes. Just don’t exspect steak n lobster

  91. crazy cat
  92. Corn
  93. Bill

    Not worth it anymore

  94. Funtimes

    Ok so I have not been there in a few years. When I was it was great. What is this I hear there are shower shows here now? What exactly are these and where are they and the cost? Also is there now more room then the main room you used to enter? Did I miss a lot of this club if so I may need to go there soon to see all these new improvements.

    Also do they give extras and are the lap dances more contact then before? What is the best way to go about getting extras? Coming out and asking right away or get a few dances first?

  95. eddyL

    My friends and I went out to eat and as a last minute outing decided to go here. We walked in and the placed was PACKED. There were lots of seating space, a plus. The staff was constantly catering to everyone. The dancers were not that great. I give this place 3 out of 5 for the reason that my friends and I still had fun. Great environment and gets everyone hyped, but Foxy Lady could do better with the dancers.

  96. hman
  97. Shane

    Had a great time the women are beautiful,Club is very nice,And lots of entertainment provided.

  98. Joe

    What dancers are working

  99. just me

    club is great, but the music during the day “sucks”

  100. bbking

    This my first visit. Overall the girls are hot. There were three girls I would to have lap dance with. I ended up inviting a Russion girl. She was so hot. She allowed me to touch her closely and the flirting touch really made my day. I will go back to see her soon.

  101. pete

    place out right sucks. Fat dancers

  102. Michael Argenti

    Best Adult Entertainment establishment that you can go to.

  103. 1


  104. Carl G

    don’t waste your time and $

  105. joseph1k

    Four stars for Legs & Eggs!! $7 for an all-you-can-eat buffet…I mean, strippers aren’t really my thing, but they can free with the meal. Mimosa is $20 a small glass, so don’t order that champagne cause it doesn’t even get you into the champagne room.Back to the buffet, we’re talking… two kinds of eggs, sausage (ha ha), bacon, french toast (not edible), cereal & whole milk, fruit, and some other stuff. 6am-11am Fridays only. I waited 9 years for this!$25+ for a lap dance in a creepy lounge and I saw there’s an all-nude downstairs room, a shower room, and another interesting unnamed room… $6 cab ride from downtown Providence.

  106. Richie

    lots of new crack whores working the club since Lori the manager took over. She is mean and abusive to the girls and has a bad cocaine habit. I heard she is robbing the place blind and the owners don’t give a fuck about this place anymore.

  107. ronaldo
  108. TB76

    one of the better clubs in Providence

  109. cman
  110. winston12

    Smells like a fish market. Bouncers were doing steroids in the doorway. Tried selling me powder sugar. Place is whack.

  111. Stranger

    I was at the Foxy RI for the first time on Saturday night. I have been to strip clubs all over the country and here’s my impression: It was crowded with lots of girls. I can easily spend a thousand bucks a night and it was surprising to me but there was NOT a single super hot chick. Like in that old TV commercial, “WHERE IS THE BEEF???” I don’t expect a blowjob when i go to a stripclub but please, without pretty girls, it’s just a waste of time. Dancers couldn’t explain the difference between the skybox and champagne room. Overall this is a second rate club. Better luck at the Foxy Brockton with pretty girls.

  112. TheDoctor13

    I love it here. I come in frequently and have gotten dances from many of the dancers in here. I’ve been coming for a little over two years but my favorite girl I have ever gone with and the only girl I will ever go with from now on is Molly. She is beautiful and gives an amazing dance. She is sensual but also knows how to use her body. She is fit and take good care of herself. She has rules and as long as you respect them you will have a great time. 11/10 for Molly

  113. Scurvy Sailor

    Nice upscale club, clean and non-sleazy. Happily emptied my wallet.

  114. richard95

    When I first walked into the Foxy Lady I went through a metal detector. I thought well that’s good as it helps with a feeling of security within the building – so no problem there. When I entered I was immediately impressed by the really nice environment. Very impressively decorated and top notch everything. As far as the décor it was probably the best I’ve ever seen. I met a very nice lady there that I talked with briefly and she mentioned that there was a nice downstairs. I went down there and checked it out. Talked to a pleasant guy down there that was in charge of security on that level I guess. Downstairs was really closed so after a short chat went back upstairs. So all seemed to be good up to that point. I sat near the stage and began to watch the show. That’s when things went very sour. There was a very overweight bouncer standing right at the edge of the stage. He was continuously monitoring everyone at the stage and the surrounding area. I thought well maybe this was a temporary thing and tried to ignore him, but he remained there. To say this was a complete mood killer is an understatement. He was chewing gum like a horse and every few moments he was talking to fellow bouncers at the stage. The show was really the bouncer not the girl on stage. Some dude was looking at his cell phone (not taking pictures) which is a no-no, so the bouncer went over and had a long talk with the guy. Again, distracting as hell, and he kept scowling over at this dude and his buddies. Finally, they got up and left. The bouncer remained at the corner of the stage scanning the crowd and you really felt more like an inmate at a prison than anything else. The entire energy of the place was suppressed. People sat there pretty immobile and the girls on stage lacked any enthusiasm.At one point something happened in the private area to which he charged off as if his life depended on it crashing into a customer sitting there. He and three huge dudes emerged a short time later escorting a small guy. Really you needed 4 giant guys to take care of this one small dude? I have no idea what happened, but I think more than likely it could have been handled differently than what looked like a full security crackdown. The bouncer returned to his place. By this time it was a third dancer on stage. For some reason the bouncer then got on stage while the girl was up there and started to sweep the floor. Really? At this point I was totally disgusted and got up and left.While the Foxy Lady had impeccable décor, and the girls were very lovely, the place was more of a bouncer show than anything else. You should have some security, but it should be low key and not in your face. I’ve never been to a place that was so over the top like this place. If you want to go to a place and feel like you’re in a concentration camp this is your place! If you want to have a fun and sexy time then go do absolutely anything else.

  115. toro
  116. Dozer

    This place is unpredictable. I’ve gone and had a great time on some nights, and on other nights it just bombs. FL consistently has very pretty girls and lots of them. Some provide great contact while others barely get close to you. Generally speaking, it’s pretty laid back though weekend nights can get a bit crowded and chaotic. They run a pretty tight ship. If you’re looking for a clean club where you and your buddies will feel safe, this is a good one.

  117. Farmer Ted

    This is the best club that I have ever been to.

  118. JJ

    Is Aria still working there ? How is her private dance overall

  119. Gary

    Simply amazing.

  120. mark
  121. Tim
  122. Joe Boo
  123. ricky

    my girl has better ass than this place

  124. Tyrone
  125. Dave

    Very classy club, high quality. Great-looking women, all on the high end of the scale. THe Gold Room is a good deal. Only two complaints are that the drinks are quite pricy and private dances good have more contact. Customers aren’t allowed to touch the dancers at all, which is ridiculous, an attendant is constantly looking in on them. That being said, a beautiful naked woman in your lap is a pleasant thing, so…also, the Knockout Room never opened, and on a Saturday night! Still, overall the club is beautiful, the dancers are beautiful and friendly, no at all pushy, and the staff are very good, both male and female. I’d recommend the club.

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