Jaguars Gentlemens Club



2015 Pittsburgh Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405


32.8325737, -79.9520577




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Jaguars Gentlemens Club

  1. u stink
  2. harryharry

    I won’t be back. This was the skeeziest strip club I have ever been to. I’d have expected a little better for Charleston, but this is what we had to deal with for a bachelor party. It was expensive to get in BYOB.. yes, bring your OWN BEER…. Seriously? To make things worse, there was only one stage, girls that never even stripped. I guess that was silly of me to assume they’d do, since I’d just bought a six pack at a gas station across the road and paid $20 to get in. There were several girls that never lost a single article of clothing! Thank goodness I only go to these kinds of places for special occasions, I’d have REALLY been disappointed then. If I had the option of going here or the Cheetah in Atlanta, I’d choose to drive 5 hours to Atlanta just to have a better experience.

  3. BiDDADDYHOT7000

    this club.. is very relax. I like coming here! I enjoy my time and enjoy spending money!!

  4. Bobby Ray

    I miss this club so much

  5. Ted

    Go across the street.

  6. rich

    don’t waste your time

  7. jack

    club is good needs a better dj but had a great vip with leelee i will be back

  8. patron

    Sexiest group of girls in the south!

  9. David

    This fucking club sucks. Girls fucking there are ugly and are not friendly at all. Girls fucking there only wants your money and don’t give fuck about giving you a good time.


    I feel so bad for the girls at this club. I worked there for 3 days and the manager fired me because i wouldn’t have sex with him in his office. He was giving me money in hopes that i would change my mind. I live and work in miami and this club along with the manager is a joke. He is nso old and unattractive its sickening. Besides him being on steroids he is balding and thinks he deserves to sleep with the dancers because he is the owner. Plenty of the girls have told me they slept with him to keep their job. I feel bad for a fallen angel named Holly. I used to have so much respect for her untilv i found out that she was sleepig with the manager and snitching on other dancers to keep her job. Sweetheart your ugly on the inside and out. Stay at that club because thats exactly where you belong! See ya in miami if you ever make it that far in life! Lol!

  11. Koto

    Really great club, worth the money definitely! Don’t go to the Belle, go across the street to the Emerald City

  12. inside

    Come on goddess! We know you sleep with managers just to get ahead!

  13. kwr


  14. big D

    One of the best clubs I’v been to when it comes to the dancers I really miss this place. Love those Hungarians.

  15. Mark

    I had a great time the other night. Summer and Chloe give the best private dances. Summer – Thanks for coming in early, you made my night. Can’t wait to get back!

  16. Guy

    Great bunch on hot women

  17. April Fan
  18. bg winslow

    Diamonds charleston is a very friendly place. Many of the dancers have been here for a long time, and seem to be treated well. Nice variety of dancers. The DJ has no personality; indeed, I cannot understand a word he says! $7 cover currently (10/06)

  19. clubgirl1

    i dont kno y anyone would say that about us. i work from 4 to 10 and all the girls i work with are beautiful. so i guess it just depends when u go. dont listen 2 the dick that said we were ugly, he probably just thought we would suck n fuck 4 a buck. come check out the place it looks great and we have alot of new girls!!!!! or u can go to thee southern bell and pay a 20 dollar cover and get a shity ass dance for 40 dollars…

  20. pimp
  21. out of towner
  22. Whoa

    Had not been to club in a while but was really dissappointed after our visit this past Saturday. Girl quality way down. New drink system makes drinks taste funny.

  23. Steven
  24. anonymous

    Some of the girls need to stay off the drugs, they act foolish and unprofessional in front of the customers and I have even seen some customers leave because the girls nag them for drinks or money and the guy can’t even talk to any pretty ones because the ugly ones bombard them.. Terry is a really great guy!! Cool manager!!! I really like the front door girls and the housemom too.. Awesome..

  25. Kensho

    Club now called Emerald City (has been for a while) nice girls but not as friendly as they could be.

  26. Luncha Munch A.

    Jaguar’s is the worst strip club in the Country and here’s why:Although the place is not a dump, it’s not much to look at and it’s located right next to warehouses, landfills, dumps and abandoned buildings they charge $20 to get in?!.The only reason we gave place a shot was because Southern Belle was closed.As soon as we get in and sit down to see the lineup we get asked if we want something to drink, sure, why not?, like it has been mentioned before, they bring you all your change in brand new $2 bills forcing you to tip more, 3 minutes later she comes back again to ask if we need a drink…..errrrr… just gave me a Corona, don’t you see it in my hand?, she walks away, 5 minutes later guess what, she returns to ask if I need a drink, I see the game she’s playing, “sure get me another one”, i figured if I’m drinking from TWO bottles at the same time they stop bothering me asking if I need a drink, guess what?!…..wrong!, are you serious?, I’m trying to enjoy my beer and see who’s working the stage now GTF outta my way!, after I finish the 3rd beer, a different server comes by to ask if I need a drink, by now I’m really annoyed so I tell her I don’t want any more drinks, she gets upset and with attitude she tells me you have to consume beer to be there, I decline the drink, she walks away, at this point I’ve had it and make my way to the exit, as I go out I see a bouncer heading to the area were I was watching the dances lol.I didn’t even see everyone dance, the girls I saw dance had a diva complex expecting to be tipped for doing nothing, a couple of them didn’t even work the pole, in the looks department, they didn’t have any girls above 8, from all the strip clubs I’ve been to all over the country I can say that this one is the worst, expensive, bad service, bad attitudes, bad location, I cannot say anything good about Jaguar’s.

  27. roberthillsadouche

    …that is all

  28. paperboy
  29. mike

    My gf and I have been going to emerald city for about a

    year. Always I paid a $10 cover and she got in free. We

    were pleased with prices, girls and the environment. We

    stopped in about a month ago after renovations and a new

    club owner and we were not pleased. The bouncer told me I

    had to pay $15 cover cause I was out of state, but the girl

    said I was $10. We argued a little and he enforced the $15

    and $10 for my gf! I was pissed and shoulda left then but

    was a sucker and paid it. Didn’t think anything of my

    change being two dollar bills. Went inside, renovations

    looked good and drink prices were the same. I asked for

    ones and was told they only give out $2 bills now. I was

    pissed and we drank our one beer and left. Went up the

    street to the wild joker. The girls weren’t all that great

    looking but they all had long chats with my gf and I and

    just hung out and laid all over my gf. There was no cover

    for my gf and only $5 for me. The bouncer even escorted us

    to my car at the end of the night to make sure we were

    safe. Girls weren’t great but that’s become our new club

  30. Franklyn

    Ok so funny enough a few buddies and I went to the club to see the ladies shake their ass and found out Friday night is wing buffet night… So what the heck I tried them and to my surprise they were great! granted I had a few beers in me but I believe my expectations were so low that when I ate my first win I was shocked!!!! Keep’em cooking and ill be back

  31. killbill

    Needs a Dj that knows what he’s doing. Embarrased a girl on stage when I was there. You don’t do that shit. Pull that girl to the side

  32. letthegoodtimesroll
  33. Justin C.

    This place is atrocious. We kind of got suckered in to going here because the cab driver had discount cards to get us in, which, if we were not inebriated, probably would have realized it wasn’t really a deal, as she got money for the cards, and we still had to pay to get in, just not as much. So total up the two, and it’s the same… Anyways..The first terrible taste in our mouth was that the girl letting you ‘insists’ that you give her a tip to go inside. You’re kidding me right? Who the F tips someone to walk into a place. Example: You walk into my bar, and i’m the bouncer, okay it’s $5 to get in, but i’d really appreciate a tip on top of that. Wait, what, are you kidding me?They really do give you back $2 bills when you buy a drink at the bar, okay, I get it, gets the girls more money to earn, but don’t force it down my throat. Now, onto the place, meh, not a really good looking place, in all aspects. After being in there for the bachelor party and buying the best man a dance, we hear from one of the guys my friend was sitting next to was to go across the street to Southern Bell, it’s a lot better there. But, why are you here then? Of, because you’re a ‘high roller’ and they offered you free entry and drinks, okay, understandable. Our friend gets out of the dance, and we head across the street. Muchhhh better.Do not go here, at all, not worth it, I don’t get the reviews of anything higher then a 2.

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