King Street Cabaret



1337 King Street, Charleston, SC 29405


32.8165362, -79.951401




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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All Inclusive


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0 reviews for “King Street Cabaret

  1. Johnny

    A pure dump. Stay as far away from this place as you can.

  2. candy

    it was nice to be able to make money off the drinks, but sucked having to give $10 out of dances, and champaign rooms you are looking at 180 half our and u get 80$ thats crazy!!!!!! but overall if u have the clients to make it, it makes it more tolerable

  3. larry

    crystal is the bomb

  4. Nothx
  5. disturbed

    The girls looked really tired. I don’t think they took any breaks I felt bad for them.

  6. None-ya

    I think that you guys are a little too pushy on the VIP issue. You shouldn’t throw the VIP’s out before I even get half of a drink in my system. Besides, I like to get a couple private dances before a VIP to see if I’m even gonna like one with the lady I’m talking to. So, just ease up a bit, will ya.?

  7. Don

    I used to be a regular at the Joker from 2000 to 2004. It may look trashy, but lemme tell ya, I GOT LAID there on two different occasions. I always spent time with Christina. She had real bad eyesight and used to use me to help her identify which guys were trying to tip her when she was up dancing. For $300 you could buy the Champaign VIP Experience. You and your dancer got a private booth or room and the duration was supposed to be for 3 dances. Christina pulled my cock out as I was sitting on a chair with her dancing completely nude in front of me. She let me touch her all over, caress her tits, finger her pussy and even give her oral. She stroked me for awhile, then gave a blowjob and finally sat down on my cock and worked it. She even provided the condom. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. IT REALLY HAPPENED. ON TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS. I don’t know if Christina was the only one offering this service or whether other dancers did as well. The Joker will always have a very special place in my memories. By the way, this may make you puke if you are young, or give you hope if you are old, but when this happened I was 58 and Christina was 21. She was a slender brunette with long hair and small but adequate boobs, puffy silver-dollar size nipples. Eat your heart out, fellas. Maybe you can still get lucky at the Joker.

  8. Me

    Great for the money. They don’t try to be fancey but they are friendly.

  9. Aubrey

    Hey! Its your old friend ” Aubrey ” from Tennessee sayin Hello! I was wondering who still worked there that i knew? I used to dance there in 2000. I would really like to hear from the people that are still there that i used to know. Also, by the way does anyone ever talk to jeremy, anymore?

  10. kingsONLY

    felt EXTREMELY good in this club- they treated me like pure VIP just by walking in the door – i love it – i come in atleast once a month!

  11. John

    Save your money go to Diamonds or Southern Belle

  12. frenchy
  13. Matt

    Butterfly is ANNOYING the girl had more facial hair than i did and they want you to pay 22.50o for a ugly girl to talk to you while they drink apple juice. dont waste your time its a crappy club

  14. motormouth

    I loved hearing stories about the history of the club and how it was grandfathered into the city limits as a historic landmark, oh yeah and the hot chicks with nice racks I loved that too

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