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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lust Strip Club

  1. larry1

    LUST has arrived! Finally Greenville, SC has a gentleman’s club worth visiting! The bartenders and cocktail servers are ravishing and super friendly, and they have some of the best dancers I have ever seen. No other club in town has specials every single night of the week, and they serve alcohol on Sunday’s! On Monday they have Monday Funday with $3 Corona and $4 house liquor specials, and members get in free all night. Two Dollar Tuesday’s consists of $2 house liquor and Miller Lites, and members get in for $2. Wednesday is Lingerie Night and all the servers and bartenders wear lingerie. How cool is that?! On Thursday and Friday the club is open late night up to 4 AM. Saturday’s is Ladies Night and ladies get in free all night long. Of course, couples are always welcome. I am so excited to have found LUST!!

  2. Brad aka "Cheap Bastard"

    Awsome Club — It’s like having family over!

  3. Johm
  4. Michael

    The dancers were nasty, the music was terrible, and the bar must have watered down the drinks

  5. Pooky

    The girls are hot!!! I saw some new girls there last time I was there some need to put on a little bit of weight. I had a great time.

  6. Harry
  7. Lars
  8. Clint
  9. big daddy

    this club sucks its boring and the girls suck

  10. Marty
  11. New customer

    I have been to every club in town and I really don’t know what the other people that have review this club are talking about. This club is great, the girls are the most beautiful in town. This club is not too dark and it is not too loud. And I don’t really know about this DJ crap the others are talking about. The day I come to a club for the DJ is the day I stop coming to clubs. I mean get real, who cares about the DJ. Again the girls are beautiful and friendly.

  12. Adam
  13. LAW
  14. Gia
  15. Nice Guy

    By far the best club I’ve ever been to!

  16. Pete
  17. mary
  18. Kendall

    Are you giving away another motorcycle?

  19. Sure

    Brian Johnson? Really? Thats the best you could do? Now thats hilarious. Instead of making disgusting promises you do not intend to fufill, how about you be upfront with your potential customer instead and ACTUALLY attempt to dance. Just saying.

  20. summer
  21. Eric
  22. Cam
  23. Nate
  24. Tre

    If your are black this club doesnt exactly welcome you with open arms. The waitress had a foul attitude and barely spoke other than to tell us the price of our beers. When rock was played you could tell the music was being turned up but when it was hip hop it was just above speaking level. Im only coming back because these two new black girls Nikki and Meya spent time with us instead of walking past us like everybody else has done on our previous visits.

  25. wowie

    $$$$$ Nothing but money – wouldn’t even consider at all!!!

  26. Billy Mann
  27. Brian Johnson

    What David Newman forgot to mention in his review is that Angel didn’t “try to get him kicked out”, but rather that a bouncer kicked him out after finding him trying to force his fingers into her while she tried to pull his hand off. He also forgot to mention that instead of kicking him out the first time he was caught breaking the rules, the bouncer gave him a warning and then let them continue the champagne room. I’ve been a customer of Angel’s for as long as she’s worked there (3 years) and happened to be there on the night of the aforementioned incident. As I was eagerly waiting for her to come out and attend to me, I kept watching the door of the champagne room to see when she would be out and saw the bouncer look in there and then open the door and kick the guy out. In all the time that I’ve known her she’s never gotten anyone kicked out and actually lets a lot of things slide that could get a guy kicked out. Brian Newman got kicked out for his own childish actions and it’s because of guy’s like him that there’s a rule about paying up front, so this “taking your money” crap is ridiculous.

  28. S Loftis
  29. Robert
  30. Reth K.

    Girls are friendly… Lot of hot girls stuck with regulars and comes rarely to nonregulars… But i recommend lust though… After 9pm is the recommended time 🙂

  31. Derrick

    JADEN redhead 5′ big tits getting fat has Herpes,, 864-360-1065 or 864-639-0731 127 quail cirlce central 29630 “contract married to” adriane Santos pilot from Brazil

  33. Tim
  34. Brad
  35. Seth
  36. utay
  37. Terry
  38. fritter17

    First time to a strip club and Lust did not disappoint. The girls were amazing, and knew their jobs well. None were pushy, and two stayed at our table the whole night. We had taken a buddy for a bachelor party, and they did not fail to take care of him. I would recommend this club to anyone with interest in such places and if given the chance I will be there again.

  39. Upstate Couple

    WOW. We had an awesome time Friday. Thank you ladies and staff for taking such great care of us, as a couple. Tanya really enjoyed the attention from the girls in the VIP, and well, so did I. Fantastic environment. Too bad Nepals does not have a carry out menu. 🙂

  40. Jack

    crack hos all over this place

  41. Eric Alligood

    I watch this site quite often. In the past I have enjoyed my off time at nepals. It seems like the dancers are going downhill, but really the DJ (Cameron) is really bad. I agree who cares about the DJ, but he can not make the club atmosphere flow and it appears the ladies hate his way of doing business

  42. Chris

    I love the boobies!!!

  43. buzz

    Had the opportunity to visit this club with a group of friends. Super atmosphere. Start to the evening was slow, but oh my, this club ROCKS!!!!!

  44. Dustin
  45. Mark

    Me likey

  46. Jose
  47. Paul
  48. bcb
  49. James
  50. Jen
  51. Keith

    How much is the club paying the DJ to write the “good” reviews for this club?

  52. Bill
  53. Tom
  54. yeah
  55. Nope

    The last two months this place has been dead as hell.

    Sleepy, nap time music and unhappy women.

    Is the staff taking turns writing these overated reviews on this place.

    Last week a girl stood on stage, up against the pole with her arms folded for the entire song.

    Come on!

  56. dennis

    CLub is absolutley terrible…….old pregnant women

  57. Knoxville_guy

    This club was extremely boring. I think the previous reviews are highly over-rated. The girls are probably 6-7 on 1-10 scale. None of them can really dance. All they do is kind of parade around on stage with slow non-erotic movements. I was not even aroused. I even tried the VIP hoping for a better experience, but the girl was very distant (physically and mentaly). Her mind must have been in a nother place. Overall I was expecting much more from the club given the previous ratings I have seen on this site.

  58. Peter
  59. Customer
  60. keren
  61. CheapBastard

    Awsome Club – you must check this place out!

  62. Reggie

    It was not that Great

  63. Eldridge
  64. a friend
  65. tonycluber

    Where to start, well me and my wife arrived at about 8:30 sat 2/6/16 walked in and paid 10 each even tho sat was ladies night so my wife should have been free. We were early so we were like the 3rd table there bought a couple drinks, smoked couple cigs, then we started tipping girls on stage requested her to come to our table she walked over hugged my wife and said she had a couple people to say hey to “her regulars” and she never came back. Bought a couple more drinks about 40 bucks worth, tipped another girl same thing after 3 hours and requesting 2 more dances from 2 different girls just to be blown off for the regulars who would have 2 to 3 girls at a time not to mention i spent maybe 120 on drinks and tipping girls on stage we left went to trophy club on the other side of transit drive got there after 12 so no drinks but that’s on lust needless to say lust ruined our one night out a week since we do have children and only go out on Saturday’s so if your like us and cant go to the club every night of the week and become regulars stay away from lust… had great time at the trophy club great girls there not stuck up, way better music, better atmosphere.

  66. Stacey
  67. Kerry
  68. casualguy

    This is a nice club with some very nice looking dancers. Occasionally you have some very hot dancers working here. It’s more like a small town friendly bar than a large strip club. Dancers are friendly and you don’t get hustled with the “wanna dance” routine other clubs have. I’m hooked.

  69. Richard

    The low rating is probably more attributed to the fact that many patrons arent rating the club, they are just leaving general comments. Also, the traffic at Nepals is a different more selective volume than the other surronding clubs. Honestly, both DJ’s have there good moments, but both seem full of themselves. I just try to focus on the women, who are outshine the women at the other clubs anyday.

  70. S Andrews

    Cam is so hot

  71. Tony
  72. SOB

    this place is definatly the best greenville has.. thanks to the staff and bartenders for the great service.. and thanks to the beautiful women i will be back for sure…

  73. Travis
  74. big boy

    this place is hands down the best in greenville…

  75. Lottis
  76. mike

    Very nice club,…check it out always enjoy myself when I am here…..very clean, pleasant staff, good looking dancers who don’t overwhelm

  77. Harris
  78. Angel

    Do you actually think I waste my time browsing reviews that most people never even read? My client stumbled upon your pathetic post and mentioned that he had responded. I really don’t feel the need to argue with you about whether that’s “true” or not. It’s funny that you say “why don’t you actually attempt to dance” because dancing certainly isn’t what you wanted that night. You’re a piece of shit and I don’t think anyone is wasting their time with you on here, including me. Your review certainly hasn’t hurt my business any…and FYI this isn’t exactly the top strip club review site anyways (as shown by all the comments of “wtf where did my positive comment go….why are all the ratings of this club so low”) Think before you post next time…it’s not even within my power to “get” someone kicked out. I gave you a plethora of warnings that the bouncer was watching you and *he* even gave you multiple warnings. I left the champagne room when he motioned for me to leave because he was throwing you out. I’m not even looking at this site anymore, neither it nor you are worth my time.

  79. Hawk

    Prrrrrfect atmosphere….. beautiful ladies….. supreme upscale environment.

  80. clark

    Very warm and inviting atmosphere.

  81. strip club fan

    This club is the best, love the girls and atmosphere. Will become a regular there.

  82. try it
  83. PartyAnimal

    I went to the anniversary partay last year. You guys gonna have some more of that Crunk Juice Punch the floor men had? That stuff knocked me out my socks!

  84. Lyle
  85. Lindy

    I haven’t read the reviews on here in a while so I’m sorry I missed the Chris S comment. We try to make sure everybody has the best time legally allowed…

  86. Jason
  87. Roger
  88. John TN

    The girls Love The cock!!!

  89. Scott

    What has happened here, worst visit to a club anywhere/anytime. Rude staff and dancers, door to exit

  90. Stan
  91. Mr Dreamworks
  92. Jason D
  93. Hal
  94. Jamie

    JADEN at Thophy has Herpes.. Gave it to me.. she is “contract marriage” to Adrian Santos ..pilot for another strip club owner to keep him from being deported to Brazil .. call her at 864 360- 1065 her real name is Bonnie Ryan(Santos) from Central SC

  96. Don

    Great place to unwind after a long day on the job

  97. Rob

    This is a GREAT Club! I will be going back for sure! The dancers are great, the drinks are great, and the overall establishment is very laid back. Check it out!

  98. Kent
  99. Kellett
  100. dj

    The dj cam is Hot…Sexy Beast

  101. JT
  102. Gerald
  103. HERPES JADEN trophy

    jaden (5’2″ 130# redhead at trophy has Herpes,,, look out

  104. Rufus
  105. Steve
  106. Vincent Borrows
  107. Brad Stepp

    The DJ Sucks on friday night, I guess we need to find a new place. He pisses the ladies off, causing them to provide less than the best service. The bartender was great

  108. Ray
  109. DJSOUL

    okay, where to begin? First off, it is a relatively small club, but it is well lit, (especially comparied to other area clubs) and the music allows for conversation. Unfortunately, at times they do not start up the stage until around 10-10:30 pm, (when the club normally starts to fill up) so if there are not a load of other blokes in the club, you aren’t going to see any of the dancers getting naked. Now, on to the dancers…in short, Nepals is not what is was once was, but is still a solid club. I first joined 3 years ago, and back then, just about 90% of the dancers were hot to super hot. Unfortunately that is no longer the case, as they have not been able to replenish some of the “talent” they have lost BUT Nepals does have a solid corps of veterans (Katrina, Carmen, Renee, ) who are attractive. On any given night, you are guaranteed to find at least a handful (5+) of the dancers there attractive. Overall, Nepals used to rank a 8.5 or 9 out of 10, now it probably rates around a solid 7. Mileage may vary in lap dances depending in dancer, it is best to ask each dancer about their “rules” before plunking down 35.00 for a VIP Dance. Also, no “2 for 1” specials, each VIP dance is 35.00, but some of the ladies are more than worth it (especially Asian Rachel!)

  110. Nick
  111. frank
  112. adamrod

    Wow Wow excellent entertainmentBeautiful women nice atmosphere, great layout Good bartenders and servers exceptionally clean keep up the good. Greenville South Carolina finally has it, I can see a lot of business meetings are going to be held at this bar

  113. Nick SWS
  114. Karl
  115. mel
  116. Mike D
  117. ff
  118. Cam Sucks
  119. Big Money
  120. Jim
  121. regular
  122. Dave Hayes

    Hey its a step above Godiva’s but the enviroment is not great

  123. Jason D.

    Nepals was extremly impressive last night. The ladies looked incredible and were lots of fun to be around. Jessie, Mia/Mya?, and Tony really stood out on the stage.

    The music could have been better but what can you do. Big Thanks to our waitress Missy. We will definitley be back.

  124. Carl
  125. smiley


  126. Jeff

    Very nasty looking girls, the club has a gross smell, and overall the staff is not accomidating

  127. Earl
  128. Mira
  129. Cliff

    I like the the chex mix

  130. Doug
  131. Brian

    I was a long time customer, but will move on to another club, two different girls attempted to sell me meth.

  132. A Very Satisfied Customer

    Was at Nepals last night and had a GREAT time. Will definitely return next time in town!

  133. Hammer
  134. Gas

    I’m a “regular” and admit to a great bias for this is my favorite club, but the prior reviews do a great disservice to Nepals, the management, staff, and hard working ladies there. I’ve been to clubs all over the country and Nepals ranks among my top five for overall entertainment value. The VIP dances are reasonable and I believe you would be hard pressed to find better (pun intended).

  135. oscar

    This is a nice club, it really deserves a higher rating.

  136. Craig

    This was a very bad experience, the girls were ugly, and the bartender short pours

  137. What?

    I cannot beieve this establishment has such a low rating with the striking women working here. Regardless this place is well above a ten, very nice champange rooms.

  138. Staying Happy

    The club has a few that could move on but over all it is an awesome family like club – Love it.

  139. Hank

    Vanessa…love her

  140. Sammy

    this place is buy far the best place in Greenville. it is very classy and upscale. had a wonderful time.

  141. William
  142. Henry

    Stopped in a few nights ago, there were no girl on stage, only a few customers, and the DJ was Terrible. It was not a party

  143. Mellisa
  144. Julie
  145. Andy
  146. Billy
  147. dancer
  148. Leone
  149. Sam

    Club was really bright, bartenders were rude, and there were only about six girls of which only 2 were 8’s.

  150. Darren
  151. Perry
  152. Shaun

    Outstandig entertainer. Friendly, outgoig, easy to talk with and is very attractive.

  153. REX

    We went here after Hooters and the girls talked me outta the table dances after I got a few and I went into a silver room or gold room or whatever it’s called. the one with the curtains, well let me tell you I thought they were just tryin to hustle me, but it was like they said WAY more EROTIC. Even when I didn’t think it could be

  154. Dane
  155. Loftis
  156. Will
  157. cowpoke
  158. Jordan
  159. Dan
  160. Hal Harris
  161. Silas

    I like smelling panties. A girl gave them to me for free here. This is my favorite place

  162. Daniel
  163. Griffin
  164. Cameron
  165. Lise
  166. DJ sucks
  167. Raymond
  168. Kyle
  169. Larry
  170. kali
  171. Jemmy W
  172. Gary
  173. club rocks

    Last few times I went there had a great time. Only complaint is I walk out of there with my eyes burning, so much smoke from the cigars and cigs. Like the guy on the next table said the girls are worth it.

  174. Next

    I cant believe that any of you are wasting ANY time discussing Angel in the first place other than to ask why she hasnt been to the gym. When she gets toned up like Toni or Rio then maybe she will be worth discussing.

  175. Calvin
  176. Local
  177. Kevin
  178. Lane Hughey

    Went on my 21’st and ive been back several times since….love it! Nepals Rocks!

  179. Jay
  181. dark e

    I have worked at the three top clubs in Greenville this place rocks management is awesome. Girls hot as hell.

  182. nepals dancer


  183. TZR

    No new DJ yet

  184. Tori

    This is by far the best club I have ever worked at!

  185. To The Managers

    Excellent job on the diversity of the beautiful women here. I wish you were open a little later but I still had a great time.

  186. Justin
  187. Chris NC

    Hot hot hot Evening gowns are so sexy

  188. Red

    Dance ladies Dance on My pants

  189. John

    Lovin it

  190. Chris S

    I want to play with Lindy

  191. Joe

    Ask for Lucky.

  192. just a lil blue bird

    This club is much different from any club I have ever worked in the past few years. I have been with Nepal’s for a while and I must say that it has gotten a lot better. Every club goes through cycles and it has went up from what I can see. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere with pleasant, as well as beautiful ladies. I think that if your a gentleman looking to have a nice evening in a exotic dance club that Nepal’s gives you the entertainment as well as the comfortable atmosphere to do so in. I also think that everyone should keep in mind yes this club has been in Greenville for seventeen strong years, otherwise the club wouldn’t have survived and still be doing as well as it is today. And personally I believe it’s changed well considering a lot of people continue to still attend the club that have been doing so for five or more years faithfully. This club was the first club in Greenville, and had, and still has a outstanding reputation. It’s obviously adapted well over the years to survive strongly as a buiness as well as a club. I think more people should take a look and understand that nothing stays the same forever and things change for the better no matter what or how that should be. To those who are disappointed in this club for reasons to do with entertainers not being the same as the ladies over the last seventeen years I’m sorry but give the beautiful ladies who are there a chance and take the time to see that they are just as mesmerizing in there own ways. Not every man or woman likes the same thing and Nepal’s is right now carrying a good variety or women. They aren’t over capacity with ladies but enough to entertain the ladies and gentleman coming into the establishment. I think that Nepal’s is a very nice club now more so than ever and will continue to prosper. Change is inevitable the question is can you adapt? And that’s what makes Nepal’s a great club!

  193. Rick

    The music was really bad, no party atmosphere at all

  194. Martin
  195. David Newman

    This club is pretty nice and the women look better than the women at the surrounding area clubs. The music sounded distorted like one of the speakers was blowed or dying but great overall experience. However stay FAR away from Angel, she promises a lot but then tries to have you thrown out once she gets her money.

  196. Brett
  197. Herb

    It was very quiet here last night, I guess because of the past holiday weekend. All the women were beautiful especially the one who could really move her body. I will definitely get a dance from her when I visit again.

  198. tommy
  199. Kris

    Did anyone else go to the rock out with your cock out party they threw? I can’t remember much, but I think I lost my underwear that night!!!Another night where i sacrifice my drawers to the party gods/

  200. Cain

    Just give me a blonde with a great rack and keep me in that gold room for a while and I’m set.

  201. Harold
  202. mr. big

    I don’t know what the last guy was thinking. this club is awesome. ALL of the girls are HOTT!!! my friends and I had a blast and will be back again for sure.

  203. LOVE IT


  204. Randy

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