South Fork Lounge



1905 5th Street Southeast, Watertown, SD 57201


44.87698, -97.1097032




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “South Fork Lounge

  1. MN Guy

    Great staff,friendly girls and good atmosphere. What more could a guy want. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kelly

    dancers are stuck up. only sit their friends and do not go from table to table. Will not be back

  3. tanya
  4. Grr8t

    gr8t line up of girls

  5. Traveler

    Not a bad club for South Dakota. Good lapdances!

  6. Malcom Meechum

    Do not waste your time here, the place is a shithole!

  7. passerby

    place sucks anymore bar atmosphere is depressing

  8. mark
  9. ND

    Best club I’ve been to in ND/SD — $20 for a dance is not obscene – good variety of attractive talent.

  10. Bubbs

    I loved this place I have been there about 5 or so times and everytime is a good time even if I just go to have a drink or to enjoy the beautiful scenery its is always a great time and the ladies are extremely nice… And as for the drinks all I have to say is WOW they are awesome!!!

  11. Darren

    I enjoyed the club. Very clean and nice setup. Only problem was the stage area seemed to dark.

  12. Trende

    Great people work there!!

  13. pakko


  15. gm
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  17. Picraux

    Good service but still the same dancers.

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  19. Okay

    This club is not busy. The quality of dancers…not bad. The drinks were expensive considering it was slow. They need to advertise and run drink specials and this place could be a hit.

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  21. Noami AKA Merry Whitney

    I’m a travel dancer,worked here recently I like it here, owner is nice& the dancers are friendly. My stage name is Naomi aka I Moan spelled backwards. will be working here the week of, Aug 17th 2015- Saterday I think if I remember correctly they are closed on Sun. I wish they put a spinning pole in, b.c. they are fun. u can follow my roadtrip on instagram MerryWhitney

  22. Chad

    Had a great time best dancer had to be KET she was fantastic can waite to see here again

  23. joe
  24. billl

    Would not go back to his club again.

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  26. Club Lover

    I had a great time in here. Good mix of dancers, drinks were reasonable, and enjoyed the dances. Several of the dancers were very friendly. Good experience and value for the money.

  27. thebigstud

    the new club is perfect

  28. hills
  29. brookings

    good looking club just looked very slow

  30. Morris2006

    Visited 2 days this week. Same girls they had 2 years ago. Girls are getting

    fat and hang at the bar much of the time. No clothes come off when on

    stage unless it’s Sat night. I talked Megan and she sounded like she was

    on drugs or maybe just drunk. Staff needs do their jobs and stay away

    from the bar. Stage area is too dark and when sound is turned up, it

    sounds slurred. I think the place has potential with a change in staff and

    some tweets.

  31. chris

    I’ve yet to find a club that matches Southfork in east-central SD.

  32. Josh B.

    I swung by this club a couple of years ago and had a pretty good time. Most of the dancer’s were pretty O.K.

    What got me turned off though was some dancer who went by Jessie James and spent her time bragging about having so much pull in the club that she could get other girls fired

    for bogus reasons. I probably will NEVER return because of her.

  33. fatnuts
  34. john

    good dancers if they could just get theme to work the tables instead of sitting and visiting, too many local friendships with the dancers time to rotate the regular dancers with newones i drive 100 miles on friday nite to see the dancers it gets to be a long drive home on a dissappointment.

  35. shane
  36. richard95

    I was here on a Wednesday night. They had four girls working, all attractive in their own way. The cover was five dollars, and sodas cost me a dollar fifty. It’s a pretty friendly atmosphere in there. The stage dances are pretty tame, just topless. Lap dances cost $20 and I got three. The first was from Georgia, who was very friendly, and wasn’t afraid to do a little grinding. Very nice. Next I got a dance from Lexus. She was the looker of the bunch, but her dance was rather uninspired. Last, I got a dance from Catalina that was outstanding. She gives a slower erotic dance that is to die for. I would recommend checking the Southfork out if you are in the area.

  37. piss poor
  38. Mr. G
  39. Chad Johnson

    The best one that I have been to in along time.

  40. Merry W.

    Im a travel dancer and stopped by here b.c. a friend said this was a good club. I like it, the owner is nice, and so are the employees even the dancers are sweethearts. Ill be back. Sometimes i wish it was busyer but either way i still generally like this club. And i also think they should put a spinning pole in. i spoke to the owner to try n get him to put one in but i do that everywhere. Heheh.. If the club dosnet have a spinner i try n talk the manager-owner into putting one in. You can follow my social media if youd like to know when i will be back in town.insagram Merrywhitney, or u can find me on facebook.

  41. yesterday

    Why is the rating so low for this Club??

  42. YES SIR

    Gr8t line up of good looking girls this week. The bar should stay open till 2 AM, not fare to us customers and the girls!

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  44. Kennedy

    The dancers at South Fork are all meth addicts

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