Kongo Office



4901 North Main Street, Mitchell, SD 57301


43.7533566, -98.027727




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Kongo Office

  1. pat
  2. Local

    I think it is BS that we have to pay cover charges during hunting season…who the hell do you think pays your bills during off season? I know it is ONLY $5, but if we want to come out more than once a week it becomes alot of money! GIVE US A BREAK!

  3. Huntin'

    Like the new couch room- only wish there was a dancer I cared to spend the money on in there! Can you dig deeper next year for us outta-staters (at least for the 2nd week of opening) we will have more guys next year & will try the kongo one more time! Thank you kindly!(Not trying to be rude)

  4. Lady Lover

    This is one of my Favorite clubs to go to in SD! Love the ladies here and love the waitresses! Very nice, laid back club!!!!!

  5. Bass Master

    went to this club once and it sucked ass

  6. stan

    I was out there every night last week and had a GREAT TIME I even got a great look at Todd’s ass. Wow if I was only gay. nummie

  7. jo
  8. kat
  9. Tommie

    A fun bar with dancers and no cover. Great value and fun in the VIP room.

  10. carl new york

    this is by far the best strip club i have ever been in! Gorgeous dancers, fun staff, great atmosphere- ive traveled all over the world at different strip clubs and this is in the top 5. ohh and keep on bringing back those dancers, the HOTT COLORADO SISTERS- what fun girls! chow love

  11. guy
  12. silly
  13. loser
  14. johnny

    nice club

  15. hills
  16. Regular

    I absoulutly LOVE this Bar!! I just wish they had a better sound system. Other than that, the Kongo is my fav strip club to go to!!!!

  17. WTF

    terrible service got ignored all night if you want to have a

    good time here you have to be black or older than 35

  18. sux
  19. Mitchell Mack

    Hot girls all the time

  20. Giggle
  21. BRIAN
  22. Lesterville

    Keep it up Kongo!

  23. boring club

    sound system isn’t great. The dancers are nice looking but environment is stale.

  24. Tex

    I love this bar…its my kinda place…

  25. Dakotan

    This club ROCKS the Dakota’s!

  26. Dude?
  27. cash
  28. Fred

    Miss ya!

  29. ForFackSakes!!

    It is so increadibly obvious that staff of the Kongo is on here posting for themselves. At what point does anyone think that everyone goes to the Kongo for their GREAT staff and service? lmfao!! Give me a break. Last I knew, the Kongo was a strip club that usually guys go to for fun. The 1 thing that I find amazing is that any Fri. or Sat. by 11 pm, the crowd is 50/50 men to women. It has become, and has been for awhile, just a fun club to hang out at. I DOUBT VERY HIGHLY this is because of Mary, or anyone else except for Haus, and the other guy that works there. At least they treat people with respect. You freakin women of the Kongo. Jeez, those insecurities must make it a bitch to try and sleep. At least the dancers and crowds are fun.

    Oh, and p.s.?!? The only peeps you’re fooling with the posts is YOURSELVES!!! Bwaa Haa haa!!! omg, to funny

  30. pops
  31. guest of a local
  32. pole dancer
  33. jake
  34. Traveler

    LOve this Strip Club!

  35. Passing through

    Had a great time, and I will be back. There were alot of minneapolis girls this time. Spent alot of money and cant wait till im in Mitchell next time. Keep bringing in the new faces, especially Minneapolis girls!

  36. bob

    hope u make a killin off your hunters! wish u could have found a way 2 let the locals enjoy 2 every night 4 the season (like we usually do ALL yr.)

  37. mitch

    could be better could be worse.

  38. roger

    freindly and clean

  39. scar
  40. Clark

    Is this place still open? Can’t update ther schedule or what?

  41. lik
  42. lmfao
  43. big boy


  44. deal
  45. Terry

    You know some of them weren’t the best looking this week but they were nice to chat with.

  46. WOAH


  47. lester

    I had a great time at this club the last week Thursday and the staff was fun and smiling joking around with all of us and making sure we had plenty of drinks, the girls dancing were very nice also. I will be back.

  48. BB
  49. Minn

    hit or miss anymore

  50. out of towner

    Was at the club this last weekend (sat) had a very good time. I will be back and tell friends

  51. Me-n

    What is with that fat blond manager yelling at the dancers in public about? Doesn’t she like people? Maybe it time she get a different job and then maybe she be a happier person? I will come back sometime knowing she won’t be working, she is a *itch! Made my night, ruined. Isn’t that the shits when the club is great because of the sweet dancers then comes along psycho manager from hell ruining everyones evening? What do you do. Got to hate her.

  52. SF

    More misses than hits. Desperatly needs new faces.

  53. Meeee!!
  54. me
  55. Mr. Local

    Great club! Awesome atmosphere, good dancers, good staff. Just a good place to hang out and have a good time.

  56. him
  57. Marty Mcfly

    Best damn club so far in SD The girls are not snobs and are willing to talk to the average joes to the guy in the suits. They want you to have a good time and being bare ass naked ensures it. I stop every time I go thru

  58. You
  59. Club Junkie

    Love this Place! I go there every time I’m in the area.

  60. dudette
  61. poop
  62. unsweet
  63. Local dude

    Was at the club last night. Great time as usual. Had a girl named Mckenzie there, shes the greatest I’ve ever seen there. Got two dances from her and they were the best two I’ve ever had. Definately worth the money.

  64. poorman
  65. my o my
  66. Cam

    I was here last weekend and was pleased to meet Carly. She’s a beautiful blonde with a great body. Her attitude is awesome and she can carry on a legitimate convo at the table as well. I bought a couch dance from her and was very pleased with her skill. The more time I spent the more she gave. Was a very enjoyable night. Thanks Carly!

  67. lol
  68. Cheezy
  69. CJ

    I had a great time last night! Can’t wait to come back. Hot girls. Hot times.

  70. SPEEDY


  71. gina
  72. livezeeeeee
  73. customer
  74. d5rew
  75. B from Brookings
  76. koninuynub
  77. $$$

    The bathrooms are bad other than that a real nice place.

  78. Big Ben
  79. grd
  80. disagree

    How can they not be snobs when Mary hires only old scarlett O hara dancers. I go to salem but if I have time go to pierre. Not the best nor busiest bar in sd by a long shot.

  81. derk
  82. blah
  83. G Spot
  84. yep


  85. dude
  86. kilroy

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