Scarlett O’Haras



3201 South Carolyn Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57106


43.5166112, -96.7789494




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Scarlett O’Haras

  1. Cam

    I’m glad to say my 2nd visit to this club was better than the first. It was loaded with girls on my 2nd visit and they seemed friendly and were pretty decent dancers. Carly and I recognized each other from another club and she came right over. She was her usual friendly self and gave an incredible lap dance. I hope they treat her right she’s a beautiful and classy girl!

  2. semi fan

    good club but I agree there are a couple that need to be told Nothing wrong w Shelese (sp)

  3. AARP

    I agree that Scarlett’s has let too many dancers overstay their welcome . This club, bar none, has more 40ish women dancing than any other club I have been in.

  4. King of the Road

    Nothing about this club compares to the nicer clubs in the rest of the country. Talent, etc pales in comparison.

  5. barf

    Was in town on business so I thought I would check the place out. It is terrible. The drinks are overpriced. The service was terrible. All you could say about the dancers were that they were female-ugly ass women but I guess they were women. Definitely will not return.

  6. Russ

    Love this place !

  7. never

    again will i go back. The girls are selfcentered selfabsorbed stuckup rude primadonnas with an inflated opinion of themselves. No way guys, avoid this place, these girls are delusional.

  8. Roger

    Cliche of a DJ, loousy service by waitresses, cashier at the fron door thinks she’s the hottest thing around but has to put down her Cosmopolitan Magazine to be bothered to take your money…Really wish I could find something positive to say about this place, but I even got a dirty glass for the drink I had to go to the bar to order (the waitress never came around). Won’t bothe rto go back, I’ll just sit in my hotel room and watch HBO-it’s more stimulating and less frustrating.

  9. DK

    I have several favorites, Madison is very sexy and is a good pole dancer, she is also a little sassy (in a good way). Shanna is also very sexy and she is a really nice girl. I also like Deja, but I haven’t seen her around in awhile. Mercy has long sexy legs and is nice to talk to.

  10. club is dead

    This club has really gone down hill.

    Only a couple of decent dancers any more.

    Waitresses are the worst.

  11. dont fucking worry

    club sucks ass visit the Kongo Klub they got Dakota dancing next monday she makes any club the best in SD!!!

  12. Sioux City

    This club wouldn’t be half bad if they would get rid of the grandmas over the age of 50. Namely YVETTE

  13. hustlers

    the opportunity at sxcarlets from a dancers perspective… its an easy hustle.

  14. iwillbeback

    Had a awesome time their sat this club is gettin R done!The D J is the best he makes it happen! He also tells you the rules and if you have a cab out side waiting for you!

    Thanks again for the great time!

  15. Lon

    Very nice club. Courteous wait staff. Nice environment. Nice dancers.

  16. outoftowner

    club sucks. i go to a strip club and expect the girls to come to me and entertain me. was in the club for an hour and not one girl came up to me.

  17. Dewey

    What sane man would want a stripper as a wife?

  18. man man

    i love chicks

  19. the sf man

    Yvette needs to retire.

  20. bears fan

    Scarletts is a nice club, its clean, one of the better ones i have bean to in S.D. The quality of the girls is always good.

  21. Had a good time

    Most of these girls are very pretty, but the energy is a little down. Pick it up and have fun; Enjoy yourself

  22. Former Regular

    Club looks great, but the girls dont.

  23. Sulley

    Hot dancers

  24. Wandering Bill

    Worst experience ever. Stay away unless you like over the hill talent.

  25. Don

    Guys , check out Naomi this week, WOW !!

  26. Bill
  27. Gillespie

    Stay away.

  28. jay the lineman

    Best club in SD that I have been to.

  29. Former Customer

    Long time patron, but no longer. This place was built on hot girls that toured. Now all we have is the local mid thirties sect.

  30. Rod

    Good looking ladies. Private dances…not so private…you feel like someone is standing over you with a stick. Good service but what a sterile atmosphere for a strip club. Below average.

  31. Daniel C.

    Other than being a pasties and panties club, I really liked it. Because I was traveling through I didn’t have to pay the cover. Lap dances were $20. As a non drinker it was not too bad for a fountain soda or bottled water either.

  32. John C.

    They charged my credit card even though I declined wanting to go into the back room after seeing how much they wanted! $213.50 for a half hour? lol I don’t think so!!!

  33. Fan

    I always have a nice time at this club.

  34. Guy B

    nice club but get rid of 50 something y/o dancers

  35. freddy
  36. MoneyMan

    I travel to Sioux Falls often, but do not go to these types of clubs very often. I was in last night, and heard from one of the other girls that diamond from Atlanta will be working next week. I met her last month when I was in town, guys, she is one of the most genuinely sincere strippers I have ever met, and gives great dances/back rubs. She also PERFORMS, which a lot of strippers lack today. Meet her if you get a chance. Diamond if you read this, I will see you next week…we talked about healthcare.

  37. friends

    For whatever reason, thank you SCL for deleting the posts. It gets out of hand and periodically needs to be done, imo.

  38. Hunter

    This club has went down hill over the years. I see the same old dancers here all the time. What happened to girls that traveled?

  39. Tommie

    Just an OK club – After all it’s a pastie club. More like a bar with strippers

    than a gentlemans club.

  40. blah
  41. Tom

    I like this club, i feel safe when im here. The drinks are good, the dancers are nice looking, the waitresses are a hoot, that rhianna cracks me up, and kayli is nice to. Just an all around fun bar

  42. kevin
  43. close up shop

    lazy dancers. tipped waitress gets attitude. left with 98% of $ walked in with.

  44. BigOrangeCountry

    Not a bad club, one of the better ones in South Dakota.

  45. G Spot
  46. Tim

    In a word. Terrible!

  47. Randy

    Not with out its flaws, but for quality its a good club. the girls will get around to you if your not an ass to them. i like it there.

  48. John

    Ivy , she is not from S.D.

  49. Mitchell Guys

    Looking forward to making this our new hang-out! ….and looking forward to meeting all the new loveley ladies! (and our ol’ favorites that dance here too!)

  50. customer

    best club in the midwest

  51. woody

    still one of the better clubs in S.D.

  52. out of towner

    the club is far from going downhill, infact its better. stopped in monday night, lots of out of town dancers. I even saw a few new dancers, Miami is hot with very long legs, WOW !

  53. locAl

    good club I see yvettes name on scheduel hmmm won’t be in this week other then that a good club.

  54. traveler

    nice club

  55. Rick

    Dump. Landfill. Waste of tiem. Waste of money. Waste of electricity. Waste of gasoline to get there. Waste of ice in their watered down drinks that you have to get yourself because the stuck up waitresses ignore yo uif you’re not a regular.

  56. patron

    Those two are as old as the Black Hills.

  57. DAVE

    Lori what can isay but WOW !

  58. sue
  59. j
  60. Vincent J.

    The girls were sexy, but very very very unfriendly. This must be a place where you have to be a regular to get any attention. Amber is a GODDESS, but I was there over two hours and not only did no girl talk to me, but several rudely walked past with me without even saying hi. I don’t recommend this place.

  61. Jim

    Great horny toads , what a line up this week .

  62. pl griffin

    good drink prices, various/good tunes, hot brunettes! 1-2 older dancers keeping review down. katie=wow.

  63. jake

    this is a nice place, good service, alot of old women that act like dancers, do not mind tipping a friendly girl….but do not like hearing them complaining about not making any money,,,,,when they are overweight,rude and a little bitchy

  64. danny jones

    seriously please weed out the older dancers

  65. Dakotan

    This club needs updated!

  66. please ponder

    Sad that more than four people have commented about the old women that just wont hang up the heels. Scarletts has not come to this have they? This must be the place where the old cows go when they dont want to retire.

  67. jeff

    dakota is at scarletts this week and so is liz

  68. Timmy

    Place is going down hill.

  69. Mike

    Needs to change the music they play. Meeds to play some 70’s and 80’s music.

  70. bubba

    Nice club..but new faces would be a welcome change. How about more feature dancers

  71. joe
  72. mnman

    Of the 8+ dancers working, only one really came across as friendly. Samantha keep up the great work

  73. Stan

    Excellant club, Friendly staff, friendly girls, I highly recommend Scarletts. Definately the best in the state .

  74. SD Girl
  75. makes no sense

    The management of this place is terrible. It is Ron’s philosophy that the club should not cater to the wealthy client. What kind of business sense is that? You have one customer who spends a ton of money on the girls, club fees for private dances, tips to the waitresses, and tips to the bartenders and he is not to receive special treatment? Hello. Has anyone here had a class in business management? Obviously, not. All businesses that are successful give special attention to those with money. That is just how it is in the real world. And the fact that Ron specifically tells the girls NOT to give extra attention to the gentlemen in the club is resulting in a lot of the gentlemen never returning. Some of the girls are smart enough to give special attention to these gentleman and Ron yells and screams at them and calls them names to nasty to post on even this site. The club has turned into a hangout for pitcher of beer drinking slugs who think it is a big deal to give a girl a one dollar tip. They should remove Gentlemen’s Club from the name because it no longer is a Gentlemen’s Club.

  76. futureteller

    someone I know wants to marry a stripper. Bet he proposes to her in less than 6 months & she will no longer be dancing.

  77. Scarlett's

    Girls are pretty but stuckup. Not friendly unless they knw you.

  78. SF area

    Phase out Yevette. Please. Mostly okay club. Need dif girls more variety.

  79. DJJ

    Packed on weekends. Some girls more willing to mingle than others. Regular customers are remembered and given more attention as is expected. Never been there and had a hassle with anyone. Club doesn’t tollerate people who are disorderly or rude. Act civilized and you should have a good time, I always do. Good selection of dancers. Some good, some bad but that happens at most places I expect.

  80. Butterbean

    Best Club in South Dakota!!! Hands down! Clean place clean dancers! Friendly dancers and staff. Every other place in SD is garbage and nasty. If you want a strip club Sioux Falls is the only place. If your out of town its well worth the gas. Dont waste your time anyplace else!

  81. yourdaddy

    the best club in the state.

  82. From out of state

    Good club if you are a regular. Dancers not frienly unless they know you. But there are pretty girls to look at.

  83. club goer

    Scarletts is still one of the best clubs in S.D.

  84. Packer Fan

    It is always a real pleasure to visit the club. The waitresses and performers are always accomodating, friendly and attractive. I feel Scarlett’s sets the standard for Gentlemen’s Clubs. Looking forward to returning.

  85. about yvette

    depends on the week but please do something about YVETTE! Why do you keep letting her come back? My God enough already.

  86. micky

    I like this place, good service, but old, old, dancers. Some of the girls are alot overweight, they had acouple of cute girls, but they were in the back most of the time. Is that one lady going 4 a record…of being the oldest stripper…in sioux you guys like old ladies?

  87. dancer

    this club is great the dancers are nice, smart and funny! I have agreat time everytime I’m there.

  88. LF

    I like this club but the quality of the girls has gone way down hill. There are so many over weight girls its disgusting. I know its a small town, but that doesnt mean you hire any girl who walks though the door. What ever happen to the days where dancers had to look good? Curious to see if the owner has actually seen the girls that whoever is in charge of hiring has on the line up. I would be concerned. 5 out of 10 are either too fat or too old. Thats a lot considering i have never seen more than 15 girls per night.

  89. Running Man

    I am a traveling man and spend alot of my time between SF and Sturgis, I will be spending more time staying over in SF instead of Mitchell cuz my fav waitress got the boot from the Kongo Club. Was in the other nite and the waitress here are GREAT!! Looking to find another cool wairtess to BS with on my travels. Love the scene here!

  90. use to go here

    not a true girl in the bunch

  91. mccain

    hey guys check out the new hotties at the club, yvette and jewell, wow,wow, wow. Just 3 words that comes to my mind. I will be spending my money at the club this week, must thank the people at the club who books these fine ladies. thank you

  92. scarletts

    Girls are pretty but stuckup. Not friendly unless they knw you.

  93. Mn Guy

    A great club. Shelease is the best, I travel all over the country and no one is better. The staff is great and the drinks are good. Great place to have fun!

  94. disappointed

    not thrilled

  95. 2nd stage fan

    Why isn’t the second stage in use? In almost every strip club i’ve ever been to, there has been multiple stages goin’ at the same time. That stage just sits there and collects dust.

  96. gb fan

    Great music, beautiful dancers, and a VERY courteous staff. Kudos to the management for providing a comfortable & enjoyable atmosphere. It’s always a pleasure to spend a relaxing few hours; I’ve always been treated like a valued patron. Quality regulars & fresh faces make this a premiere gentleman’s club.

  97. Harlan

    very nice club, had a great time .

  98. Road guy

    The club looks great, but there are not enough decent dancers. Way to many women way on the wrong side of 30. A boob job and lipo doesn’t do it for me.

  99. Love the atmosphere!

    I will be visiting SD in a couple weeks and plan to make a trip to Scarlett’s. It’s funny to read some of the comments…I agree with the old lady thing! I like the club more for atmosphere, and hope I don’t encounter any rudeness, or stuck up premadonna’s that I know exist.

    Who is the best girl right now and why?

  100. Big Fan

    Taylor, Summer and Liz are great

  101. fuck my life

    Club has great atmosphere but the drinks are way over priced , too many over weight girls and also a couple grandmas eliminate these issues and what a club it would be!!

  102. Packer fans suck!

    they’re probably not nice b/c they know you. being stuck up doesn’t pay the bills or bring in new business.

  103. Owl

    Wish the ladies were friendlier. I don’t mean in the couch dance area either. But consistently lookers for sure.

  104. stayhard

    There are some good dancers at this club. Kiana and Rebecca are good and will come around to you the rest you can be there all night and never get asked for a dance.

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