Deja Vu Showgirls



1418 Church St., Nashville, TN 37203


36.154433, -86.7875251




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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169 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. Eric

    Show girl Brooklyn codi Bartlett was fucking black customers she was a nasty whore

  2. Nomad

    Good club, hot girls, LITTLE pricey.. Christies is the only competition in town..

  3. Victoria

    I worked here for almost a whole year, but moved to a differnt town. But I can gaurantee that this is a clean, law abidding club. Like I read on another comment, you have just as much of a chance getting a piece of ass at a grocery store. BUT Deja Vu is the most fun you can have within the limits of the law. I really miss being there. The girls are funny, we almost always got along unless someone just had a bad night, which we were normally ok after that anyway, or we had a skank, who were always fired shortly from discovering they were misbehaving. No one who has been working here for at least a month is a skank. And those new girls are almost always well behaved. The three people I’ll miss the most are Kenny, Ivy and Steve. Kenny is just a great laugh. He could always cheer me up if I was feeling down. Ivy was THE MOST real girl there. She has a great body, beautiful hair, she quickly became one of my best friends, and taught me a lot of pole tricks. But STEVE, the door man, I will miss very dearly. He is the sweetest man I knew in Nashville, but can definitely put down the hammer. (Retired US Marine, you know.) He doesn’t get rude with anyone, unless they’re being a dumb drunk asshole or trying to touch the girls. He can tell you all our rules and explain why they are there so that understand them. He’ll stand outside with you and joke around, and entertain you while you’re smoking outside if there isn’t anyone else out there. He may even entertain you more than anyone else outside anyway.

    Steve, I love and miss you so super bunchies already, and it hasn’t even been that long. I’ll definitely come back to see just you. I love you.




    Iuse to work at the ontario california club. you need v.i.p. room

  5. larry1

    Went there last night (24 Nov 2012). Less smoke than Gabrielle’ V.I.P. Club. Prettier girls too. Good music. Clean. Great energy there. Lots of female customers and dancers. This would be a great club except for one thing; the lap dances are conducted in these little booths that are behind a tiny square of wall, and all the customers can and do watch everything going on during the lap dance you paid for. My wife and I went there to be a little naughty and we don’t want a bunch of losers starring at us the whole time. But, they have a curtain room. A dancer told us that it is $100.00 for 15 minutes. We left pretty soon after that. We weren’t going into either the curtain room or the no privacy booths so it was a waste going there and paying $30.00 to get in for a couple.

  6. Re: djbobkat

    I don’t recommend that you use that stupid name at all. The name sounds like you rape innocent stray animals in their asses. Please NEVER come to the vu with the intentions of possibly trying to have your way with the pets of the entertainers and/or the raccoon that lives in the dumpster behind the bar. Also, If you are caught on the premises again pleasuring yourself in your car to old “Stray Cat” songs, I will personally record it with my phone and blaze you on YouTube. Furthermore, learn to space between words and use at least a fourth grade level of basic writing education the next time you post, you stupid dick.

  7. Douglas

    My friend and I came in Saturday night for his bachelor party.We had a great time!We were accompanied by a buxom blonde named Jessie..She was very nice and overall, we thought the girls were great!..A couple of them were unattractive, but that happens everywhere you go. We had fun.

  8. Joey D.

    I had a great time! I will mos def be back. And Fantasy was off the chain! I can’t wait until I can find time to go back!

  9. Justin

    Nice club to come to with comfortable seats and sure it has its share of ugly dancers but if you ignore them they wont bother you. Dont expect get away with not buying any of the girls over priced drinks they are real pushy and will piss and moan if you dont buy one.

  10. One Man
  11. Buster Longbottom

    This place has fallen and can’t get up!

    Gone WAAYYYYY down hill! Don’t waste your


  12. Jizzle

    I visited during the day…there were 2 dancers .They danced for a short time and there was appox 7 guys in the lace. Finally 3 hrs later 1 other girl showed up.Then they want to charge you 20 per couch dance. They would occasionally announce 2 for 25$ but there would be on girl on stage one danicing on couch. this place has went seriously downhill

  13. steve

    sexy ladies great place

  14. chris

    high energy fast pace place

  15. Matt

    Good times!!

  16. ???

    Alexsis and Mercedes both need a tit job and Mercedes needs to go to her orthodontist and have her braces removed before returning to work!

  17. j
  18. disrespectful management

    Who is the want to be tattooed gangster with

    his hat turned sideways? Poorest excuse for

    management. Saggy pants and t-shirts…buy a

    tie.respect is earned.

  19. monkey butt

    dis club is for nigz

  20. frank

    “NO and Body Shop, SD”

    Are those the nicknames of clubs in nashville? If so what are the names of them and what are the addresses?

  21. Colt

    Thx to the all the girls for showing the texas boys a great time. Special thanks to my white bunny what a darlin. Cant wait to vist again.

  22. mike t

    I was in there recently. The girls were good-looking and staff friendly. There were several nice-looking blondes, which is what i like.I was very impressed, and cant wait to get back.

  23. Runner

    Went in the other day in the afternoon. Not a lot of girls but a slow time of day but Daisy made the trip worth while. She has a great personality, teriffic body and gives a nice private dance. She is very sexy and worth the cover price alone. I hope to get back soon to enjoy a dance from her again.

  24. John


  25. Dejavu Suk

    Fuck this place

  26. jon

    i dont like the remodel, too many empty seats in the way, What happened to all the ladies? Went To Anthony’s across the street, a whole lot better selection and better music and more space

  27. c.t.

    i went in there with my wife and had to say the girls were not HOTT!! the only hot girls were ummmm heidy and bailey, why they were there i dont know… girls go somewhere else… but those two were well worth the money

  28. good 'ol days

    All I can say is “MR, you are the only thing that could bring life back to this club!!” Girls work hard but the mgmt keeps ’em stirred up all the time.

  29. Buster Jones

    Waste, this club gets worse and worse every time I go. I will not be going back.

  30. bama_man

    Had a lot of fun in here last night. Sat and talked to several of the dancers for a long time, without them being pushy. Sure, some are, but not all of them. Mya, thanks for a great time and the great dances!

  31. Bored

    I was so bored at this club.

    Christie’s is MUCH better and

    not any more expensive.

  32. johhny cumqwat

    LMFAO at d-ck longo ROFL

  33. vue crew

    always the best

  34. re- mitch

    I guarantee so-called mitch is a girl who works at the club who loves to talk shit about other girls.Next time you write something ,make it sound more convincing will ya!And if Jewel is so bad looking than why does she make money there.Listen from now on, jealous ass bitches need to stop talking shit and say it to people’s face.But you can’t can you.Just stop going around talking shit because word gets around quick in this club.You have too much time on your hands.I never thought people that you would think were really cool, would be the most two-faced bitches ever.Don’t you have anything else better to do besides talk about other girls?Oh, I’m sorry you don’t.Get a fucking life.

  35. drew hanger

    i love the girls at the dejavu in nashville tn.

  36. joe
  37. Bill

    This is the best club I,ve ever been to! Hadnt been out in a LONG while, but I had an amazing time. The ladies were beautiful. Also enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.Never cared for an uptight joint. Would recommend to anyone.

  38. Ted

    Went after a Titans game – only 3 girls workining – all overweight with scars. The “dances” sucked. A great club if you like empty stages and ugly girls… not like the other Deja Vu’s I’ve been to!!

  39. Leto Attreides


  40. James

    Excellent experience…My first time in a club and it was great….Great hospitality….

  41. Usain Bolt

    Dat dude iz krazeeee!!! Dis club iz fulla old ancient azz hags with saggy old orangutan titties!!!!

  42. Ben

    I was in Nashville two different times in october. i highly enjoyed my stay there. The dancers, bouncers, and management; I feel as if they went out of their way to make my time there, the best they could.

  43. dancer

    The remodeling is so nice.I really think dejavu has stepped it up in trying to make this club one of the nicest clubs here in nashvile.More classy.And guys are actually comfortable in their seat and if they are comfortable, they will stay and spend money.Plus we have an awesome group of girls who really try to make dejavu a memorable experience.:)

  44. Beware

    DejaVu is a gay only club-full of trannies and crossdressers.

  45. ...I Dont Think So

    …I don’t know what illiterate loser is on here talking shit….but don’t let girls like Missy or Star give you the impression that we are all a bunch of nigger lovers, because we are not….

  46. JJ Jameson

    This place has fallen, new lights

    won’t make up for ugly girls.

    Not fun either.

  47. notice

    Gay Boy Bondage Review, live on stage Sept 19th and 20th. This is a queer club now so all faggots need to get their tickets.

  48. Rob

    Jessica and Jaya.Double Dance.Thank you for taking care of my bro.

  49. Robert DeMeo

    the BEST!!! Clean and safe. Even my girlfriend loved it.

  50. Chad

    My wife and I loved the club until last night. Some sloppy wanna be bouncer threatned to kick my wife out if she touched the dancer’s leg during a private dance. We will never be back.

  51. about Missy

    She told me she wasn’t ghetto then I found out she only fucks long-cock niggas!

  52. brandonresh

    I’ve been here a couple times while visiting Nashville for work and it’s easily THE most classy and upscale version of deja vu

  53. bob
  54. breezy

    This club sucks. I been to one in San Antonio and at least they show you a peek during the private dance, here no peak. This chick charges me $20 for a $15 dollars lap dance and then wants a tip (get a new routine. She didnt even give me wood. This place was all hype. I will never come back

  55. dimepeace

    It Is a excellent club.It Is only improving!4sure Good Luck Ladies Much <3

  56. pissed off

    typical corporate club-dancers were rude hustiling as soon as I walked in the door to keep their jobs instead of making sure all “guest’s” had a good time

  57. Fenimore

    This club-like all of Nashvilles crappy stripclubs-is full of nasty, ghetto, old, ancient, trashy skanks. I walked in with $200 and left with $190-these grandmamas wont get my money-they would have to pop out those false teeth just to blow me.

  58. Jimbo

    Came in by myself on monday.Not impressed.It was expensive to get in and everytime I went outside to smoke a girl started trying to sell me a dance.I am still a Christies fan myself.But I will say during my last divorce I start to come in alot and you have got much better looking women now than you did then.You could use a few more asians though.

  59. Hector

    its a good club, very classy but no nudity in the private dances kills it.

  60. Jenn

    This was my first time to a strip club and I was NOT disappointed. The waitresses were very polite and never pusy and very accomodating. The DJ was very friendly and so were the rest of the staff. The girls were great and very entertaining. The variety of ladies would please everyone’s tastes. The private dance I received was amazing. Roxie is a sweetie and it was a pleasure meeting her and enjoying her talent. It was also very nice, since I am a female and I went with three other females, that the employees and dancers were very welcoming. They gave us the same attention they gave others in the establishment. I cannot wait to return and enjoy!!!

  61. Steven

    Wow!!! I was their saturday night andI could grow to love this club but they need to get rid of some trash around their!!! Great variety but only a few girls that look great!!! Go see jessica,cookie,brittney,and lexie!They are the best looking and worth every dollar!

  62. tony

    well.i have been a vip for few months now,was a regular at kens till it closed.but thanks to this club i am not missing it one bit..the girls are really awesome ,friendly,beautiful,laidback,the waitress are really great to especially terri lynn…the best girls are HEIDI,GIOVANA.VENUS,RAVEN.MARIAH.MISSY…there is no agilr that you wont like here!!!!

  63. Red

    The club is ok. The dancers aren’t pushy and will actually sit and chat. Waitresses don’t tax you. Dances are tame, at best.

  64. dustin baird

    It was very uncomftoring.

  65. preston

    This club is absolutley one of the best Nashville has to offer the dj is great and the girls are smokin hot especially phoenix, definitley my 36 bucks!!!!!!!

  66. Ryan

    I love this place… club in Nashville

  67. (bruce)

    good club to work at or visit. great girls and staff.

  68. jake

    best club around

  69. kim

    they let ladies go in here?

  70. the one
  71. robnelson

    Lisa Marie was awesome definitely will be back to see her

  72. club guy

    went to this club had the most shitty time ever will never go back .so im telling all of you stay away from this club unless your looking for some std or drugs then go here

  73. Tyler Perry

    The south is still openly homophobic so the male customers will feel uncomfortable seeing butch manly looking lesbians getting lap dances. Most attractive lesbians dont have a problem getting in the club if they bring a male friend.

  74. Max

    I’m leaving in 2 days for Basic training for the Army, but when I come back in Novmeber, I’m for sure coming back there to Deja Vu!

  75. ........1st and last time

    that club sucked….its a joke!

  76. big jim

    club would be great if they would fire stacy end of story.

  77. ????????????

    wtf happened to this place. ive been a regular in this place for years. What happened to all the old school girls? This place has gone way downhill. Jason and Zac are the biggest dicks in the business…. Im a christys customer now. Along with a few others…..

  78. ziggy

    get the fuckin drug dealer of a day manager out of there and run a good club

  79. BenDare

    This is the best club in Nashville. For what laws the city puts on the girls they do the absolute best out of all clubs in town. They may have had ugly girls in the past, but they got rid of the dogs and now have nothing but sexy ladies. When in town be sure to check it out for yourself, im sure you will find something you like.

  80. Gabrielle's VIP Club

    Gabrielle’s V.I.P. Club will be hosting its annual Ms. Exotic Nashville Competition Saturday, October 26th from 10 till… Any dancers who wants to compete is very much welcome to compete… Cash prizes for the top 3 dancers. Come join us along with 102.9 The Buzz for our Halloween and 4th Anniversay Party that will be going on All Night long! Prizes are being given away to our customers as well courtesy of 102.9 The Buzz. Wear a costume and get in for Free Cover. See you there! You don’t want to miss this Party! 1711 Hayes Street, Nashville, TN 37203

  81. boss
  82. dave

    needs sweet girls and sober

  83. gone away

    the manager has too pump up the ratings. Go to Christys for some good clubbin

  84. Jonathan W.

    Absolutely fantastic. Excellent service, great night, I recommend coming on Tuesdays (10$ Dances, 2-4-1’s) and

    Fridays (Lots of fun, a lot of girls & VIP specials).

    I have been to the Crazy Horse, NO and Body Shop, SD as well as a few other clubs and this one is my favorite.

    From the moment you walk in you just get this “Woah”

    feeling. The woman are very kind, not too kinky or too

    teaseful, they know how to have fun and make the customer

    happy, every bit of money is well spent. Every walk of life

    walks in there and enjoys a good time, it’s a great hangout

    place as well as a favorite military spot.


    They offer an at-the-door discount for military and keep eyes on us from the time you walk in the door. I can account for getting free dances amongst free drinks, etc

    just for being military. A great place and sometimes you can find yourself getting “more” than what you paid for.

    I highly recommend this club to Marines and Army in the area, it’s a great place for us to kick back, relax and enjoy the show.

    Sidenote: Main performances are astounding, some are a bit repetative to be honest but you’ll be finding yourself doing private booths and curtains most of the time, and

    won’t regret it as well, never the less, the main performances are very professional and dancers go along with the music as well. Young and Mature beautiful women there too, not “etheopeans”.

  85. ron

    were is loratab at?

  86. matthew

    We all enjoyed the entertainment at the club Friday night. There were not alot of girls working and i had to wait awhile to get dances but it was well worth it.

  87. felixnada

    Non combat active duty is honored, but a Purple Heart Iraq vet isn’t honored? Yeah this place is a joke

  88. GarryWas

    We went as a couple. There was a tattooed dancers named MJ who made our night. She was smoking like a naughty Wednesday Adams. She had misfit nails and seemed like a witchy woman in a good way.

  89. Danny

    I had a great time tonight. The ladies were really nice.

  90. LOT

    This place would do better if they would quit hiring gangtas and retards as managers.

  91. terry watson

    this club is great. i go here on a regular basis. the girls

    are not push about money at all they will sit there and just

    talk to you and some won’t ask until you feel comfortable and

    even then they don’t push you. the girls are very talented and

    really hot. i was really impressed with this club.

  92. Xavier

    the most fun ever

  93. ass kisser

    This club kicks ass. I visited the other clubs but this place had all the business. 25 or so girls. Asians blacks and whites.

  94. Flip

    Was here Wed duing a traffic jam on 40. In the course of 1.5 hrs saw 1 girl dance of the 3!!! that were supposed to be working. Over charged me to get in then had NOTHING to offer. A waste of $10.

  95. curious1

    hey runner I went to Deja Vu last weekend and didn’t see a girl named Daisy. The dances I got were good but I was wondering what was so good about daisy’s private dance? Details?

  96. unknown

    Not bad

  97. Patron

    I used to come in alot whenever they had good dancers i stopped coming because they had tripled the amount of dancers but fired all the good ones that were worth keeping, who wants to pay money for whores like that they are a dime a dozen.

  98. Derrick
  99. The Girls!!!

    We really enjoyed coming to your club Monday night. Pheonix and Brittany were awesome and we were so happy when they got their! The birthday boy left with a smile on his face! Keep those two girls around.


  100. ken


  101. Datta
  102. Cameron

    All we heard about upon entering Nashville was your club..seriously…thats it? You had maybe three attractive women working.

  103. 4rtyuio


  104. Clayton

    It is now a better atmosphere. Like the change.Very enjoyable

  105. not good

    horrible club everyone was rude from the parking lot guy to the guys inside. even girls were bitchy probally because of the people they work for. within a few minutes i was in a bad mood and left. this club has went to shit in the last 6 months. i have been going there ffor years but not anymore

  106. djbobkat

    I don’t recommend this club at all .The only reason I gothere is to see 2 ladies Iknow from Christies that was shut down otherwise I would never go back.

  107. Justin and the Crew

    I enjoyed comeing here very much last night!! It felt like i was in Las Vegas with all the shows. Some women looked like they wouldnt get hired in Las Vegas though. Ive never seen so many stretch marks and very very skinny girls in my life. Overall i enjoyed my time here.

  108. Tizzal

    Summer is by far the greatest lookin girl i have ever laid eyes on… Def. worth every dime that gets thrown her way and then some. as for everyone else i didnt really see any other good lookin ones but then again i got high standards

  109. Dawn

    Saturday night was my first night in there and I had a really good time I was very surprised that I felt as comfortable as I did and had a great time. My boyfriend is very happy that I liked it so much that I want to become a repeat customer. Thank you for a great experience,very clean club and staff and dancers ver polite and make you feel comfortable.

  110. Tom R.
  111. Tom of Maryland

    I’ve been stopping by this club for years when I overnight in Nashville, and have always enjoyed it, mainly due to the girls personalities, which I enjoy absorbing before paying for dances. Local laws have changed eliminating nude and topless private dances and closeup tipping, but I learned last week to enjoy the dances that are available, especially on 2 for 1 nights. Mercedes, Bunny, and Paris were especially attractive and gave good dances, as well as some other girls whose names I’m sorry I don’t remember. Monday night was a bit slow, but Tuesday was a blast. The main problem on Tuesday was that some dancers were busy for hours giving private dances on couches and the VIP areas and/or sitting and talking with people they knew in the club (including perhaps club management), and thus they were often not generally available to meet and dance for other clients. The complex rotation on and off various stages sometimes also interrupted sets of dances for which I had prepaid. So there are some problems and more girls would help,of course. But the club is good enough this year that I replanned my return travel so I could go there again tomorrow night, another 2 for 1 night, great for today’s economy.

  112. DJVFAN

    The club was great and the girls were great but the lap dances could have been better. There was one girl who was awsome but the rest werent really into it. I can’t remember the girls name but shes had brown and wore these green and black stripe socks. She was AWSOME..

  113. ozark3366

    We have visited djv 3 times in the last 2 weeks.

    We were dissapointed each visit. Very few girls working and the ones that are there sit in the back and talk to each other,never offering a dance to anyone.

    We thought it was because it was only 9pm on a weekend,but it was the same at 12am…

    -Fully nude on stage(seats are moved back “6ft”)

    – Lap/booth Dances are 20$ and fully clothed,but each girl would pop out their tits and flash/rub their pussy often.Full grind and lots of touching from the girls.

    I hope Nashville settles the legal issues asap or djv and other clubs will be forced to close. sad..sad day when that happens.

  114. Alexis

    This is the best club ever!! Most friendly people in the world! I luv working there!

  115. Dan

    This club is a joke. Me and my friends went here and tried to buy a few dances, have a night on the town, but shit, they tried to charge us a 30 dollar entrance fee. So they turned us out at the door because we thought it was a joke. So we tailed it over to Cristy’s. Deja Vu’s a fucking Joke!

  116. Dancer X

    Mika is a great person. I worked with her for nearly five years…it does not surprise me that she was treated this way..The first time we met Hal he stated that he would “want an 18 yr old if he were to come into a strip club”…like many men who are insecure about their ability to please a woman, Hal wants a young girl who is less experienced and he assumes all men are that way.That is incorrect though, as many men prefer a woman who is both beautiful and can hold a conversation…and before the predictable, youthful rebuttal about old,saggy, women creeps up on here, let me just say that not all older dancers have bad bods..nor do all younger dancers have good ones…Oh well, it’s your loss Hal.

  117. Tyrone

    Dis place iz full of old wrinkled crusty puzzy HOES! I dont play dat shit and let the younger bitches fight over my long black cock! If you iz a black male-you can go home with all da bithes.

  118. the truth

    the club was the greatest when mike ran it! but now look at it all the great girls are at the hotts club in town now gabrielle’s vip club ..hal is fucking up this club just as he did in tampa way to go hal… so when im in town now im at gabrielles vip where i get treated right … and see every kind of dancers…i bet it sucks one of hals girls owns the club that is killing him LOL

  119. Jdawg
  120. ryreyedrfrd
  121. Crypt King

    Even though some nights they seem busy, it’s still like a crypt there compared to what it once was. Girls weren’t into it, DJ wasn’t into it, audience wasn’t into it. This club sucks anymore.

  122. showgirl

    this club has came a looong way over the years but unfortunately has also went WAY downhill!

  123. Aaron, PA

    I’m a truck driver. I’ve been to my share of clubs. I had a blast! One of the best club I’ve been to in a long time

  124. Josh

    I love the club…tell the ladies to keep up the good work…

  125. Thong

    I love this club. I love working here. I love the guys!! I love to be naked;]

  126. Mark

    Bring Lizzy Borden to your club, she is performing in your club in Springfield Illinois December 13th, 14th and 15th, she can be booked through Lee

    PLease…. Thanks

  127. Old School Dancer


  128. this is sad

    I really wish summer would stop talking about herself on here.I think its really sad and pathetic.Summer is always rude, talks shit about other girls, and never seems to get her piss in the toliet.She’s definitely not the best looking girl at the club.Maybe if she grew alittle ass and got her tail(lower spine)fixed maybe she’d be ok.Opps, I seem to forget she cant dance either.As for summer making hundreds of dollars,every time I see her she’s sitting, NOT in the booth.You need to get over yourself summer, none of the girls like you and next time you piss on the floor,CLEAN IT UP!!!!

  129. george

    its a 3 ft law

  130. Mike

    I love coming to Deja Vu in Nashville. From the moment I first walked in there, both the waitresses and dancers acknowledge me and talk to me, making sure I’m doing alright. Not to mention the majority of them are beautiful as all get out, not just because of their body, but also because of their heart. They’re some really good-hearted girls. Shout out to Serenity, Hunter, Peaches, Kitanna, Pearl, Jessica, Pepper, Fantasy, and my gurl Champagne!! Yall doin it over there!!! Luv yall and wish all of yall the best!!!

  131. joe h
  132. harryharry

    The worst strip club I have ever been too. From the averages and reviews it would appear they have an active internet presence. This place a perfect example of the worse behavior that can happen at a club. Outright stealing from customers. Broken ATM, girls sitting around getting drunk this place it a PIT! The girls were moderately attractive to hotties in a case or two but no entertainment to be had. My wife and I were ignored which is an oddity we usually get a lot of attention as a couple in a strip club. Save you money try some place in fact any place else.

  133. Patricia

    Well, women are not welcome here. On my world tour, this is the one club

    that does not want women there. Apparently the owner and employees

    ate mentally retarded and/or have no idea how to run a successful

    buisness. I give 100 days b4 this place is closed. Gay.

  134. Taz

    Me and wife love the club–yall fuckin own ass –yall best club in nashville

  135. tom

    wait!! summer is still working?!! man i remember her from another club a couple years ago. i think she had something on her mouth then…. gross.

  136. Love it from Louisville,Ky

    The only club I found in Nashville that has nice young fresh entertainers.Who cares about taking a break to go out front to smoke?I checked on the other clubs and there are some good looking older but the key word is “older”.I would rather see a tight young body than one that has been “seasoned”.Good job Deja Vu.Nice club inside too.

  137. Dale

    Alicia is a very slim brunette beauty and she will rock your world if you get a lap dance with her. The waitresses are very hot espcially Teresa-I got to see her in a bikini when they did their beach weekend.

  138. honey
  139. playagq52
  140. Rudy Smolerski

    I was there Saturday night.

    Let’s just say I won’t be coming back.

    a lot of the girls were rude.

  141. Dawgs

    Deja Vu is full of old ancient haggy sluts. There should be an age limiit on getting nekked in public. I would say they are a bunch of dogs but that would insult my real dogs.

  142. Johnny B

    Alexsis Mercedes and Missy are the shit

  143. jeremy
  144. kayla

    chloe was my favorite she also may have talked me into joining the girls

    someday soon, hope i can satisfy like her. girl you are beautiful.

    ps what the hell is that amazing perfume you wear?

  145. bilbo b.

    There is a reason they call this place Deja Vu. I ended up there on consecutive nights after partying in Nashville. The girls are okay, but you gotta love that this place is BYOB. They take your 18 pack and put it in a galvenized tub. Great place to end up after Robert’s Western World.

  146. FERRARI tech

    well… all I can say is… I’m not sure if it’s the state that’s making the rules, but if they are ITS KILLING THE BUSINESS.

    leave the choice for private dance nudity to the dancers’ discretion… if they don’t want to, that’s their choice. if they do… even better!

    I can assure you it would double the income of customers and CASH alike.

    as for the ladies… I met an absolutely gorgeous little blonde bombshell tonight, and I’d gladly come back to see her! ashame I have to work in the morning, or I’d be there all night!

  147. J B.

    Door guy took my friends real ID (he’s 27) and refused to give it back. We had to have the police come get it and return it to him. The service inside is the usual strip club atmosphere. Not bad once you get in but that is ridiculous.

  148. mad

    this club is the worst club in nashville my wife and i came in here every one treated us like a dance any ways that sucked waist of money the dancer just keep on asking us if we needed any pills.looks like this club is a place to buy and sell drugs never come back here unless im coming w/some of my cop friend to bust this place

  149. C.P.

    deja vu is the type of place that you go to when you just want to sit back relax and look at some sexy women.

  150. lolli
  151. Johnnyboy123

    Forget this place. Strippers do not take their tops of in private dances. Literally the worst strip club I’ve ever been to.

  152. ken's club gone

    Bye bye Ken’s gold lost their op. lic. today. Now the skanks will come a knockin. Right olong with the fuzz

  153. xxx

    Big Jim, You got a real hard-on for Stacey, don’t ya?

  154. alan

    i didnt see anyone with a tail its just girls that work there go online to talk shit about each other because they dont have a life.

  155. Me Again

    Hey Dusty( I mean Jason h. ) get over it.

    You lost your job, find one you might be good at.

    Your little friend blew your cover.

    Move on.

  156. player 40

    old saggy loose ..not so ugly but Christy’s hot the hotties

  157. Steve-Huntsville

    I had a great time. Plenty of girls to go around and dances were Hot!!! Will be back next time I am in town.

  158. Jim

    this club is full of old old old hoes

  159. 1st Timer

    For being my first time, it seemed pretty nice, 40 bucks lasted a long time. I

    personally thought the girls didnt look half bad, but there is ONE girl that is

    AMAZING. If you go, talk to phoenix, shes weight, but she gives the best lap

    dances… This place is pretty good for first timers too, the guys that work

    there joke with customers too, make it friendly. Some of the girls can be kind

    of pushy and some do give terrible lap dances, but 8/10 times it is a new girl.

    If you want a good time, get phoenix, i go back just to see her alone.

  160. Dick Longo

    i have 2 rate it high 4 da fact they ran off those ugly ass

    nigger whores that were ruining the club

  161. Paul K.

    I seem to have ended up here a few times throughout my life – on my 21st birthday I was brought here, which was the first strip club experience I had ever had. My friends made sure to embarrass me as much as possible.I was pretty much embarrassed and constantly having to turn down dancers who kept coming up and asking if I wanted a dance… at that age I was beet red and must have been a prime target, I don’t know. Something about women asking me to pay to see them naked a little closer was not my thing (your mileage may vary). I got out of there and thought that was that… I’d seen one strip club (Deja Vu) and had no real interest in seeing it again.A few years later I ended up back here for a going away party – I don’t know why he wanted to go here, but there you go. This time the embarrassment factor had gone down and I was able to more project the “I don’t want to pay $30 for you to act like you’re interested in me” vibe. It ended up being a disaster of a night, don’t remember the specifics other than I took a lot of people home who were trying to take strippers home.2004 I think – a friend of mine and her guy friend from National Public Radio are in town and he wants to go to a titty bar. I have no huge objections as he’s offering to pay and I don’t care I’m just hanging out. I watch roughly $600 of money donated to NPR go into stripper’s hands, or at least he claimed it was being expensed… I realized my coffee in my NPR mug was going to taste bitter for the rest of my days. I realize the announcer here is doing basically the same annoying schtic from the last couple of times I was here. I end up having to drive a drunk lesbian and NPR dude with a towel in his lap back to a hotel. I decide then nothing good can come of that place.2006 I’m with a few friends and one of the girls says “I’ve never been to a strip club and want to go” – I end up back at this place, nothing has changed, I play “spot the dollar sign” and “mark the c-section” and generally attempt to distract myself from the nonstop barrage of dancers wanting me to get a dance… I realize I’m just there taking up space, but I’m the driver, I ended up leaving and walking to demonbreun at some point.2010 bachelor party that won’t stop would have stopped but girl who ended up at it and suddenly decides it is her mission in life to be a stripper demands strippers and that ends up being a 3-hour trip to Deja Vu again… this time i start taking notes of who appears to be on what drugs and who has talent. The drugs list is long, the talent was not. I was mostly allowed to slump down this time and read – I think I gave off “driver” or “dragged” this time.Not being an aficionado of the stripper market, all I can say is it seems seedy and cheesy here like something out of Leisure Suit Larry, it’s expensive and it really never did anything for me.. the annoying DJ routine goes on and on and repeats every hour and a half, if you want to embarrass the hell out of your friend it’s a hundred dollars or more.Something important to note – ATM fees are supposedly $10, stripper cash is not charged at any additional rate. Friend of mine at bachelor party got ripped by the ATM and missed that whole $10 fee on a $40 withdrawal)Had a roommate for a bit who worked there for a couple of weeks and what I heard also could shrivel anything.Eh, it’s a strip club, it’s seedy, it works for what it is. It’s also BYOB with a corking fee of something inane. You’re probably not going to get in and out without getting yelled at for under $40 and that is without a dance.

  162. AZZMAN

    I love big titties, pretty faces and big phat asses and this club has lots of them…wasn’t too expensive either..had a great time..

  163. Elmer Johanson

    Since they got rid of that gay DJ Vain, it’s a lot better.

  164. Ed

    My favorite place in Nashville!!! Great girls!

  165. brian davis

    i’ve been there a couple times and they havent let me down yet

  166. igor34

    It’s alright but be warned that it’s a BYOB type of place.

  167. ????

    Don’t make fun of Alexis! What she has is an actual physical deformity.Her mammary glands did not develop, which is not funny.Mercedes also seems nice, don’t be so mean about a mouth full of metal-braces are part of growing up.Many of us had them!

  168. Damage

    Club was pretty nice but the girls all looked like 12 year old ethiopians. I doubt there was any dancer in there over 90 lbs. If that is what you like then this is the place for you but personally I prefer a lady that has curves. There was one lady there that was rubbing & sucking all over my wifes tits that had a some curves, bad boob job with no movement to them but the size was good. She was the highlight to the visit, Had a pretty cool personality. Sorry didn’t catch her name. Pricing was reasonable for the place though.

  169. Jeff

    I was in Friday night and had a great time. The girls did the best they could considering the laws. It’d be a lot better if I could sit at the stage and get a real dance!

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