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1109 North Harbor Boulevard, Santa Ana, CA 92703


33.7546682, -117.9198016




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “California Girls Strip Club Santa Ana

  1. curtis17

    Why have 1 free pm admission advertised when you get to the door and the door guy won’t accept it due to the managers request. Stop posting false advertising.

  2. maxxy1

    There are lots of beautiful ladies compared to the last time I was here which was about a year ago. I gotta say Saturday nights a good spot to roll here.

  3. rogerrab2

    The entrance fee is $10, and you automatically have to buy a drink which is $6. So admission is basically $16.Lap Dances $10Topless Lap Dances $20Full Nude Lap Dances $40Lap Dances usually go for 2 songs. The DJ plays various genres of music. *Sometimes the DJ may announce that they are running a special.I would usually go with just one of my friends on a Thursday, or a Friday night. The girls are decent. The bouncers would greet my friend and I by name. Which makes us feel special. Lol! It’s not one of the best strip club I’ve been to, but it’s pretty decent for being in Santa Ana. I would recommend only bringing in what you want to spend. Leave the CC in the car, or at home. Trust me… (Especially if it’s your first time) It’s for your own well being. Hahaha!P.STip the dancers. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. Duh!

  4. fuckery12

    My group of friends and I went on a Friday night at around 11ish. It was pretty full, there were a couple of empty seats here and there.Once you walk in, the place is somewhat small. From the pictures online, it looks bigger that it actually is. BUT if it’s your first time going to a strip club, it’s fine. It was Our First time ever going and we had a blast.The entrance fee is $10, plus you have to buy something from the bar..they were only serving water ($6) that night. There were a lot of girls, all attractive. There was someone for everyone’s “type” of female. Bikini lap dances are $10. Topless lap dances are $20. And Full Nude Lap dances are $40. There’s only one stage, and one girl performs at a time, usually two songs. And all the other girls are mingling and giving lap dances in the back. I was expecting to make it rain and spend like $100, but it turns out I made it rain while only spending $60. $10 entrance fee, $6 water, I bought my boyfriend a $20 lap dance and tipped the ladies while they danced on stage. Overall it was an Awesome experience, My friends and I had a Great Time for Our First Time! The ladies were very nice and not pushy about giving a lap dance. The bouncers were cool, the dj was hilarious. Quick Tips: Take only what you want to spend! Have an open mind (if it’s your first time) Make sure to tip the dancers for their lap dances, don’t be stingy Go with people that are gonna make the night great, not with people that are too scared to go in the first place. Go with the flow, whatever happens there, stays there! haha.

  5. fritter17

    It is a little small and a little dark but that is my only criticism. Was there on sat about 2pm and the girls there were actually quality girls

  6. Josh T.

    DISCLAIMERTHIS RATING IS REPRESENTATIVE OF MY OWN PERSONAL THOUGHTS OF WHAT WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY SHOULD BE. IT PROBABLY WILL NOT REFLECT YOUR EXPERIENCE AT THIS PLACE. I WILL PROVIDE AN ADDITIONAL RATING IN MY REVIEW.I RATE RESTAURANTS BASED ON WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY, THEN ON FOOD AND GENERAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. MY PERSONALS VIEWS ON WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: ACCESSIBLE BATHROOMS, TABLE HEIGHT (PARTICULARLY IN BARS), ABILITY TO GET AROUND INSIDE WITHOUT TAKING ‘SIDE TRIPS.’ACCESSIBILITY REVIEWWheelchair parking. None. I thought there was a 1:25 ratio with that, meaning for every 25 parking spots, there needs to be at least 1 handicapped spot. Even if there aren’t even 25 parking spots, which there aren’t.Steps: none. Not badBar: All high, but can move the benches. It’s a strip club, who cares. Not like you go there anyway to ‘chat it up’.Bathrooms: Now this is funny. There’s a sign on the bathroom that says Men/Wheelchair on it (well it’s a picture) yet you can’t even fit a wheelchair in the doorway. Isn’t that illegal? Oh well, who enforces ADA laws anyway. Maybe no one cares. I had to limit myself to one drink because of it. No biggie. At least one of the employees offered to let me use the employee bathroom courtesy of the manager. I was already leaving, though.I told ’em I’m not coming back until they fix the bathrooms. I was told it’d be sometime in July before they fix them. They need a MUCH bigger parking lot, too, one with a handicapped spot would be nice. If they had one, I wouldn’t have seen it. I even asked when I got there and I was told I was out of luck.CLUB REVIEWI don’t really go to many strip clubs but I was bored. OK that’s not the real reason but I’ll just keep that to myself. Lap dances were $20 but they run 2-for-1 specials frequently. The dancer keeps her clothes on during the dance and for the most part, it’s hands off. I don’t remember the dancer’s name, but it was well worth the $20, taking into consideration California strip club laws. It definitely wasn’t an ‘air dance.’

  7. richard95

    Stopped in here on one of my Left Coast swings and was real disappointed in the quality of the dancers in terms of high expectations, this being California and all. They were cute but you can see a lot cuter most anyplace in So Cal, like the beach in San Diego, the beach side walkways in Mission and Pacific Beaches especially. Hell, just walking through the San Diego airport your head will turn more than it did here. I was pretty buzzed when I got here but I kind of remember it being so dark I could barely see the dancers. But that hides a lot of “flaws” so it may have been intentional. I still sort of remember the girls being friendly and not pushy for lap dances which I wasn’t interested in anyway. I think we had a decent time so 3 stars it is.

  8. Johnson12

    This spot is awesome. Beautiful ladies and great music. They have great specials here too. Definitely going back soon!!!

  9. Lorenza C.

    This place is hidden gem. They always have pretty girls working there and they do tons of lap dance specials.

  10. USMC

    I was in this club a long time ago, before they shut down all the Marine Bases, Had a blast. Glad to see your still there.

  11. Nate M.

    My time here was very disappointing. I came to this place with my two female friends who have never been to a strip club before and I was hopping for a good first experience. Unfortunately, after last night, I don’t think they’ll ever go back to one again. First off, the girls were sub par. Not bad but not to good either. (Granite, it was a sunday night). And another thing before I get started, the air conditioning bust have been on 55 degrees. My friends and i were freezing. But didn’t compare to what happened next.There was a $10 cover and a 1 drink minimum. Cool. No problem. I was drinking for several hours before going to this establishment and was using the bathroom frequently so i wanted some time before i got my required drink. But the staff wouldn’t have it. When i repeatedly told them that I wanted to get my drink a little later, the manager said “No, your going to get a drink now”…… my mind, “sure what ever, I don’t want any trouble”. Even for a strip club….fairly rude. So i got a water that cost me $6.I went up to a couple of girls and asked if they would give my 2 female friends their first lap dances. They agreed and said they would do it after they got off stage. I said thanks and went back to my seat. They didn’t go on stage until about 4 songs later and at that time I’m getting impatient. Finally the one goes on stage and does her thing. She comes off stage and goes around the room and collects tips from everyone. I said I’ll tip her after she gives my friends her lap dances ( i said it in a playful/joking way but kind of being serious at the same time). She gets all pissed cause i didn’t give her 2 bucks and said i “disrespected” her. This coming from the girl that just got off the stage licking her co workers pussy for a total of $18 bucks that they have to split. BITCH, your a stripper, unless I verbally harass you or slap your ass, don’t talk to me about respect………of course I didn’t say that cause i wasn’t ready to be kicked out. A little bit later the bouncer wants to talk to me outside. (a little embarrassing in front of my friends). The bouncer was cool, he just said i might be rubbing the girls the wrong way. I explained my side of the story and he understood and even offered to let me come back for no cover, which I appreciated. After that, i figured it was time to go.All in all, not worth it. I’m sure there are better clubs to go to in the area.

  12. mathewater12

    Met at the door by the bouncer, wanded and paid my cover. Inside the stage area is surprisingly small, as it seems that the off stage areas take up a lot of the space inside. Couple dozen comfy chairs all facing the stage, with at least a dozen or so on the stage bar, the mandatory 3 feet from the women dancing. Bartender has a nice selection of drinks, pay for two, get a receipt for the second if you want them to keep it cold, or hot, as the case may be.No sodas, but ubiquitous Redbull is available.Stage dances were pretty good. Most of the women know some pole moves and the ones who don’t know the moves on the floor. For those looking for supermodels, not one to be found. Almost all of the dancers though would end up in the 6-9 range, in my personal scale of 1-10. Two for ones at least once an hour if not more often. Private dance area is quite large subdivided into chair-cubicle things. No idea what the private rooms are like.Parking lot is tiny and it can get choked by oversized vehicles parking across from each other, but it is lit and seems safe enough even at night.Staff was courteous and dancers were fun.

  13. Dave

    I came in from out of town and hit this club for the first time. I go to these clubs all around the world and these girls are for certain the best around…I will be dreaming about Madison for a while…

  14. adamrod

    I went here with a couple of my girlfriends and a few of my guy friends and we absolutely love it. the admission price is fair 10 dollars. drinks are 6 dollars each for like what seems like a 4oz drink (like most other clubs). We got to see a few amazing dances. these girls really know how to work it. my friends bought me a lap dance and I was hesitant at first, but gave in. this girl brought me into this open room with semi-dividers blocking each section. I sat down and she worked her magic. the way she did things felt so so so great, that I felt like i was a lesbian for a second.Advice:-wear comfortable clothing/warm clothing.-if you aren’t careful you might spend a great deal of money without realizing it.

  15. Robert P.

    Visited this Gentlemen’s Club on Wednesday, September 28, 2016. This place is Supper Ghetto. The girls are not the best looking either, and the actual club, is probably less than 500 Sq. Feet. If you can avoid this club, please do so! Invest your money elsewhere.

  16. Cobra K.

    California Girls SUCK!The stupid ass free cover with 1 drink minimum bullshit sucks!The fat ass stripper during day shift sucks!The pushy waitress hustling drinks the second you walk in sucks!The little man bouncer sucks!The single stage sucks!This whole club SUCKS!

  17. Just I.

    On a Saturday, 2 guys & 2 girls stopped to see some fun. The last time I was here it was topless with alcohol. Now its all nude, even better!The cover charge was minimal. The girls varied from ” TJ” nastiness with mass stretch marks to super fine fake boob blond lesbian goddess.Since I was with 2 girls whom like me + the strippers liked my girls = we all had a great time!!!!Note: CG is much cheaper than Ecstasy. So are the girls. I approve.

  18. Jamie

    This was the first strip club that I’ve been to, went with my friend and had more than one guy ask if we were lez. haha. The bar tender was really nice, wish she woulda danced. The talent was about half and half but i had a really good time all around. Claire is an awesome dancer by the way.

  19. eddyL

    A few tips before stepping in this mug:-Pre-game it before coming-Have plenty of crisp 1’s iron them if you must-Come before 6 it’s free-Wear basketball shorts & free ball it trust me-Get a good seat-Find a dancer you like & wait for her to perform-Casually walk up to the stage & MAKE IT RAIN-Return to your seat & wait for dancer-Reap benefits of making it rain-Go outside & have a smoke to celebrateThat’s how a bawse does it!

  20. AssnTits5

    Here are the facts: I am 18 and this was my first time at a strip club. The ATM machine was broken. I came in with 40. My friend (his first time as well) and I stayed til it closed and left after we spent 200 bucks. We ran to the 7/11 around the corner at least three times. There’s NO WAY, you can pass up a great dancer like Unique. Yea, that’s her stage name. Entry is 10 after 6:30, so come before then. You have to buy one mandatory drink at the bar. (six dollars) Topless lap dances are 20 for a song, top on is 10 a song. And they get crazy. Don’t even think twice if you got money for it and a girl you like asks you for a lap dance. But don’t be afraid to say no either. I’m coming back again…. and again…. and again…. Forget partying… forget the coffee shop… forget girlfriends…… but I’ll remember STRIPPERS!!!!!

  21. XXXbeast

    This place is really good for orange county! I’m used to the strip club scene in LA so this had me shocked! I went in on a Monday night coming home from work and they had like 19 or 20 girls, most of which were pretty damn hot. 2 drink minimum but I guess if you are having a good time with the ladies then they don’t sweat you for that second one. I ended up spending like 250 on 2 girls and DEFINITELY left satisfied haha….All in all I would say this place is my new little orange county gem!

  22. RYAN


  23. timmykilla

    My first time at a strip club, and it was pretty cool.Pros: Girls are cute. My favorite was Rose (redhead). Girls are friendly and entertaining. They dance well. They sometimes offer 2 for 1 lap dances it’s $20 for topless or $40 for nude. Cons: They charge a $10 dollar cover + 2 drink minimum. Each drink is $6. So basically $22/person. No alcohol. Only water, soda and red bull. Music choice is so lame. It was putting me to sleep. The stage and the place itself is pretty small. So it gets a bit awkward when packed. Bathrooms are gross. Overall though, I would recommend for the girls. Just don’t come in with high expectations.

  24. ryan123

    This place is pretty standard. The girls don’t try to push you around, which is a big plus. Prices are reasonable. The girls vary, but you should be able to find a couple that you like.

  25. JamesS

    I frequent there a lot with my friends. We are retired SDPD and we enjoy this place a lot except last week or so on a Wednesday We came in the afternoon. Had a dancer named Candice (pretty old looking MILF ) dance for me. She was drunk off her rocker and kept propositioning for sec in and outside the club. Flattered but sort of stunned the management allows that type of behavior. Luckily we are retired PD.
    Had a friend of hers dance for me a little short brunette. She said she used to work at TJ’s. Nice looking but she just had a bad body odor.
    Love coming here but a few bad apples like the ones above really ruin the fun and could ruin your business.
    Anyways Just wanted everyone to know.. Can’t wait to come back

  26. joseph1k

    I really liked the place, but when I asked the bouncer about their Instagram follow goodies he had no clue what I was talking about (or maybe pretended to act like he didn’t know what i was talking about) So beware they do not honor what they advertise on their website!!! You will receive NOTHING for following them on Instagram or any other social media site despite what their official website says . Highly disappointed on this fact ..

  27. Dippy

    Cover was 5 bucks, drinks were 4. That’s about where the positives stop here. Many of the girls were a little on the heavy side, which seemed to turn on most of the Latinos in the place, but did little for me. Got one lapdance and was very disappointed to learn that it was fully clothed. No topless allowed. Dance was okay. I spent a total of 30 minutes here and didn’t see anything else worth spending my money on. Probably won’t be back.

  28. Bryan

    The club is actually pretty nice inside since the remodel, but there are better clubs with better girls around the OC.

  29. Franklyn

    If i could give it 0 stars i would. It’s overcrowded, stage isn’t big enough and the stage lighting is horrible! The girls aren’t attractive and are very hungry for money! Lapdances are over priced. I definitely will not be going back

  30. Weedman420

    The hottest showgirls, good dances, and friendly staff. The best club in OC eventhough there is no alcohol, the music and vibe is laid back. No pressure. All dances in private what more can a guy ask for?

  31. igor34

    Free baller is a must. Trust me. Don’t get too addicted tho there is no turning back. Yolo

  32. Michael T.

    Worst club I’ve been to. Waters are $6.00, women are 1 stars and the club is small, not coming back for sure

  33. DANNY


  34. rickywho2

    Great night! For the first time I truly felt satisfied in a strip club. There was a perfect 11/10 girl that swept me away from the stage to the back rooms. Definitely a great place to go with your bros to hang out, to show off, welcome friends into the beautiful world of strip clubs, and let off some steam from everyday struggles. Chill security, chill vibes and a funny DJ. Will come again!!!!

  35. yanard12

    they were running a special two for one . and one of the ladies offered me TWO dances for 20$ . and i accepted the offer . and after min before the first dance done she asked me to go for the VIP and i said i am okay here and she said we are done give me my 20$ , i told her we didn’t finish the first dance yet . she said i changed my mind i don’t wanna dance with you anymore . i went to the security guy and i told him the story and he said yes you have to give her 20$ because the original price is 20$ and she don’t wanna dance with you anymore . i gave her the 20$ .but i left this place with bad experiences and the everybody go there to have some entertainment but to leave with bad mood . so this was my experience in this place

  36. StripClub431

    I thought pussy smell was a myth until I came in to this place. I’ve always heard “her pussy smells” and thought maybe it was something I just didn’t notice or was immune to. Pussy smells and tastes great! Then came this cute little shy girl on her first day. I almost puked when she gave me a lap dance. Oh well. Urban myth proved true! I haven’t been to any other strip clubs to compare it to so I like this place. I’m not a perv and can get laid on my own so I generally go get stoned and get attention from the cutest girls there for an hour or so. I know I’m not going to drop a ton of cash so I just get a few lap dance and enjoy the conversation and smiles..a few of them are cute and really sweet. I know that time is money so I encourage the girls to go after any high roller I see go in the room but also try to show them they are appreciated…I know to never ask for a phone number from the help..strip club, Mastros or even Taco Bell where you’d be the ultimate sugar daddy for any girl who worked there just by taking her grocery I’ve given my number out a few times though and been pleasantly surprised with a call back. Please carry alcohol!

  37. XhXeXy

    Well after going here I quickly noticed there are much better places. As far as the girls go there are a good selection and they are fairly open to being flirty. This is an 18 and up club so that means there is no booze but you see the girls from top til bottom. So onto the bad, like any club they want you to buy their overly priced drinks so I don’t blame them for that. It just became irritating that the bar tender didn’t try to flirt but almost commanded that I buy myself another drink. After shoeing her away I decided to buy a lap dance at 10/a dance, not bad except the fact that there was cameras at every booth meaning that there was probably a creepy manager watching. That kinda killed the vib. The girl was ok but not much bang for the buck. With a $10 cover there are many other places to go. Maybe good to take a kid that just became of age but travel else where if u have some extra time.

  38. Johnnyboy123

    California Girls are best in country.

  39. harryharry

    Great place But bathroom tiny very smallVIP area is the bestHad a amazing time 100%Thank you For all the funPretty girls Friendly, loved it Better than imperial

  40. larry1

    To correct some reviews below, this place is not full nude. The stage shows had girls only go topless, and private lap dances are also topless only.Visited this place right before new years and we came a bit early so the place wasn’t very packed. 5$ cover charge with 5-7$ drinks, probably the cheapest anywhere in the LA area. Right as we entered, we heard the 3 for 1 special. For the 3 for 1 and 2 for 1 specials, this place is very good. After an hour or so the place started to get packed.Saw a couple girls that were cute, others were average. Most looked to be in late 20s or 30s, maybe a few in 40s. The private lap dance area could be cold, so make sure to warm up your hands before getting a dance.

  41. Dan

    Girls are scabs, waitress are rude and stand on top of you to give them a tip. Place SUCKS

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