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2920 West Warner Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92704


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Ecstasy Theatre

  1. Johnnyboy123

    $10 entrance fee, required $14 on bottled water or soda, $50 lap dance….Strip club virgin in da house! I can’t say I’ve experienced better since this was my first experience, let alone full nudal (no alcohol). Spontaneous trip here with girls and guys for our boy’s bday. I thought I’d see girls doing some mind boggling tricks on the pole. But instead I saw girls who didn’t look like they wanted to be there walk slowly around the pole and then slide around the floor spread eagle and doggy style. Yah I know this is what guys come for, especially the old pervy looking ones sitting at the front of the stage staring at their vijays like they’ve never seen one before. But come on, do some twirls around the pole and hang upside down, work for your dollas. One out of the 7 or 8 girls we saw did do some twirls.They had an array of girls: small boobies, big boobies, big booty, small booty, girl with tats, girl with hard implants, Asian, White, Hispanic….most of the girls were cute with a couple yikes. Our waitress seemed like a b*tch and wasn’t very attentive and the music of course sucks. **Bathroom: I don’t know about the guys, but the stall in ours does not have a door so get ready to pee in the open. Is this normal for all strip clubs?A couple of the guys got a lap dance for the bday boy and he said he enjoyed it. The stripper even came out to us and said he enjoyed it. Seemed to be a “no boundaries” lap dance, so boys don’t forget to wash your hands and bring some sanitizer.

  2. number one fan

    The girls are always really gooe looking and smell very nice. The lap dances at expensive but its money well spent. Look to spend a good amount of money and relax.

  3. KIDof22yrs

    This club is probably one of the best ones that i’ve been to for the sake of the private dances and the majority of hotness walking around this club. Just simply AMAZING, hands down the best in cali. also check out fritz in anahiem, great as well, but not as good

  4. Angel
  5. charles

    Fully nude lab dances

  6. rogerrab2

    If I could give this place zero stars I would. Some friends and I came here on a Friday night and the bouncer charged us $10 each to just walk to an empty house with no girls. He straight up lied to our faces and then laughed at us when we asked for a refund. Keep in mind we were here for less than 10 minutes. DO NOT GO TO THIS CLUB!!!! There is a place down the street called Imperial that is a million times better. Don’t waste your money here

  7. gi

    the private dances cost too much you guys shouldnt charge the girls you already make enough off the damn two bottles of water that were forced to buy

  8. romanos

    i love this club the are women are beautiful and i just keep comming back for more..great service too..

  9. larry1

    I do not give any rating to this strip club. I went there to have some fun. I took one lap dance. The girl name is camille, she hardly spent 5mins ( did not let me even touch her boobs) and charged me 50 bucks. The girls in there charge 50 bucks for every one and spend about 5 to 10 mins with them. I would say that they are publicly robbing the customers giving the name of a lap dance. I will never ever go there.

  10. Cody R.

    Let’s start at the beginning. When I first started going to Ecstasy, yes, the girls were very pushy even if you appear not interested. At the very beginning of my going here, I saw a girl that I wanted to spend money on, Aurora, Blonde, 5’7-5’9, piercing laugh, buck teeth, she kept getting sidetracked and going back and giving other people dances that she would leave me waiting when I said I’d give her one, finally, I’ll decided on another girl so I don’t look cheap. Ha. The next time I came back there, the next multiple times, I have this s—-y attitude floating around with the girls towards me. I’ll sit there tipping better than every man at the Club and still the girls will be giving me attitude, I even had one tatted up Asian girl refuse a 40 dollar tip and walk off stage saying something and doing one of those “Clueless” hand gestures.

  11. adamrod

    The girls looked okay but if you are not of white ethnicity, do not come here. Management and cover personnel are rude and aggressive against those of not Caucasian heritage. No joke….the men seriously looked like they just came from a klan meeting. You have been warned!

  12. themo

    this place is ridiculous expensive. be ready to spend straight out almost $30 just to get in+drinks. for a nude place, its really strict. U cant touch any part except the ass! serious nude and no touching!…i’ll give them an A+ for the dance, alot of these girls are really good at dancing.

  13. lappro

    This club is a serious addiction. Not a single girl below an 8. Backroom dances are well worth the dough!

  14. igor34

    I tried to get in today 20 mins before closing and the big white guy discriminated me saying he does not want to attend me!!!! Bad service!!! And racist remarks so I got scare and left .

  15. james1412

    I have been going here for 19 years now. I was a routine customer in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, though admittedly I have tapered off rather substantially during the past few years. In my early days, this place was def the bomb: great employees and staff all around – not anymore though. I went in this afternoon, first time in months.. I saw a couple of ladies that I had given dances to in the past, but I stuck with only one, my usual M.O. I told her that I would give her 4 dances, and we proceeded to the back room. I meticulously counted 4 dances, the lady was in sync with me. The floater however had me at 5 dances. He had over-counted when I was in there a while back as well, same circumstances. If there is one sure-fire way to lose your customers, it is to alienate them, particularly by ripping them off. Adios Ecstasy!

  16. Andrew

    The girls here are amazing! I’ve been coming here for years; when I am in town. A few of my ATF are: angel, paula, alize, camille, viatarie, and dana. I love this place! ! !

  17. Maria B.

    Ecstasy is expensive but the several girls — especially on a Friday or Saturday night — are gorgeous and they get totally nude for lap dances. My boyfriend and I go here some times instead of California Girls for a change of pace. I never have been here on a weeknight, but some of my girlfriends did and they were disappointed with “the talent”. So, if you go to Ecstasy, go on a Friday or Saturday and bring lots of cash.ENJOY THE BUTT NAKED HOTTIES!

  18. Steven
  19. nickstrip

    This actually needs to be a negative rating…this club and its “girls” are in the habits of stealing money from their customers. Bouncers were notified and the customer was thrown out without his money. Shit club, shit service could probably get a better lap dance from a random chick off the street. Find a better, classier place where the “girls” aren’t so strung out.

  20. luml1

    best looking girls of any strip club I’ve been to.

  21. Weedman420

    I went for my best friends bachelor party. We are all gay but it was still fun. Dropped at least $2k in less then a hour. The female staff was VERY friendly. The male staff, seemed pissed to have to be there or deal with customers.

  22. richard95

    This place gets 4 stars because the girls are smoking hot. 5 stars would be given if it wasn’t so freakin expensive and you were allowed to drink there. I’ve been here a handful of times and each time has been fun, but be prepared to drop some mad dough. You’ll need between 100 to 200 bucks to have a fun time. Ten bucks to get in, and fourteen bucks for the two sodas you have to buy.. rip off. That’s twenty-four dollars right there, plus one dollar bills if your sitting in the front by the stage, and fifty bucks per private dance.. which are definately worth it because the word “boundary” does not exist here.. as long as your not old or ugly.The girls are kinda aggressive, I had to keep telling this Asian chick to go away when she asked if I wanted a dance, and tell her I wanted the hot blonde over there. I swear I’ve seen more than a few of these girls on campus at OCC. I’m guessing its how they pay their tuition? There’s a liquor store next door, so I’d leave every so often with my buddy to pound a drink in the parking lot before going back in. The parking lot area can get kinda sketchy at 2 AM when they close, when everyone starts to leave. I was hanging outside with a buddy smoking a cigarette when these Mexicans waiting for their stripper girlfriend, pull out the tweak pipe and start smoking shit right there in the parking lot with the door open offering me a hit. All in all, the good outweighs the bad, and its a fun place every once in awhile.

  23. Joe

    The girls are all escorts if you know what I mean!!!

  24. Matt Calmes
  25. Mistercap12

    Known as the place to go for prostitutes.

  26. XXXbeast

    Not to happy with this club girls are going down prices are to high go somewhere else for fun

  27. Happy Man

    I was in Irvine over the weekend and visited Ecstasy. The cover and two “drinks” sodas at $10 & $14 was steep. However and most importantly, the girls are hot. There was a variety of ladies dancing. All pretty some really attractive; someone for everyone. The private lap dances were dynamite, even though they were $50. I’ve been to many places and trust me guys, you get your money’s worth. If you can catch her for a dance, Amber is smokin’

  28. Sam Fly

    I go once a month or so. Expensive at $50 per song, but where else do you get nude “bed” (couch) dances??!! VHM

  29. InTheKnow

    Cons: Cover is too high, min drinks (2) are a rip-off, bouncers and DJ’s are major douche bags, dances are pricey ($50).

    Pros: The girls are hot, the ratios are great, the atmosphere is nice but not stuffy, the stage is elevated for the best view of twat, and if you’ve got game, don’t get “feelings” and have some dough, many of the girls can be yours, trust me…

  30. eddyL

    all i can say is ask for the “CLOUD NINE” 😉

  31. curtis17

    Girls are great but the price is steep. They gouge the cover charge with an over charged drink minimum. Dances are beyond steep too. I’d normally give a two star rating but the girls warrant an extra star.

  32. XhXeXy

    Prices have gone up. It’s now $60 a dance. I like this place because the cover charge and 2 drink minimum keep out the rif raf! The girls here have been in the biz…average age is upper 20’s, many are VERY hot! The one thing i would like to see is more girls. Even on weekends, there are never more than 8 girls maximum.. Overall, it’s worth a trip if you’ve never been! Only go for a dance if you’re sure! 60$ is almost a half tank of gas! ; ) enjoy!

  33. mm

    one of the best,

  34. Stripper

    This club is really HOT

  35. AssnTits5

    I have to say this is my favorite strip joint ever, though the price is a little bit high. $10 cover charge + $14 drinks(no alcohol )=$24 admission charge. Couch Dances are $50 per song which were well worth it. I recommend going on Friday night because they have an assortment of girls (Asian,Blondes, Spanish, Indian, Russian, European). I got my dance from some exotic Asian girl…stage name: Amy or Ayumi..I couldn’t hear with the loud music..anyway it was well worth my $150+ my $10 tip. I can’t wait to go back to Ecstasy to enjoy their great music remixes.

  36. Joey macias

    It’s all right!!!!!

  37. winston12

    I had a great time ! 3 of my buddies went out to celebrate a special occasion and we got to this place around 1am. I’m a hip hop dancer and I ended up dancing in front of the girl that was dancing and had the place on its heels because I was going off ! the girls ended up sending a recruit out to ask me If I was a dancer and truthfully I should have gotten a free dance lol ! the only negative was like recent posts was the girl that served us our drinks (water bottles). She was so mean and inpatient, it’s like she was pissed that we were looking at the girls I almost didn’t want to look. But other than than that the music was dope and me being a dancer I thought really one girl could dance a little.

  38. Smiling

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