Ricks Cabaret Fort Worth



7101 Calmont Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76116


32.7331217, -97.4395639




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Ricks Cabaret Fort Worth

  1. TXborn
  2. Stan N.

    This place almost single handedly ruined my trip to Fort Worth. Not only did the front desk lady hustle me for $20 a head, the girls inside seemed to have their own agenda. I took my employees there to have a nice relaxing night, but instead they seemed miserable with the entire experience. Not only us, but the people we met up with ended leaving within the hour. Would recommend this place to all the people I hate cause this is the most palpable form of living hell possible.

  3. jason
  4. james1412

    I was there on Thursday night. I bought two bottles with my card. The waitress wrote herself in a $300 tip. Also purchased another 214.75 on God knows what. I should have spent 564.75 and ended up paying over $1000. Called and left a message they never returned my phone call I called again when another $800 charge hit my account and finally got someone on the phone. They said they would look into it and call me back. Stupid low class waitress stole from me and charged a bunch of other stuff on my card. I told them I have the original receipt where I should have been charged 564.75. If you go here don’t use your card and defiantly get your drink straight from the bar. Worst titty bar ever.

  5. tonycluber

    Went on a Saturday. The place was packed so there wasn’t as much attention from the girls as I’d have liked, but that’s to be expected. $10 cover charge, $20 dances, $250/$500 VIP room for half/one hour respectively. NO privacy in the VIP, it’s just some couches on the second floor wide in the open.Girls were only so-so. Plastic and adipose to spare at about a 60/40 split. The place itself is put together very nicely, the outside has a very… rustic, look to it but the inside is very modern and appealing. Drinks are, naturally, vastly overpriced but that’s to be expected. Overall a nice little place to relax, just don’t expect much if you’ve got deep pockets you want emptied.

  6. mathewater12

    The classiest of all clubs in Fort Worth. The building itself is super unique, and interesting. Pretty good variety of entertainers, and the waitstaff is top-notch!Last but not least, the bottle service prices are decent. It does’t cost an arm and a leg, for a great night out with a few friends!!!You will get to watch a few acrobats, if you come on the right night!!

  7. fritter17

    Don’t go on weekends. The service is better on weekdays because there are less customers.The girls are also surprisingly better looking on weekdays.

  8. D
  9. eddyL

    Took my mom’s husband to be to this strip club and i must say we had a darn good time!Pros: Management were very helpful and friendly! I was in town for my moms wedding and found out that night that the groom didn’t have anything planned….WTF!! Last night of freedom and your just sitting at the house having a beer alone??? Naw Naw NOT ON MY WATCH!….so i made a be-line to a spot I’ve only heard of but never been to. Walked in and was greeted by a nice looking tender- Ronni who assisted me by fetching for the manager that i request to speak to. Once the manager arrived I explained how i know its a short notice but i needed a VIP section and bottle service later that evening approximately 4hrs from then….Ol dude didn’t even show a sign of panic just said OK where would you like to sit?! I pointed at a section right by the stage and he said OK then quoted what package deal he had for me…..very very reasonable price i might add! To sum it up by the time we arrived there that night our area looked like it has been set up all day! Champagne bottles on the table some decorations and the ladies where in full force to please………..sigh……….Ok I’m back! It was a great night and our tab (since i covered it all) was not bad by any means. Even for a Saturday night there were plenty of parking and they also added Valet. In my few years of these types of clubs i must admit this one was the cleanest if that’s saying something..Cons: Not too much to say anything badd, its been years since I’ve been there and only thing I think they could have added some more chocolate to the entertainment, don’t get me wrong i love all the flavors of the rainbow just saying it could have used some more mocha!:)Overall: GOOD TIMES AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  10. Colbys

    PRETTIEST girls in FW. Great wine selection. Delicious food. so much talent! Management is awesome! Most of the girls are very friendly. It’s very laid back for a strip club… Although, it can be pretty loud late at night.The upstairs ultra lounge is very nice!

  11. Max

    I think this club is the BEST strip club in the U.S.A.

  12. GS

    A Little hard to find but the best club in Dallas area

  13. les

    in on fri for lunch. food was good. 20 girls setting along wall waiting their turn to dance. not a pushy place. large selection of girls most skinny. waitress makes rounds evey 5 min. lot of fun.

  14. joseph1k

    I have had some of the best times in my life here at Ricks. So don’t hesitate and check it out.

  15. jay

    the best girls, the best atmosphere, the best price. its called ricks now, but same location and same quality!

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