Chicas Bonitas



3701 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Austin, TX 78722


30.293601, -97.719803




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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5 reviews for “Chicas Bonitas

  1. The Connoisseur

    Here’s the deal:
    Size – Medium-sized, 2 bars, 2 stages
    Ambiance- Low-end with office chairs
    Talent – Slim to Rotund with little in between, Largely Hispanic, multi-racial
    Private Area – Dark & seedy aka perfect!
    Private Dance – $25/song, topless, max-contact, eager-to-satisfy!

  2. Stevie

    This place bites the dust.

  3. AssnTits5

    Back in my college days, this place was called The Lady. Definitely one of the nastier strip clubs in town, but we used to walk over as we lived nearby. Good times. It has now become Chicas Bonitas, offering fine topless entertainment for the discriminating Latino, or so the sign says.I’m not Latino, so just to be safe I brought my Latino friend with me. We initially walked in as a joke and thought we’d probably stay for 10 minutes, but we ended up having a few drinks, which turned into a few more drinks, and before we knew it, they were kicking us out at 2ish and we were wondering where the night went. They pretty much have girls of two types here – fat and really fat. Sir Mix a Lot would be in heaven here. Although the girls are mostly jumbo sized, the outfits are unfortunately not. There is more cottage cheese here than at the HEB distribution center! The great thing about places like this, at least for me, is that there are always 2 or 3 really petite girls, and none of the Latino guys like them, so they are readily available. Sure enough, found 3 or 4 good looking thin girls and monopolized their time. Dances are a measly 10 bucks! As with most places like this, dance quality varies from girl to girl. Drinks are amazingly stiff, so much so that I didn’t believe my Jack and Coke was made with Jack. Wicked strong – we’re still working off the hangovers from this place 20 hours later. If you like your women thick and speaking Spanish, this is your happy place. Music is all spanish as well. Fun times – make sure to check out the exotic vehicle parking at the valet in front – pretty funny what makes the cut for front row here.

  4. DexterRexter

    This is owned by Vinnie Paul from Pantera. Dont expect it to be the Clubhouse in Dallas though. As the name would suggest, this place is specifically marketed toward Spanish speakers. The DJ plays annoying Tejano music and speaks in Spanish. As far as the girls, they range as far as their ability to speak English. Most are attractive, at least on the 2 or 3 occasions Ive been there. The outdoor “patio” is kinda dumpy. Usually a door fee. Valet parking only.

  5. larry1

    I’m not big on these places, but my cousin used to work here and so now I am friends with a lot of the dancers who are all beautiful women with gorgeous smiles. I go for the drinks and the atmosphere. I also read playboy for the articles.

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