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0 reviews for “Rick

  1. StripClub431

    Almost thought this was a good club. Nah. Scam artist type bullshit. These people don’t know good business.

  2. David

    The Club was very interesting. I had a blast. A couple girls that I talked to in there were very sexy. One girl cums to mind. Her name is Ciara. She is the best I have seen in there. She is there on the weekends and I recommend a dance with her. She is so good at what she does I could’ve given her the deed to my house. Definetly a HAVE TO SEE DANCER!!!!

  3. skippy101

    I had a few hours to kill and am from out of town, so I thought I’d try this place. Outside looks nice, walled in from a retail mall to keep it private. Inside ambiance is good. A little like some of the upscale clubs in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta or even Vegas. Good seating, nice interior, good music. Friendly valet and cashier. Cocktail waitress was attentive but not too pushy. But, sadly, where the “good” ends. The first thing I noticed was how few girls there were compared to the guys. The ratio was easily 10 guys for every girl. Probably 200 guys, maybe 25 girls and they were not all on the floor. It was 1 in the morning so the place should have been in full swing, but the girls on the stage weren’t even dancing, they would stop completely to talk to somebody (not just collect a tip, I mean stop completly.) The energy level in the place was very sedate. I got a good seat so I could watch the place. After a few minutes, I realized that, with maybe one or two exceptions, there wasn’t a girl in the place that rated better than a 7. I’m guessing job qualifications for this place include only a pulse. There were a few girls that would probably crush you during a lapdance. At the other end of the spectrum, one girl who approached me was stick skinny with no breasts at all. Instead, she sported some major tattoos on her chest where a demi-bra would have been… Good for her to have the confidence to strip, but that’s not for me. I don’t know about you, but if I take the time to go into a strip club, I want to see some killer hot bitches who know how to dance and entertain a guy. What I saw were some seriously room-temperature amatuers, many of whom simply should not be dancing (but some damn fool who doesn’t know better is tipping them, so they keep doing it). If you want to see some seriously average topless chicks, maybe this place is for you.

  4. Pete L.

    I checked this place out and was not a great fan. Most of the girls were very nice but ran into one who scammed me on the dance floor. Perfect 10 is nearby and a much better time.

  5. james1412

    Horrible management!! I have never been treated so terrible by any other establishment especially by Dan one of the managers who I believe bases everything on skin color, talks crap behind your back then when you confront him makes a scene. The simplest question and he’s rolling his eyes snapping his neck with attitude. Ha! The music is the only thing likeable about this place. Hell most of the female customers look better than the dancers! Go across the street to P10 girls are gorgeous and managers treat you with respect. Might even offer you a job if you’re lucky 🙂

  6. Jip Z.

    Came in again Wednesday evening and there was a good variety of girls. It was a good time. I don’t have any complaints. I think the waitresses are on top of things, the dancers are attractive and the layout is okay. It would be nice to see a few dancers that were a bit older. The one I talked with seemed very young and intoxicated. This isn’t the best Rick’s in Texas, but it was still every bit of fun. Thanks Ricks!

  7. Rebecca

    Bad club to visit and to work at. Greeks are too cheap.

  8. rogerrab2

    Very disappointed for my 1st time experience @ a strip club with my hubby!! I wanted to take my hubby out for his bday & really wanted us to check out a strip club together so we decided to go to Ricks Cabaret since it was close to where we live & it opened up @ 11pm & not 12pm like a lot of the other strip clubs & I was really looking forward for my hubby getting a lap dance while me being w/ him…so when we 1st got there I had to use the restroom & while the ladies bathroom did have 3 stalls, 1 of the toilets was clogged & full w/ nasty toilet paper (bloodied & soiled ) & the 2 other stalls were occupied so I decided to wait for a minute BUT it turns out the the ladies restroom is a hang out spot for the dancers & waitresses who work there & not only are dancers just there in the restroom smoking, hanging out, talking on the phone, ect they also were in the 2 working stalls 1 of them even in the phone having a full conversation while I’m standing outside the stall needing to pee!! Very awkward for my 1st time @ a strip club..finally I decided just to leave the restroom & just try to come back in a lil bit & on my 3rd trip to the ladies restroom was finally one of the working restroom stalls free for me to use. So after finally being able to use the restroom me & my hubby get us a couple of drinks @ the bar & found a table to sit @ try to have a good time but we soon figure out that people are able to still smoke @ Ricks Cabaret & soon the air is sooooo thick w/ cigarette smoke my eyes are stinging & really irritating my contact lenses & the smoke was also really bothering my hubby as well but by this time w/ my experience in the ladies restroom & now my eyes just stinging & really bothering me I was just ready to go so we finished our drinks & left. We won’t be going back to Ricks Cabaret but we do plan to go & check out other strip clubs & hopefully I’ll have a better experience & finally get to see my hubby get that lap dance :-).

  9. curtis17

    Today is 11/1/2013Bad: There are about 5 pretty dancers there total. They like to hire dirty drugged up looking girls with crazy problems & prostitutes run rapid. So watch out they will do whatever to make there money ( rip you off, maybe even drug you up). Management has been switched more times than I can count but they never think of starting fresh with new people. Obviously the regional manager (Wayne) cant seem to figure things out yet. The type of customers that come in are usually ghetto, they come for the cheap drinks but the music doesn’t help by playing some of the hard rap. Bad Experiences: I’ve had alot of bad things happen at this place so I’ll sum things up a bit. My friend owns VIP and what I am told is he is allowed a free guest with membership. I was there 10 min to check up on my friend cuz he was a little drunk. I was yelled at by a manager named David because I sat on my friends lap for 2mins and I think it had something to do with my sexy Halloween costume ( I just came from a party). Miguel the GM told me i cant be in VIP. I didnt understand why he said that seeing as I’m there about 2-3 times a week to see my bartenders in… VIP. My friend spends a lot of money there not for them to give us a hard time. Another incident: Friend and I are getting dances…..a dancer tries to rip him off. We confront her about it and she flips out cursing us out. Next: I’ve seen girls flash there vaginas on stage, make out with customers, in the back seat of a car outside with a customer, I’ve also seen night waitstaff rip off customers for tips. Good:I come in here with a friend from time to time just to play poker and see Meredith and Kirsten my VIP bartenders. The morning door girl, waitresses and managers are amazing and treat you like family. Bathrooms are usually pretty clean, drinks are cheap especially on Tuesday($2). They have good food and nice specials (Russel is an awesome cook)Now that Miguel is the General Manager all the staff get treated better and that is the best improvement other than getting rid of Dallas (old manager).The set up is pretty nice, they have 3 stages and 3 bars. Booths and VIP.

  10. eddyL

    WATCH OUT FOR THE PRIVATE DANCES!!! My first strip club in Austin, TX. had some decent girls, went in about 9:30pm – 12:30pm. i had a private dance, girl was a little pushy but the dance was enjoyable. Towards 12 about to leave my friend goes for a private dance; well he got f*cked! not in the good way either. the girl on main stage had the dj change the song twice half way through, so the girl giving the private dance tried to charge my friend $100!!! wtf!?!?!? then settled on $60 which still wasn’t even right. Im guessing it was the GM who we talked to and he signed a card stating that it would cover the first round on any group (no matter the size) that went in with the card, which was better but still… while talking with the GM they went to “check the cameras”. well while we were walking out the bouncer runs out and gives us a handful of “free cover” cards. they know they were wrong.the girls were decent, the A girls dont come on til later; when we were leaving!

  11. Local Guy

    Over all, the atmosphere is very friendly. The dancers are as likely to sit and talk as press you for a dance. And the dances are *very* good.

  12. mina

    let me start off by saying my husband and I are loyal fans of these kinds of establishments. We went with some friends on May 9.2009 at around 11pm. The cover was a decent price and there was even uniformed security at the door that made me feel very safe. This was our first time coming here at the suggestion of our friends and I must say I was blown away, and not in a good way. The women looked very low class, in that they did not take care of their bodies. Way over 90% of the women were just blobs and had no originality or emotion when they got up on the stage.

    The ceilings were very high and the place is very open aired. Reminds me of a casino. The chairs are not very comfortable compared to other places we have been. I saw entertainers walking around texting or ignoring men who were there. (looking at fingernails, sitting at the bar)

    The issue I had with this place….. and I am being as unbiased as I can… was that the bartender (who was nonexistant most of the time) overcharged us in the end and never gave our friends back their debit card. First we had to wait unusually long for our drinks. we let that slide. We had to flag her down a good 20 minutes later (drinks empty) to order food. We then waited another good 20 minutes (not exaggerating) for the food to come. We finished that and asked for our bill. We then told our waitress who was also VISIBLY pregnant in a smoking establishment (CLASSY!) that we would like our bill separate from that of our friends. So we paid our bill just fine, and the waitress then charges our friend (at the SAME table) for their drinks and OUR food AND drinks. It wasnt until I asked her how much their bill was, that I realized the waitress was trying to pull a fast one on them by charging them for everything after we had already paid for our stuff. She seemed very confused and proceeded to run the bill “correctly”. So we leave after awhile of not seeing the waitress and we go to the next club, only to realize that the waitress never returned their debit card. (she had been difficult to get ahold of from the beginning) So angry, they go back to Joy’s and tell us they have to go to a manager and the waitress actually said they tried to skip out on their bill. The waitress even added EXTRA tip herself in different pen AFTER they had already left a cash tip to her. If someone can explain how someone could skip out on their bill if their card was left with the waitress, please enlighten me.

    We ended up at their competition across the street and food arrived in less than 10 minutes and drinks were immediately served to us. To the managers: please please teach your waitstaff that customer service still matters. They have to be profit driven and professional, even amongst the drunk. When I saw her sitting down doing nothing, that was the last straw. Thanks to that waitress, I will never visit this establishment again. Totally classless and unprofessional. Average at best.

  13. ryan123

    I have been going to a lot of the Gentlemen Clubs around the Austin/Round Rock area and found that Rick’s Cabaret is the best. I say this because they have a reasonable cover charge, and a friendly atmosphere. I have been to a lot of the clubs and I still have yet to see a Manager greet me at the door welcoming me inside, as I did at Rick’s. I also had several beautiful waitresses take care of me and they had a few dozen beautiful women to keep me company.Some of the earlier posts spoke about ugly women? Either they work for the competition or they didnt see the girls I did over the last week. There were a lot of gorgeous girls from different parts of Texas, and none were ugly. Heck, when I left a couple nights ago, they placed me in this unbelievable black Dodge Charger that shuttled me home. Talk about going home in style. This place is worth it and then some! I am a die hard fan now.

  14. robert

    Lots of speicals day time dance $10 tue $5 girls will always talk with you. 3 stages when there enough guys inside. Food quality is so so but cheep. Big screen tvs to watch but why watch tv there. They have web site just dont show all the dancers.

  15. Valerie L.

    My wife and I spent an evening at this club with some friend and had the most wonderful food and our waitress Chelsea was adorable and sweet. She was very attentive checking to make sure we had what we needed and had a smile on her face.

  16. Andy A.

    After a visit to Perfect 10, our cabbie for the evening insisted that we go to Ricks and that it is really cool. He also gave free entry passes.Should’ve realized that p10 did not need all this gimmickery.Once in, ambience was ok. But all the girls were only interested in servicing the VIP section (I hear it was anygirl for the whole evening for $50).It was a slow dragging place, my first pvt. dance was after an hour. Where as it was zippy in p10.most girls here at Ricks had implants and more importantly badly done jobs, with unsightly scars and stains.Drinks are cheaper than p10 but overall experience was not up to the mark. Don’t think will revisit

  17. larry1

    Fridays…TGIF at Rick’s…you know why? Because a $3 cover gets you a prime rib “buffet” with mashed potatoes, gravy, au jus, green beans, fresh greens, from 11-3pm. The side entertainment was …side entertainment, but I don’t frequent enough clubs likes this to know how the women are supposed to look/dance/dress. Some were def more fun to watch while other dancers allowed me to enjoy my meal and watch the Olympics. But seriously, for 3 bucks, it was hella good. The down side: no free water? I have to buy a bottle of water, in order to also order tap water? Probably for my own benefit, huh? Also, cocktail waitresses there are like vultures, but I suppose that happens at any place where cocktails don’t have a section. Also, probably a good idea to bring comes shades for the way out…not for anonymity but so you don’t burn your retinas and, or feel like a crackhead on the way out from $3 prime rib lunch…

  18. James

    This club has been taken over by Rick’s. They ran a prior location into the ground with poor service and look for the same here.

  19. Jon

    The dancers were friendly and well timed. The drinks were a bit pricy. Overall, great atmosphere.

  20. Gary K.

    OK, I went for the first time last Sunday.My impression was …..What goes on at Rick’s stays at Rick’s!Well Just Bust My Buttons!Would I go back? Sometime!

  21. maxxy1

    Don’t eat the food, terrible!!! Hope they take care of this issue so customers won’t leave early.

  22. Andrew S.

    BLAH… barf… when you go to a Gentlemen’s Club on a Friday night it would be nice to be surrounded by “Beautiful” women.. I know this sounds bad but every gal in there was either flat chested or “chubby”… thank god i used the coupons for a free cover. Drink prices were in line with the rest of the clubs but the talent was BAD…. i wont stray from Perfect 10 again.. that’s where it’s at!

  23. PC

    They need to open the VIP Camelot Lounge (since they have signs advertising it); but apart from that, it is a very comfortable place to spend an hour and receive very good entertainment value.

  24. adamrod

    Tacky and the door girl didn’t know any promotional info. We paid full cover despite requesting 2 bottles for our group. We brought 8 middle class cats and still no liquor love. Take my advice, Go somewhere else if you’re not a regular gents.

  25. travelling dancers


    This club may look decent, but the managers are paid by strippers to turn their head to severe indecencies, like $20 hand jobs, $40 blowjobs, $200 f#cks in the VIP. Guys/girls whose girlfriends/boyfriends work here should be afraid of what they will catch & ashamed that theyre with someone like that.

    Girls who work here, you should know that this is not what stripping/dancing is about. There are many clubs out there that do not allow touching & you make MORE MONEY! You are a commodity, treat yourself as something better than Ricks Cabaret! The head manager will have you sign the contracts by telling you he will go over it with you, but then he refuses. THIS IS A SHEISTY CLUB, GO ELSEWHERE!

    This club is as illegal as they get. The city should be ashamed of themselves for letting this club exist! Beware travelling dancers! You will make NO MONEY if you do not engage in these activities! This club will tell you that a SSN# is required! Do not comply with this! IT IS NOT. It does not matter how close you are in proximity to the border. Dancers are private contractors that will NOT get a 1099 form from this club. No SSN#s, account #s, or any other personal verification should be given to these clubs. Strip clubs steal the identities of strippers (statistically one of the groups with the least legal knowledge on credit). No doubt this club is going to steal your credit, even if you dont have any or its not good, you are still responsible for what they do with it!

  26. darknesses

    This club looks ok, but it doesn’t really compare to some of the other clubs around town. There aren’t very many girls here, which is a big negative in my book. the waitstaff is pretty good though. The overall quality of the girls that i saw was below average for a club in Austin. better than XTC, but not as good as The yellow Rose or Nicks. i wasn’t at all impressed by the skills of the girls. One dancer was giving me a lapdance, and she actually kiked me in the head. HARD! it’s a good think that i was pretty much drunk, but i woke up the next morning with a nasty bruise on the side of my head. Neddless to say, i’m finished with this club

  27. tonycluber

    I am currently extremely conflicted about updating my rating for this place but, I honestly think that the bad far outweighs the good in terms of my last month’s experience at this establishment:One month ago, I came by at night and General Manager Miguel made me feel extremely welcomed. He was completely on top of the game striving for having me have an amazing night and so I did. Unfortunately, here comes the first bad: he’s been moved to day time and I find it as a huge faux-pas from higher management.With that being said, Manager Todd did an amazing job at making my party and I to keep coming back for more EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Todd always making sure I have my bottles ready and Enrique always bringing the best of the best exotic dancers.And here it comes the worst: the other Managers John and Dan (which by the way, seem to be running the show now), treated me like I have not ever been treated as a loyal customer and a VIP member of the establishment. I am not going to go into details but know that, John (whose looks and modus operandi resemble that of GoT’s Littlefinger) is fairly disliked by the waitstaff and more than one customer not to mention how hungry he’s for power and will do anything to be promoted to general manager; Dan, well… Let’s just say he is full of empty promises.Finally, I gotta say most of the waitstaff and entertainers are extremely fun! There are a few black sheep but you’ll be able to spot them fairly quickly and not waste your time (or money).

  28. Alyssa G.

    So I was looking for a place to play some poker while I was down here and came across this establishment. Based on previous reviews, Of course I was a little hesitant at first—but by the time I left I couldn’t even believe what I previously read because I experience nothing but top notch service here! Immediately, one of the managers Julio welcomed me into the club and answered any and all questions I had about the place. He showed me around and then guided me right to the poker table and introduced me to Sean (the guy running the poker table). I sat down and got an introduction of how they play here. It’s a $20 buy in. You can’t win money back however if you “win” over a hundred grand in chips you get invited to play in a tournament where you can win up to $250. It was pretty cool all around. Extremely nice of Sean for buying the table a round of shots and even bought me a drink because it was my first time there! For the record, drinks were nice and strong and the waitress constantly came by to check if we needed anything to drink. Julio came back over to ensure I was having a good time–and another manager Benny introduced himself to me to also make sure I was getting good service and was having a good time. The guys all around at the table were friendly and welcoming. Even better? Last hand of the night I won it all and got invited to play in the tournament! Woohoo!!! Now I couldn’t leave this place without getting a dance…and never in my life have I done this so I didnt know how this whole thing really worked. So I went over to Julio and he explained how everything worked. I have also previously read that this club was full of big girls–I’m sorry everyone but that is not the case–none of these girls were “fat”. They had a ton of variety there, curvy, skinny, a bunch of different nationalities…you name it they have it! Which is great for any club like this to have because everyone has a different preference when it comes to women! Now because I personally like men, I really didn’t care who gave me a dance, I just wanted to have fun! So Julio picked out a very pretty girl for me and she brought me over to a booth for my first dance ever. It was actually a lot of fun–I was personally laughing the whole time because I never experienced something like that-and to top it off, I am a girl myself- so I give the girl that gave me the dance a ton of credit with staying in character the whole time. So from what I experienced, she was pretty, professional and entertaining. One dance was only $20 which was not bad at all! It was also retro 80/90’s night when I was there. They had one of the best DJs in Austin playing some fun throwback tunes. Overall, it was a blast and I would totally go back there any time!

  29. Katey M.

    *RICKS CABARET DOES NOT SERVE FREE WATER* Not serving water is absolute bullshit. What are they trying to do? Make people drunk? Also, I used to really love this place. Me and my boyfriend went here and to Down in Texas Saloon allllll the time. Tonight I went to my moms for Mother’s Day so my boyfriend went a little early and I met him there once dinner was done. The girl and manager at the front refused to let me in without a “male escort.” They made me call my boyfriend and have him come get me from the front. I did it, but felt very uneasy. We both talked to a waitress, a manager, and the guy that owns the poker table and they all said the same thing, “it’s not sexist, its policy.” Like if its policy it can’t be sexist? I have literally never felt so oppressed in my whole life. If I wanted to go to the strip club by myself I would NOT be ALLOWED to. And that is bullshit.So if a girl wanted to go to Rick’s Cabaret by herself, no matter her sexual orientation, she would not be allowed to and I for one do not think this should be tolerated. Lucky for me I have an amazing boyfriend who will be contacting whoever he has to to figure out what can be done about this. In this day and age NO ONE should be supporting a business that discriminates this way.

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