Planet Rock



127 North Main Street, Barre, VT 5641


44.1980771, -72.5022884




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Vermont’s only Gentleman’s Club. Dancers come from all over the US to work in the beautiful state of Vermont. We will be opening soon, stay tuned for details. New Talent Welcome. 18 and over Club Vaping allowed. We use three Entertainment Agencies, looking for more, and performers.


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0 reviews for “Planet Rock

  2. JIMMY


  3. win

    thew club rocks

  4. HER
  5. workoutfreak

    does anyone know if peaches is still working here? I heard about her from a friend and really would like to see her from what I hear she is worth the cover charge alone!! I need to know if she’s there or anywhere else I really have to see this girl, I saw photos of her and her dancing from my friends cell phone and to see that in person would be priceless!!! You guys that read this beleive me if she’s this good on camara I can only imagine how great she’ll be in person!!! I also can say that their is one dancer there (am here to give my true veiw) that I saw a few months ago that turned me off so much. I beleive her name was fantasy,first of all you see her and you can’t tell the difference between her and the pole and when she talks to you it’s like talking to a wall you know the only reason for the conversation is to get me to pay her for a dance. Didn’t work!! She seemed so fake that it was like watching a manican dance. the rest of the dancers seemed like really nice girls though and had good personalitys. I didn’t stay to long just waited for peaches to be announced but unfortunaly she wasn’t.

  6. my name

    2 words it sucks

  7. dan


  8. Skibum

    My wife and I visited this club in Barre as part of our ski vacation in Stowe. We arrived at 11:15 on a Saturday night, and the place looked like it was closing. Three other customers, the bouncer/DJ/manager/doorman, a bartender and only three girls. Thankfully, all of the girls were very attractive and fun. My wife was very disappointed in the overhead of the club, but after a few whiskey sours, she didn’t mind. The girls loved giving us attention and were extremely friendly. We recieved a private VIP dance that was very sexy and worth every penny! If you go to this club, come early because it closes at 1:00 and bring plenty of money for drinks even if you are a designated driver (I was charged $3 for every club soda I had… ouch!!!).

  9. Mercedes

    Use to dance there – owner likes people to think hes a made man – no way

  10. hi

    it sucked

  11. mike

    very nice club

  12. long time patron

    went down a couple of weeks ago and it was slow. Maybe 5 guys there, and that was around 10pm. Three girls working, two of which were excellent. Fantasy and Dakota were lots of fun and very nice. The third woman, Mya, is cute, but has attitude and can be off putting at times. Just my opinion. I enjoyed Fantasy, she is sexy, funny, intelligent and a great dancer. Dakota is sexy and sensual, a sweetie, and always fun.

  13. GREG


  14. last night man

    went there an this place is a joke there is only one dancer there i think here name is diamond and there rest are barre whores well she maybe 2 i dont know but its not worth your money at all and 5 or 10 doller cover charge give me a break

  15. heell no
  16. rich

    i liked the club its new music systems rocks and they play eveything not just rap and more rap the girls are hot they are willing to dance to your music u like i love it yeah keep up the good work guys

  17. FRED


  18. tattoo

    Me and about 4 of my friends went over to VT. from Boston a couple weeks ago, and all I have to say is that I was very surprised to the overall outlook that I had before and after going to this club. I wasn’t going to go but was pursued to go by my friends so I ended up going and am very happy that I did. At first I didn’t think that I was going to be that entertained, but as the night progressed I found myself having more fun in this club in Vt. then I’ve had in New York City! There was this dancer named peaches and she caught my attention the first time she went onto stage! She danced to that music and as she approached me I can’t say that I could see one flaw in her! She was very good at getting attention and who could not look at that! When she was off the stage I started a conversation with her and she was a very well spoken person who was just as entertaining to have a conversation with as she was when she was dancing. I plan on going back to this club in the very new future and am looking forward to seeing her again. The girls in general were good, danced good were pretty girls that seemed to have some personality to them, but my main focus was peaches, I am telling you guys you’ll see what I mean if you go down there and see her!!!!!!! The scene was good to it had a laid back setting and was very comfortable to be in. Loved the music for the most part…some repeats but it was worth all the money I had in my pocket that night, with no regrets!!I say go take a look and see if your as surprised as I was……I have no doubt you will be.

  19. GARY


  20. CHRIS


  21. Marvin

    Very good looking girls, some of the best I have seen!!!!

  22. Charlie the Breed

    $5 fee to get cash off your credit card (via manager, no ATM). Owner likes to have bouncers rough up patrons. the place smells bad, is damp and moldy. I suggest avoiding it if at all possible

  23. vtexplorer

    It is open nights, starting at 7 PM, Thursday through Saturday. It is a relatively small club and there are not a lot of customers. The performers engage, but not aggressively. This has to be the only club I ever visited where no one tries to sell you a drink (face it, we are not there to primarily drink beer). The private dance area has to be one of the best designed that I ever have experienced. The performers are attractive in a “girl next door” way – no silicon enhanced models here. cover is $10. Private dances are posted on a board – which I like, and run from $30 for one song to $120 for a good stretch of time. If you sit in the performance area, you will get attention, but expect to feed multiple $1 – for each encounter – again, something I do not mind, given the attention you get.

  24. Mikey
  25. hardernharder

    Well gentleman I went out last weekend with 2 of my friends and was suprised to see 2 new named peaches (i read a review that said she wasn’t there she is!) and boy is she bagging!!! I brought her into a vip and have to say that she gave me a show that demanded attention!! How can you not look at a body like that!! She was definitly my fav and even when another girl was dancing with her ass in my face (which normally i would be all over) I had no urge to even look I was to busy having a awesome conversation with peaches, i never relized what i did that is kind of rude but i didn’t mean to she had me locked in and my boy told me after that I hadn’t tipped the other dancer at all,. my bad there all there working hard the ladies name was fantasy sorry fantasy really didn’t mean it. This girl is not only hot but is smart funny and very pleasant to be around I am lous and normally nobody has ever guessed my nationality they think I’m chinesse or veitenmesse but she blew me away when she was right on and then spoke some words to me in my language that put a smile on my face for the night, so guys beleive me when I say this girl will make your night, she made my morning as well but thats me lol much love to my new gal jj (my review is based on my time spent with peaches I didn’t really wonder but dancers were very pretty and great entertainment)

  26. tim
  27. CHUCK


  28. William Hogan

    I like the club. it’s so awesome but need more surround sounds and erotic lights. u also need more erotic dancers. otherwise the club is awesome. i enjoy it there.

  29. john hall
  30. use to dance there

    This place sucks now I remember when i first worked there we had both stage’s going and it was packed all the time .. now what you only get 2 or 3 men in there a night…. I will never work for DAN again all he thinks about is his money and not the dancers .. and as far as the bartender goes i would tip her or she will throw you out saying you are drunk and need to leave trust me i use to work there and I do not know why now but im so glad im done with that club…….

  31. mistik

    hey i went in to the club about a week ago and their is some new girls in their but some are gone i have to say that its a pritty nice club and the bartender is a very nice women the door man is a little goofie but cool shit to talk to i realy liked how the girls were very plesant to talk to and had grate personalitys also they all have pritty good move’s on that pole it made my pole stand up lol but their is one girl in their named storm she is a little red headed hottie and theirs mya shes asexy little number too oh ya and theirs also otheir girls but they aren,t the grates but they are very nice to talk to but it was worth my time dances are $20 for one song not bad and then theirs the V.I.P $100 for 15min and $60 for 7min and i got to say so worth the money to spend on the girls i left their with a smile and def will go back againe and to lut other peopel know peaches does not work their any more……….SO GUYS IT IS WORTH THE TIME TO GO SEE THEIS GIRLs.

  32. ziggy

    who rated this place so high? The sound system and DJ? the DJ left and they use a computer system runby the doorman! he tries hard but he’s no DJ. The girls are very attractive and do spend time with you and you will have fun. They don’t serve food beyond pretzels and popcorn. The drinks are good, and the bartender is great. Atmosphere? The place is in a cellar, and lit with christmas tree lights! I think the cover is a bit steep for what the club is, but it’s the only game in town unless you drive to White River, so enjoy. The girls are fun and very good performers, so check them out. I recommend Alex, Chloe, and Bambi.

  33. the one
  34. dude
  35. JUNE


  36. JACL


  37. former dancer

    This club was GREAT and the dancers were HOT!!!!……..about 10 years ago! Now it’s a shithole…..don’t waste your time or your money.

  38. the truth

    Man I don’t know who rates this place, probably the owner, but it’s not all that. Cover is too high, drinks are so so, the girls are decent but what you get for the money isn’t so good. Not all their fault, after all Barre has that nudity ordinance and the three foot rule. The sound/DJ is a joke, it’s the doorman on a computer.



  40. GREAT


  41. clubguy

    Is This Club Open?

  42. robert

    the club sucked the bartender was never there and drinks where weak . and the cover is a joke for this place most of the girls there are nasty too

  43. JIM


  44. flatlander

    This club doesn’t look like much inside or out. Not much parking nearby…the drink prices are very high…the totally private dances are a rip off (you can’t really touch the girls). The variety of girls is decent, and they are attentive and act pretty slutty on stage. Some decent contact from just stage dances as well. This place doesn’t get going much before 9 or 10 PM though.

  45. Chrome
  46. MK
  47. Hooker heaven

    I love hookers

  48. Why_Knot

    I drive by the place now and then and it *looks* like it is still open. It’s early 2013 now, there’s a GooglePlus review dated a year old. For personal reasons unrelated to the club or its entertainers I haven’t gone there in a year and an half, but I had been there several times before that. There’s a bar on the left, the DJ/check-in-clerk/bouncer on the right, the stage straight ahead with seating right at it, and tables here and there. The decor is worn and occasionally shabby and the bathroom in an about-like-a-gas-station’s state. There are two curtained-spaces for private dances and then a room with a door for the performance deluxe. The entertainers are generally a small set of local gals who’ve been there for several years but sometimes there’s an impressive traveling performer or maybe a 20-year old newbie who’ll be in the rotation a few weeks or a few months before going where life takes her next. The quality of the talent varies from medium to less-than-medium. You might find someone who catches your fancy more than that, but you can’t really count on that. You surely won’t find a breath-taking glamour-type entertainer such as are found in big city clubs. “Fantasy” is a local dancer who did really nice pole work and could turn up the heat in the booths a few years ago, but I don’t know if that’s still the case today. There are security cameras in the curtained booths. The booths are like three steps away from the bouncer, who if a gal called out in distress, could be knocking your head with a bat in a second (I’m not saying this is likely) so I wish they’d lose the cameras for a tiny bit of privacy. What else? Full bar, the drinks are not expensive, and the bartender sort of doubles as a house-mother I think which is nice for the entertainers. In all Planet Rock is a run-down hole-in-the-wall and don’t expect much from it, but in Vermont a strip-club goer has few options.

  49. jon
  50. customer
  51. JOHN


  52. MICK


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