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0 reviews for “Crystal City Restaurant

  1. Mike C.

    Visiting from Los Angeles and had middle of the road expectations of this establishment. The food was alright and at least the girls are not ugly. No lap dances, and no VIP anything. At least you don’t get hustled for your $$$. I walked in with 140 and left with 120. The bartender was the best employee as far as I am concerned. Very tentative and polite.

  2. Zappa

    Anyone have any info on Myca the cute little black girl? I think I’ve seen her before maybe at Camalot in DC.

  3. StripClub431

    Ok, you have to accept that this is a rating for a restaurant that’s really a strip club. I don’t go to strip clubs except for the occasional bachelor party (which this was) and I never eat in the club. But the drill seems to be same at Crystal City Restaurant as most such places – you get quite a bit of food at pretty reasonable prices because they plan to make their money on drinks and paying the dancers.The food was fine, comparable to a decent diner. I had the Billy’s Steak Bite Salad. It was a big house salad topped with chunks of beef tenderloin. The menu said the salad is a mix of romaine and iceberg but it seemed to be mostly iceberg. I’d say the quality was comparable to buying a bag of salad mix at the grocery store, dumping it on a plate and adding blue cheese dressing poured from a bottle of dressing also bought qt the grocery store. I ordered the meat blackened and cooked medium rare. It was pretty salty but otherwise very tender and nicely cooked. At $10.99, it was a good quantity of totally edible food. The service was fast and friendly.I’ll leave the rating of the dancers to some other site! If you want ok food at reasonable prices while watching mostly-naked women dance, then Crystal City Restaurant fits the bill.

  4. David S.

    Been here a few times … Food is pretty decent … $9.00 steaks with good flavor and lunch menu is great if you’re looking for a decent sandwich. Beers are 6 bucks a piece. Haven’t been there during a weekend but talent during the week is ok. Some are hot, others, not so much. Last night we left early because after a dance and visit to our table, in jest a buddy asked if he could “tuck the buck” instead of a straight hand to hand transaction. The stripper / dancer was appalled at our having fun and decided to lecture us on the dirtyness of a dollar and how the germs could seep into her open pores which could mean certain death with the right type of germ. She furthermore explained, without us asking, that men typically don’t shower for 3 days after sex and that the vagina is very sensitive to other microbes and blah blah blah. We all sat there, jaws dropped to the floor and at times laughing our asses off, that we were receiving a science/ sex/ biology lesson from a dancer/stripper over a dollar. I’m sure most of the ladies are in college and simply trying to make a dollar but Miss Buzzkill pretty much killed the evening so we took our money and stack of one’s and headed to another bar.

  5. Kamals

    For a club of it’s kind it is a great club overall. Dancers

    are friendly and there’s usually 10-12 girls. The girls range from average to beautifulThe food is average to good depending on what you get. Service is sometimes lacking, depending on the server, but the food usually arrives hot and on time if you’re in a hurry. If the dancers are not to your liking this is a good sports bar with plenty of televisions to watch while you eat and drink. The men’s restroom is kept clean and stocked. This is a good bar to spend an idle hour or two by yourself or with friends.

  6. fritter17

    Tacky Bar. Tacky Restaurant. Tacky Dancers. As constructive criticism, CCR should seriously consider renovating. From the door, I felt as if I walked in 1985. Everything was old and outdated, even the music they were playing for the dancers.I appreciate that the bar is sectioned into smoking and nonsmoking. This review is based off the nonsmoking area, but I could only imagine the foolery took place throughout. I have worked in Crystal City for 5 years but never stayed to visit CCR until this one Friday night. I wanted to give a full, honest review of the place so I ordered the rib eye steak. Yuck! It had no taste which really disappointed me because the portion size was so big that I felt bad having to leave over half on my plate. The “entertainment” was sad. No rhythm. No shape. Just sad. But the tackiest of all tackies, was after the bland performance, they had the audacity to stop at each table with a cheap purse and strongly hint at wanting a tip. What?! Are you serious?I have never witnessed such a thing. I was appalled and disgusted by my night.

  7. Peter

    I love this club! The girls are the hottest in the area!

  8. Yuan C.

    The service and drinks are good, and they have a fair price. The dancers are lovely but not professional enough.

  9. eddyL

    beer is reasonably priced, the french dip i got was edible, and the talent is OK most nights I’ve been there. i love how all the staff think I’m SOO interesting, it makes me feel loved and wanted.

  10. jon

  11. rick

    Hot girls, and a very friendly environment.

  12. MrGilbert

    I have been going to Strip Clubs in the Washington DC and Baltimore area for over 20 years. There are only 2 lap dance clubs in NOVA. Besides this one, there is the Paper Moon in Springfield. This club is better than Paper Moon, Hustlers, Gold Club, and Fantasies in (Balt MD. On stage it is pasties and bottoms with minimal contact. They have 3 private rooms. Contact varies with the dancers and how much they trust you. Dancers have to be sure that you are not a cop before they initiate more contact. I have several favorites that work during the day.

  13. Silv
  14. adamrod

    Enjoyed my evening there a lot! Went with friends from out of town. As we walked in, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into since I thought we were actually going to a restaurant. Terry met us at the door, took us to our table and explained the menu and what he recommended. I order the 8oz filet mignon and it was cooked exactly as I requested tender great flavor and not at all what I expected. Our waitress was friendly and very attentive to us! I wish I remembered her name to point her out specifically. Lastly the ladies, OMG! Gorgeous, friendly, and the perfect part of a great evening… Looking forward to visiting again very soon Terry! Thanks for making sure we had an enjoyable evening!

  15. David K.

    There have been several times we’ve been out in Crystal City somewhere and decided we needed a little more entertainment than watching depressed U of Georgia fans at the Sports Pub want to hang themselves after realizing their team is overrated yet again by the national media. That’s when we head over to Crystal City Restaurant. I’ve always liked these places that name themselves something mundane. Like when a bar name’s themselves The Office or The Boardroom. Or Crystal City Restaurant. I’ve always thought it’s so some husband can truthfully tell his wife “Hi honey, I’ll be home late tonight as I’m still at The Office.” Crystal City Restaurant sounds like a regular place to eat, and I’m sure many people have been fooled by the name and walked in expecting steak. It’s safe to say that they were instead met by a pretty large helping of roast beef. CCR doesn’t get the prettiest girls, they have to wear pasties, and the beers are $7. But the strippers really try to make up for this with gusto on the stripper pole. CCR is owned by the same owner as the Sports Pub, so the food is nearly identical. Meaning slightly above average for bar food. One plus about CCR is that you won’t pay an arm and a leg to go there. Maybe we’re cheap, but a roll of 1’s can go a long way here.

  16. Chad

    kewl club. lots of friendly hot-bodied girls. especially enjoyed talking to a dancer named Danee, she was real sweet and down to earth.

  17. Tommy

    Great club and great giris but why aren’t the girls pictures from the 2007 Calendar on the website yet? It is MARCH in a few days. Are you waiting for Christmas?

  18. George
  19. Mehrnoush

    Used to have beautiful girls, but it seems a lot of them have left recently. Now only the career strippers and their cellulite thighs remain. FYI, it may be dark in there, but we can still see the dimples under your cheeks.

  20. Jerome

    Man this place freaks me out. Anything goes. Old guy Manager is pimp daddy. Tip him $100 and you get anything u want in private room. Food ok. Beer

  21. David

    Went there twice on Sunday 12/27. Too early for dancers at lunch but the food was excellent and extremely affordable. Later in the afternoon returned and found very entertaining dancers. Pretty, fit and talented. Seemed to be very friendly but I noticed they were hesitant about approaching someone they didn’t know as a regular. I don’t blame them I suppose as I have read there are some less than decent men that want to start trouble. Anyway, loved the place for what it was.

  22. stiffler

    Gorgeous girls – but they arent the friendliest. also, they dont take everything off – which can get agonizing ’cause they are all so damn hot.

  23. Albert

    A lot of good looking dancers

  24. Willie

    Stuck in DC in ice storm. Went to the club and was very impressed. Great girls, excellent food at low prices for DC, and a really good calendar. Girls look great and backgrounds are fantastic. Wish they had a video or DVD for me to take home too.

  25. Eric

    The club is creepy. The owner hides because someone allegedly has a contract to whack him for dissing the local mob boss. They have some stooge Terry guy mascaradng as a manager/owner & a bouncer who seems cool. Club just got busted for girls giving blowjobs & fucking in the private dance rooms. Curtains now sheer so forget fun in private dances. All dancers & waitresses hate the owner & hope he actually gets whacked. Drugs everywhere. Bad place.

  26. Bill
  27. Angela G.

    The hubby and I were in town for a wedding, so we decided to check this place out on Fri night. We had a blast! More than half of the girls were great dancers, and they all looked good, there were even a few girls with nice a thick behind (just the way we like ’em 😉 The food was good, and our waitress Claudia was fabulous. We will make more trips to DC just to go back to this place. It’s a good restaurant with great entertainment.

  28. AAAAA

    Most girls are very pretty, but some have tattoos which I’m not fond of. The music is too loud and you have to park on the street. The girls will sit with you if you tip them enough. Except for parking the club is in a good location. Probably the best topless bar in the area if you’re looking for pretty girls, good dancers, and good clientele.

  29. freddie

    This club is something else what a great place. The drinks are a little high but great entertainment.

  30. Adriana B.

    Nasty, nasty, nasty food. Green beans were soggy and BROWN, the prime rib tasted like it was microwaved, and the “roll” was an easy-bake undercooked biscuit. I felt violated by that food. Our server, on the other hand, Latisha, was super sweet, friendly, attentive, and accommodating. Here is the reason for the 1 star. An “employee” came over, picked up my fork and knife and CUT A PIECE OF MY STEAK OFF OF MY PLATE AS IT WAS SITTING IN FRONT OF ME AND ATE IT!!!!!! Then she dipped her bare fingers in my horseradish and was complaining about how hungry she was. UN -FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!!!I don’t care who you are or what type of place you’re dining at, this is totally unacceptable and disgusting behavior! THIS AIN’T YOUR MAMA’S HOUSE!I will never set foot in that place again! Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your STEAK BECAUSE THE PEOPLE THERE LITERALLY EAT IT OFF OF YOUR PLATE!

  31. JADE N.

    So, who knew that I would like this place? I have been a few times and the service is always great. We went with a group tonight and were not disappointed. The manager did his best to make sure we were satisfied with our seating. Our waitress made it a point to learn all of our names.The food came out pretty fast. Each time we go the food is great, especially for a strip club. And the prices!!! So cheap! Only set back is that there is no hard liquor. They have liquor flavored wine, but its not the same. I also didn’t like that there were no refills on sodas.The entertainment is cool. If I was going strictly for the dancers, I would probably go somewhere else. However, that is just personal preference. Many of the strippers were very talented. I would definitely return.

  32. Adam
  33. Mr. GoodBar

    Too much fun for my health. I loved it hot chicks good food.

  34. regular

    Nice girls more like a restaurant with dancers then a strip club no private dances.

  35. guest

    gorgeous girls, classy club.

  36. felixnada

    Went with a friend and while the server was attentive, we disliked that her and others would come to the table and pick up our beer bottles assuming they were finished. They could have asked. This was the first time going to a strip club in Virginia so the rules/atmosphere made for a less-exciting visit. It’s strange to get girls walking by and saying hello, how’s your evening and we’re supposed to immediately want to provide a tip. We tipped the more personable one that paid us compliments.

  37. John H.

    Place is awesome ! Great food and atmosphere. Not pushy and girls are very attractive. Great place to just hang and talk to the bartenders like Chris.

  38. Chunnu B.

    Well I can’t say I’ve experienced better seeing as how this was my first strip club experience. I thought it would be more fun though. Instead, we got out of there as soon as we downed that beer. A pretty random and impulsive venture landed me in here. I was thirsty and my options were grabbing something at 7-11 next door or going in here for a beer. Nothing like a cold beer to quench your thirst…we ended up in here for the first and last time (I hope!) Well, let’s cut to the chase here – people come to these clubs for the T and A. Yes. I said it. T-AND-A. But if these women are going to come up to everyone asking for money, even those who were not watching or sitting in the back, or who were actually in the middle of a conversation, I personally feel they should not be one of those “everything butter face/but-her-face” type women.It was two dancers on the small stage to one “eh” song, followed by two new dancers taking the stage to another “eh” song while the previous two walk around the entire “club” asking for money. Just f.y.i. the girls rarely used the poles. Aren’t they supposed to use the poles?? At least I can say the wait staff was friendly…and it was clean…1.5 stars?

  39. richard95

    There is no cover charge. Food is good and yet is cheap. 6.99 cheeseburger and 4.99 lamb chunks. Some of Dancer are hot but not very professional or model type. Staff & dancers are mostly friendly, but some of the dancer have attitude problem and they expect to get tip every time they are passing your table. Overall if you wanna have fun and grab some beers with cheap food this is your place, but don’t expect anything extraordinary.

  40. po'd
  41. Harmon P.

    I like this place. I mean, it is what it is, the food actually is pretty good try the steak bites or get a burger, they have specials during the day. Steaks are good too. The staff is friendly, including the owner, Billy. This place is actually a little more upscale than most of the places in DC. Bottom line is if you are looking for fine dining or are only interested in total nudity, then this isn’t the place for you. If you are looking to chill out, play some pool, eat lunch, it’s pretty good.

  42. Johnson12

    Went to see my girl Raven last night (Monday). She truly is worth the price of admission well there is no fee for admission but you know what I mean. She is an awesome waitress and can turn a bad day around on a dime. My last review blasted this place on the changing atmosphere, while I still stand by my comments if you are in the area stop by and ask to be seated in Raven’s section. You will not regret it, well you might, but at least your service will be on point and your waitress will make you laugh!

  43. Max

    I am new to the area. I went to the reataurant by mistake. I found a beautiful bartender by the name of Theresa. She made me feel welcome and at home. The atmosphere was very pleasent and relaxing. The food was awesome and the prices were great. Where else can you get the quality of food, great conversation, and meet general overall good people. While in the restaurant I went to use the restroom and another customer sat down in my seat. You could tell the customerr was very well liked. But, the bartender was very nice in asking the customer to move over to another seat as my seat was already taking. I also meet several other very beautiful and nice ladies there. Shannon was very nice and playful. Crystal with the long brown hair was very cute but she is a little shy. Ryan was also very interesting and playful. I enjoyed these ladies very much. The dancers were very entertaining ANGIE is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. KT was another entertainer that was just remarkable. I will be come a regular customer. What are the chances of finding such a remarkable, unforgetable place by mistake. I hope you come in and enjoy it as much as i have and will continue to.

  44. Adam

    Labor law violations galore in here. Dancers under full control of Owner but he fraudulently claims they are not employees. Labor Department now on notice.

  45. dopeboy19

    First time at CCR vicki was my bartender Rick was the manager greeted me after my visit was recommended the burger with tots and gravy with absolutely phenomenal I would recommend this establishment 2ne1

  46. Vinny

    Very disappointed. Place is a hole in the wall. You have to go to the rundown Chinese Restaurant next door to get a drink. Confusion everywhere. Only positive was extras in private dance room. BJ for $100. Nasty waitresses who reserve tables just to rack up tips to get a table while most tables sit empty with reserved signs.

  47. Johnnyboy123

    This is one of the few times I would suggest going to an adult-themed establishment for the food rather than the entertainment. The food is actually pretty decent and at an affordable price.There is not a whole lot to see with the girls (darn thong and pasties law in VA), but at least they moderately attractive.I would say try to come on a weekend when it is more crowded. Not only are the girls part of the first sting squad, but they don’t hound you for a tip every 3-5 minutes like they do when the place is less busy. Overall, make this place somewhere to hang out with your friends. They actually design the place for you to interact, not just stare at the girls.

  48. Thomas

    An unusual strip club. Dancers not bad and hate the owner

  49. Irate Customer

    Anyone know why the website has been down for days ? Did CCR go out of business or did that incompetent webmaster who can’t even get the schedule up right manage to wipe out the whole website now !

    Would be nice to see who is working !

  50. Rene

    I enjoy CCR have for years but the new trend,, dancers being so young too young .I don’t get it thay can’t talk,cant drink & thay look like thay hate what there doing.I like to go &spend time with the older ones.There not looking around for the young guy that just walked in.Thay know where the money is a good time can be had by all..Stop by you will not be let down just say away from the ones that look like your kids.

  51. Sewell T.

    The food was very good. I had the drunken rib eye. It was delicious. The atmosphere is first class. The service is wonderful. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the half naked woman running around.

  52. larry1

    Came here after dinner (and lots of sangria) on a Friday night with my friend and his girlfriend before going out for the night. Cheap drinks, non-pushy atmosphere, and surprisingly there were a lot of people ordering food. If there were no dancers, this would be a typical dive bar. The dancers on Friday night weren’t scary and the drinks are just fine. I’d use this as a launching point for dinner and cheap drink to start the rest of the evening.

  53. jp

    I love CCR it’s a very friendly club. The wait staff and the dancers are all awesome, but the real reason why I go to CCR is to see PATRICIA do her thing. That girl is so cute and sexy and to top it all off she is an ABSOLUTE SWEETHEART…My only complaint is that Patricia’s set is WAY TO SHORT. VIVA BRAZIL…

  54. harryharry

    My old roommates were Monday night regulars here so I decided to tag along for my first strip club experience at the famous CCR (not to be confused with Creedance Clearwater Revival).A few observations:- The bathroom doors in the women’s bathroom do not lock adequately which caused me to walk in on my eight month pregnant waitress by accident. Awkward!- The dancers are pretty and they do not take their jobs too seriously which is fine by me! One was even doing the running man on stage! Sounds like my type of gal.- This is a wine and beer bar only.- If you are a girl the girls will try to give you extra attention! Overall this place had a nice laid back atmosphere and seemed more like dive bar first, strip club second. I had a fun time although I was more interested in eating at the kabob joint next door by the time our evening was done.

  55. Gerald V.

    Food: Really , a strip bar with good food !! Yup!!!Yup !Amazingly , most clubs have crap food. Not here!! The food is good, above average. Cheese trays, tuna fresh!!!. Outstanding kabobs! !! Wings !! And they have specials.DRINKS: OK, FULL bar. Pleasant bartenders, Drink prices are excellent here..meaning reasonable.Ok now the big point :GIRLS;Yes, they have girls. I GO for the fun and entertainment. And all the girls are awesome.In conclusion; fun fun fun ! Girls!! Good drinks good foodOh did I mention; they have a smoking section for cigars

  56. felix
  57. dude


  58. Cliff

    Not bad place to see men. I’m gay. Everyone asks why I go to female strip club. Where else do you find so may horny good looking men in one place. Bring these guys back to Freddies or Tortoise and you would be surprised how lucky a guy can get.

  59. Jason
  60. Big John

    Love the Crystal and spend mega bucks there !!! and would spend more too if they would fix one huge problem.

    In this day and age, I can’t figure out why they can’t keep their schedule posted online and up to date. Any idiot can upload a schedule to the website once a week. Most 6 years olds can do it. Are they too cheap to hire someone who knows what they are doing? They should have it up at least a week in advance and it should be CORRECT and updated daily as it changes.

    I just don’t come in unless the dancers I know call me in advance to tell me they are working.

    Come on Crystal, get in the 21st century online and make the website worthwhile !!!

  61. kevin

    Beautiful girls, great food, great atmsphere….what else culd you ask for?

  62. Jim

    Thought this place was affordable and has sexy girls.

  63. Mi Cox
  64. Rob

    Right, the website sucks – the schedule is always screwed up and never up on time. My daughter (5 years old) could do a better job. Fire whoever does the website and get someone professional. If they can’t put up a weekly schedule, what can they do ?????

  65. annoymous

    This club is a 10 rating to me, I really like the girls who are top notch and the food is good.

  66. Grand Champ
  67. nickstrip

    I visited on a Sunday afternoon and was very pleasantly surprised. The dancers are much prettier than I remember visiting before (it’s been a while). The food is very decent and price ratio is outstanding; AND (must be something new here) – $2 draft beer special, everyday until 6:30; including their higher-end beers like Sam Adams. WOW. I am indeed impressed!

  68. rogerrab2

    I love the adult entertainment and the fact that they serve a decent steak. Both the dancers and the wait staff are attractive.

  69. Luis

    They discriminate against Hispanics. Treat us like crap. Dancers refuse private dances. Managers openly push us out of smoking bar for white customers.

  70. Joe

    Located in good spot but in run down row of buildings. Private Dance extras pricey for full nude. BJ runs $150 unless you choose skanky girls. Full fuck $250 and need manager to stand outside so no one can see. Old mgr a perv

  71. jess

    hot girls!!

  72. Art

    Not much of a strip club. Very outdated. Terrible sound system. Stage lighting system circa 1980. Waitresses and Bartenders are ancient fossils. Dancers are not bad but totally disorganized place.

  73. rachel

    sweet ass girls

  74. Steve

    Too crowded with BIKER types and girls well there is NO TALENT in this place!

  75. joseph1k

    No cover. $10.99 16oz New York Strip with broccoli and potato. You have to buy a drink – beer was $5.75. Tip a few bucks for the dancers and you’ll leave a happy man (or woman). I thought the steak was pretty good for only $11.I will return!

  76. Omar

    Get a private dance with girls who do extras. Worth the money. Everything goes. Creepy manager gets rocks off watching. Food ok. Beer/Wine overpriced.

  77. Dave

    The club’s pretty small, but the variety of girls is endless and the quality of girls is top of the line! Overall ratinf: A+++

  78. Anonymous

    great place for a drink and a steak and some friendly female company. Lets stop bashing these guys and give them a break.

  79. XhXeXy

    “Ever eaten at Crystal City Restaurant?” “Nope.” “Cool, let’s go there.” “Okay!” This is a typical conversation people have everyday while attempting to figure out what to have for dinner. What’s not so typical is that when you venture inside of “Crystal City Restaurant,” expecting to be greeted by a hostess and taken to your table, you find out that you have just walked into a strip club (a mere 10 ft from both stages). I don’t know what this place looks like during the day time, but we didn’t see any signs sporting the words ‘gentleman,’ ‘strip,’ ‘nudes,’ ‘adult,’….nada. In fact, I have a story within a story to corroborate my claims of simply being oblivious. An elderly couple shuffled in behind us. The old woman’s eyes opened so big that I was expecting her to pass out. Needless to say, they immediately turned around and walked out. Anyways, I don’t know who goes to eat dinner at a strip club, and I wasn’t feeling brave, so I can’t rate the food.

  80. Terry

    Sexy girls! Went there tuesday night after inauguration from out of town and not dissapointed by one girl..talked to Ashley and Jordan…and some blonde gurl..all very nice

  81. abc
  82. Marcus

    Ladies were amazing, great dancers….I was very much entertained.

  83. me
  84. MrGilbert

    I have been going to Strip Clubs in the Washington DC and Baltimore area for over 20 years. There are only 2 lap dance clubs in NOVA. Besides this one, there is the Paper Moon in Springfield. This club is better than Paper Moon, Hustlers, Gold Club, and Fantasies in (Balt MD. On stage it is pasties and bottoms with minimal contact. They have 3 private rooms. Contact varies with the dancers and how much they trust you. Dancers have to be sure that you are not a cop before they initiate more contact. I have several favorites that work during the day.

  85. Megan E.

    I was extremely disappointed in this place. My husband and I were out with some friends and they dragged us girls in this gentlemen club. But I will have to say the manager was no “gentlemen” at all. My friends went to the bar to order their drinks and paid for them. We then sat down at a table and my husband and I ordered our drinks. When the waitress came back with the bill she charged us for all 4 drinks! We said that the two were already paid for.The manager and the bartender came over to us and said that we were lying that our friends paid for their drinks at the bar. Then the manager proceeded to tell us that we were intoxicated (when we did have a few but we were perfectly fine). We were trying to rationalize with the manager telling him it’s not that we can’t afford the drinks and it’s the point that they were charged twice for drinks. Then he said that we were accusing his “girls” of doing something they would never do and he said “how would you like it if I came into your place of employment and tell you that you were doing your job wrong?” I was appalled.I have worked in the restaurant business for 10 years and that is NO way to treat a customer. He said that he will be watching the camera and we told him to do that for us. In the end we didn’t drink our drinks, we did not pay for them, and we didn’t stay. We left very unhappy and we will never go again.

  86. Franklyn

    If you’re looking for a laid back kind of guys night out, a place to start of or end a night, this is the place. I don’t think it has enough vibe to serve as the primary hangout/party night spot but as a supplement it’s great. The dancers are about a B average in looks, not pushy and do decent routines. On Saturday night about 12 girls rotated time on the two stages for one song stints. Food was good and very inexpensive and the beers were cold. They have several flatscreens with various sporting events playing..The girls were mostly white, a few latinas and one black and to my disappointment, no Asians. I mean, no Asians in Arlington, sucks as I have the fetish. Anyway, they also have a sectioned off smoking section partitioned with glass so non-smokers like myself don’t have to leave smelling like a pack newports. Patrons went from old business type white dudes, grungy biker looking white dudes, scary serial killer white dudes, preppy black dudes and average young folks out on dates. It’s an interesting little place situated between a 7-11 and a Chinese carryout right off Route 1. There’s no cover so you lose nothing going to check it out. I highly recommend giving it a look.

  87. Your MOM
  88. Will Y.

    I can’t think of a single better place to close a multi-million dollar business deal than CCR. This place exudes class. First, the girls are actually pretty attractive. Second, they are friendly and appreciative of your patronage. Third, as David K. pointed out, this is one club that doesn’t strip your wallet. Fourth, they go out of their way to keep this place clean- is a rarity in this kind of business. The pasty policy is frequently violated by the dancers- a real reward for regular customers I think. Finally, I’ve eaten here at 1AM and have to say that the food is cheap and tasty. Be forewarned that they don’t serve liquor here, so you’ll be stuck with beer. If you are a cigar guy, bring some and enjoy them. If you buy a cigar here, be prepared to pay $20 for it. Their bud light pricing is aggressive. All in all, a fun place to end a night.Every time I come here I wonder what it would be like to date a stripper- maybe one of these days I’ll get to find out. Until then, I’ll continue to gape at them at CCR.

  89. Daniel
  90. Vernon M.

    Very expensive drinks. i bought first round and that was $60. the place is a dive spot( more of a dump) it could use an overhaul on the interior. the strippers on the tiny stages(why). there are way better places to hang out. the staff was friendly on the brite site. i definitely wouldn’t bring a lady you plan on keeping around to this place

  91. wade

    Beautiful girls, full of positive energy, very classy and tons of fun at the same time!

  92. Gregory

    Awesome daytime lineup…young, hot and friendly women made my lunchtime break a treat.

  93. Kacey C.

    Yes, we know what this place is. Yes, we know what type of guy goes there alone. But if you want a beer, above average bar food, and a change of scenery why not go to CCR?? My poor boyfriend had no idea though when two of our mutual male friends suggested we go there. I simply shook my head and said alright whatever lets go. The dancers aren’t half bad, some have great moves. A few were actually really attractive, like if you saw them fully dressed on the street you’d think they were good looking. The guys that go there and place dollars on the little stage are not pretty. What is annoying is that as soon as their number is over, each one comes by the table with outstretched hands. They’re all friendly and polite but like, cmon not every single one of you needs a few dollars from each table. I know, I know, they’ve got a living to make too and my guy friends don’t care but its slightly tacky. Oh, and the fact that each dancer brings her purse up to the stage. Give the dang girls a locker in the back to stash their cash.. Even one of the guys at our table was like wait, why has each chick carried a purse up to stage with her? The one downside to the place, the mirror behind the stage is gross. They need to get a better cleaning solution when they’re wiping it down between performances.

  94. Harrison69

    We go to the CCR once every 2-3months usually on Sundays. Food is good. The filet mignon is quite a surprise. It is always cooked just the way you requested it. Prices are low to keep the food sales high enough for the VA liquor license if I’m not mistaken.The dancers on Sunday sometimes include rookies. They are hilarious on stage. Yup, right now the beers are 7 bucks. We really only have one complaint. We will only drink 3 beers. That is our limit with food and dancer tips. On at least 3 occasions they charged us for 4 beers. We’ve caught it 2 out of 3 times.

  95. Weedman420

    My girlfriend and I were staying in Crystal City and stopped by here on a whim. We had a great time! Everyone was nice, polite and friendly. We had a ton of fun! Take a chance stop by and be friendly, I’m sure you will enjoy yourself.

  96. Luke

    Owner lost a huge lawsuit. By by $6.5 million. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. He enslaves Russian dancers into lives of prostitution. Shameful.

  97. Tom

    Hard to prove Labor Law violations. Everything in cash. No records. Girls forced to perjure themselves several times now by him and his lawyer.

  98. Stan

    wide variety of dancers, most nights there are about 15 girls of which 5 are really great looking, 5 are average and 5 should find some other employment. Dancers dance 1 song on stage then walk the room looking for tips before heading to the smoking room stage for another dance/tip parade. Best part of club is that most girls are friendly (in a hands free way) and can hold a decent conversation

  99. Tony

    Hi There: Can Any One Please Tell Me If Christine Wilson Is Dancing There or Has Danced There ? Why I Am Asking If My Old Friend Christine Wilson Is Dancing There Is That I Would Love To Fly In To Virgina To See Her Dance If She Is Dancing There Or At Other Bar. Thank You

  100. curtis17

    My husband and I love coming here when are looking for a place that is not children-friendly. The food is good and cheap as well as the drinks. They don’t charge exuberant amount and the portion is huge. We never had a bad meal or receive bad service here. The servers are friendly and the dancers are good. Some days the performance are better than others, but I think that holds true for many places.IMHO, this is the strip club that I had ever been to that I don’t feel awkward in going. I saw that there were a few couples in the audience as well. I also like the fact that they separated out smoking and non-smoking section, but if you sit close to the door of the smoking section, you can smell the smoke.If you are offended by these kind of businesses, please do not come here. My advice is to turn around and leave. No one forced me to stay. Normal offended people turnaround and leave.


    Wow, I can’t believe CCR got busted for employing undocumented workers and had to terminate several girls. Hope they don’t get hit with expensive employer sanctions. What’s next for this poor club, the IRS, ABC, the Commonwealth, Arlington County, Locusts, the Plague? Someone there must have done something really bad to be getting hit with all this “bad luck”.

  102. Gene

    Everything was great, beautiful dancers, good waitresses, but the music was to LOUD. I’ll have to take a course in sign language before I return

  103. james1412

    GoGo bar dump .So that’s itFood stinks Girls are only good from 4pm-6pm.If that’s your thing

  104. Courtney F.

    I’m a fan for only ratchet reasons. I don’t even know where to begin? 1st – I ordered a steak sandwich with a fancy name but a cheap price tag. My immediate reaction was ‘YEAH! This place must have the hook up with the local butcher’. My brain knowing the truth kept screaming ‘dude buying cheap filet mignon from a strip club is like buying Louis Vuitton from a kiosk’ chances are it’s not real’. The sandwich came out and it was exactly what I expected, just okay. The lights are low and boobs are swinging I’m pretty sure no one is paying attention to what they are putting in their mouths.2nd – There were a strip team duo the night we went! Okay, you’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking right? Classic YouTube video of 2 sexy ladies tag teaming dance moves. WRONG! It was the complete opposite. They were 2 regularly attractive women with attitudes – we called them WWA (like NWA). It was hilarious! They weren’t old by any means but all their moves were in slow motion and both of their expressions flipped between having an attitude and bored. I thought one of them was going to quit mid song.3rd – WE GOT CROP DUSTED BY AN OLD STRIPPER! I’m not even joking or making things up. I went with a small group of attractive women (my wife being one of them) on a Tuesday. We weren’t tipping while we were eating because that would be gross LOL. The older stripper danced twice and we didn’t tip her or pay her any mind. Not because she was older, but because we have the internet so we are stripper jaded. She walked by us towards the back. A couple minutes later it smelled like I wasn’t the only one who ate the fake steak sandwich. I asked all the ladies if it was them, I live with one of them so I know that didn’t come out of her. We all pieced it together and we grossed out and amazed that such a big smell came out of such a little lady.So in total 3 big ass stars and I’m going back

  105. XXXbeast

    I’m giving the Crystal City Restaurant five stars for one simple reason. They have a smoking section. It’s one of the only bars in the DC area where you can still smoke cigarettes. Plus it’s a strip club! And they show sports games and serve food! I mean, what more could you ask for? A blackjack table, I guess. Anyways, people that complain about the quality of the Crystal City Restaurant’s food are being over-picky. I get it. This isn’t a Michelin 3-star restaurant. But it’s pretty awesome.

  106. mike

    The club has excellent dancers and bartenders the waitresses could use some work but overall i give the club a 9.5 rating. Shannon is the best waitress there. Sherl, Vickie, jenny, and Teresa are the best bartenders.

  107. fuckery12

    So I went into this mysterious restaurant and was surprised to find…. …that this place served up some great breasts, thighs and legs! 😀 (Oh and the wings were alright too)

  108. Jennifer S.

    Restaurant? Well yes, but the food isn’t the main feature here. Crystal City Restaurant is a strip club. I found this out the hard way. I was out with a group of guy-friends watching the UConn game at Crystal City Sports Pub. I was hungry, but we had eaten there so many times before I suggested we try some place new. I fell right into that one. They suggested, you guessed it, CCR. Clueless until we got inside, I was expecting a real restaurant. I got more than I bargained for. The woman who met us at the door clearly was not a sommelier or busboy (but perhaps ‘hostess’ isn’t too far of a stretch). She was one of the dancers I later saw perform. All that being said, they serve typical bar food, with most items qualifying as better than typical. The entertainment, was, well, entertaining and the service was really good (especially with making sure our drinks were full- hmm – wonder why).

  109. Tim

    I came in for a Saturday lunch and was happy with the lineup…Madison, Baby, Chrissy, Bella, April, Jasmine, and Katie just to name a few made my day wonderful!

  110. Kenny
  111. John

    Lots of variety here. Girls are nice. Food is good and reasonable priced. Check it out!

  112. bigspender
  113. Paul

    Cheap food. Overpriced beer

  114. ALLEN

    It was fun price to stay to long.

  115. fuckery12

    Everyone knows, or should know, about this place before entering…. Having said that,- “it is what it is”. Let me be un-ambiguous. This place has great food at a cheap price. Where else can you get broiled (or blackened) salmon w/two sides for $11? If you’ve “OD’d” on shopping @ Costco (a few blocks away), this is a good place to come, relax and have a great lunch or dinner w/o breaking the bank. As for the strippers who come by each table with hands outstretched (and they’re not looking to shake hands!),- I figure it’s either a requirement for them to do so or else it’s pretty lucrative, hence the custom… or maybe a little of both?It’s got good rock n roll (on the jute), good food & easy on the eyes girls in less-than-nothing outfits…what’s not to like?!

  116. Stephanie K.

    A friend and I came in for lunch the other day, mainly out of curiosity. We knew that it was a strip club, but since we were hungry and across the street we figured why not? I have to say that we were both very pleasantly surprised by the food- generous portions, well prepared and reasonably priced; she got the club sandwich and I tried the crabcake, and we ended up taking half of our plates home since we were too full to try and finish the massive amounts they gave us. The staff and dancers are nice, but I felt really bad for the girls since we were the only customers in there, even though we tried to tip everyone a little something. I’d definitely go back again, but next time I’ll try a weekend night when there’s more going on there.

  117. abababab
  118. Jeff

    The best dancers in the area, sweet and friendly ladies.

  119. simon

    simon says some regular is buying the club, anyone heard the same rumor?

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