Headlights Gentlemen’s Club



1428 George Washington Highway North, Chesapeake, VA 23323


36.7923646, -76.3295991




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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28 reviews for “Headlights Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Panzer

    Best Club around… good selection of females lots of different races. There is a girl there who is Middle Eastern, Persian. She gives great dances a must see.

  2. MW

    Since I am an expert on Strip Clubs, Headlights/Jb’s on George Washington in Ches. is the best club in Hampton Roads. Dancers are beautiful and friendly. Most are nice girls just trying to make a living or provide for their kids. The economy has hurt the club: low attendance and fewer tippers. I try to help supplement the slackers by tipping consistently. It’s a good deal for the customer because they get more time per song with the dancers! Sometimes, I’m the only guy at the stage. I get one-on-one dances with fantastic almost nude women! I love this place! Can I rent a room? My favorite dancers: AmberWaves, Christina, Celin, Skyla?, and Diane the waitress. Every body smiles through the hard times. Love y’all.

  3. fred

    I hear the ABC guys are coming

  4. allen

    best place around

  5. Brooke B.

    My friend and I tried calling 5 different times to check with this place about a cover charge and tried to check it out despite them not answering.When we got there he informed us that because we were under 21 there would be an entry fee of $30, FROM EACH OF US.That’s ridiculous. There is no reason why they would need to charge us that much and that money should be going to the dancers, not their terrible club.We only stood inside long enough for him to check our IDs and tell us about the price, but it reeked of cigarettes and I suddenly smelled like an ashtray for the next few hours.0/10 would not recommend.

  6. like it
  7. Hooch

    The girls are nice, flirty, and talkative. There are definately are wide range of girls to look at, from young punk to older (mature? not really) women that are looking to have a fun night just like the people there to watch. The private shows are lacking just due to virginia’s laws, but the girls try their best to overcome. Overall a good club, but i have been to better clubs in the past. If you are in the va beach area, this is the best club of its type in the area, but i wouldn’t be coming from out of state to visit it.

  8. bad ass

    good hang out joint

  9. Harrison69

    You’re not gonna find any diamonds among these skanks. Urban atmosphere. I’m glad I wore my Air Jordan’s. I fit right in. Money on the pool table looked interesting. These girls looked so bad I gave them some change.

  10. Helena

    Just to start, I’m Mexican and Egyptian – ok JACKSON. *muah* darling. Thank you for the compliments.

    This club is no longer JBs. It was bought out by Headlights of Elizabeth City, NC and is now Headlights on side A (pasties and thong) and JBs Bar & Grill on the B side which is purely a bikini bar but serves liquor.

    Headlights is the nicest bar you are going to find in the entire Hampton Roads area. There are strict hiring rules and we therefore have the pretties girls around. Whatever your taste may be, we have it —- from 6 ft blonds to 5’2 brunettes (such as myself). We have thin girls, voluptuous, athletic, curvy (me)….everything you want.

  11. Surfs Up

    best girls arounds

  12. Gabriel D.

    I have been checking out Headlights for years. I am a red blooded man and could give 2 shits what anyone thinks about it. Its got some good people working at it and also some shady customers but its a strip club , what the hell did you expect? Each side is its own establishment, JBs is liquor side and Headlights is beer side, This is why you cant take drinks between each side due to separate ABC licenses.. Im sure its a far cry from something further north or even in NC but it serves its purpose in this area and better then most. Their is also a location down the same road that is newer and NoN smoking, and remodeled inside.This is a far cry from an upscale club. This is the kind of place that ordering a bottle of champane looks out of place, that being said some of the food, like the Rays wrap, or hamburgers depending who’s cooking, can be pretty damn good. All you can eat wings on Weds for like 8$ is also a good value. If i had to choose things to improve in this location it would be it needs to be remodeled inside, become non smoking. I have had many amusing nights with friends in this place however and although I do not go as often as years past its still a good time non the less. Some general guidelines for this place would be… don’t be a dick, be respectful, its not your house, don’t use your phone near the runway as it makes the dancers nervous, don’t get overly drunk and think its your job to annoy the shit out of everyone around you. I kinda consider this place like Cheers, where everybody knows your name… but get half naked also.

  13. ESinNE

    4-17-10 The club was open along with it’s sister club (in the same building) Headlights. One $5 cover (on a Saturday Night) gets you into both clubs. Bikini’s & Beer on the JB’s side, Topless (pasties) & Liquor on the Headlights side. The lap dances in the VIP Lounge are topless.

    Nice little (two) club(s), I’d go again.

  14. steven

    the dj rocks!

  15. Wide Open!

    To closed, What place are u at?

  16. Arnie

    This is the Best Club in the Area. Beautiful Dancers.

    Great staff. A special Thanks to Sasha, Sara, Trixie. and Diane. All of you are wonderful

  17. Justin

    Great club, music was bad unless you love rap, please play some rock every couple of songs.

  18. tonycluber

    Went here with a few of my buddies from work. Coming from Arizona to Virginia the strip club laws are atrocious. However, if you can get past the crazy Virginia laws, this strip club is actually pretty good. The girls are very beautiful, and their bodies are amazing. Hard to find a ugly girl in this club. Beer and soda or very fair priced, and the music is very good with a very vast selection. I would recommend this club to someone else. Entry fee only $5.

  19. Navy Brat

    Really enjoyed it here, to bad Va. doesn’t allow nudity

  20. Closed

    Closed for sure?

  21. scott

    best place in HR, needs better music

  22. jody love

    My husband and I go there and really enjoy ourselves it gets us away from the kids and everything else for awhile. I have been to others but headlights is the best. I like everything about them the girls the food the atmosphere is great.I will keep coming as long as I can or as long headlights is in business.

  23. patrick
  24. Bozz

    Greatest club in southeast Virginia. Now that they have joined with headlights, this club is topless. I don’t know how they get by with it in VA but I am DamN glad they do. This place rocks.

  25. Jinx

    They have the dancers wearing pasties again, after a year or so of true topless.

  26. chris

    would highly recommend

  27. chad

    best club around

  28. wistonDale344

    i will always recommend this club to my friends – handsdown the best in VA

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