1320 Club



7039 Brookfield Plaza, Springfield, VA 22150


38.7738554, -77.1851726




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “1320 Club

  1. Big Mike


  2. Mart-Pgh

    This place needs a good bar, dancers that mingle with the crowd, and a vip room. Can’t wait until the Paper Moon open a club in the neighborhood!

  3. Hog Head
  4. Lex Luthor

    A classy establishment! worth visiting!!!

  5. Clint
  6. Damien

    Very hot girls, they’ve stepped it up scince the last time I was in. The hottie with the tatoo on her ass was our favorite. We ordered the lamb and it was superb. Thanx to all the wonderful hotties for a great time! We’ll be back soon.

  7. cpb

    Too bad they lost the Dauphine’s location. FYI, if you want better dancers than be better tippers.

  8. Jack the Ripper

    Awesome place! Cool chicks!

  9. Mistercap12

    Started coming because it was a strip joint very local to where I work, kept coming because George, the bartender, is stellar. Everytime I show up, he has a beer ready for me. He always greets me with a smile and a handshake. Phenomenal dude.

  10. larry1

    went for titties stayed for lamb chops…

  11. Conrad

    It doesn’t look like much from the outside. Odd location. Inside, it’s more like a neighborhood bar than a high-pressure club; the girls are all very friendly, and some of them are smoking hot – the new girl Brooke in particular is amazing. Make sure to ask for Kat as your waitress, as she’s worth the trip alone. Very cute, very friendly, very funny brunette. The food’s great, the shows are good, and if you show up twice people will remember and treat you like a regular. It’s a great after-work spot.

  12. Dallas
  13. A must see

    Simply put…Very nice!

  14. Mike

    Great place to go and relax and enjoy the view. Drinks could be cheaper and a Happy Hour would be nice. Wait staff and dancers are friendly.

  15. Wow!!!

    This place is awesome!

  16. happy

    this place is awesome



  18. I agree with your picks!!!

    Those ladies have beautifully lean and toned bodies…no chunky ones at this club!!! (Or very few at least which is fantastic!)

  19. lee
  20. impressed

    havent been to a virginia club before, but was quite impressed with this place. they should have more clubs in virginia.

  21. Sam

    Pleasantly surprised by a few ladies there who were pretty damn good-looking to be in a rather run-down building in a crappy part of town. I would rather see fewer girls however because some of them do not need to be taking their clothes off!!!

  22. Bah!


  23. Rich

    This club has a friendly enviroment, the dancers are hot and the food is excellent. Stop in see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed

  24. MrGilbert

    This club is closed for a year now. It was a great place. RIP

  25. mark

    i do alot of traveling along the east coast and frequent alot of clubs, this club is by far my favorite.

  26. customer

    This club is open, Dauphines has closed.

    The dancers are friendly and most are fairly attractive.

  27. Jon

    Great food and great girls. You cant go wrong.

  28. Daniel
  29. Yo Mamma

    This place sucks.

  30. OldFart

    This place is closed. It was a decent place, but is no more.

  31. satisfied

    most of the girls here are hot. there are a few stragglers but for the most part a cool place

  32. curtis17

    NO NUDITY!Thought I would advertise that right off from the beginning since none of the other reviews that I read stated it. As I’m new to the area, I sadly found out that only nude is allowed in DC and Richmond. So if you’re expecting to see mammies and the little man in the boat, don’t waste your time. The place was ok, no pressure to tip but when I hear “gentlemen’s club”, I was expecting to see the “goods”.

  33. visiting

    not a hole lot to this club. girls are older and pushy. they lack social skills. it seems that none of them really want to be there. there was this one very fake girl there aswell. she was tall and has red hair. she seems very shallow and disinteresting

  34. Coming back

    I will definitely return

  35. 1st Timer

    The food was surprisingly good and the dancers were GREAT!! Real sweethearts

  36. steve

    most beautiful, intelligent women in the metropolitan area!!!!! nothing in dc can hold a candle to these ladies, and md is just trash!

  37. igor34

    Feels like something is missing here wouldn’t really call it a strip club just a bar with like five girls that are actually attractive.

  38. Mick

    The dancers here keep looking better everytime I stop in…I see quite a few familiar faces that have come over from other dc-area clubs. Keep the good ones coming and the great ones there!

  39. Gov

    This place was nice. not the best, but in my top three.

  40. Monte

    A nice surprise from your typical strip/gogo club. Very pleasant experience!

  42. Chris
  43. Jake

    The ladies are very friendly for what Virginia allows. They do their best to make you feel like you are appreciated at this location. Good food and hot ladies are here so drop in.

  44. Scott

    Quality of dancers varies, but worth the trip.

  45. DC


  46. billybob

    my fav girls are rylie, red, katrina, & victoria. they are all attractive and fun 2 talk with.

  47. sleepless in dc

    This is a nice club with nice girls. It is your neighborhood strip joint. Most of the girls are more natural (very little silicon) but they are very easy to look at.

  48. Eric D.

    Friendly girls who arent just after the all mighty dollar. Many are genuinely nice girls who treat people with respect and dignity.

  49. Nice

    No complaints. Very classy

  50. RubberDucky
  51. Jon B
  52. richard95

    The only other review here seems unfair. As far as I know the adult club is one of maybe two or three in Northern Virginia. More than likely, they are stuck where they are after being grandfather in or something like that. My impression is that they do not spend much on upkeep since they are always a target for shutdown by holier than thou outfits. As to the girls and the club, they are pretty much average for dancers, with an occasional very good looking and good dancer. More likely there will be up to twenty or so dancing, one after another, which means there is always a dancer climin that pole. True, Virginia does not like nekked dances, so the girls put on small pasties and thongs under whatever they come out with. They apparently make most of their money with $1.00 tips that are expected, but customers are not obligated or harassed. At most the girl will ask your name and tell you hers, which is usually something along the lines Samantha 🙂 The waitresses are nice, polite, honest and might remember you if you go a couple times a year. Surprisingly, the menu is enough for this place and I have eaten good hamburger and steaks. Being a little cautious, I recently checked their health inspection reports. They do OK, normally and quickly correct whatever the inspector wants corrected. I guess they only serve beer and soft drinks, but I never asked. All-in-all this is an OK place for the guys to have a little eye candy fun and not get into trouble, unless they are incredibly stupid. I am reasonably sure that the after work and night hours are more active than the lunch or afternoon hours, but it is unlikely to be a wild place to visit.

  53. ryan123

    curiosity killed the…….in my case it was ten minutes of my life.walking back to my car from lunch i looked at the sign with the picture of dancing girl like so many mud flaps you see on 18 wheelers while driving down the interstate on a long road trip and i thought to myself no, it couldn’t be what i think it is, so i dared myself to dare me and i walked across the parking lot of the enlarged red strip mall and placed my hand upon the handle of the door and opened up the rabbit hole of black light pricked by pin holes of color.the music pumped and thumped and before i knew it i was inside, standing alone like spock who has just been beamed down to some illogical planet, trying to adjust my irises to the cavern of what could be called a strip bar. ‘can i help you?’trappedthe waitress had me pinned to the ground as she looked me dead in the eyes with her tendentious question’um. yeah, i’ll have an o’douls’what other answer was there?i sat down at one of those tiny, circular table that sits up like an ostrich and waited for my pretend beer to be delivered. a blond girl that i could barely discern danced on the stage to some terrible dance pop music as if bored out of boredom. she danced in a white thong with silvery pasties upon her nipple parts, due to the fact that this establishment, being in the commonwealth, does not allow people to be fully naked, as it is a sin against man and g-d, in the presence of another person. the beer was delivered and i sipped in gulps of haste while smelling the smoke of chain smoking business men chatting up the dancing girls cuddled beside them and the baseball cap wearing, mullet proletariat workers enjoying their lunch time beer break. i finished my play beer before the next girl got on stage and left.i left wondering why any of these men bothered to come into this establishment (but that answer is for another essay) and how these girls made any money and why they chose this place in particular to work and why this place was deemed a good spot for business, as it is stuck in the middle of an enlarged, ugly red strip mall full of kabobs, korean and indian video stores, terrible tacos, and tiny halal food stores.

  54. Your MOM
  55. sleeper

    nothin but trucker hats and overalls here. don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed. no charge to walk in the door and the beers are cheap. you won’t even notice it from the outside– odd location in a cheap shopping center. decor looks like maybe it was a regular tavern previously. you can sit at a bar at the stage, or tables. i stopped in on a wednesday and it was empty. less than ten customers in the place. one girl at a time on stage. they walk around and ask for a buck. thats it. theres no private dances as far as i could see– no touching at all. most of the girls are nice and friendly. they have food. service is good. overall, a nice laid back place to have a drink.

  56. Classy

    Good drinks, good girls, good fun

  57. lovin it


  58. happy customer

    these girls are hot! especially riley, nikki, amanda, monica, and cherise

  59. Wallhugger

    Dark atmosphere allows a more “cozy” environment as opposed to bright, loud clubs. Food pretty good; nice variety of talent – lacking in Asian & Hispanic; friendly staff try to make you feel welcome. Added a second stage, allowing for more dancers – it sometimes works like it’s supposed to.

  60. yanard12

    It’s really unfortunate that most guys are too shy/embarrassed to review places of this nature, as adult entertainment establishments are often most in need of making business improvements, including this one.Came here with three friends (two guys, one girl) at the insistence of the guys that this was a great place. Great was overselling it. Decent would have been a more appropriate adjective.The most important aspect of any adult club is its prime attraction: the dancers. While there are good/attractive ones, I’d say the breakdown is about 50/50. Still, this is better than some clubs I’ve been to, and no one’s forcing you to watch all of them. Their post-dance policy of coming around to tables and pleasantly saying hi and hope you enjoyed the show is a no-pressure way for them to get the tips they deserve, a good approach. The private dance area is SUPER busy most of the time, and there isn’t much in the way of divisions between you, other guests also receiving dances, and the club at large, so hope you don’t mind being watched. The music here is from an internet jukebox, which actually made things interesting when my friends started picking songs from their phones. The strippers weren’t big fans of death metal though it was fascinating watching them gyrate to it. They did rather well. Not a fan of pasties, though, takes most of the fun out of it for me.Drinks are pretty watered down in both the beer and wine department (didn’t try liquor). Service on the bar side was decent if unexciting. This isn’t unusual for a place like this, though it’s still unfortunate. Clientele was a bit on the eccentric/laborer side, though who comes to these places for scintillating conversation with bourgeois epicures?Basically, this place is okay as far as strip clubs go, though does nothing to set it apart positively (or negatively) from other ones in the area. I could take it or leave it.Overall: 3.0 stars———–Pros:- A good portion of the girls look quite good.- Pleasant tipping policy is not aggressive and makes for pleasant interactions.Cons:- Place is pretty small/cramped.- Drinks are expensive/watered down, though that’s par for strip clubs.- Private dance area tends to be packed on busier nights, and clientele conveys that this place isn’t shooting for a place in the Michelin guide.

  61. Irregular Regular

    Given the constraints of Virginia, this club & its staff provide a friendly atmosphere to enjoy a few adult beverages, some better-than-average food stuffs, and a nice mix of entertainers, albeit somewhat lacking in ladies of color.

  62. Madison

    I worked at this club for nine months, and would not have thought of working at another club. This is a good quality club.

  63. mj

    the dancers have gotten a lot better looking lately……

  64. nickstrip

    This place was kind of depressing, the girls didn’t seem happy about being there, for a Saturday night I thought there would be more people around. The few other people there were not lively at all. One guy kept on trying to talk to every girl who went on stage in the middle of their dance. They don’t have much of a selection for alcohol, they charged us $6 each for cheap beer. The place was so small that only one girl danced at a time, the girls weren’t as good looking as the ones in the pictures. I felt bad when every time one of the girls came up to dance they had to put a dollar in the jukebox to get their dance music. Only two girls had good moves. We left nearby to paper moon where it was way better.

  65. CLENT


  66. Very Nice

    Friendly service, great food, and pretty women.

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