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6315 Amherst Avenue, Springfield, VA 22150


38.78117, -77.185743




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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At PaperMoon Springfield, you’ll discover the true meaning of ultra-premium luxury, and why the D.C. metro area’s top gentlemen’s club is in a class all of its own. PaperMoon Springfield caters to a class of professional clientele, business travelers, executives, and uninhibited locals alike with exquisite standards. The difference is apparent as soon as you step inside. You’ll be surrounded by alluring and sexy women whose only desire is to make your visit a night to remember.

To satisfy your desire for up-close entertainment, champagne rooms and private dances are available, and they’re better in Virginia. We have one focus in mind: your enjoyment! We know you deserve to be treated like a king. Reserve our VIP experience and get that something extra that you deserve. Table-side bottle service serving premium champagne, liquor, and wine brings the party right to your seat. Trust us; it’s worth it.

Unique events, unrivaled elegance, beautiful women, redefined nightlife. Let our entertainers show you the royal treatment.


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0 reviews for “Paper Moon

  1. i love stripclubs

    this place is awesome. the laps are amazing. you have to check it out before you make an hour + trip to md.dc.wva

  2. Billy

    Compared to Northern Virginia’s best strip club, Crystal City Restaurant, the place sucks. The best dancer at Paper Moon wouldn’t qualify to dance at the Crystal City Restaurant. Very poor service. Lap dances were crushing (literally). One fat girl named Angela had an ass soooo big I couldn’t believe anyone would pay her for a lap dance. Overall, not worth the money.


    WOW! Was in town this week and stopped by this place. 10 outta 10!!! This place rocks. There were so many girls it was unbelievable. Definitely coming back!

  4. WOW


  5. Saladin1187

    The club is much more upscale than its predecessor, Dauphine’s. The decor is quite nice and the tables/chairs are comfortable and in good condition. Lap dances range from lame (couch dances in the main area) to hot (VIP area). Check this place out before going to Maryland.

  6. MrGilbert

    Bad management. They don’t care about customers or the dancers. $5 cover until 8 PM then $15. Cheapest drink $10 for 6 oz drink. Dances are quite expensive $30 a dance for 2 dances =$60. This goes up to $50 for topless. They have 10,15,30,60 minute dances starting at $150. Way overpriced compared to Crystal City Restaurant (CCR). Most dancers and club pushes high priced half hour champagne rooms at $500 per half hour. Cheaper before 2PM. More dancers and variety than CCR but bring lots of $s High dancer turn over. However with the right dancer these dances are almost worth the price. They charge 10% fee for using their ATM. Walk to bank on other side of KFC for cost of $3.50 if you are not a Capital 1 customer. Day dancers will sit with you but night dancers are always on the move once they have drained your wallet. They have to pay off their fines.

  7. pete

    a FAT guy sitting at the vip room charge $60 for a dance!!! Thought i have never been to a club?! WTF!

  8. AssnTits5

    The lap dance was nothing more than a girl shaking her butt about 2 feet from me. I also arrived late in the evening and didn’t even get a whiff of any so called food that comes with the entry fee as described by other posters. On the positive side, beers weren’t too expensive. Save your money and your dignity (whatever is left at least), stick with WV.

  9. mark

    wow… this place is awesome!!!

  10. fritter17

    Where to start…. It was the night before my buddies wedding, I believe Friday night we decided to give Paper Moon a try. The bouncer was cool, simple check your ID and all. The bouncer opens the door, and man oh man the hostess was smoking hot!! Gladly gave her my $15 for the entrance fee (Mon-Thurs) (Fri-Sun its $20) and walked in to the Moon!! Felt like I was in a dream as I walked through the door. Nothing but beautiful girls walking around smiling at you and beautiful waiters offering you drinks/hugs. Two stages, well separated, with plenty of seating around. As my friends and I sat down, three dancers came straight to us and sat on our lap. This was the first time any girl had ever sat on my lap or talked to me.. This was just the beginning… As my eyes widen throughout the night, so did my jeans. The dancers were very skilled and friendly. I must say I fell in love with one in particular. I believe she calls herself Naomi. She was this beautiful blonde, I eventually maned up and got a private dance from her for $100 for 10 minutes. Those were the best 10 minutes of my life!! DJ knows what he is doing and plays some really good music. You do have some non friendly dancers there but what can you do, they do need to make money and have their regular customers! This is the first strip club where the waiters are as hot as the dancers or even better! I’ve gone back a couples times now and no complains. Don’t waste your time at 1320, Club Fuego, or The club in Arlington, THE MOON IS THE SPOT! Cons: Cover charge: range from $10-$20 (They Should Honestly Lower it and it’ll attract more customers) Under 21- cover charge and t-shirt charge Pros: DANCERS! (NADIA!!!) she’s the best!! Waiters!!Alcohol Selection Private ‘Room’ Dances FOOD!! (lobster and steak for $10) can’t beat that! Parking

  11. Impressed

    I have been in the Southside PaperMoon several times this month and I would like to say good job. Nice club friendly staff and the dancers seem to be of quality.. Beautiful girls…

  12. mathewater12

    Nice girls…great time…good music…waitresses are really friendly. from Ali is phenomenonal..he makes the best wraps…A++++ chef….where else can u eat drink and look at beautiful women

  13. DC


  14. robin

    holy hot stripper batman!!! this place is AWESOME

  15. Club Lover

    Overall great experience. Not too many complaints. The food could use an extreme make over, and some of the dancers could use an attitude adjustment! the staff was very attentive- my beer was never empty! The girls are plentiful, but try not to piss any of them off- word spreads like wildfire, and you’ll pretty much be shunned by them all for the rest of your visit.

  16. nycschumi

    Smaller than PM Richmond Southside. Saw some girls that I liked at SS here – had a great time. Service much, much better than in Richmond. Overall pretty good club. If it wasn’t so far, I would go more often. Only complaint – music way too loud.

  17. maxxy1

    Me and the Mrs. stopped by to do a recon mission,and ended up staying and having a great time… It was our first time as a couple, and it was the best experience that could of happened… The waitresses were on to of their game,and the girls were very friendly and welcoming… All I could say is you must see Roxy, she is very down to earth, and has best personality, she really left a great impression on us both…

  18. joseph1k

    I’ve been going to PM for a number of years now and it’s always a good time for me. I’d like to clear up a few questions about the reviews I have read on here as well as give my review. A few people mentioned they didn’t see any sign of the free food. The free lunch was during the lunch shift not at night. It’s been a good while since I’ve been during the day so I’m not to sure if they still do the free lunch or not though. I’d prob call them if you plan to go during the day shift to find out. To me if you are going for the free food you should keep your broke ass home anyway. 🙂 It’s a strip club. They usually aren’t a cheap night out but they are always more fun then going to the movies. For the complaints about the girls being 2 feet from you when you got a “lap” dance….a LAP dance is in the VIP area in the back. A TABLE dance is non contact at your table, thus the reason it’s only $20. This club does what they call a 2 for 1 where they dance at your table for 2 songs but it’s not a lap dance. Some of this confusion could have been cleared up if the other reviewers would have asked the door girl how things work which is what I usually do when I visit a new club. The girls are always friendly and the servers are great. I always ask for a server named Anais (Ah nai eese) when I go. She is fun and always quick to take care of your drink orders. I typically order bottles of port when I got to make my own moon-bombs (Port wine and red bull) They are good and keep you awake if you are tired from a long day. They have other drinks and beer but I only ever get the moon bombs. My recommendation is if you plan to go to a strip club ask questions when you get there to find out how the places works. I’ve been to a ton of clubs and they are all different. Rather then going and having a bad time because you don’t understand the place find out and you will prob see that it’s a whole lot more fun. I typically don’t write reviews but I felt PM deserved to have someone clarify a few things for others who may read these other reviews and get a bad impression. I feel like most people would know if you are getting a $20 dance at your table it’s not going to be a girl grinding on you. If they did that I’d go a whole lot more often and why the hell would anyone get a VIP lap dance if they did that at the table. Clearly it is to give the guests an option for a more up close and personal look at the girl they like before they decide if they want a more intimate VIP experience in the back. The key is use your brain and ask questions people. One last thing for reviewer Curtis H. In all the years I have been going to PM I’ve never seen a dancer weigh 200lbs. During the 2 for 1 dance the girls that aren’t with a customer all go on the stage so you can see if you would like to ask one for a 2 for 1 dance. I’m not positive but I think the 2 for 1 happens every hour or so. Could be every 30 mins, I usually am drinking and not paying attention to the clock. That’s why they were up there hanging out during those songs bro. It’s too bad you and your wife had a bad time because you didn’t bother to ask a few simple questions. Your loss and more for me I guess. 🙂

  19. winston12

    Not the best gentleman’s club I’ve been to.Me and a few buddies went a while back. He ended up getting the ‘champagne special’ which is something like a bottle of champagne and a lap dance or some jazz. (I was just there to drink some beer and gtfo, honestly, had things to do in the AM.)So I get a call from him the next morning asking if I could meet him to pick up his car. Somehow, he doesn’t remember how he got home. I asked him how much he had to drink and he, not being a big alchie told me he had two glasses of champagne and a lap dance and can’t remember a thing else. His car was still at the establishment. AND he was missing about $1500 cash from his wallet. (He sold some car parts earlier that day and hadn’t been back home or to a bank yet)So began the long winded trek back to the joint to try and piece together his night. The management told him they didn’t remember him being ‘flagged’ or doing anything wrong, and we’re still under the impression that something was slipped into his drinks. None of the other guys had an issue, but then again, half of us were drinking bottled beers..Sketchy times at this kingdom, that’s for sure. Oh, and it’s not all that nice looking either. Just the location alone is whacky. I wouldn’t go back when there are so much better places in WVA.

  20. fisherdex1

    Executive Lunch & Happy Hour is the way to go for Lunch & Daytime. They are open at noon daily with at least 10 girls. Free Lunch Entrées M-F from 12pm to 3pm & Steak & Lobster for only $10 from 12pm to 7pm. Also great place to catch the game and get some dances in the Champagne Suites with your favorite entertainer..

  21. rj

    club is not a dive and the girls are beautiful. some are pushy but there are some amazing ones like sammie. biggest problem is that private dances are VERY expensive. table dances are a waste with no contact. during the day is a great time to go.

  22. Girl Visitor

    Went and visited and left with thoughts of coming back to join there awsome team. I really like the day shift though, too much partying for me during their nightshift.

  23. Franky N.

    Your first tip is $12 dollars at the door to the Bouncer and the door girl believe me, is cuter than any girl that works in this place. The atmosphere feels like a club, with the bass pounding in your ears. The strobe lights are constantly flashing in your face, giving you an urge to indulge in flash seizures.Unlike many other Gentleman clubs around the area, this place actually allows lap dances. How do they get away with it in Virginia you may ask? The $12 cover charge is for their buffet, so basically it looks on paper as though they balance their alcohol/food at 60/40, which let’s them get away with being a “Restaurant”. Blah to that! I rather spend my $12 sending one of these poor girls to medical school.To the girls… If you’ve ever been to 1320 (The other Dauphine’s), you’ll realize that these are the same damn girls under different lighting and now have the ability to grind on your lap for $20 a song, or two during their 2 for 1. They definitely get offended if you turn them down when asked if you want one. Instead of moving on their merry little way, they give attitudes… Franky hates attitude. I say stay away from this pasty filled place and save your dollar for a McChicken Sandwich…

  24. ryan123

    The three of us decided to check out this little gem last night and it was certainly an experience worth while. The $15 cover charge not only gains you entrance, but also makes the buffet available to you which runs all day and balances between the deep fried and baked, even providing eggs and sausage after midnight. The girls are plentiful here, but unless you have been in jail for last 5 years you might not be that interested in these ladies. Most of the girls here are your average snaggletooth variety sporting pooch guts, bad fake boobs and a penchant for elementary level conversation. One girl actually scared the heck out of all of us, 5’10, dark curly hair, deuce-deuce and a half, and some seriously hairy arms. She was affectionately nicknamed Bearwolf (a version of a Werewolf but much larger). Our waitress was fantastic and provided us with plenty of attention and small talk. Be forewarned, this is a pasty bar so unless you pay big bucks for VIP attention all you will get here is the ‘outline’ of a mammory and a minute long lap dance.

  25. william

    this club sucks. obvious management issues, lots of flakey girls.. Boss man seems to have a problem controlling the craziness. This isnt a strip club, its a circus

  26. richard95

    For some reason my previous review was removed for “personal attacks.”Nothing in it was personal, but just to be safe, I will provide no details in this review. This place is awful and you shouldn’t go here.

  27. Mike

    I am no longer coming here. They rip you off! I got a 2 for 1 dance in VIP and I ended up being there for basically one song. The guy that collects the cash signaled for my dancer to stop dancing, by saying that time was up. I then spoke with other customers and they said the same things happens to them! Be careful here and watch out for the guy in the back.

    And I wanted to go for much longer but I dont like being cheated. It was the principal.

  28. Jim

    Well the club has changed alot since I first came in by getting a invite from the promoter who’s name I believe is Alex…The girls have changed cause from what I seen there was more girls who had the body to work there and now I see more girls that are way too skinny to even be dancing…Looks like I might be going back to Maryland to go to Score’s..I will not pay a cover to see stick figures and what happened to the great buffett they had?

  29. eddyL

    Thank you, Paper Moon, for stepping up your game and adding some class. The dancers are the best looking in the region, and even the bouncers that work the front made me feel like I was a guest instead of the usual “mean mugging”, better-than attitude that most gentleman’s club security displays. I was only going to rate this club 4 stars initially, but this club offers lap dances; something other clubs lack. My evening there was better than ever, and as you can see I come here often. Worth every penny of the admission. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to come back next weekend!

  30. Weedman420

    Great place but seriously change your music… The generation you’re catering to with lynard skinard and what not is dieing. Play new music! ThIs crap is depressing you have an army base near by and a young crowd near your location but you play old dirty biker music.

  31. larry1

    Went there last night. Had a blast with my friends the women are HOT. Beers are a little pricey but what Gentlemens club isn’t? We will be back for sure. Thanks Paper Moon for an awesome time. Music was good beer was COLD & hot women. 3 things we want in a club! See you next week

  32. tonycluber

    Been coming for years, lots of cool people here. If you have a problem spending a few bucks to have a good time with some beautiful ladies, then you may want to go elsewhere. There is a cover just like many other bars but here you get to see gorgeous women that you would punch your grandmother in the face for. Good food reasonably priced. Always a variety of music to please everyone. Recommend!

  33. george

    I’ve been to Crystal City,1320 and a few in Dc but i would have to say this club def has the best overall looking women. esp for the area. The Drinks are a bit pricey but the waitress-kelly i had made up for that She was the hottest girl in the club.smokin hot HOT. great Dj,sound and Atmosphere hot dancers private dances and $20table dances. I will def return in the future.

  34. Tommy T.

    Great place to come relax after a hard day…girls are cute and courtious…management is very nice….did I mention girls look really nice

  35. X
  36. fuckery12

    Well,After you pay $15 to get in you find an expensive drinks and lethargic strippers inside. Should I say more???

  37. Sunshine

    Club is hot!!! Sexy women, sexy waitresses, sound system rocks, and loved the whole atmosphere. Need to check out this club….

  38. Tom

    This place is amazing!!! Sexy women, great DJ’s, hot waitresses, makes you feel like you are partying in a night club. Me and my buddies had a wonderful time, will be back soon.

  39. Bregy G.

    I go every Tuesday for the 1/2 off breakfast and let me tell you there is nothing quite like eating sausage and eggs while getting a lap dance….the dancers are the best they always call me handsome when I give them money and sometimes they let me touch their butts. My wife doesn’t like it that much, but I guess breakfast buffets aren’t for everyone

  40. ghj
  41. Johnson12

    Horrible… The wife and I love a good strip club, but this isn’t the place. The girls have no dancing skills. The cliental was like a cross between a scene from a bad redneck movie and hip hop video. There was actually a moment when a girl, weighing in around 200, stood on stage and held a conversation with the other dancers. Not a dance move to be seen.., and of course, tips were expected. We lasted all of three rotations and took the cover charge as a loss.

  42. wack


  43. joseph1k

    First time i have ever been there the place was ok, the girls were a 5/10 but nice, kinda pushy but i guess thats their job. suck to have to pay $12 to get in and then payed $18 for two coors lights!!!!!!! nah i dont think i will be going back. plus the beers were warm. i would rather drive a little farther and go to fuego or west virginia lol. this place was EHH no the best but it was funny messing with the dancers.

  44. Day Man

    Over priced cover, drinks, and dance prices. However with the right girls you get the best dances in the Wash DC area. Wish the dances were 2 for 40 or 2 for 50. The club would have happier dancers and more patrons. Stay away from the high priced drinks – ask the girls if they want drinks or dances because you are going to spend X dollars when you walk into the club. Unless you are going to get the girl drunk do not spend much on the drinks.

  45. SAMMY

    Visited the club over the weekend awesome time, great staff and sexy girls, and great lap dances. Be back very soon

  46. new customer

    first time in papermoon in this state at least. it was quite refreshing. different atmosphere than the others but better. if your in town and looking for a good lapdance club this is the place.

  47. Ricky

    Man this place is awesome! i couldnt count how many girls there were.

  48. SCE

    In this economy everything here costs to much. I go to the Hustler Club in Baltimore during the day 2 dances for $25 verses 2 for $60 here when you get 2 for 1. They still have a free buffet but its real bad because they want you to buy $7 dinners for you and for the girl sitting next to you.

  49. igor34

    Pretty decent spot, best in NoVA if that means anything. Hands down the best feature is the door girl, best Asian cleavage I’ve ever seen.

  50. lightbaable

    this clubs is a year old and is trashed already.

  51. Patrick

    I am a regular for lunch. No cover before 1pm. Great ladies great time.

  52. JJ J.

    went there in a afternoon, $5 cover.Staff are friendly, 1/2 the girls are pretty but too skinny.Spent $100 in the VIP 1st, and everyone seems nice….:)

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