3904 Hull Street Road, Richmond, VA 23224


37.5036603, -77.4737015




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “CandyBar

  1. dont bother

    this place is worse than any place ive ever spent money in…best advice is to not come to this god awfull place. go to club velvet , they have the hottest bitches in richmond..

  2. jerry burd

    billy left me in charge now i have my own personal whore house

  3. M.K.

    had a great time last nite. the girls are really sweet. met a beautiful tall blonde named corey, you must meet her.the beer is at the right price so you are tempted to stay even longer.

  4. Joey

    Decided to ditch Paper Moon (like half the dancers of Candy Bar,

    Pure Pleasure, Daddy’s Rabbits and the Endzone), and came here

    yesterday. It’s very laidback and all the dancers are super

    friendly. The staff is also really cool and the fees are

    reasonable. I’m pissed because I didn’t come to this place

    sooner and wasted my time at the Paper Moon. Very good club

    highly recommended to any dancer

  5. jdawg

    Club is ok….used to like it better….recently some of the girls, who i am asuming are new girls, hadnt seen them before, and they were just horrible dancers…i was emberrassed just sitting there watching them….they looked uncomfotable, and just okward, not sexy, which is what you want. So i just hope the management had replaced the not so good dancers with better ones. I will say though even though they coudnt dance for shit….they were good looking girls….the only plus about those few….also the girls in general are not nearly friendly enough…they need to mingle more with guests, and not with eachother or just sitting there for hours with 1 person.

  6. visitor

    not too good, dancers not very friendly

  7. Columbusman

    Worth a visit if you have time. Popular locals place but pretty small. Has a small

    semi-private dance room with very good dances. Hidden away in back of a

    shopping center, could use better directions to find it, it is on the North East

    corner of the intersection if you are from out of town.

  8. benji molina

    A lot of new girls since the last time I was there very young and very hot. I would say its the best strip club in Richmond and one of the best in the state. I don’t know who runs it, they have a lot of hot girls and its a fun and relaxed atmosphere, but please keep the mens room a little cleaner thats my only complaint. 5 stars all the way

  9. jusy checking it out

    too many drugs in one spot.

  10. Dave

    Nasty club, no good girls catch something in the dance room, s/b closed

  11. rob

    must be closed no one here, crap hole anyway

  12. JayWoodz

    Very Nice Club!!!

  13. Mr. magoo

    great club, friendly dancers best around

  14. BillyIsACrook

    Nasty club .. stay away. Owner is a crook.

  15. yahoo

    excellent club always fun

  16. Truckdriver

    I liked this club, i have a place to park my tractor trailer and i love it how they renovated the place, get that damn stage off the wall. jilian has some really big bazooms.

  17. john

    poor s/b better for money

  18. out of town

    this club sucks. nasty girls and the drinks are so weak.

  19. derrick c.

    great club ahs come up a lot

  20. Adolf Hitler

    The girl that was dancing was hot and realy wanted to get naked on me, but the club is too small, the lighting is niggerfied and the location is in niggertown. The beer was a bit high but not anything to get excited about, the food is okay, but the club itself needs to relocate and redecorate. Perhaps they should bring back the Confederate Flags and pictures that were in there when it was the Last Chance. Overall, I give it a fair rating.

  21. dirty red

    girls too drunk. too many scanky bitches, ill never go back.

  22. what a joke..

    why is this hole even open. this place sucks.

  23. SCOTT

    Whatever happened to Angelina??? Love the club, great daytime bartender.

  24. jeff

    great club best in the area

  25. jay adams

    the dancers and barteneders are hot and its a cool place but the door girls need improvement.

  26. booo

    What a drag too dark, turn up the lights

  27. nathan

    what a crap hole this place is, don’t waste your money on these has beens

  28. regular

    Girls are hit or miss depending on the day.

    Cover is cheap.

    Music is not too loud, so you can talk to the girls.

    The girls will talk to you.

    No one bothers you or watches you, or tries to force drinks down your throat.

    It’s inexpensive compared to every other place in Richmond.

    The main downside is the quality of talent is limited.

    Best place on a budget though.

    Scared to eat the food there, so eat first.

  29. tony

    They need to get rid of the old women they have in there I went in on a Monday afternoon and this lady had to have been 40 years old and full of tatoos I will never be back.

  30. clamdigger

    1 black girl and 100 blonde barbie dolls come on I like a variety let’s see some dark meat once in a while

  31. I Quit this one

    fucked up dancers, unsafe work environment

  32. Keith

    This club was great, I have been there many times over the years and this club has come a long way. Girls are very friendly. Trina is hot I only wish i had more time to spend with her. trina if you read this call me would love to talk to you further. I would recomment this club to anyone.

  33. screwed up club

    stay away a real dump here

  34. matt

    Hot dancers during the day wow the best

  35. its your momma

    where all the chickens at miss a few at the moon no love lost we are all involved in this great paper chase

  36. the mackie

    Great club, hot dancers, keep up the good work

  37. wayne

    why is this place still open? nothing in the club worth seeing. other candy bar is no better.

  38. candy bar lover
  39. chad

    Take a ride on the ( MAGIC BUS ) 🙂

  40. Boo Boo

    Zena Rocks.. Great style Super sexy.

  41. old customer

    good to be back, great dancers and everyone friendly

  42. Tommy

    not much to say but go somewhere else, anywhere, this place is dirty and full of trouble, too dark in many ways

  43. Banned by Esctasy

    Not a good club what a waste, try Richards around here

  44. loljoke

    good if u want a good rub down there.exelent in skanky women..

  45. Local

    Complete Hell hole in Niggertown. I’ve Been here once when I took My older Brother out because he never Been to a strip club. I feel sorry I took Him Here. He never wants to come to a titty bar again. First it wasn’t but a bunch of old ass women who probably Graduated High school (If they did) With My MOTHER! That is some repugnet Shit! They Should Have Retired from stripping in the early 90’s after there prime. Aint Nothing worse than 45/50 year old Druged out women stripping. Shitty, Slutty, No class having Attitudes In this place. But I bet the Nigger clientale are 100% satisfied with these CRACK Whores. NEVER NEVER NEVER BE BACK HOPE THE GOD DAMN PLACE BURNS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  46. wayne gro

    this place is great for high school reunions, we had our tenth there last year during the holidays and it was great. the food is nasty but the drinks are so cheap you may wind up eating some one day if you overdo it a little and are afraid of a DUI. while you’re there you really enjoy it but usually later you feel regret

  47. jw

    club looks better than before

  48. jim

    What a waste of time here, dancers are supposed to look good not ugly

  49. Kevin S.

    Great club best in town

  50. rcp

    clubs” good’ most of the girls are good. bathroom always nasty and the parking lot needs security. every time i pull in it seems like there are little want a bee gangsters casing out every automobile that pulls in. most of my friends refuse to come there just for that reason alone.

  51. to tommy

    you are right to go somewhere else anywhere but here or Pure pleasure. I hear the food is clean at pp but that is all

  52. Miller
  53. Jimmy

    Horrible club with saggy women.

  54. Great Bird

    OK boys and girls it’s time to go back to the future. This place sucks so we’ll tear this piece of shit down and recreate a Southside institution, The Last Chance.

    Ya say there are way too many niggers at the Candy Bar Spunky? I agree, so let’s paint the place gray with confederate flags all over the outside, mount portraits of the holy trinity: Lee, Jackson, and Stuart on the walls, play only southern rock, rock, and country music, and then have $ 5 admission to whites and $ 25 for blacks just like way back when.

    “Dixie” is played at the top of every hour and those who don’t stand and remove their hats are removed from the bar…forcibly if need be.

    Don’t like the neighborhood and afraid to leave your BMW in the parking lot Biff? Fine. It’s amazing what kind of security is provided when a dozen hogs are parked in the lot. Believe me, the bros will go out of their way to walk around the fucking shopping center to stay away.

    Am I the only person who understands that another Chance or Loose Moose is what this side of the river needs and that just like in “Field of Dreams”, “If you build it they will come.” Oh sorry. I guess that just makes too damn much sense businesswise. Billy would rather cater to the crackwhore and nigger drug dealer crowd. Never mind.

  55. wyatt mann

    I have been going to this place for years and I have to say in the last year or so this place and has gotten better and better from the quality of the girls to the interior of the club. Glad to see Chili is still doing security. Best club in Richmond.

  56. anthony1

    Had a great time. Be aware that adult clubs in Virginia don’t serve liquor, only beer and wine. Went on a Saturday night and they had about 20 girls on stage at all times. Most were good looking and sexy. Waitresses and bartenders were sexy too. Good place to hang out.

  57. Alan

    Re:Tony … You are right on the $$$; owners of the clubs in Richmond could stand to take a field trip to ATLANTA and visit the clubs there. You would think that the management of the clubs in Richmond would want to improve customer satisfaction. There I go thinking again …

  58. charlie

    u need more waitresses and pay more atention on the costumer

  59. crazy dude

    This club is boring and has ugly fat girls, who wants to look at that

  60. Sucks

    Nice place, terrible management and get your car broken into at the same time. I guess that is the TWO FOR ONE.

  61. Dancer

    This club rocks. If you left a bad review of this club it’s probably because your broke. Lots of hot dancers and the managment is awsome.

  62. Customer

    I think this club is overall the best in town. People seem to always post just when they are upset over something. Just like any other, some girls don’t work every day, and summer is hit or miss with most girls. But, on average you go here and you will be pleased. The girls are hot, dance well, do pole tricks and are fun to talk to.Tip them well, they deserve it, and they will come!

  63. Hans

    Not upscale, bad neighboorhood. Dancers vary but mostly 4 to 6

    regulars may get MORE?

  64. michael

    Came by yesterday, what a waste of time all ugly girls must be a bad day or something

  65. Mart-Pgh

    Billy – You must be doing some things right! It’s good to see the CB taking care of their dancers. It’s interesting to see the migration of dancers from the PM to the CB.

  66. mack

    this club has gone to the pits

  67. slim
  68. dan

    super club dancers friendly

  69. jackncoke

    great place, nice girls, always a good time.

  70. miss entertainer

    Well Iam an entertainer there at the Candy Bar and i just wanted to say that things arent as bad as people may say. I think we have a sexy mix of ladies ! The $30 dances are usually well worth it ! So come on in and check us out!

  71. AssnTits5

    Stopped through here around 11pm on a Monday night. It was ok. Some of the girls were really thin, others where curvy. I’m used to strip clubs down south, so I prefer thicker girls. There were not any like that, but again, this was a Monday night. This is not a 100% nude with liquor strip club like I’m used to. Me and my girlfriends still had a good time though. Drink before you go. Prices were reasonable though. Its a pretty clean club and they do have a menu. I would come again. This club is part of a group that if you purchase the $5 wrist band, you can go into the other 5 strip clubs in the area at no charge.

  72. craig

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