Paper Moon Gentlemen’s Club



6710 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23225


37.503039, -77.519403




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Paper Moon Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Dustin

    Good club, Phoniex is deff a fav. Whenever you got a girl or two you can connect with the experience is that much better. Just be nice and not rude and all is good.

  2. mEL

    This is how i would have rated it back in 2009, when I ladt lived there. What ever happened to Noelle or Jade?? Damn, they were hot!!

  3. XhXeXy

    Good wholesome family fun!! The staff here was professional and friendly, joking with us the entire night. The girls were attractive and cool as well, considering they probably deal with a fair amount of asshats in that line of work. The place is clean and there’s no ghetto or seedy element to the feel aside from the inevitable few thugnificient styled customers. All and all it’s worth a night out with friends for a good time if you’re looking for more than bar hopping.

  4. Lapaholic

    For Virginia pastie club, Papermoon is great. Compared to other non-pastie full contact clubs, you might be wanting more. But the laps are nice tho they are tops on. But they grind well. They are 25 bucks with 2 for 1 every hour. The VIP is 100 for 10 minutes. Nice , ymmv depending on the girl. They dropped beer prices to $3 domestic, $4 import. The music is way too loud. Nice plce tho and you can smoke your cigar!!

  5. JandSclubbinginva

    My spouse and I got two beers and they came up to $14.00 which is very high but considering the time we had and the two for dances which we received for $25.00 was awesome. Print off coupons from their website and it will save you some money at the door.

  6. mike

    to much dark meat not one white girl 7 dollars a beer 15 cover charge and all nigger music

  7. UWISH


  8. harryharry

    This is by and far the best club in the Richmond area. Attractive, friendly girls, you are gonna have about as much fun as Virginia will allow you to have w/o giving you problems! Now remember, that means, no hard alcohol in clubs (so have a few drinks before you go, beer wine & champagne ONLY), the girls have to wear pasties 🙁 & everything shuts down @ 2am…though Paper Moon does stay open an hour later on weekends doing, “girl on girl” shows…which are definitely worth a peek….especially if you are lucky enough to be there on a night that Jade performs…Also remember, because of the alcohol laws Va’s dances are “full contact” IF you go in the “VIP”, so if you find a girl you like, dont be afraid to have some real fun!

  9. Jesus
  10. ManontheMove

    Came to the Moon the other night because evrything else in town was shutdown for the eveing(sunday night). I have to say went there not expecting much. Watched a few dancers and then ran into “Caress” OMG….. she was gorgeous. The Witching hour of 2am was fast approching and i wanted to feel this gorgeous creature in my own hands. Agreed to a vip lap dance and brother it was worth every penny !!!!!

    She is very gooooooooood. Wished i had gotten there sooner so i could have had more time with her. I will be back to take advantage of the longer time limits with this gorgeous creature. Worth every cent i spent. Just wish the dancers would get a bigger cut of the fee…….

  11. Alex

    Jade and Piper are both whores who will suck your dick or fuck you in the vip.

  12. Ex Girl-I Quit

    The girls actually do better at this club than the down town PaperMoon. It’s not great, but Saturdays are a good night to work. The management does pretty much do anything they want, from pocket fine money to lying/manipulating to get the money for fines. It’s funny to them.

  13. big rob

    This is a great club will be back soon.

  14. Rich

    It is Virginia and there are way to many rules here. Takes the fun out of a strip club. The prices for beer and cover charge too high for the average working class man in Richmond. The club is making the money not the girls. I feel sorry for the girls.

  15. Orange

    When you connect with a particular girl, you are treated very well. Great VIP dances.

  16. Disappointed Dancer

    So this is a premiere club ? Right. The only way to make money here is if you are black with a round ass, or white with blonde hair, big fake boobs, and a tan, or willing to become one of those 2 types. There is no appreciation for skill here, no need to know how to do pole tricks just willing to wave your croch an inch from people’s faces, make out with other girls topless and than some during lap dances. One of the previous reviews mentioned a no hip hop rule,.. ya that didn’t stick for long…I was hired to “add some variety” to their dancers as I’m more of a Rock/goth type person and I’m white with black hair and no tan. I’m an acrobat/contortionist so I make money off my skills with the pole and flexibility, which isn’t apreciated here. I was solicted for sex at this club as well as having to put up with people sitting right in front of me on the small coffee table stage I was on and not tip. Has no one ever heard of strip club ettiquete? I worked here for 2 nights, a wednesday which was slow as shit (which was why I gave it a second chance) and a friday which was a decent size crowd that with very specific tastes that I dont fit.. So if you do pole tricks and you dont fit the above two types work somewhere else…From a customers point of view, the prices are rediculous. $5 for most any drink including water. $5 for a 0.50 cent can of coke. Of course you know this leaves the dancers drinking water with their hands from the bathroom sink because you have to buy water (outside drinks not allowd in club either) which is against the law as they serve food and in my teenage years in food service if you serve food you must serve water, but no they do not abide by this. Also, the tip out is too high for a dj who refuses to take requests and does not keep a regular rotation. Overall this club is a disappointment in comparision to what it claims to be.

  17. its your momma

    to all the haters that cant hack and cant afford the good time pm offers suck one i love the paper moon

    south side who run it?

  18. CHIP

    club was ok..alot of the dancers hound you for money and when u say no they get pissed…A few girls even asked about getting a hotel afterwards.

  19. john doe

    club was cool…About the dancer that worked there 2 days …well nobody likes gothic bithces and if i remember correctly u need to gain sum weight

  20. non local

    Good place to relax and for all those who can’t appreciate alittle varity in their appetite stick to the backwoods.

  21. Mark

    This is the best club in Virginia. The atmosphere, beautiful dancers, attitude of the dancers was great. They were open responsive pleasent to spend time with and the lap dance was awesome! Highly recomended.

  22. Local

    If You Like $15 dolar cover charge, Shitty Staff, $8.00 Beers, and if you are a NIGGER LOVER or a NIGGER this is the place for YOU! 15 NIGGER BITCHES Not one (WHITE) Woman. Fuckin’ NIGGER HAVEN in every scence of the world will never be back!

  23. ces

    Virginia clubs have limitations. The private dances are good, with very good (but expensive) in the VIP. Beer and drinks are expensive, but the quality of the girls (looks) is better here than anywhere else in Richmond.

  24. Bob

    Caress is awesome. If you need to be jacked off or if you need your dick sucked. she is the girl. She is better than every one in there. SEE HER!

  25. TruckDriver

    All I have to say is that the $15 cover is way too high for the area considering other clubs are going for $10 to get in and the frickin $7 a beer is waaaaayyy to high. But the girls are bangin

  26. Sam

    The lap dances are pretty hot. If I have to single out dancers, Sky and Sabrina are my favorites; but, I cannot say I have a bad dance from any of the dancers.

    The DJ seems rather controlling and the club has some rather strict rules the dancers have to follow.

    Paper Moon advertises as a premier club — They really need to hire some decent waitresses and lower the cost of drinks. The lap dance couches in the back need replaced; a lot of them have broken legs and are ripped.

  27. insider

    Dont worry …. he got fired …..AGAIN

  28. cesnc

    I went on a Monday night and had a good time. The VIP dances are good ($150 for 15 minutes). I also took advantage of the 2 for 1 dances ($25). There were about a dozen girls. Two were very hot, and three others were pretty. The rest were OK. As explained, high cover and drink charges, but still the best club in Richmond.

  29. Blonde Lover

    Casey has the best body I’ve seen in the VA. area.

  30. Never again break a promise

    I have being to Papers for about 4 months now and have yet to bad time there. Always a good time! There is one bad ass dancer there who stands out from the crowd. Poison, what can I say? She is a hell of a dancer.just dont come up on the nights im there, she will be bought for the night.

  31. Tim

    $15 cover and $8 beers. Give me a break. That’s too much for a top club which PM is far from. MgMt are a bunch of pimp wanabees. They rip off the customers and the girls. The only way the girls make money is rip off mgmt or due something illegal

  32. gonadd

    nice club hot girls expensive to get in

  33. Pentboy

    Quality selection of girls on most nights, nice club.

  34. the mackie

    good club, a little expensive but dancers are friendly and know how to please the customers, keep up the good work, look forward to seeing Mandy

  35. Nick

    Initially, the high cover and steep beer prices bring you down, but I always end up having a good time with the ladies. The 2 for 1 dance is the best value in Richmond.

  36. pooty tang
  37. bill gates

    yeah baby

  38. schumi

    had a great time last Friday night – Powerhour was OK.

  39. ok

    great club friendly champagne rooms wow great addition.

  40. CharMaeMae

    um, we went there, i went to the restroom where ALL the dancers were congregated, and one of the dancers was, um, throwing up in the sink. i couldn’t make this up. gross. and the drinks are too expensive and the cover charge is too much.

  41. nycschumi

    I think it is the best club in town and I like the location, close to the highways, plenty of parking. Looks like management has listened to the gripes and lowered the beer prices.

  42. SandJVAClubbing

    The drink prices were a little high but other than that it was awesome. My spouse and I both got awesome lapdances from Alora….Check em out if you are in town…….. We will be back again soon!

  43. Bob's Friend!

    Bob only said that because he was mad. We went there and Caress didn’t want to jack him off. So he decided to make her look bad. I was there with him. Caress has alot of respect for her body and she is a great listener. I apologize for his statement. I think that Papermoon southside is filled with great girls just trying to pay for school or save up for a big career or change! So ease up on the animosity.

    Yes, this is the truth!

    I am not just saying this.



  44. D

    Considering the restrictions in VA this is a pretty good

    place. Some very attractive dancers. Several came up and asked

    for dances. The ones I politely turned down, went away with no

    problem. Several ladies stuck around for a while chatting

    since the night was slow.

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