Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club



1520 K Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20005


38.902175, -77.0356173




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Archibald’s 1520 K Street, NW, now a fully nude Gentlemen’s Club, (Yes we take it all off!) is open five days and seven nights a week.

There are Three levels, a full service sports bar during the days, with Karaoke on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, a VIP lounge open Friday


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0 reviews for “Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Joe Plumber

    This place is gonna be rockin’ around Jan 20th!

  2. a fan

    i had a blast. nice variety of girls. thank god for the ban on smoking

  3. Lance

    This is just your average club with just as many average dancers than any other.

  4. Slick Rick

    Great place! Fun alaround!

  5. matt

    day or night, this place is always full of beautiful ladies

  6. another member of the band

    Don’t tell Patti! ah hell,.. I’ll bring Patti!

  7. Tbird
  8. customer

    The girls were really friendly, and looked like they were having fun. Best girls are Victoria, Seven, Angel to talk at and some are the girls of good also if they sit down and talk to you.

  9. bill

    i love jade and johanna on wednsday nites

  10. justin m

    best club in dc. they really bring the A girls out at night though. i was there during what i can only assume was shift change and wow if you think the day shift girls are hot you need to stay a little after 7.

  11. Bruce Wayne

    Cameron is hot too! So is Carol the waitress on day shift!

  12. lot
  13. fuckery12

    This is the first time I went to this place. Not sure how it has been in the past, but my experience was horrible here. So, the dancers are not good at all. They stay for a long time and moreover sometimes they just leave and there’s no dancer on the stage. That’s messed up. And then there’s the $8 water bottle! There’s no cover fee but you have to order something there. And the cheapest thing is a bottle of water or beer for $8! Also the waitress is ugly and has attitude. Overall, I’d never go back there ever again. Pro tip: there’s this sketchy dude that was at the entrance that asked us to pay to get in…. He was a fake. So, don’t pay anything at the door.

  14. Me

    I had a great time here! I’ll be back!! Layla,Latoya,Masumi,Haley,Cameron,Kitty, .. Damn! All of day shift ROCKS!

  15. Jasonv
  16. bob allen
  17. jp
  18. E

    LOVE this place!

  19. craig
  20. dgjzille

    girls were nice and friendly

  21. Electric Bob

    ‘Jack’ is right! Both Latoya and Layla are smokin’ hot!

  22. wow

    Thanks for a great time girls. The last reviewer sounds

    spitefull. Whatever you are upset about, their is no need to take it


  23. ERIN
  24. chris
  25. Ryan


  26. A +

    A +

  27. Guy.. at the bar.

    Matsumi is soooo beautiful! Big smile,long soft shiney hair,great personality,great body,and highly intelligent! ( will you marry me? )

  28. Rick
  29. Elvis

    Smokin hot strippers

  30. ray
  31. DB

    One gripe. If you use your credit card ‘Archibald’s / Fast Eddie’s’ will show up on the statement. This reduces my business here by half as I can’t use my business credit card.. Camelot appears under a general holding company name.

    If the management are reading this – you guys really need to change that. It costs you customers

  32. Ben
  33. Jr

    Had my birthday party here and it was awesome! I didn’t like stripclubs before this but think I might have to drop back by this weekend and do it all over again!

  34. Diva
  35. Larry

    Camerron is HOT HOT HOT

  36. the corner

    Another great time on day shift!!! Beautiful women,good music,and great food!!! ( Monday is 1/2 price ‘berger day!)

  37. Big Daddy

    Wouldn’t miss the Anniversary party for anything! Flying into Reagan at 3 from Houston to be there!

  38. Santa Claus

    Ho Ho Hoo! I visit this place every year,bareing gifts!! (I have a shoe to throw at G.W. Bush.) This place is more fun than a sled full of reindeer!! Ho Ho Hooo!

  39. Dani
  40. Zuma
  41. DC Dancer

    I am never going back to another club. This place is sooo much better than anything else the area has to offer. Nicer, more beautiful girls, more stages to dance on, more room to sit and flirt!

  42. Lonesom Dave

    That blonde woman on day shift is hot too. Is that Cameroon,? She gets a lot of comments.

  43. Rush Limbaugh

    I hope this place DOES NOT fail!!

  44. Spike

    Damn this place is hot!!

  45. Anna
  46. jacob

    too many drunk idiots in dc on a saturday night, but the people here were really cool. lot’s of hot girls. had a good time on an otherwise shitty night in the city

  47. George W. Bush

    Great place to go to relax!!!

  48. WesH

    Dude Tom – you obviously got somebody at Archies really mad at you; a few there are prickly. But Archies has been a no-cover no-minimum place for years, so you must have grabbed a girl in the wrong place – or had too many drinks! Leave those beautiful girls alone!


  49. fritter17

    I am extremely surprise at the amount of negative comments about Archibald’s especially the comments about how average the girls look. The main reason I gave Archibald the high 4 stars is because of how multicultural the women were. we were there for about 3 hours we were they there are a girl every race, every hair color (even a red head), every shape (all where skinny but some where short and super shinny then some where really tall with AMAZING bodies not to skinny but not at all big). The strippers were EXTREMELY pleasant and they all asked what we were there for and all gave the birthday girl a hug. The food was good and not expensive. We had the whole top floor to our selves pretty much because it isn’t as busy in the summer time as it is in the winner because went you think about it if you really want to see half naked and naked women… can just go to the beach in the summer.The only downside to Archibalds is that it is a no entry fee club so the drinks are Ridiculously priced and you HAVE to order a drink ever 30 minutes or you get kicked out. You cannot order a regular water and everything will be OK because you can only get a bottled water which cost $9. A long island ice tea was about $22. So it is pricey and we stayed for 3 hours so we have about a $300 bill at the end. The drinks are also not all that great. The drinks were water down a little but its business and they want you to buy more. Seems like a lot for me to give 4 stars but I was there mainly for the boobs and they were NICE. In DC lap dances and no contact so please remember that. Me and my friends had a really good time. I will be back in 2 weeks.

  50. joseph1k

    DC gentlemen’s establishments generally suck. This place is no exception. Tiny overpriced beers, dancers trying to shake you down for tips because they did their thing on a stage you weren’t even looking at, and all this coupled with the usual shame you feel for ending up in an environment this seedy again. Save your time and money and drink at a regular bar. That is of course unless you really, really, have the urge to ogle one of this fair city’s clearheeled ballerinas.

  51. keith

    this club blows away camlot. much younger girls. better looking

  52. Snapper
  53. monkey

    this place is number one for a reason, it’s got the best dancers and wait staff in the area

  54. the end of the bar

    Chase is back!

  55. tonycluber

    Took my girlfriend here one a weekday evening. I’m black and my gf is white but I think the dancers were a bit racist. We arrived at 1030pm, and we received the most absolute WORST customer service ever. We came ready to spend money but due to the horrible service, I actually saved a pretty penny. I brought a total of $400 to spend…$95 was spent on drinks, the rest I took back home with me. A few times I had to walk up to the bar and ask for our waitress because she refused to come back and check on us. We tipped every single dancer that approached our table but all they did was take our tip and walk off. We sat there at the table for 3+ hours drinking our asses off but not a single dancer came over to talk to us. That was ridiculous. I never left a place so pissed off like I did with Archibalds. I would suggest ANY other place instead of this one. There is a reason why they receive such low remarks on here. You couldn’t pay me to return to this place.

  56. felixnada

    This is a flash back. I am 72. I went there when in town on business back in the 70’s, 80’s, early 90’s. Usually stayed at the Hilton across the street. .Choices then were to pay about $4 for a Heineken at the Hilton bar, or pay the same $4 across the street at Archibald’s and watch beautiful young naked ladies dance. Often was with several buddies. But reading here I think things have changed a bit since then. Too old to go back.even if I were in DC again. My wife was aware of this – said she never worried as she knew if the girls turned me on the prices would turn me off because above all else I was a cheapskate.

  57. sean
  58. Bill t.
  59. Garee
  60. Crazy Dave

    Heck, this place is hot on Mondays,too!

  61. Al

    Very good club

  62. Gumby

    This place gets better everytime I come in!

  63. Joe Biden

    I’m gonna stop in for burgers soon! This place rocks!

  64. Cisco

    I get the feeling all the reviews i just saw were some comments from a angry employee. I dont know. Anyways, I have to say I disagree. I loved the girls. The girls were friendly. Katie, she looked like she was on something. She carries a bible. All others were great and they entertained me. I went home a happy man.

  65. Tank

    Lots of good looking strippers at this club

  66. los
  67. Aydal
  68. scott

    so happy to see rita back! now when are chase and mariana going to return

  69. Hal Jordan

    This place gets a green light from me!

  70. sam
  71. XhXeXy

    Way over-rated and the beer prices are ridiculous. Most of the girls are average looking with average bodies. Having just come THE GOLD CLUB in Baltimore this place sucked. It’s was crazy seeing all those guys including me ogle over a couple of average looking girls. I say skip it. Best strip club ever is BABYDOLLS in Dallas, Texas.

  72. jim
  73. A'mazing Dave


  74. Mick
  75. christop
  76. rodder
  77. 10th Mtn

    Was in with a bunch of buds from Walter Reed and the staff here took great care of us. Other place with a “We Support the Troops” poster in the window made me take my ARMY Jacket off(some support, huh?). Glad there are places that don’t need posters to make us feel great. The girls are amazingly beautiful and make us remember why we do what we do, HOOAH!

  78. dick r
  79. Marnie
  80. Ben Grimm

    This place rocks! Especially the day shift! Layla!! Latoya!! Cameron!!! Kitty,as a waitress,and a dancer! … and Carol! WOW!!

  81. Burt Commings

    This place is really fun to hang out in. My only complaint is my favorite drink being 25 cents more. oh,.. and why does the rating move so slowly? So many positive rates,.. and so little movement. Who does the math?

  82. p
  83. bobo
  84. Mr.Twister

    Very interesting!

  85. Miranda Marie's Old Flame

    The wings and salads are pretty good, but the bathrooms need a make over.

  86. davis
  87. Joe Chill

    It may be cold outside, but its hot in here!

  88. gary
  89. dudly5526

    hands – down best club ive been to in a while! hot hot HOT girls – worth the money and drive!

  90. Franky N.

    There’s a rule when it comes to strip clubs, the prettier they are, the worse they dance. If you’re looking for a good show, wait until the one heffer in the club strolls on stage and watch your dollar disappear between the rolls.The club is a little dark but the two stages on the main floor are well lit. The upstairs has one stage but it’s small and akwardly placed. The music played is decided by the dancer. At times the music may cut off abruptly so if you’re in mid screaming conversation with a friend (or a scantily clad friend) you may get caught. My friends have heard an old man scream “So, do you like it when they cum on your face?” when the music stopped. Fun Fun Fun!!!There’s a wide variety of attendees to the club, from young professionals as myself to weirdos in trench coats. Let’s be honest though, a strip club wouldn’t be a strip club without that one guy in a trench coat.The drinks are very weak, but the bartenders are flaming hot… even hotter than the dancers themselves. They’ve been known to show a boob or two when requested. The dancers for the most part are American Bred but you will sometimes see a lot of the Eastern Euros.For the guys that want to know, no lap dances, no touching but full nudity.My favorite part… no cover charge. This G club is probably #2 in DC from what I hear… I haven’t attended #1 which is Camelot.

  91. master p

    Hey this club is ok. It is mall but enjoyable. Good club so far in D.C. in my opinion.

  92. Patron

    Great service, fun talent

  93. guest

    Wow!!! Women were so pretty in those gowns, sat.night!!

  94. george

    love april behind the bar, and the line up of dancers was incredible, i only wish there were more

  95. Kaged

    WOW! We went through several clubs for my brother’s batchelor party and were very glad someone mentioned coming here. We never went back to Camelot after stepping inside and meeting the girls. Awesome club that is way above par and the rest of the clubs in DC

  96. dirty frank

    met nature for the first time tonight. beautiful girl, with very good conversation. i’ll definately be back to see her

  97. Archie's Reg since 1980!

    Can’t wait for the Anniversary Party! The ladies all looked so wonderful in their gowns last year!

  98. harryharry

    A drunk stripper came up to me, and said I looked bored. So she showed me her tits, poon, kissed my cheek, and told me I was sexy. All for the bargain basement price of a dollar. That’s so cheap, it’s practically true. If that’s not 4 stars, then I don’t know what the fuck is. (Warning: This is a strip club, you will be sodomized by the price of drinks. What were you expecting?)

  99. richard95

    DC is weird about their strip club rules. No lap dances, no touching. That being said, I managed to have a really fun time here. Most of the girls are pretty – dare I say a few are even HOT. Drinks were pricey, but eh, that’s to be expected. It’s more like a sports bar, with nudity as an after thought. I like that a lot better than the hustle I am used to. I got a few of the usual sob stories, but most of them seemed relatively happy and having fun.

  100. Johnson

    Amazing place there are lots of good girls

  101. montgomery

    chase and rose are freaking hot. tiffany is a sweetheart. this club is fantastic, i had a great time there

  102. Art

    This club has the best strippers in the city

  103. Lea from Maryland

    That other guy from my state is a fool! This place rocks!

  104. eric

    april and max are so hot, it’s borderline ridiculous

    i’ll be back to see them soon

  105. KJ
  106. the Dude

    Great place to relax!

  107. Big Dog

    enjoy the fun times

  108. andrew


  109. Bobalicious

    Love those Archie ladies!

  110. jay
  111. doug
  112. B.O.B. 49

    Overall relaxed and great layout with two stages that get attention. Most dancers are good. Some of the new Russian girls are a bit wooden but with time they will get better. The established girls are top level.

  113. Jeff

    Even though the party was cancelled I still had a great time this weekend! Keep up the good work!

  114. bubba

    great place

  115. Steve G.

    It’s two places in one: the other side is a sports bar (so I hear). The meat here is good. I’m referring to their burgers. Get your minds out of the gutter. It’s too full anyway with my mind there all the time.

  116. DVS

    They have changed the credit card description DB. it says ‘restaurant’ with the address.

  117. re: Cameron

    I have to drive over an hour to see Cameron and it is well worth the drive ! She rocks my world !

  118. E Street band member

    well, since I’m gonna be in town nwxt week,and this place is #1 in the country,.. I’ll have to check it out!

  119. jerry
  120. Dave from Oz

    I really had a good time here. I’ll tell my friends in Sydney about it.

  121. Sunday

    Sunday night girls were fun, fun, fun.

  122. Martin

    Sharp day shift

  123. Paul Reuben

    This place is fun!

  124. Dave
  125. the guy at the bar

    …. that guy from Maryland has issues. Dayshift girls are wonderful to see,and be around. Never a problem here. Layla,Masumi,Nature,Cameron,Chase,and all the rest are excellent company!

  126. kenny
  127. brenna


  128. Gladys

    Loved it

  129. Hugh Hefner

    Great place to party,when in DC! I’d like a few more blonds…

  130. Happy Dan

    LaToya,Layly,..heck.. all day shift ia great!

  131. Artie

    This club has the best strippers in the city

  132. Sonny
  133. Stan

    Another great time on day shift!!! Beautiful women,good music,and great food!!!

  134. Pamela D.

    This place is horrible! My friends and I visited last night thinking it would be a pretty cool hang out spot and also somewhere to get food on Memorial Day.1. The bouncers are extremely and unnecessarily rude. They informed us that we had to purchase something before we could even see a menu WTF!! We shouldve ran them but decided to go inside anyway. 2. The waitress is rude and overbearing. She informed us they do not serve tap water and your only option is to purchase bottled water that is 8.00!!! Oh and the fountain drinks with NO refills are 7.00 a glass smh3. The dancers are either ok and just plain horrid and don’t do much dancing, they just kinda twirl to 3 or 4 really bad songs and then come to your table looking for crumbs…weird4. The WORST part about the entire establishment is the food. There were 5 of us and we each ordered different things. The food took a really long time to come and when it did come it was either lukewarm or cold. That night…all five of us had excruciating stomach pains and the following morning had to go see our doctors. I am reporting this place to the health department and the better business bureau. Please do not eat the food here unless you don’t mind sharp stomach pains that feel like contractions.

  135. darko
  136. Lou

    I like it here,too!

  137. K

    I agree with Jay

  138. Tony

    Lots of good looking strippers

  139. Sharp Dressed Man

    This place is just great! Why isn’t it rated higher? Blonde woman on dayshift (Cameron? ) is to die for!!

  140. Dick Greyson

    Holy Hard-ons! That blonde in the daytime,( Cameron? ) and asian at night (Chyna) are awesome!!!

  141. Billy
  142. Mark

    The girls are hot. I came during the lunch time so no crowd. My waitress was cool but the dancers did not talk to me.

  143. Rocco

    very pretty girls & probably the best club right now in the DC metro area. Atmosphere is a little claustopohobic though.

  144. drew

    rose and tiffany are hot!

  145. tamber

    small but upscale, had a nice time entertaining clients

  146. tom
  147. Archangel

    It’s alright. Ventilation could be improved, and the prices are alright. Girls are alright.

  148. that Guy At the Bar

    Even great on Monday!

  149. Hank

    Love the day shift girls.

  150. obama
  151. Mitt

    WOW !!! I’d like to marry ALL of them!

  152. benji
  153. Jack Webb

    This place ROCKS!!! Cameron ( day shift ) is a ” 10 ” both as a person, and as a dancer! Will be back!

  154. XXXbeast

    I was dying. Somehow, I had managed to catch a horrendous strain of the flu that would have made a peasant form the 1300s cringe. Coughing, hacking, It was ugly and then the phone rang with the bestie on the other end.”Whacha, doin?””Dying,” sniffle, hack. “I need to go to CVS.””I’ll be over in five. I can take you, but I just have to run a few errands first”And with that, I was out the door, roaring down the road to what I thought was immediate healing. However, she had other plans as she hit the highway at the speed of light, driving us toward D.C.”Hey, I said I need to go to CVS!!””What! you think they don’t have a CVS in D.C.”Before, I could answer we were running her errands with me coughing all the way. After an hour in, I had all but given up hope of finding a CVS when she said that she had just one more stop and the CVS would then be mine. Oh, happy day! She pulled up in front of Archibald’s, smiling, “I promise this next one will make you really happy and then we will go to CVS.””Did I mention that I was dying?””Come on it will be fun.”Look, I’m no prude, and I am just as much a supporter of the fine arts as the next guy. Yes, a fan of all forms of dance; ballet, modern, Jazz, and God forbid, even Disco, I have no problem with the more exotic styles of interpretive dance expression. However, this really wasn’t the day for any of that..after all, I was dying, nor was in any shape to parry such attempts to elicit my sympathy in an effort to separate me from my hard-earned cash. For these, I have a set of stock answers that usually serves me very well:1) I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s upcoming operation, but fortunately we have Obama Care, so I’m sure things will work out fine.2) That is awful that your car needs all those repairs. You know it might be cheaper to just upgrade to a new one and then it would be under warranty.3) I’m sorry to hear that you’re short on rent. You know, I have faith in you that you can earn that much in no time. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. You’re a star.However, I didn’t have to use any of these in Archibald’s, and for the most part the ladies were pretty understanding of my condition. No, real big hustle here, and they didn’t hover around even after I had tipped them for their noble efforts on stage. My friend went to say hi to the manager who she recognized as a regular in her restaurant years ago, which gave me the chance to check out Archibald’s atmosphere. I have to say that the whole place was pretty relaxed, a no pressure atmosphere which was a pit refreshing. Of course, the flu was well upon me, and perhaps the girls just took pity on me, but everything still seemed very chill.My friend made her way back to me, saying, “Well, what do you think?””I have been in worse. This place isn’t all that bad. I mean, I didn’t sense any attitude from anyone.”She smiled, “Yeah, I think you’re right.””Hey, you know what would be even better?” she starred at me blankly “CVS! I’m still dying.” And with that, we left the land of flesh and dance, making our way to world of Nyquil and orange juice.

  155. leroy

    I have been to several clubs in DC and this one has the best layout. The seating isn’t setup directly towards the stage, to make one stare at every dancer. The wait staff has gotten better over the past few months and the girls aren’t look-alikes. Each of them are very attractive in different ways.

  156. larry1

    Stopped in on a Monday to take out one of my people for a treat and, I was not disappointed! The manager even came by and bought me a drink. Thanks Monday Archibald’s crew!

  157. Gomez Addams

    The American girls are worth the tips too!

  158. Kais

    I was not too impressed with the club as I used to be. I liked the older gang. Some stillare in but it just is not the same and i think the choices of dancers they hired arent exactly pretty or talented

  159. Pat

    absolutely awesome place!! second to none!!

  160. david

    awesome party last night!!!

  161. Kevin

    This place gets better everytime I come in! Plus they have valet now so I don’t have to worry about trying to find parking on K Street!

  162. Walter
  163. john

    i was very impressed for a dc club, great girls, nice atmosphere

  164. john d

    really fun night out

  165. tim
  166. Clarence

    Ya have a senior citizen discount? .. and can I bring my sax?

  167. Sean 15

    Been a few times. Some improvements finally done. Couple dancers pushy for tips but most very nice. I had a decent time. Most guys were enjoying it.

  168. victoria

    i should be back next week, hopefully wed-fri night. new boobies look great! thanks for the compliments.

    also, there is no drink minimum no cover n no smoking as of jan 1, 2007. girls r great, i love them all. come see for urself.

  169. Butch

    Had a great time

  170. Panauhin

    Riley in one word. – – – WOW !!

  171. Sheriff

    Good luck with that

  172. Big tony

    Excellent menu and fine service

  173. marshall

    june is hot… i love her

  174. james1412

    Had my bachelor party here last week and it was my first time attending a club in DC. I sent an email via the website inquiring about reservation and the manager called me within an hour. He explained how everything worked and was very upfront about the club’s environment. Everything was taken care of and the bachelor party drinking package was very reasonable! The manager, waitress, and the dancers were very nice and professional. My friends and I agreed it was a very nice and we enjoyed our time. Keep up the great work!

  175. Yank

    Great day shift

  176. Jonny Storm

    This place lights my fire! Hot women!Hot waitresses!

  177. mama


  178. the end of the bar

    “KIWI” is HOT!… oh, a great conversationist also!

  179. Crew
  180. darling

    This club has the making to be really great. There are some fantastic ladies that work here, and managment is above average.

  181. ken
  182. maxxy1

    The extra star is for the poor girls that take their clothes off in this terrible place. I know DC has no lap dances, which sucks, so any strip club in DC loses big points right there, I mean why even go to a strip club? Anyway I digress, beers? Mucho dinero hombre. For you English speaking dudes out there that means holy sh!!! That’s a lot for a beer. Out of the 8 or so girls that were there 3 of them were hot and one of them had any chesticles. It’s the type of place where the strippers think of themselves as dancers, like they’re putting on some type of artistic performance while bumping marilyn Manson. Oh and I almost forgot! It took all of 15 minutes of being there before some stripper offered to sell me drugs……I know options are limited, but seriously save your money, unless looking at really creepy guys standing in front of a stage throwing dollars at an unenthusiastic stripper really excites you.

  183. Peter Pan

    This place is really interesting,when the girls have a birthday party. What does Chase want on hers? (11/12/09)

  184. Vodka Central

    Lots of HOT Russian Strippers.

  185. opie
  186. brice
  187. christian
  188. Neil Young

    Happy birthday,Chase!

  189. Dancer Oooooo
  190. phil

    nice place

  191. joe

    lots of beautiful friendly girls

  192. snowman

    hope this snow is over soon, i miss my ladies.

  193. V.I.P.

    I agree! The day shift is excellent!!

  194. will

    i love these ladies!

  195. Guard

    Cameroon is ‘perfect’.. ( being blonde,and all..)

  196. Chad

    good time

  197. max
  198. Fd
  199. Rich
  200. Cindi

    OMFG there are gorgeous ladies here! Where do they get them all? I’m with Burt, who does the math? There is no way those older ladies at the other clubs in town are hotter than the ones I’ve seen everytime I drop by with my girlfriend and hubby. None of the ladies around DC een compare.

  201. ron

    awesome line up, sady can really dance, max and june are super seductive, and nature and jordan are both hot and friendly

  202. Claude
  203. Frch
  204. Moira
  205. Peter Parker

    I climb the walls in this place!

  206. alv
  207. mj

    april is smokin hot behind the bar

  208. troy
  209. matsumi
  210. Capt. Zzap


  211. seth

    chase is the hottest thing i’ve ever seen

  212. Car
  213. MD Wiz
  214. Smiling Bob

    I wonder if some reviews were posted by the managers. It’s not seedy or dirty and may just be what some guys like. I’ll visit once in awhile but I don’t stay very long.

  215. relmurmot

    You guys never gave’em a chance! Your loss!

  216. James

    awesome club, great girls

  217. jonathan
  218. abbot
  219. Regular

    One word: Sasha. Now go there.

  220. richardwhite


  221. Mt.

    This club is always a good time

  222. walt
  223. doc
  224. Rob V - Scottsdale AZ

    I’m in town for a tech conference and stopped by two other places before stumbling in to Archibalds . I had a great time. I thought it was a small place but then found out about the private cabanas in the third floor. What an awesome vip area! I’m leaving town on Thursday night, but I’ll be back tomorrow!

  225. dj
  226. a
  227. Mike
  228. Daniel

    Long time regular at Archibald’s. Dancers, servers and bartenders blows all other DC clubs AWAY by far! Food is great too! What more could you ask for?

  229. JohnKlein

    I researched all the different clubs before coming out here. (I’m from Louisiana in town for only a few days). First stop was Archibald’s. I looked over the website and social media for just about every place in DC, so I made a list and stopped here first. Didn’t disappoint. It’s pretty spot on to what I imagined it would be. Spent about an hour and half downstairs. I got a tour of the VIP by one of the dancers and came downstairs and had another cocktail. Finally, I settled on a dancer and went upstairs and sat in VIP for half an hour. Again, it was a good experience and almost exactly what I expected. Another bonus is that its near my hotel. Tomorrow’s happy hour will either be at a club down near Georgetown or maybe just come back over here. Truthfully, they treated me really well and I enjoyed myself. I may come back tomorrow.

  230. AssnTits5

    No touching in DC?! Wretched!! I mean, the girls aren’t even allowed to sit on your lap. This, naturally, means no lap dances. Strictly only stuffing dollar bills into g-strings all the while getting no motorboating pleasure!!What is this place?! Communist Russia? 2 beers, 2 jager bombs = 40 bucks. Yikes. The security will find you a seat and there, you’ll be packed like sardines with a multitude of other men, all slobbering and drooling over the unobtainable goodies.My friend insisted on spending all the money he brought so he split the remaining 100 dollars in ones he brought (yes, he was excited and brought more than we told him to) and we were just throwing money on stage like fueling a fire. Apparently, the dancer took that as a sign that we had money. She gave me her phone number. We left as she was leaving her shift and she again told me to please call her. Never got around to that and I haven’t been back…I don’t think I ever will.

  231. eddyL

    Beautiful women, friendly, and expect great entertains! Tell them you’re friend of Sammy.

  232. josh

    damn right it does. a great group of ladys to party with

  233. Jack of Hearts

    Love this place!

  234. Brian
  235. winston12

    This place use to be a great hang out. The food is great, their entertainment is enchanting and the drinks are wells served. This place was my favorite DC night hang-out since 2006; however that changed this May 2013.I found the bartender and security to be rude and overbearing. While I was standing next to the bar waiting for single bills from my server the bartender asked her “why is this guy standing here” as if I weren’t to be asked myself, if it was any of his business to begin with, very rude. My debit card was charged double my bill, a matter which I am currently disputing. The dancers remain beautiful and talented at their craft, but certainly not as pleasant and real as they use to be. The environment has changed from a cool hang-out spot to a corporate hustle. I don’t know if the pace is under new management but I can say that I certainly miss the old Archibald’s. I will be looking for a new night DC hang out nest time out.My friends had warned me the place had changed since last year, I witnessed it first-hand this May. I supposed if you have never experienced the old atmosphere, this new atmosphere won’t bother you. However, when I’m paying for goods and services I like to be treated respectfully and not be double billed.

  236. bj
  237. dominic
  238. Adam
  239. Jack

    Day or night, this place is always full of beautiful ladies.

  240. da Weekender

    This place is hot on the weekend!

  241. m
  242. Dan

    Great club

  243. Virgoian W.

    I actually like how this place isn’t that crowded and the girls are prettier than I originally thought. Not Camelot style but it just reminds me of a place guys would go on Christmas eve, have scotch and just hang out until its time to go wrap gifts. I like it. The only thing I DON’T like is how much the drinks are! Ridiculous!

  244. camelot
  245. Sweetpea

    Stopped in on Friday after work, never been here before, will definitely be going back!

  246. Goodie

    Looks like they changed the website and cleaned house. Much better. Sexy women with pretty smiles. Awesome! Archiebald’s is baaaccckkkk!

  247. paul
  248. me myself & i

    dammmm, have you seen the new girls they’ve hired? where do they find such lovely girls?? everytime I walk in they have a few more new ones!

  249. jj
  250. anonomyous
  251. DC Native
  252. terry

    I dropped in last week and caught the evening shift, finding many friendly dancers still at Archies, altho some from last summer seem to have moved on. The hottest I saw mid-week were Candi, Jade, Summer, and Tiffany, the latter two always most happy and conveying that feeling to others. More danced upstairs. So this is a good place to drop by when one is close.

  253. ddog

    First time visitor. Great time. Kerrie and Marilyn are HOT!! Too bad lap dances aren’t allowed in DC.

  254. Cupid.

    Happy Valentines’ Day ladies!

  255. Tracy

    Stopped in last nite to see my fav gal,u know who u are

  256. Laura Bush

    So,. this is where my George has been hanging out!

  257. ....

    Nice place love it

  258. Clark Kent

    This place is super!

  259. Hugh

    Fun place!

  260. Tom of Maryland

    is a cheap jackass. you complained in your first post about having to buy drinks, and in your second post complained again, but this time as if it were an entirely new concept. if you don’t have the money to spend, then just stay home.

  261. mr niceguy

    wow victoria. so glad you decided to stay. the new additions are nothing short of perfection, just when i thought it couldn’t get any better…

  262. another Joe

    Day shift has HOT BLONDES!!! and Carol (waitress) is worth tipping too!

  263. Evan

    Just a terrific little club !

  264. pic

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