The Mpire Club



1819 M Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20036


38.9059219, -77.042569




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Mpire Club

  1. fuckery12

    Went here in more then one occasion: (not anymore! Rather go to Camelot or Archis)Pros: inside the club looks good (so far), and the location is convenient.Cons: service is really bad! Dancers are not friendly, i over heard them talking trash about a dancer who is also managing them!Drinks are poorly made and are way pricy! Their food plates are crazy small and not that good to begin with.Don’t think the owners know how to run this place! They are not consistence at all. Met one of them (Frank!!) who claimed to be a part owner and was criticizing other partners!!!! How very professional.Again try Camelot or Archis, both are very close

  2. alex

    you all crazy… you dont know how to ntertain people

  3. rickywho2

    Best club, Best food I had in Washington Dc they were short on girls at first but then it was greatVery clean totally different from the dungeon next door and great aervice

  4. Nando F.

    We were in D.C. for a day , seeing we were invited to a wedding . Now earlier we did the reception thing at The Beacon Hotel where we enjoyed a great meal. Now while enjoying some cocktails at the hotel we were getting a good buzz going on we had asked about the D.C. nightlife. We had asked several bartenders where we could go see some of the female talent D.C. had to offer. Basically we wanted to see some failed ballerinas who couldn’t make it to the big show and settle for a brass pole instead. We were given several spots, but they all recommended this place, “Mpire” for the best talent around. The main entrance area looks like this is the upper echelon of the exotic dancing world that was roped off with the “No Sneakers” rule posted up as you enter. Now this place is small , I am pretty sure it was once a row home converted into a club. There are 2 floors to Mpire, which clearly it is like night and day depending on where you choose to venture off to sit. The First Floor ~ (Main Entrance)Dark, and dreary with a main bar in the middle supported by 2 round dance stages. Yes the dancers are fully naked in here with bouncers standing off making sure the ladies are safe. This is the like the dirty dive bar section of this establishment, dark and dreary. The Second Floor~Here is why I refer to it as “Night and Day”, the second floor is bright and clean! It still has the same layout downstairs with the bar in the middle with the 2 stages on the side. I am thinking this is the VIP section of the club. We did get bottle service while we were upstairs, you’d figure you’d get some kind of leeway. The dancers would rotate from upstairs to downstairs so you can take witness to all of them . Now what sets this place different from all the others , being they are fully nude you are not permitted to touch them even at the couch dances. That’s right you sit there and watch, and she is pretty much like a foot away from you and that’s it basically. You can get away with a little touch of a boobie if you didn’t feel like making it rain over top of her. You have to be “ninja-esk” about it, while you are tipping her you can do a subtle swipe of an Index to Pinkie finger while giving her that all mighty dollar. Myself I would place the dollar on my head where she would have to figure out a way to earn that Washington where my hands could not be a part of the transaction. Sometimes it pays to shave your head. This is really a 2 star joint, the reason for the 3rd star is the showers they have over top of you, which is visible to the patrons who are there. Its located on the second floor with 2 showers located at each end of the of the bar. The ladies go inside an all glass encased stall and start dancing while you guess it , taking a shower.Hey go in and take a look if you want, they do have some beautiful women, and then there are some that don’t belong there. As far as bottle service they were pretty good about it, so I can’t fault them on that.

  5. Paul G.

    If you want to be bullied by wannabe Russian mobsters this is the “soviet gentlemans” club to go to.Pretty sure this place hates America.

  6. XXXbeast

    This club is ridiculously small on each floor, hardly anyone is ever in here (Well that’s OK since maybe about 15 people can fit inside of the entire club at a given time). I’ve been to the club on two occasions, because I thought maybe the first time was a dud. If I could give it a -1 rating I would.The service is slow and terrible, the drinks are way too expensive, the dancers are…meh. Save your money and go elsewhere.

  7. StripClub431

    Really ugly girls. Razor burns around their crotches and weird bumps. I would not recommend going here. It’s an expensive rip-off. Plus the bouncers have some sort of a napoleon complex and think they’re the shit even though they’re actually just assholes.

  8. brandonresh

    I think this is my favorite strip club in DC but it’s really slim pickings. This isn’t a normal strip club on the inside it’s brighter than normal. The tables are nice and the workers are pretty nice. The girls there are either really fun and having a good time or I’ve been there when some of them seemed out of it, which made me super uncomfortable. I had a problem once where I told the server to charge me water as a drink and she seemed pissed. Just because I don’t think doesn’t mean I’m cheap, in fact I normally tip more than anyone, she missed out that night.

  9. kkristoph
  10. Einstine

    ….and you kan’t even spel rite!

  11. marlonmoney12

    Came here with my wife for some good dinner and upscale entertainment, and that’s what we got. The bouncer told me I was kind of under dressed (I had on shoes that are not tennis shoes but not totally dress shoes), but he let me in anyways. So many bouncers flex their muscles and ruin the reputation of the place. He went with his hunch and it was the right play. We enjoyed some fantastic food, the bartender is freaking awesome, and the dancers talk to you. It actually is a small environment where everyone feels the love……kind of on the expensive side, but no more expensive than any upscale club that offers the services Mpire does. We were in 3 different establishments in the area who do the same things and Mpire is far and away the top dog. Not even close.

  12. larry1

    Very impressed with the decor, food and dancers. I felt very comfortable being a woman there and had a great time. Would definitely recommend for a fun night out in DC!

  13. JohnBoy

    Saren at Good Guys is HOT!

  14. joe

    the best club but i dont remenber much i was really dronk but it is the best club

  15. Harrison69

    The venue is nicely decorated but it’s tight. The service was a bit slow considering how small the venue is. The girls are beautiful and are very hospitable. The drinks are surprisingly good and not the usual. The bartenders actually know how to make a drink beyond the typically vodka cranberry. I would come back and the music was on point.

  16. nickstrip

    Great place. Been there twice in the last mouth and the entire crew was really cool. My girl and I will for sure be back!!!

  17. Not

    Wasnt that great anyway

  18. fritter17

    So I have not been down on M Street for awhile, kinda crazy turn of events led to me going in here. This is a classy club and it was clean so I stayed for a drink and to watch the entertainment. The food (rice balls and lamb sandwich) where good. The entertainers where beautiful and most were very friendly. Great place to take clients who like this type of entertainment. If your go there ask for Kate, she has a combination wit and looks that are worth stopping by to see. I don’t understand the other low ratings but I would go back.

  19. Al

    I prefer this to the Camelot (which is right next door) as it is a more intimate setting and is not so crowded.

  20. billtheguy12

    I tried to get in twice and failed, because the management is SUPER UPTIGHT!! The bouncers do have to loosen up. The first time I tried I didn’t know about the no sneakers rule(nothing on the front door that said so). The second time the bouncer said I had an “odor” and couldn’t get in. I told him I was wearing cologne and had one beer 3 hours before. I have been to Good Guys, Camelot, Archibalds, and Royal Palace and never had issues like this. He still wouldn’t let me in so I walked to Camelot right next door and had a GREAT time. #booyah

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