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3530 Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20010


38.93397, -77.024278




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The House

  1. fritter17

    What a sexy place, the gals their are just as sexy. I went on my B~Day and had a blast of fun. I never seen so many pole tricks.

  2. joseph1k

    I love The House. Mondays are amateur night (Fantastic!), Tuesdays old school music. Fridays and Saturdays get WILD!! The DJ and MC definitely keep the crowd entertained as do the ladies. For those who are light weight drinkers like myself, the drinks are strong here. Don’t over do it. :-)So if you are really in to skinny and/or White girls, House is not for you – if you have other tastes, then be sure to partake. It has a bit of a more relaxed feel than a lof of strip clubs. You feel more like your with friends than some creepy person staring at women with a whole bunch of other creepy people. LOLUsually, you can find street parkingI bring out of towners here, and they love it. One negative – the bathroom (at least the ladies’ room), has a lot to be desired. I definitely recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer.

  3. eddyL

    finally! its done being remodeled…and my goodness! darryl hit the nail on the head with this one. it looks great inside! very lavish and comfy. he bumped his head on the prices for vip…but i guess thats how he was/is feeling. all in all….he always had @ least 7z & up dancing in there….he still sticking to that mantra…so i am impressed. took him 2 years to finally get it together…but he did. now only if he could get customers to want to come back in there…cause that studio apt vibe & look he had in january would’ve run me out too. i heard thru the grapevine it was completed last week and i damn sure went to see just what was what 5 days ago. *cheers*

  4. speechless
  5. Slum B.

    The House can be summed up with 6 words- Big booty girls and baby blankets. That’s what you’re going to get here. No poles. No bars. No cages. Just a stage they lay their own blankets on when it’s their turn to shake it up for the crowd. And shoutouts to the 2 drink minimum! It’s chill and laid back but if you’re looking for a mind blowing strip club this is not the place for you.

  6. va man

    I love the house and the women that work their. I will always be back to this club

  7. jordan

    I always have fun when i go there.The women are pretty good. Depends what night you go. Always thought the women were pretty friendly. Worth the visit, with no cover charge it can’t be beat.

  8. Franklyn

    I love this club. I’ve been going for quite a while. The dancers always look good. The staff is friendly. My only criticism is, some nights there aren’t that many girls on stage. One Thursday night I went there and it was about 8:15pm there was only one girl. This does not happen often though. In terms of quality I would definitely give them high marks. I hate it when a club will just throw any brod onstage. That is something this club definitely does not do.

  9. adamrod

    Better than it use to be especially after the renovations but it’s still the old Penthouse underneath. Owner finally invested in updating most of the place but it looks like they kept the same old chairs with the torn seats? For that area of town that’s about as good as it will get. It’s prices after happy hour are high but I guess they need to pay for the lasers and fog machines they have now. The girls are still good, and if you can’t afford going to the Stadium drop in the House for a scaled down version where the regulars are the celebs. Finding parking in the area might be a challenge and you may have to try a side street, but look out for the residential parking only signs. I don’t know if they enforce it but better safe than sorry. The Ave has stepped up it’s businesses over the years but it’s still NW DC so don’t get yo drunk happy ass robbed. LOL

  10. XhXeXy

    Lol came here twice lol was cool gave me a creepy vibe but it’s a stripclub full of creeps lol. I had fun though lol I don’t remember much except a lot of men hovering around like dogs I’m heat I’d go back. The dancers were pretty good mostly all natural girls no super big booty big boobie girls these girls are natural.

  11. Tasha P.

    I had a great time here. The place looks a lot better since the renovations but agree with another reviewer that they dropped the ball on the chairs because they are still pretty raggedy. It was a nice-sized crowd on the Friday night we went, and an equal number of women and men in attendance. IMO, the girls looked pretty good and exhibited some real talent on the pole. They are also very cool and friendly. Drinks are very expensive and the music could’ve been a lot better but I would definitely recommend.

  12. Calvin F.

    You know, this used to be one of my favorite lil spots to hang out at and just be one of the fellas at. But every since they did all their “renovations” they have become this wannabe Magic City, fake bougie type of spot…helllloooo, this is a strip club not a gentleman’s club.First off, they’ve always been pushy when it comes to making you buy drinks, but now when you walk in, its like you are grabbed by the arm and escorted to the bar…damn can I find a seat first or maybe I don’t want to stay. And I don’t know why so many ppl are saying that the drinks are strong, I’m almost certain that they water down the drinks and they are hella expensive….$10 for a rum & coke….really???But one thing that hasn’t changed is the girls…they are still top notch and the most naturally (which is BIG in my book) sexy and beautiful women around. Although with there being sooooo many females in the crowd now, you almost feel like you in a club for women, that’s kinda strange but no biggie.

  13. Lusious

    The Best Club in DC!!! Hands Down!!! Don’t let anyone else tell you different. The Sistas there “Get it Done”!!! You will not be disappointed!! Right down the street from Howard U. Always a new Sista in the house every nite. Some of the tightest Booties in the area!!! You have to make that a stop when you are in town. If you don’t, I’m sorry, Your Lost!!!

  14. sonny

    fattest sisters in the dmv

  15. big grip

    man ats off the charts love angel wings. and all the other girls to

  16. danielson

    Gave it 4 stars Bc this was my first strip club experience and still have nothing yet to compare it to. My boyfriend and I came here on a whim while in the city awhile back. We had fun. The girls were pretty and danced well. I was a little taken back when I first walked in Bc the girls are fully nude. I thought that their bottoms would have been covered but I was very wrong lol. There was a cover charge ( $10 I believe) and they had drink specials that night. The area is questionable. Where we parked could have used some more lighting. Probably will visit here again .

  17. harryharry

    Its not a strip club if there’s no pole.Not too fond of women sprawled out on baby blankets shaking their cooch in my face. It takes a bit more for me to be entertained.If you’re looking for a classy spot with talented ladies who actually dance, this isn’t the place for you.

  18. AssnTits5

    In the great words of Bubba Sparxxx:”Booty, booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere.”If you are looking for some “p-poppin’ in a handstand” action, you can find it here. The ladies even lay their own blankets on stage when it’s their turn to work the floor. Classy. It’s a little bit like BET Uncut in the flesh…literally.

  19. rickywho2

    Beautiful black women with beautiful bodies lol I’m from NYC, came here for Labor Day weekend and a friend’s birthday. I felt like I was in a rap video lol. The place was clean, but not too pretentious. I saw more female onlookers than I expected and the male onlookers didn’t try to hassle you.Cover was only $10, drinks were cheap. The best part was going in the back room for a lap dance.”I’m in love with a stripper,” named Treasure. That is all 🙂

  20. ryan123

    The Penthouse is a luxurious palace filled with girating beautiful big butt-ed women. So full of win, that I’d give it 6 stars.

  21. J Mega

    I’ve lived in DC for +14 years, and I’ve been to MANY strip clubs. The House (formerly the Penthouse) has the MOST BEAUTIFUL black strippers in DC!! The only real bad thing about this club is that there are a lot of Lesbians that frequent the club nowadays. Big,ugly,butch dikes! Other than that, the dancers are FINE, the cover is free, the DJ doesn’t insult the men if they don’t tip, and there is only a 1 drink minimum. The dancers are always friendly, too.

  22. BigT

    I went there Saturday afternoon and really enjoyed this place. The girls were fine and had some nice bodies. Everyone was friendly, the hood around the place was safe and we had a great time. I will be going back!

  23. Kim A.

    They lied about their price .. wasted gas and time going up to this place I called before I went to the house to confirm the cover fee because I want to spend it on the stroppers . The girl said its 10$ cover once I get there before I even stepped into the place it looked Rachet .. So the lady said 20 I told her I called some lady told me 10$ she said well it’s 20 so me and my friend left . My friend told me they tricked you and I told you. I said you are right . I won’t be coming back .. I stay away

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