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1805 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20009


38.9144006, -77.0458124




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Royal Palace

  1. tdogg

    This is the place to go if you want to see some pussy. I tried camelot first but wasn’t to impressed. The girls at royal palace will really show you what they have between their legs if you have a few bucks to slip them. I really enjoyed my time there and liked the girls.. some say they are over weight or don’t look good.. but to me.. they are real.

  2. tonycluber

    Agreed. Very depressing in this place. Avoid Avoid Avoid

  3. Persia

    I still rated it good even though Jung is a bitch! Selena, Lexy and Sierra are very pretty, Sexy, Envy and Russia are great dancers, Tequila and Victoria are lots of fun, Angel is the sweetest girl, and all of them are cool as shit. Don’t listen to people’s BS about the girls.

  4. regular

    Where else can you have a beer and get a relativley cheap hand job…?

  5. Thundercat

    Visited here last summer…nothing but impressed. Appreciate the atmosphere and the ladies. Drinks were good…double jack on ice…but a bit expensive. You really get your money’s worth with the girls. Loved seeing Persia and her friend dance…well worth it!

  6. J

    some aiight black chicks in this club like this girl envy (the best one) or ciara. a couple aiight spanish bitches were tequila (shes real) and this other girl with black cury hair and a gap in her teeth but she might not be spanish??? and plus the one with the blond hair and big boobs but i havent seen her lately. this club sucks except for them. russia is a bitch who complains all the time and her friend sexy is not sexy in any way and should call herself fake or ugly instead of sexy lol. she thinks niggaz want her to touch their shit but we dont. at least i don’t cuz shes nasty and fake. russia or sexy will get slapped for saying nigga around me one more time. the other girls are so average they dont exist to me. drinks are expensive but worth it if the girl is real but most girls are so fake they just talk about themselves or fuckin and that makes bitches look like dumb hoes which most of them are. whores selling sex and head and handjobs. i want to keep my dick so i wont fuck any of the nasty ones

  7. maxxy1

    I am new to the DC area and I found this place by looking at the questionable reviews, boy am i glad i went! I’ve been there twice in the past six months, the first time there was an amazing Italian girl that was so beautiful and this past time there was Carly, a gorgeous six foot tall red head. I will continue to visit this place while i live in the area and would encourage others to do the same. It is not the huge typical strip club scene you might be accustomed to, it is a small family owned business and definitely worth a visit.

  8. fritter17

    I’ve been going to this place for years, and was recently surprised when I walked in to find the place was totally remodeled. They did a good job too….it looks pretty darn good compared to what it used to be. AWESOME drink specials too; I’ve never heard where you can get TWO FOR ONE drinks at a strip club, and the glasses are HUGE too (hey, if you are cheap like I am, it matters!) Happy hour 2 for 1 is from 4-7 weekdays. Girls are cute, some are very, very cute. Waitresses are adorable and friendly. This place has a good vibe; it’s usually not crowded and very laid back. If you haven’t been in a while, check it out, you might be surprised at how much better it is!

  9. Ed

    Ugly, rude , fat girls. Most of them are hookers. And the waitresses lie about the money of the drinks so they can get more money.

  10. Zapman

    Avoid a tall black girl with bleached hair from Nigeria. She will tell you she want a drink for $34 dollars and then disappear. Then she will try to get $40 to tip the bouncers so you can get naughty, and disappear. I gave her $80 and didn’t even get good conversation.

  11. mrjayno5

    Some hot latina strippers will throw it right in your face…as close as you could get in DC to the girls

  12. drywaller
  13. cueball romeo
  14. winston12

    Looks like a diner that had a stage installed. The dancers were 3’s and the wait staff was unfriendly! Went to another club after opening the front door.

  15. fuckery12

    So these 4 stars are for my experience and not an actual review of the strip club. I would take stars away from them for the latter. My friend Elizabeth and I met in Dupont for Happy Hour. I decided to walk north on CT, because I haven’t explored that area yet. Well, there aren’t a lot of bars. So strolling up to Florida and seeing my options get slimmer, we spot an awning, which reads “Bar Food, Drinks and Fun.” Well, who doesn’t want those things? Then I see that for another 30 minutes, it’s 2 for 1, any drink. God is smiling on us. We walk in to what I think is some sort of Asian/Polynesian restaurant/club and I see lots of colors. Neon blinking lights. Okay, so a tiki theme. I can get with that. Then I see the poles. Poles on stages only mean one thing. For the first time in my life, I have accidentally walked into a strip club. At 6:30 PM on a Wednesday, with my female friend in her business attire. Life is good. The drinks were literally two for one, meaning that my intial plan of us ordering one drink and then each getting one was kibioshed. So I drank 2 Captain and Cokes for around 11 bucks.There was one girl dancing slowly for the 5 people sitting at the bar. She did the whole butt shake, which really isn’t that sexy. Seriously. There was the requisite guy who has his “girl.” He looked like Milton from Office Space and was the only guy standing by the stage when she was dancing. I just felt bad for him. He’s probably paid her car payment since she could drive. So overall, this place is a dump. But last night, walking in there I felt magic happen. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Royal Palace.

  16. DOG

    If you catch this place on the right night you will never for get it…a few nights a month there are no rules.. wear dark slacks

  17. Guile

    I love this club the girls here are friendly. I’ve been going there since 2003 and I’ve met some of the strippers there and there’re fun to talk to. There was one name Amber i miss her she was sweet. What ever happened to her?

    There’s another one her name was Alexa or Lexi she was fun to talk to.I love Sexy she’s wild. and There’s Pussycat She too was fun to talk to. and There’s other girls there that I only know by face.This is a good club.So to all of you haters talking shit about this place and the dancers need to shut the fuck up because THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO BE!!!!!

  18. jhon
  19. JM
  20. RickRoss

    Salena is the bomb

  21. joseph1k

    This place is really not that bad.We ended up here after some bad information took us to a gentlemens club in a very bad area. Royal Palace is in a much better area and we felt safe leaving the car and walking around.There was no cover charge, which was great because we really just wanted to have a couple drinks and see a little entertainment. There was a thorough ID check at the door, even though I am well above 21.The place is dimly lit, a small main stage and a mini table size stage in the rear of the place. It was crowded for a weeknight.The bartender was very friendly and told us every 3rd drink was free. An imported beer was $7. This is steep but taking into consideration there is no cover and the 3rd drink was free, it was a fair deal.The girls are very good here, I have seen better but this was not bad. One should not have been dancing anywhere but the others made up for it. Like many other clubs in DC apparently, this place is full nude with alcohol being served (a rarity elsewhere). There is no pressure from the girls for tipping.Our fellow patrons ranged from firefighters, some military guys and a group of well dressed political types in ties. All in all a fun night without blowing a lot of cash.

  22. Jim B.

    No cover = +1 star.Granted, I was on the verge of blacking out when I came here, but even highly intoxicated I didn’t enjoy myself. Layout was ok, but the folding tables and chairs looked really cheap. A bit seedy all around. Girls didn’t seem to be that attractive, but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and my eye that night was half-closed and bloodshot. So your experience may vary.

  23. nastyboy

    I like this club. Some of the dancers are a bit pushy, although generally its a fun place with hot girls.

  24. AnthroPorf

    This is my very late at night, just before they close kind of place. I’d nt spend a lot of time there. If you like seeing lots of pussy, this is your place. If you like being played for a fool, this is your place. Botom line–late at night ypou might get lucky.

  25. holla
  26. ff4
  27. wankah

    best in DC, hands down

  28. Larry G.

    The place smelled funny. The ladies were less than desirable. The bar tender couldn’t get our drink order right. I wouldn’t recommend this establishment to anyone.

  29. AssnTits5

    Ah…Royal Palace…where I left my strip club virginity. That is one box I do not want back.The drinks were disgusting (I’m pretty sure toilet water was used to make the ice cubes), the dancers were alright but I got the stinky eye from the owner for dancing better than the strippers. I hear music and I gotta dance!I burned the clothes I was wearing that night because I’m sure there were diseases living in every corner.

  30. club pro

    Well, it wasn’t the worst place. I didn’t feel obligated to stay forever and pay a ton of $$. Unfortunately, the place looks like a pizza parlor inside. The girls were not in great shape. Nothing I’d think about later… They were nice enough, but either fat or flat. Nice enough to chat, but no lap dances…At least the one I spoke to was not going to since it is not legal in DC. Of course, it was only her 5th day there… Pretty disappointed that there was really no contact and no one trying to sell me any…I wouldn’t bother unless you want a good place to watch sports on a flat screen…

  31. james1412

    Have you ever been at a stoplight and wondered what that dirty ole’ bony homeless lady standing on the median would look like if she were naked? Well this would be the place for you. Me and a buddy of mine somehow ended up in this place, off some wild, drunken shenanigans type ordeal. I heard this was one of the very few strip clubs in DC that does not include a cover charge….I now know why :’)We walk inside and I notice a cute black chick at the door, she checks our ID’s and we proceed to the main room. This is where everything goes downhill. There’s about 5 other customers in the room. All of them have a vacuous look on their face, like their pet hamster died that morning and they just wanted to get out to unwind. I don’t know if it was that, or the god awful strippers. I thought I was in Detroit for a hot second. None of them had a body that was worthy of looking at, let alone tipping. If you fancy A-cups, yellow teeth, and C-section scars, then have at it. We were here for a whopping 45-seconds. We literally just went in, and made one giant U-turn. Never again.

  32. jay
  33. KD

    the club was okay.

  34. fats

    The Palace is basically a rip off , but on the other hand you can get away with a lot, you wouldn’t want your Mom to catch you in there.. you spend your money and take your chances

  35. Slash

    had a surprisingly good experience, always expect it to be scary here but it wasn’t

  36. Dude

    This place is really disgusting, the girls are always on a hustle – and you are always guaranteed to get ripped off

  37. REDMAN
  38. allen

    Day time very weak — girls are weak and boring. Drinks are high and service quality is average at best

  39. xtc11460

    this is a good club the women are hot and friendly overhere and sexy ass fuck

  40. quiet guy

    Owners and dancers are very hospitible. Ann, an owner is great.

  41. maxxy1

    We stumbled insidewith hopes of drinks and troubleand trouble we found

  42. Ward

    Ignorant ass bitches uhhh I mean dancers. Whores with no class especially Sexy. she thinks shes a gangsta but shez just a wannabe and bad at it and now she got fake boobs that are fake like her. shes still the biggest idiot ive ever met in my life No real brothas out there want that nasty white girl. I saw a sexy black bitch uhh I mean dancer with a bubble butt but I dont remember her name. she was ghetto a little bit but at least shes real with a nice butt. sexys butt is disgusting and i came on this website just so i could say that.

  43. Stringer

    A few great girls and a bunch of mediocre. No cover and they’ll show you some pussy.

  44. number1guy

    this place is the most value for a buck.. if you went anywhere else to waste your money you’d feel ripped off….

    the girls work hard in this club.. go any where else the girlds hardly work let alone give any kind of attention to a non high roller… this place is a diamond in the rough…

    it is fighting to lose the old jack shack rep….

  45. youknowit

    this place is very under rated.. coolest girls hottest stage dances.. sexy lucky and persia.. they have rockin bods.. lucky dances like a sexual preditor

  46. D. Registers

    Three girls on stage at the same time???? Can you say hot?

  47. Franky N.

    Royal Palace… The second worse experience of my life, right behind the time I woke up in Biology just in time to catch the end of ‘The Miracle of Life’. I couldn’t get hard for 3 months and swore to myself I’d never look at another pregnant vagina. The crowd was full of hobos… I’m a baller on a budget, but these guys, they’re just on a budget. The carpets were all ripped up, the mirrors dirty and the poles looked like they were rusting. Food!?!? Who would stay long enough to eat?!?The dancers all had stretch marks and it was quite disgusting. It was like someone played connect the dots from ass cheek to tit. My friend caught a glimpse of a tampon string, I caught a view of a pregnant stripper who did nothing on stage but bounce up and down. C sections were in full effect.At one point in the 5 mins that I stayed, one of the dancers walked up in front of my chair and gave me a crotch shot (how classy). Because of this, I couldn’t look at roast beef sandwiches the same for months. She then demanded a tip and as I refused, she grabbed my cock and asked me if I was gay… Stay away from this place, they recruite their dancers from a maternity ward.

  48. Frank Monzon

    It smells fishy in there

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