Visions Night Club



3554 East Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53704


43.1157963, -89.3271285




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Visions Night Club

  1. Biker Bob

    This is a tity bar! I like tities and bars perfect! The girls here anint perty but who gives a shit after a couple steamers!!! Silk is for attorney types!!

  2. KIllin me

    Get better girls! You expect beautiful girls at these places…..right!!

  3. CRazy Pete

    I cant say that this was a great time, but the pot breath on my dancer almost got me high!!

  4. guiseppe

    This club smells like poop.

  5. Walter SW

    Yuuuk! I sat on a stool covered in puke!!! By bad, but really!!

  6. Marky M&M

    You need to do something quick about how bad this club looks. New clubs in the area are making that point very clear!

  7. Regular

    Club is not the same now that they banned hip-hop. Also not as good without Heather, Peaches, and Cream

  8. Tom
  9. trailor trash

    Once a shit hole always a shit hole just the way we like it!

  10. Markus HT

    Brought some friends here for the last time! The last time! this place always smells like dog!

  11. joe
  12. bech

    it blows

  13. To Previous

    Gross! Thats why I dont dance at Visions!

  14. Chuck

    We left the new club because of the cover charge, once we got to Vissions we understood our mistake. This was a poor choice.

  15. Cognoscente

    The correct spelling is “unionistas.” And what is “union slim?” Did you mean slime? Were you guys home schooled? By the way, if you are in a titty bar, what would son-of-a-preacher-man Walker say about that? Or Kleefisch? Shame, shame!

  16. StripClub431

    This is the worst strip club I have ever been to. Everything here is terrible. Everyone is rude. The door guy, the bartender, the girls….I went in with an open mind, I tipped he girls heavily and not one payed me any attention. This place is a gross, white trash dump. not fun at all, I will never go back. These morons should just close shop. Typical Madison.

  17. Customer

    Doesn’t it seem kind of hypocritical to you, Mrs. Bitch, to judge some of girls for drug possession when you’re the one asking for them? Furthermore, why judge the club by one girl? Or did every girl in there offer you ecstasy? I highly doubt the latter. Think about it.

    And, if ‘there are holes in the ceiling’ is your only concern, then maybe you don’t belong in a strip club in the first place. You’re there to see hot girls and buy drinks, remember?

  18. Theo

    its the night of the living dead in here!!!!!!

  19. Nautica

    This club sucks. Enough said.

  20. Glenny W

    My ass literally stuck to the seats here!! Filthy!!

  21. Xion

    You need to change things up! Bristal is making u guys look dirty for petes sake!

  22. Carl OP

    This club is lost in a year round rerun of the movie road house only the people aren’t dressed as nice! I want my damn liter back!!

  23. 2 mrs bitch

    a least u know your place BITCH!!!!!!!!

  24. George V

    Refund window please!

  25. Bennie K

    I been to all the clubs around wis. this is too small

  26. Poochie

    Wow this was bad!!

  27. James

    Does Stella still work there? Is Diamond Dave the new owner?

  28. DeconY

    This is not worth the drunk driving risk!

  29. sunday

    Place smells funky and the parking sucks

  30. Harry T

    Uggghhh! this place is a hole! The girls are filthy, but in a bad way!

  31. Walker Fan

    The guy who wrote about the union thugs was right! This place was crawling with union slim! Funny thing is that all of them were from MIchigan! WTF!!! Kick that shit out of Madison!!!

  32. Out for some fun

    It is fun to go to but needs some work. It has that run down look, if they would just fix the place up a little better would be more enjoyable. The girls were ok, some much better than others. Not a place to bring your wife or girlfriend like other clubs.

  33. Employee

    This place has turned to shit recently. Management is hiring anyone and everyone who walks through the door. 18 year old cokeheads running around everywhere, fat girls, alcoholics. If management keeps feeding underage girls alcohol, this place’ll be taken down within the year. Not to mention the inside looks like shit, the sound system is terrible, and the place is dead more often than not. They just bought a boxing machine for crying out loud. Nice ‘upgrade.’ Whoever is at the top of the food chain here clearly has no clue how to run a business properly.

    I’m moving on, and so should you!

    I’m moving on, and any customers would be wise to stay out of here!

  34. greg

    i see that charlie and a couple of the other hot ones dont work here anymore. visions used to be cool but not really now. good thing i have other clubs int he area to go to!

  35. Luthor

    To much biker trash in here!

  36. Walley G

    You guys need to make some drastic changes.

  37. Sorry Visions

    I am a long time reg of Visions and am sorry to say that I visited your newest Competion in Middleton. Im sad to admit, but Silk is seting the bar around here. They have it going on over there. You need to take notes!

  38. Franky C

    This is a club caught in a time warp. Still the same old crapper!

  39. Xzo

    Didnt have the best of a good time. Service was none

  40. Cooliey

    This is a dump!

  41. Rosy

    Come on! why in the world are you guys charging a cover! This is a dingy little titty bar!

  42. dancer

    I disagree w/the last post. I worked there and I have to say the girls I worked w/were very attractive. I don’t know what you where looking for but maybe you don’t need to come to visions again.

  43. NYER

    Was passing through Madison the other day. Stopped into this place. It was pretty good. the girls were a bit skinny for my taste, & Wisconsin. Otherwise I had a blast.

  44. cool cat
  45. shawn

    This club smells like farts!

  46. Keith

    I saw some nice strippers!

  47. Butch SAmmY

    Sticky Icky little dive!!

  48. Da Man

    honestly this club is OK it isn’t isn’t HORRIBLE..if you want a beer and you want to see some ok looking girls take their clothes off then come here..but don’t expect to much out of the service…

  49. Freak

    I love filthy little places like this! The girls are gross, theres a film from every other guy coating all the surfaces here and I love it. This is just what true perves love! A dirty little TiTTy Biker bar!!!

  50. Mrs. Bitch

    This place needs to shut down there are holes in the ceilings that leak icky mold all the time and dirty girls with dirty habits thats for damn sure. I bought pills ?exstacy? from one of the girls and got weed from another. I guess drugs come easy so do the girls! Yucky! check plz?

  51. Jesse

    This place reminds me of the idiots down at the occupy Madison mess down at the capitol! Its filty and full of brain dead transients!

  52. Danny B

    This was a waste of time!

  53. guysmiley

    Come on guys, this club isn’t that bad…except for the sticky floors, disgusting restroom, no parking, bad sound system, rude bitch fat waitress, many mediocre dancers. Oh, and the drunk guy that drove through the wall.

  54. country

    Been there a few times. Always had a good time the girls are nice

  55. TY

    I knew that Madison was full of a bunch of dirty Unioneastas, but didnt know they hung out with all the fatty fans here at Visions! You need to cut the fat and the scummy union thugs out of your bar!

  56. JD

    MJ and Annabelle rocked my world. Get the tag team from those 2 – you’ll remember it forever!

  57. BILLY Q

    Dudes… the new Silks blowes you away!

  58. Molly

    My first time to a strip club, my first lap dance and it was AWESOME!!! These girls have talent and are a LOT of fun!

  59. Ew

    Bar far the absolute worst looking girls I have ever seen in my life. I don’t mean strip club wise either. I mean WORST LOOKING GIRLS EVER.

  60. Gabby TR

    This place is lost in the times of bad taste!

  61. Sammy T

    Wow some nice biker chicks here!

  62. Ian

    What do they clean this place with a leaf blower!

  63. blech

    Awful..cranky service…fake hair, fake boobs, fat butt women try to hard

  64. Leonard

    Sorry Shawn. I had Mexican before I went to the club.

  65. Last Dance

    I spent my last night at Visions last Saturday. I will not be back! This club is as outdated as the 8 track! And would it hurt to slap some new paint up once in awhile?!!

  66. Information

    I love the atmosphere there, all of the employee’s are really great. If you want to know who is working then call the club after 6pm and ask who the dancers are for the night. 🙂

  67. PoPy

    Oh baby you got problems!!

  68. concerned

    I frequent many clubs because I travel frequently with my job. I was in Visions last night and I had a great time. The ironic part is that I did not spend any of my time looking at the dancers. My focus was completely held on the cocktail waitress. I think her name was cassity and she was by far the nicest, best looking one in the whole place. She made me feel comfortable and always made sure I had a drink in my hand and a smile on my face. I have a hard time understanding why she was not on the stage. The bartender Dave was a nice guy as well, he gave me a free drink and we all laughed and told jokes throughout the night. I will definately stop back whenever I come into town and hope to see the same bar staff, they were a riot!!! The dancers should work on being as friendly as the staff.

  69. Bobbere

    This needs work

  70. Darnell

    The little spaid be playin up in here with the wild cards! Great to be black in this house!

  71. Home comer

    Whats with all these fat biker chicks. If theyre going to be fat, at least make them cute!

  72. Paul

    I think since this is the only club in madison that the owner should really think about remodeling and expanding its club…I think it would make alot more money, attract really hot girls, and it would keep all your customers from going to chubbies. SO not only will you make more money but youll take it away from that fuck head Tim Roberts.

  73. vip
  74. jack
  75. fuckery12

    Seems kind of dingy, some weird patrons but hey I guess that’s what you would expect. Amateur night was interesting, but i’m not ever going back.

  76. Will
  77. sail

    Had a great great time with a curly haired blonde who only works Saturday…

    Wow she was awesome.. The girls here are mostly very smart and lots of fun

    considering the no-contact restriction from the city. If you want real women

    come here.

  78. Hoobie

    Come on man! How do you keep all the bills paid?

  79. Fultan

    I will never come back here. This was an embarasement for me and my guests.

  80. DeJesus

    Visions is the only club in Madison, and that pretty much sums it up. They don’t do much with the place because they don’t have to. Its okay, but could be alot better. The sound system is horrible.

  81. Student

    THis was funny

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