Shooters Showgirls



NC5614 850th Street, Elk Mound, WI 54739


44.879439, -91.7323669




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Shooters Showgirls

  1. kyle

    there was a really mean stripper there named lee 🙁 othwise love the club!

  2. ben there
  3. 68
  4. Johnny

    Proof that strippers can be fantasticly multi-talented: One of the bartenders/ cocktail waitresses has recently crossed over and added the title of dancer to her list of positions… She’ll make a hell of a mean drink for ya on a monday and tease you every tues. Hit the club on the weekend and strap in for the ride of your life. Dare ya…

  5. me
  6. ...
  7. Troy
  8. Anon
  9. Q
  10. SD
  11. RED
  12. Admirer
  13. Tommy
  14. Cory
  15. Mr T
  16. Bongo
  17. Snake Eyes
  18. Wow
  19. just ride by...

    this place suck!! Management was drunk, the dj sucked ass, the door guy is a personal drug dealer for the girls,and if you ask the right girl she’ll take you into the bathroom for a special show…this place is one raid away from beiing shut down

  20. J Bear

    Club is much better lately. If you had gave up on it, give it a try again.

  21. some guy

    I think this place is great pretty girls and strong drinks!!!

  22. Newbe

    Rules, Rules, Rules. My momma didn’t have as many rules.

  23. Ed

    Boring club.

  24. abc
  25. sean

    girls are hot!

  26. sid
  27. Nikki
  28. ANt
  29. Traveler
  30. Hank
  31. Riley

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  32. brooke
  33. WI
  34. Timber

    The best club in the midwest. So laid back and the staff are awesome!

  35. 77
  36. Y o
  37. around

    Brigite is number 1.

  38. JM
  39. mee
  40. Dick
  41. Sal
  42. steve

    Good Place

  43. Pat
  44. LOOK!

    Lovely ladies!!!!

  45. Fry
  46. Yoda

    This places rocks

  47. Lo
  48. Roger
  49. Bill
  50. U2guy from Mpls

    Good, comfortable club. Drinks expensive. Good music. Bella is da bomb. Club needs VIP room.

  51. Dave


  52. GUY
  53. Customer
  54. *********
  55. B
  56. J

    Strange atmosphere…Can’t really compare to another club–needs VIP section (atmosphere is more like a regular bar with dancers rather than a ‘typical’ club). No ugly dancers, No overweight dancers, (which puts this club far past most others!!), all look really good, but most are inexperienced. The bartender is the strength of this club.

  57. randy
  58. Bob
  59. mike
  60. new regular
  61. MysteryMan

    Club was great back summer of 07 & 08 but now it sux. also i am pist that my fave girl that was the best thing they had in that hole in the wall club was kayla w/ the black hair and piercings:) but now she’s been gone same with rian now i won’t even waste my money to go there chubby’s isnt too far or cajun . I WANT KAYLA BACK …. WHEN WILL SHE BE WORKING THAT POLE AGAIN FOR ME ????? please let me know asap

  62. lee
  63. ryan

    i was at shooters about a week ago and there was a dancer there by the name of lee or leigh real name..Heather she was SO rude to all the customers not to mention the worst dancer iv ever seen but we where all VERY NICE didnt even say anything to this girl and she was just stright up rude and not very good at her job i saw her being just a bitch to everyone i would like to know who would hire her to be a dancer she looks like a plain jane off the street NOT a good body at all her face is awfullllll also they need to work on who they hire its not just her body and face its the way she talks to the custumers that come in there just RUDE insulting!! im going to chubbies next time all cuz of her!!! they just lost money from me and my friends all from her

  64. Ted
  65. josh

    not very great looking girls UG i also agree with the rudeness of that girl!!!!

  66. Erik
  67. Alone
  68. joe
  69. Fred
  70. Mark
  71. Larry
  72. Dan
  73. jon
  74. Kevin
  75. Jim
  76. Rich
  77. 1234
  78. Easyrider

    Great club – BEAUTIFUL dancers – Fun staff

  79. JH
  80. TOM
  81. shilo

    i went there for a girls night and that same GIRL heather or lee was mean to us too!!!

  82. Chuck
  83. Jake
  84. SAM
  85. Denny
  86. mailman

    Dances are on chairs, are very short and difinitely not worth the money.

  87. scott
  88. George

    Used to be much better

  89. ltr
  90. snb
  91. Blown away
  92. R J
  93. Dude

    Pretty conservative club even for the midwest.

  94. tyler

    that stripper heather or lee is a BITCH nasty as fuck to she looks like a goth mike myers from the halloween movie fo real get rid of her!! shooters what are you guys thinking…??? what do others think of her?

  95. Curt
  96. ken
  97. A R
  98. BRETT
  99. Adam
  100. Art
  101. Bret
  102. William
  103. al
  104. 12345
  105. Reg
  106. Terminator
  107. John Doe
  108. Ron
  109. Don
  110. someone
  111. BOBBY


  112. LC
  113. EC Guy

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