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130 Frost Road, Tyngsboro, MA 1879


42.6909821, -71.4120088




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Welcome to The Club, located in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. We are the Merrimack Valley’s Premier Gentlemen’s Club providing the absolute best in adult entertainment. Whether it’s a birthday party, bachelor party, divorce party, or any other special event, let us help make it a memorable experience. If you want to watch the game, join us, with multiple screens the games are always on. With New England’s Hottest Girls and a fun casual atmosphere, you and your party are sure to have a good time! We also offer some of the most inexpensive drink prices of any New England Gentleman’s Club, along with the area’s most inexpensive cover charge.

Join us any Wednesday through Saturday, afternoon or evening, we look forward to serving and entertaining you.

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0 reviews for “The Club

  1. just a guy

    Always a great time at the moon.

  2. is it just the

    Time of year?? why is it so slow?? this time last year was better, whats going on??

  3. rock
  4. ???

    Where did all the hott girls go???

  5. ring a ling

    7 dollar cover to watch 4 girls and a black & white bruins game… NO THANKS. Is this place going out of business or do the owners just not care? I won’t be back unless i hear many good things about this place.

  6. had a great time

    I came in on Friday night and had a great time.

  7. XhXeXy

    Came through for the first time with a buddy of mine around 11:30/midnight on a Friday night. Parking lot seemed kinda full so we had highish expectations.I grew up about 10 minutes away and hadn’t been to this club since it switched from Blue Moon, a go-to raunch fest when I was still a young lad in high school.Walk in and get hit with a 5 dollar cover. Doesn’t matter that my birthdays at midnight. If dude at the front gave me 30 seconds to peep the spot I would have walked right back out.The place is PACKED. With GUYS. Literally no empty seats. There was one waitress and by our count, 5 total dancers including the one on stage. I’m sure there were a few in the back area. VIP room is completely open too, very little privacy for those trying to get in a LD or two. I can’t even begin to imagine how much money this place might be losingThe bartender made a strong drink so kudos to that. I hate droppin that one star but for the overall experience of hitting a strip club (quality, prices, ratio), it was pretty abysmal.This was my first time there and there really isn’t much other choice around this place unless you’re willing to drive 30 minutes so. Totally possible the night was a fluke. Sadly even flukes deserve an honest review.

  8. george p.
  9. Nashua

    This place just plain sucks. I have been there many times thinking it will be better, not the case. You have to hunt a dancer down for a dance. I thought this place would improve when Matthews closed, but it still sucks. Too bad since I live 4 miles from the dive.

  10. Phil
  11. Homerun

    It’s bit Republican with the many rules in the LD area. Most of the women dancers are good looking, friendly and not pushy. Good place to check out and have a few beers.

  12. malvin


  13. Ron
  14. baby
  15. AnonUser

    Decent spot to see naked girls. It was a Thursday. $5 Cover. Dancers dance 3 songs and get fully nude on the 3rd song. No touching for private dances though, and they aren’t exactly ‘private’. My private dance was good though, Cloe definitely aimed to please.

    $7 for a mixed drink though. $5 for a Sam Adams.

  16. re: customer

    You wanna sit and listen to these girls bitch all day while your paying them to dance for you? Cause you are probably the only one! They would make alot more money if they were pleasent to the customer, no one wants to hear about their abusive bf, their money problems or their false sense of reality! Shut up and dance! Its what your paid for! If your so insecure about your body/looks maybe get a real job and you will see you do make more money than you would anywhere else with no education or qualifications! Thats why 90% of these bitches come back after so called “quitting”, they realize that $200 a night isn’t so bad compared to the minimum wage they would make in the real world!

  17. tyngsjoe

    SOON to re open as a god forbid GAY bar

  18. Kevin


  19. Spanky

    This Club Should Be A Gay Bar!

  20. Blind as a bat

    Put some lights on the stage..

  21. not bad

    Had a good time with a few ladies the other night. Nice atmosphere, very personable.

  22. Jo

    these people don’t fuck around. if you even remotely act up you are thrown out, which is good! keep it up with the safety of the dancers and guests! the club is fairly small with dark blue lighting. you really have to be up along the stage to see the girls. we have gone on peak days when the supposed A-listers should be working and have seen 5 dancers max on a saturday night. Stayed for about 2 hours. There is one girl named Scarlet who dances to Depeche Mode who is very VERY beautiful. The other girls in my opinion aren’t really worth mention. Girls with C-section scars are a big turnoff to me, which happens to be a theme for this place. I say, if you’re in the area and really wanna see some poon I’d give this place a shot, but it’s definitely not good enough to visit regularly.

  23. AssnTits5

    not the worst club in the world but……

  24. P.J.

    Nice club. Definitely better than it used to be. Girls were all decent, with the exception of 1 or 2. Guess you’ll find that in any club. Worth going back.

  25. awesome

    I love going to the moon!!!

  26. ritchie
  27. In the dark

    Need more lighting.

  28. JP

    cool place. had a good time. would definitely go back.

  29. redsox fan

    lol. Went there last week from another area bar hoping to check out some ladies and catch the end of the Sox game. I was ready to spend some CA$H and have a few drinks. BUT, their ATM was empty, there was ONE dancer working, and i could barely see the Sox game from the bar, they have only one TV!!! and it’s not even HI-DEF (it’s a picture tube).


  30. Happy Easter

    Easter Bunny says Eat Lots Of Ham!!!!

  31. Cj

    Good Girls

  32. jacko
  33. halsose

    if this is all thats out there I think there will be a lot more gay men out there… WHO LET THE DOGS OUT…..

  34. V

    I don’t think there was any comparison between the Moon and Matthew’s. Sure, building-wise Matthew’s was better, but that’s the only thing it had over the Moon. Here, the management goes out of their way to make sure you have a good time, while at Matthew’s, they purposely tried to make your night miserable.

  35. hi

    Loved it!!

  36. Greg

    I have been to many clubs and this one has some down falls but there are real positives. The good news is most of the negatives can be fixed easily with better management.

    POSITIVES: $5 cover change is great, drinks are average. Rock N Roll is the main mix of music with some rap and hip hop. Not surprising for back woods Tyngsboro, mostly an older white crowd so they play to the customers.

    GIRLS! The ladies here have been exceptional the 3 times I have been with 1 bad apple that begged me to get a lap dance. A mixed group of girls ranging in size, shape, age and what ever else you like. The rest of them are polite and friendly with some real lookers and talkers. To be honest I’ve found some of the most exciting dancers in my 20 years of going to clubs. The stars of the show are…

    Opal is like no other! I met her on the first night I went and she stood out among the group with ease. A fiery red head that has the attitude to match. That girl captures your mind as well as your body and is fun to chat, sassy and never boring. She could rock a sex phone line with that sultry voice. Not to mention an ass sculpted by an artist. I had to come back just for her alone but then I met.

    Lana! Now if you want a girl that dances, she is the best choice. I’ve seen moves on this girl Vegas dancers would be jealous of. Her southern charm is suffocating and she gives one of the best private dances I’ve ever had in my life. Her body is toned and she gives you a look that could make you forget your thoughts.

    I would ask for one of them if you go, they each deserve a star in the ratings on their own.

    The ones I can’t recall their names…
    There was a short petite blond girl that rocked the stage, bouncing all over the place and tricks on the pole. She can dance.
    A taller blond with a beautiful smile and a big booty that shook the stage well. She just made me feel happy to be there.
    A tall darker skinned lady that was down right sexy. That girl knew had to make your eyes smile.
    A medium slender brunette had a great move on the pole, got her legs wrapped high and fell back facing the crown upside down, and her long shirt/dress top fell off her body at once. It was memorable.

    This place has one of the worst stages with a short ceiling and low pole for the girls to move, as well as weird angles. Nothing bothers me more than a lady that walks by the pole and doesn’t use it, yet most gave it a shot once and many twice. The girls use what they have but it’s not ideal for them or the customers.

    The Dance room is ok, the couches are not that comfortable. At $20 a song I expect more. I haven’t chosen the $150 for 15 minute private room for a dance, that is pricey at $10 a minute, although considering how short the songs are I can see why someone might take this option. $100 for $15 and I would take that option.

    Songs are too short, I can tell the ones I know getting mixed up and cut off early. You notice it when getting private dances as well as watching the stage. The ladies come on stage with 2 songs and are off quickly. It’s a shame for the ones you like and want to see more of. A 3 song LD for $60 should last longer than 9 minutes.

    They are too strict on the hands, they should let the girls decide for each customer if they know the tip will increase, especially for repeat customers. I know my tip would be bigger if I got more leeway.

  37. Big Boy

    Better than people let on, but there could be some improvements. The bartenders should be behind the bar, not outside smoking all at once. It’s way too dark in there. The drinks are way overpriced. Try and improve amateur night. Offer a prize or something so REAL amateurs show up, maybe advertise it. That’s the big thing Mac’s has over this club, but not much else.

  38. reviewman

    Club is small which I have no problem with, in fact I prefer it. But the club and the stage in particular is way too dark. The girls hate the bright lights but customers love it, and thats where the money comes from. Think about it.

  39. Jed

    comfortable smaller club, very friendly

  40. NotSoAverageJoe

    Love the girls. there’s some GREAT ones that are there most weeks or come and go pretty regularly and they have a steady stream of newbies and drifters to keep things fresh, and most of them are different enough from each other to make for very good variety. There’s always a good number of girls there when I go. haven’t talked with too many of them but the ones I have seem friendlier and more down to earth than at other clubs too. beers are a good price, (4-6$) and the girls will sit and have a drink with you when they’re not on stage or in the dance room. looks pretty dead in there sometimes though, and it kills the vibe a bit. I noticed there’s no sign outside, maybe that’s why? Hard to notice the place at all, much less that it’s a dance club if no one points it out to you. Also maybe it’s just me, but I really like it when the stage lights are coordinated with the music and I haven’t seen it done here, but maybe that’s just a thing they do more in metropolitan clubs.. And the ONLY reason the private dance rating isn’t a solid 5 is because there’s no champagne room.



  42. Jeff

    I have never been to a club where you have to wait so long for a dance. My friend and I were there for two hours, and other than the girl dancing on the stage, there were practically no dancers. Getting a private dance was near impossible. The girls also looked like they were miserable being there. I will not be going back. I’d rather drive down to Springfield and go to a real club.

  43. DF

    make it a 10 when Alexis comes back

  44. Marc T.

    Gave an extra star for location and the girls good attitude, but almost all the girls were about a 7 at best. Maybe 10% of them were a 9, couple 6’s. No free refills on diet coke? Actually I think I’ll drop a star for that. They should encourage sobriety. This review won’t matter because people will go there based on location. The lap dances looked really good but I decided to keep the money because none of the girls really caught my attention.

  45. ray
  46. ClubMaster

    Old guys check’n out old chicks. $6.50 beer plus $7 cover is too much for what you get. The girls are nice but the club is dark, that would explain the older dancers. No contact dances for $20, no thanks. Tip nicely at the stage and you will have just as much fun. Head south to CT for real fun.

  47. ******

    Was there this week, not too bad. saw some cute and not-so-cute girls but overall I’ll be back.

  48. nashuaLarry

    new owners, very nice decor and management

  49. big

    it’s a strip club, it’s real DARK, and if the girls show any PINK, you can’t see it. Lap dances suck too, 3ft away etc..

  50. bob
  51. snigga

    this club has a bunch of fuck whores and the suck and dont have any good looking people and the management sucks this club will get shut down in two month ! hahahaha get a fuck another buisness!

  52. not so regular

    Well finally there is enough light to see a dancer on stage, but a “lap dance” is a waste of money as the VIP room is so dark your wasting your $$, just tip more while your at the stage. 2nd stage is nice and personal, so tip accordingly.

  53. Pat

    This club is Gay. Literally

  54. K
  55. handsome-dan

    i like-a do the cha-cha

  56. cockroach

    when the thursday line up looks worse than my 44 year old wife…its time to close the doors!

  57. Billy


  58. Tom

    Worth a stop in!

  59. dan
  60. alec
  61. rover

    Perhaps the cleanest, best furnished club in MA. I went with the intention of checking out the private dances. I had heard they were not that good but I thought I should check it out myself. I guess I’ll never know. Only a couple of the girls really caught my interest, but all the girls seemed to be more interested in talking than dancing. So much for that idea.

  62. brother-man

    mostly cute girls, but they do not cruise the floor. where are they? it seems there are only 3 or 4 girls per night except on weekends. there used to be more a few years ago.

  63. T.J.


  64. ED

    This place sucks !!!!!!

    The Ho’s are gross

  65. sam
  66. ????

    Something tells me that most of these posts are fake….

  67. just some dude

    I was pleasantly surprized, small but clean and comfortable. wait staff was nice and curtious, but the bartender left alot to be desired, she wasn’t very nice or attentive. but overall I’ll be back.

  68. rj

    Not a bad place overall considering it’s in the backwoods of Tyngsboro and it looks like a WWII pillbox from the outside. It might also benefit a little from getting a name something a little less tacky than the “Blue Moon”, but I suppose it’s a better name than the “Golden Banana”. Now that Matthew’s is gone, there’s not much left in the area to choose from. The cover charge starts at 6:00, no cover on Sundays. It’s closed Mondays. The best nights generally seem to be Tuesday’s and Fridays. The dancers can give you backrubs for $10 per song, which is nice. I’ve never seen that allowed in any other club. Usually if a place has backrubs it’s done by women who do nothing but that, and for $20 instead of $10. The place has an ancient projection screen TV which is so old that it shows only in washed out, smudgy black & white. There’s one other tiny picture-tube TV. There’s been a lot of turnover with the girls there lately, but say hi, if you can, to: Hazel, Sasha, Crystal, Lilly, Peaches, Renee, Alicia, and others. If you’re offended by seeing pregnant girls stripping, you might not want to go there during the day shift, as there’s been a few of them doing it there lately. The night shift girls start around 8:00-9:00 except on Fridays and Saturdays when it starts at 7:00.

  69. Mitch

    Went in with some friends and were greeted with NOBODY! I thought if you went to a gent club someone would at the very least seat you! WTF. we spent a combined total of $700 and will NEVER go back. Rhode Island skanks are a better choice than this shit sack of a club. In all the private dances (combined info from all 3 coworkers) The dancers all just wanted to just get back to the bar….wanna drink or get back to the regulars…..(BTW the regulars look like MEGA SHIT BAGS). From being there a while I learned the owner was the woman I THOUGHT barf was the stripper mom. Later I heard her name was Deb? FUCKIN BARF BAG! She was the most rude gross person i have ever seen! After all the $$ and time we all spent there we will never never be back. I’ve never been treated so bad (I and my crew are international travelers with my company). I’ve now found the bottom of gentleman’s clubs. ATTENTION owners of this club! Change what you’re doing or you’re going to be out of business.

    Again I’m the customers that will never be back.

  70. dave

    this is the worst strip club i’ve ever been to, and there have been many. The girls are ok but they never work the floor, so you’re left there very bored and this was a thursday night. The drinks are overpriced. Overall, it’s a terrible atmosphere

  71. Rick

    Meh. White trash

  72. WTF

    This club sucks so bad we will never return! we got treated like shit from every woman in there (except the woman checking IDs at the door) the owner was a bitch, the whole 3 dancers that work here ignored us and the bartender was busy talking to some other guys and took forever to get us 2 drinks. I will never come to this club again and i will make sure to tell all of my friends to go elsewhere as well. Thank you Blue Moon for wasting my time and money for a night.

  73. Opinion

    I think that they should only charge 5 for beers and cover charge only on thurs, fri, sat nights. I would think that would bring in more business. NOT make the girls do 2 for 1 dances. They are the ones taking their clothes off, not the owners.

  74. Saturday nite

    I was very impressed, from the out of the building it doesn’t look like much, but when I got inside I was greeted by a huge bouncer whom was very nice, clean place, and pretty girls. Moral to the story is “don’t judge a book (club) by its cover. I’ll be back.

  75. john
  76. Adam

    Went there for Amateur had a blast did the amateurs get hired I like the last one that went on????????

  77. Trent
  78. last remark

    wah wah wah, little cry baby is grumpy. Maybe you should stay home with your wife because we don’t need another cheap non-tipper in the club,..sniff.

  79. Jinx

    Most of the girls are a bit on the thin side, which is a negative for me. I love tattoos and curvy women. Unfortunately the curvy women don’t have many tattoos. Scarlet is a goddess though, and makes up for any downsides I could list.

  80. Peter
  81. rravenn

    Not a bad bar. The bartender was friend, a redbull and vodka was only 6 bucks (beer was 6.50… what?) 7 dollar cover charge was a good deal. I thought the dancers were hot.

    This is not a bad place to stop in for a drink or two with a friend for a conversation. If you’re going for private dancers, go anywhere else. There is no contact, and you get just as good a view by sitting by the stage. My biggest problem is that the girls were rarely on the floor between dances, and were not stopping at a table full of guys looking to get lap dances. It should not be that hard to get a girl’s attention at a strip club.

  82. club goer

    The music wasn’t great and too soft at times. The girls didn’t really dance, just moved around slowly.

    Only one girl used the pole and she was much better to watch.The stage was very dark-even when the girls came right up to you,it was hard to see. Didn’t think they were very attractive girls but were in good shape,were very nice, said thank you & chatted with everyone at the stage. Wish they just had better shows to the music, used the pole and wore better outfits. They kept walking in the back to take the clothes off in the middle of dancing so it was awkward, didn’t know if the show was over or if they just wanted to leave.

  83. Guy

    Looking forward to coming in this weekend, Just getting back from Florida and I went to a few clubs down there. Even though they were bigger and fancier (some of them) I have a better time at the moon. I’ll be bringing a few friends with me.

  84. Sleepy

    My favorite club.

  85. alex

    I was in there on sunday nite and it was totally dead, is it always like that??

  86. club


  87. last night

    was great, had a good time. Pretty girls too!

  88. you know me

    this places blows it was ok b4 but the place has gone to hell everyone in there is so negative it makes you want to puke there attitudes suck its like ophra theres girls in there that are like either 45 years old or 6 months pregnant so you can’t win stay home with your girl or go to marks showplace i’ll see you there!!!!



  90. Sushi

    The atmosphere of the place is what one would expect at a strip club, but it didn’t come off as dirty. I didn’t receive a private dance so I can’t comment on the quality. The drinks were reasonably priced and the ratio of girls to guys was respectable.

  91. I'll-Be-Back

    Went there with a friend to check it out. Was very surprised how the place had changed for the better. Interior looked new, no smoking, lots of seating. The main stage was great, lots of very nice women on stage! Great variety of dancers, never waited for the next to come out, they arrived, one beautiful one after the other. This is going to be a standard for me if it stays this way! This place is not like a those pretentious clubs with the stuck up dancers that seem to not want to give you the time of day let a lone a dance. Way to go!

  92. tyngsTom

    not much to say

  93. Dick_Hertz

    I like it better than the old dive, Blue Moon, very friendly, personable dancers, beer/drink prices are reasonable, excellent beertender. I’ll be back

  94. chingy

    all the girls were very pleasant. nice time.

  95. rick
  96. Homer
  97. dick c

    always enjoy myself at the MOON. Very disappointed there was no gulf tourney this year

  98. NH Guy

    Worth the trip, came in on our bikes and its gonna be a usual stop for a beer.

  99. kk

    Worst club I have ever seen, not mention small size and outdated decro, and only have one small tube TV. Treating customer like crap without respect, you have to go to bar yourself to get pricy $6.75 drink. WILL NEVER BACK!

  100. WILSON
  101. pete
  102. re: last comment

    Its girls like you and your nasty attitude that make customers stop coming to the Moon! Shut up and do your job, get out on the floor and do dances instead of sitting out back bitching how bad your day was. Treat it like a real job and maybe you will make some real money! If you don’t like the lighting, sound, poles, customers or other employees then go somewhere else! Lets get the life back into the Moon, like it used to be! Customers will come in for girls with great personalities, no guy wants to sit and hear someone bitching! Put a smile on, an act or not, and make use of your time! You can only do this for so long! Or find a new proffession where you can sit in the bathroom and bitch all day, good luck with that!

  103. my 2 cents....

    Deb runs a nice place!! Girls are nice and work pretty hard for the job they perform. Deb’s done a good job cleaning up the place. Good Luck!!!!

  104. Re

    Went in on Thursday hadn’t been in in awhile lots of new girls friendly and nice younger to had a good time

  105. frank
  106. Anonymous
  107. nashualari


  108. the eye

    Be advised and foewarned, Not a friendly club, nor a friendly town. Local police are VERY agressivee and raise revene minded, The ffat girl at the door has a piss poor attitude and the steroided bouncerthinks he works for WWE. Club layout is bizarre at best The stage is the size of a big kitchen table, Table dances? Private dances? Dream on!

  109. Josh Mallerd

    In last night and not 1 girl looked or acted like they wanted to be there. Every dancer in the building had the “i can’t wait til this fucking shift ends” look on their face. It made me not want to be there i left. Weird night.

  110. Randy

    I must say, I was impressed. I heard a lot of bad things about this club, but the girls were really hot. I don’t understand why this place has such a bad rep. My only complaint is the beer prices. A little high for my liking.

  111. joe
  112. visitor

    There needs to be more girls.

  113. customer

    lower the beer prices to 3.50 and you’ll get more buisness

  114. cockroache

    this place is dead!

  115. daytime

    Re-opened as the Club with new owner.

  116. Ricky D

    Expected more after going out of our way. Wont do that again.

    Need more girls there for sure.

  117. Your opinion


  118. Steve

    The club needs to hire more ladies. I usually stop in once a week night and there is only 2 or 3 girls working the night shift. Many times there are no dancers working the floor. So I sit and talk to the bartender for about an hour and leave.Also depending on who’s bartending cause I have to wait forever for a beer if there outside smoking.I like the the people that work there,but things need to change if I’m going to continue to go there

  119. me

    hot girls

  120. ernie
  121. stu

    The owner is a stand up first class lady/operator. Helped me out on a couple of occasions!

  122. dude

    when is a good night to come in?? last few times I’ve gone, it’s been dead. otherwise, I had a ok time. girls were polite and pretty.

  123. Kurt

    wonderful experience.

  124. last comment

    if you hate it so much then stay out of the moon, and stay off this board. Nobody cares what you think.

  125. Vipor
  126. lites

    A great big thanks to Deb for putting the bright lites on stage….the recourse is that a whole bunch of dancers will not be back.

  127. nashuaLary

    very pleasant

  128. Ltteguy

    There are only few good house girls most of the new ones cant give a good dance since there just learning usually. Day shifts if u want more time w a dancer no cover before 6 pm on any night. girls to look for .tristian chloe shayla and hazel all perfect and diff from each other

  129. give it up

    deb just close the shit hole down, this place is done…

  130. moon

    great line up fridaynight love this place

  131. will
  132. Dreamer

    Lets see, 8 dollar cover, 5 dollar beers, jacked up doorman, 7 girls working all at least pretty, 1 sort of fat, 1 cute black girl, 3 fake pairs of titss, not many customers, 2 flat screen tvs, all in all better than expected.

  133. F

    I admit I’ve mainly spent time with Reilly here, but she is an excellent dancer! Very sexy and great company. Overall the other dancers seem great as well, and the times when I’ve been in there always been a good time.

  134. Scott

    Good lookin’ ladies! Felt badgered to have a private dance though. Plus no contact during dance. But the women are super hot and mostly natural!

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