Dangerous Curves



114 3rd Street, Boyd, MN 56218


44.8485529, -95.9031609




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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272 reviews for “Dangerous Curves

  1. Jon

    Dee Dee, I need to see you again. I am no longer agitated. I hope everything has been good to you.

  2. Jerry T.

    What’s up with this place. Tried calling for the girls last Thursday and the frickin phone was disconnected. What a joke! At least someone posts a lineup once in awhile. I’m not driving a long way for nothing anymore.

  3. hunter
  4. Kevin M.

    Why don’t you stick some money in this dive? Shitty sound system and the VIP area needs improvement.

  5. James H.

    Instead of DC call this place NFC no fun club.

  6. Bart
  7. sky

    I agree that this place is just a hole. would not work there if this was the last place in minnesota to work

  8. Robert
  9. braxton
  10. al
  11. mercedes sux
  12. Tanner

    This club is a shit hole. The girls are ok but the staff and owner are jerks every other weekend. Stay away and go elsewhere for a much better time.

  13. Allen from SD

    Gave this club a try with some friends last weekend. It was ok but think we’ll stick with SF.

  14. Brian

    I’ve had some good times here but now I live further away and can’t make it in as often.

  15. Dean

    This club has decent girls and good times for a rural club.

  16. Ted

    No way will I go back to this DUMP

  18. Nathan K.

    Club has always been good times when I’ve been there.

  19. l
  20. Tosh

    Club isn’t like it used to be a couple years ago. Girls were more fun then. But I’ll come back in a few weeks to see if it gets better.

  21. vixen
  22. Another Local

    If you are really into the issues regarding legislation,Mr. Local you would know that there is currently an injunction against this new statute and it is unenforceable at this time. And….most towns have opted to turn down the use of this unconstitutional and contradictory legislation and has chosen to regulate its own adult entertainment.

  23. mendrak
  24. Aaron

    Stopped in here last night and had a decent time but I’ve seen most of these girls before. Get some different ones please.

  25. re:local

    You smoke too much local this place is great most the time!!!

  26. Terrance

    Club is just another dying strip club. Better clubs in the Cities.

  27. Garrett
  28. NOT

    This club has got all kinds of different woman all nude if you just wanna see tits watch girls gone wild

  29. liki
  30. Loren
  31. Vanessa
  32. Jack B.

    Was here last weekend for a birthday party for a friend. Had a good time.

  33. my
  34. current dancer

    You must only work a couple weekends a month thats why theres no money I made good money a couple weeks ago and I will again this weekend too

  35. terry
  36. Carmen

    Club isn’t even close to what it once was. My advice to dancers is go elsewhere. No money here.

  37. Mahoney
  38. b
  39. Turk
  40. rick

    Great place to be I love houston and that other little sweetie deja

  41. Lee

    Sucks can not evem afford a phone it was dissconnected

  42. BigOne

    I love this club. It is open and I found it to be the best

    club I’ve ever enjoyed in MN. Nude lap dances guys. Where

    else can you get two nude lap dances for $30. Slap on a pair

    of Liquid Lap Dance undies and have Kayla or Niomi grind on

    your lap and I guarantee you’ll leave totally satisfied!! I

    did. :-)))

  43. Tad P.

    Club is no longer fun.

  44. resident

    You know for some of you that say you hate this place so much, You spend an aweful lot of time and effort into it. Maybe if you did that at home this place wouldn’t be such a burden to you. GET A LIFE and let everyone make thier own choices.

  45. candy
  46. jenny
  47. also local

    I say its great to have this club here it brings more business and money spent in town then the other places, Rob and Cindy both get more business when this club is open and Cindy is really all town money think about it.

  48. rico

    sweet club will return

  49. Lex
  50. had a blast

    I had a great time here last nite all the chicks were hot me and my buddy’s will be back.

  51. kim
  52. jim
  53. Al B.

    Yes there is fun to be had here but only once in awhile.

  54. Always a good time!

    Definitely will be out this weekend; always have a great time at DC. So all you haters keep it to yourself.

  55. watertown hater
  56. me

    good time

  57. Roger
  58. BS

    The only sweet about this club is the sugar coating they put on it. Club is pathetic.

  59. Deja Fan

    It’s a decent time for the most part. Dancers are mostly friendly. Staff could be a little more.

  60. nhg
  61. Pancho
  62. Brad

    Not Going Back

  63. shyboy
  64. man about town

    This place was great last weekend and I will be there soon again!!!

  65. Some one who works there!

    Work there and I think it’s great! The girls are real nice and real hot!

  66. ken
  67. Frank

    Had a fantastic time last night with 3 of the prettiest, sexiest girls. Unlike other clubs, I got to enjoy seeing them totally nude.

  68. mg
  69. kyle

    yo tommy this is the most ballinest club ever and apparently u havent been there.

  70. mj
  71. MandM

    Was here last weekend with some buddies from Benson and the place was like a morgue. Hardly any dancers. A couple of them were very rude. Will think twice before coming back.

  72. greg
  73. flying vulture

    muy bien this club is great!

  74. Former Fan

    Club is merely a shell of its former self

  75. regular

    bull, with the likes of Janet,Candy,Taylor,Houston,Deja,Alexus and others these are HOT HOT women I don’t know what your lookin at.

  76. Ethan J.

    Fun time!

  77. Chase
  78. past customer

    no matter what week it is the club is not as good as it was before. all the fighting and cutting each other down. i will go to other clubs and have fun and not have to put up with all there drama

  79. Darren

    Went to this club last Friday night expecting to have a good time. Ended up being one of the worst nights of my life. No fun at all. Going to try other places.

  80. Matt W.

    Club is a nice place to see titties.

  81. bg
  82. phil
  83. larry
  84. Watertownman

    Me and a few friends came from Watertown to see what all the fuss was about,We had a blast and will be back real soon.

  85. mm
  86. JImbo from W.T.

    Some friends talked me into coming here last weekend so I did. Was not impressed. The club in our town kicks this one’s ass.

  87. Tatum

    Worked here and actually lost money after house fees,gas,and hotel. Will not be coming back.

  88. d.pablo

    sorry some guys come out to our club EVERY week just to see the same girl over and over again so some will not change , stop in say hi let me know your there every week and maybe I’ll put an extra effort in getting new girls just for you but until then my efforts stay with those who support us week after week. because YES I do enjoy seeing new and different all the time too. But this is a biz.

  89. F.G.I.L.C

    Awesome club, hot girls, great staff. well worth the trip, only way to make it better would be to get newer music for the girls

  90. mike again


  91. Local

    This club is great leave the girls leave the workers,leave this town alone. Most of us like it.

  92. vicki
  93. mr.hill

    Nice girls at this place, good times

  94. Amber Anderson
  95. Jalen

    Club is the best one in the area.

  96. Tom

    We want new sluts not just the old ones.

  97. Russ J.

    Average Looking Dancers. Below Average Club. Couple in South Dakota that are much better with hotter chicks.

  98. Ethan

    Club needs a few changes but overall not bad.

  99. x
  100. Kara

    Waste of time and gas coming out here.

  101. Steven

    Club is all good.

  102. kyle Anderson
  103. Josh M.

    Was here last weekend and the girls were hot and very easy on the eyes.

  104. BMW

    Club Sucks

  105. new guy

    very cozy club nice girls I could get use to a club like this

  106. George
  107. shyguy
  108. I see now

    No wonder you make no money your talking out your ass highest house fees what a joke!! I do two dances and the rest goes in my pocket what could be easier??

  109. kni
  110. lexus
  111. jk
  112. Wet T-shirt/Bootie Shakin'

    Hey Hey I got a few names here that will be in town for this coming weekend (Jan.19th & 20th)Wet T-shirt/Bootie Shakin’ Event. Ruby, Houston, Alexis, Deja, Mia, Janet and new girl Diamond and past fave Pearl. With more being added I’m sure. So Make sure you stop on out, See ya there.d.pablo out

  113. Ajax

    Every time I’ve been here it’s been a good time.

  114. r
  115. Sexy one
  116. Dixon

    I was here a couple weeks ago and they had some very pretty women. Could use a better couch dance area.

  117. n
  118. terri
  119. Danny
  120. LB
  121. SD man

    Come to Watertown and see what a real strip club is like.

  122. Luke
  123. wilber
  124. SP

    So the big bad Pakko is still doing his job being an ass.

  125. mike


  126. Loren D.

    I like the girls here but need more variety. too many of them are here too often. Need new blood.

  127. Paris

    This is the best club ever.

  128. Eric


  129. knjkh
  130. JLH

    I’ve been to this club I have worked this club this club is great half the time the other not so. Hope it gets better all the time soon.

  131. Kelly

    Who cares what you make, I bet you do more than dance to make it at that club

  132. Big Mac

    Like the club. Could use more asian and latino girls.

  133. Howie
  134. DUDE

    i just love it there.

  135. sam
  136. shawn

    about 4 years ago this club rocked with dancers never had a bad week be nice if they opened up earlier.time to update your web site been that way for 3 years now something about a live strippers dorm!! still better than whats in south dakota.watch the black dancers they like to charcge $30.00 for a topless dance even though they pull there G string dowm for a second,got charged one nite $60.00 more she never got it.black dancers are bad news always broke and want in your pants and your wallet.

  137. ralph
  138. dee dee
  139. w
  140. justin
  141. rfrr
  142. Chase M.

    Like any club this place has it’s good and bad . Time will tell who and what prevails.

  143. Bubba
  144. Good Time

    Had a blast last weekend; plan to go again soon as they had lots of new Dancers.

  145. Atlas
  146. Hey Dick

    You guys that are making comments about girls likeing girls are idiots. This is a stripclub these are strippers who cares if the like fat bikers,skinny little guys,Latino gigalos,black pimps or other chicks. Your there to see some tits and ass you fool!!!

  147. twins win

    Been going to this club for years now seen ups and seen downs always got along with the locals and they never seemed to Not like this place so what locals problem is I don’t know too much time on his hands and no lady to love I suppose.

  148. nn
  149. Nathan

    I like it here.

  150. Victoria

    This is a really good club, i went there when i was 18 and now i work there!

  151. lon

    i haven’t been to this club in about 3 years…i will be in the area june 14 so i thought i might stop by…is it still as much fun as it used to be?

  152. s
  153. John

    Went there last weekend and will not go back bitchy girls will go somewhere else

  154. R. J. Johnson

    This Club is closed due to lack of interest.

  155. vic
  156. david
  157. tj
  158. Gavin

    Was also here Saturday night. It was all dancers but one dude.Wanted girls i don’t get to see anytime. That’s what it’s supposed to be.

  159. c
  160. local also

    Well some of us don’t like it

  161. josh m

    I think this place is awesome and yes I visit often

  162. BOB

    I love this place the girls are HOT

  163. Rafe

    Made a trip here for the second time this past weekend. Fun.

  164. jenn
  165. zed
  166. Albany
  167. Mark

    Not worth the drive

  168. ned
  169. e
  170. ryan

    This club rules man I know becuase I date the owner

  171. quinton
  172. Marshall Customer

    I agree about this club IT SUCKS

  173. visitor
  174. Pakko

    So if southfork is so much better, how come they have to come here and lambaste a club, shouldn’t their reputation speak for itself? And then why do they need our dancers? seems odd that they would say our girls are so bad since about half of them dance at SF

  175. Tad
  176. Mahony

    not worth the drive

  177. Local fan

    I say ignore the one woman trying to say bad things this place rules I will be there to see Janet

  178. allen


  179. Brookings Boy

    Here last weekend and had a great time. Vanessa and Savanna are the best.

  180. Benji
  181. Kevin

    This club was dead on Saturday night

  182. Lonny

    Like it here.

  183. Granger
  184. marshall

    Club Sucks

  185. huuu
  186. SK

    Kianna is a lesbian, she hates men hated to dance with her

  187. mercedes
  188. Keith Y.

    I haven’t been here in awhile but I always thoght it was a fun time.

  189. old dude

    So you like guys dancing for you huh? Because thats what that he-she looking vanessa is. Savanna has always been good for a little after hours fun so how could you go wrong with that one

  190. Otto from Gary

    Didn’t mind the club but staff kinda sucked. Dancers are ok for the most part. A couple were way too demanding. I’ll be back when in the area.

  191. regan
  192. Evan

    Came here last night and I’ll never be back. Pushy girls and I just wanted to have fun.

  193. Roadtripper

    Just thought I’d weigh in with my opinon. I usually come here when in the area on business. Have always had a good time. I like the variety they have. Emoni is my favorite though. Been a few weeks got to get back.

  194. harry

    it a great party place

  195. Hal E.

    Been here past,present,and in the future. Place is fine depending on weekends and who’s in charge.

  196. stan

    what Sky you too old to dance here and that why your trashing the place! get over it

  197. SD

    We all know your club sucks !!

  198. It shouldn't be

    Hard to figure out whats happening at this club this is a review board and you got two “adults????” bitchin and whining grow up and get gone this place and others don’t need either one of you two.

  199. nb
  200. monica
  201. Shane
  202. Brandon

    Had a great time here Saturday night. Came in late and had a fine time with the ladies.

  203. dfd
  204. Local Dude

    Club has it’s ups and downs as far as girls and quality of service. More downs lately.

  205. Tim

    Last time I will go there. Girls are pushy and some that work there don’t like men they want to be with their girlfriends

  206. James

    The reason they can’t get new girls here is the word is out. No money to be made here. Dancers go where the money is and where the guys are that know how to spend.

  207. Tommy

    You must have not ever been to a real strip club-all thats here is a hole in the wall bar with no so good girls thinking that they are dancers- this club sucks

  208. Red

    I will be back here many times far better then those topless places.

  209. hbhj
  210. web
  211. hills
  212. Billy

    Your dancers? all the ones that I have talked to like South Fork better than your hole in the wall club that is going down hill. South Fork Rules

  213. Hank

    Is it true there a wet t shirt contest this weekend I went to the one on halloween and that was cool.

  214. vannessa
  215. ambs
  216. KW
  217. milton

    always have had a good time at this club. don’t listen to these people go have fun

  218. Garret
  219. Seth

    Always a decent time.

  220. Chad K.

    Club needs hotter women. Too many are average. Bring in some cuter ones.

  221. alan


  222. Watertown

    Watertown is a much better club

  223. Chad

    Be careful some dancers rip you off and the bouncers back them up.

  224. Trent

    I used to come here quite often and then the girls I liked started going elsewhere.

  225. Kelly M.

    Club is just ok nothing great.

  226. Serenity

    I’ve been to this club as a client and as a dancer before. I had a fantastic time doing both. Some weekends were completely cool and laid-back and other weekends there was drama and tension. I just always stayed out of it. I’ve met some of the sweetest girls there but I’ve also met some really rude bitches. But people are people. You’re gonna find that no matter where you are or what you do for a living. People just need to grow up and get over it. Relax and have a little fun. This place can be a blast if that’s what you choose to make it. It’s unfortunate that some girls are rude to customers and that some try to rip you off but you’ll find that at any club. Like I said, people are people. We’re not all the same. I had a great time as a customer and I had a lot of fun dancing too. I think that for those of you who have had a bad experience on your first visit, you should give it another shot. It’s not always so bad. It’s usually a good time.

  227. Boyd JR

    Need better variety of girls. Asians, Latinos, Natives.

    Couches and chairs need to be replaced.

  228. Kevin S.

    Here for awhile last weekend and it was a good time.

  229. Harlan G.

    Like the club but they need more than just black girls.

  230. dan
  231. Lyle

    Must say I’ve been to better clubs but also have been to much worse.

  232. tanya
  233. anita
  234. df

    Alexis alone could make this club a 10 rating, not that the other girls arent hot to.

  235. v
  236. Matt

    Been here a few times. They have a few hot girls but mostly average at best. I like the Cities clubs better.

  237. Lucas K.

    I have come here on again off again for a couple years. Not the same as it was a few years ago. Attitudes and character are way worse. Bring back the fun girls and the caring fun loving staff.

  238. chick magnet
  239. charlie
  240. local move

    Man oh man this local guy/girl whatever needs to find a hobbie leavethe club alone and those of us that enjoy this kind of thing please we don’t tell you what is really wrong with your town do we

  241. big fan

    This club is awesome loved seeing Deja, Candie and Brooke last weekend.

  242. nick
  243. jesse

    nice little asian there awhile back will see be back soon I like alot

  244. BK
  245. Jackie

    Club is very slow right now due to a few issues. Used to be a lot more regulars here but they have moved on for various reasons. Still can make good money if you can get one of the few big spenders to get a liking for you.

  246. micheal
  247. candie

    I worked here but

  248. ben
  249. ick

    get rid of those ugly girls sugar and manassa

  250. k
  251. Penny
  252. josh b

    just anouther strip club with pushy girls and over priced cover drinks and couch dances.

  253. Jeff

    Had a blast in here friday nite full and talk about hot girls even the amateur had great titties. I’ll be back

  254. dancer

    I work here and YES there is money here, The people that run it are very good people and I will continue to dance here, Also I see a new face or two everytime I work. I think it just a couple people saying bad and tryin to ruin things here.

  255. Customer

    I’ve been comming to this club for 10 years. Theres always good looking girls. I always have a good time! I wish other people would know what a great place this is! (o)(o) boobies are fun!

  256. who knows

    I have fun everytime I come here I dont go here all the time. Hate that tattooed freak and the big bald asshole but I will be back,love that pussy

  257. Lane
  258. m
  259. Q. Bigalow

    It’s themselves you fucking twat. and if they were on here promoting themselves, wouldn’t they be saying a lot more than what is being said???? why do the locals want this place gone so bad??? best body by far has got to be Brooke

  260. Owen H.

    Club is one of the best when the right staff and girls are here.

  261. Funguy

    Club is close by so that is nice. I have my favorites here as elsewhere. Girls are fairly friendly. Nice variety as far as dancers.

  262. harleyrider

    All the club is doing is promoting other sites here. This club was good at one time but something happened.

  263. Bill

    Been here lotz and I will continue to go to this club the girls are awesome

  264. q
  265. Boomer

    Club has a few hot girls but overall average at best.

  266. Rob
  267. Monte Guy

    Sad to say but the best times and girls here have long been gone.

  268. Tanner H.

    Would like to see more asians and latino girls here. Too many black chicks.

  269. walt
  270. Josh

    I’ve had good times here.

  271. Kathy

    Don’t believe alot of what local says there are lots of people in town that want this place here its just a jealous local woman whos been running her mouth too long.

  272. Curtis

    Does anyone know where Taylor & Alexis have gone ??

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