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1435 Hwy 35, Vaiden, MS 39176


33.3110913, -89.7257857




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Showgirls Cabaret

  1. Not Buying All That Bull

    It’s for sure obvious that the person who posted the last three or four comments about Showgirls is the same person on the same date 8-16-06 that’s the only facts true. This person must have serious problems in life. Im a customer as well at Showgirls and I always have a great time. So remember one thing you can’t always please every customer you can only try just like any other business can. So what are the true facts of life some customers will like it at Showgirls and some want just like any other business in life. But one things for sure business will go on regardless. Now that’s the bottom line.

  2. Truckin'

    WOW! Don’t let the outside appearance of this place fool you. Once inside I found beautiful, attentive, and fun ladies. I wish I could have stayed longer! Lisa (aka Roxy) does a great job behind the bar and is quite the dancer too. Daisy is absolutely stunning, damn, great private dance also. Dolpdhin cracks me up, she’s all over the place. Good private with Pebbles. This has become a must stop for me whenever I’m in the area! Sorry I couldn’t stay longer, but thanks for a great time!

  3. Patrick

    I have fun everytime I go to this club with my friends. The ladies are always nice and beuties at that. The dance and drink specials are great also. Also don,t forget to try the food I was shocked it’s very good indeed try it you will see. The cook does a wonderful job.

  4. Marlon

    a real shit hole

  5. zincin

    great place

  6. Very Nice PLACE

    This was a very nice place and had plenty of pretty ladies.I will be returning often.

  7. Great Job

    This goes out to the Managers Taylor and Lisa keep up the good work. I don’t know what you all are doing but it’s for sure working. I had a great time at the bar the other night with you two keeping me occupied. So thanks for your time and I will see at the club soon.

  8. chicks

    this is good one but the rules there sucks.. that we cant even touch the dancers this sucks no one goes there after first time.. thats for sure

  9. Gary

    I enjoyed visiting this club. The dancers and staff were very friendly. The services were above what could be expected.

  10. Kenneth

    Just wanted to say had a wonderful time last night at your club. Thanks ladies for a good time.

  11. John

    This club SUX!!!

  12. Stark

    The girls to customer ratio was 2:1 which meant you get lots of attention and choice. The girls were all beautiful. Unfortnately my eye was on a gorgeous southern belle but she was already with a customer. Not to worry, a hottie from Jakarta made her way over. The no touching? Well be nice and respectful and you never know. There are rules and laws to protect the girls, but just by being respectful, SHE was taking my hand and placing it on her legs and abs etc. That was BEFORE any mention of private dances etc. Guys by all means if you want to be jerks and abuse the girls, find some place else to go.

  13. Another Entertainer

    I agree with the last entertainer this is a great club to work at. I have been off for a while and now Im back better than ever. Everyone at Showgirls is very nice to me and always has been from day one. I have worked at the club for about 5 years and I have always made good money at this club. It’s all about working at the club your happy at and Im happy at Showgirls. So for all you customers that have never been out to Showgirls, come to the club and party with all our ladies. Also for all you ladies looking for a club to work at come on and check us out to form your own opinion.

  14. wow


  15. Entertainer

    To Todd we really are glad you had a great time at Showgirls and hope you have many more to come. Thanks for the great review you give this club. I would also like to say this is a great club to work at and they will work with you anyway they can. They always have been that way and not many clubs are like that at all. To be honest about it they probably give to many breaks. But you never hear about the good things from entertainers that a club does for them. You only hear about the negative things. This club has helped alot of entertainers and is a good place to work. The dance prices are great and the club has a lot of pretty ladies working for them. So come check us out for yourself.

  16. Regular Customer

    I totally understand your point but it’s not the clubs fault because they have to follow the ordiance thats been passed down to them. I go to this club all the time and have a great time by following all the club rules. Alot of clubs have rules to follow to protect the business. It’s pretty much like any business that has rules. So I would welcome anyone to this club. This club is also very couple friendly. So come check it out for yourself and have fun.

  17. a customer

    Well, the drinks are over-priced,but what strip club isnt? The girls were mediocre at BEST or old and/or “worn” looking. The music was typical and the food was simply heated–no real cooking required–again, this is typical of strip-bars, so no suprise. Only good thing was the mirrors–made the smallness of the place disappear–seemed like you were in a much larger establishment, but of course you were not. The very cramped restroom had wet floors, and to believe that the wetness was from mopping in peak hours is folly—so it could only be urine. I may visit this place again if the chance presents itself, but I will not be duped into thinking its something it isnt.

  18. Terry

    This club is a joke! Christmas lights and small, plywood stage? Pitiful…

  19. Dominick

    The place just flat out sucked monkey balls and the poor monkey couldn’t even get off!

  20. Right To The Point

    I totally agree with the last customer you can’t make everyone happy are the world would be a better place. I saw nothing wrong with the club and had a wonderful time.

  21. The Real Deal

    This is the real Mark not someone like on the last post trying to be me. But if that makes them feel good about acting like a imature adult so be it. But the truth of the matter is we have a lot of nice entertainers / ladies working at Showgirls. We also have great dance prices for everyone and great drink specials every night. So make sure you check us out yourself and form your own opinion.

  22. Phillip

    I would like to say to all the ladies at Showgirls thanks for showing me and my friends a wonderful time this past weekend. We will be back this coming weekend for sure.

  23. Frank

    This club SUX!

  24. Good Ole Boy

    This club blows and so do the girls for 10 dollars!!!! But even that you don’t get your moneys worth!!!

  25. Ricky

    Im in the military and I must say I had a great time ladies while I was at Camp McCain this week. I don’t live far away so I will be back very soon. This was my fist time at your club and I had a great time. Thanks to all of you.

  26. Tommy

    This is Tommy from Memphis Tn, ladies wanting to let you all know I had a wnderful time Saturday night. I will be back very soon. So until then take care.

  27. Jeramy

    I have to say that I was very surprised with the club. From the outside i looks like a complete hole in the wall club but when you go inside it is completly oppisite! I liked my visit.

  28. intrigued

    it was ok—only thing really great is the constant bickering and smack-talk on here. Now THATS entertainment.

  29. Ultra

    not pleased at all with this club

  30. following up

    The last person miserably failed to bring up the looks of some of the women–I was pissed that I left Jackson for THIS.

  31. Mikey

    This place is ppretty good. I can’t stand the big city clubs that when you try to go to the mens room you get beer split on you. And lets not even talk about what it is like when you get in the mens room. This is a great place to just to hang out. I will be coming back

  32. Great Time

    Great time and a wonderful place to party at.

  33. Johnny

    I can’t believe this shit hole is open.

  34. Angel

    Great club to work at and great people who run the club. You can make a lot of money at this club because of all the great dance prices and the customers are so wonderful also. Also all the entertainers I work with are great people.

  35. Mark

    The worst club in the mid-south.

  36. an HONEST opinion

    Since I have read the last few reviews, I decided to see for myself, and not listen to an admitted employee,who is obviously wanting (needing?) more customers to come in, so will of course give a biased opinion. Small, small club–yes the mirrors are everywhere. Cooked food?–wasnt ABOUT to try it, but obviously about the same cuisine as can be found next-door at the truck-stop. I suppose even a hot-pocket can be called COOKED, so that statement by the employee can be misleading. I also have to agree that the girls are just about average, if that, hence the very low lighting. Yes, the music is standard fare, but could be done better if it was just a nonstop loop with no interuptions–those are horrible. If you are on a long drive and need a diversion, I suppose there are worse ways to lose some dollar bills, but not many. In conclusion–small place, low on quality, but sorta cheap (you know who you are honey)as far as the bang for the buck.

  37. did someone say old?

    I swear I saw a woman who looked in her 50’s doing lap dances. Well, late 40’s at best. The rednecks are rampant and the lights were just annoying. If I could have rated this any lower, I would have, and I would suggest others heed my advice–STAY AWAY.

  38. Great Club

    What more can I say had a blast.

  39. Mike

    I don,t know what the last customer was talking about lots of beauties at this club and money well spent. Ill be back a lot more.

  40. jd

    Had a great time will stop in again if I am down this way!

  41. Mississippi hunter

    Have to say club quality has gone up Not dissapointed at all with the ladies beer is a little high but the entertainers make up for it got dances from several ladies and was not let down. I will return when at Deer Camp this season.

  42. MemphisDude

    All I can say is that I’ve bben hearing alot about this club and some of the dancers and I was sad to see one dancer was a Platnium Pluse Hasbben and there were alot of wannabees! The place sucked. Pebbles At least I’m glad you have a job honey.

  43. jimmy

    had a great time at this place. beer prices were a little high. Jewel rocked with the private dances. I’ll be coming back soon.

  44. Lance

    Great club and had a great time also. Keep up the good work Taylor and you give a good lap dance.

  45. Opinion

    Well Im a customer at this club and I always enjoy myself every time I go. So I would rate this a great club to go to. So your opinion is only one person’s and you are entitled to that much only. Also I would like to say hello to Taylor and Lisa see you soon.

  46. Jay

    This club is a SHIT HOLE! The girls are so strung out on drugs! The DJ looks

    and sounds gay, I was scared when he followed me to the bathroom! The

    cops came in there twice, and one girl feel on her face when she was tring to

    get off stage! I don’t know if the bartender was a guy or a girl, but he-she

    stoled 15 dollars that was my change! They are a bunch of thiefs and gay as

    M-F’s up in this club!

  47. Mark Richmond

    This is the worse club that I have ever seen – bar none!

  48. Not an Entertainer

    This club blows and the girls suck too!!!!!!

  49. Another Customer

    I agree with you I always have a good time at this club and the dances are always great. They even have open or private rooms for your dance choices which ever you prefer. About the price for a dance this club has a variety of dance prices for any customers budget. If you can’t afford a dance in this club your in bad shape. It sounds like your being cheap. Remember topless clubs do cost money that’s a fact and most people know this.

  50. me
  51. ShowgirlsFan

    you will NEVER go wrong at a showgirls cabaret! i’ve had a great time – time after time here! girls are talented – staff was great!

  52. Newbbie

    If you been dancing here for three months I’m sorry you must be ugly. I could think of a million and one places that would be better than this club. I’m not sure but i think that they have a term for a place like this. Lot Lizard Den!! I think on my 22 birthday I’ll go some where else.

  53. Larry

    A great place to party had fun ladies.

  54. Amber

    How could anyone get on here and write a straight out lie about this club. The truth is this club has great drink prices $2.00—-$5.00 it all depends on what you want to drink. The club also has real cooked food for customers to order I should know because I work at the club. Also as for the bathrooms they are kept clean all the time and so is the entire club this they believe in for sure. I also don’t know where you get off talking about the ladies who work here the club has ladies of all ages and they all are beautiful women / entertainers. So if you want to form an opinion about this club I invite you to come to the club and party with us to see for yourself. Hope to see you soon.

  55. Todd

    I drove all the way from Jackson Ms. to visit this club over the weekend and I must say I had a blast at the club. The ladies were very nice to me and so were staff. They had great dance prices and drink prices. I will be making the drive alot more often now.

  56. big bucks

    what a terrible excuse for me to waste my money

  57. disgusted

    you call this a titty bar?

  58. Entertainer / Dancer

    I have been dancing at Showgirls for about 3 months now and all the people are great to work with. They treat me like family at this club and they look out for the entertainers. They have worked with me so much. So what Im trying to say is that it’s hard to find a club that cares about entertainers and that if we make any money. But this club promotes customers with money and that is what they are suppose to do. Most clubs just have people hanging out not spending any money but not this one. Don’t get me wrong the club wants to make money to but they look out for the girls making money also. Most clubs forget like it are not we are in this business to make MONEY right. Myself along with all the entertainers at this club give great lap dances so come out and party with us so you can form your own opinion. Also for any new entertainers looking for a great job and place to work at come check us out anytime. Don’t forget Wednesday is AMATURE night every week and bucket beer specials all night long every Friday / Saturday for you gentleman. Hope to see you soon.

  59. someone does

    cause its still open, well it opens whenever. Last time i went it was open. Time before that, some of the people were milling around outside waiting on the doors to open so they could go in and work for a few bucks. In Jackson at least they are open at 5 p.m., when a guy wants to relax.

  60. Pimp bean

    Do not go there unless you like girl that are tattooed up and come from a trailer. Some people may like it but I wanted to pay them to get dressed.

  61. Never Again!!

    This has been the worst club that I’ve been to ever. Lets start with the fact that it is setup like a damn lot lizard heaven!!! Truckers take your pick cause it just might be a place for you until you get inside!!! The girls are rude, the DJ sucks and the price for a lap dance is not worth it! If I wanted to pay that much for a damn dance and can’t even touch, I would have taken the wife to some resturant and try to watch her get her pants down over her fat ass when she had to shit afterwards!!!!

  62. A Regular Customer

    I go to this club all the time and never have a problem at all. Seems to me you got mad because you could not have your way with the entertainers that’s all. But this club as well as other clubs have rules to follow period.

  63. JC

    This place has went down hill! I can’t belive it, the bartender is no pretty sight

    to look at she is a he-she, she-he, what ever u want to call IT! The girls are

    to wouried about getting messed up rather than sitting with custemers, and

    the dj/fag Is terable! I won’t be back!

  64. Entertainers

    This is a great club to work at and always will be. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. So if your looking to dance this would be a good club to try out. They must be doing something right because they have alot of customers and they are a well establish business. So come visit us soon and form your own opinion about this club.

  65. Biggggg Money

    Had a blast at your club and you have a great selection of dancers. Also the female Managers were awsome. Please tell the dancer Morgan I will see her soon. THANKS!!!!!!

  66. Chad

    Great club,wonderful dances,private VIP rooms,cold beer and most of all good looking women. So that’s all I need how about you. I really had a blast at this club and will be back. Thank you all ladies for a great time.

  67. Read and Understand

    This is from the owner, come out and party with us at Showgirls in Vaiden Ms. and I will buy you a beer. We now have two locations for your party needs Showgirls in Vaiden Ms. and our new club located in Cocoa beach Florida. Whatever you may decide to do always form your own opinion about any club you may go to. Also by the way the person down below is not Mark Richmond because that’s me. I just want you the customers to know that Im not going to cut any club down at all, I just hope you decide to check our clubs out along the way so you can form your own opinion. Thank you very much for your time. Hope to meet you soon.

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