Pure Gold Southern Pines



1864 North Sandhills Boulevard, Aberdeen, NC 28315


35.165408, -79.4065447




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pure Gold Southern Pines

  1. Johnny

    Fantastic experience. Probably one of the best collections of dancers I’ve seen at any club ever. Beautiful girls, great dancing, good DJ. It was a good experience.

  2. satniteman

    It’s gone downhill. Dont’ waste your money.

  3. Justin

    This is a very nice club with lots of pretty girls but the bad part is that there is no variety. All the girls are thin. No thick girls. Not every man likes the same kind of women. I will just go to the Mens Club in Raleigh next time.

  4. Disrespected customer

    I accidentally dropped ones on the floor. When we picked them up we were accused of stealing money from entertainer on stage that we never even attempted to tip due to the the fact that she was unattractive. If only Jerry Sr. were around to see what has become of his club. zero class… it had such potential. Ranks down there with that of Fayetteville. A sad day

  5. richard95

    ,Please do not go to this place!!!!!! ITS A POLICE TRAP !!!, the police in this town and the next ,target outsiders and people of color ,they hide outside this club on pull you over , intrapment at its best .the girls in this place are ok but with no skills , this place is here to make money for the town , i am down 4500 dollars at this point ,they love getting the us golfers .BEWARE ,BEWARE

  6. out of towner

    upscale place that gets alot of ‘golfer’ money. club has strict rules that are enforced. mwv however. a few 5-7 and a couple of 8s and an occasional 9. I liked Starr with the freckle named fred… Thanks for a great dance, missed you on sunday. how was cat west in KY?

  7. Rick Meyers

    Ugly Rude Girls , and Poor Staff … I wont be back

  8. Madmarc0

    I went here this past weekend and had a blast! Cute girls.

  9. fuckery12

    We went in on September 25th, 2014 with a party of four. We we’re told that we had to pay a flat fee of $15 plus $10 a person for a total of $55.00. We had no problems paying that ridiculous entrance fee, except the girl behind the counter was SO extremely rude and condescending that we decided to take our business elsewhere. If you want business, you should hire people with manners and who can be respectful of your patrons. Needless to say, we left!! It’s a small town and you should NEVER burn your bridges!

  10. bill

    Hey i was there on sunday night and there was two new girls i think i havent ever seen them before but they was beautiful i wish i could remember their names. hope i see them there again soon.

  11. royal

    girls r fucking hot

  12. MJ L.

    Let me first qualify this review by saying that I visited Pure Gold early-ish on an off night (Wednesday from 8-9 a week before xmas). According to “Candy” the club tends to be more heavily frequented by business travelers which might explain why this place was so dead at 9pm.The Basics:-This is a “private club” so if you are visiting for the first time you will have to purchase a “membership” (includes your first time admission fee) for $15. After that it’s $6-8 dollars admission and $10-12 for your guest, depending on the day of the week.-Drinks are average strip club prices, $7.50 for a Jack and Coke.-$20 per song for a table dance out in the open, $40 for a “private” (read regular couch dance area). Contact is one way; you cannot touch the dancer.Pure Gold is located toward the back of a small strip mall. I think it would be fair to describe it as a medium sized club. You enter from the back right corner. The bar lines the back wall. A decent size stage (only one pole and it seems like one dancer at a time would be the norm) sits in a pit with chairs lining the edges. Up a couple of steps is the main seating area, with high and low tables and a booth toward the back. The couch dance area runs along the right side and has your standard couches with high dividers and just enough room for two to be seated. The usual dim club lighting (but who would want to see a trip club brightly lit?) accented with a Christmas tree, an inflatable Santa, and lots of Christmas lights. As there was only one, maybe two other patrons when I arrived at 8 the ladies were not particularly enthusiastic. Most sat by themselves or with another dancer. The DJ wasn’t even bothering to call anyone up to the stage. Finally Candy approached me and struck up a little conversation; thank goodness as I was about ready to chalk the $15 membership and $7.50 drink up as a total loss. After a bit of small talk she was called up to the stage (the first one up at about 8:45). Upon her return I let her have an easy sell for a “private dance”. Definitely enjoyable but I’m more accustomed to getting the same for half the price while being allowed a bit of contact.

  13. dman

    Lots of outstanding girls. If you can’t find someone you like here stay home. Dance prices are a little high but what you get is worth it.

  14. Danielle

    Great place to hang out if you are tired of the same old scene. Prices are a bit high but you get what you pay for. Most girls in there are realy kind and well kept, I mean there are a few bad apples but doesn’t every place?

  15. Pockets

    I fell in love with a dancer named Starr….great talent there..This is not a trashy place at all…very classy and the girls are down to earth and hot…specially my Starr….

  16. happy traveler

    This club is awesome! The service was great and the entertainers are beautiful. Definitely a golfers paradise. I will be back to see them soon.

  17. Yohan

    rude at the door , waitresses cannot count change back correctly , music way too loud , it really sucked the whole place just sucks

  18. LongDrive

    Went for informal bachelor party during golf trip. Kind of a mixed experience – first couple of girls seemed bored and inexperienced but then found a more experienced dancer that knew what she was doing and that made the night. ‘Bout the only option in Pinehurst, but I’d say scout the girls before you start spending your money.

  19. coogie
  20. gwhiz

    great small town club with plenty of attractive dancers

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