The Northern Gentlemen’s Club



325 10th Street North, Fargo, ND 58102


46.8802078, -96.7934627




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Northern Gentlemen’s Club

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  2. JD
  3. Ron

    Most of the girls are good looking, but the couch dances and VIP room are not worth the money. Very little contact.

  4. John
  5. Lipp
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  7. One happy guy

    I think Jess is the great waitress. She is funny, has a fantastic rack, and always makes me smile. I love the other waitresses as well. Rachel and Susan are particularly wonderful. So lighten up, they are just girls trying to make a living.

  8. outa town guy

    was told about this place from a friend, have been to fargo several times, but first time in the northern. waitresses seemed a bit slow, even when it wasn’t very busy. But other than that, had a great time, i’ll be back!

  9. Mr. E

    With the new management in place, I still see the same problems at the club – It takes forever to get drinks, the girls all sit in a group and expect the customers to come over to them, and there is very little advertising for the club,and what you do advertise via email or marquee you don’t sometimes provide i.e dances listed to work or 60’s music nite.

    Though the years the club has lost some of it’s upscale clients. People are getting tired of the same old thing. How about a little change in the right direction – take notice of your customers comments and see if they have some valid ideas/complaints. Then maybe implement a change or two to show your customers that you do care what they think. You do have some great dancers and i hope you will keep them though the transition, like Sam, Charlie, Victoria, Alex and Jesse James. Thanx Mr.E

  10. Brian
  11. mrdakota

    been coming to the club two or three times a month for ten years. i have decided to stop coming in and will save my money for when i get a chance to visit a real gentlemens club and get some value for my money. the place is just “old”.

  12. new to nodak

    I’m from back east, wow, beautiful ladies and reasonable prices, this will be my new place to hang!

  13. joe

    This place sucks the big one. literally. want herpes?

  14. Jeff

    Great laid back place to go and have some fun

  15. Jack Black

    Sad, very sad.

  16. XhXeXy

    $10 cover and drinks are a little high but good food and of course hot ladies, be it topless. They try to work you but it is a strip club. They also have a VIP room and a casino. They also have a bar below. Being Fargos only strip club it is small but good 🙂

  17. Nathan

    Had a great time

  18. Re: Review!

    You must have been a very lonely child. Don’t you have something else to do with your time than spread negativity?

  19. Horrible
  20. fed_up

    Quality of girls has gone way down, if they even show up. I’m beginning to think the club just pads the web-list of girls with names with new behind them just to get guys to come in. They cater to kids with no money. The loud music and heavy bass drives away the older guys with money. It’s hard to order and talk to the girls over the music.

  21. Tommy

    Fun place!

  22. Gary

    I’m from out of town and came into the club over the weekend. For the most part, some real quality ladies, but I have a daughter, so it kinda creeped me out seeing how young some of them look, I mean there were acouple looked younger than my daughter and shes 16! I like lookin at women, not girls

  23. Jake
  24. Steve

    The “No” Club – No Smoking, No Liquor in there drinks,No fun women. Next time i’m in town I’ll try the Bears Den in Shelley MN

  25. eddyL

    The Basics:$8 cover.$5 to get into the couch dance room. $20 per song once you are there.15 min VIP for $125Jack and Coke cost $5.50This place is set up more as a lounge. Medium size stage against the back wall with lots of chairs and tables around it. Tall tables and booths further back. Plenty of space to move around. Not too dark. The girls don’t seem to circulate for tips like they do at the other “gentlemen’s” establishments that I’ve graced with my presence. It seems that the convention is to approach the stage and stand directly in my view. The dancer will approach and give you a little shakey-shake at which point the bill is inserted in the g-string(which is, of course, it’s natural habitat). Big sign on the entry door says “No Touching” and the clientele appeared to follow the rules. Enjoyable enough, and hey, it’s the only such place in town!

  26. MikeinAK

    I’m from Alaska and I get into this club every 3-4 months. Let me tell you, it never disappoints. Nadia is my russian babe that takes great care of me. Robyn, Araya, and Jessie are all great too!

  27. informer

    This place sucks now. You got rid of all the good girls cause they spoke the truth about the hookers. Alex and Tera were awesome. You get rid of them for Jesstatute and velvacunt?

  28. happy customer

    overall, this is a fun place to party and check out hot women!!!

  29. Mr. Zulu

    I think the club has great service. They must because I seem to have no problem getting a buzz everytime I’m there. I think the waitresses are top notch and have their own personalities. Each one of them is to be admired in their own way. If you don’t get good service it is probably because you aren’t respectful and the staff dreads waiting on you. Maybe you should spend less time on a website spreading negativity and more time trying to be a happy person that doesn’t spend all of his time complaining.

  30. Jack
  31. Traveler

    Dancers were pretty, but they weren’t very energetic on stage. A classy place, but boring to me.

  32. don't matter

    The club has to many girls over-and over again. Need more variety, and less of the girls that the customers tell the owners that are unliked. The owner does not seem to care about the customers only the money that comes through the door now. That is the reason that the last owner went broke and had to sell.

  33. Brad
  34. Jeffy

    Hey girls. I had fun Friday night, thank you. everyone was great, had a great time. It has been a year since last in and the place looks great. Iheard theirs new owners, keep up the good work. From the secon dI walked in, I felt like #1. Definately be back soon.

  35. Ray

    It’s good man

  36. Praise

    Jesus, hot jesse jane is cumming!!

  37. bad times
  38. danny

    all the girls left here are hookers. the good dancers got fired cause they spoke the truth. get a bj from jessica or velvet.

  39. loyal customer

    Every time I go to this club I have fun, goin out is what you make of it. If your a hater and have to talk negative because some dancer jilted you, so be it. But remember, any publicity is good publicity. So please keep all those comments comin they have definitely givin me some good chuckles over the years. 🙂

  40. Kent

    This was a great experience. Great place!

  41. northern

    front doors girls are nice, black jack dealers are friendly,

    waitresses & bartenders are fun, dancers are hot, only

    problem is all male staff are rude arrogant a**holes! club is

    great otherwise!

  42. Marketing Guy

    A pretty good club and I travel a lot. Really, enjoy my time with Tali a couple of weeks ago. Hope to get back to Fargo soon and see Tali again.

  43. new customer

    I was there for the first time last weekend, wow, had lots of fun……cheap drinks(for this kind of club), lots of variety in women, what more could a guy ask for.

  44. dave

    wahooooo, big iron time!

  45. Erv

    This club is dead. There is no one in here and the girls have no interest in making money. The drinks are watered down and over priced. You charge $8.00 for this? Good Luck!

  46. Marv
  47. Paul
  48. mpls girl

    dont bother, the good dancers wont give you the time of day and the bad ones are all doing extras to make ends meet. surprised the city police havent shut them down

  49. MJ
  50. question

    Did the club get new managers or supervisors or something?Not owners,the managers in the club.wondering because how there are dancers coming back and the great new website.The dancers schedule has actually been availible on site For week in advance instead of days after the girls were there?

  51. traveller

    I travel all over the US for my job and I was very pleasantly surprised to see so many beautiful ladies here. Really hot young ones and even some extremely sexy more mature ones. Though it was during some farm show(extremely busy, again a big surprise). Drinks and dances were very reasonable. I will be making this a regular stop every time I’m thru Fargo. This place is definitely worth checking out

  52. Candy
  53. cool dude

    ive been there many times years back but now its like all the girls are craked out i herd theres new management and they must be blind or on drugs themselves i reckomend staing away from this place now and save your money or try the bears den in shelly mn its more expencive but worth it

  54. big iron regular

    looking forward to coming to Fargo this year for big iron, hope some familiar favorites will be there with a few new ones. I’m never disappointed!

  55. kerry sucks

    Kerry what the hell is wrong with you, as an ex-manager there I would think your coming as the new owner would have meant good changes…., what is the matter with you. Two seperate businesses huh, playmakers and the northern you lie you lie you lie. At least you could attempt to be honest. Are you just trying to suck as much money out of the girls as possible or what. Hey news flash, they are trying to make a living too, If you have unhappy dancers, you have crappy club. Thought you of all people would have learned that long ago, or maybe that is why you got FIRED! What is wrong with you??? Rating only because of girls not because of your dumbass owning or should I say renting from playmakers

  56. jb

    General no complaints about the club

  57. Eazy e
  58. Bait and Switch!!

    The door girl was the hottest one working tonight! Bait and

    Switch scam!

  59. Chris
  60. joseph1k

    Out of everywhere I have traveled through, I have yet to find girls who are meaner. Hostility is worse than walking into a ghetto south-side club (don’t let the pale skin fool you, they are icy cruel here). The girls here are very mean, with a few exceptions, and I would give it three stars because it seems to be run by a nice lady. But then I realized there is nothing to compare this club to for miles around! So there is no reason to make it better. As far as looks, they are average for a club, a few (emphasis: few) pretty girls but most are on the sour side, with very little sweetness. Seems to be run by masculine girls who enjoy bulling anyone delicate, feminine and/or talented. I wonder if that is just North Dakota in general, or this place, I can’t say because I’m an out-of-towner.

  61. Big Man

    I had a redhead that wanted to dance for me that outweighed me by 25lbs. I need more liquor to go back to this club

  62. Percival

    A mediocre club, but hell, this is North Dakota!

  63. Rick
  64. Mick
  65. new guy

    never been here before-but will definitely be back! Beautiful dancers and hot hot hot waitresses! I had a great night and think I found my new bar!

  66. andy

    ive been going to the northern now for the past two years off and on. and i can honestly say that everytime i go back its better! the overall talent of the girls has risen greatly. there used to be only one or two that would do some pole work but now the majority of the girls do. also recently i headed back to the vip room for the first time, i would say it was definately worth it! Thanks for the great time Sunny!

  67. Sam

    Why all the negativity, this place is great! I’m not into the younger ones, but

    there are some hot ones. No, I come here for those sexy cougars. I hope

    none of them retire!! All in all a great variety. Something for everyone, don’t

    be haters

  68. youknowdamnright

    I live in Fargo and even thou I probably end up there once a month it’s only cause there isn’t anything else in town. Once in a blue moon they will get something worth while but for the most part the dancers are average or below looking and nearly everyone of them are just plan bad dancers. (USE THE POLE FOR FUCK SAKES!) Anyone on this page that said something good abou this club either works there/owns the place or is a farmer in town that doesn’t get out much.

  69. Just wondering...

    I think the wait staff is great. I’ve always wondered why the waitresses and bartenders are hotter than the dancers?

  70. Minneapolis
  71. James

    Now this is a strip club! Great variety of girls, all beautiful! Great time every time!

  72. regular guy

    If you are looking for after hours action talk to Jessica as she is your best bet, and the rates are not that bad.

  73. Vicky
  74. RJ
  75. dancer

    have worked alot of places over the years and this is one of the most diverse, laid back and mostly pleasant places I’ve had the pleasure to work.

  76. Bill

    Sorry excuse for a club. $8.00 Cover really!!! $6.00 drinks with no liquor. The door girl is the best thing about this club.

  77. Cole Younger

    Someone please tell Jesse James her retirement is past due and she should apply for SS.

  78. big iron guy

    Wow, some beautiful women this year, not to mention awesome to see some familiar faces. The vip room was fun, but too much waiting. Would be nice to see it get fixed up and be a REAL vip room. I may even come back more than once a year!

  79. jrob

    Which dancer filed the complaint about the old fat guy after going to his housle?

  80. JJ
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  82. tim

    great club!

  83. yuck

    I agree with the last few ratings. This place sucks. Girls are old. I heard one of them is a grandma. No one wants to look at stretch marks and crack heads.

  84. new to fargo


  85. :MikeinAK

    Mike I hope you’re doing well I miss you

    this is your Russian babe…..

    I hope I see you soon

  86. one persons opinion

    The club was definitely getting old, but since new management, they’ve really been making an effort to update….and those efforts continue. Always above average dancers, a GREAT variety, a type for EVERYONE. For a gentlemens club, drinks are CHEAP. So, I suggest to Mrdakota to get out and see the world, you will appreciate what you have in your own backyard.

  87. Cowhead
  88. mnjay

    Was in town Friday night. This is a club that tries to do a little bit of everything the problem is that they don’t do it well. It has a small gaming area where they run a 3-25 dollar BJ table. The have a bar that isn’t attentive to customers. On to the dancers where the quality of dancer there is below average. Got a private dance with one of them and it was by far the worst lap dance ever.

  89. Bob

    I had a great time on satrday.

  90. A onetime regular

    If you are lucky enough to have Susan as your waitress you will get good service. If you have Jess good luck on getting her out of the blackjack room, or off the vidio game in the back. The food is now a joke, two out of three times that I ordered it was cold or barely warm by the time I got it. I spend a lot less time there since they have Jessica dance there so often.

  91. George

    Had a great time Wednesday night. Aewsome service. Tiffany made our night. Great dancers and music.

  92. drooling dog

    the club is just as good under new owner as the old. the new web site has better pics, but could use some work to be more accurate and up to date. Like who is dancing which day etc.

  93. Old Paul

    Most of the dancers are past their prime, of they ever had a prime. Why can’t the bosses hire at least two sharp looking girls to mix with the old skanks?

  94. Just Me

    I will never be back and that is a promiss. It should be free to get into such a rat hole! The girls are nothing but bar flies and not worth me money. And RUDE!!! And how about some changes in your music line up, the Dj is nothing but a Pewee herman wana be!!

  95. MN

    Only been here a couple of times, the staff were especially nice. The dancers were beautiful and friendly.A good place for a good time!

  96. Too Quiet

    This club has gotten so quiet since the last time I was here! What happened? I mean the quality of girls dropped as well. I can’t believe this mcuh has happened in a few months. I don’t think I’ll be back.

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  98. Review?

    Review what? Nothing to see or hear. Girls stand on stage and flex their tits like a man. Thats sexy? In that case they need a brain, I found none. VIP room? Its a waste of money, and the girl is a bitch afterward. Whats the point? I say, whats the point?

  99. tom

    great club!

  100. regular

    always love coming to this place, great drink prices, laid back atmosphere and beautiful ladies

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  102. mathewater12

    This club is a joke. They have women, not girls and I mean old ass women that need to retire. On the other hand I call them girls because they act like little girls. I saw a lot of bullying by the girls that been there since the 1980’s (lol!). They are desperate and can’t do anything else and no man would see them in the daylight and touch them so they are mean to prettier younger girls. I had to leave that place before I caught case. Girls go to the designated smoking area to smoke weed and the managers know because the shit stinks. I don’t give a Damm what people smoke but if I work in an establishment, I don’t expect to have to smell that shit in the dressing room, getting all over my hair and clothes because I don’t entertain the habbit. In a night there could be 3-4 pretty girls, the rest are my grandmother’s or mothers age, cellulite, or look like they are expecting twins. Old school place guys want you to sit and make them feel masculine for an hour, and that’s before they decide to get a dance, joke. Drinks too expensive for customers and watered down. Bouncers are pencil dicks punks with tattoos that think they are hard, I guess they are for FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA. Ha ha

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