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The Best gentlemen’s club in the world, Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas continues to set the standard for strip club entertainment in Sin City. Featuring the hottest strippers in Las Vegas. Discount bottle packages available.


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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. joe

    This is the woset club in town. You can’t get a table unless you give the bouncer at least a hundred dollars. And the girls won’t talk to you unless you go to the vip room for an hour.

  2. XXXbeast

    Probably the best one I’ve seen in Vegas thus far, but definitely do yourself a favor and save on the taxi fare by calling them for a limo pick up. The place is nice, but it is pricey, but don’t be fooled, you get what you pay for and the experience is pretty nice. I always try to bring friends out here when in Vegas and they tell me they’ve never experienced a gentleman’s club before, unfortunately after coming here the bar is set pretty high for them and their future experiences.

  3. vegas

    Hottest strippers ever!!!! Most girls look like they should be in Playboy… definitely a must-see when in Vegas if you love hot girls.

  4. Lexy M.

    I’ve moved on from Riding Bulls to Rhino’s Baby!!! Ha!Spearmint Rhino is A+ to the max!Not that I’ve been to tons of Strip Clubs but out of the many I have been to this club by far is the best of the best.- Must have been 2,000 girls on a Sunday night (lol) and about 1,990 of those girls were “Grade A”- They have a great selection of booths and comfy seating (Arrive Early)- Bartenders are quick & make em’ strong- Customer service is A++++ , everyone who worked there was very helpful & treated you with a high respect- Girl’s were not too pushy, you simply say “no thanks, waiting for someone else” and they smile and were on their way.Best part was their FREE super fast LIMO service. They pick you up from any LAS VEGAS HOTEL and take you through the VIP “Back Entrance” where you pay NO COVER CHARGE! They treat couples like royalty and all and all my Fiance’s 30th Birthday was a entertaining hit thanks to Spearmint Rhino! ;-)P.s. – A Beautiful & Talented Asian Dancer by the name of “Francine Dee” is by far the best in the house! She was such a sweetheart!

  5. Kathy S.

    I love Spearmint Rhino but the negative is that it ruined all other strip clubs for me. How could you beat free limo ride, no cover and gorgeous girls?We called the number on their website and they brought a stretch limo to take just four people. Our chauffeur Tony was very polite and friendly. When we got in, it was very crowded but we lucked out and found a table. We eventually were able to make our way to seats on the main stage. Drinks are a little more expensive but very tall so well worth the money.Now lets talk about the most important part. I saw about 100+ girls and none of them were under an 8. A great variety of pretty girls and some of them with fantastic talent on the poles. My bf and I had an amazing time and this place is a definite must for my next visit to Vegas!

  6. richard95

    I’m just tagging along with my friends and their menz. There are naked chicks everywhere. There are horny guys everywhere. There is booze everywhere. There is me wishing I was dancing on my own dance floor. There I go, out the door to be my own star on another dance floor. The end.

  7. Squid L.

    So my husband and I went to Vegas as a pre-deployment fun weekend. I’d never been to a strip club, and was a little nervous, but this place got good reviews, and the free limo with free cover seemed worth it. When we got there the bouncer was nice, and because it was a slow night offered us a table for $50 instead of $100. (He said its because it was just the two of us.) Whatever, we were there to spend some money, so it was worth it, plus it was near the main stage. They asked if they could get us a girl that did couples, or any other specific type, but we passed, I just wanted to get used to it at first. My husband got a drink, $9 for a rum and coke! My bottle (small) of water, was $7. We sort of expected that. His drink was super strong so he was happy, but after that they came watered down. A girl finally approached and asked if either of us wanted a dance, I got one for my husband before realizing that she wasn’t really a looker. She had a great body, but her face was a bit of a train wreck (poor husband won’t let me live that one down.) I don’t know what’s normal for lap dances, but she was all in his face which made me a little uncomfortable, but whatever, that’s what we paid for I guess. After she left, I passed on my own dance, and we sat quietly for another 20 minutes. Almost nobody approached us, although girls were happily sitting on the laps of guys all over.Maybe being a couple made us unapproachable? Finally a good looking blonde, a little older though, comes up and sits on my husband’s lap. Okay, again, strip club so I guess I’ll let it slide. I think she’s cute so he asks her if he can buy a dance, she gets excited, then he says its for me, and she says she’ll wait till the next song. So she sits on his lap snuggling up to him, then the song changes, and she gives me my first lap dance. It was really short. Afterwards, she immediately jumped off, put her top back on, and tried to get my husband to let her give him a lap dance. He passed, and she got sort of annoyed, and even though I wanted another dance from her, she avoided us the rest of the night. This sweet Asian girl gave me my second lap dance. She was much friendlier than the first. She actually seemed into me, and gave a much more involved lap dance. I tipped her, but like the first girl she ran off pretty quickly. The most annoying part was that she was with another girl, and my husband and I BOTH wanted lap dances at the same time, but she refused to get another girl! She kept insisting she’d do me first than him, which isn’t what we wanted.Nobody asked if we wanted to head to a VIP room. We might have, but the place was so expensive, we probably couldn’t have afforded it anyways.My main issue with the place was that so many of the girls looked MISERABLE. It was hard to find someone who looked happy. Sorry if I don’t want to grab some hot girl who looks like she’s been drugged and forced to be here and ask her to shake her boobs for me! The few bubbly girls were already sitting on guys’ laps, but the funny thing was, they sat there for over an hour, not doing dances, and not going to the VIP room. If the girls were a little more content, or at least faked it better, it’d have been a 4 star experience.

  8. game8

    this is the best place out of vegas, girls are all top notch and more. I would go back and back and back every time I vistit vegas. imaging yourself in victoria secret with the models with the looks and better boobs. that’s he rhino.

  9. Michael K.

    Just to walk in the door you have to fork over $50 dollars per person. That pays for the entrance fee and two drinks. Proceed into the main room with about 30 girls working the floor at the time. I didn’t even get to a place to sit down before the bees (women) were all over the honey (me). The quality of the woman dancing would be considered in the top 20%. Some girls could dance…others were just going thru the motions. Great place to take clients on the company! Lap Dances are $20 dollars for two songs. Other prices for other services. Contact your individual dancer for rates.. Everything is negotiable!

  10. Ajay

    The girls were super hot and so nice, it was hard saying no to a lap dance. The dances were $20 a pop and $100 to go to the back room, which I didn’t get a chance to do. We went on a weekend and had to buy bottles to get tables to sit on. Best strip club I ever went to, even though I haven’t been to many. I know the celebrities always go here when they’re in town.

  11. Rhadford C.

    Im going to keep it real with you, on here. I came here on a Saturday, and I saw just average looking females in the place. The place is overated and overcharged. The music is good here and bartenders were nice; but that is as good as it gets. I mean when I go to Vegas, I expect to see woman in their, that look like Pamela Anderson. The place just didn’t excite me. $20 to get in, 40 dollars a lap dance; COME ON MAN.

  12. Phil H.

    All I can say is – Free and quick Limo service. Pick you up from any Las Vegas hotel and you arrive at the VIP back entrance and there is NO COVER CHARGE with all this!Place is packed and full of amazingly sexy and beautiful girls. Vibe is pumping and full of energy. Lots of seating but you have to wander around to find a spot, and almost anywhere is a good view.Bartenders mix a strong mean drink! Girls here are hustling but very cool and sweet. Not pushy at all and fun to talk to. And all are smoking hot!I would divulge more about this night, but like the old saying goes – what happens in Vegas…..And remember gang, as Chris Rock proclaims, “No sex in the champagne room!

  13. To Ryan and Bob

    Don’t know what your trying to accomplish, but lies won’t get you anywhere. Been in the VIP many many times, nothing even close to that occurs. Bob, changing your fake name to repost the exact same thing on this and other clubs kills your credibility. Put your lies behind you and grow up people. Don’t you have better things to do.

  14. Audra R.

    I felt like a Lil kid in a candy store who had taken a really excited bite into a rotten piece of candy. It was like drinking wine that had gone rancid and tasted like vinegar. The girls are beat. I mean ugly. I will give the benefit of the doubt that it could’ve been a bad night for staffing. But whatever, really wanted a lap dance from a hot chick on my bday with the BF. I literally couldn’t pick one, they all sucked. I got desperate before we left, watched her do her thing on stage and was ready, I walked up to her and threw up in my mouth a lil. She was hideous and nothing what she looked in the darker lighting OMG. So disappointed. Really disgusted. Lesson learned: HUGE reasons why strip clubs are dark, and …”why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home” -Paul NewmanOh and P.S. Guy’s there are more than a few male to female “chicks” in there. A girl knows when a girl isn’t a girl…Dont let that lighting get ya…

  15. Jen B.

    Super expensive cover, $55 per person. Very expensive drinks. The club is very cramped and it is so dark you honestly can’t see the girls very well. Bouncers are rude… We got moved around a lot because we didn’t get bottle service and eventually they told us there were no more chairs/seats available and we’d have to stand if we wanted to stay. The girls were pretty but didn’t seem to have much passion for what they were doing… It’s much better when they seem excited to be there. I’ve been here several times but I’m sorry to say after last night’s lackluster experience I won’t be going back. Think twice before you go and plan to get vip/bottle service to guarantee your party a place to sit. One highlight, the ladies bathrooms were clean and the attendant was such a sweet lady. I should have just hung out in the bathroom all night, at least in there you could see the girls!

  16. Kay L.

    Decent spot. Ladies are friendly. The club was way too dark. When they started to play shitty rock music the performers didn’t perform as well – don’t blame them, haha. But I guess the dj has to please everyone. My only complaint is not being able to see what was happening.

  17. Exotic K.

    They are the best strip club in the world, I’m a professional stripper. Worked there for years, they treat girls best compare to all other clubs, that’s why hottest girls don’t leave. Why leave if they make most money there. I stop in one in a blue moon just to waken up the stripper spirit in me. That’s all.

  18. curtis17

    the best went with a friend of mine from out of town—-it was wild—he loved watching me having lap dances—on and on—then headed to the artsian after—-what a nite marcella

  19. Jack

    Faith might be the best dancer but the sexy brazilian Sunny is definetly the hottest attraction!

  20. 20 Grand

    A dancer named Tina got me drunk and took me for over $20,000 in AEX charges last night. She is gorgous and smart. She just keep saying “have one more drink”. I did and she took me big time. She would be jerking me off each time they brought another charge slip to our room. How can this be legal ?

  21. Paul C.

    Been here twice now – first time in July for a bachelor party and this time in December just while I was in Vegas on vacation. This place is not bad, there are the girls that hustle, the ones that just do their job, and the ones you just don’t want to touch (a rarity though). I came here with my friend who lives in Vegas and they let us in without cover but had to pay $20 for a two drink minimum which is like a cover but at least we got something out of it. The people in front of us paid $30 cover plus $20 two drink minimum so I didn’t feel so bad.Anyways, the girls here are pretty much top tier but there are the not so top tier ones that are scattered in the crowd. One night I was there, I saw one girl who was like 6 feet tall and 185 pounds if not more. She was standing about 30 to 40 feet away from where I was sitting and I swear she was almost my size. Like I said, you get some really good ones and some not so good ones but big girls need love too, right?As for the club, it can be really cramped at times but I guess you just have to get used to it or leave. Finally, if you call them, they will send a limo to pick you up and you get in for free using the “VIP” entrance (read: back door to the alley), just tip the limo guy $10 bucks or some more depending on how many people you are with.

  22. Lester A.

    Since CH2 closed this has to be the best strip club in Vegas. There’s enough girls to keep eveyrone happy and if you haven’t come across one you like, have a few drinks at the bar and pick a stage to watch. The best thing i saw there was a stripper do a head spin like she was on ABDC then moonwalked across the stage on her shoulders. If you hit up a strip club in Vegas, this is the one to go to. Just don’t blow all your money here, there’s better things in vegas to blow your money on than a 4 min tease for 20 bucks. But you’ll have a great time.

  23. Erin R.

    Worst experience ever. I took my boyfriend as a surprise and the girls were pushy and bad dancers/boring. It was the biggest rip off ever. I bought a private dance that was incredibly expensive and only last for three songs. Plus, the girls were talking to each other the entire time. The only up side is that the bouncers and cocktail waitress were nice. Save your money and go elsewhere. PS I’m pretty sure one of the dancers used to be a man…

  24. m
  25. Rhiannon R.

    I have been to Vegas many times and this last Labor Day Weekend I decided to pay sin city another visit. My friends and I went to several nudies while there but I had never been to the infamous Spearmint Rhino so we decided to get all dressed up and check it out on a Saturday night. We get there and there was a small line out front, get up to pay and holy Moses they wanted $25 stinking dollars just to get in. Against my better judgment I paid the cover and walked in. There were hot ass girls everywhere; I mean lined up against the walls on the stage every freaking where!!! It was also very very crowded. We had only three people in our party so we started looking for some place to sit, ya right!!! All the seating was VIP and it required bottle service prepaid at $150-200 just for a spot on a crowded velvet couch with who knows what crawling on it. The place is super small for that many dancers. I needed a drink and so we walk up to the very packed bar. I order a Long island holy shit it cost me $18 good God this is too rich for my blood. The girls dance to one song and then switch and the songs are cut down to pretty much just the chorus as to get them off your lap sooner because the dances are only $25 each which seems like a good price until you find out the song is 2minutes long, I would rather go somewhere where the girls are a 7-8 but you get treated like a 10 and this is not that place!

  26. To Jessica

    The girls do make money. The only reason for them not making money is because of all the couples who sit around drinking, chatting, and just watching while taking up space.

  27. rookie

    visited this joint for the first time this summer. night started off slow but ended well. first big problem is seating or lack thereof. it took us a while to find enough seats for our group. now the girls, how fun of an evening you have really depends on the girl. some were straight bid-ness, looking fo dey ends. i took a lap dance earlier in the evening, which was okay. nothing out of the ordinary. the last girl to sit next to me was the payoff. friendly, actually had good conversational skills, which lead to a good discussion of the “contractual” portion of the conversation, which then lead to one of the best, if not the best, floor lap dance i’ve had (all the comments about laying out expectations, etc., first are spot on). establishing a good rapport w/ the dancer will increase your enjoyment. it takes a little time to converse and build that but, trust me, it’s worth the time. even female companions in our group commented that the girl was getting turned on whilst giving the dance. they mentioned something about her getting wet by the way she kept adjusting her underwear or something to that effect. it was as close to banging w/ clothes on as you could get. LOT’S of contact. bottom line, it really depends on the dancer. after the double lap dance, she offered a discount (half price) for a private dance but we had to roll out at that time so i passed, begrudgingly. but the lap dance was good enough that i really didn’t feel that i missed out and didn’t feel the need to drop more ends. but next time i’m there and if she’s there, we’re headin’ for the private room just so i can see if there would be a difference. otherwise an okay joint because it’s hella crowded and the seating is tight.

  28. rickywho2

    My husband and I had a great time last night. We did the free limo service (we didn’t have to wait at all) with tip and then free entry. The dancers said it was a slow night but there were still a lot of guys and couples there. The girls are beautiful and come in many shapes and sizes, races and dancing abilities. Lap dances and private rooms are definitely pushed more than anything. My husband and I had a lap dance from Kelly. She was gorgeous and did a fabulous job. We really enjoyed it and look forward to visiting the next time we come to Vegas!

  29. George B.

    Do not go there during the day. The place is dead, the girls are so so. Just not a good place to be during the day. As for nights here, you can’t even get seated on a Friday or Saturday. There is a line out the door. There are hundreds of girls but the place itself is small. No walking room. The girls are pushy. Not my first choice by no means.

  30. Jeremy S.

    Spearmint Rhino has one of the better maintained clubs in the area; it’s clean and well kept. If I were rating the facility alone, I’d give it another star in this reviewThe girls are all pretty attractive, though I’ll say it seems pretty obvious that they have a particular “type” and a lot of the girls seem to be virtually indistinguishable from each other. They also seem pretty unenthusiastic, which is partially understandable and the other part kind of a buzz-kill. This is an attractive group of girls, but not necessarily a fun group. The bartender somehow botched our Jameson neat order not once, but twice. It came out frothy and tasting like he’d shaken it in a dirty shaker. He accused my girlfriend and I of spitting into the glass until he made another round and it came out the same way. For $12 a shot I’d hope for better and definitely sans the attitude. I wouldn’t order anything more complicated than removing a cap. I’d rate the bar 2 stars at best.

  31. rogerrab2

    I just searched brunch places and this came up. I’m impressed and confused. Have I been missing out on exotic lap dance brunch this whole time? 5 stars just for the suggestion.

  32. Michael H.

    Everything JeannetteZ said, but especially the comment about “killer tits and a firm arse”My only complaint is that the girls get mighty pissed off if you decide to tell them they’re not your cup-of-tea… so to speak. Here’s a really good tip for you folks though – If you call them up before hand, you can order a FREE limo and get FREE entry. I mean serously? Come on… When have you ever read a review about Las Vegas that has the word “Free” in it ???:-OYou will however have to make your own way back to the strip.And that may involve russian can driversWho may try to persuade you to stop off for a massage and a happy finish.Russian Pimps? Have you ever heard of the like?Tut Tut

  33. Re HMM

    Vegas is only sin in name. The problem lies in naive tourist who come to Vegas with lots of money to blow. Which they do in the VIP for average dances, in turn making dancers feel they don’t need to do much to make money. Eventually, dancers do less for more. Until customers become more frugal with their money Vegas sin will cease to exist in Vegas strip clubs.

  34. Ashley M.

    not that i have anything to compare this to, but the lighting was too dark and the women not very friendly. if you’re getting paid, you should be able to afford feigned interest…

  35. yanard12

    Its a strip club πŸ™‚

  36. Sam

    To give me a break aka whatever, in reading your posts along with others, I must say I was going to side with you. But when I saw you write “this is the best lap dance club in America” I knew I couldn’t. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on here. Now if you really do believe that, fine, but your opinion doesn’t really matter. It’s the CUSTOMERS opinion that counts. I don’t know about the other reviewers but I don’t work for any club, I’m just a local who goes to SR about once a week so I guess I’m a regular. I agree that people who write bad reviews for other clubs are bad, but the ones who write good reviews for their own club are worse because your opinion is tainted. I also do agree SR has many fine women, but your exaggerating a bit, because there are a few unattractive girls, not many, but a few. SR is my favorite club in Vegas, but it does have it’s flaws just like every club does. The overcrowding can be a pain and although the dancers are mostly fine, their dances are mostly average. Compared to clubs in Tampa, Miami, Houston, Dallas, just to name a few, SR’s lap dances are tame to say the least.

  37. anthony1

    I’m still pretty upset with my experience here and I was here in May.We’re a group of 8 girls (with 3 more on the way), and we were told by a promoter that the cover to get into Spearmint Rhino would be $50, but it would include 2 drinks.I’m thinking, okay, it’s a little steep, but none of us have ever been to a Vegas strip club so we figure “hey, maybe this is the norm.”The driver of the limo that we flagged down was actually skeptical of our deal. She told us that most all female groups usually have a bit of an issue getting into Spearmint, so she actually ended up giving us her number so we could call her if we ended up not getting in. This is already raising flags for me about this place, and we haven’t even GOTTEN there yet.We pull up and go to the door, where we’re stopped by the doorman. First, we’re told that we can’t get in because we’re an all-female group. No guy, no entry. After we argue that a promoter told us that we could get in, we’re then informed that the cover is actually $60/person ($10 more than we were originally told) and that it DOESN’T cover drinks. While we’re still trying to digest that information, we are then also informed that — if we go inside — we’re not allowed to speak to ANY of the men there. Because we’re “not allowed to steal clients from the girls.”Wow. I’m sorry if, as a company, you have so little confidence in your girls that a bachelorette party walking in off the street would be seen as competition for paying customers. It’s not as though we would charge the men money to talk to us. And it’s not as though we would’ve had any interest in them either. But to tack that little rule on, on top of first denying us entry, then trying to upcharge us in order to gain entry? That’s too much.

  38. Danielle K.

    Boobies, boobies and more boobies. I’ve been told this place is one of the best strip clubs in Vegas. I can see why. Good looking girls and some what classy place. They have a limo service that will take you there for free. You just have to find your own way home. Taxi service is right outside. It’s just not free. There are tons of hot ladies. But no pole skills. Hence the -1 star. I was very disappointed with that. Only one girl I saw actually danced on the pole. The rest were giving lap dances or grinding on the floor. We went with a group of girls and guys. We all had fun. I even went here with my boyfriend and we both enjoyed it. I’m sure he enjoyed it a little more than me though. The girls are pretty aggressive. Within two seconds of walking into the place one girl tried to take my man back to the Champagne room with her. Uh, no, don’t think so. So I pawned her off on some of the single guys we were with. Rumor was they didn’t come back to the hotel till 10am. So I am assuming they had a good time. Whether you’re a guy or girl, single or taken, you’re sure to have fun here.

  39. Oldude

    Pushy bouncers, pushy dancers and over crowded by people who think this club is “trendy”. Enough said.

  40. Arthur K.

    This is by far the best strip club I’ve ever been to. The girls are gorgeous and the drinks aren’t too expensive. Also, being a smoker, this is heaven.

  41. cwb

    This is a very Nice Club lots of good looking woman 24/7!

  42. Jessica F.

    Really disappointed. Got limo service from our hotel but that’s just to get you there. It was packed and there was no where to sit. I think unless you are getting bottle service don’t count on a table. Waste of time and money. We were there maybe 30 min. It was my first time to a club to so really disappointing.

  43. Vitorio P.

    Needs more cigarette filtration and space to sit.

  44. To Below

    You say more fools up in that joint doing absolutely nothing taking up space. Exactly and those are the groups who sit and chat all freakin night. Sitting, drinking, talking or chatting is equivalent to doing NOTHING in a strip club. You could do the same thing at home. As for the rookie comment, I’ve been to strip clubs more times then you wish you could and remember YOU are the one who first called yourself a rookie.

  45. Texas Jack
  46. 4get this place

    I visited this place on Monday night (July 27th) cover charge was $50 ( incl 2 drinks) I imagine that was because once I saw how rude and miserable the girls were I’d leave so thats why they incl the drinks I guess , I’d heard this was THE place to go , but let me tell ya’ Masters in Myrtle beach or Delilahs in Philly or Penthouse in New York all blow this place away , this place would’nt be able to stay in business if it had to compete with any of the east coast upscale clubs

  47. fightingamish00

    The girls were hot, but it was expensive as hell. The dances were ok but I believe the girls knew they were hot enough that they didn’t have to do that much.

  48. williamr

    Came to visit using Lyft. Told them I had my own transportation. Tried charging me $54.40. This place is a ripoff and wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. Funny thing is my same driver picked me backup. Stay away this place is a joke.

  49. k
  50. Enrique C.

    These lovely ladies know how to work a pole. It’s a strip club that caters to tourists so take advantage of the free pickup service or be prepared for the standard cover charge. Like any strip club be sure not to engage the girls if you don’t want a dance. They’re there to make money so keep that in mind. The price of anything at the bar was outrages but not unusual in a place where women are walking around in almost nothing.

  51. Sarah

    You are so stupid. And you must think that everyone else is stupid too. You are wrong. If comments made on stripclublist.com by one dancer is enough for you to not like SR and it’s thousands of dancers, then you really need to get your head checked. Gee, duh, I don’t want to go to the hottest club in town, duh, because someone hurt my feelings on the internet.

  52. Geo

    Place was amazing, bueatiful women, and plenty to go around.

  53. billtheguy12

    Be careful guys! Don’t go there. Totally bad experience! Two person it says 109$, I paid it use my credit card, I saw it was 109, but they charge my credit card 165$!

  54. TJ

    Wear a bullet proof vest for safety

  55. ilnguy

    I always make it a point to visit when I’m in town!

  56. Daddy O
  57. Strip club vet ( East Coast)

    went to this place last nite ….club lighting is so dark you can’t see faces that

    well , also cover charge was $50.00, Club staff as far as managers go are

    cluless as to treatment of someone with $$$$ (lots of it)….purposely wanted

    to see how a normal guy is treated, was treated very rude,. Stayed an hour to

    look over the club and girls and found nothing interesting and wonder why

    this place has a good reputation for girls…. boring club , rude staff, snotty,

    girls ….onto Sapphiree tonite to see whaat they are like

  58. eddyL

    This is my fourth or fifth time at this location.This was the by far the best…..probably because it was a weekend connected to New Years, and big fight event was in town (more clients means more quality).The place was dripping with girls, all types, all approaches, all my money gone. Worth every $20.If you have 4-8 in your party, call ahead and have them pick you up, tip the driver….and avoid the cover….everybody benefits.

  59. Outright Lies

    ANYONE who would say that this is not the best club in Vegas OBVIOUSLY works for a competing club. Keep your fake comments on your own site. There is NO WAY that anyone in his right mind would put this club down for any reason except one: everyone loves this place SO MUCH, that it is often TOO CROWDED, mostly with a variety of Hot girls from all over the world. There is something for EVERYONE here. There are also plenty of dancers here that will do EVERYTHING that any dancer ANYWHERE else in Vegas will do – the difference, however, is that this club has the most beautiful dance staff of any strip club in the world. The ugliest girl here at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday is better looking than any girl that has ever worked at a club like Talk of the Town.

  60. TTBOY

    Simply the best in vegas right now

  61. nickstrip

    This is an updated review based on my visit last night compared to my last visit 4 years ago during peak hours.This club is everything a guy could ask for in a gentleman’s club. Beautiful girls with gorgeous bodies and surprisingly really fun personalities if you don’t come off as a creep or asshole. I have high standards when it comes to women and looks and all the girls here were 8s and above, with 10s every 4 girls or so and 9s every other girl, no lie.The entrance I believe is $40 but make sure to call them to use the complimentary limo service to not only have that entrance fee waived, but arrive there in style in a stretch limo. Don’t even matter if you’re by yourself. Just make sure to tip the driver $5/each guy or gal in your party.The music was on point all 4 hours I was there and the dj deserves a raise for that. He’d go from electronic, to hip hop, to techno with flawless ease and if there was a dance floor, I probably would’ve been on it. I salute you, dj.I do have 2 gripes if you’d consider these gripes. Nothing major:1. If you’re an asthmatic, stay away. Smoke everywhere. I don’t even smoke yet I woke up the next day smelling like cigarettes still. That’s how bad it is. Small price to pay though for all the gorgeous women.2. So many places to sit, yet all the seats were taken because it was packed. Only option was to take a girl to either the vip, champagne room, or rhino room.Some tips from me:1. Set a spending limit and don’t use the atm in there. It hits you with a $45 atm transaction fee. No thank you.2. There’s a back room where it’s $100 for 3 dances in a more secluded setting. They don’t tell you this but there’s also a $45 2 drink minimum for you and the girl so it comes out to $145 each time you’re in there.3. Don’t be shy. If there’s a really hot girl that you want, grab her before someone else does. These girls are the ones in high demand.4. Some girls can be pushy. Don’t do anything unless you really want to. It’s your money. You do what you want.Overall, an awesome experience and I highly recommend it if you have the cash.

  62. Patrick C.

    My favorite strip joint in the continental United States! Always come here every time I am in Vegas and I always have a blast. I’ve been to most all other strip joints in Vegas…and this place rocks!! I do recommend coming here NOT on Friday or Saturday nights as getting a seat will be difficult.

  63. M V.

    This is by far the best and the greatest top less gentlemens club in Vegas!! All the ladies are top 10. You might even see “frenchy” from the Rock of Love reality show that was on Vh1.. Haha. Honestley, if you an some friends ever do come to Vegas on a 3day weekend, forget about trying to find seats there.. You might have to spend a few and tip the bouncers to find you a great spot in the club.. Have fun!! You won’t regret it..

  64. Michelle I.

    i can’t decide if this is the best strip club in Vegas or if Crazy Horse Too is… anyway, beautiful girls. good place to explore your wild side.

  65. Says L.

    Last month a group of 10-15 of us went there for a bachelor party. I was recommended here by a couple of friends. We decided to get a VIP booth because of the sheer numbers of people that we had (roughly $1200 for 3 bottles). Most of the girls are pretty, but a lot are really stuck up. I had 4 girls literally walked away from me. Here we are spending money and they think they are too good for us. The waitress that waited at our booth was pretty nice, but somehow forgot about us at times. Overall, I don’t know if I’ll go back to Spearment Rhino.

  66. Christine D.

    I had the BEST time at this club. The girls and I decide we want to visit a strip club in Vegas and so after a drunken night of dancing and drinks we decide to visit Spearmint Rhino’s. Best decision ever to top off the night. You only can only get into the club if you go with some guys which sucks, but I mean…how hard is it to find guys accompany girls into a strip club? Especially in Vegas right? So, next thing I know I’m getting my first lap dance (at this club) that is. Eh…that was aight…Next thing I know I’m getting another. Eh…this is a little better. Then the third! Whoa!!! Definitely worth the money. A night to remember. Lets just keep it at that. LOL!

  67. Keith

    Everyone knows you can get fucked & sucked for the right money here. Hence, That is why everyone is a complete asshole here because they know money talks. Don’t kid yourself, clubs like this do exist. why dont you ask local’s and ex dancers of the rhino first!

  68. Nic

    TO JESSICA: Well if couples would get treated better they wouldn’t just sit around drinking and waiting for someone to approach them and take up space .

  69. Michelle M.

    All right ladies and gents, it’s time to share some of that what happens in Vegas bit. I’m breaking the rules I know. Let’s start off with their free limo service, do it. You are saving a ton of money. Just makes sure to tip your driver, we did $20. Verse $44 entry fee and a taxi ride. I went here because a good friend of mine highly recommended that I go here, because one of his friends feel in love with one of the girls…LOL. So I thought, meh, let’s see how talented these girls are? Getting into the venue is super VIP status, if you take the limo service. Now the tricky part, if you don’t have reservations, you’ll most likely won’t have a place to sit. We were lucky because staff allowed us to be seated shortly in a reserved spot. Once the group showed up we had to get out of their seats stat. From there we were able to snag a few chairs around the dance floor. The main stage rotates 2-3 girls every 2 songs. As the night progressed, I witnessed some amazing girls work that pole. I was thoroughly impressed. Since I’m a girl and I’m straight, it’s not shocking for me to see a girl with her top off, hello locker rooms!!!! I found it more shocking how the men treated the girls, but I had to numb myself to that. I know it’s all a fantasy.Drinks are costly. Run $12-20. The mixed drinks were weak, I recommend that you get a beer. At least you’ll have a slight buzz part of the night. Lap dances run $20 per song +tip. Some of those guys must have brought a ton of money, because those girls were dancing on them for a LONG time!!!

  70. JanΓ©e J.

    I was reluctant to come here because of the mixed reviews so I decided to visit the website and call first. The site said entry is $44 but is waived when you order their complimentary limo service. So I called to order it. A woman answered I told her I wanted to set a pick up for midnight. I told her that it would just be me and my best friend and no man would be accompanying us. She told us normally women are not allowed without a man but we’ll be fine as long as we don’t dress provocatively or interact with any of the male patrons. I understood and she scheduled our pick up. The limo driver arrived on time. He was very nice. I asked him if we were dressed alright and he said we were good. He took us there and we tipped him $5 each.When we arrived, the bouncer checked our bags and id’s and started to tell us we needed a man with us but the limo driver interjected and said, “they’re good.” He then walked us in and seated us at a small table and tells us there’s a two drink minimum.The venue is dimly lit, with vibe of a lounge. Our waitress was beautiful. She said she was Ethiopian and Philipino. But the ladies were mostly white women, which I’m not in to at all. So we chilled and order drinks.The experience: After our first set of drinks these two friendly Cuban ladies walked up to us and asked if we wanted a dance. I’m kind of picky and I wanted see if there were better girls there first, so I said that we wanted to finish our drink first. Unbeknownst to us there was a Jamaican man at the table across from us watching the whole interaction. He walks up and asks, “Do y’all want a dance?” We, caught a little off guard, but pleased at the same time, said, “yes.” So he hands us each a stack of money and we get a lap dance. My girl was pretty, she was tall and had dark hair. She had a big butt and nice thighs. She smiled but she didn’t talk. They danced on us for like 3 or 4 songs and we just felt them up (I recommend asking them if it’s okay first, especially men) and poured money on them lol. It was fun. Afterwards, he invited us to his table, bought us two more rounds of drinks and had the bouncer find us two more women. The bouncer brought over this mixed girl. She was friendly. I liked her the best. I like when strippers are upbeat and don’t act all dead inside. Lowers morale ya know? Anyhow, initially she gave us both a lap dance but my bestie found another girl and so the mixed girl stayed with me the rest of the time. We got to chatting as she was dancing on me and she was so nice. The Jamaican had given us more money to drizzle but when my stack was gone I gave her my own money. Anyway, because of that experience, Spearmint Rhino now is second to KOD on my strip club list! Houston, New Orleans and Atlanta clubs, I’m coming for you! Lol

  71. To Tina

    I work in Vegas too and I have heard the same or similar stores about the managment several times. You could totally take him and the club to court and win lots of money. I am sure that you could find a lawyer to do it probono. Good luck.

  72. Wendy K.

    Despite the Lincoln Town Care pick up at my hotel, I must say that my best strip club experience was not at the Spearmint Rhino. This was my second time ever in a strip club, and while it was still fun, it left something to be desired, and here’s why:The girls, while most of them were very hot, were very very pushy about lap dances and didn’t let us relax. I was here with my boyfriend, and we felt bombarded with girls just out to make a buck and not put much effort into the dance. I asked a cute blonde to give my bf a lap dance, and after making sure I knew that it cost $20, she gave him the most boring, unenthusiastic lap dance I have ever seen. Wow. She might as well have been filing her nails during it!Girls who were on the stage dancing would come over to you if they saw that you had money out, but as soon as you gave them $, they would actually leave your area and go to someone else with money. It’s my experience that if you give the girls money, they dance in front of you for thirty seconds and then move on. Not so here. Also, there was one girl who (not to judge) had a giant gut and could barely walk in her heels. Not great eye candy for such a highly recommended place.There was one other issue I had, and that was that most of the dancers there seemed more interested in me than in my bf. I didn’t mind the attention, don’t get me wrong, but we weren’t there for me, and I felt a little bad for him in the end. Girls – don’t assume couples are there for the girl – give the guys a little love too! To read about my first experience, check out the Hustler Club, New Orleans.

  73. Mae V.

    It was CRAZY busy but so fun! I never thought we would get a table, but the bouncers were kind enough to find one for us. Can’t wait to come back! Xoxo

  74. Kathleen N.

    You have not experienced Sin City if you have not sinned at this place.”Wicked Games” by The Weeknd. Look it up.. It should be the theme song for Rhinos. πŸ˜‰

  75. ryan
  76. dave k.

    This is the best, most popular strip club in Vegas. There are hundreds of dancers every night. They are all different, some are real sweethearts. (Sapphires is bigger, but it sucks) The VIP rooms are cheaper at Rhino than other clubs. Great place to bring friends visiting town that really want to party. Weekend nights are insanely crowded though.

  77. Darcie C.

    Better than any strip joint in Hawaii. The girls are 10x more beautiful! and about 300 of them are available on the weekends. They smell nice and do lap dances!

  78. Dave K.

    This is the greatest buffet in the world. I am sure every ethnic food is represented in this joint. My favorite was this Spanish-Asian/Filipino fusion dish but I forgot what the name was, it was 5’8″ and delicious.What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  79. Starman

    Does any one know if Heavenly still works at the SR? If so how can I find out when she is working?



  80. C M

    I worked from out of state. I did well. I wish I could have worked more nights.

  81. Rachel G.

    Let me give you this little tip:Do not attend a Vegas Strip Club with your brothers and/or male family members. Under any circumstances. No ifs, ands or butts. Just don’t. Seriously.It’s awkward. And upsetting. And awkward. Little did I know that while my cousin Lauren and I watched our respective brothers get lapfucked by a pretty pair named Pilot and Perfect, that our benefactor had already paid for us to get our own laps snizzed on by Mercedes, a tight little tan blonde.She sauntered over, asked the boys of the group that weren’t busy getting jacked in a backroom somewhere to buy her a redbull (redbull is stripper cryptonite) and then sorta draped over us…And that’s when we both got felt up. Mercedes: You guys both have really big boobs!Rachel and Lauren: …*Stripper grabs our boobs*Mercedes: Are they real?Rachel and Lauren: *nod simultaneously* : |Mercedes: Mine are fake.Rachel and Lauren: *shock and awe* You don’t say?*Rachel and Lauren get the hell out of Spearmint Rhino*Getting felt up without dinner or even a drink purchased for me beforehand felt wrong, but watching my brother enjoy a lap dance a little too much was enough to hurtle my nice seafood dinner out of the depths of innerspace onto the floor.I’ll give it up for the strippers super soft skin, though. It’s nice. And they smell good too. Lauren and I are thinking about creating a perfume called “Stripper”. It will be a blend of cucumber melon and coconut nectar with glitter. Lots of glitter.Oh, and they have pretty nice fake boobs. If you like that sort of thing.

  82. Hawley Smoot

    Way overrated. The chicks are hot, but the dances are mostly air. After I got a dance that was mostly air, I looked around and only one guy in the whole place was getting real contact. The only reason I rated this place as high as I did is b/c the girls are hot. Go to the OG instead.

  83. Bunny A.

    Are you kidding me??? This old school clip joint hasn’t the class to admit women without a male “escort.” The pee-on counting cabs in the driveway turned us away on my Birthday! Not only that, but he could not give me a reason why, then insulted me with the obligatory “sorry sweetie.” What a joke! If a top “gentleman’s club” is turning away female clients, then it must be because the management isn’t secure in their own manhood! Needless to say, we went elsewhere and were greeted warmly, by the doorman, the waitresses and the dancers! Not to mention the hot lap dance and loads of attention from all the ladies! The Spearmint Rhino and their male staff are turning away good money in an effort to remain in power over their dancers. I say this because every woman at the other club said how much the LOVE FEMALE CLIENTS! So ladies… When in Vegas don’t bother with a visit to the Rhino!!! Head elsewhere and enjoy the show!

  84. Truong T.

    Whats a trip to Sin City without a visit at one of the more popular strip clubs. From Signature at the MGM my squad and I called and had a limo picked us up as I believe entrance is free that way (with one of my other boy taking the car and meeting us there, us splitting his entrance fee). Once we entered we are greeted by a host as she guided us to a table. A couple of strippers quickly walked over and asks if we wanted lap dances. Being my homie Bao T.’s first time he was eager to have one. The rest of us politely declined as we watched the stage show. To be honest, there was maybe really one chick that was pulling out all the stops….everyone else was a snooze. I asked the hosts what was going on and she informed me that we are a bit too early. The club doesn’t really pop off till really late (da fudge we were there at 8pm, guess it wasn’t late enough lol). I will admit she was right though. As we were leaving it started to get really packed and lots more girls showed up…well damn perfect timing damnit!! So we stayed another 20 minutes LOL.Lap dances are 20 a song I believe. You get a dance on the spot or you can take it to the VIP for 100 (don’t ask me how I know, you are not ready).

  85. Danny

    Are there any dancers who have worked at SR. Who have had their schedule changed 1 or several times? Please resond

  86. Don B.

    I want my money back.

  87. Romeo

    Club is alright. Lots of women, mostly attractive. However, lets not kid ourselves. It’s not like there are 9’s and 10’s everywhere giving great dances.

  88. K.C

    The best club in town and the best time I’ve had for years-but you really need the right girl and some girls are pushy or rude..The bouncers are ok and very polite.The girls are very beatiful.

  89. soreknees
  90. sophia

    not making any money

  91. T Y.

    Go to any taxi stand, tell them you’re coming here. The ride should be no charge. They get paid for bringing you there.I was here for my bachelor party so I will start with this:”I, TY, solemnly swear that I did not engage in any lewd or unfaithful conduct while in this establishment. I did not once pull out my debit or credit card or even any bill larger than a twenty. I swear this on both my right and left nut. NOTHING HAPPENED.”Anyways, the forty-five dollar cover charge is kind of in the next galaxy. You get 1 drink with this. When you enter, you are immediately greeted by a bevy of attractive young ladies who want to be your girlfriend right?.They make it clear that you’re not cheating and that it’s just fun when you tell them you’re attached. Good to see that they’re willing to be my conscience. That’s going the extra mile!Of course, their friendly demeanor is meant to lure you into the VIP room. They start by telling you it’s cheap. Then when you lineup, they say the 30 minute deal is much better at two bills because the one bill deal is just a quick in and out. I’m so glad they’re looking out for me and trying to get me the most for my dollar.And, when you finally decline, they demand a tip for their time and stomp off, looking for their next mark.The best deal is sitting at the stage with a pile of dollar bills. Drinks are titillating, starting at fifteen bucks for anything.The women are nice looking, the layout is ok and they seem to have most jerks under control. If you typically wipe your butt with hundies, then this place is for you.The funny thing is the cab driver, on the way back to the strip, informed us that we could have gotten massages with happy endings for a lot less than here…

  92. PaulSEGAL ..

    Amazing! Got the Golden treatment into the VIP area as I was traveling with VIP’s. I could smoke my cigars all night long. beautiful women everywhere, but not pushy or demanding, just women who were working so you gotta take care of them. Very classy joint with the most beautiful women you will ever see half and fully naked if you pay

  93. gEe C.

    After a disastrous time at Koi, my girls and I were in need of a little pick me up. That’s where Spearmint comes in. My friend was a “strip club virgin” and we all agreed it was time to pop her “strip club cherry.” And what trip to Vegas is not complete without paying a visit to Spearmint? Despite the $40 cover charge that the bouncer tacked on each of us to get in because we were girls, which to me doesn’t make sense because usually its the other way around. It was definitely quite the experience. We ended up getting our own table, got complimentary drinks, and MADE.IT.RAIN!!!. . . . . HEEYYY!! “Cheetah Girl” broke my friend off good! Although, it was a little difficult to find a cute girl to get a lap dance from, since it’s SO. FREAKING. DARK! We were lucky to hit the jackpot with an actually good looking one.Now that I think of it, there’s a reason why it’s so damn dark in there. Because, once you go to the women’s bathroom where it’s ridiculously bright, you will discover that most of the chicks are busted. But, of course, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if you got your “Beer Googles” on. Other than that, Spearmint is definitely something one must experience.

  94. Veronica B.

    I came here awhile back on a Friday night, I believe there’s a $50 cover if you arrive on your own. But if you order the free limo service they waive the cover fee, just make sure to tip the driver well. Saves you a bundle!Once inside, the place itself is beautiful & spacious. Large variety of beautiful girls everywhere, everyone’s really friendly. No cesarean scars or uglies here! 3 of my friends & I got a seat by the stage right away. Time really flies once you’re in there, you’ll have the time of your life. A definite must for a Vegas visit!


    First, let me say you’re looking at this from a dancers perspective. 400 girls, even 200 girls is overkill for many reasons. The club isn’t big enough for that amount of dancers/customers. If you have to wait to get a seat or even worse a dance, it’s too crowded, in a bad way. Second, it’s bad for the dancers as well because more competition means less money for you. Imagine how much more you would make with less dancers around. Last, when I have a dancer asking me if I want a dance every other second, it does get annoying no matter how hot you are.

    The biggest reality check you need is the idea that because you have alot of hot girls it makes your club one of the best, which is so untrue. You guys think it’s only about the looks. Customers do want hot girls, but if the dances/contact isn’t great, then it really doesn’t matter how hot a girl is. Just like it doesn’t matter how great a dance is if the girl isn’t hot. You see it’s a package deal. It’s like buy a car that looks hot, but doesn’t perform well. That’s why Rhino and all Vegas clubs don’t compare to other clubs in other states. Which clubs are better than Rhino? I don’t have enough time or space to list them all.

  96. james1412

    The only reason I’m giving this place any stars is because the girls are hot but don’t ever use your credit card here. My boyfriend and I both had our card info stolen using our cards. They stole over 1k from me and 400$ from my boyfriend. The place was packed and I’m sure everyone else who used a card dealt with the same bs

  97. BigJAllDay

    I had a great time at the Rhino. The girls were hot! I spent most of my night with “Lindy”. She was so sexy!! The nicest set of tits I’ve ever seen and a juicy ass!! I can’t wait til my next trip to VEGAS!!

  98. Frank

    I would say this is one of the hottest clubs in the United States currently. There used to be a notorious PP in M*m*h*s, TN a few years ago, but they have been shut down forever. There will be a variety of pretty girls whenever you go Rhino. The only negative point or drawback is that the prices of drink could be a bit expensive.

  99. Lynn N.

    boy did this place eff me up! it was my first time to any strip club ever. the girls were fun. topless. all i remember is the drinks were soo strong there.. i got shitfaced. next morning, my bank account was in the negatives.. let’s just say that! ! i had fun but not THAT much fun!

  100. Franklyn

    Exact quote from a guy there: “there IS no other club”. He was not kidding.Spearmint Rhino LV is the club I always fantasized about when I first started going, with one exception (more on that later). TONS of girls with HUGE boobs, many of them fake, friendly, rooms that are expensive, but worth it (RARE that my cheap ass will ever say that), both day and night. And it’s 24 hours! I was in Vegas for the AVN Awards this year, and afterwards, quickly realized I should have spent the whole trip at the Rhino, and skipped the awards (which I was late to because of the Rhino). Favorite girls are Nivea and Heavenly (who said she will be doing this “until the wheels fall off”), but that’s only because they’re biggest on top – the girls I DIDN’T get dances from would all have been my favorite girl here in LA (and are not flat, lemme tell you). The club is classy, friendly, and has tons of regulars, with good reason, and they will provide free limo service if you follow them on Twitter, which includes free admission (a HUGE plus, as it’s $30 to get in). I dropped $2500 there, and plan to go back whenever I can. Nine out of ten, easy, and it pains me to say even that, because really, it’s near perfect. So why no perfect score? Topless only! BOOO!!!!

  101. Luis M.

    I’m very conflicted about my rating for this place. It’s a douchebag haven, but then again what strip club isn’t? This place does have that little extra douchebag flair that sets it apart from the rest though, which is usually enough for me to head over to old standby’s like Olympic Garden when I am in Vegas. However the report came in that OG has gone the way of douchebag city itself and so it was that a group of us found ourselves giving the *Rhino* a whirl on a Saturday afternoon.Being that we came during the day the usual douchebag and drunk twit element was thankfully absent. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and if you can’t have fun with a bunch of people that you have in one way or another bonded with over many a drunken night, then who can you have fun with? But would the place have been quite as fun if it weren’t for us making the place fun?We took over an entire section of the club, drank the day away, and enjoyed the company of the ladies working the day shift. There wasn’t a whole lot going on up on the stage except for when Zen and a couple other ladies took the stage. Most of the action was in our corner as the ladies would come by, chat it up with us, and the occasional lap dance was had (or bought for an unsuspecting victim). Several lap dance cherries were popped and the theme song for this field trip could have easily been *I’m in love with a stripper*. Some wallets were emptied but I luckily got away with only a $45 bar tab.Things to note: $30 cover, 24/7, for men and women. They also have a policy of not allowing in any unaccompanied females AND there must be at least a 1 to 1 male to female ratio in order for the womenz to get in. One guy can’t bring in 2 or more girls but a gang of douchebags can carry in a barely concious drunk frat girl that they picked up at Tao with no problems. This is not to say that they don’t have good reason for this policy. Concerns about prostitutes and having the place packed with women who *generally* don’t tip the way men do is bad for business.I came back on Sunday night with my partner in crime for the weekend because he had to see Zen one more time before we headed home. I was a little worried about heading back during prime douchebag time but figuring it was a Sunday night rather than Friday or Saturday I thought I could manage.Our trip there was a bit crazy being as we were driven there by a crazy blind old lady who talked a mile a minute. She was trying to suggest we go to another *more fun* place on the sly without actually coming out and saying the name of the place or what it exactly was. The best part of the ride was when she waited for minutes at an intersection in the hopes of having a car pass by so she could follow it’s tail lights down the street…because she couldn’t see! Then when we got to the Rhino she passed up the proper taxi line out front and tried to get us to pay for the cab fare. I have never paid for a cab ride to a strip club in Vegas and never will. Cabbies get paid good F’ing money to take people to strip clubs, and they are paid by the person not by the ride.My friend spent the night getting better acquainted with Zen while I enjoyed a steady stream of drinks and the occasional lap dance. There was some great pole work going on that night though so I had plenty to watch on stage. Before we knew it the clock was approaching 4am and we figured it was probably time to get back to the room for some sleep. That’s when two of the craziest strippers I have ever encountered intercepted us and basically assaulted me on the back couch. It was a great way to end the night and the weekend.*bewbies bewbies bewbies…you’re the weiner! yay!*The only jackpot I hit the whole weekend.

  102. Give me a break

    I really was in there last night. Not like you and your imaginary buddies; I was really there. There were no 7s on night shift, a few 8s, and about 200 9s and 10s. Did you get 200 dances from 200 different girls last night? Or is this just another competing club owner trying to bash the best club in Vegas? If you want to get jacked off during a dance, why don’t you leave the county where prostitution is legal? You only need to drive about 30 minutes to the Chicken Ranch. If you want dances, and you don’t expect to get laid for $20, this is the best lap dance club in America.

  103. Rodney P.

    Took pappy here after he got outta the slammer last spring. Pappy had only practiced kissing with Big Lou the Violator the whole 14 years he was locked up – and, needless to say, pappy’s eyes had that curious look of desire lots of women nowadays call the “male gaze.” (Pappy is an ardent feminist and he wanted me to add this.) Anyway, we found a girl called “Peaches.” She was pretty. But pappy was skeptical. “What’s your real name?” pappy inquired.”Samantha” she replied.(He he. Pappy is one sharp cookie! I never could tell how he comes to know the stuff he knows. I NEVER knew they (strippers) changed their names. Scouts honor! [I like pappy cause he teaches me things.])What would follow would later be known as “the clinic” in my neighborhood bar. Don Juan type-shit. Real smooth. Pappy spoke like Cyrano de Bergerac on two hits of xtc and a very high dose of Cialis. Prison life will do that to you. You have nothing but time to prepare for a moment like this. (Pappy nearly didn’t make parole.) All that plus the Drakkar was too much for the poor girl.”You’re a very appealing woman.” (That’s old school stylie, pappy!)”Thank you” she replied, batting her eyelids. Hell Yeah! She fell like a chopped Christmas tree! Ka-BOOOOOOM!Girls are pretty here. Music is bumpin’. Tip the poor sap in the bathroom. Don’t complain about the price of the drinks.I’ve heard some call this place “the Mint,” while others have dubbed it “the Rhino.” But not pappy and meWe call it heaven. Real life angels wiggling for our pleasure!

  104. Lori L.

    Rofl good lord this place…why did I pay $40 to come here? :/ Probably because the bf and others wanted to…Super dark and super crowded.

  105. Bill H.

    So took the same group of girls from the Bay Area to the “Rhino” after dinner at Vic & Anthony’s. We were definitely feelin the stripper vibe. Lots of hot girls running around and the ladies loved the lap dance. Now I’ve been here several times in the last two years since I moved here and did you know they serve a pretty mean breakfast too! I mean who doesn’t like a side of titties with their Bacon and eggs right? But To do it right one needs lots of $$$, I mean after all its worth it for boobs in your face!

  106. justinlk

    OK. So they’re under construction I get it. That’s not why they got three stars. The place is tiny and there were so many girls and not one of them talked to us. We were dressed nicely and very open to dances but nada. They just didn’t seem too friendly. On the plus side, my boyfriend knows one of the doorman-don’t ask! He let us in for free and we got two rounds of drinks for free as well. He was also a total gentleman and escorted me to the bathroom as some of the customers were a little Handsey. Not with this guy around. He was like 10 feet tall and awesome. The waitress was nicer than the dancers. She got a big tip. Heard they’re reopening soon-I go back and give them another chance.

  107. Tina

    got hired here in june 07 the crackhead manager john approached me several times asking for sexual favors in order to keep me on night shift. I sleep with him because The money was good on that shift. I found out there were so many girls doing the same thing i was doing so i stopped. As soon as i started ignoring him he started picking on me and eventually told me i need to lose weight (i’m 5’6 125lbs perfect shape or he wouldn’t have hired me in the first place) and he took away all my night shifts. BASTARD!!! and all the bouncers stalk the girls for money and there is much drugs there. Drug dealers approach you everywhere! its a fucking jungle in there!

  108. Andy

    Was insteresting. VERY high pressure.

  109. Tony K.

    Mike French and Johnny Ramos the door hosts are off the hook..O wait you want to hear about the girls. 9pm-3am are the hottest girls. They have probably 75-100 girls at any givin time. Call them and they will have a free limo pick ypu up and bring you back. FREE !! I found out they pay cabs big buckes to bring you there so take the limo.

  110. Mike W.

    This club is definitely worth spending time at if you have the budget for it. I would highly recommend using their online bottle service/table reservation. It also includes free limo pick-up. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by name, brought in through the back where girls will be waiting for you and your party, and you’ll be led to a good seat. The customer service was really well executed. Another perk of bottle service is that your bottle will transfer to the back without you having to deal with any room fees, drink minimums, etc. you’ll only be on the hook for paying the girls. Speaking of the girls, they were really high quality. This club tended to have more Americans than the Russian/Latino prevalence on the east coast. The girls were gorgeous, not overly aggressive or pushy, and we’re definitely skilled. $20 per lap dance and a couple hundred bucks for an hour in the back. My group and I had a great time. The professionalism and personal attention from the chauffeur, hosts, waitresses, managers, and girls was fantastic. It’s definitely my go-to place in Vegas.

  111. a customer
  112. ryan123

    keep in mind the following review is by a heterosexual girl’s first time at a “cabaret”:hmm, it was my first time ever at an “adult cabaret.” i was pleasantly surprised that i didn’t find it as sleazy as i thought it’d be. the girls’s outfits were plain and not so exciting–just like bikini outfits. none of them were that hot., though all very friendly (of course). i didn’t find their dancing to be so entertaining or impressive. the lap dance was fun i guess (don’t remember much) but i don’t understand the big deal (maybe because i am a girl lol).the bathroom was the best, though. it had every designer perfume you could want and mini snickers bars.super smoky in here and dark.i give it two stars only because it didn’t seem so sleazy. i will gladly support working girls any day though (with some date’s $ haha). i wanted to post this review for any girls who might be dragged here like i was and are worried (there is nothing to be worried about!) LOL.

  113. Henri R.

    This was my first time in a strip club ever. I did a lot of research on what strip club to visit in Vegas and I ended up with going to Spearmint Rhino. I booked a ride for me and + 2, the driver called 10 minutes before arriving at our hotel and he called again when he was at the hotel. So Spearmint Rhino promises a free ride to the club + free admission (no entry fee) when you take the free ride. I gotta say I was very sceptical about all this, it just sounded way too good to be true. The craziest thing is that it was all true! Our driver was very nice and friendly, he was well dressed and he looked very formal. We gave him $30 as a tip when we arrived at the club since apparentely it’s a usual thing to tip the driver. At the club entrance the bouncer (or whatever he’s called) checked our ID’s and scanned us with a metal detector. All of that went well and fast. After that an employee of the club told us to follow him and he took us to a nice spot to be seated. So yeah the seats and tables are all free and no “VIP’s” will come and steal them from you like in some other clubs. After being seated a nice waitress came over to take our orders and after that a stripper came to hang out with us. The waitress and the stripper both were beautiful and hot. The stripper actually chatted with us a while before even asking if someone of us wanted a lap dance. She was very nice and very lovely and not at all too pushy. When she asked us about the lap dance we kindly told her “maybe later” and she didn’t get mad or mean, she just was like “Alright, enjoy your night guys” and smiled and soon went away.The place was PACKED with HOT girls.. like oh my god, there were so many of them. Everywhere you looked there was sonething to look at if you know what I mean. The stage show was nice and you could see so many hot girls all the time. So regarding the girls this place is probably one of the best or even the best.The prices for drinks were kind of normal for strip clubs, at least regarding to what I have read. 10-12$ for “basic” drinks, e.g. a beer or a cider. The lap dances cost $20 which apparently is quite much but OH BOY were they good, like god damn! I took four lapdances total from two different girls. If I wasn’t a semi poor university student I would have went into the VIP which would have overall cost about $130 at it’s cheapest. But yeah the lapdances last for “one song”, which is like 3-5 minutes, but at least in my opinion they are well worth it! The girls let you touch them almost everywhere (I would say not between their legs if you know what I mean but I didn’t even try that). You want squeeze the girl’s boobs during a lap dance? Done! You want to grab the girl’s ass during a lap dance? Done! In my opinion you can’t ask for more from a lap dance. The girls are very experienced and grind their butts on your crotch. Yeah and of course the girls are topless.In conclusion I would REALLY recommend the Spearmint Rhino. It was very good and the only bad thing I can say about it is that it was just a bit too dark in there. But otherwise it was very good and I had a really good time! PS: Sorry for some possible spelling/grammar mistakes, English isn’t my native tongue so there might be some mistakes.

  114. Nina J.

    So this is a different type of review because I didn’t go there for a bachelorette party or to get lap dances… I was there for a business meeting… right?!Well, due to the type of work I do (laser hair removal) you can see how this industry makes up a large chunk of my clientele. I support my clients in whatever line of work they’re in.So back to the review… we have always been take carer of here. We always get the best seats at the stage and our cocktail girl comes by every 2-3 minutes to bring us a new round of drinks and change out the ashtray. drinks are strong (I dont know prices because we dont pay) but I know you’ll get your moneys worth.The dancers arent over-aggressive and they strike up good convo .. they’re actually pretty smart and well-versed.The stage has a pole and 2 dancers dance at a time for 3 songs (stage dancers take tops off on 2nd song)The bathroom lade (mom) has a good selection of necessities and keeps the bathroom super clean. On the nights that are more low-key, we go to the champagne room and order steak and eggs at the private bar. Food is better than you can expect at a strip club.I like it, and I’ll be back to support my clients at least once a week! come join me πŸ˜‰

  115. Rob P.

    All bullshit aside, I am not a fan of strip clubs. Why should I pay a bunch of money to have a girl pretend to like me? I can probably count the number of times I’ve been to a strip club on my hands (yes, hands, so 6-10 for you math majors!)Anyway, I had friends in town from NYC for a bachelor party, and they wanted to go to the Rhino. I’m a local, so I get in free, so I figured I’d join them for an overpriced beer and good conversation. We went on a Friday night at 8pm, and the ratio seemed like 3 girls to every guy in the building. Great ratio if you’re into that sort of thing, but it was a little annoying to not be able to have a conversation with my friends without being interrupted.I made it clear to the girls that I’m a local and they’re likely not getting money out of me. Some moved on to other guys who they could make a buck off of, and that’s fine. But a couple of the girls stayed and talked and were actually pretty chill.The quality of the women here is pretty damn high, and after talking with a few of them, some of them are pretty cool and normal. I see now why every guy says this is the best strip club in town, as I can’t disagree.

  116. Steven S.

    Most of the dancer/entertainers there are very hot 9/10s. If they are below your standards in the looks department, check your wallet ID, you might be Tom Brady or John Mayer. Most were pretty friendly and easy going, but they are world class hustlers, so keep your guard up to some degree.I went there on a busy weekend on a Saturday night for a few hours and we did manage to find a seat after 20 minutes of searching. It was loud and not a relaxing atmosphere. I had a pretty good time though.

  117. Karen Y.

    Pull up in a cab… Tell them we want a table with bottle service… Still get charged $33 a person… Turned around and spent out $$$ elsewhere.. Be consistent on your policies of how you arrive for cover with the limo situation. You just lost out on a couple who was going to drop 700-900K… We will take our money elsewhere

  118. Crystal C.

    Used to go here for lunch when I worked near it. Let’s just say it was more a draw of the $3.99 burger, fries and a beer special than the girls because – oh wow – those afternoon girls were not the cutest. They were eager though and we were definitely….enetertained is a good word for it. The burger special is totally worth it. Not the best burger and fries in the land, but top it off with a beer and make it $4 and I’m not going to complain.Who in the world reviews the food at a topless bar? Oh, me. Right.

  119. bob
  120. patrick o.

    What do you mean I can’t sleep? I’m freaking tired, its 5 AM and my friends won’t let me leave! You’re freaking girls won’t even let me go to the Bathroom without getting harassed for a dance. Yes there a ton of girls there and the ratio is almost 2/1. You had just better to lay down some dough for a freaking place to sit. I guess you can’t do Vegas on a Friday night and expect to be quick and painless. ***Disclaimer*** If I went here with you, its not you, its somebody else, so if your significant other is reading this, it wasn’t him.And please….please don’t fall in love with the strippers. Even if they give you their number, unless you’re a member of the Lakers, they are not going to call back. ITS THEIR FREAKING JOB TO BE NICE!

  121. Henry Jackson

    Last time I was there I got most of my fist up a dancer’s cunt. Was this the club mentioned in the movie “Matchstick Men”?

  122. jones


  123. John L.

    I love art in all forms–paintings, sculpture, poetry, song, and dance. I am a “FIRM” believer in supporting artists because they try to tell us a story–through their eyes. On Saturday, my friend and I stuffed our faces with bacon wrapped hot dogs at Echo Park for Javier’s Bacon Wrapped Goodness UYE. Afterwards, we had nothing to do and thought why not go out and support our starving artists–it’s all about giving back. Lets go to Vegas!!Service – Woohoo! As good as it gets! + soft and silky skinCleanliness – AmbiguousPrice – Enough!Seafood – Yes, some people refer it to that.Meats – Yes, yes, yes!!Vegetables – I think this costs extra.Dessert – Yes it is.Fruits – Forbidden fruit?What was ordered:”Stoner” ($20.00) – Woohoo! As good as it gets! (5 stars) – This Anglo artist told me that she works better inebriated. I was interested enough to purchase her body of work for my friend–who was also inebriated. As Stoner revealed her art, she yelled out “And they are all natural!!” I am “technically” a doctor since I was a Biological Science major as an undergrad and I have some expertise in human anatomy. The mammary were indeed natural and quite a stunning pair.”Ms. Foodie” ($20.00) – Woohoo! As good as it gets! (5 stars) – This Asian artist hails from Arizona and is a recent transplant to Las Vegas. Her and I had a thorough conversation regarding food. She loves food trucks because the food is so tasty, cheap, and is convenient in her line of work. “The Foodie” also loves breakfast and a big fan of dumplings. She loves to dance to Trance music. Her body of art is all natural and very inspiring–Frida Kahlo would love her work.”Frisco” ($20.00) – Woohoo! As good as it gets! (5 stars) – “Frisco” is from the Norcal region–San Jose to be exact. I told her I went to school in Sacramento. “Frisco” found it amusing that Sacramento rhymed with Frisco. She chose the name Frisco because it sounded sexier than San Jose. She loves to dance to Trance music. Her body of work is all natural–and all so buttery smooth. “Frisco” told me she is selective with her clients–must be my innocent eyes. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to go find her later.”Brazil” ($20.00) – Woohoo! As good as it gets! (5 stars) – “Brazil” comes from the lovely country of Brazil. She loves soccer. I told her “Soccer?! You must mean “futbol.” She was very impressed that I knew that–Brazil told me that my name is spelled Joan in Brazilian–accent on the “a.” I asked her what is her favorite food in Brazil and she told me bbq meat–she goes back once a year. I am a giver so I purchased one of her bodies of art for my friend. She loves to dance to all kinds of music. I was too busy perusing Frisco’s catalog to notice whether Brazil’s art was natural or not.”Mexican Fusion” ($20.00) – Woohoo! As good as it gets! (5 stars) – The young and innocent Mexican Fusion is from Anaheim as well–lucky me. Her friend was putting on a show and invited her to come along this one night–she didn’t have to drive so tagged along. This artist is a fusion of Mexican and Spanish–her father is from Spain so she gets her light complexion and dark hair from him. My guess is that she got her body from her mother–lucky me. She also likes to dance to Trance music. Mexican Fusion’s body of art is all natural–lucky me.I can already imagine the responses to this review–“Where are the pictures, John?!” It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, however, I believe art needs to be experience face-to-face–in the moment. I strongly urge for all of you to go support your local artists! FYI – Art ain’t cheap!

  124. Devon V.

    Hands down the best gentleman’s club in Vegas! There are always plenty of ladies on the floor and when you’re there during prime hours it’s loaded with future ex-wives to entertain you. The drinks are moderately priced given the high end nature of this establishment as well. And to top it off, the food here is amazing! Next time you’re in town and hitting a place to eat skip Denny’s and IHOP and swing by Rhino. Nothing better than boobs ‘n’ burgers to wrap up the night!

  125. jake

    awful, rude dancers, go to ch2 or saphires

  126. Patrick

    HOT HOT HOT girls! Loved it!

  127. minxx sucks

    Don’t go to Minxx because they just filed bankruptcy so they won’t have to pay for all their bills they owe including all the bounced checks at the District Attorneys office. R&D are LOSERS and a JOKE. I allege they used money that should gone back into the club to buy cars, boats, boob jobs.

  128. Bob Johnson

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  129. Danny S.

    The lines and the prices here are rough! The girls are hot for sure but if you want to pay twenty bucks for a beer then be my guest. I think now we’re headed over to the sapphire to see how cool that is. I get that the alcohol is where they make most of their money but holly hell that’s a lot of loot to spend for a bottle of beer.

  130. Michael L.

    First off, the women are NOM NOM NOM. So fine. Much better than the other Rhinos I have been to (Santa Barbara and Oxnard).This place has a really weird feel to it. I felt like I was in a half-assed brothel. A bunch of chairs everywhere filled with fat dudes. About one out of every 10 chairs has a dude getting a lapdance from a topless girl. Which is cool, but how is she going to play with your chub in front of all of these fat people? Pretty noob. It actually kind of felt like a crack house except these girls were hot and they all had a full set of teeth. Pretty cool actually.And what is up with the Disneyland line for the VIP section in the back? The stripper was trying to hustle me into the VIP, which was fine because at that point I was down so much from gambling that I could not give a single F*** about how much I was going to blow at the Rhino. Anyways, the line was too long and I was like, “Nah dude… either you get a fast pass and figure this out or I’m out.” So I guess I was out… obv.This place is quality though. So many slam pieces. I love girls with daddy issues. God bless America.

  131. Tim

    This is an amazing club. I have never seen so many gorgeous women in one place in my life. I will be back.

  132. Seats

    Might be a great club, but having to fight for seats all night just isn’t worth it.

  133. Mark S.

    This should be a stop for everyone that goes to Vegas, at least for the first time you go there. I went here after a long night of clubbing and it was the perfect spot to unwind and just relax. I walked in, paid a $22 cover (weird number) and walked around and a girl asked if I wanted to sit down someplace and we did. I went to the Hundred Dollar room (highly recommended) and spent $100 for about 5-6 songs and unlimited drinks. Place was great for first time being at a strip club. You will spend tons of money there if you aren’t careful. Bring tons of cash and small denominations.

  134. EJay D.

    Two words. HOT and WOMEN.

  135. Michael W.

    Always call for the limo service free cover! just tip the driver…also happy hour was from 1pm-8pm…$3-4 drinks…other than that…the rest is up for u to decide if u like it or not…

  136. DexterRexter

    Had so much fun, staff was friendly and fast. Just very dark, but very attractive women and they did not disappoint.

  137. Bryan

    What a giant rip off. I’ve heard from a lot of people that this is the best strip club in Vegas. I went there when I was in town to check it out and paid way too much money $12.00 for watered down drinks. The girls were bitches and kept peddling $400 bottles so they could have a drink, and then they wanted me to pay over $400.00 to have a private dance. The girls were pushy bitches who didn’t look any better or worse than in other clubs, the drinks were way overpriced for the watered down stuff they served and the atmosphere seemed like everyone was on edge from the bouncers to the girls who just wanted to sell sell sell whatever they could. Dude, I just wanted to be entertained and relax for a while and have a few drinks. Never going back there. I decided I prefer the smaller more intimate clubs, the atmosphere is almost always more laid back, the girls are less pressured and the drinks cost less. The Rhino SUCKS!

  138. Chanel C.

    HOTTEST, AND I MEAN HOHOHHOOTTET, STRIPPERS I HAVE EVER SEEN. i usually like my strippers a little more acrobatic, but i cant complain…they are smokin’. and c’mon, people! DON’T COME HERE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING SCAMMED!! hustlin’ is part of their job. AND BOYS, don’t come here with no money to blow, and then cry about not having a good time. go change your tampon, take a midol, and enjoy yourself.

  139. maxxy1

    I had a bad time at this place. But I have to tell the truth: plenty of gorgeous girls to look at. That’s about the only good thing here. I did not appreciate the fact that they’ll give you a free limo ride to the place, but not a free limo ride back to your hotel. I *walked* back when I had had enough, thank you very much.They let in way too many people – the place was horribly crowded at 2am, as crowded as any nightclub I’ve ever been to in L.A., where it’s practically standing-room-only, where you really have to fight your way through the crowd, like a school of salmon fighting their way upriver to spawn.The club is nicely-designed – if it were less crowded it would have been a pleasure to explore all the many different nooks and crannies. There appear to be a wide variety of different VIP rooms and there are lots of provisions for group parties. But as crowded as it was, it seemed that there were people waiting in line – strippers standing next to their clients – for spaces to do lap dances in. That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. And it was a struggle just to get a drink at the bar. You couldn’t sit anywhere, and you couldn’t stand hardly anywhere because asshole bouncers were flashing their damn flashlights at you to get you to move along, like cops at a traffic accident.Also, as crowded as the place was, in spite of the cleaning staff’s diligent efforts, the place had a dirty feel to it.The other thing is that there are a lot of “civilians” at this place – men with their dates, or even groups of single girls dressed up for a night of clubbing. I dunno about this. If this is the new cool place for party people to hang out, okay. I really don’t understand it. If I am out with a special lady, I want to focus my attention on her. But that’s besides the point of this review. I do honestly think that these people detract from the strip club experience. I go to these places because I actually want to meet strippers and get lap dances from one stripper that I like the most that night.I have to say I have no sympathy for anyone who lets themself get ripped off at a strip club while intoxicated. That kind of thing you only happens when you bring it upon yourself. Never sign a charge slip you don’t agree with! Don’t let them push you around! And don’t be dumb: you probably shouldn’t get drunk off your ass and then show up at a place like this. It’s called a gentlemen’s club, so act like it.I’d say the only good reason to go here would be for a bachelor party or some other group activity, where you just want to ogle beautiful women but don’t really want to talk to them or get lap dances. This place is not a comfortable place for that.

  140. Ricky

    Best high end (high dollar) club in town. Best looking girls in town (but maybe even too many of them, unless you like to hear “wanna dance?” every 21.3 seconds. I like this club best after 5 am. Earlier in the night, I like either Penthouse, Mile High, Sapphires, or Scores.

  141. Nikkie D.

    When I first got here I was asked by door security where I was going, lol, I said inside the club, they said I needed a guy with me so I told them I actually was male (I’m transsexual) and said I had a penis, so then they let me in and I met some hot young girl who gave me two lap dances. An experience I’ll never forget, it was nice inside, clean, and was packed full of people and. I’ll be back! Thank you guys.

  142. Irina K.

    This place tips people off when they are drunk. Why would you take advantage of drunk people, or wait maybe they are the one to put some “low key drugs” into the drink which is why some customers don’t remember?Go elsewhere, as this place doesn’t help with relaxing as at the end of a day you get ripped off! STAY AWAY! Try Club Paradise.

  143. Amanda T.

    This place was pretty awesome. The girls are beautiful and exotic. I was with a large group and we all agreed that Persephone was our favorite. Her fun, outgoing personality lit up the room just as much as her talent for dance. Definitely a must see Vegas hot spot πŸ™‚

  144. cali
  145. honest

    money sucks now

  146. Joseph A.

    I’ve gone here about once or twice a year for about 7 years. The girls are great, but I was just there last weekend and while I was fine with $100 for a private dance, I was shocked by the $46 price tag for two drinks. I might show up again in the future if I’m dragged there, but I’m definitely never getting a private ever again.

  147. Vacationer

    First visit and won’t be the last.

  148. Anne T.

    free limo ride. no cover. got my first lap dance. it was a pretty good night!

  149. mathewater12

    Top of the line women. Only negative is as soon as you walk in the door the girls are on you. They pick you before you can pick who you want. It would’ve been nice to just come in check out the dancers and then if i wanted special attention, i would pick the gal. They will push for that private room dance too and if you do it, it will cost you a grip. But, you are allowed to do way more in the private area then you can in most clubs.

  150. Victoria G.

    Tip the door guy $60 and you get a table like 3 feet away from all the buttz.

  151. chief

    Worst strip club experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been to clubs across the south, the midwest, and west and this was the worst experience. I won’t say its the “worst club” but the worst experience. The dancers were pretty and there were many of them. The place was clean. The atmosphere and attitude of the girls was ridiculous. I always go to clubs with a girl or two and like to get table dances for the girls. The girls at this club refused to dance for girls and when I said I was just going to chill a bit then one of the dancers said, “well, we’ll have to see what the bouncer thinks about you not buying a dance.” ……Seriously???!! What the hell?!? If you like to waste your money on some stuck-up average bitches, then go here.

  152. To rookie

    You are indeed a rookie. You don’t need to conversate in order to receive a good dance. It has NOTHING to do with anything. In reality it’s just a waste of time. Dancers will give the same exact dance to customers even she doesn’t say a word as she would with someone she chats with for hours. You want to know why it’s so crowded? It because of groups like yours that spend so much time talking. If everyone cut out the chatting and just went in to get dances, it wouldn’t be as crowded because people wouldn’t hang out as long.

  153. Mike L.

    Simply the best one in Vegas.No matter why you are going here or how many people you have, MAKE SURE TO CALL TO ARRANGE FREE LIMO PICKUP. It’s free for 1 person or 30 people and they will let you in through the back FREE of charge. Don’t bother paying the cover. This is a great way to go.

  154. Brent R.

    Okay, This club is amazing, This is by far one of the best topless clubs I have been to. I took my wife and they let us in for free. ( I think it is normally $30) so that was the first plus. Dancer in the clubs were almost all 9s – 10s, and the dancers were not pushy. The club had lots of females ( not dancers girls their for the show). My wife had an amazing time and we will be returning. If you are looking for a club that is couples friendly I would highly recommend this club. All of the dancer were more than happy to hang out with us and dance with me and my wife. This club lost points because the drinks are WAY over priced two drink $26. dance price were not bad at $20.. *** Just a Tip AVOID the private VIP dances they are not worth the money. Floor dances are $20 per song, were a VIP dance is $100 for only 3 songs and it is only semi private and you are required to buy 2 drinks in the VIP area, so your $100 dollar vip is really $125 for three dances where on the floor you can get six dances for that price.**

  155. Trevor D.

    How pitiful is a strip club that doesn’t have enough seats? The idea is we need a lap to receive dances, right? The bouncers sell the seats.I am angry because there are a ton of strip clubs in Las Vegas, this is the most poorly run that I have attended.

  156. larry1

    Good club… Beautifully laid out… Also has good rotation of girls so clients can take there pick of girls for company while visiting.

  157. Stephanie W.

    Zero stars if i could. I came in with one Vegas bigwig, his wife and their friend from Huntington Beach. We spent THOUSANDS. This place will push girls you don’t want on you because those are the girls who tip the bouncers the most and party with them afterwards. They are also the ones with the fakest parts and personalities.They will charge $20 for a water and drain your wallet for terrible service. This place is elbow to elbow overcrowded and overpriced. The champagne rooms are claustrophobic and be prepared to wait in line for 30-60min to even get into the vip if you don’t reserve a champagne room beforehand.There are other clubs in Vegas with more appreciative staff and less pretension.

  158. danielson

    I would never pay for entry into this place. We went Friday night (around midnight) and the strippers were so boring on the pole we left around 2. One girl was literally just posing on stage, while another old stripper was just jumping up and down and calling it a dance. I gave her $4 because I honestly didn’t know she was dancing for me and she definitely didn’t deserve $20, which I even said to her face. I’m actually surprised I didn’t get kicked out because I saw her report me to her manager (pimp) for not paying to watch her epileptic episode. Yea, the girls are that bad, but it’s free entry so you get what you pay for. I’d take little darlings any day.Hint if you do go: any pretty girls just walk around. There’s a good ratio of ugly to pretty girls but regardless they’re all lifeless. I’m telling you, just go to little darlings instead.

  159. timmykilla

    The best gentleman’s club in the US . It looks like a high end night club . It’s one long story with no upstairs . It has the best looking women working there and the most professional staff . On the weekends it usually has around 300 women working and most are a 8 or higher . I am spoiled and treated well by the great staff that works there . Call them in advance to pick you up at your hotel and they will promptly pick you up and take you to club for free with no cover . This saves you around $40 as you skip the cover charge. If you drive yourself to club you have topay cover . The women are a wide variety of shapes and sizes . The club is expanding to make it even larger . Prepare for a packed house between 12 -3 am then it starts to thin out . Don’t waste your time going to other places . The girls are by far the best here . Ask for Lapriel whoIs a great cocktail waitress in the back where I always sit . Very sweet and kind . John or Mike the managers are the best . The food is even great here . I have been here at least 15 times over the last 4 years and the quality of women is still very high . Emerald and Lani are stunning dancers and both are very sweet and professional . Could go on and on about how great this club is .

  160. Whatever

    What state are you from that has more than 400 girls that could pose for Playboy working at the same time on Friday nights. There is currently no strip club in any state that has more hot girls than the Rhino. It’s pricey for the customers, the girls pay big house fees (so they are in a hurry to make up ground). However, I still rate this place a 10 because of all the fine, fine, hot, hot, hot girls.

  161. J C.

    I went because I had friends in town who wanted to go. This is only the second gentlemen’s club I’ve ever been to. It was very crowded but I got in for free so I can’t complain. It was very dark so I couldn’t tell if the girls were hot. The best part was the drink weren’t crazy expensive compared to the last place I went to. I can’t comment on the girls cause I’m hypochondriac so I don’t get lap dances and they kinda gross me out.

  162. Corey H.

    The girls are so friendly! And the ATM dispenses cash so fast! So fast! Those two features alone make this spot, well, detrimental to my financial well being. That and my girlfriend helping me exploit both for the sake of our guests.

  163. Ben

    I was there with a buddy on 11/15/07. Wall to wall babes, we hardly had time to breathe. My knee was sore from so many sitting on my lap. Although I see comments to the contrary, I think that the floor laps were just as good if not better than the 3lap/$100 in the “private” booths. I tried both. I say “private” because they are crammed next to each other, there really is no privacy. I had a few babes on the floor laps basically instructing me to grab their tight asses and squeeze to my satisfaction. In some cases, my hand was so high I felt the razor bumps. Quite a few grabbed my package on the floor as well. The thing I liked about this place the most was the quantity and variety. Asian, eastern european, dumb blonde, black, you name it they were all there. I’m going again next time I’m in town.

  164. Brad T.

    Personally, this is my favorite topless “ballet” in Las Vegas. The girls are friendly, no cover charge for locals and all my friends enjoy going with me. The only knock I have against this place, is that the drinks are a tad bit more expensive then I figured they would be. (Yes I know this is Vegas, it is a high end ballet and they have a captured audience) Short of that though, this place kicks ass!

  165. Madison

    I worked at this place for a little while. All the girls blow coke and smoke weed in the dressing room like its their job. You got pregnant bitches and fat asses working here plus every girl is sucking cock for ten bucks. This place has a bunch of ugly ass females who look like fucking transvestites. The only good people here are the bartenders and waitresses.

  166. Jessica

    It’s hard to make money at SR on the weekends because guys come in the club expecting to fuck. They will not buy you a drink or a dance. Everything is for a low rate. The average looking woman here in Las Vegas make all the money. The management needs to get rid of these fat, old, crack head dancers. some are even pregnant. Most females get stuck on the 3am shift; because the management will not hire them for a normal shift. so they dont bother coming back; it’s insulting if you get hired for a crappy shift and some pregnant crackhead is working the night shift and not everyone can work the 3am shift. Some people go to school fulltime; and have a family to raise.

  167. Nick K.

    Please note: This is a strip club, which automatically drops the review to three stars. I could name a hundred less depressing ways to spend my money in Vegas, but I won’t. Instead, I will share a few important things about the elusive Spearmint Rhino:- Free limo service from the strip. The limo is classy but sketchy (jet black with a small silver rhino slapped on the side) and the driver looks like a pro wrestler on roids (aka if you act stupid in the club, he can and will murder you).- The space is huge. I think we walked through four or five rooms before arriving at our “table”. Someone mentioned that 300 girls work here every night and, after seeing the size of this place, I believe it.- Be prepared to spend. The drinks and “dances” are expensive, as expected, but what irks me are the service charges and ATM fees. Try to avoid these at all costs.- Bathroom attendants. Again, this is expected but by gawd do I hate them.In summary, if money and dignity are of no concern to you, then pack your wallet full of cash and get on the next available limo. If not, then find a more family-friendly money pit on the strip.

  168. fisherdex1

    Went with some newly turned 21 year olds and the bouncer at the door told me I clearly wasn’t the person in my ID & gave me a tude.I get places have issues with younger ones trying to go in and everything– but let me assure you just because my hair is parted differently and I’m wearing glasses and more make up doesn’t make me NOT the person in my picture. You don’t have to give me an attitude about it… And shit I was the oldest in the group too! Haven’t been 21 years old for a good number of years now.

  169. Meagan Burroughs

    Best ever!

  170. Keith aka Bill

    Enough, what is the point of all your posts which are completely false.

  171. B Man

    dudes, coming from a strip club veteran who has been to the best all over the country-this club fuckin’ rules….hot chicks EVERYWHERE. Good friction lap dances highly depend on the dancer. I had one chick jerk me off and this wasn’t even in the VIP area. But again, it depends on the chick. We went on Tues, Weds, and Thurs nights and it was SLAMMED with people but the ratio was still great. I just could not believe the amount of chicks there-and not just fillers..smokin’ hot chicks. It is waaaaay expensive but, hey, that’s the deal in Vegas.

  172. Manton R.

    Ok, first of all, what is all the hype about for the Spearmint Rhino? I’ve been to quite a few strip clubs in my lifetime and this one is at the bottom of the list. I’ve never been to a strip club which didn’t even peak my interest! I would never want to go to Spearmint Rhino AGAIN! Why? Read the following . . .So my friends and I entered in the establishment with my hopes up high since I’ve heard such great things. We had to check in our cameras at the door, which is understandable. Once we walked in, there is a bar to the left with a small stage. Instead of making a left, you can go straight forward and there is a large stage with a bar to the right. If you go further down the room, there is another bar with a few small stages. Here’s why I would never want to go there again!The girls there are not that attractive (or at least as attractive as I thought they would be), the venue is almost pitch black (which makes it more difficult to determine whether a girl is hot or not), there is a “western saloon” feel to the place, no neon lights (which is a standard for great strip clubs), absurdly over-crowded, you have to pay to sit in a chair (yes, you heard me right, you have to pay to sit down) and you will have a bouncer that will constantly bug you that you have to keep on walking and there is no standing allowed! WTF is up with that? I have been to slummy strip clubs such as Garden of Eden in SF and I’d rather go there than Spearmint Rhino. I would not go to Spearmint Rhino again! The only reason why I didn’t give them the whole one star review was because the girls weren’t that bad looking. I say 70% of the girls were cute. If the Hustler Club in SF had those girls in their club, I would be homeless. As Martha Stewart says, “It’s a good thing.”

  173. Eric J.

    My club sandwich was a little heavy on the mayo and while the bacon wasn’t bad (is there such thing?) it was clearly of the microwaveable variety. I’m not exactly complaining because I definitely ate the whole thing with a quickness but honestly.. in a place filled with women, I would have thought that sandwiches would be their specialty or something (kidding).

  174. Jmn


  175. Overrated

    Rhino might be the best in Vegas but it’s NOTHING compared to strip club in other states.

  176. Nicole K.

    girls were pretty. but i was overcharged on both drinks i bought. had a great time until i looked at my accounts!so pissed!

  177. andre w.

    Ok, I have been to the Rhino many many times and last Sat night was by far the best looking group of girls ever! They must have had a talent show or they are getting good at stealing girls from other places… Hey the economy is bad… oooooohhhhh

  178. To Bman

    Does Bman stand for Bullshit man?

  179. Barry C.

    The good:The girls- no fatties or uglies here, all very nice from what I saw.Free limo ride- just call them up and bam, we had a free limo ride there in 20 minutes, plus they comp cover.The bad: the girls straight up lied to me, hired two girls for 30 minutes in the private room for my wife for $400 bucks, besides the lies every time the action got good the pencil necked manager would walk in and say girls, careful now! Lame. Overall its a nice place but bring your wallet and bend over and don’t expect too awful much no matter what you are told.

  180. Str8 2 the Point

    No club even Vegas even comes remotely close to the Rhino. They have everyone beat hands down in dancer quality and dancer quantity. What else do you want?

  181. Tim T.

    Don’t judge me. Judge these ladies…. If this is your cup of tea – coming from a Vegas local, I would easily say these strippers are the most beautiful in Vegas. Ps. The wings and Philly cheese steak ain’t bad either.

  182. To Sam aka Ray

    Nice try, retard. Why is Sam’s IP address also the IP address that has rated Talk of the Town with 10s over and over and over again. Don’t mess with a techie, retard. You are Ray…I know you are, and you do too.

  183. real
  184. Anh D.

    i don’t really have much to compare spearmint rhino to, except a shady strip club in a strip mall where there was a party going on. less stripper-ish more raver-ish.i was somehow convinced to come here by a friend during magic(clothing convention). i didn’t realize the spearmint rhino was a strip club till we got there. so all of the buddies were there getting lappies and they suggested i got one as well. i wasn’t really into it, but one of my friend spayde decided to buy me one. he picked out a brunette who’s boobs were WAY too big(of course they were fake). but she did a nice job of giving me a lappie anyway. it was my first lappie.spearmint rhino had maybe 30% hotties and 70% not so hotty (at least in the dim light). though, when i saw these “hotties” in the bathroom, i was surprised to see the stretch marks and butter faces. maybe my trip to the bathroom ruined it for me.

  185. Diana H.

    It was 5:30am, on the strip club circuit in vegas…we end up at the rhino…it was free for us because we were with locals. Girls were beautiful, the place was packed. They have LOTS of girls working at this place. All limos parked out front waiting for all the coked up bachelors’ and high rollers to finish gettin c**k teased. Girls were not really friendly to other girls, These women mean business & they’re pros. at bein ho’s I mean “dancers”, they seem to know whos got money to spend & they are like vultures. i think I saw one stripper that was close to being 60-70 with a bangin body…They have a stage where there are girls dancing, open area with everyone all together, it was like a orgy with your clothes on. If you want to spend lots of money & hang out with hot strippers that are fake this is the spot for you.

  186. Mike G.

    Best strip club in Vegas because:1. Two minutes from the Strip2. Evil Vampire Barbies galore3. wood paneling! and framed paintings! oh my4. Very Russian mafia, but clean cut rich russian mafia at least5. free taxi ride, but remember you can’t take these toys home with you

  187. Fatty A.

    Way better than San Francisco strip clubs.

  188. adamrod

    This is probably one of the better gentleman clubs in vegas. Always lots of girls on the floor but can get a bit crowded. So i try to stop by every once in awhile…

  189. Edgar L.

    Always a good time at the Rhino !

  190. Charlie

    Had a great time. I did spent some money but it was worth it. The service was excellent. The girls were hot, including the waitresses. I definitely will return on my next trip to Vegas!

  191. Chad L.

    I don’t know if I am the person you want to ask about strip clubs, because they are just not my thing. My friend and I went to Vegas on a whim and he wanted to go to a strip club because he had never been to one. The cab driver recommended the Spearmint Rhino and got us in on a discount $10 each cover because he had it in with the owner. We went in on a weekday evening. It was dark and crowded, my friend went to get us some drinks and we were invited to a special V.I.P. viewing platform. The two Jack on the rocks were $20 each and they were heavily watered down. Once we were seated two young blonde women approached us and began to talk to us about whether or not we wanted to talk. I had previously filled in my friend that this would lead to them asking to provide him with a lap dance and instructed him to tell them kindly that he didn’t want any company. We both dismissed our visitors and I sat sipping my watered down drink until my cohort had soaked in the surroundings. He watched and whispered about how funny it was to see the man in the front row have a woman’s crotch rubbed all up in his face. Eventually he decided that he found none of the women attractive and that he was not thrilled about the experience. I told him when he finished his drink we could leave and so we did. We paid the coat check on the way out and went to dinner. All and all this place was not the great slice of heaven it was made out to be. CHAD

  192. Kaci W.

    DO NOT USE YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!! First of all, these people charge for girls which is a joke and second of all they charged my card $200 when it was only supposed to be $44!! Fuck this place. Sucks for them because my bank knew it was fraud!

  193. Scott

    Had a great time, out for a conference and decided to stop by. Would suggest going to vip room over a single dance, more private and relaxing. Gorgeous women, some really caught my eye… Sahara, Angelina, Angeline (funny both blonde)… and chocolate something. Took some back for some vip fun and had a great time. Highly reccommend it!

  194. Dana S.

    Spearmint Rhino was my very first strip club experience, and an experience it was. I ventured there with friends on a Saturday around 12:30am. The cover charge was $20 but it included two complimentary drinks. Once we were inside the place was PACKED. You had to fight your way through a sea of people (mainly men) to go anywhere. Unless you had VIP reservation sitting down was simply not an option. The club was extremely dark but that did not stop me from admiring its classy design. We grabbed our drinks and just decided to walk around and explore. The majority of my high rating stems from the girls. They were all incredibly hot. And this is coming from a girl.. I read a review below of some girl saying the strippers were busted and she couldn’t pick out a single attractive one. This is pure BS!! This club allowed me to be SUPER picky and still have a great selection of girls. I had two lap dances. First lap dance was my very first ever and she was picked by a friend, cute girl, very friendly but not my ideal type. Nevertheless it was fun, I was drunk. She asked me not to be shy and grabbed my hands on her breast as I awkwardly stroked them. It was a fun experience. We somehow ended up with Spearmint Rhino Tshirts..I don’t know.I also read below that the bouncers were assholes and rude which initially made me leary of going there. But I must say that no one in there was rude to us.Yes, the drinks are watered down an expensive. Come drunkYes, it is incredibly packed on busy nights, so expect to stand around a lot unless you’re VIP or buying dances.Yes, some girls will refuse a regular dance and insist she only does VIP. Cool, good thing there are 100 other girls in the club just like you.Yes, if you act like an idiot or harass the stripper the bouncers will kick you out.I liked the variety of the girls, friendly attitude of most of the girls and the fact that they all seemed couple/girl friendly. I will definitely be going back for other special occasions and would highly suggest this place to anyone looking to go to a gentlemen’s club. It will spoil you, however, and most other clubs simply won’t live up to the standard.

  195. Jennifer N.

    LOTS of girls to choose from at this strip club. and, it’s extremely dark in there, so it makes the girls look even better. TIP: to save $30, call the club for a limo to pick you up at your hotel, and you’ll get in for free.

  196. Angelo B.

    I’ve only been here once and it was for my own bachelor party. I wasn’t even able to look for dancers they were sent to me by friends, as were the drinks. So I have no complaints on my end. I’m not giving this place 3 stars though cause I had friends tell me the drinks were kinda expensive $7 Cornona, cmon now…I did have one friend saying as he left, “But dude I think she really likes me….” Yeah they’re pretty good at hustling a buck there haha.

  197. Beau S.

    Well I was told it was the best in town and I had to check it out. Great happy hour and great layout. The bouncers arent d-bags like other place. A ton of unreal hot girls!! The girls attitudes were 50/50. About half were really aggressive and agry if you didnt want a dance and would talk shit if you said no. However the other half were smart and spent 10-20 minutes talking before they went in for the negotiating. I dropped over $400 in 4 hours but well worth it. I will brink out of town friends here for sure.

  198. Jen T.

    What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas…Lets just say me + one hot brazilian stripper = a night I’ll never forget.

  199. smuckers


  200. To Jake

    I agree it is probably the best in Vegas, but nothing compared to other clubs in other states. Vegas strip clubs standards are pretty low now days, so it doesn’t take much to be the best in Vegas.

  201. Yvonne L.

    There must’ve been around 80-100 girls on a mellow Monday night. Some of them can’t dance and others are extremely skilled. One piece of advice, the prettiest ones don’t “work” as hard because they don’t have to. I found the hottest girl in the club for my man (he likes a girl with a nice booty, preferably asian or mix), but he said she gave him a bad lap dace. Boo. my girl was great though! the softest skin and most natural fake boobs i’ve ever felt. and she gave me a kiss on the neck after the dance which was sweet.

  202. Kevin N.

    Came here for my 21st birthday and this was awesome! Bubbles really took care of me. Highly suggest her if you want to leave happy.

  203. Colbys

    Would give -stars if possible. Where do I even start…I am a Bachelor/eye Coordinator for the largest hospitality group in Las Vegas. I am constantly referring groups to Strip clubs (guys and girls). Rhino has always been my favorite. Never had a problem and always had a good time until tonight. I received a text from my trusted industry Freind: saying Rhino is doing a deal $44 limo to and from, expedited entry, 2 premium drinks per person. Great deal right? I get 6 of us girls to agree to spend them money ( + the $400 in ones they brought) Get to rhino in the limo, which was a blast tip the guy +20 bucks, drops us right in front. We are able to each pay $54 dollars at sapphires for the deal we are told above (of course once we get there it is $10 more) no problem with the girls they still have money to blow. 1.5 hours later NONE of us have drinks. The girls haven’t even acknowledge our presence. We proceeded to leave because at the door we are told to talk to no man because we will get kicked out for trying to get money from them (are you Effin kidding me?)I try to speak with the manager ED, who proceeds to tell me. Oh that’s the way it is. You $44 is the limo deal, after the girl in the cage happily took our more and over charging. BULLSHIT! Wednesday night and we get discriminated because we are women! (I understand if it’s a Busy Friday) but We had more money to spend then the trucker getting a lap dance for $20. I WILL NEVER SEND ANY CLIENTS HERE NOR FRIENDS. The service was just embarrassing for a Wednesday night, as well as speaking with management. Never again. So embarrassing to bring freinds and be treated the way we were treated $44 for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Lost all business as well as personal reference, I will send them somewhere where my clients no matter what sex they are will be appreciated by clients.

  204. Zodric

    This is the best strip club I have ever been to. A lot of the girls are from California and are just in town to make a little extra money. They don’t let fat girls work here after 6pm. I think the place is open 24 hours. They were offering free limo rides from hotels on the strip that included free admission to the club when I was there. You can get lap dances from internet models and Hawaiian Tropic bikini pageant contestants. The first time I went there, I was greeted by a girl in leopard print lingerie who helped me find a table and talked to be for a while. Eventually, she got around to asking if I wanted to get a dance from her. Of course, I said yes because she was a 10. What else would you go to a strip club for?

  205. 1 Piss Off Dancer

    If you won’t to make $$ here don’t come this club is so saturate with girls & there not all that pretty they have the worst attiude maybe everyone is so Piss off because of the way the Management treats them like Dirty they forget if the girls weren’t there. There Ass wouldn’t have a Damn Job Fuck the Rhino Hope This Place Get’s Shut Down!!!

  206. Ayumi S.

    I can’t really give 2 stars because..I’ve never experienced better as it was my first time going to a strip club. WHY did I go to a strip club? It was one of my best girl friend’s birthdays..& she thought it’d be awesome to go to one. I was a little hesitant about it. Didn’t think I’d be spending my time in Vegas lookin at T&A for a whole Friday night lol. We got a booth for the night, price unsure, but they brought us a bottle or 2 of Crown Royal with soft dranks on the side.They were definitely playing them jams which I liked. Did I enjoy my time? Not really.Would I go again? Probably not.I just find it to be a slightly sad atmosphere.

  207. harryharry

    Overrated sums it upSapphires or Olympic gardenWay better then this tourist trap.

  208. Doc

    I have been to clubs all over the country and I can honestly say this was by far the worst yet. My fiance and I went Tuesday night. Every girl that approached us gave us a hard sell even when we told them we’re not interested. When we did finally go for a dance with Daytona/Erica she cut our time short when she was told 10 min left she got dressed and showed us the door. Another lady tried to lift my wallet during a lap dance. STAY AWAY

  209. Gamal H.

    It starts of shady, but gets better over time.She decided we should to go to a strip club for lunch (yes, my life is awesome). After a couple of vague phone calls, an Escalade came to the hotel to pick us up. After a short trip near the Wynn that included a discussion about everything from Vegas rain to the driver’s collection of firearms, we were taken to the back of the club and hustled into a cave that Batman would get lost in. It was so dark I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to tell the dancers from the bouncers. We sat down with one foot out the door.Then a dancer came up to us in the inevitable ‘hey how you guys doin?’ kind of way. I thought she’d jump right into her pitch when she sat down, but she didn’t. She wound up talking to us for about 30 minutes. The conversation wasn’t annoying, high pressure or weird. She was just a girl in a bikini who was hanging out (because that happens all the time). I decided to get a dance from her ten minutes into the convo but by the time we got around to that (after we had three rounds of happy hour drinks, lunch and saw our new friend tear up the pole) I got two dances I got two dances for my partner. It was a great time overall, even if it wasn’t the typical strip club experience. Keep in mind that if you go at night or on a weekend you’re not going to get that kind of extended attention. The tempo of the room will make that impossible. Also, our experience was with one lady. I can’t speak for everyone else, so your experience may vary.

  210. Lindsey G.

    Yep I’ll admit it – I had a fantastic time here.The layout is very cabaret-esque which is so much sexier than the euro-club setting at Sapphire. I was lucky enough to get a seat right up next to the stage and the dudes who dragged me there were buying me dances all night. FYI ladies – the girls have no problem getting up close and personal when you don’t have a dick, so be prepared.The dancers here are just RIDICULOUS – I was so impressed with their yoga/acrobat/cirque de soleill/sex goddess moves all I could think was “how can I do that!?” At one point I’m pretty sure I saw one doing a one-armed push up in a full split – WHAT!? If Spearmint started their own fitness class I’d be signing up immediately…just sayin’Next time you’re in Vegas and it’s 4am, take a break from the tables and hit up the Rhino – you won’t regret it.

  211. lamar

    I was a kid in a candy shop, plenty of sexy ladies I loved it, my first time but not the last.

  212. To strip club vet

    Rhino is NOT “dark” unless your wearing sunglasses or have a hard time seeing things. Sapphire isn’t even on the same level as the Rhino.

  213. Norman R.

    Glitter, sequins, booze. No, not a drag show, it’s a titties bar! This review is different. Why? Because I’m a gay boy that went to the Spearmint Rhino. Haha.The free VIP limo ride totally set the bar for it being my first titties bar. This service fosters a big ass thumbs up. Makes you feel like royalty. Pretty much the only way a princess like me would roll to a club like this. Gay guy approved.I only learn all my booty bouncing, ass shaking, and pole working skills from the best. Thanks ladies, I’m totally using that single leg wrap around move at the gay bar next time.Bachelor party status. That’s why I was here. I got offered a lap dance, I warned the girl she’s probably not going to get a boner out of me, she did her business, now I can safely say I love peen. Straight-guy debauchery, Ass, Tits, 36-24-36’s everywhere. I think this review has garnered a lot of explicit language.I’ll just sum it up with one phrase. “Hey cutie, you wanna party?”

  214. Re: Nic

    Why do coules need to be treated better? They should get treated the same way as everyone else. Another thing, if you want a dance it doesn’t hurt to get up and grab a dancer instead of waiting around.

  215. Dave J.

    Free limo p/u & no cover…this place gets you to paradise fast & easy! Great variety of ladies to choose: ratio is like 3 girls to 1 guy. I loved this joint. Went thurs night, & sat night arriving both times after midnight; not leaving till 3am! Just take your time, waiting for the right ladies to choose you. Best bet is to hit the 3 song extended 100$ deal…with a 20$ tip for bouncer….great adult fun time

  216. neguy
  217. Beth G.

    I took my best friend here the night before his wedding. We were set to go somewhere else but the guy at the cab stand suggested here instead. Well. The place is dark. I mean, DARK. We stumbled around for a bit trying to find a spot to sit. It was a Friday night and still relatively early so it wasn’t too crowded… which was a bummer because I would have enjoyed feeling my way, if you know what I mean. We weren’t in our seats 2 minutes before the vultures began descending. I dubbed the first girl “Skeletor”, not because of how rail thin she was, but because her cheeks were so sunken in, she looked like a toothless crack whore. I kid you not. Plus she looked to be about 50. I mean, the place was dark, but not SO dark that we couldn’t tell she was in no way attractive. We immediately began to question the steep cover charge. Let me interrupt myself here to comment on the cover charge. $50 a person! We later found out from a friendly girl that they check your ID’s first so they know if you’re an out-of-towner. Locals don’t get hit with the cover charge. Shame on you for that, SR. Back to the girls. Meh. Really. I can appreciate a lovely lady but we had to turn away girl after girl because of one thing or another. Like, they had great boobs but no butt. Or a great butt and no boobs. Perhaps that’s why it is so dang dark in this place? So discerning people can’t be quite so… discerning? Really, we were not impressed at all. Until…My friend went to use the bathroom. While he was in there, I spotted HER. I had to get up out of my seat and get her attention. She was the ONE girl who had “the entire package” and I knew my BFF would approve. She waited patiently for my friend to come back. When he did and saw her, I knew I picked the right girl. She was the only one we picked to dance for us that night. And she DID NOT disappoint. She is the ONLY reason this place gets the 3 stars from me. It was all made worth it when we returned to our hotel and my friend’s wife-to-be complained how my friend was smeared in lipstick and glitter from head to toe. She asked him to take a shower right away because “he smelled like cheap booze and cheap women”. Hey!! Those women were NOT cheap!!

  218. Philip M.

    What happens at the Rhino stays at the Rhino!that being said…1) Call for the complimentary Spearmint Rhino limo and you will also get your cover charge waived (do tip the driver though)2) Learn how to say NO to some of the dancers inside the club.3) If you really must insist using your credit card for stuff…you can purchase Rhino Chips for a 15% surcharge.

  219. John

    This club is the worst. The girls have really bad attitudes. Stay away from this club.

  220. felixnada

    Incredible. Amazing. Best place ever. Enough said.

  221. Mary P.

    Well, I don’t have much to compare it to, since this was the very first strip club I’ve ever gone to… but it was pretty damn memorable.My friends and I went here after midnight because my friend’s girlfriend turned 21 at midnight… but it was packed!!! We guessed it was because it was the last day of AVN.. meh.There weren’t any free seats, until about 20 to 30 mins of standing around and people watching… what else could I do? I have never seen so many exposed breasts in my life. We finally swooped on a row of couch seats and proceeded to get our smoke and drink on. No matter how many drinks I had, I could NOT get drunk in there. There were 4 guys and 2 girls (including me) in my group and we ALL had a great time. I only wished we were allowed to bring cameras in… haha.My boyfriend paid for my first 3 song lap dance. At first, I was like.. meh… but Yuki had the smoothest skin and a nice body. That was the first time I’ve ever cupped a woman’s boobs. It was great.

  222. Lisa A.

    I do believe they have the hottest girls here. All of them are good dancers! You got a free drink with the $44 cover fee, and lapdances are only $20. Some of the girls may have fake boobs but so what ! They are beautiful. This place is friendly to girls and couples and we will definitely come back again!Tip: bring enough cash the ATM charges us extra fees.

  223. Jamie G.

    First time going to a strip club and it WOULD be in Vegas. A shuttle/limo picked up my friends and I at our hotel. We only had to pay $5 for the ride and it was free to get in the strip club. We went around 2am and there was a lot of people for a late Sunday night/early Monday morning. We got seated right away and I didn’t know what to expect. Girls started coming to our table nonstop! Some were really pretty, not too bad. My friends got lap dances and I couldn’t stop staring. I wanted to slap their ass to be honest. I was amazed. It was a good experience for my first time and I’d definitely come back.

  224. fuckery12

    If you bring a girl, find Mitzi. She’s Colombia’s most addictive export! Calypso was nice, but boring. Good times overall.

  225. B M.

    I am an avid adorer of gentlemen clubs. Vegas drives me insane though with the need for a male with two females. As others have said do yourself a favor call the spot and get the free limo and cover charge. Tip your driver!!! ALWAYS tip your driver! Lap dances are $20…don’t forget to tip your dancer as well. The atmosphere is chill. I’m not sure why other reviews are saying girls are aggressive. I’ve never run into a situation where the girls were aggressive. I’ve been to a few strip clubs here in Vegas and must say the women at Spearmint Rhino are a better breed than any other spot in the city of sin.

  226. Thong Ace

    Lots and lots of dancers here on weekends…bound to find something you like…they mix in raunchy hip hop so you can enjoy your dances.

  227. ThatGuy

    The girls were really pushy. I think its because most of them are out-of-towners. I don’t mind spending money (in fact I live in the VIP) but if I get solicited seven times on the way to the shitter then something has to give. I didn’t see any girls trying to give it up like I did in places like Cheetahs, but this place does have some awesome looking girls that are nice enough to talk to. They will try to get you to buy them a drink which is total bullshit. I’m here to watch you get naked, not drunk. I will never go back due to the fact that the girls are so pushy.

  228. James B.

    I was completely cracked out my first time here….had a fun time. HOT chicks galore!

  229. kelly k.

    you know why i love being a girl going in to a strip club? girls like girls. thank you friend for buying me two lap dances, and thank you to me for buying myself one. my favorite was the first one i had—she was HOT, she was from hawaii, she was SOFT, and she was super nice πŸ˜€ if only i could remember her name! mystery girl from hawaii, i love you. a majority of the girls in there were pretty hot. a+ for only allowing pretty girls to work there. i really liked the vip lounge too. the bartenders are super nice, friendly, and helpful. look for jeremy and ask him to make you a good shot. there are some other girls behind the bar with tattoos that are super nice too. one other thing, they replace/empty the ashtrays like a fine dining restaurant refills your water. ninja style! me likey πŸ™‚

  230. Mia N.

    W-O-W-Z-E-R-Z!I received my first lap dance here and came to the conclusion that girls are very soft and smooth. It made me question my body lotion because when I touch myself, I certainly don’t feel that nice and smooth!Lesson learned: invest in more body lotion.

  231. Elizabeth L.

    Is it wrong for me to admit that I love strip clubs? As much as my husband? Maybe I just missed the pole when I was 21 and could have actually stripped/danced to put myself through college, LOL. That being said, SR is my, oops OUR second-favorite strip club in Vegas. Only second because it’s way too cramped. It’s a comfortable place for couples, although the dancers tend to pay more attention to the groups of men, perhaps not realizing that women are more than capable of dropping every bit as much cash as the guys. Not to mention that many ladies (and by that I mean ME) enjoy lap dances as much as their male companions…. Big plus: clean and attended ladies room where you can actually chat up the dancers in the light and invite them to stop by your table if you like. Although if you call ahead, they will in fact send a limo for you, I strongly suggest using your hotel’s town car/limo (the valet will hook you up) because using the club’s limo can be costly in the time department and you can end up sharing with people picked up at other hotels, which can be a roll of the dice. Also, since we’re well dressed and tip well, the door-guy-head-bouncer at SR is always happy to find us a great place to hang out, we’re treated very well there, so I suggest dressing in something other than jeans (for more than one reason, wink wink) and finding the right guy to grease. Pole dancing is very high-quality, these girls know how to work a pole, big time. The exceptionally good-looking girls are VIP only, so be prepared to venture on back if they’re the ones who catch your eye.All in all, a fun place, very busy and crowded. Be prepared to either stand or tip well to get a table. A wide variety of girls, all very attractive. Many VERY young girls, if that’s your thing, you’ll be in heaven.

  232. Pedro N.

    Just came back from Vegas for a buddy’s bachelor party. We ended up here on Sat night not really knowing what to expect. Cover was 22$ a head and as soon as we stepped in, there were amazing hot girls left, right, up, down, from every direction. As I led the way to the full bar in the back, I was approached by Asian porn star Nyla Thai. She was extremely friendly and I was excited since she was the first girl to come up to me and I knew exactly who she was. I was porn star struck. She then delivered here sales pitch about going to the back room for a private show and it would be 100$ a head for 15 min, and 200$ for 30 min. She began to pull me in that direction, but I told her politely that I want to get a few brews for the fellas. She was persistent with her pitch, and explained we could get drinks in the private room. I wasn’t to sure how this worked but then I told her that we just rolled in and want to relax for a minute. She was understanding and then let me a the crew be. The girl to guy ratio was at least 1 to 1 or even 1.5 to 1 that night. As the night went on, several girls randomly approach you and first try to sell the 100$ 15 min 200$ 30 min private show. I asked them about a dance for a song, and it was a mere 20$ a dance. I was all for that since you could get several dances with different varieties. I had an incredible japanese hottie that caught my eye and she obliged with the dance and took me over to the side on the booths. She was very accommodating and let me grab all over except of course down under. I would say the dances are well worth it. Some of the girls leave it up to their own discretion about where and what you can touch but for the most part, they do not mind you grabbing anything except for down under. My advice, grab a drink or two, engage in some conversation when the girls approach you, ask if they offer a dance if she is worthwhile. Some offer a single dance for 20$ but others will not do lap dances or will want minimum 3 dances for 60$. All in all a great time, would definitely go back again when in Vegas. Only negative star was 9$ for bottle of beer.

  233. Big Buck

    I had a better time at Cheetah. This place is crowded and the girls are too serious and stuck up to have any fun. Weak drinks and crowds also a turnoff.

  234. Carlos O.

    Hot women and cheap beer! Need i say more!

  235. Ariel P.

    okay so I’m a little upset now that i read these reviews because i DID NOT know about this free limo service/ strip club thing that obviously everyone else and their moms is clued into so I’m sure if that was the case i might have given an extra 2 or 3 stars. BUT other then that here’s my review coming from a girl- a girl who loves strip clubs and the strippers that hustle her out of her money. came with a local guy [ my friends work buddy ] while he was handling the valet sitch we walk in to the front [ 4 girls its about 4-5am?? drunk after club hopping] and get told we CANNOT ENTER without the presence of a male escort, WTF!??!?!? i will slap the sh*t outta you hoe. WTF not? i ask oh so belligerently and obviously politely =] because we have to make sure your not here to work the room. We i get it i mean yea hookers are legal here- smart idea pick up on some turned on guys rarin to go and offer them discounted prices to leave now and not give it to strippers.- i understand so we wait til our “male escort” comes up but what if he is our pimp? doesn’t THAT make a little more sense? THE lamest rule i have EVER heard and i am sooooooooooo glad we had him with us or i would have poss. went to jail for ripping the rude front door girls weave off after being told we can’t come in just cuz we also have vaginas. anyways. after hearing the absurd rule we are ordered to pay $50 bux each for entry- this includes your 2 drink min. WTF?!? okay so i have heard of high prices before for entry- even had to pay $20 bux once or twice maybe even thrice but $50? geeezus. Oh well it included your 2 drink min. which was AWESOME because that INCLUDES booze! whoohooo! but with the booze comes the panty rule boooooooooo. drink booze= no nude. FINE! grrrr. luckily our local friend didn’t have to pay and footed the bill for the 4 of us because he had recommended this place to begin with. So yay! the chicks are really hott. Like really really pretty and def. worth seeing. BUT the buck stops there. no pole tricks- so disappointing. I am a sucker for pole tricks and i was super bummed about not even seeing 1 single trick after being there 2 hours. got a lap dance courtesy of my friend since i was so bummed about no tricks. she did it right there on the couch in front of everyone which was OK i guess but being a girl i felt a little strange knowing that i had 60 eyes glued to me with awe and lesbian fantasies. and i felt a little weird when the guy down from us got his on the couch in front of everyone too- its hard trying not to look hahah. the girl who did my dance was cool, nice, clean, fun, but she kept repeating “wow ” over and over and i had to pinch my girlfriends leg to help from totally busting out laughing at her. It was super short and not very good but eh i was drunk and didn’t pay for it to begin with so whatevs. the club itself is HUGE lots of diff. little areas- didn’t get swarmed on to bad by guys- they mostly left their grabbin for the dancers which is always appreciated. Just one group of douche bags from some foreign country who thought it was okay to follow us around and be annoying. ps. also the first time i have EVER ordered food from a strip club [ I’m laughing even thinking about it now hah but it was 6 am and we were wassssted] we got some sort of appetizer platter and it def. wasn’t one of the worst i had ever had. hahah but yea 2 stars only for how hot the strippers were and for the booze factor. everything else minus minus minus.

  236. Hao L.

    This definitely can be your reason of coming to Vegas, dancers are wonderful! Remember to bring enough cash, ATM inside could charge you a ton of money.

  237. Jake W.

    Bottom line: EXTREMELY over rated.I will not be back or recommending this club to anyone.- Lower quality girls (I went Saturday night so they should have been their best). There were one or two high 8s walking around but mostly 5s-7s.- One of my trip companions was told his credit card couldn’t be found. We waited around for almost a half hour as they searched before they found it.- This place has a reputation for taking advantage of drunk people and padding the bill with extra drinks. We didn’t experience this, but we also mentioned that we had heard this about them before they cashed us out.

  238. Jesse S.

    Apparently I had the totally wrong impression of this club. I came in thinking this was one of the top clubs in the country. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is just your normal run of the mill average strip club. It is not particularly big. The venue itself is well below average. Low ceilings, no 2nd floor, no balconies, no cool club lighting, not many stages, poor visibility of said stages, no interesting theme, limited space, mediocre seating (no leather chairs), dated look, non-wealthy clientele, etc. There was a light shining down on my initial seat like a spotlight that was giving me a headache.Monday is a notoriously slow day but the place was packed. The talent was ok but unspectacular. There were very few girls that I wanted dances from. To put it in perspective, the girls working prime time Monday night are not as high of quality as the girls working Monday lunchtime at The Lodge in Dallas. I would take that a step further and say the Monday night crew at Baby Dolls in Dallas is higher quality than this and I consider Baby Dolls a 2nd tier club (fwiw, the baby dolls venue is far superior as well).Being from TX, one thing I’m not used to is a shift change in the middle of the night. That was a bit of a shocker. One minute I’m getting dances from this beautiful black woman with the best body in the club (she was from Houston) and the next minute she and a bunch of the other hot girls are nowhere to be seen. Essentially, a bunch of Bs, C+s, and a few As were replaced by a bunch of C- s and Ds at shift change.On a whole, the girls were a bit too high on themselves. I expect some stuck up girls at a top level strip club like the Lodge because those women are 9s and 10s and don’t have to get down and dirty to get what they want. However, here I received a lap dance from a 7 and she didn’t even take off her top wtf. Also she demanded I pay her upfront. Note: if payment is demanded upfront your about to get scammed. I learned my lesson though. Another stuck up girl demanded I pay her upfront and I sent her packing.Realistically, I spent about $400 less than I expected to spend at this club.

  239. Mark M.

    Got there around 4AM and place was super packed. It’s a huge location with 200 girl dancers. I personally prefer smaller joints with a lot less traffic.

  240. gbguy

    well worth a visit

  241. Jake M.

    Worst Strip club I’ve ever been to. Went last week with a bachelor party, (one of our party had connections to the club in the UK and we were supposed to be taken care of). Turns out all the free stuff we got is free to anyone who asks for it (from the other reviews) As soon as we walked in the door, the Girls were on us like used car salesmen…. We couldn’t just chill and relax because there was a girl coming up to every one of us every 2 minutes asking for a dance. these broads are relentless……. haven’t been anywhere else in LV but if everyplace is like this, fuck it…

  242. Mike C.

    I have had some very interesting times at the Spearmint Rhino, and despite still being one of the “big names” in the industry, the place has gone downhill in the past couple of years. It’s still one of the best clubs during the weekend or when they have a Headliner performing, but other clubs have just as much or more to offer. The Spearmint Rhino does have some of the better looking dancers in Vegas, but most of them are very unfriendly and their hustle is so obvious that it’s a turnoff. I realize that it’s a job, but I’m used to the ladies buttering up the customers and chatting them up before asking for a dance – not asking and then immediately leaving. Many of the ladies sat by themselves and appeared disinterested. My most recent visit was a nightmare. (I go to Strip Clubs to check out very attractive women, 8+…if you know what I mean.) On this particular visit, there wasn’t even a 7 in the entire club, and I’m usually a bit forgiving. This is not a knock on the ladies – just an honest assessment of the club. On top of the disappointment, all of the ladies were cold as ice. I completely understand the economics of a Strip Club, that’s why I walk in with my “strip club” roll, but the cold disinterested thing only works for the irresistibly hot women…not for the women working that night. I purchased a soda – tipped the waitress. Nobody came up to me during the 10 minutes that I sipped on my soda, so I left after being in there for a total of 15-20 minutes. I usually play a game, like “the next lady to talk to me will get $20,” but nobody came up to me before I left. I actually gave one of the dancers a few bucks on my out of the restroom because I can’t leave without tipping at least one dancer. By the way, the dancers on stage were some of the worst I’ve seen in a while – in terms of attitude. Some of them actually stood and did nothing because the action around the stage was weak.Based on my last visit, I would not dare a return visit, but I have had good times here so I am willing to give it another try. Keep in mind that there are other major clubs in the area with equally hot women.

  243. Jaye V.

    3.5 stars(Haha, my big 300th review is for a Vegas strip club)Call the club’s limo service to get the pickup, VIP entrance, no cover, and no security check – all you have to pay is the $20 tip to the limo driver – no matter how many people are in your party. And it was the full stretch limo to boot. We actually also had a good conversation with our driver, and we were treated like celebrities at the entrance.I went here for a combined bachelor/bachelorette party of sorts the night before an afternoon wedding. We had a lot of fun. It’s SO crowded though on weekends, so it pays to come early or you will never find a table, even if the limo driver gives you the name of the guy doing the table seating. I have never seen so many girls working at a strip club in my life – the place was partly overcrowded because of that alone! The service we got was great the entire night, and the girls that we talked to (although not many approached) were the type who enjoyed the company of girls better than guys (I don’t blame them).Most of the girls have fake, hard boobs, though, which isn’t so appealing. But it’s Vegas…and you know what that means – very close to Southern Cal.

  244. kim t.

    Woof! I went here once and will probably never go back. I for one am not interested in girls boobies being smothered in my face. But, my friend bought me a lap dance so I had no choice but to pretend that I was having a blast. The girl kept telling me how soft I was and I was like…..ewww! Anyway, I have no other comments.

  245. Johnny V.

    Went Friday August 21st….me and my wife $50.00 to get in..(oh you get 2 watered down drinks) and then you have to stand around and if a seat comes open a bouncer will come by and remove you. (you must be on the list or buy a bottle) There were a lot of girls but without a seat you are at the mercy of the VIP room etc…we had way more fun at some of the other places. This place sucks now and will continue to suck while it is the “in” place….save your money and go to one of the lesser known places…after all it IS vegas and the girls at the other places are just as hot and not as pushy.

  246. mike

    this place sucks

  247. Jenny B.

    If you are in Vegas you have to stop by the Works Famous Spearmint Rhino!!! The have the most beautiful woman in the city! And by most I mean they have 100’of girls a night! The are open 24/7 with Amazing drink specials starting at 6 am! You won’t regret it!

  248. Allison J.

    The girls looked great but I like my girls with tattoos and and dark hair. I saw no tattooed hotties at the Rhino. Probably not who they recruit.Drinks were about average on the price. I was expecting to pay $10 for a Sapphire and tonic… but I think it was like… $7. I think. Wait…. I can’t remember…. it’s all so fuzzy now.

  249. Juan R.

    NUBLINAAA!!! the best pan, leche, y galleta ever πŸ˜‰ Hope i get to see Nublina again

  250. DangerDan

    This place is by far the best in Vegas. Not the fanciest or most elaborate but the best party an in crowd vibe. Probably due to its worldwide noteriaty. Saw some celebrities here. Courtney is awesome. Sooooo beutiful and fun to hang out with.

  251. Jeff P.

    I was there Saturday August 22nd from about 11:30pm to 2am. Cover was $50 per person and that included two drinks. The run down for dances was $20 for a chair dance or $100 for 3 in the VIP room. If you wanted to go in the VIP room there was a 20min wait because the room was full and a line built up and if you wanted a chair dance you had to be one of the lucky people who somehow got a seat. My buddy and I kind of hung out near the stage until some suckers got up to use the restroom and we jacked their seats. Once we got them we took turns guarding them while the other was gone. Ok so to the girls. First off if you like real boobs you are in the wrong place (that’s most strip clubs now that I think of it). The place had a lot of girls but only a hand full were really pretty and they always seemed to be going in and coming out of the VIP room. The club was dirty and by dirty I mean it looked like it had not been cleaned in weeks. The seats were downright gross, they were sticky from god knows what and had cigarette burns in them. The way I look at it is for what this place charges they should at least have a few girls under the age of 25 and give the place a good cleaning from time to time.

  252. Club Sub

    Faith is the hottest dancer ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. Rex R.

    Fun place nice girls would recommend to anyone going to vegas. I’ve been there a few times and always a good time. Great place to go if your are taking another girl that enjoys watxhing other girls. Enjoy

  254. Wow!!!

    This place is crowded, but crowded with 100s of knock-outs. I spent time with a beautigul redhead named Blair two nights in a row. She was by far the sexiest dancer I have ever spent time with. A sculpter could not carve out a better body or face. I’ll definately be back, and when I do come back, I hope I can spend my time with Blair again.

  255. fred

    Pretty cool place. Most of the dancers are hotties and really cool too but there’s a small minority of retarded white-trash dancers who don’t take no for an answer and will act like total bitches if you don’t get dances from them. Other than that this place rocks.

  256. Wes C.

    Seems like the girls are extra aggressive these days. Walk in and you immediately get asked for dances. DAMN give me 15 mins for my eyes to adjust to the room! I know this is how you ladies make money, I know you don’t like me, damn you probably would walk the other way if you saw me walking down the street, but you gotta put in some better effort if you want to some dude to fork over their hard earned cash. For starters, it would help if the first thing that came out of your mouth was a simple introduction, HI MY NAME IS (insert random madeup identity), what’s your name? If the first words out of your mouth are ‘how about a dance’, my first words will be no thanks. Don’t bother asking why I don’t want a dance from you, no means no!Damn and what’s with all the unhappy looking ladies sitting around on the couches while on shift? Looks real bad, like you’re all illegals being forced to work there. No guy would want a dance from any of you, that’s a depressing sight. Also, don’t tell me you hate dancing on stage. Holy crap, you work at a strip club, you’re sitting on my lap and you tell me you hate your job. Good job killing the mood and my boner. What do you expect a guy to say after that? I’m not dropping 400 bucks in the VIP, paying for 4 drinks while back there, to spend time with a depressed girl who at best will provide horrible service, or at worst gouge my eyes out with her stilettos. One final note, stop begging for tips! What the hell is with this town and tips? Why the hell are you asking for me to tip the bouncer? Feels like a freaking shake down. Here’s ten dollars bro, thank you for not kicking my ass and tossing me out, keep up the good work!I’d recommend going to sapphire if you’re in vegas. It’s not as dark, the girls are nicer and you don’t get pressured into tipping a goddamn bouncer.

  257. CO Couple

    I’ve been to the Rhino three times now with my wife and this is the best club!

    Spend some money in VIP and you won’t be dissapointed! Some girls have

    attitudes, but there are a ton that are cool as hell and will entertain you

    beyond expectations. Coolest girl at Rhino is Kit… check her out! Great

    personality and got paid big by us and another girl missed out cuz she was

    too busy getting her 3 dances for $100… Unforgettable weekends always at


  258. Johnny C.

    The best strip club, hands down. When all things are equal which they are in vegas, go to the best. If you’re complaining about money, then just don’t go. They have to be good if they wont allow you to make RSVP for a table, as its first come first served.Getting there.If you can call ahead and have the SR limo pick you up you’re golden, but call during prime time, and it’ll take an hour and half wait. Just get a limo from your hotel, and pay the $30 cover, you just have to live with it, and remember don’t pay the limo driver, he’s getting plenty already.The place is super crowded on the weekends, and the only way to enjoy yourself is to get table, even if you find an open seat they’ll make you get up if someone is willing to buy a bottle. Kettle One was $375 a bottle, and you might as well get it since you wont have to wait for another drink or fight through the crowd at the bar.Its dark in there so be careful of who eventually ends up on your lap. The girls know their mark, and if you’re asian ALL the asian strippers will find you, and if you want some other flavor just tell one of the Dudes in suits and they’ll start sending the people you want your way.Remember, be strong, and know what you want. They’ll make you feel like a million bucks, and get ready to know what your name is, and where you’re from because you’ll be asked that ALL night long.

  259. moneyman2

    It was okay I didn’t really like the music and it was a bit too small for me and freezing cold .. But the employees were extremely nice the girls are pretty well most and there is a ton of them so my options to pick from if that’s what your looking for . I just came to chill and have a good time! It was a good time.

  260. John B.

    Okay, I’ve been to 3 or so strip clubs prior to visiting the Rhino. I even went to the Spearmint Rhino’s counterpart in Santa Barbara where I went to school. Every time I’ve been to a strip club, I’ve always felt like scum. The last trip to a strip club was so bad I sat and waited in the car.However! This is VEGAS. Of the many times I visited Vegas, I always wanted to visit a strip club. The past few times, my friends had reservations about going to one. blah blah blah. Excuses excuses.After a trip downtown for some cheap booze, gaming and food, I drove back to the Luxor where we were staying. On the ride home, I was a little disappointed that we were heading back at 2:30. A friend suggested we go to Spearmint Rhino. We all looked at each other and gave the nod. You know the nod – the kind that’s like “I know exactly what you’re thinking”.Got in line and waited for a couple minutes, paid the 30 dollar cover and walked in. I was amazed. I didn’t feel dirty or ashamed to be there. I thought to myself that hey, this can actually be fun.We all sat down at a table and relaxed, my friend had the ‘unfortunate’ seat in the aisle. I never seen women hustle so hard to get some money in my life. It was literally every 30 seconds he got propositioned. hahahah.Aside from that, we had a lot of fun there. When we left at around 6AM the sun was coming up. Now I can say that I’ve been to a strip club in Vegas. As for next time, I’m not ruling out another visit, but I’d much rather be at the nightclub. Good times nonetheless.Tip: Just say ‘no’.

  261. below

    Whatever playa. Way more fools up in that joint doing absolutely nothing taking up space. Go bag on dem fools. And if you think that it wouldn’t be as crowded otherwise, you’re the damned rookie…

  262. NYGuy

    Was in the club a few months ago. It is like scene from a roman orgy. Bodies all over the place. It is just a huge place with so many women. Luckily I had been there before and met one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in a club. So when I returned I sought her out. August is just spectacular. Had a great time with her in the VIP room. Can’t wait to see her again.

  263. tonycluber

    Bad, bad, BAD experience! I wanted to come here because I always heard great things about this place, but it was a terrible experience and I truly regret it.Let’s start with the place, extremely dark! So, how can you watch the ladies when you can barely see them?The ladies, boring to say the least. No pole work and low dancing skills, on top of that they’re rude..if you don’t like couples or girls be polite, don’t just say “whatever” and walk away like we are nothing, that’s offensive! Service, the service is ok for a busy place and the cocktail server was very polite BUT they tried charging my husband’s and friend’s card for $200,00 each when our bill was $40,00 and we DIDN’T want to keep an account open (we told our server that). WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM? Of course they both had their cards blocked and had to spend over 20 min on the phone to get that taken care of.We left shortly after we arrived and won’t ever come back. There are several strip clubs in Vegas, don’t waste your time and money here!

  264. d
  265. Sashy R.

    I love the fact that this place is open 24/7 and you can rent stretch hummers and limos from them. The women are awesome and very attentive. This is the best place to bring your crew visiting from out of town after a night of clubbing.

  266. chad
  267. Jack P.

    I am not much of a strip club fan, but this place was fun. If you plan to go, definitely call ahead for a free limo ride and free admission. Why pay $40+ to get in if you don’t have to? Essentially the only costs you’re obligated to are tips (limo driver and hot ladies). Lap dances are $20+tip for one song. Private dances start at $100 for 3 songs with a 2 drink minimum (one for you; one for your lady) at around $50. So including tips, you’re paying close to $200 for this service. My buddy, who was having his birthday, wanted this, so 3 of us took 3 girls to the private rooms and they rotated among us. They even have longer sessions for $200 and up. The girls can be pretty aggressive, which is why I didn’t give it 5 stars, but they’re hot, beautiful, and mostly very sweet. If you don’t want to be approached aggressively, then remain standing and walking around the club.Plan on spending a lot, and bring cash. Including spotting my birthday buddy’s tips, I got out of there for under $300. Not bad at all!

  268. victoria r.

    Much better then the one in Florida. However… what more can I say then… it’s a strip club. Some very attractive girls. They tend to be a bit vicious to other girls. Guess they feel threatened that visiting girls may take their “business” they work “so hard” for. Haha. Might I add, that the most attractive ones were of color. Guys there are really nice and inviting… wonder why? Sleazy in my eyes. The girls are good at “what they do” but I would think they could be a little smarter at their game.

  269. Sharon S.

    Ok, this place would have gotten 5 stars if some of the dancers weren’t so rude when you say no to them. Hubby and I normally get around to doing some sort of VIP by the end of the night, so relax!The girls are for sure the hottest of any of the clubs in Vegas though. And the few that are not too scared to talk to a woman gave good dances. The VIP isn’t as private as some other places, but that’s possibly due to how packed it is in there.We hung out with one of the dancers a couple of days later, she was really cool and a great girl. Take the limo, and after tipping your driver see if he can help you get a table. Much easier to get lap dances with a place to sit πŸ™‚

  270. Stanley K.

    I fell in love with a hookerShe laughed in my faceSo seriously I took herI was a disgraceI was out of line, I was out of place.Out of time to save faceSee the open mouth of my suitcaseSay’in leave this placeLeave without a trace (3X)I tried to get a good jobWith honest payI might as well join the mobThe benefits are okay.Soul Asylum “Without a trace”Yeah, I’m that old and pervy. Wow, these girls are amazing! If you pay enough, they might be your stripper girlfriend. I don’t know your name ( insert stripper name) but I think you’re beautiful ( OK I was drunk and thinking out loud )Remember, if you get a taxi ride here, YOU DONT PAY the taxi, the club covers it. And if they tell you I’ll make you happy if you go to the VIP room with me, HA! You might reconsider…it’s $100 for a five minute with no happy ending. You will get boobies in your face though.TNA Stan aka Tits and Ass

  271. Aimee L.

    What do you do when you only have 3 hours left in Vegas and are with a bunch of guy friends? Ummm the obvious….go to the strip club.We got there around noon and there was maybe another table of 2 guys. So we basically had the place to ourselves which meant extra attention from the girls. That maybe a good or a bad thing depending on how much these guys were willing to “make it rain” .We happened to be there during happy hours, and I believe the drinks were $3 or $3.50 which was trouble. Needless to say I was the last arrival on the plane and barely made my flight home. Great looking girls. They worked the table but not to hard. Waitresses were all right. They actually seemed bored. At one point, I asked one of the waitress to pick out a girl for a friend. She came back with nothing which was odd.Tons smaller then Sapphire. It actually felt like a strip club because of the more private booths then a nightclub over at Sapphire.Only con was that there is a cover charge for Ladies. $22

  272. Myke R.

    Beautiful selection of girls….what I don’t like. They’re all hustlers…can’t even walk in before I get the “Would you like me to rub my tits all over your face” line. Uhm. No – because:A. I’m not that easyB. Uhm your nipple is weirdC. LET ME SIT DOWN AT LEAST AND RELAX!Yea so I was gonna get cleaned out before I can even sit. WTF? Yea women. Manipulate. Hustle. Cause sperm backup. Not my favorite place.Ok so really – great lineup of girls though. Lots of hot girls. Lots of douche guys. Ah OMG Adam Corolla’s VIP Party. Hey Adam remember me we used to work together…. oh no maybe not?? Ya Ok I hope he gets lapdance herpes…..Douche.

  273. Divina V.

    This strip club was recommended to go to in Vegas. I would hear about it every now and then from friends. Been here a couple of times. Can’t complain. A gf and I received free lap dances here, compliments of two guys that noticed us partying. (Aww, how sweet!) I had a lot of fun here. The dancers I met were friendly. The girl I had started a conversation with me and it was nice to enjoy the lap dance. =) The seats were comfy in all the rooms, but to get a section to sit, either get there early, or go after a night of partying/clubbing and arrive after 4am.First off….this place is so DARK! But, lots of pretty girls to choose from at this place, when you see them up close. From what I remember, ALOT of girls were walking around, asking if you want a dance. If you decline, no biggie. They would just walk away with a smile. It’s different with the guys though, LOL.This place is pretty big and spacious. Out of the other strip clubs I have been to in Vegas, this one I would go again for entertainment.

  274. Peter
  275. Jay F.

    Okay, I was in town for a conference (so cliche) and the “group” of us went here.Listen, i’ve been in a relationship for 5 years, and i’m totally cool with that, but i’m not on the prowl or anything yet i have no problem going to a strip club and enjoying a night out with the lads. I’d always heard many interesting and unique things about Las Vegas Strip clubs…so here goes it…First Off: This is the FACTORY FARM OF STRIP CLUBS. I haven’t seen seen this many naked chicks walking around even in porno! The place is gigantic, multiple rooms with so much shit going on…absolutely ridiculous.Second Off: The ‘dancers’ are all in the upper echelon from what i have seen when i’ve been to other strip clubs in other places…i mean c’mon it’s vegas……BUT, beware…titty bars are very dark for a very good reason…some of those girls got some gnarley grills when up close.Third: If you take a cab to the titty bar your cab ride is free…why you ask…well the cab driver gets $50 for every referral and you have to pay $30 to get in…(so you can ask your cab driver for $30 and they will do it as they still net $20 per head….nice eh?) Um…okay, i’m bored with this review…you know why…it’s a titty bar…if you are going you are going to go regardless of what i say. If you have money to spend…guess what, you can get the full treatment let me tell ya. Who am i to judge, do your thing. I’ll close with this…i was intrigued to enter…and excited to leave…so that says something.

  276. Xander C.

    what can i say about this place that hasn’t been said already?girls – the hottest girls in any strip club you will find, anywhere, bar none.cost – the most you will spend on girls in any strip club you will find, anywhere, bar none.pro tips:1) beware – bring plenty of cash because their ATM charges a $30 fee. 2) always use their free limo service to get here. that taxi fare is better saved for a lap dance

  277. BILL


  278. S.C. Hoppin'

    After hitting this club 3 times in a week last year, and 3 times in a week more recently, there is no doubt that this club has to be the best in Vegas (which may not be saying a lot, as some other commentor already mentioned). Where else from 4-6am on a Sun, can I luck-out big time after experiencing 5 very dissapointing nights at 10 Vegas strip clubs including this one (until 4am on a Sun of course). Rhino-Vegas was half the time, agonizing as well. Yes, there are quite a few 8-9.5 rated, “VIP” girls just hanging out & waiting to be approached, or parading themselves around when it gets kinda slow, so that eager patrons jump out of their seats to chase them down. According to Vegas.com, true ballers like Clooney are stepping in here? What the fuck – no wonder the regular dude is stuck with bottom-rated girls… I can’t believe I need to seek out the local Rhinos in So. Cali. for a better time in redeeming my vacation.

  279. Stevie G.

    GO THERE! you will not be sorry. The best place in Vegas.

  280. joseph1k

    Spearmint RhinoLV: WestsideFriday April 22, 20115 a.m.This place was packed on an early Friday morning. 50+ Girls; 100+ Guys; $22 Cover. As I walked in, I was greeted by a stable of girls wanting to give some lonely guys some companionship for $20 a dance. I finally understand why guys like these types of places. The girls approach the guys instead of the usual guy approach girl club scene. The guys get the right to refuse the girls based on her physical attributes without remorse or public scrutiny. If the girl is too short, too tall, too fat, or not fat enough in the right places, the guy simply can say “nope.”However, this establishment was by far the most depressing place that I have ever been. The floor was sticky. The lights were too dim. The people on both sides of the love seat were seedy. All I kept thinking was how these girls started exploiting themselves for $20 at a time. How does one become a strip club worker? People always respond they make good money but I ask at what social, moral, or physical cost. Sure I could make a lot of money shooting people or selling drugs, or even legally by convincing old ladies to donate their life savings to some half-ass cause, but again at what cost.Later, I saw a 35 year old lady essentially begging patrons to allow her to dance for them for $20. It made me think “Sure the money is good when you’re young but then you don’t develop any other skills and you get old and less attractive and you earn less and less and then the club kicks you to the curb and then you get a graveyard shift waitressing job at the 24 hour Denny’s where you have to serve the same drunk guys that you gave lap dances to 10 years ago. I am not religious but I pray my daughter never becomes an “exotic dancer” whom gross guys proposition for lewd and lascivious acts. On a lighter note, the bar was great with relatively cheap drinks. The security guards left me alone since I was constantly drinking to avoid the great sadness in my heart for the Sodom and Gomorrah type behavior that I was witnessing. I only spent a Hundred Dollars on admission and 10 cocktails and one $6 Bottle of Water. $100 was nothing in comparison to some of my compatriots, some of whom gave upwards to a $100 tip for a $20 dance.

  281. Dame O.

    Super cracking place, get the free limo service so you’re cover charge is waived, the girls are great & have a lot fun with u!!!!

  282. Me & Wife

    What a disappointment. Bouncers were jerks–you had to practically sit on your hands. Guys, this is Vegas. I’m not going to clubs to sit on my hands when every other club allows caressing.

    On the positive side, the girls were friendly to my wife and I, outstandingly beautiful, and good conversationalists.

  283. Jimmy

    The back room is where to be at. SPEND THE MONEY and take a cute one back there. Talk about what you can and cant do before hand so you dont get in trouble….. or waste your money.

    TIP: DONT PICK A HOT ONE or you will have NO fun.

  284. kc

    best strip club in vegas! you wont be disappointed

  285. Jessica M.

    I really love winding down a long night out and about on the town at Gentleman’s clubs. My last trip staying out way too late (the kind where sunglasses are needed), my girlfriends and I found ourselves here. Usually, a male is needed in every group to enter and there is a cover; thankfully, my friend knows the manager, we were able to enter as an all girl group, no cover, and he bought our first round of cocktails. My friends and I found a lovely cushiony table by the main stage, perused the menu, ordered some food, and chatted with a lot of the ladies. Most of which were just hoping for some conversation at 7 AM on an late Thursday night/early Friday. I really fancy CH3 and was a bit bummed when my friends out voted me to come here, but it was a pleasant surprise. The Rhino is very dimmly lit, I even tripped over a few chairs. The club had an old boy’s club kind of feel. I felt like I should be drinking a whiskey neat and purchasing a cigar and all the men should be lounging around in robes.The girls were stunningly gorgeous. I didn’t feel they were overally aggressive and quite a few of them came over and sat next to me and my friends and loved having general chit-chat. My favorite was a the entertainer named Vanilla. She was sweet, all-natural (I don’t like anchor scars or other silicone parts). I definitely could watch her dance for hours.I definitely loved The Rhino and will be back. It’s definitely classier than CH3, but I like my girls a little dirty.

  286. Joseph N.

    Man oh man, the girls here are smokin’ hot. The free limo / no cover service is no joke, and we certainly took advantage of it. Since there were 9 of us, they sent a party bus, which was awesome. Once inside we got bottle service and we began our ritual of taking turns buying lapdances for the bachelor.The strippers are gorgeous and know how to dance. The seating is comfortable, drinks are good, and since it’s Vegas it seems to never close. We were here until 6:30 a.m., and we would have stayed longer were it not for money woes.Money is the only gripe here – dances start at $20 per song (not $40 as I previously stated), and private dances are $100. The ATM charges a 10% fee, which is insane. I have never encountered a percentage, and would have taken out more money if not for that fee.Still, the strippers here are great. Get the limo service, bring enough cash from outside, and leave when you run out.

  287. Elle C.

    I don’t know what kind of fun everyone is having and I feel like the kid who got shafted and didn’t get her share of icecream. I’m going to preface this first by saying we came on a Sunday. I’m guessing the cream of the crop doesn’t take Sunday shifts. I’ll leave it at that.There were a good amount of processionals on the floor but it was so packed the number of males still exceeded females by double. The venue itself is a decent size but there was no crowd control, too cramped, and who wants to be rubbing up on each other in a place like this anyway?!?! As for the “the best strip club in Las Vegas” claim, I really expected extravagant and outlandish Las Vegas style venue. It was more like a cave with really old furniture and gross carpet. Low ceilings and not enough seating. Basic lap dances are $20. No, you don’t get to touch – unless you are a female. There isn’t full nudity. How does sin city not have full nudity?! Oh, right, because it’s Sin City and you have to pay for it. *sigh*Unexpected though, the music was really good. And the doormen were friendly. They usually charge women cover but I got in free.

  288. HMM

    Vegas is weird. I just dont get it. It’s totally backwards, people celebrate the fact you sin. If you don’t sin, then you’re considerated boring, and normal.

    People praise you for the fact you’re a fuck up. How can you live up to to some invisible hype?

  289. Donny

    Rude bouncers. The sexy brazilian Sol is the hottest dancer

  290. Florida

    No thick girls here only bones and boob jobs. They stabbed me with their ass bones during lap dances, which other wise were good.

  291. H

    I am a female and I was actually very comfortable here. I’ve been quite a few times. The ladies are all lovely and didn’t mind one bit that I was a girl. This is the only Strip Club I’ll go to in Vegas.

  292. Ryan M.

    I went here for a vendor’s party, in which they were hosting an open bar and no cover charge. Because of the expected turn out, there were more girls there than normal. 95% of the girls I saw were smoking hot.This was my first time at a strip club and it was weird having so many girls come up and start talking to you. You just have to remember what they are after (your money). If you are polite, they are polite too.Huge suggestion: Do not use your credit card here. There is a good chance your bank will freak out, block the charge and then freeze your account. I’m speaking from experience. Cash is king.Many of the girls here don’t “dance” full-time and just fly in for weekends and breaks between semesters. If you play your cards right, it’s not completely unreasonable to meet a decent, date-able girl here (also speaking from experience).Not my scene so doubtful I’d return.

  293. dave1112
  294. jason

    worse club ever

  295. Lindsey D.

    Spearmint Rhino is what it is. Boobs everywhere and about a 9 to 1 male to female ratio, excluding the dancers of course. Me and my friends called for a limo. It was about 5 guys 5 gals. Some people on here are saying you get free admission if you do this, but this was not the case when we arrived. it was 22 for ladies and and higher for the boys. The bouncers outside were friendly, but once I got in the bouncer inside was a huge douchelord. Maybe they don’t actually want women coming in; that’s what it seemed like from his attitude and the girls taking cover. I also wasn’t a fan of the cover charge. Sorry but 22 bucks is too much for something I could get from looking in the mirror. Luckily our guy friends paid for us :PLooking around, most of the girls were pretty decent looking. A lot of fake boobs which I like. I dont want a lapdance from a girl with smaller boobies than mine! A couple of girls were downright disgusting such as the donatella versace look alike and a couple girls that we were sure were post op trannys, but most were pretty and sexy. The place was pretty big, but seating was no where to be found, especially for 10 people. One of the security team guys told us our best bet was to buy a table, but no one in my party wanted to do that. We wanted to drop our cash on the girls not a dumbass table. After standing around for about 15 minutes I started feeling really uncomfortable and getting pissed off. I paid 22 bucks to get in, I was in heels and I wanted to sit down and get a GD lap dance!. That’s when one of the dancers approached us and asked if we wanted dances. I made it clear that we just wanted a place we could all sit down. She must have been desperate or something bc she took us all over the club picking up and moving seats around until we made our own little seating area. I was most definitely thankful for that. Her next words were “okay I found you guys seats, now you are getting dances”. The guys happily obliged and bought themselves dances as well as a couple dances for the ladies. She was very nice and fun although I felt like I should be gettin some of that tip the way she lifted my dress and started touching my crotch haha. We got a few more dances from other girls and left around 8am. The bouncers were cool about calling us a limo and making sure we all got home.Oh I almost forgot, one of the girls asked me when I was working tonight.. excuse me? hatl;dr: sexy/sweet dancers, friendly security with a few douchelord exceptions, limited seating, sausage fest

  296. CESNC

    The girls are hot. The dances in the regular room are boring. I had a hot girl in the VIP area, but the dances were tame (too expensive for the money). Hard to get a seta on the weekend without buying a bottle of liquor.

  297. Jakki K.

    Came here after going to marquee with a couple of guy friends. First off I like that chicks can’t go in without a dude. This place could have gotten five stars but its just not quite five stars. Plus I had really high expectations going in. I expected to see super models and I just saw some pretty and some average chicks. The price is reasonable they have a door fee(i think it was 40/person not sure) and then most of the girls charge about twenty to thirty five for a lap dance. Bought a couple of dances. Really enjoyed that this place didn’t smell like vijayjay or butt crack haha. That is something to really appreciate. Plus we were there till four and that place was still packed like hella crazy!! If it had better girls then it would have gotten five stars!!

  298. Jessica B.

    This used to be my favorite place to take friends when they come to town and want to be impressed. The past few times I’ve been here, employees have been rude, pushy and grumpy… it’s just not the same.

  299. Joe P.

    It’s always a little awkward writing a review for a strip club… Particularly for a married guy with an 8 week old kid. But, hey, a buddy had a bachelor party and I wasn’t going to be that guy that stayed at the hotel. I hadn’t been to a strip club for maybe 11-12 years since early in my college days. But from what I do remember, this place was far, far, far superior. All the girls are pretty much super models and pretty friendly for the most part. The drinks weren’t cheap- but it’s Vegas… So I knew what to expect.This place seemed pretty clean and nicely run. I definitely give management props for keeping it professional. We were picked up in a party limo and let right in without any wait at all,,, pretty good for a Saturday night. We were given a good spot and after some of the guys departed, they didn’t rush the rest of the group out. Anyway… If you’re planning a bachelor party for one of your buds, I wouldn’t even consider anywhere else. Take it from me- this place is legit and your search can stop here.

  300. Jeff

    Best BEST strip club ever!!! Wall to wall to wall perfect 10’s. It’s expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for. And if you can’t afford it…ah well LoL too bad.

  301. Pete
  302. Tony M.

    Another great nightIt was my little brothers bachelor’s party and our server wasthe best. She was on top of everything, great service. I wish I can remember her name.I would have given a five star, but after spending over 4gs, we were asked to move from our seats for another group. We mentally were getting ready to leave but could have easily stayed and spenta lot more $$$.

  303. To Henry the liar

    Same thing happen to you at the Mile high, right liar.

  304. Lizzie S.

    This is the best strip club in town for women to go to, enjoy the show and knock back some drinks after hours. I always feel comfortable here, it is clean enough and not skanky or seedy. Lots of nice soft bewbs. It doesn’t get 5 stars because they should let women in gratis.

  305. Joolie T.

    this place is the shiz. c’mon- you know it is. this place is always packed… with a crazy cover charge.you know it’s that good. there’s nowhere to sit.. even at 2am. i aways get a seat, though. you know why?i have hookups. =) okay, okay… i have a few friends who are employees here. i’m not mentioning what their job titles are- but they’re hot! lol. the girls here know to hustle right and hustle the best. the girls here always on top of their game… looks, outfits, dancing and all. this is one of my favorite strip joints to visit. i gets my pimp on. lol. the girls love me.

  306. Javier L.

    So me and my boy went superbowl weekend with our girlfriends. The girls wanted to take a nap before we started another night so me and my boy said we were going to go play at the “tables” for a bit. Three hours later we were rolling back from the rhino in a limo and drunk as hell with the biggest smiles on our faces. This place is great, tons of chicks, real dim lighting, me and my boy probably had round ten lap dances each and were having a blast. I would highly reccommend this place to anyone, so check it out and you will walk out with as big a smile as I had.

  307. Robert

    This is THE place to go.

  308. Duffy Atlas

    Took my boy for his bachelor party on 10/29. It is a nice club and nice girls. Excellent waitstaff. Only thing, Make sure you eat before you go and have a stiff drink. Drinks were real weak. Other than that I had a ball.

  309. Fiel R.

    Awesomely awesome.

  310. To Sam aka Raymond Pistol

    So you say this is your favorite club? Why did you rate it a zero then? I rated it the day before you, and I took algebra in high school. The math is easy, you gave this club a zero. That leads me to believe that you are a competing club owner. Specifically, I believe that you are Raymond Pistol, the sad owner of Vegas’s worst club, Talk of the Town. Everybody, Ray’s MO is to write fake reviews about his club while accusing everyone else of doing what he is doing. Just look for yourself. If there is a good review about Talk of the Town, there are bad reviews about other clubs that come up within a few minutes of Talk’s good reviews. Ray has been doing this for a while. Everyone is on to him. So, as you read reviews about the sites on this page, each time you see a really bad review about a club, check, and you will see a good review for Talk on the same day. Don’t believe me, just do the research yourself and you will land upon the same conclusion. Nice try, Ray.

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