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3025 Veterans Highway, Bristol, PA 19007


40.1227116, -74.8816356




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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98 reviews for “Club Risque

  1. janinegia

    Love this small club with mostly quality women. I hear Chanel has returned after a long break with a new name–Passion. Hope the guys who spend time with her will comment on how much she looks as she did before. Is she still so buff or has she softened her look? She’d be beautiful either way.

  2. janinegia

    I understand that Chanel is back although renamed Passion. If she looks anything like she did a few years ago, she’d be worth the visit for anyone who likes athletic but feminine dancers. I’d love to know how she is looking these days.

  3. Nick Brett Nick Brett

    Been going here for years , at first I just did some dances with Sierra and one night took her for a champagne court and she got offended that I offered her a sufficient amount of money for extras,. That pretty much ended our champagne court. I will definitely not be doing any more vip courts with her. I’ve seen Alrctra there a few nights(9-2) she is usually there during the day shifts (4-9)(5-10)but she’s always good for extras in the champagne court. There are a number of girls that will do extras and some that won’t . As for the actual club it’s nice , all the girls I see there and have been seeing there are always attractive. The bartenders are kind of slow. I don’t know why people are saying really horrible things about this place but it’s not bad at all, there’s definitely way worse .

  4. Pman

    The girl Sierra that works here will suck your dick for the right $

  5. Hughjaenus

    Curious if anyone has got dick sucked by Sierra?

  6. Lloyd
  7. Patel

    This club isn’t horrible, it just isn’t anything special. If they ran their city club like this, they would be closed by now. Tired girls, annoying girls, fat girls….take your pick. But if you want to look at naked girls in the area, where else are you going to go?

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  9. Jake

    This might be the best club of all time. Friendly staff, good parking, reasonable price on drinks. Best of all you can actually fuck the stripper of your dreams right in the club. You have to give a nice tip to the manager and off you go. I have fucked several really hot strippers at this club. Recommend this club highly !

  10. knowitall

    Friendly place with a good assortment of ladies

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  12. Fantasia Is Gone!

    This club went up about 10 notches since firing the hideous prostitute posing as a dancer.

  13. Michael K

    Why are there never any dancers on stage? This place is empty most of the time.

  14. KB
  15. MR G MAN
  16. janinegia

    I’ve loved coming here over the years. I love athletic girls and found that there were more of them here than at most small clubs. My fave is Chanel, who has one of the most incredible bodies ever if you like girls who are athletic, almost muscular, but retain full femininity. There were others like Janet and Coco in the past. Comfortable, small club with much hotter dancers than at most clubs of its size and type.

  17. Eric

    Need new girls

  18. J hill

    Would like to see new girls.

  19. Petey

    I stopped in last week and was disappointed to see they fired that guy with the dark hair it’s a shame this club should be more diverse besides he gave me cim for a rock-bottom price

  20. Jp

    Worst exsperience. Drug addicts and fats.too many dogs.only 1 nice looking dancer.maybe better at night.

  21. XhXeXy

    Don’t go on Monday or Sunday. The daytime bartender never comes around and appears drunk. There’s a blonde on Sunday Katie shes good and gets naughty for a few dances. Got me off wonderfully. The other blonde tried to offer me a champagne for the same services but I was turned off by her teeth. Can’t really gives more than one star because the girls are pretty dramatic and only want to get you to buy them drinks or sell something. I don’t recommend going in there unless you want a quick fix n to get off. I will not be going back. Made me extremely uncomfortable with a few of the girls.

  22. tonycluber

    I’ve never been there before but decided what the hell my Friend ALLISON was Bartending. Drinks are about what you would expect for a strip club and standard bar food. The place has 3 pool tables that cost $1.50 to play. It feels more like your neighborhood dive bar so it’s a place you can sit and chill and watch boobs. Just like the Risqué on Columbus BLVD girls dance on the stage inside the bar then get tips from everyone at the bar. Pretty fun time

  23. Jonny

    Channel is not the only gal here! Most of them offer same services as Channel and younger! Explore and find many more!

  24. jty
  25. Greg

    Fantasia is not a pig , she is a great dancer and very friendly. The reason she’s gone is because of the haters , she is polite and professional. The club lost an awesome dancer. I have seen some pigs in there’re but fantasia is definitely not one of them. She will move on to cheerleaders and another local club

  26. KC
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  28. franky
  29. ScottieP

    Some nice girls but miss the hottest daytime girl Fantasia

  30. santa

    ho ho ho

  31. better

    Real nice place compared to some. Pretty girls, decent atmosphere, free munchies at lunch & happy hour.

  32. Scottie p

    Pretty girls, surprisingly good food. Girls were nice but missing my fav Fantasia

  33. Fantasia The Pig Is GONE!

    It’s safe to go back, Fantasia was fired!

  34. felixnada

    So with the Flyers up me and a group of friends decided to celebrate a potential win at Club Risqué in Bristol. Walked in with 4 guys ready to spend money on drinks and dances were we shocked to hear that on a Friday night it would cost us $10 a piece just to enter. With that we decided it better to return to have drinks at another bar. At this point a bald security guard questioned our sexuality. I want to mention that 3 out of the 4 of us are married and were just looking for a option to celebrate what we hoped was a Flyer win. Instead I was pushed by the bald man because I agreed that we were leaving to “suck each other’s dicks” his words not mine. We left amicably but with the knowledge that after at least 10 plus years attending events at club Risque that if we weren’t willing to pay the cover that night that we would be accused of being gay and forcibly removed.

  35. joseph1k

    The Basics: Sunday-Thursday no admission fee. Friday and Saturday $5 after 8. Lap dances cost you the usual $20.In the Club Risque rankings I would put this just slightly above the Northeast location and a good bit below the Delaware Ave Risque. The large rectangular bar surrounds two stages. A spiral staircase leads down from the second floor to the stage, which creates a problem in the form of an obstructed view. But snag a seat along one of the long sides and you’re fine. A few tables along the back wall, three pool tables (though I don’t see how you could play if it was busy, there just isn’t enough space between the bar and the tables), and a long row of couches behind a beaded curtain for lap dances.

  36. Hool

    Great club!

  37. anonymous

    Stopped in on a Wednesday evening. Some very pretty girls here, some so-so girls as well. I had a cheese steak which was pretty good too. The place wasn’t packed, so the girls would spend time with you, though some seemed to stick to one or two guys they seemed to know already. The names I remember of the pretty ones were: Electra, Arabella, Alice, Satin, Arielle, Taylor, and Aubrey. Isabella is kinda cute, and gives a great couch dance. Overall, a good night.

  38. PJB

    Had a great Champagne Court from Lexa. She know what

    customers like.

  39. couch dance pro

    I use to have some great lap dance action here, but about 2 years ago it all went BAD!!!!! A cute, busty blonde, who just finished dancing, who looked and acted like the nice, slutty, and whorey, girls that I like, asked me to do a dance. Once in the back she absolutely freaked on me, and walked out of the lap dance area, because I was trying to slip a condom on my bulging crotch muscle. She f-in bitched to the dude at the entrance to the back. I

  40. tred
  41. kw

    stage behind the bar?!? when will owners learn?

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  43. daytimer

    Been over a year since anyone has reviewed this club … it remains a friendly “corner bar” type of club, with better than average dancers and friendly staff. Most of the girls have a regular following … so there’s not a lot of “high pressure sales pitches” as they make their tip rounds on the outside of the bar. Great lunch buffet, too !

  44. Dave Hobson
  45. D Hobson
  46. Jerseydevil

    pretty good club.

  47. Ed

    This place is such a waste! The girls here think they are hot shit and they’re not. I don’t think it’s worth a dime!

  48. jackl
  49. rhed
  50. Houda
  51. Jeff

    Went here last week. A cute black haired girl in patent leather named Morticia approached me and sold me on a champagne room. Never saw her actually dance on stage and she seemed a little more covered up than the other dancers, almost like she was wearing dance club gear not stripper gear. She got me off wonderfully, was very naughty and badass, did things I wasn’t sure dancers were willing to do. I will definitely be back, mostly to see Morticia again.

  52. John

    It is sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Suicide
  54. y
  55. Shailesh

    Too cliquey! Dancer stick to too many old dudes and don’t even circulate!

  56. Visitor

    Look out for Ginger, she gave me a dance I can never forget

  57. charles

    I was to the club last wednesday. I had 3 couch dances. the girls were smokin. I highly recommend this club. The girls are beautiful and sexy. I intend to frequent this club.

  58. william p.

    I wish they had 15 minute VIP with a curtain. I pay 200 for a VIP

    where there is NO PRIVACY!! change that ASAP

  59. Patron

    Too many jealous dancers self promoting themselves. No one’s a nun here. You dance here for a reason. If you don’t like what other dancers do, why not go find a receptionist job at local kennel?

    Now guys if you like this place try different times so as not to get stuck with one dancer. Try what you came here for.

  60. i

    Club Sucks

  61. Been to many clubs

    Went there this past Monday night. Drinks were reasonable. There are clearly two sets of dancers. The day shift which go until about 9 pm and the night shift which come on at 9-10 pm. Night shift girls are very attractive. The dancers will hustle you for tips all the time if you sit at the bar. If you are away from that area they’ll leave you alone. My couch dances were good and the dancer didn’t hustle me for a tip on top of the fee. The pool table are pretty good and you’ll have a nice time if you don’t tip all the time. One problem though…. my clothes still stink of cigarette smoke.

  62. Bob Johnson

    Get it in one last time this week. If you are looking to get your cock wet… hurry up and try this fine tiny monkey Mariah This is her last week before going on maturity leave…. she good with that tiny pussy and don’t make u wrap it up…. get some while u still can….pregnant pussy is hot

  63. Mike
  64. Janinegia

    I know Chanel is not the only gal there, and if you have other, younger ones you like, that’s fine with me. But, she has such a rare blend of muscularity/athleticism and femininity I really find seeing her to be a very special experience most strippers just cannot match. To each his own.

  65. Fan

    Been in a few times now. Very nice place

  66. Peter

    Okay. In comparison to the Philadelphia club, it’s a bit of a dive. It is easier to see. The interior and couch dance rooms are smaller. The couches are actual couches, though. Drinks are not so bad for strip club pricing. The stage is kind of weird, even though the place tries to make a big deal of the spiral staircase in the middle. Like 19th Hole, they have pool tables here, which I find strange. I still liked the place.

  67. Mike

    The new day girl Zoey is super cute,fun,sexy I’ll definitely return.

  68. Jamison

    Nice place to hangout. Variety of dancers. Gets crowded during evening hours. Gals seem to hang around with older probably regulars right after dollar parade. Only some gals ask for dances. Wish everyone was in circulation. Downstairs lap-dance rooms are not that great, especially when crowded. No privacy at all.

  69. sexy

    the short skinny bathroom guy is the coolest guy i have ever met

  70. customer

    all the girls are so hot especially the 9-2 shift

  71. John

    Great night with a friend (we told the wives we went bowling). Only draw back was this old guy hogging the girls. I get that you have bank. But using your $$$ so you can have tits as a headrest is cold. Get a privare room or something.

  72. Jeff Kay

    I always have fun at this club!!

  73. dave

    i think the dancers are really pretty and some of them can dance really well but i did think that the bartenders did take a little long getting to me and the short blonde didnt mix my drink at all but other then that i think the club is very nice

  74. Fred

    great lap dances

    great champagn room

  75. jojo
  76. Steven S.

    Decided to check this place out on my way to philly, and it was not worth the time for me. The place looks decent pool tables lots of space, but the I hate the setup they have with the stage behind the bar the performances weren’t that great. Then you have some girls that don’t dance but walk up to you and ask for a tip which gets annoying. There are some pretty girls in here but after 30 mins I was bored, they also do not have a atm at the club which make no sense to me they only do cash advance. I walked out after that will not be going back I think I will try the one in philly and see if it’s the same deal. But I say it’s a good spot to have some drinks with friends and food but that’s it.

  77. n/a

    Nice place.

  78. Freddy Flexer

    Stages are in an awkward location. YOu never feel especcially close to the girls regardless of where you are

  79. Fantasia The Pig Is GONE!

    The pig is gone. It’s safe to come back and have fun without being harrassed!

  80. igor34

    Girlfriend took myself and a good guy friend here for my birthday. The staff was very professional and friendly, especially for someone like myself who doesn’t frequent strip clubs very oftenThe place was smaller than expected the dancers dance behind the bar which I thought was kinda odd…How am I supposed to tip a stripper when she is dancing if I have a bartender and a bar in front of me? The place also had NO ATM. You had to ask for a cash advance at the bar which included a surcharge. The hell is that all about?The dancers were nice for the most part. My GF and I got a couples dance from this blonde who was hot and she was good. My buddy got a couple private dances from “Sage” who was terrific and chatted all of us up with a smile and cigarette. The drinks were pricey but to be expected.I would go back but not to this location. Maybe to the one IN Philly or in the Northeast.

  81. Jeb

    Morticia is goin to be back, next two or three weks! Look for her during second shift!

  82. Nate
  83. Club Fav has left

    Stopped by and found my fav day girl gone. “Catty dancers ” I was told. Sad

  84. Weedman420

    Hit or miss place. better and classier options in Philly. Some hot woman some average at best. Depends on when you go. Bartenders are also hit or miss. Have waited many times too long between drinks because the bartenders seem to favor the regulars or certain customers. Most of the strippers are friendly but I find to be way too pushy for my liking. A few times I have went in this place and I wasn’t in there 5-10 minutes, I had 2-3 woman come up to me bugging me for a tip. I get it, they are trying to make money and a living , but man it can get annoying and to be honest pricey fast when you are tipping every girl even the ones you don’t find that hot. (its funny when you see a lot of guys fake a trip to the bathroom when a girl that is so so coming around for a tip) Private dance pestering gets old fast too. It’s hard just to go in this place have a beer watch a couple of girls and split without being bombarded with tips and private dance requesting. Need to offer a little more food options as well. But all in all, this place is what it is, a divey local strip bar that does its job for the guys looking for quick but sometimes pricey thrill.

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  86. WOW

    This club has the HOTTEST dances by far in the area hands down. The club itself is really clean.

  87. Nitty

    All dancers are over weight And disgusting! We even saw a pregnant chick!!! Don’t waste your time or money. Ownership needs to wake up – used to be decent place.

  88. jo

    fun place

  89. Fantasia Is Gone!

    Club went up 10 notches, the pig is GONE.

  90. Face of fag

    The face of fag is gone. She now sells her 3 orafices at red raven in fairless hills. So be gone fantasia dirty ugly diseased jhons! Lots of ATTRACTIVE new faces now. None of which can stop a clock!

  91. Tony

    One step up from a biker bar. Lots of locals hanging out there. 1 or 2 good looking girls he rest your better off getting a table dance from your sister.

  92. tank
  93. philly chick

    It’s ok. fun place only if the right girls are there.

  94. Fantasia The Pig Is Gone!

    It’s safe to come back, the pig aka Toilet Face was fired! No more being harassed by an ugly, old, addicted, prostitute.

  95. Jeff

    What is so sad is this website has become all about cyber bullying at its finest. What’s even more ridiculous is that 97% of the dancers do extras the place should get raided it’s a whorehouse. Fantasia is no angel but she’s no worse than Chanel, Adriana, Jill, Autumn , Mariah, just to name a few. Yes all the girls mentioned are prostitutes. But these girls think they are better than Fantasia for some reason when they do the exact same thing in the champagne room!!! Haters keep hating , hopefully you will get caught sucking a dick and go to jail. Karma is a bitch

  96. BJ
  97. Fantasia Is Gone!

    Club went up about 10 notches now that they finally got rid of that hideous prostitute posing as a dancer.

  98. Desmond

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