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141 reviews for “Club Risqué

  1. Billy Bob

    Most of the time, this is a very good club, probably the best club in the Philly area for the past few years.

    There are some very good quality dancers but a lot you want to avoid as well.

    If you have a lot of experience with having 9s and 10s over your house, you are usually going to avoid everyone but that and be very cognizant of the delusional “scammers” who try to scam you. Once you are being treated like an ATM, that dancer is gone. Just avoid at all costs because life is too short, there are many often hotter who are not like that and there is nothing uniquely special about any of them.

    It’s okay to push the scammers off to the simps. They encouraged that behavior. Let them live with it.

    There are some telltale signs of a scammer. For example, you get two dances and she insist it was three so they can take another $20 from you. Or the dance was horrible, robotic and stiff and she wants to get “tipped” for it. Those need to get lost.

    Sometimes a scammer isn’t always that obvious. Those can be the obvious worst.

    The worst type of scammer agrees up front to terms for the Champaign Room. Once that happens, then once the terms
    are agreed upon, she will attach all these ridiculous stipulations to it, after you already paid.

    One of the red flags is that she needs to keep changing her name because she destroys her brand so much with
    the constant scamming. So she needs a new name (or new club) every six to nine months because her scammer
    reputation gets so toxic.

    One outstanding example is “Lucille” of West Deptford, NJ. She claims she was a calendar girl ten years ago but
    now has the crows feet around the eyes and the stretch marks around the single mommy tits. So she’s no longer
    the midget centerfold that simps a decade ago would spend big bucks for no reason just to talk to. Yet, she
    still harbors the delusion that she is in that kind of demand.

    Her gig is to agree up front the doing what you want to do in the Champagne Room. Then after you pay, she tells
    you she “never gets less than a $200 tip” which sounds like a lie because you never hear of anyone pay a $200 tip
    there. There’s no point. You can get girls online as hot or hotter to your place for much cheaper.

    Most girls don’t demand a tip in the CR. You just give one as a courtesy. You are already paying $287.50 for the half hour and then tipping the host to get the drinks fast and go away.

    Some very hot girls might say “I will do XYZ” in the Champagne Room but you need to tip a certain amount, which might be stretching it at times, but at least terms are agreed upon in advance. It’s not a scam. With the scammers however, you absolutely want to stay away.

  2. ryan123

    The economy must have been really slow. Last couple times here the place was dead. Especially on Sunday and Monday, even when there’s football game going on. The girls on those night most are below average. But come here on Thursday, Fri and Sat and it’s much different.

  3. RE RE Curious

    Mike and Christina

    Try Chearleaders.. guaranteed excellant time. Give it a shot, girls are friendly, and you will not be disappointed in the management there. Top notch. Let me know how it goes. I will keep checking back to see what you thought about it.

  4. Regular C R

    I love the New Calendar The Girls look awsome.

  5. Danny

    There is no talent left here. I used to love this club years ago, when there were actually pretty and athletic looking girls working here. No longer a fantasy.

  6. andy
  7. Lloyd
  8. jeff
  9. wow...REALLY NICE ...

    Christina Cunningham

    Lol…time for work…u have my cell..txt anytime…when im not busy sucking wallets dry of the foolish men of the club, ill answer!! love ya girl

    January 14 at 8:24pm

    Christina Cunningham

    EVERYONE NEEDS TO COME SUPPORT ME AT WINGBOWL…bring ur wallets and let me show ya what im good at!! haha…or at least tell ur friends “wingbowl after party 9am-5pm at our club…go see SCARLETTE” haha

    Wed at 3:21pm

  10. Warren

    Re: Sam

    Nina was there last weekend when I visited. Always smiling and laughing. She seems to have a lot of admirers.

  11. Ricky

    This place is the trashiest “upscale” club I’ve ever been to!

  12. RE: Curious

    RE: Mike & Christina- No, we never have been to Delilah’s. We have only gone to a few strip clubs. This was one of them. We kept going back because for the most part, the dancers were very nice to us. We like to go to the same place, so we can get to know people. But it seems we were so wrong about this place. It was very disappointing and upsetting for what happened. But, what can you do? That’s why I posted my story so people can be aware of the scams some dancers might pull on someone when the customers have a few beers in them, or prey on their niceness. Also how little management really cares about their customers that spend their money in the club. It’s not worth it, and this place sure is not worth it. It seems like many people are not happy with this place any more. It’s just a matter of time before they close or re staff. I hope Connie is the first to go!!!!!!

  13. PhilyPhishing

    Just like anywhere, quality of dancers can be dependent on the

    night one visits. I visited on a Monday, and was blown away

    by how many truly attractive dancers were working.

  14. Gary

    I would not come back to this club! I visited here last week and there were a few girls working at the time and even fewer were any that I would spend my money on. They were not attractive or well kept and the couple of girls I talked to were not very personable. I will go someplace else next time I’m in town.

  15. larry1

    I’m either too old for this stuff or Club Risque is just not up to par with other clubs I’ve had the pleasure of patronizing. I’m going with the latter.First, there’s smoking indoors. As if I wasn’t already going to wake up and think “WTF?” about the previous night’s shenanigans, now I also smell like an ashtray. Hangover multiplied. The decor is outdated and kind of sad. The entertainment didn’t do anything for me – there was no wow factor. Not that I frequent strip clubs but I’ve been to that rodeo enough and have always been kind of mesmerized by the dancing (amongst other things). Not so at Club Risque. And I’m sorry to go there but the “gowns” the women walk around in when they aren’t on stage look super cheap and really flammable. Maybe it was an off night, but with the smoking indoors, it’s very unlikely that I will return to find out.

  16. Tina

    WE enjoy going here on the weekend. The only downfall is sometimes its way too crowded. My husband and I are not new to the strip clubs, but I don’t know what the private rooms and champagne rooms are all about. Can someone tell me what they are all about and if you know if they are worth it and how much it costs? I dont want to waste our money for nothing unless its awesome back there, for both of us. Also does anyone know the rules back there? We are kinda a wild couple and just looking to have fun, so if anyone can answer my questions, I greatly appreciate it. Please no one bash me……….I’m just too shy to ask and I’d rather hear from real customers instead of them that just want your money. You know what I mean. Thank you!

  17. bizzaro

    Come in, sit at bar, be friendly to the gals as they come around… let the gals know you appreciate them. You will have a great time… best nights? wed or thur.

  18. Pistol Pete

    Best in Philly! Giselle is gorgeous. Too many beauties to mention.

  19. CHRIS

    I usually frequent Club Risque during the afternoons and I must say my experiences have always been fairly positive one. The dancers are attractive and friendly for the most part. Risque on the Delaware is one of my favorite clubs to visit.

  20. Sam

    Does anyone know if Nina, a latain looking woman with short dark hair still works at this club? She was here about a year ago and I’m not sure what happened to her.

  21. Michael

    First time at this club last night and I will never go back! MAYBE 1 or 2 decent looking dancers. Very little talent and all they did was complain. Will take my money elsewhere.

  22. me

    Love this place. My favorite club in the city (and I’ve been to them all). Like any place, a few dogs in the pound, but always plenty of hotties for anyone’s taste.

  23. Pete
  24. MAN
  25. sirzzx
  26. scarlete

    does Scarlete still work here? how are her ld’s?

  27. Re: Seeker

    We always make fun of the dufus giving back rubs to the girls. FYI> You look like a LOSER!! Go home, save a little more money and get a lap dance. You must be an older dude as it’s always the old fucks that make fools of themselves giving back rubs. It’s the cheapskate way of getting your hard on. And what’s the girls going to say? I don’t like that? Wake up freak!

  28. Tyler

    This place has no good talent or faces anymore! I don’t understand how anyone makes money here . . . I was in a few nights ago and there was less than 20 girls there! They all looked miserable!

  29. Ken
  30. Sal

    This place is not worth my time anymore. The girls are not friendly and very pretty for that matter. This club ahs lost its class.

  31. Disappointed Customer

    Came to CR several times, always had an amazing time. But was there

    the other night and saw there was conflict between manager Ron and one

    of the dancers (a beautiful blonde girl) he was yelling and belittling her!!!!!

    I found that outrages. Ron is one very rude manager and I won’t be

    coming back to CR ever again! Unless they get rid of him and change

    there ways. Ron is running all the customers away and he is running the

    club to the ground.

  32. Frank

    This club is beyond my expectations. Katy Morgon. showed up at this club last night and put on a good show.

  33. joelxd

    my fave philly club

  34. G-Man

    Excellent! I always have a good time here.

  35. LongTimePatron

    Club has declined so much on the last year. Stopped in over the weekend after a 3 month layoff due to bad service and girls Well things have changed – FOR THE WORST. Girls don’t mingle, the increase to $250 for a C. Court is outrageous. No longer a go to place – I’ll see how it is in another 2-3 months.

  36. Female Patron!

    I was there this weekend, and it was the worst. My husband and I have been there a couple of times before, and we both just cant have a good time at the same time. For one, for the females, ( that also pay real good money here) have to track down security to be able to go to the bathroom every single time, and god forbid, if two woman are in the bathroom at the same time, they’ll kick you out. What’s up with this? What are they saying about females? Meanwhile guys can come and go like crazy in the guys bathroom and they even have a guy attendent in there handing them towels and stuff. Club Risque treat their female customers awful. Their private party section has beaded string hanging down. I didn’t know this, I thought there was glass until the one guy got pushed through it, and some type of Vodka and juice drink was spilled all down my back and pants of my new white outfit, only hour and half old, and it was ruined. A security guard seen it, and did nothing. The female dancers there now aren’t really personable at all. I’m worse than my husband with the tipping. I will tip like crazy if the dancer gets at least alittle into it. I’ve been there a few times recently, hoping it was just bad experiences, ( because alot of other things happened), but it seems like it don’t get any better. I’ll be spending my money else where!

  37. Club Goer

    I have been going to the clubs in this area for a long time and this one is a waste of time now. All of the real talented and pretty girls have left and what’s left is second string. Club Risque is not worth the money anymore!

  38. CJ

    Awesome place with hott girls!!

  39. NiceGuy

    Good club with really friendly girls. Blair was really nice.

  40. eddie

    Some incredible girls here. Quality varies based on day and time, but there are always several really hot girls working. Last night there were a lot. This is one of my favorite places.

  41. Waste

    Will not come back-definitely a waste of $! No one is worth a penny!

  42. Tommy Bluejay
  43. Name Witheld

    This place sucks! I don’t think any girls here are worth the time or the money!

  44. newregular

    best club in the area. variety of pretty girls is *maybe* only rivaled by deliah’s, but the CD’s here are much better. Cheerleaders is a close 2nd, but there you can get hassled a lot for 3-5 in tips; that doesn’t happen here. The bouncers and even the bathroom guy are polite and friendly.

  45. harryharry

    It’s just average. Bartender not friendly at all

  46. jake
  47. Disappointed

    Only 1 set of fake tities when I was there last week . . . boo!

  48. Ranger
  49. Bao
  50. visit pennsy

    I was quite impressed with one of the beautiful blonde dancers at the club – great body, lots of contact, lovely personality. For me, any more contact would have been too much. Other dancers that night, only so-so. Overall, A+ experience. Would recommend a visit.

  51. cali tourist

    i came here on a monday night to find it packed with patrons and dancers alike. because of the turnout, the club may seem a bit dense, but it otherwise has a great layout. the door fee is low, the drink prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is upbeat. the only complaint that i have is that to sit at the bar, you are going to be hustled by the stage dancers for tips, as they make their way around the perimeter after finishing their routine. although this is standard procedure that patrons sitting at the stage tip, it’s a bit of a downer that this applies where the bar is the actual stage.

    that aside, i’d highly recommend this club. and i’d come back to it the next time that i’m in philly.

  52. LESKO!!!!!


  53. english guy

    club has a nice layout, dancers dance in the middle of the bar and then at the end of their dance come around expecting a tip. this gets tedious after 4 or 5 girls have gone up. had a 2 beers until a girl caught my eye, very boring lapdance, touching was limited to breasts but it felt like she was going through the motions. barely worked the “member” at all other than using the back of her head

  54. The worst
  55. mick

    great time on a Tuesday, could do without the cigar smoke though

  56. calvin
  57. Dan

    No good girls left here . . . all new faces and they are definitely a huge step down!

  58. DAve Hobson
  59. frank
  60. Mike & Christina

    We are a couple that used to go here frequently. Most of the woman were friendly, pretty, great to talk with. It started once in a blue moon, then weekly, then we went a couple times a week. So we were spending about $500-$1,000 a week. It seems like alot, but we have it so why not spread it around, right? Until a month ago, we were having a great night, and this one dancer was talking about getting stiffed from these other guys earlier. So we felt bad, bought her a couple of drinks and then later I sent my husband in for a dance with her to the back. Well, usually when you get a dance, at the end the girls will ask if you want another, and you agree or decline, and if you are more friendly with the dancer, you’ll sometimes talk afterwards, while she’s getting dressed and come out together. This particular dancer, knowing my husband was obviously buzzing pretty good, was talking with the dancer after her half a dance song, and held him on talking, and talking. My husband doesn’t know any better and knows the woman has the say, so he kept talking, until I went in the back to tell him, he’s been there for quite awhile and we had to go……………………

  61. spacecowboy
  62. Anonymous

    Terminating Karma was the worst decision Club Risqué could make.

  63. re Pistol Pete

    Best in Philly is a little far fetched don’t ya think? C’mon you’re talking to guys who have been everywhere and trust me-there’s better. Giselle yes she’s beautiful but as I said earlier you could only name ONE. Pathetic- you think a club is best because of ONE beautiful girl!

  64. Couple!!

    There are many dancers that are awesome here. Just wish the weekends weren’t so crowded here. Myself, being a female, I would even do anything to try to get with quite a few of these dancers. My god, alot of them are too awesome!!!

  65. elmer

    There are several pretty and classy girls here. I takes a little time to talk to the girls to figure it out though. If all they talk about is the coke they did that day, well move onto the next girl if you are looking for classy. HINT – girls paying for college are typically more classy than the others.

  66. kw

    stage behind the bar!?! when will owners learn? tits in face not behind bottles!

  67. Chad

    This place needs more than improvement . . .

  68. LuvRoxanne
  69. Lauren H.

    This place isn’t getting enough credit. First of all, it’s a strip club in Philadelphia, on Columbus Boulevard, so don’t expect too much. That would be like walking into Ikea, and expecting to buy furniture akin to West Elm. Or buying a case of Keystone light and expecting the same quality as corona. etc etc. Anyway, I went on a friday night with my boyfriend, and had a great time. The drinks are expensive, and there’s a 2 drink minimum if you’re sitting in the chairs, not sure if it’s the same at the bar. It was a $10 cover for each of us, and there’s a metal detector. There were 3 girls that were just gorgeous, 1 Caucasian, 1 African American, and 1 Asian. Most of the rest had at least 1 redeeming quality physically, and there were a few Uglarians. About half of the girls had breast implants, some obvious, some not so much, the rest had naturals, some big, some small, some none at all. Not everyone was in great physical shape, but I could appreciate that because not every man goes to a strip club to see Barbie take off her clothes. Even the aforementioned Uglarians got a lot of tips from different men. There were a few girls that had no idea what they were doing, a few that really knew how to shake and work the pole/stage, and one that just walked around and didn’t do anything with a stank attitude. There was also a girl that only gave massages, and from the looks of her clients, they were goooood massages. I had 2 drinks, I don’t know what the first one was, I told the bartender I wanted something sweet and strong, and she made me something pineappley. The second drink I had was a peach martini, very strong, and I also had 2 shots from the shot girl. It was the shot girl’s first night, but she was really cute and outgoing and I liked talking to her. The shots were $5 each, $10 if you wanted her to straddle you, deep throat the tube and pour it down your throat. I had one each way, I enjoyed them both. The women’s bathroom is locked, and you need to ask one of the many tuxedoed men to let you in, which isn’t a problem. One thing I didn’t understand is that you aren’t allowed to throw bills on the stage, which I’ve never heard of before, and they don’t exactly make it clear beforehand. Another thing I didn’t like is that since we went close to Christmas, the Dj was playing CHRISTMAS SONGS… which is a little twisted and not really conducive to the atmosphere. He also wasn’t very good at playing songs that meshed well together, he needs to work on his flow. All of the girls work a circuit, starting at one end of the room, stopping at each pole along the outer circle, then getting on stage, stopping at each of the 2 poles, then working their way around the bar, then out onto the floor. Just make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind if they smell like smoke. You don’t really notice it when you’re inside, but the next morning, everything smells horrible, your hair, your clothes, everything. ugh. Oh, and last thing, strippers love girls.

  70. cgoodlife

    Best in Philly, by far.

  71. maxxy1

    Club risque delaware ave is the best gentlemans club in philly. The dancers range in age with some above average hotties Also, some of the best looking and friendly bartenders ive ever encountered. I absolutely would recommend this club

  72. sb
  73. cody
  74. First Timer

    I will never go back here again. It was a complete waste of $, there was not one girl that was attractive and well kept.

  75. regular

    Place is going down hill

  76. Martin

    This place has changed for the worse! I hadn’t been in the club in about 6 months and boy are there a lot of new faces and not good ones! Where are all the lovely ladies that used to be the reason I drove an hour to visit? I will take my $ elsewhere from now on!

  77. joseph1k

    I’m surprised Risque has such poor ratings on here. I didn’t think it was the best place ever, but it’s pretty alright. Here are some highlights: drinks are reasonably priced, they’re open until 4 am some nights, couples’ nights = free drink for companion, impressively clean and new ladies’ room, several TVs, and they give away free stuff sometimes. I scored a free hat. I used to list smoking inside as a pro, but now that I’ve quit, it’s annoying. Fun place, I’m a fan.

  78. Tom g
  79. some guy
  80. eric
  81. nick

    Excellent place. Perhaps Philadelphia’s finest gentlemens club. I have always had a great time here. You have to take a dance with sasha.. she is the best around here.

  82. Fan

    Does anyone know if a girl named ashley still works there if not does anyone know what she is doing or if she went to another club

  83. Old enought to drink?

    I’m not bashing the club by any means. Just stating my opinion.

  84. hank
  85. eddyL

    I’ve been here a couple times and have not been disappointed. Basics: Cover is $5 Sun-Thurs after 7. $10 Fri and Sat after 7 and some special events. Went this past Tuesday for the Fat Tuesday hosted by the Preston and Steve crew. $10 cover to get in. Standard $20 couch dances. $200 for 1/2 hour in the Champagne Room gets you a couple of drinks and (maybe) a bit more privacy depending on how busy the room is. The couches are a bit bigger and (at least during my trip there) the girls really turn on the charm.Triangular bar surrounds the two stages. Unlike a couple such establishments I’ve been to there is no obstructed view anywhere in the main room. A fair amount of seating off to each side, but if it’s busy expect to do a bit of standing. The couch room is in the back left corner. Many couches, spacious, and just the right amount of light. It’s not particularly private but with a lovely set of twins in your face you don’t notice much else. A nice rotation of girls, and hey!, this particular night there was no old lady who really should hang it up and stop trying to make eye contact with me!! Beautiful brunette Mandy graced me with a couple dances. She was by far the sexiest lady in the place and really knows how to move in the couch room. Highly recommended.

  86. sirius

    Still the best thing going in Philly in terms of the overall package — eye candy,

    atmosphere, hospitality, friendliness of the dancers, etc . . . . No stuffiness here.

  87. AssnTits5

    Meh.The girls were definitely above average. I did go on a good night tho. Fri/Sat (can’t quite remember it was about half a year ago). A couple real beauties. And of course a couple not real beauties. But you’ll get that anywhere you go. Well of course you’re on Broad in San Fran. Oh how I miss you California.Anyways, drinks were expensive of course. But the thing that really ticked me off is that the closest you can get to the girls without buying a dance is nowhere near close!!! You sit at the bar and the stage is an island like 10 feet away from you. You can’t lay down dollar bills (my FAVORITE thingggggg…I always make all the men in the room jealous how I throw it down and get the ladies to come to me!) but instead have to throw them to even attempt to get them to the dancers. (Although I read below that that is not allowed? No one said anything to me.) So stupid.Bought a couple dances for myself and my friend. Good damn dances. The atmosphere could be better. It’s a room in the back (didn’t feel grimy at all..that’s one thing, the club is clean. Besides the heavy smell of smoke which you will indeed smell on your clothes the next day), but it’s not all that private. There’s little booths around the outside of the room and your dancer will take you to one. There were probably about 10 other dancers giving dances to other people around the room when I got mine. But I’ll be honest it didn’t bother me that much. Like I said they had a couple real beauties. Very friendly too 🙂 If only I had written this review closer to when I had gone.I think dances ran about 30-40. Cover was decent if I remember correctly. Unlike Show & Tel across the way. My party (me and my other sexy female friend, and 3 guy friends) and I stopped at Show & Tel first and they wanted us ladies to pay the same as the guys, and they were also rude when I asked for a discount for the girls. Oh well, I don’t deal well with unfriendly strip club staff so I said peace and took my group across the way to Club Risque hoping for better luck and nicer people. When I proposed the same discount to Risque they were more than happy to oblige. And also didn’t ID if I remember correctly for all you yunguns out there trying to see some strippers haha.This is the only strip club I’ve been to in Philly and it doesn’t compare to San Fran but I’d go back if I had some extra cash to spend. Definitely want to find a place that will let me make it rain during stage performances though.

  88. Mike
  89. T

    This place is the worst! I wouldn’t give ANY of these girls a DIME!

  90. Chubby
  91. George
  92. Robb
  93. Cliff

    This place is going downhill-FAST!

  94. john john

    needs inprovement

  95. Tony

    I use to love it here! what happened? Some blonde telling me a $5.00 bill was all she would take as a tip and a barmaid telling me “we work for tips so dont be cheap”?

  96. StripClub431

    Another great time at the anniversary party! Gina, Tracy, Kelly… Best bartenders out there! Best girls in philly! Risqué always a class act.

  97. George

    I hate this place! The past few times I have stopped in there has been NOTHING going on! No hot girls and barely any customers. I’m not going to waste my time anymore there are other clubs in the city with a MUCH better selection of girls.

  98. Jack

    I love this place, I dont know why there are so many complaints lately. I think the girls are the nicest that I have experienced. Yes, the turnover seems high lately, but for the most part they are hiring quality dancers (nobody is perfect). Only two suggestions:

    – Bartenders need to be more attentive especially when there are smaller crowds, takes forever to get a drink sometimes because they are too busy socializing amongst themselves.

    – No camera-phone rule at night is stupid, nobody checks you during the day and some of us need to have the phone on themselves. And how many phones today dont have a camera?

  99. joesph m
  100. Thomas

    The girls are beautiful and I always enjoy myself. What people have to realize is that this is their job and you cannot get offended by everything. You would not want people to BS with your paycheck or time…they deserve the same respect!!

  101. blue
  102. fddf
  103. Colbys

    Very bad service. Waited over 30 minutes for a drink with only 8 customers at bar?!?! Bartenders seemed more interested in pouring their own drinks as I watched them do shot after shot. Is there any management in this club or do the employees run this club. Such a bad experience

  104. gerry
  105. m

    First time there on sunday, had a great time.

  106. yp
  107. Jerry

    Beware of getting ripped off.

  108. john
  109. Frustrated

    How come all of the girls are sitting at 1 table and not mingling? Doesn’t this place want to make money anymore – other than just raising the prices?

  110. rupert
  111. Dirk
  112. Luke

    I was last night and it was DEAD! There were only a limited number of girls working and there were nothing special to look at unfortunately. I had never been in this club before because I’m from out of town but the taxi driver told me to go here and Im quite disappointed that he would lead me to such a dumpy place. I had eneded up leaving shortly after because the girls were unfriendly and unapproachable.

  113. dave

    nice club

  114. randomhero29

    most fun i have had in a long time

  115. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  116. Stevo

    Great club best in area!!!

  117. Carl

    Beautiful women but not much variety. mainly white women with fake tits or light skin girls with fake asses. Most nights the music is obnoxiously loud even if there aren’t many customers and it’s always freezing in there. The club itself however, is a mess. I think I counted 6 different carpet patterns, the bar stools are extremely uncomfortable, most of the chairs at the tables were stained or ripped, and the whole layout is just strange. The food however is amazing. They have at least one thing going for them. All in all, this club is just “okay”.

  118. Steve

    much better clubs if you go to south Philly, but not Crazy Horse. Have never had fun at Risque

  119. Disgruntled

    Dancers are awesome, the staff sucks will rip you off any chance the get.

    Bartenders ignore people and then overcharg them. Food while good does

    not come out as ordered and sometimes the wrong food comes out. Staff

    running the couch dance area seems incompetent and often shorts the girls

    or will overcharge the patrons. Meanwhile while trying to get a dance the

    bartenders take your drink and money

  120. re: brian

    you must have come in at a bad time … but im a dancer at club risque and im old enough to drink and also intelligent enough to hold a decent conversation so please don’t bash this place because you had a bad experience one night

  121. fritter17

    2 and a half short years ago, I had the deep displeasure of experiencing Club Risque. It was my best friend’s bachelor party and Risque was supposed to be the capstone to an otherwise beautiful night of friendship and revelry. We exited our bus and began to enter the venue. After 3 or 4 members of our group paid and entered the club, one of our friends was denied entry. The reason given for the denial was that they had seen someone “stumble” out of the bus. Regardless of the fact that no one stumbled out the bus, they refused to refund half of the group the money that they had already paid to walk in for one minute. Of course, none of us entered the club and left unrefunded and, understandably, upset. I wish I could review the quality of the experience that Club Risque provides, but the management made that impossible. It’s one thing to deny entry, it’s another thing to steal from patrons while veiling it as “policy.” If you’re looking for somewhere to go, look elsewhere, unless you want to pay $20 to walk in and out of the door.

  122. Pat

    Worst club in the city!

  123. Seeker

    While checking out the club for potential supplemental employment I may need in a month or two, April was the lucky one to get my budget for the night. Nice lady, great curves, and I think she liked the back massage just as I liked the attention she gave me.

  124. Frank

    This is one of the best clubs around dancers make people feel welcomed.

  125. tonycluber

    Came here for a Bachelor Party. It was our last stop for the night. One of the strippers, Lita, was super friendly and not aggressive. I’d say most of the other strippers were not approachable. We were sitting there for probably an hour and none of the strippers were soliciting us. It was like they didn’t want to make money. Eventually we had to scout strippers for the bachelor and he had a great time. In terms of looks, our group tends to be into thicker women, so you won’t find that here. Drinks were relatively inexpensive.

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  127. a dancer

    skanks and drug-addicts be a hooker- u would at least get paid for people seein shit!!!!

  128. al
  129. Mike & Christina Cont......

    so he came out after me, and when we were by our car, I was telling him how long he was there. He couldn’t believe it, and told me she kept talking on and on about how she is trying to stay off of herion, and can’t stay off of it. So my husband felt bad for her and her problems. He didn’t think he was being charged for being her Psychiatrist, $200. So he recieved a half of a dance and listened to all of her crap and it costed him $220. I told him he should’ve never stayed that whole time for that crap, especially since she was sitting with us at the bar for an hour. We bought her drinks and all,so we were getting in our car and I think the manager and bouncer came up to us. Very professional and told my husband he owed her $200, but how much would he like to give her since she didn’t do anything but what I said………..

  130. Brian

    I came here this weekend on Saturday noght and there wasn’t even a large selction of girls let alone hot ones! I saw maybe a few that were cute but that was it! This place is the worst.

  131. Paige W.

    Lots of things sound like a good idea at the time. That second slice of pie. That 3 a.m. drunk call. Getting back together with your ex. In that vain, there is Club Risque, where the strippers look bored, the drinks are laced with turpentine, and the taxis are scarce. The experience left me with a wicked hangover and the lingering fear that I may have caught crabs in the ladies room. If anything, just be sure never to get to a strip club before midnight. It’s kinda like feeding a mogwai chicken after midnight – you dont want to see that gremlin at 2 a.m.

  132. st

    Amy sat on my face and farted during a lap dance

  133. more.............

    So my husband gave up for $40 more. Then when we got home, we called and left a message. It was returned the next night by Connie. Who by the way, is a very rude, ignorant person. It was a very long conversation just twisting my husbands words around on him, not listening to his explanation of the night, and had no intentions on trying to resolve the situation. Then she ended up saying that there was something wrong with us spending that much money there. What the hell???? You think you would appreciate it when your customers spend money and don’t cause any problems, and treat everyone there very nice. You can ask anyone, we never mistreated anyone, and we even made friends, but we were the ones mistreated. It’s wrong!!! We are now very bitter about the treatment we recieved. So if anyone in Management would like to know the full story, I’ll check this frequently to read. The dancer should of been reprimended and explain how to be more clear in the future so this would not happen again. Like all the other girls make it clear, my time is done with you, you want another one, great and it’s going to cost you, just by simply asking, ” You want another dance?” I will never go back there, ever. It has gone down hill, not worth the time, money or aggravation!!!!!!

  134. rogerrab2

    Terrible place, they wouldn’t let in the bachelor on a bachelor party. This place can go screw itself, Philly style.

  135. vert

    great club, great staff and some really cool girls

  136. don
  137. Mark regular

    Been coming to this club for years!!! Great atmosphere nice girls but the

    best I’ve ever met and the one kept me coming back is Devon!!!! A lovely

    Russian girl, gave the best dances and VIP room with her was amazing.

    She always took time to sit with me and cheered me up by having a

    normal conversation never in 3y of knowing her she hussled me for

    money!!!! Even when I couldnt do a court she never walked off and

    treated me like a walking wallet!

  138. albert

    I went back to the club the last weekend of january only to be dissapointed by the poor quality of the dancers. This used to be a great club with the best female talent in Philly. I hope management will be able to raise the bar when hiring new dancers and go back to its old glory. It has always been my favorite and I’ll keep coming back hoping it will all get better.

  139. igor34

    Crappy service, unable to get service for food, even though they have a full menu. Long wait lines for shows upstairs, rude attendant, unable to be seated before start time, show didn’t start on time. Forced to sit in strip club side in order to keep warm, couldn’t get food there either and had to tip for dancers that i didn’t want to watch! Don’t waste your money!

  140. curious






  141. adamrod

    When you think of strip clubs, you think disgusting and not classy but this place actually is not as dirty or disgusting as I thought. It is probably one of the classy ones in the Philly area. Most girls are pretty and some have really great talent on the pole. I think I didn’t feel that uncomfortable in there being a girl. The girls didn’t force themselves on anyone. Trust me, there are places where girls sell themselves to get a buck but they actually wait for people to go to them. The waitresses were nice, attentive and very quick too. Good job on that.Oh, and also, Aurora and Allie are f’n hot.

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