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110 East 3rd Street, Yankton, SD 57078


42.8699849, -97.3915326




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cockatoo Gentlemens Club

  1. jack

    mary jane sucks as a dancer should keep her clothes on.

  2. sidney

    went to this shithole on 4/20 what a bunch of jackasses there to celebrate there birthdays,dancers ackted like they were on drugs or sleeping pills dont care wont be back.

  3. Pirate Lover

    This club rocks, the girls are great, and as far as the stinky dancers? I dont think so dude! Im guessing it was your own ass! Some soap and clean bath water would do you well! I have been to this club to many times to count and have never smelled a stinky dancer. To whom ever was knocking on MJ, dont even go there! She is one of the nicest people out there, and one of the best dancers I have ever seen! GRRRRRRR ROCK ON MJ

  4. gorgeous george

    Lots of ladies come and go, but let’s rate the best otc experiences. Mine? Porchia. where oh where is she at?

  5. Farm Handy

    Hey Speedy, I agree. Great privates. Who are your favorites? Mine? Gina.

  6. dont waste your time

    i go every friday nite and it just gets worse the dancers dont even come around unless there black, i stay on the average of two or three hours not even a table dance, this club is loosing ground fast if it dont get new dancers and a manager there to make girls work the floor to keep the guys there.P.S. take a pool table out and turn it into a coutch room so the dancers can give a real private dance this is a strip club not a arcade.

  7. P.S unknown

    Sorry it took so long to write back but i decided to quit comming in ,i could give a shit less any more,Ill be back this summer after college is out at least they want to make money. GOOD BYE BITCHES!!!!

  8. Porchia

    Josh Barber accused Porchia of getting busted for prostitution but supposedly it never happened. I read it about a week ago on the blog but it disappeared.

  9. Home grown

    I think it fun when Secret and Autumn are there. They make th place fun and are generally pretty friendly. Some of the other dancers that show up scare me as they seem a little over the top for my taste. Staff is also friendly.

  10. chase

    was there on 4/21 dancers you need to use perfume or wash your dirty clothes deodorant would help,smelling great and looking great is your job title to make more money.

  11. Me

    You don’t even dance anymore.

  12. Phil

    Lmao – I see Secret and Autumn have been posting about themselves,

    what a joke! Two sloppy drunks with nothing better to do then talk

    themselves up. Ones a hooker and the other always looking for attention

    and a fight with her boyfriend.

  13. FYI

    great place to have fun great place to get busted

  14. nah bro!

    Mila:meth head Lana:prostitute both been charged

    more than once. The girls sit in groups and hate

    on eachother instead of make money and entertain

    customers. The club would get a young and

    attractive girl that’s a dancer not a hooker or

    addict then they’d send them off and keep girls

    like the sisters. It’s pathetic. And for ppl to

    say meth and bag out vagina is sexy is more

    pathetic. Maybe yankton is going down hill not

    just the cockatoo.

  15. k
  16. yevette is 60!

    absolutely terrible that this club still books Yevette considering she’s 60 fuckin y/o. refuse to come in while she’s working

  17. guest

    last time I ever go there

  18. U know who I am

    Why are we even arguing with you? This has gone too far again.

  19. That somebody

    Stop hatin you triflin ass bitches MJ is awesome and has a great body coming frm a dancer which I personally worked with!!!!!!! She knows what shes doin and hey gurl keep on doin it have them hata ass hoes and dudes hate thats cool!!!you know what the hell your capable of havin a sexy ass body and personallity

  20. yourdaddy

    the dancers have the tendency to get too drunk, usually by the time 8 or 9 rolls around. not all of them, but enough of them to warrant a second-guessing of management for allowing them to get so intoxicated. this could be due to the disproportional volume of customers throughout the night; dense traffic early and slow traffic after 7pm (weekends excluded). the bartenders are good, servers have been warm, and there is plenty of seating.

  21. jamie

    this club has would be great if they had a v.i.p area for private dances instead of arcade in the back need to cut it in half and turn it into a v.i.p room and quit the table dances so the dancers have to make the money on the private dances. also cut the sets to 3 songs.

  22. cdl

    PLEASE do something about Yvette Not the only 1 complaining about her.

  23. Jessica & Matt

    Where is the Bruce Willis look-a-like bouncer, he is the reason anybody ever came to the club. He brought class and made everybody feel glad to be there. He was like a cruise director on a ship. It was a real life LOVE BOAT when he was there. It was “MAGICAL”

  24. To Gina

    Careful Gina. Josh is losing his mind & may try to harm you. SCL has noticed comments have been getting out of hand again & erased the posts from every site after Josh’s last post.

  25. George

    Who the hell is Josh Barber?

    Girls get busted periodically, and it doesn’t stop them from continuing to practice their trade. Was Barber’s accusation false? Porchia was damn fun. Did she quit over the false accusation? Second fav is Gina.

  26. Hot Rod

    Hey Jack, thanx for the info about Cherish. I haven’t had any hot action on the couch since Gina, the skinny black girl with the nice rack did me good. Is Cherish as badd as Gina?

  27. Why

    Why are you so mad at everyone? What did anyone do to you to piss you off? This must be a personal issue.

  28. nl

    fucking sucks

  29. unknown

    be careful around Gina and shyla heard from another club there carring diseases.

  30. Spender

    Hey dude from Soo Foo, I bet she’s talked down about you! Bet on it, fer sure, dude. Thats the nature of the game, lonely guys and little whores who think theyre queenies. they make you think your the center of their world for an hour or so but your just money, dont fall for it, dude.

  31. Butterbean

    Club has gone way down hill these days. Stoped in for a beer the other day and it seems like its turning in to nasty ass Lesterville. I think its about time to cut the arcade in half open up a VIP room. Lock the joining door to the stupid dance club next door. CHARGE a COVER charge. Word of advice aim for Sioux Falls Scarlet O’Hares and Not Lesterville and you might make some money! Only a few girls worth anything there are two lovely ladies by the name of Summer and Autumn if there not there prob say drive to SF!

  32. tips 2 make it better

    Raise the couch dances to $20. May atrract better girls.

  33. sound advice to all

    Ive moved on months ago. what a way to run a club it will close sooner or later the way its going.

  34. suc2bu
  35. B from SF

    I am Gina’s friend from Sioux Falls. Wow. These people from Vermillion have followed her up to Aberdeen now. They make up lies about her saying she talks down on her regs. Why would she do that when they pay her bills? Don’t make sense. Anyways, people, give her a chance. If she isn’t your type, thats okay. She is probably the most fair person I have met in this biz. I feel very sorry for her for having to go through this.

  36. Well

    Well then quit being a chickenshit and put your real name. I could give a shit less about how business has been.

  37. hopes?

    Still have hopes for this place.

  38. jsdjofj

    This used to be a fun club with employees and dancers that were fun to be around. Now it’s just about the money they want. Need to find more girls with some people skills.

  39. Hell Yeah

    Fun place to party!!!

  40. curious fan

    I am wondering if anyone knows where Mary Jane has been working these days. She was one of my favorite dancers, smart, friendly, and sexy as hell. If anyone can help me out, my friends and I would like to make the trip if anyone knows where to see her.

  41. uu
  42. Mary Jane's friend

    Hey girl! You’re friend that texts you goofy shit here. I am glad you addressed this bullshit. You know who really loves you. These people on here know nothing about you.

  43. sam

    apperently the owner doesnt give a shit about this club nothing has been done to clean this place up get rid of one pool table or both, punching bag machine, get the dancers away from the bar and working the tables or find dancers that will. also cut off the shots to the dancers lets get somethimg done PS.make the rear room VIP only dances.

  44. Fishstick Y.

    Adequate describes the bar. Drinks/beer fairly priced and service is usually prompt. I like the fact that you can play pool and toss a few darts and not feel obligated to sit and throw $1’s all night. I’d like to see a few more TV’s though. Adequate also describes the women – don’t expect to be blown away and you just might be pleasantly suprised. The girls seemed freindly and positive, which I enjoy at a strip club. A good time at strip club is defined by walking away wanting to to thank some really bad fathers out there somewhere, but on this particular night my gf was the hottest girl in the place so I saved money and just took her behind the curtain and made her dance for me.Can’t remember if there was a cover, but if there was it was only a couple bucks. We’ll be back.


    if you bitches even knew who this is it would blow your mind. so far youre not even close.PS hows buisiness been HA HA HA!

  46. about Gina

    I think she needs to lay low for a long while because of these people. This is getting too out of hand.

  47. Kelly

    Bad vibes from the staff like the waitresses

  48. tomman

    Fantastic private dances! Overall pretty hot women! Recommended!

  49. sounds

    sounds like you need to find another club to go to. If you don’t like it here, then quit coming in. Yankton isn’t the only place that has a strip club.

  50. shag
  51. jacks friend

    i like dancing in south dakota the guys really like it when i come around the tables,its what keeps the guys there,i dont sit at one table all night guys come from all over the area as much as 2 hour drive because strip joints are’nt in every givem a good time dont be afraid to askem to get together after the bar closes,theres nothing wrong in doing what you cant do in the bar.xtra$$$$

  52. pillman

    fun place

  53. yngstud

    Would go more often, but the girls don’t do anything once they get off stage. One or two girls out of 7-8 might go out and get dances once in awhile. Food was great and music system works well. Too many older women dancers, needs younger hot talent. Few of the dancers drink way too much and act too dumb to even want to tip. Some of the waitresses are hotter and do way more in tip money than the dancers.

  54. cockatoo

    what is wrong with website? how come it dont say who is dancing?

  55. in town

    girls are real money hungry A real drag.

  56. oo
  57. 2 watcher

    You’re just jealous that MJ still has her friends & still dances at the 2. Go to SC!!! OH WAIT!!! YOU LOST YOUR LICENSE TO DANCE SC!

  58. I agree

    I agree take off the website if you can’t keep it current. The last week is almost two months out of date.

  59. sf

    girls are lower quality. need new & quality dancers

  60. johnny has to say

    i have to say your sinuses must be plugged or your not getting close to the dancers, you must be used to the smell from yourself DUDE, ive been there many years seen more better dancers not come back than they will see return. the dancers dont come alive till 10:00 sat there one night for 3 hours had one dancer come around why dont you sail on down the river pirate and beat your cock with your hook watch out you dont cum in your good eye.

  61. Gina

    Keep talking shit. This actually helps me make $. Last summer, when the talk about me was at its peak, I had 80 dances by Wed nite. And you stupid MF, I only work one club. Put your REAL name, you So Dak coward.

  62. Mr Negative

    They lost the atmosphere when a key person quit in May

  63. fun is in the air

    i love this club the employees are great love the girls and i think its getting better i was there last monday and had a blast a little short on girls but the ones that are there are hot and fun including the girl staff keep it up!!!

  64. customer

    Come on Too Raise your dance prices to $20. This would be the time to do it.

  65. Whatever

    You didn’t even make it in SD.

  66. Brooke

    Where is the bouncer from a few years past, TERRY? I would like to see this guy who every girl I danced with always brings him up!! Everybody loved him!!! The girls all said it was safer when he worked there. I would just love to meet him!!! His reputation as a bouncer is truly unheard of in this business. Everybody said he was a truly great bouncer!!!!

  67. cool

    MJ Rules

  68. Mistercap12

    The cockatoo is always a staple when I’m in the yankton area. The owner Jeff always brings in the best talent from the mid west. Its hard to choose a favorite amongst so many great dancers. In terms of aestheitcs and stage presence those performers reach new peak of professionalism. Thanks Jeff for giving the dakotas tour players so much to look forward to every year.

  69. because

    because asshole #1 would you like traveling a hour or so where there is no strip clubs to be ignored like your not even there yes i get pissed off who wouldnt. 15 minutes on stage then sit down till there next set Ive had enough of the bull shit good fucking bye and good riddens.

  70. ex customer

    has gone way down hill

  71. jimmy

    went there on 2/2 dancers could care less if you were there,sitting at the bar seemed to be more entertaining to them than keeping what guys they had left sitting (3)I stayed about a half hour before i decided to go to sioux city to maverics,girls should go there some time to see how i works. To the owner of the cockatoo its time to remodel and charge cover to bring in some better entertainment,Quit cattering to the freeloaders that walk through your bar. i myself would pay a $5.00 cover charge to see better entertainment also a better place for couch dances. IF NOT CLOSE THE PLACE DOWN AND PUT IT OUT OF ITS MISSERY.

  72. SPEEDY


  73. Mary Jane

    This is addressed to Jim & Bill, if those are your real names. To Bill, just about every comment I’ve read of yours on this site is negative, if you dont like the club or the girls then go somewhere else, cuz they probly dont like you either!! I did not spend most of my time at the bar or downstairs, and since you spent so much time paying attention to where I was or what I was doing, maybe your problem is that your just upset I didn’t show you attention. And to Jim, yes I did quit dancing bcuz I was pregnant, but no the club did not cut me off as I stoped drinking on my own and yet continued to dance until I felt was an appropriate time to stop, my man did NOT “put the smack down” as you say, I’m an adult with my own mind and I can & do make my own choices. Either way, I havnt danced there in over 8 months, dont you people have anything better to do then to try degrading others. GET A LIFE!

  74. MJ

    To everyone that has stuck up for me on and off this website and in & out of the clubs….thank you. I’ve met some amazing people and made very close friends. To those of you who have nuthin better do to with your time then to plant ur sad little self down & say mean spiteful things that you KNOW arent true….go ahead. Your not hurting me, the business, or the money I made while at work. I am taking time away from this job to focus on my self, my life, and my family. Unlike some people, I haven’t lost touch with reality & let drugs, alcohol, or being a hooker take over my life, all for the god almighty dollar. If/when I come back, I look forward to seeing ALL the people I’ve come to know & care about!

  76. to maryjane

    You know how much we love you! Your friend in Omaha! I love you too Niki!

  77. last time forever

    it doesnt matter how much they charge for a couch dance, its having the girls work the floor and rotate schedule every month too many of the same dancers are there every week after week was there on 3/21 at 8 oclock there was nobody sitting at the stage or at the tables its poor management/ownership been going for over 10 plus years finally have had enough.

  78. Justin

    Does anyone know what happened to ivy/Brook? I really miss her, she was great to visit with and was smokn hot!!!! Any info let me know Im willing to travel if I have to.

  79. shaneqa

    you girls dont know how to dance like me your all lazy bitches mj is such a slut skank hoe bitch

  80. weekly local cust

    used to be fun could be again w right girls

  81. ND

    So bad.

  82. bill

    Good to see some new dancers or should i say it doesnt matter whos dancing they still dont work the floor even the waittress,its a major disappointment for a night out Who ever owns this place must be completely fucking stupid or has too much money.They need to see what isnt going on when they arent there witch is nothing at all need a manager there every night to remind the girls where there money comes from. Sorry to put it like this but its the truth.

  83. rocko

    this club rules

  84. timmykilla

    I danced here for a night to check it out. (I’m a traveling stripper) The management is nice, or the hiring people, the owner is funny, I went up to him on my 1st night, thinking he was a customer cause I didn’t know since it was my 1st night he was the owner. The poles on the stage are rather short. I’m 5’8”, 6’2” in 6 inch heels, I wore my short boots that had like a one inch heel cause I am to tall for that stage, leather biker boots. The poles are on the side of the stage then they have some poles going horizontal since I couldn’t climb up I climbed sideways. & did a few flips on the horizontal poles. I like everything else about this club except that there stage is made for short females only. Wasn’t a fan of the ”grand finally” either they have before closing. I also like that this club is more lenient on the rules. Sioux Falls has like 3 pages of detailed rules you have to follow or you get fined, alot. I’m not saying this is a whore house here, (I wouldn’t work @ one of those I don’t want to get STDs) I’m saying I can work here and feel comfortable & not like someones breathing down my back all the time, looking for me to make a mistake so they can fire me or fine me. The girls pick there songs from a Juke box, if your a traveling dancer, bring a luggage lock there lockers are usually all taken. They have video cameras in the dressing room, so if something does get stolen, you can ask them to look @ the tape but still I don’t want to give someone the opportunity to steal something of mine I think is valuable so being a travel dancer I usually have a TON of diff locks on me. lol. I have had my stuff stolen before and now the only way someone can steal my stuff in a locker room @ a strip club is if they steal my whole luggage and my luggage has my personal website address on it, so if someone tries to steal it, they will have to walk out of the business with my entire luggage, n I’m sure someone would say, ”your not Merry Whitney” haha.. My stage name is Naomi I’m scheduled to work here the week of September 14th-the 19th of 2015 everyday. Stop in and say hello. 😀 They have a full bar and a smoking section outside, but I usually smoke my vape.

  85. Yep

    Mary Jane Rules

  86. FOOL

    Where did you dream up that info? Thats not what the ordinacne states and it does not effect The City Of Yankton to start with. I have read the complete ordinance and it will not effect anyone in Yankton or Yankton Country. Only new business location in Yankton County not ones operating now! Get it right

  87. don

    the girls are grate kelly is supper bartender

  88. WILD MAN
  89. tommy

    yes kelly is a great bartender she would be better on stage

  90. mark

    to all the negativity or not ! these clubs are for guys to be intertained not to be ignored like most of the time you sit there for hours before a dancer comes around. like to see you dancers get a 8 to 10 hours a day job like the rest of us. you sit on your ass for 45 minutes and dance on stage for 15 minutes and sit down again sorry but you dancers have half these clubs buisness hurting because of it, guys are ther with money just have to ask for a dance to make money im not going to run you down for a dance.

  91. Sir

    New law has been proposed. It has been suggested all dancers register with the Sheriffs department and obtain a cabaret license prior to working in strip club establishments. Reason being state has a right to know who is working and where. Also proposed; establishments that offer full bar require dancers to be 21 or over due to underage drinking problem. Stricter rules will also be applied toward hotel business. Instead of dancers staying in different hotels all over town, dancers will only be allowed to stay at one hotel. Reason is to prevent illegal prostitution activity.

    Sanctions will be applied to club/hotel owners if compliance is not met. To be continued

  92. Iowa

    Kinda slow but still okay. Need to change the dancer schedule. Hasnt been changed since April.

  93. Yazo

    I remember Terry. He was a bouncer all right. I bet every dancer spent time bouncing up and down on his huge dick. The old crew partied hard with him. Armani, Chocolate Porsche, Gina, Envy, and others.

  94. hills
  95. Goodbye

    And good riddance!

  96. yanktown

    looks tho this Josh Barber is the one who tries to start trouble for Gina by posting wherever she works. whats his prob? did she do something to anger you man?

  97. Rick

    What is the name of that black dancer that has pussy hair growing in a happy trail all the way up to her belly button? I think that is so damn sexy, I would like to see her again but didn’t catch her name.

  98. MJ Friend

    Mary Jane took some time off. She may be back in a month or so.

  99. yvette

    what the hell, they scheduled yvette again! the last time i was there her dentures fell to the floor when she tried to smile at me. I still have nightmares. RETIRE OLD WHORE!!!!!!!!!

  100. to below

    Last time my ass Lol.

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