Watering Hole Lounge



9000 Lewisburg Highway, Cornersville, TN 37047


35.2541089, -86.9472268




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Watering Hole Lounge

  1. Bam Bam again!

    Man alive! This place rocks! I’ll will be back friday & saturday night!! I may have to find a second job! LOL This has been a great week for me. I highly recommend this place!

  2. nope

    its not true

  3. TennesseeBound!

    I’ve been to the Bungalow and Utopia, But on my way to Nashville saturday nite, Thought I’d try the Wateringhole before I spent $$$$$$ on gas to go to Nashville. I’m glad that I did! Met a Very Beautiful girl named “MAGIC”! She was very nice and very pretty! I forgot vall about going to Nashville!!!!I hope she’s working this saturday nite, cause plan on being at the Wateringhole again! Take my advice, check out the Wateringhole!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Rob

    Glad I didn’t fuck her when she offered! I was afraid she liked black cocks!

  5. Tina

    Who cares about that nasty bitch lying whore! I tried to nwork at the watering hole and she’d flat out tell customers lies about me and all the other girls! I made a mistake of giving her my home phone number and that fuckin lyin bitch calls up my hubby and tells him that I’m meeting customers at the motel at exit 14! He laughed! He always dropped me off and picked me up! I work at Jimmy’s in huntsville, al now! Beware! Hunter will stabb you in the back girls! I know from experience and the ones that remember me knows I telling the truth!!!!!!!

  6. MJ couple

    Wife and I had a great time last night. HOT lap dances.

  7. re; miss angel

    nope no fudge packin here lol but i bet you like it up the ass as far as mom and sis they knew when to say when and quit strippin lol, unlike most of you has been bitches that should have got out of the business along time ago or far as that goes never got in it,we all know you had to leave deja vu cause you were getting tired of being asked if you was the one ugly girl that they advertised, and i would be willing to bet your the black cock lover around there, hell you probibly have one so quit your bitchin you lowlife white trash whore, and oh yeah, FUCK YOU TOO!!!!

  8. Happy


  9. take a break

    cornersville has no health department, barely a police force, your comments are so old and crippled, find another board- limpdick

  10. Big Chief

    Apparently Hunter wouln’t fuck dilweed! LOL Well, diweed you didn’t miss much! She walks like a man and grunted when I stuck it in her asshole! LOL She was having a dna test run and would take it in her pussy!!!!LOL

  11. Junior

    Went in friday night to see Hunter and she wasn’t there! I asked Angel and she told me that she left wednesday night early with a black dude! Franklin said he saw her at the cornersville motel around midnight!

  12. BudMan

    Had A choice of two clubs! Picked the one with the girl painted on front of building. Damn good choice!! Most of the girls were very pretty and the waitress was pretty! Had a very good time!! This club is the best! Will be visiting again soon!

  13. Hef

    Some great dancers work here! I had a lap dance from Taylor, Hunter, and Magic and enjoyed each dance. These ladies are beautiful and are very nice! I didn’t lose my wallet but I did spend a lot of money! Had one helluva a great time! Save me a seat at the stage!! Highly recommended!

  14. morgan

    then sounds like you homo’s need professional help then if you like watchin guys take it in the ass, see that was not a smart comment left on your part, lmao, sounds like you are having some homosexual issues yourself, next time better choose your comments more carefully faggot

  15. bam bam

    Tuesday nite was the best ever! Will be back wednesday nite for sure!

  16. just wondering

    but can she sit on a roll of quarters and spit you out change for a dollar?

  17. Diamond

    Well I am a dancer at this club and have been for almost a year. I appreciate all the comments and for all of the complaints “fuck ya” and don’t come back! We may not be the nicest club but for the most part we like to have fun and try to make sure that our customers do too. Anyway I love the other dancers that I work with and also love our customers for the most part. Thank you for coming and thank you for your loyalty. By the way , we have a lot more than “crackhead whores” Come see me


  18. Party animal!

    Hell Yes you can party here! Whoever said it was a lie just don’t know no better! LOL

  19. jj

    joy and dixie is the best hot ass girls yat angel is nasty she can tie her pussy in a not dj has camne4 up since the other one is fgone smurf is the shit will be back

  20. sonny

    Hell Yes i’ll be back! Thanks Peaches an Hunter! I was turned every which way but loose between those two and loved every minute of it! Wow I’m in love with both them girls!

  21. wow


  22. lmao

    most queers are

  23. jeff

    The sexiest Ladies in the state of Tennessee! Makes utopia look like the local dogpound! Any man that don’t like the wateringhole must like the jungle club in nashville! LOL Thanks Jerry for have the most beautiful girls around and cold beer! Follow me to the WATERINGHOLE LOUNGE!!!

  24. Dave Matthews

    “Magic” is the sexiest woman on planet earth! She very Nice, very Pretty, and don’t bug the hell out of you! She also give you a good lapdance! Forget the rest, “Magic” is the best!

  25. W.T,F


  26. Cream

    My name is Cream, I worked at the Watering Hole on and off for 3 years. When I first started, the place was exciting, but then it got to be awful. The customers were rude, the managnments fucked up, and it’s nasty I’m sure those of you who have been there and know what I’m talking about.LOL!! The place isn’t that bad at all that but I’ve had experiences that have scared me for life. I’m glad that I no longer work there,”Thank God!,” and never will return. I feel sorry for the girls who work there only because I know that they are getting scared there too. At first I made lots of money, but then it got to where the managnment wanted most of what I made. It was an experience for my younger years, but now times have changed. We all change at some time. My time is now. For those of you who go to visit the club, please TIP, PAY those Girls GOOD because they’re getting scared by working there and they are working there for the customers’ which are you guys, so be nice and PAY good.! Dec. 4th 2006 I had a bad car accident which caused me to have 2 bones in my back broke, my collar bone, my back, my neck cracked, I have many scares, one in which hit the left side of my face causing permanent nerve damage. Now I Have no feeling what so ever on the left side of my face. This happened to me for a reason I believe. I believe God had a better plan for my life. I believe the wreck happened for his way of saying I should no longer dance. Maybe the way God shows you is not as harsh as mine. But I pray that you’ll say Good-Bye to dancing the way I’m saying it now, may God be with you all, and all them hard nights and may you find your way to a better day and a better tommorrow. Love_Yall, Cream $$$$$$$ _-_-_-The Daughter of Cheyanne, my mom worked there for a long time and there has been many nights when she’s called home and has wanted to come home so bad, I’ve felt so sorry for her. In all my life to those of you who work there if you can go and do what you do you are a damn strong person got lot of guts, the young of the girls come on girls you guys are my age there is so many different jobs that all of you can get. you know you can go to college fininical aid loans. please if you love yourself I know that hard times are a bitch but do what you have to do and move on don’t lose you for nothing you know. Everyone, you can do anything you want to do, do what you got to do to get your dream, dont reuin the dream. Love to all of you girls $$$$$$$

  27. Be back soon

    I debated on all three local clubs and all the bashing with the other two , I decided to give ahe wateringhole a shot! I had a descent good time! I’m hoping to have a run this way friday, If so I’ll probley try her again! Thanks for a good time wateringhole! I’ll be praising you the ole two way!

  28. Daniel

    Sounds like cMark had a few too many and spent all his money! I’ve been there and done that! LOL

  29. Kudos

    If the last review is accurate, perhaps they’ve cleaned their act up which is good except for the shit of the earth that are looking for common street hookers like the last poster. Stupid filthy AIDS infected fuck.



  31. bungalow staff

    To HUNTER, Fuck u bitch! You run ur dicksucker mouth way too much! Our customer’s come in telling us about you badmouthing our club and girls! U need to look at vur so-called club and look at our top notch club! We’re sure that you’ll agree with us that you’re club sucks ass as much as u do and that we have the #1 club in giles county! We now run the adult board, so ur ass will soon be working at macdonalds or walmart in lewisburg/lawrenceburg or where ever ur lying ass is!!!!!

  32. the man

    I agree that Hunter is pretty! That girl Peaches is a sweetie! Masgic…Is a GODDESS!!!!!She’s right out of a Playboy magazine! Luv that Girl!!!!!

  33. Bernie

    Went in friday and there she was! The most BEAUTIFUL LADY in the world! miss “MAGIC” I’m in love with her!

  34. miss ANGEL!

    Well Sammy sounds like you must have a gay affair going on with Jerry Holt the owner! Tell us who takes it up the ass first! I bet it’s you! The only 40 year old whore around here is either your mother or your sister! And they like big black cocks! FUCK YOU!

  35. rex

    not to impressed with the place after last night

  36. it happened

    I was getting a dance here and looked in the next booth and Angel had something long and brown in her mouth. It looked like a long turd but it was a long, long negro monstercock and that bitch was sucking it dry!

  37. Kent M.

    $5 cover. They are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.I got in, selected a table and ordered a beer. It was a hot night, so it didn’t take long for me to finish my 1st drink.Then I waited, and waited some more. Nobody came by to refill me. I finally left.A detractor: there was a thick cloud of smoke inside, too thick for me. And that’s all I’ll say to describe the smoke.After my visit, I kinda wished I had stopped by on Wednesday.

  38. HOLT


  39. sideshow bob
  40. John E. Law

    A whore house plain and simple.

  41. bigjeff

    Thisd club is great! “Magic” is a very Beautiful LADY! I always enjoy seeing & talking to her. She has a brain & good looks! I’ve been in several clubs and Ladies like “Magic” are rare! The club is average to the others that I’ve been in.

  42. well

    okie dokie

  43. thebossman

    there are atleast two low down dirty skank ass snitches that work there one has no fucking teeth and is ugly as fuck and the other is the cracked out d.j. worthless bitches have to be sucking the old mans dick to be working there they look like a bunch of worthless nigger and the need to be put out on the curb like begger and stay away from the police and quit eatin cheese like a bunch of rats

  44. The Mechanic

    Damn It ! I had a great time last night! My first visit and damn it will be back! Thanks Hunter for the roiilin out the welcum mat! Love You and the other girls!

  45. carlos

    Checked out the hole and was impressed! This “Magic” chick must right out of a PlayBoy magazine! She’s is BEAUTIFUL!! I’ll be stopping at the hole more often!!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Hell Yes

    Well It wasn’t what I expectected thursday nite! It was BETTER!! Damn it , Thanks MAGIC for the best time ever in a titty bar!

  47. dunno

    never been there

  48. steve

    I love you Magic, she and Hunter make this club.

  49. papa

    Sexy girls ^ Cold beer! Luv it!

  50. Jackinthebox

    Like the club, Decsent girls, BUT……….Some clown standing at the bar really scares me! I think he’s a cop or a narc! He claimed his name to be ROB or ROBERT! This clown is a fuckin “Know-it-all” I was talking to one of the girls and he pop’s up and starts in on our private conversation! PISSED me off! The asshole was easdrooping! He starts telling when the girls live and who there fuckin! KNOW OF HIS FUCKIN BUSINESS! I think he is a stalker! I will never sit at the bar again! ROB stay away from me you fuckin stalkin bastard! I will have you arrested for stalkin me!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. kajun
  52. so

    can i buy some of the crack you supply the girls?

  53. have to agree

    i have seen better faces on iodine bottles than some of the girls here, i hate to talk about people but damn i thought the circus was in town when i walked in here

  54. roy

    The girls are so hot that it get’s heated up in there!

  55. papabear

    “I love this bar, it’s my kinda place” The girls are HOT and friendly! The beer is cold! Bring in a bottle if you like. You can raise hell and have a good time here. Great dances are 2 for $20 not $20 per song! Even has a breathalizer machine in case you think you’ve had too many drinks to drive! Goodtimes and Great place! c-ya

  56. cool eddie

    Cool Place!

  57. Happy Jack!

    If this place is going out of business, The owner must be fuckin crazy! I was in “Big Jim’s bungalow, Club Utopia, and the Wateringhole friday night checking them out and the wateringhole had 3 times the business as the other two combined! Plus it had NO ROACHES like jim’s bungalow! Utopia looked like Iraq it was so fucked-up inside! The wateringhole was descent and a few pretty girls and damn what a crowd! Word must be out that this is the place! I highly recommend it! I think they’re open 7 days a week!

  58. surprised

    i’m shocked that you would want to advertise you go here

  59. last week

    I heard someone moaning behind the building and I looked and it was Big Jim taking it up his pooter from a nigga with a long black 12 inch mandingo cock! It was Angels pimp pumping his hershey highway! 🙂

  60. Damn it

    This club is tops! I ran into BoBo at the hole the other night and everybody knows BoBo and wherever he hangs out, it’s top notch! We partied like hell and had one of the best lap dances that I’ve ever had! BoBo, if you’re readingf this, I’ll be there friday & saturday night! Let’s PARTY amigo!

  61. think again

    well to be quite honest our ship is not sinking, it has been smooth sailing, so smooth that we are already working on the plans to build on a bigger section to the building pave the parking lot and start bringing in feature entertainers and porn stars, so we’re doin great, thanks for asking, and as far as coming over there we only do that to see if your boss is ready to sell so we can bulldoze the place down, the bulldozer is on standby and waiting for us to give it a call, and as far as the girls, name names, give us names of who is asking, cause all our employees know your going down soon, its just a matter of time before we own your ass too!!!! you might wanna start finding another job to support your crack habit, hey there is a truckstop nearby, see if they are hiring for lot lizzards!!!!!!

  62. coors

    Somebody either needs glasses or they’re on drugs beyond bad! I don’t know any girl in this club that is not pretty! Anyway, I’ll continue to party at the wateringhole! If you don’t like this fine club, there is plenty of others to go to!

  63. cheech

    Check it out! I did and it’s a pretty descent club. I’m planning inviting a few friends to come down from nashville this weekend!

  64. Roster

    Beware: Joy is a damn NARC! She does drugs and is fucking a cop and tell him who uses and deals! I just got arrested and the fuckin cop top me who squealed on me! So JOY, don’t ever ask me for anything! What comes around goes around! Remember that BITCH! Remember guys I WARNED YOU about JOY!!!!!!

  65. mr.T

    Great place to relax with a beautiful girl and have a fews drinks! I’m impressed with the way that I was treated saturday evening! I felt like I was very special in this club. I will be back soon. I had lapdances from hunter and magic and enjoyed both. These two ladies make you feel special!

  66. Elroy

    Perfact place for Kens Gold club skanks! Those whores got it shut down and this is the perfact place for them to work!!!!!!!!!!

  67. vanderbiltprof

    went to the Watering hole tonight. The club used to have friendly, attentive and affectionate girls. Now they are definitely hands off, don’t touch me, and lets put glaringly bright lights in the booths. Only 3 girls, one was huge, and maybe 4 or 5 customers. I will try again in 6 months, hopefully they will go back to the old way of doing things.

  68. hater
  69. steven j.

    what has happened to this place, its lookin rough

  70. Kenny

    I go there all the time and the only girl that I know of having a staff infection is no longer there! She’s been gone a long time!

  71. KitKat

    Cold beer and beautiful women! May kinda place! Let’s PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! Love this place!!!!

  72. Partyman

    Dude keep your wallet in your pocket and don’t be bragging about your dough! I’m in there 2 or 3 times a week and I don’t have any problems!!!!

  73. passin through

    never be back, what a hole in the wall dump

  74. Waylon

    Beware, Hunter is a THIEF! Gave her a hundred dollar bill to buy me and her drinks and she put the money in her purse and swore up and down that I didn’t give her any money! Then came back later wanting me to buy her a beer! Fuck that shit! I found out that Her and Heaven are going to the local motel and fucking niggers for crack cocaine! She is such a loser!

  75. hey guys

    be careful talkin bout other clubs, it might just come back to bite ya in the ass just ask jerry, he can let ya know from first hand experience what others are capable of

  76. rockstar

    Home Sweet Home! Luv this place!

  77. Hustler

    Check it out guys! It has beautiful girls and helluva lap dances! Thank Girls will bew cumming back for more of the same treatment! LOL Luv it!

  78. Red

    It is true, You can party like a rock star in this club! I checked it out on a week day but will be there saturday also! Had one helluva ood time thursday!!

  79. BigErnie

    I’ve been in every club from Huntsville,AL to Nashville,TN and this club isn’t any better or any worse than the others! Everyone of the cluibs has drugs floating around & being used! Don’t like it, STAY AWAY! Not clean enough for you STAY AWAY! Don’t like the girls, STAY AWAY! Quit running your dicksucking mouth’s bashing the clubs! Want to bitch about this copmment? Call me 931-349-1903

  80. just me

    To Think Again,

    I am a cust. of the Wateringhole, I see Jinx in there almost every saturday nite! She comes in early and leaves in a few minutes! What kind of drugs is she on? They called her “Bobblehead” cause her head always Bobbles! LOL Keep her fuckin ass at midnite express or ship it to the bungalow! FUCK YOU!

  81. Durin B.

    it’s not the actual club building that bothers me, it’s the hookers. I come to see dancers when I visit clubs, professional dancers and entertainers not women who put dick in their mouth, ass or pussy for money. How’s your HIV doing for you?

  82. Jo

    Stoped by the other night good-looking girls ,they said they would be open Friday night look forward to seeing you!

  83. Benny

    Is there a dude crossdresser that works here? It walks like a man!!!!! I got a dance from her/him friday nite and I thought “it” was a dude! I reached between it’s legs to get a feel, but “it” knocked my head back and bitched about it! We have a bunch of “its” in Nashville clubs! If I want a “it” I’ll stay in nashville! Disgusted with the Watreringhole!

  84. carl

    To Mr.T , This BITCH gave me a STD!!!!!!!! Call me at 812-309-2189 and I’ll tell you all about this and can fax you my doctor’s report or email it to you!


  85. f.u.qwerty

    the cops are at utopia all the time for drugs fighting and prostitution. so if u feel like going to jail or need meth or get somethung ajax wont wash off hey utopia will give it 2 you.

  86. jd

    i won’t be back

  87. beerdrinker!

    Was in this club sat. nite and had a real good time! Seen an old friend working there, (Dream) and this made my day! Had a good time and a few cold beers! Sorry “passin through” you must have the Wateringhole mixed up with Jim’s bungalow!

  88. dude

    when was the last time someone cleaned this place better be glad the health inspector dont work 3rd shift or these guys would be shut down I seen a condon on the floor the was starting to evaporate because its been there for 3 months from a 50 cent blow job from some trailer park thrashy bitch that never shoulda walked out the house much less to end up at a strip club some of these girls get sympathy money just because they needed crack so bad they were willing to try anything someone tip the d.j. a fat rock for having to look at these garbage pail bitches and someone clean that fucking place up for god sakes

  89. jack

    had a good time tuesday and plan on being back next tuesday!

  90. mooney

    Coors, You said it well! Nothing but sexy girls and goodtimes in this club!

  91. ace

    just goes to show ya people love to lie on this site

  92. Tiger

    Bad reviews, Has to be the other clubs bashing! This is the only club that you can party and have a good time at! No girl here has STD ! I cannot say that about the other clubs, I don’t go to them! I’ve been coming to the wateringhole for over 12 years and will continue to do so! Come in and check it out!

  93. dash
  94. sammy

    thats easy, just ask for the owner of the club and maybe you can get the back room special or just wait at the truck stop cause they double as lot lizzards, they work the lot in shifts and its a little cheaper than gettin it at the club but either way you go make sure you have a 5th to drink to take away the uglyness, a whole box of condoms (put them all on at once) and a paper bag to put over her face just in case the liquor hasn’t taken hold yet and the most inportant thing to remember, don’t kiss her cause they go from one to another without brushing so if you don’t want to know what another guys dick taste like again don’t kiss her!!!!

  95. ur fired

    this goes out 2 the dj and whore ass bitch of his. you 2 got fired from the best club around for selling coke and begged me to give u a job back. but cant hire someone that sells drugs. stupid ass. and the only gay thing around is letting aome guy fuck his girl in the booth then have that customer go hoom with them so the dj can suck dudes dick . so theres your 2 for one faggot bitch. so you txt me again 4 a job sorry i dont neeed gay guys in a strip club. but hey the dont mind it at the w hole. gay is what gay is bitch. go cross dress somewhere else and stay at the hole its called that 4 a reason. dont call me no more i dont need that kind of people here . look at my score and then look at yours . yall broke ass bitches live got to live with jerry holt yalls boss cause yall both suck his dick for rent

  96. slim jim

    Fairly nice club. Needs better a/c but tolerable and the Girls being all sexy raises the room temperature! LOL Had a good time and a couple of cold beers and of course a couple of dances! WOW what a night!

  97. TBI

    Nice club! Hunter is pretty! Peaches is nice, Angel can tie her pussy in a knot for $20.00 maybe she hids her crtack there! LOL

  98. terzan

    great club and will be back in a few! Thanks again “Peaches”

  99. prince

    Hey I used to work with Rob! Wonder if his mommy know’s he’s looking at girl’s titties! He’s scared to go to Utopia because he claims a big drug bust is coming up in Utopia! Everyone knows that Rob is full of shit!

  100. Get it

    Get your V.D. right here?

    OH MY GOD< HOW NASTY? and not in a good way!!!

  101. dancer

    This club is exactly what you should expect for a in the middle of the country/ truckstop club. It is definately not a high class kinda place, but it’s not that bad either. The club itself could be cleaner, but from what I’ve seen ( and I’ve worked there for 9 months ) the girls are not a bunch of toothless crack addicted whores. Of course we have had a couple of hoochies ( what club doesn’t? Even the most high class clubs do ) but for the most part the girls are good looking and clean. The place is laid back and there isn’t a high pressure hustle. The girl that was on here earlier ( Cream ) reviewing the club is a fucking wacko. She is one of the most NOTORIOUS whores to EVER work here. Yeah, the management took most of her money because she was always getting fined for leaving early or not showing up or for doing/selling drugs. AND she was also FUCKING the owner. So whatever that dumbass said you should take with a grain of salt. And if you’re going to lecture people,at least learn to spell you fucktard whore. Just because you are scarred ( not SCARED ) for life doesn’t mean we all are going to be. I do just fine and make great money here, and I don’t spend all of it on lortabs and crack like you did either. I would say that was your problem, not the dancing!!!!

    This place is actually not half bad. There could be some improvments in the decor, but the girls are nice and pretty and young and clean and your going to get a full contact dance ( unlike Nashville ) and it’s not going to cost $40 a dance and $5 for a coke. ( like Nashville ) You might get to touch, but don’t come here expecting sex or a BJ because contrary to popular belief, all the girls here are NOT prostitutes. The place IS country, but WTF do expect for a stripclub in Pulaski,TN ??? You should check us out, if you don’t like it then you can go right next door and check out the other stripclub beside us. The way the laws are in Nashville right now with the 3 foot rule, you are definately gonna have a better time here and it is well worth the drive.

  102. not impresses

    well it wasn’t what i expected when i came through, but the folks at the truck stop said go check it out, needless to say i wasn’t to happy with the place

  103. bo bo

    Home Sweet Home! I’m in love with this place. The girls are so sexy and stuff!I may have to move to cornersville,tn!

  104. Henry

    If these girls are rejects, Anyone that would reject them either wants ugly girls or pill poppers! I’ll take these girls anytime! This place is top notch!

  105. migvil

    drive by, I listened to you and went to exit 6 big jims bungalow on wednesday nite. The beer wasn’t cold but the roaches are huge! Get the RAID out! LOL Do the dancers have roaches cumming out of their pussies! Stay away unless you like fuckin roaches!!!!!!

  106. lucky

    The guy that’s fucking Ciara is real hard up! He might as well be fucking Angel! Ciara is UGLY!

  107. no more hole

    well i hated to hear the watering hole closed down due to the new county rules on adult clubs

  108. about Angel

    Thats funny about her eating only crackers because I know she likes a mouth full of tubesteak washed down with a mayonaisse nut!

  109. sillymix

    I love working here!

  110. bout time

    good, its time somebody did, this place is bad, you need to carry in clean wipes and a can of lysol with you when you go in there because the place is so nasty and germ infested, i think all that goes in there now is the lowlife scum of the earth anyways cause they are banned from all the other clubs but i guess it just goes to show you that even the dirty and homeless need a place to go party too, i use to work at the bus station in nashville and it would be cleaner than this place is now thats bad!!

  111. HUNTER

    OK you fuckin male bitches, I work here for fuckin money! You better bring your fuckin scissy asses in and tip me or else! I perfer black cock, but if and only if you have a giant dick, I might give you a chance! The rest of you male bitches see the other whores here! UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!FUCK-OFF!


  112. jeff s.

    now i know why its called the watering hole looks like the place has been flooded out and washed all the ugly right in, this place is nasty and and unsanitary, the places that got hit by the hurricanes look better than this place, just one question, how does the health department let you stay in business? i think i will call them and see and tell them they need to do a surprise inspection on the place, they would have you shut down in 5 to 10 minutes of entering the building, even some of the girls look like they need to visit their local health department, now thats bad

  113. here fi fi

    who let the dogs out.. its bad in their guy dont go here.

  114. baby huey

    the watering whole sucks ass i went their fri nite and i got my wallet stolen from the girls.. what the hell all the girls were on drugs trying 2 sell some 2 me then jacked my wallet w.t.f….. whores

  115. Spuds!

    Hell, How much beer can that bo drink? I met him a few nites ago and damn he can fuckin down the budlight! I also met Magic and damn she is hotter than hell! Enjoyed myself and planing on being there this weekend!

  116. noneyabizness

    All I have to say if WTF do expect from a club that is in the middle of nowhere,TN? The new building is clean and the dancers aren’t any better or worse than I have seen at ANY stripclub. As for all the Hunter haters, go eat a dick. She’s my friend. And BTW she does NOT fuck black guys. She just had her second child by her long term boyfriend who is white. Not that it matters anyway you f’in racists. This place is definately not the nicest club but it’s also not the worst. With the right girl you’ll probably get the highest milage dance you ever got, so that said, this is what the club is known for and why they have been in business 13+ years. If you want a classy club then go to NYC you tards, not in the middle of the country in Tennessee.

  117. jeffrey

    This place ROCKS! You can party like a Rock Star here! I think “Magic” is a Rock Star or Playboy Bunny with her HOT looks! WOW she’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  118. JJ Jameson

    This is nothing but a whorehouse with toothless crack-whores as the “entertainment”. Want to catch an STD? Go Here!

  119. woot woot

    10 plus club! I checked it out saturday and had dances from Magic and WOW! Highly Recommended!! The waitress is HOTT and most of the girls are FINE! One of the Budgirls and a Hooters girl work here!

  120. grossed out


  121. drivebye


  122. Spuds

    Party Time!!!!

  123. Can't stay away

    Man this place is addicting! Sexy girls and cold brew! My kinda place!!!!!!!

  124. Gordon

    Avoid that peice of shit lying bitch named Neco-she was fired next door for stealing. She is a nasty-ass sack of shit! Dont let this thief sit with you!

  125. turtle

    who’s suppose to have a staff infection? Heaven, aka Julie got fired a few months ago and Jinx is not there anymore!

  126. Rie

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. when you walk in stay awhile and you’ll see something great about this club that you didn’t think was possible.

  127. Nashville dude

    Is this place still open? I haven’t been down there in probably a year and just making sure its still open before I head down. I always loved it there. Not the fanciest place but it was small and more personal than a lot of the bigger places. I DEFINITELY want to go back! Just don’t want to make the trip then find out they ain’t open anymore.

  128. jake
  129. snakeguy

    sorry, continues to go downhill

  130. clarence

    Truckers dream cum true! I’ve spent several dollars and night in strip clubs! The wateringhole has becum my favorite!

  131. Rebel Yell

    Give the girls at this club a big REBEL YELL!

  132. Angie

    Sounds like that queer morgan wants his own personal copy of the video of the queers! I quess Morgan wants to jack off watching queers fucking eacher others assholes! LOL

  133. Truman

    Hey Benny, I was in there saturday and It has to be Nunter! The DJ told me that she haqd worked here before and was a bitch and was kicked out of a huntsville club! Way in trhe hell that she was rehired I have no clue! I thought it was a man too! She/he/it walks like a HORSE and looks like an ASS! lol

  134. sTEV cOLE

    I fingered Dreams pussy during the dance then later happened to bring my finger to my nose and I hadda puke!! That girl has a foul, vile, loathesome diseased pussy!

  135. Happy Jack

    Man alive! This place Rocks and the Girls are DYNOMITE as JJ would say! Beware! This place may be fatal to persons with weak hearts!

  136. lottsa hoes

    what i like about the hole is that everybody will suck your dick here-even the bouncers!

  137. billybob

    i see that nigga cock-sucka angel is back in nashville- good riddance, i hope that bitch stays there

  138. barry

    it was ok but think next time i’ll hold on to my money before going back here

  139. Jon

    Health Deptment you’re full of shit! When was you at the wateringhole? Magic is one of the prettiest girls around! What has she done to you other than turn you down for sex? She’s nice and very pretty & CLEAN! Maybe health department needs to be checked out! We all know that he is full of shit and is fucked -up on something! Get A Life!!! I agree with Barry on this one !!!!!

  140. michael

    We all have been laughing our asses off watching the video made in the back parking lot of last week and lottsa hoes 69in and pumpin each other’s ass! It should be on the internet!

  141. tinytim

    Thanks coutryboy! I owe you! I went to the wateringhole and got a dance from HUNTER and MAGIC and these two girls are top! Second to none! Countryboy, call me friday so that maybe we can meet! You’re my friend wether I ever meet youi or not! Call me 931 381 3999

  142. slapstick

    glad ya found ya a new home

  143. wallet chain

    this makes the second time i have heard this story happening in the past 6 months, sounds like ya need a wallet chain or something when you go in this place or put some money in your pocket and then hide your wallet, besides, every body knows strippers are some money hungry bitches, they have to buy there crack and meth and pay there pimp some how, so stealin your wallet is the easy way to make a dollar or two

  144. Earl

    Wonder if my Dream is workin saturday night! She makes it woryh the drive!

  145. Franko

    Damn good club! I got dances from Hunter, Peaches, Dream, Temtation, and wanted one from the smokin hot waitress but she said she couldn’t! I’m planning on makin this my weekend party place!

  146. LOL

    nah you just got girls and customers passed out at the bar, been there seen it so you have no room to talk about passed out bitches, take care of your own problems before you start worrying about someone elses!!!!

  147. big bang

    wasn’t impressed, won’t be back

  148. customer

    to corky, Go to church!! This is a descent club! Every strip club you’ll ever go in has sex & drugs! Maybe your a fag!! Don’t like this place, stay home and jack-off to Richard Simmons! Which your probly doing right now!

  149. freddie

    Descent place! For $50 hunter will suck & fuck in the dance booth! Well worth it!

  150. Dr. Carls

    WH may actually end up going out of BZ if they aren’t planning on it right now or take a major plunge in profits. The men next door DO own the #1 strip club in TN and it’s in the country as well. Eventually, their BZ ethics&professionalism will pay off and next door will be BOOMING!It happens all the time to smalltime bz’s who have made it in the shade when the big guns come to town and start upgratding and offering more to customers than just drug infested, exploitation-cheap thrill based club.

  151. benton

    i hear there is a bad case of that staff infection in this club, sounds like you guys need to dissenfect the place before your customers get it, guys explane that one to your wives

  152. oooops

    passin through

  153. WOW!

    I stopped by friday nite, had a great time and went back saturday nite! Thanks Magic for being so nice and very, very beautiful! Planning being back soon!

  154. tiny

    Hope she don’t haved rabies, she bite my dick while giving me a blowjob last night after closing in parking lot! She didn’t mention being knocked-up!

  155. badboy

    This club rocks! I finally got the nerve to check it out after my experience seeing that midget fag at utopia dancing on stage and sliding down the pole! So gay! Bigjeff was right! “Magic” is very beautiful and very nice! She’s not stuck-up like other dancers!

  156. drive by

    dont stop at this exit… for real go to the bungalow exit 6.. free beer tues wed. 2dollar draft thursday..june 21 jackie chain performing.. june 26 27 28 miss nude pettie usa angelica wild the bungalow has it going on unlike the dieses u are able 2 get at exit 22

  157. Junebug

    Hunter is PREGNANT by a black dude! Should’ve spent 75 cents on a rubber! Tight ass bitch! LOL

  158. hillbilly

    Damn FINE time! Looking forward to next weekend!

  159. Fred
  160. refund

    this place is so nasty i walked in saw it was nasty my shoes stuck 2 the floor .i asked 4 my money back they said no sucker we need ur money

  161. bobby c

    so is there any truth to the rumor that this place is either selling or going out of business? i have been hearing this for a couple of weeks now and that some guy from out of town (not sure where) was looking to buy it and wanting to turn it into like a regular trucker/biker type bar, i had known for a few years that the owner secretly wanted to sell it but i didn’t know if the deal had fell through or what, well anyways good luck with whatever you deside to do with it, i personaly think it would be a great place for a strip club

  162. Angel

    That 40 year old whore has a nigga pimp and he only gives her crackers to eat for lunch. It is the fucking truth-so dont give that trash any of your cash.

  163. mike

    thats funny, i actually had a better time next door, but i guess thats cause all the rejects were here

  164. Boss Hogg

    My kinda place! Natalie is FINE from the top of her pretty head to her precious toes!!!!! Wow what a lapdance she does!!!!!!

  165. Ron

    Jinx & Heaven were fired at the wateringhole for stealing dancers outfits and selling coke! That;s what I was told!! Club is better without them for sure!

  166. Angel's nigga pimp

    OK last week get the story straight! Yo cez, Big Jim like turned me down, but last week took my 12 inch oversized cock in the ass like a champ! I came hard as hell and the bitch wanted more! He sucked me dry and wants to meet again soon! Big Jim is straight but last week is queer and proud of it!

  167. Zorro

    Is Magic still dancing here? This was the place to be at one time!

  168. Macho Man

    I totally agree with Happy Check out Hunter she rocks

  169. party bunch

    what is going on their is not fit for a tittie club. dont waist your time

  170. franklin

    Qwerty you must go to Utopia and see the gay midget slide down the pole! This club is the best! The only DOG at the Wateringhole is “Angel” AKA “BATWINGS” The cops are at Utopia all the time to keep the Queers off the gay midget there! Or maybe Qwerty wants to go see the Man Ass Grabber at the Bungalow! NOT ME! I go to the Watering Hole and see some FINE LOOKING LADIES who know what boys likes!!!!!!!!

  171. roger

    Imao, must be one of the Queers going to the bungalow! Question for you Imao, Are you the one that they call “FAG DADDY” daddy of all Fags! If you don’t like the watering hole KEEP OUT of it! There’s no Queers here!

  172. Cheyanne

    Well I have worked here for a long time and am quitting after this weekenend thanks for everybody who liked me and for those of you who didn’t thanks cause I know I’m better off without you so thank god I didn’t meet you. Its been great but I’ve stayed too long at the show so everybody heres what I haave to say SEE YA THE NEXT GO-ROUND Hugs and kisses from Cheyanne

  173. Dave

    I’ve found a new home! I was there friday & saturday night! Thank you Natalie for a very wonderful time! See you rewal soon love!

  174. the one that did it

    well for anyone that wants a cheap fuck then come here and talk to a girl named ciara she will fuck and suck for free most of the time well just letting you know because i fucked her the other night their so ill be back their monday to take her home with me maybe then she wont get told on but ill fuck her again in their and she wont get caught again

  175. this place sucks

    do these people know this is a diese nest and not a strip club keep going not worth the experience. just nasty

  176. scooby
  177. jojo

    Wow, “Magic” is the sexiest babe in town! Love her lapdances!

  178. loverboy

    Helluva of a good club! Will be back soon!

  179. BeerMan

    Wow! New building and CLEAN! Great improvement! Thanks “Magic” for the great conversation and for being so beautiful! Highly recommend this club!

  180. scrooge

    Great place! Had a dance from “Peaches” and WOW! This girl gives one helluva lap dance! The lap dances are very private! Highly recommended!

  181. Jack Meoff

    if you want your moneys worth go here.

  182. Big Jim

    Funny as hell, Angel don’t do dances in the booth anymore! She’s been a waitress for a month or so! There’s other clubs around to go if yopu don’t like this one, stay away! Everyone has an opinion! I like this place and a lot of other guys & gals does also! So, you don’t like this enviroment, who the hell is dragging your ass in? YOUI ARE!!!!!!!!

  183. Just passing through

    This is one of the best clubs I have ever been to, thanks Magic, and Hunter.

  184. countryboy

    This club rocks! Magic is a very beautiful girl and sexy as hell! Hunter is also a pretty girl! Will be spending more time and money on these two Foxes!!!

  185. qwerty

    sucks sucks sucks to many cops and once again to many cops

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