Fantasy Plaza



8503 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037


29.884303, -95.413085




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasy Plaza

  1. unimpressed

    The place is just boring. Girls are not even average looking. Fat, faces are bad, and well stretch marks. No thanks, money completely wasted. They also nickel and dime you like crazy.

  2. No Fantasy Girls Here

    I was very dissappointed with this club. After you pay the $25 cover, you bring your beer up to the counter expecting them to keep it in a cooler for you. They put it in a bucket of ice and charge you $6 for it. The lapdances are $40 but you can’t just pay for a dance. You have to pay $16 for a wrist band first so you can be allowed into the private room. There were almost enough girls to go around, however, there was only one that I would even consider spending money on. There was one girl there who was obviously on drugs (black female) and when I told her I wasn’t interested in a dance, she pulled the race card on me and started asking me why I didnt like black girls. Considering the abnormally high cost and the sub par entertainer quality, I would have to say this was one of the worst clubs I have ever been to.

  3. arny
  4. jordan
  5. Fun Times

    A decent club to hang out and relax in. The dancers there were 5-8 range when I went. The got multiple lap dances with two girls and they were all air. You can negociate the price of the dance. The $40 price quickly became $20.

  6. edc
  7. Klen

    I liked the girls, specially one, she wears glasses, very sexy and dance like hell. Go now and enjoy the girls. There is a black girl, thin but with a wonderful body. She is about 20 i think

  8. Leigh

    It was raunchy and nasty and I hated it! Don’t go unless your wasted!

  9. Whitney

    Im a chick, yea it was raunchy, but i like that shit! My husband bought me a dance from the hottest chick in there… he watched… lets just say he enjoyed it :)!!! The dance prices are a bit too high… but my girl was tottaly worth it, so was so soft…lol YUM

  10. rick
  11. maxxy1

    Pro dancers were nudeCon: they were texting on stage, I used my ccard for the $25 cover (save the cash for the ladies) and they took my finger print for it. They only had two beers for purchase. I have been sitting by the stage for the last 6 songs and there have been no dancers. I spent the first hour and a half with no dancers even saying hi. There was also a striper I saw take the money out of customers hands!! Wtf!?Worst club experience ever.

  12. Travis

    Once I walked into the club, I was greeted with several smiling faces, and a chance to window shop before I even entered. The $20 entry was pretty cheap considering that you can bring your own beer when other bars charge you about $7 for one beer. This to me is a bargin! The first girl I saw on stage made me feel like I was in Vegas! Damn she was HOT! They have a main stage and also 3 stages on the side that had girls dancing too. There were so many nice looking girls I was drooling and btw the dances are soooo worth it!

  13. Richard D

    The girls and the day time are very out of shape and fat. I use to go there to see the one girl name Treasure she was a beauty she a black girl with a sexy body with great tits I sure miss looking at that I went there they told me she does not work there any more Sweet Treasure she was so sweet

  14. Salazar

    Best VIP rooms and the best price for VIP in town.

  15. russ

    Had a blast! Nice clean club with a good variety

    of girls. VIP is spendy but worth it with the right

    girl. The girl basically makes the rules. Got the

    full treatment from one. Left with both my

    wallet and balls empty!

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