St. James Restaurant and Cabaret



555 Rankin Road, Houston, TX 77073


29.9666029, -95.4079268




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “St. James Restaurant and Cabaret

  1. Simon
  2. Lorenzo
  3. Arlo
  4. harrod
  5. Alfred
  6. Jerald
  7. Bob
  8. zabarr
  9. The Grongde
  10. Eric

    I come here once or twice most weeks when I get the chance. Everything about this place from getting your car detailed to the helicopter pad Outback. “The church” is about as upscale as it get. It would be a shame to call this place a strip club. This place used to be refer to as a cabaret, with respect!

    You don’t have to worry about coming here and being short on girls. There’s always a nice variety of girls. Asian, Russian, Mexican, even a few Cubans. Even the black girls are classy and don’t get on stage and shake their flabby butts the whole time. You can go to Houston dolls just a block down the street if that’s what you prefer. This isn’t your typical low class ghetto joint with a subpar girls and even lesser clientele. There’s a lot of businessmen that travel through Houston that stop here. There’s a lot of money that comes in to the church and the girls know how to hustle to make it happen. It’s nice when you can go to a strip club have a great conversation with a girl all night, a few drinks and leave perfectly satisfied without ever getting a dance. Lotus is one of my favorites to just sit and talk to all night. Great conversation, witty and funny. Not to mention gorgeous eyes and legs that can kill, over and over and over again.

    They’ve got their Christmas party coming up soon, that’s always one of my favorite Christmas gifts each year!

  11. Austin
  12. Rocky
  13. Alphonzo
  14. Joseph
  15. Hector
  16. Herberto
  17. geoffry
  18. Shit-for-brains
  19. Phillipe

    yeah heard that this place really sucks. don’t bother.

  20. abalone
  21. gus
  22. St. Craphole
  23. bealzibub
  24. vern
  25. Buford

    On the ass of life, this place is a giant pus filled zit.

  26. poncho
  27. WhatAJoke
  28. abdullah
  29. jason
  30. Hesperia
  31. Nathan
  32. Jonathan

    This place sucked ass. Never going back.

  33. Homer
  34. Anonymous

    The owners son in law “Ron” which of course is the general manager of the club. He discriminates against women that are not petite.

  35. Herbert
  36. Jerrod

    Or St. Shithole.

  37. saratoga
  38. Stan
  39. George
  40. OLD DJ

    I had to retire from this place, it got so bad with management always telling Me to Kill the dancers with kindness, while they walk all over the staff and customers. I can tell you from experience, this place is not going to be how it used to be. It’s really gone downhill. I was sad to leave, but I was getting embarrassed by being at St. James.

  41. golden_rod
  42. Abraham
  43. Terry
  44. Vinny

    Ought to rename this shit pit St Fags.

  45. Josh

    I don’t think that it is physically possible for this shithole to suck anymore than it already does.

  46. iglesio
  47. joes garage
  48. virgil
  49. gerimy
  50. New guy

    Came here for the first time last night. Staff was friendly when they greeted me. Club looks to be very high-end and upscale. Looks to be nice and clean. Quite a few dancers on the floor. Saw three or four dancers at the bar paying more attention to their phone then they were the guys. Had a couple dances from a Cuban. She was nice and knew how to work it. The private room is okay. The girl pushes a chair in front of the doorway. I guess there’s a VIP room upstairs but it was too pricey for me. Overall, I enjoyed my time. Definitely be coming back

  51. Geoff
  52. skizz_pit
  53. Sinbad
  54. Phil
  55. Don't_Bother
  56. popeye
  57. sir_sucks_alot
  58. Beofra
  59. Audie
  60. Jens
  61. JoJo
  62. stubbs
  63. asswipe
  64. da_bears
  65. Abron
  66. Da_Janitor
  67. HenryV11
  68. Damien
  69. Keith

    Best club in town Lotus Tony or Magic I’m sure you’ll find to be just what the doctor ordered.

  70. GI Jorge
  71. Kennie
  72. Boris _H
  73. Joe_mama
  74. Harold
  75. huggsby
  76. Stuffy

    Why do I have to pay the Manager a Tip to get a Dance from a girl ??? Why do I have to tip the DJ $ 100.00 for a song that I like. Why can’t the girls here be Better Looking.. I went to Houston Dolls down the street and the girls were Better looking.. St. James, sorry to say, but I can’t visit ya no more, Not into DOG SHOWS !

  77. crapola
  78. domo_arigato
  79. Fess P.
  80. soullity
  81. NewKid

    Great club. Great layout. The dancers were a bit hit-or-miss my last few times in. The dances are always pretty spot on if you find a girl who suits your taste.

  82. Mustang

    Lousy place. Period.

  83. nuanny
  84. saddam
  85. Curious Joe

    I drove by this place on a Saturday night – the lot was pretty full, so I stopped in. Sorry I did, the Music was lousy (all slow R&B and Rap), the girls looked frustrated on stage that nobody was tipping them (One was actually yelling at a customer on stage about just getting a dollar), and the staff took 20 mins to get me another drink, AFTER it was empty. I went it with $1800 to spend, walked out with over $1700. sad

  86. this place sucks ass
  87. gerald
  88. snchieder
  89. thomas
  90. Marnie
  91. Randy
  92. Jiminy
  93. sloppy_joe
  94. Auggie
  95. Henry_R
  96. urcle
  97. atlas
  98. Otto
  99. Finny
  100. Adam
  101. Bobby

    It was alright

  102. St Shithole
  103. sneezy
  104. Porky
  105. Yo_Mama
  106. bonapart
  107. harryharry

    This is one of the worst “gentlemen’s” club I’ve been in. Paid 15 a head to see dancers n only see one every hour or so. Wtf. My friend gave a “dancer” 40 to have her walk away n give someone else a dance. Couldn’t even get a dance with my girl. Its 2016 if a woman wants to pay good green cash to treat other women like objects. It’s her right. This dump doesn’t support equality. Pathetic. I’d have been better off to stuff a hundred down my pants and watch cinemax.

  108. Harry
  109. alberta canada guy
  110. switzerland
  111. Bud
  113. mikey
  114. shirley
  115. Harrison69

    What a lovely club full of lovely women. Too bad they don’t accommodate female customers at all. It’s been a while since I visited “The Church”—and it was only on one occasion. Not because it’s in BFE, but because if you’re a female customer….let’s say that again…CUSTOMER. As in you’re going to spend some money. For drinks. For a bottle for VIP, etc etc…well, then you aren’t welcome. When I went, they didn’t allow ladies to tip, to get dances, or to go into the VIP. No bueno. Houston has about 125, 695, 345 other gentlemen’s clubs. I’ll keep going there.(+1 star for the entertainment)

  116. Leonard
  117. Doug
  118. Juno
  119. gashhound

    A great looking facility with plenty of randy women who know why they are there. Private lap dance rooms on the main floor and the balcony level.

  120. Juan Long Dong

    I usually come in here once or twice a month. Came in here last night around 8. Quite a few dancers on the floor. Saw three or four hanging by the bar downstairs paying attention to their phones. I guess that’s what happens when you get a 23 year old I can’t put down their smartphone. Anyways, they weren’t the ones I was looking to hang out with. The Russian girl came up to me and started talking. Last time I had a dance with her, she tried to overcharge me. So I wasn’t interested and getting cozy with her. Had a dance with one of the Cubans. That’s always nice. A dance with a nice petite blonde that I hadn’t seen in there before. Probably about five foot five and 115 lb. Nice solid natural chest. Nice toned legs. Dance was good. Never did catch her name. Only stayed about an hour, the regular girl I see wasn’t there last night. Figured I would save my money for next time

  121. asleigh
  122. Doogie
  123. scotty
  124. Alex
  125. Argon
  126. albatross
  127. jackie
  128. christopher
  129. Hefferwiesen
  130. sam's town
  131. FarmerJohn
  132. Dave

    You should go to this club, great place, very classy. I brought my business partner with me and we had a great time. If you go ask for the dancer named “Chevy”, she is gorgeous, green eyes, blonde hair, school girl outfit, with big boobs, very shapely, and very sweet personality (not stuck up at all, like some of the other girls).

  133. larry1

    Love the lights and good looking people here.

  134. alan
  135. Boyd
  136. stats
  137. howler
  138. kato
  139. Alfonso
  140. Bill
  141. Old Schooler

    When Ron became the GM, he has destroyed it and it’s

    reputation of a top club. I was a VIP of this club for

    over 15 years and once Ron took over it went grossly

    downhill. He lets pimps run their girls there so he can

    be get kickbacks from the pimps. He threatens dancers AND

    customers for tips. He demanded my table tip him in VIP

    or he wouldnt let the girls we wanted to come up to vip.

    He’s stealing money from the club too. STAY AWAY FROM


  142. kilegh
  143. Atom_Bomb
  144. Red

    Ok, I rate it an 8.2 because I have trouble giving it too more but would hate to give it less. This is the only club I frequent regularly so I can speak fairly accurate on it. But it is good and has some major pluses. First, it is the only club on the north side, so thank goodness it is good. Second, it is a good size and wide open, well lit for a club and if you go at normal times on normal days, they have a good amount of girls and the mix is perfect. You like it, they probably have it, you just have to wait for it. They have food and drinks and a VIP area. The food is good, but not superb, but I will eat here no problem. Drinks are of course, too pricey, but that is normal. Dances are 20 and most of the girls are pretty hands on. VIP area is either bought overall or through getting Champagne or whatever. If you are interested in VIP, choose your girl wisely and whatever you dream, it can happen and yes I speak from experience.

    They have a website, although I think it does not do the club justice. I have some negatives. The club is no where near a college, thus the girls are not typically that age. They are mid-20’s, but I consider them a little “dirtier”. Not meant to mean, but that is what it is and so are the clientele. However, it is a safe club and by no means do I mean it is thuggish. It is very good, just don’t expect Vegas type quality. It is very smokey, even if it doesnt appear so, and I always stink afterward.

    But overall, good club, relatively clean, good girls and very friendly. Many of the girls have worked there a long time and that speaks volumes for the management. Never seen any trouble and never had any. I definitely give it a thumbs up. Good thing, cause there is really no where else to go (ok, there is a skanky club down the street).

  145. jebadiah
  146. Harry B

    Place sucks big dick.

  147. Gregory
  148. Big Clubber

    Stopped by the church after work last week – third time I’ve been there. This was the first time I tried the food (burger & fries for $6.75) and it was better than a lost restaurants I’ve been at. I’m definately not afraid to go there hungry.

    The girls, as always, were great – friendly, socialable, and not pushy. I’d rate most of them 7-8 out of 10, with a couple 5-6s mixed in. The private rooms are adequate, sometimes a bit too dark though.

    Anyone have thoughts on the VIP room? Never spent the extra money, but I’m thinking about it.

  149. Diablo
  150. Josephine
  151. Johnston
  152. Opie
  153. junkie
  154. Joffery
  155. kenny
  156. juraez
  157. Albert
  158. jocko
  159. this dump sucks ass
  160. stinky pete
  161. Jorge
  162. jonas
  163. superdude
  164. Farley

    This place sucks ass.

  165. Oliver
  166. mmmmmmphm
  167. steve

    best ghetto club i been to ya’ll knows what im saying “g”…overweight girls turnz me onz fools lots of short hot fatties everywhere gangsta rap to the max out yo lots of hip hop rap and thuggish gurlz word to my peoples…….

  168. Sammy

    This place sucks.

  169. Tom

    I been looking for this girl name Angelica she is very pretty and very sweet she

    really something I been looking for her can somebody post a review if u seen


  170. Joplin
  171. jules
  172. Bryan

    In Houston on a business trip. Friend told me to check out club, which is right around the corner from my hotel. Girls were pretty hot. Spent a little cash, had some private fun with one of the girls in the back. Great place. Would have given a 10, but paid $6 for a regular soda (I am not a drinker)HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. vinnie
  174. adamrod

    This place is terrible. The staff is rude, and I mean class A assholes and the girls stand there, don’t dance or anything. It was my second time to a strip club, first time I went down the street to houston dolls and despite people saying it wa worse then st. James, it was ten times better. I’m serious when I say these people are assholes.

  175. Honcho
  176. sebastian
  177. TrimDr

    I’ll certainly go back here! Great rooms for private dance and the girls are willing to please.

  178. suarte
  179. james1412

    Prejudice!!! Racist Manager kicked me out because of gender and race. Made bogus excuse.

  180. johnny
  181. crr
  182. Angus
  183. Henny
  184. jeffe
  185. Herring
  186. mongol
  187. viking
  188. Yolo

    What a dump!

  189. manny
  190. Bennie
  191. Harry D.
  192. Bruno
  193. Henry
  194. jehovah
  195. Bernie

    This dump is a shithole. AVOID!

  196. Gene
  197. Anon
  198. Isaih

    Worst dump in the county.

  199. this_place_sux
  200. Steven M.

    GREAT STEAKS !!! Oddly enough the big draw for me is the top notch steaks as this place has a restaurant with some amazing grill skills. ( I would go here for the steaks even if they had no dancers) . The dancers are never pushy and the bill is always honest . The Filet Mignon is 5 stars…..better then most upscale steak houses in the region. Its nice to enjoy dinner with some talented strippers doing their thing on the stage along with some dry ice effects. Very classy place for the=ose that enjoy upscale gentlemen’s clubs.Very beautiful ladies here .There is a onsite hand car wash and car detailing service they provide that does a job way better than others . A visit here covers all the bases : get your car washed,shows shined,have a fabulous upscale dinner and relax with one of the various top quality cigars – all the while surrounded by beautiful ladies. Great cocktails and bar service here . I Highly recommend this place .

  201. arthur
  202. gustav
  203. Junes
  204. JR

    Ask for Brooklyn if you go. One of the other guys in the comments section referred her and she was awsome. 50% Brazilian, Real DD’s, and really hot dances.

  205. argyle
  206. hurmun
  207. Augusto
  208. Jordan
  209. Chirl
  210. Icabod_Crane
  211. ryan123

    Been here twice. The staff is very friendly (waitresses, managers and dancers). Most of the girls dancing are quite pretty and put in effort instead of just shaking their butt a little.One warning though… if you open a tab on a credit card, they pre-authorize for $500! I was shocked when I checked my bank account the next day because no one told me they would hold such a high amount!

  212. saint jimmy
  213. Franklyn

    This used to be my favorite club in Houston. We are here now with a bachelor party and there is not a single girl on the floor – either we picked the wrong time or it’s just not enough dancers. Again it used to be an awesome place not sure what happened, but the bachelor is falling asleep and we can’t even get him a lap dance…

  214. donte
  215. Josie
  216. joe r.
  217. Hummus
  218. Aaron

    This place is awesome… A 20 on a scale of 1 to 10.

  219. Jonesy
  220. kenny_g
  221. cracker
  222. Jethro
  223. Mongo
  224. crazy_gurl

    Hmmmm so a total lack of response from anyone tells me that this place is to be avoided. I’ll definitely spend my hard earned $$$ elsewhere!

  225. Kong
  226. avoid
  227. Freddy
  228. winston12

    This club is the future treasures. A lot of girls has pimps works there and the managers get paid for it to take care of the girls. Also if you would like to have blow job and sex that’s the place to go! As long as you buy a bottle to VIP or skybox you will have lots of fun.

  229. dannyboy7

    I’m not a man of a God…. but coming here I was ready to confess my sins. I’d definitely come back and donate all my money to this church.

  230. Desmond
  231. First-Timer

    I stopped be St James on Tuesday evening after work because they have no cover before 7pm. There were plenty of dancers to accomodate the guests, approximately 20-25 dancers. Private dances are excellent.

  232. Jessie
  233. St Fags Sucks
  234. castillo
  235. Johnnie
  236. Abbott
  237. Germaine
  238. Mr. Man

    I’ve been coming here a couple times every couple of weeks or so since 2012. Club is very nice and well kept. They’ve got Securities out in the parking lot. If you need it, they can wash and wax your car. The manager Ron is friendly. I usually come here to see Lotus when I can. Mainstage is pretty decent. There’s private rooms downstairs where the girls push a chair in front of the door. Upstairs they have the VIP Champagne Room which can be a bit more costly. They’ve got showers that the girls can dancing. There’s an outdoor pool and even a helicopter pad. Definitely one of the better upscale clubs in the Houston area. Outside the city limits so there’s no pasties.

  239. alcatraz
  240. Janah
  241. alibaba
  242. Philipe

    Yeah don’t waste your time going to this place. It sucks.

  243. buster
  244. edgar
  245. Alfred G
  246. Herbie_H
  247. Leafer
  248. Jeffrey
  249. Pedro
  250. This place is a dump
  251. ZArlon
  252. suckit
  253. St. Shit
  254. Jacob
  255. richard

    I had great time there.I think the girls were over the top beautiful.I had Lots of fun,great conversations and adventurious dancers! Reasonable prices! I’ve found my favorite club!

  256. bonjovi
  257. Addy
  258. James
  259. minnie ray
  260. St. Shithole
  261. place is a joke
  262. this place reeks
  263. john M.
  264. victor
  265. Hermie
  266. Frank
  267. jackel
  268. alfie
  269. Greg
  270. Lars
  271. everett
  272. Joe Mama
  273. jesse n
  274. thor
  275. jim b

    maybe the best club in the country. Great place for extras.

  276. Andre
  277. Joe Schmo

    This place is very classy. Beautiful girls and great food. There’s a pool out back and even showers for the girls to dance in. Great valet and they even Wash and Detail your car. Girls are very friendly. Ask for Lotus, she’s very funny and great conversation. And most of all she is very beautiful. Definitely a place worth coming back to.

  278. MoneyBagz

    Really a Shame – I used to be a regular Here. Went in on a Saturday night and all I can say is… This place has really gone down.. Hopefully, they can make some changes in 2013.. Some advice for RON, get a handle on your girls, their attitudes SUCK !

  279. Andy

    Wow….this dump is still around? Why?

  280. Joe

    Excellent club. Best in the city

  281. Harvey W
  282. gnomee
  283. kilroy
  284. Aristide
  285. Oscar
  286. joey m.
  287. StripClub431

    I read a lot of reviews about this place and wanted to judge myself. First of all, before entering I’m already aware that its a strip club and I’m going to need some money to burn. I liked that it didn’t seem ghetto and there weren’t a bunch of pimps, fake rappers standing around like the other places. The girls didn’t harass you right when you walked in, and that was nice. The place is huge and well lit. I saw a nice looking girl on stage and walked up and dropped a $20 on the stage. I told her come visit me after she got offstage, since tipping guarantees you attention. After exiting the stage kennedy came by and sat at my table for a bit before we went and did dances. I had some drinks and an appetizer and had a great time. I got a little tipsy and they offered me a taxi upon exiting and took them up on their offer. I came the next day to retrieve my car and it was safe since there is 24/7 security. All in all, i will go back because their dancers are so hott and the environment was fun.

  288. Bert
  289. Arnie
  290. jessy
  291. Lazarus
  292. St. Crapbags
  293. Traverl
  294. Ben E.

    Remember that in their business, the legal climate waxes and wanes. As of recent months, the day shift (the only one that I’m familiar with) has apparently been under a great deal of pressure to play nice and adhere more closely to all legal rules. Managers have thrown people out for simple, harmless stuff. My waitress asked if I wanted her to send me one of the girls for company. I said “Sure, just send someone fun.” Boom – the manager is yelling at me in the middle of the floor and kicking me out of the club. If you manage to stick around, be aware that the management staff is popping in on lap dances in progress – with a flashlight and an attitude.I’m sure that someday the pendulum will swing back to a more relaxed attitude but, for the latter half of 2015, the place has been gobsmackingly underwhelming.

  295. Jack Cough

    I started coming to the church back around 2013. The only Club I go to in Houston. Very classy upscale Club. There’s a security out in the parking lot. If you need your car washed, they’ll go ahead and do it for you while you’re having a good time. Overall the food is good, I don’t eat their very much though. The drinks are good but then again I’m not a big drinker. Club atmosphere Earth is really good. Management is friendly. The private rooms are nice. The girls push a chair in front of the door. The VIP room upstairs is a bit expensive. I usually come here when I know Lotus is working. She’s my regular girl I like to see. Drop dead gorgeous legs and beautiful eyes. Great conversation. Funny as hell. And always gives a Beyond satisfying dance. There’s a couple other girls I’ll see if Lotus is unavailable I prefer to spend money on Lotus. Overall, the club is the classiest place in town. No ghetto girls working here. Clientele is a bit more upscale, no creepy Joe schmoes coming in here. I’ve been told for the right money the manager Ron well suggest a girl that will go above and beyond if you know what I mean but I’ve never had a girl offer to do anything extra. Also, if you know the right girl, you can get some nose candy to make the night a bit more fun. The shower dances are always nice and hot. There’s a pool Outback that you can cool off in. There’s also a helicopter pad Outback, although I’ve never seen a helicopter land. I prefer to spend my money on the girls then to waste it on a first class trip to the club. There’s a couple of Cuban girls and a Russian girl that are bad there’s a cute petite blonde, don’t know her stage name, half Taiwanese and half Norwegian. I’ve only had a couple of dances from her. They were probably the next best dances besides Lotus that I’ve had in the club. But I don’t see her in the club very often. Don’t think she works but maybe a couple days a week. Lots of variety. You can’t go wrong with any of the girls really.

  296. VX1100

    I was in town on business and had been here about 4 years ago. Went there 2 nights and had a good time. A little too crowded and not enough girls to go around. Had a very good time though.

    Was back in town a few weeks ago and went 1 night and on my way to the airport. AWESOME!!! Sunday night the 1st girl was hot but the dance was lame. I thought they had gone to California rules with her staying a few feet away. Another girl sat down to talk and I asked if there were new rules. She said let me show you. No new rules. Just YMMV with the dancers and I got great mileage with her.

    Wednesday afternoon had time to kill before my flight so I went back. Another great experience in one of the rooms. She offered me everything. I didn’t take her up on it. Not my style but I had a very relaxed flight home. Will go back anytime.

  297. Carlos
  298. fred
  299. M


  300. yolune
  301. Beatle
  302. Finally

    I hear that this dump is closing. About time.

  303. Spencer
  304. chez_melange
  305. Figuroa
  306. eskimo joe
  307. gilbert
  308. tonycluber

    One of the nicest gentleman’s club I have been in. It can be a bit pricey but there are beautiful women working here and the place is clean. The food here is actually really good.Would come back because of the cleanliness and pretty women I met. Definitely recommend this place for someone looking for a more upscale gentlemen’s club.

  309. Octavious
  310. cappy
  311. Bubba
  312. Tony G
  313. Avg Joe

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ST JAMES ?? Came in on a Friday night, DJ is playing Rap – half the girls were Black and acting like Gangsta’s asking me what I want for the money. Is Ron Keyser still Running this Place ??? Where did ALL the Hot girls go ??

  314. Guiseppe
  315. scroto
  316. Hulio
  317. christofer
  318. gorge
  319. herb
  320. John D.

    I’ve been there off/on.. there are more skinny dancers

    than busty ones..not my taste.. but main thing is they

    are snobs..not hungry.. some sit with you without asking-

    -and demand money for the time even though you buy the

    drink and food.. specially this chick name Giovana… a

    true out for her..

  321. brandonresh

    Nice clean club, classier than most… Ask for Michelle or Kasey if you want a more attractive girl around you. Good food too, I had the filet it was cooked perfectly.

  322. Jose
  323. Joey

    I’m wondering if quite a few people from the dump down the street is trying to post a lot of negative advertising about this place? The DJs do NOT play Rap as they try to keep the thuggish elements out. This place is focused on the “Average Joe/Businessman”, you don’t have to tip a manager to get a dance/dancer (where did that comment even come from?), and I’ve found the food delicious! Good mix of dancers and enjoyable company.

  324. alberto
  325. hasbro
  326. tommy_gee
  327. Ungerrer
  328. the scarecrow
  329. savannah
  330. blacky
  331. vince
  332. Confused

    What the Hell happened to this place ?? Houston Dolls down the road has better girls…. Seriously ??? Somebody buy this place and turn it around. What a SHAME !!

  333. sapporro
  334. yor
  335. jeff
  336. FishFood

    Well, I can tell you this Crazy girl – No one from the club is gonna answer you – they are all too busy telling everyone how great the club is and they treat people like crap. Buncha Snobs telling customers that they are the ONLY game in town.. What a Joke !!

  337. mike

    was there on Tu night. Came in, place is good size. Sat at a table, service is good. lots waitresses. cover was only $8. however, i was there for 30 min before anyone approched me. 3 guy sitting at different tables next to me, same. not sure if they like to make money at this club couse most girls were sitting and talking to guys. Finally made it to private booths for a lapdance. 2 differnt girls. That part was very enjoable, one offering some extra activity. overall not bad

  338. staunchy
  339. Don

    This place is pathetic. AVOID.

  340. Domonique
  341. Pete
  342. herman
  343. Big Boy

    St. James is a great club. One of the top clubs in HTown. A good place to hang out.

  344. Shocked

    Ok.. So I go to Rick’s and the place is dead, but they are playing decent music and the few girls they have are ok. I go to St. James – The music is lousy with the DJ making cracks about the girls on stage, the service sucks and the girls avoid me because I’m not in my suit.. WRONG !!! see ya

  345. aloha
  346. jeremiah
  347. Al
  348. this place sux ass
  349. Charlie
  350. Kyle
  351. gigaoo
  352. Jasper
  353. Daniel V.

    Drove all the way from Pearland because I’ve heard good things about this place. The club itself looks really nice and it has an upscale feel to it. There is no pole on the main stage so girls are limited on tricks. The drinks are what you would expect them to be, small and very expensive. I think my glass held around 7.5 ounces of liquid. The cover charge was $15 bucks so it’s right at the limit of over paying on a topless bar. In the end I left feeling like it was way over hyped then what I actually experienced. Maybe at one time it was the place to be but as of right now, I wouldn’t recommend it. The girls weren’t all that great looking and they played pop and classic rock. I kind of felt a little young to be here and I’m 34. Really nice location but not my scene.

  354. billy
  355. Lupe

    Had a very bad time here. Will not return.

  356. sydney
  357. St. Dumphole

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